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Daily Reminder: most jewish politicians care more about Israel than America    02/29/24  (6)
Texans - looks like there is a GOP civil war in your state (link)    02/29/24  (11)
BONK bros, we up rn 🐶    02/29/24  (2)
Karlstack has two dads    02/29/24  (12)
roastie gets fucking mogged at her own wedding (link)    02/29/24  (1)
REMINDER: most "BIGLAW" "Partners" make less than $1 million a year    02/29/24  (1)
ITT: This is what deracination looks like    02/29/24  (5)
ITT: Elie Mystal MELTS DOWN after SCOTUS decision to take case    02/29/24  (12)
we need razzies but for bad poasters. the nyuugies?    02/29/24  (1)
Disgraced Ottawa fertility doctor agrees to $13M settlement with families (Karls    02/29/24  (4)
turns out Russia has a lot more AWACS than previously thought (pic)    02/29/24  (1)
🖕bitch bois🖕    02/29/24  (2)
bitch boi CONS - nooooo don't go after Boebert, politicians' families are off li    02/29/24  (1)
Richard Lewis (1947-2024)    02/29/24  (20)
Richard Lewis will be the newest shark on Shark Tank    02/28/24  (20)
Happy Mondays-bizarre flame or rock gods?    02/28/24  (2)
Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, or Oasis?    02/28/24  (22)
POLL: Can you touch your toes while standing? Can you put PALMS to the floor?    02/28/24  (7)
Brain-devouring insect swarms are finally here (link/video)    02/28/24  (4)
OK, xo hates jews. mocks burning guy. excited by crypto. what next?    02/28/24  (2)
Yeti Airlines has a current fleet of 5 planes but 7 crashes since 2004    02/28/24  (14)
“I didn’t even know Quinnipiac HAD a waitlist,” Lorenz sobbed    02/28/24  (15)
What are the chances a white male is driving this white car? (vid)    02/28/24  (1)
imagine the smell    02/28/24  (2)
the corrupt deep state snakes all planned to get cushy jobs under Crooked H?    02/28/24  (27)
IVF—and Its Children—Aren’t Going Away (karlstack)    02/28/24  (18)
Woman paralyzed over booster shot in Canada. Physicians offer her euthanasia.    02/28/24  (2)
"I'm Anglo-Norman btw"    02/28/24  (5)
Solos how do you reduce your tax burden?    02/28/24  (24)
Associate billing rates are getting a lot closer to Partner rates    02/28/24  (21)
ITT: a mountain talking shit    02/28/24  (1)
So ur saying partners ALWAYS prefer you pad?    02/28/24  (1)
LJL at this declining birth rate crap    02/28/24  (61)
Haven't seen any crypto threads from Karen or FLW recently    02/28/24  (2)
Evan39 these children Poasters here ask "why" we spend time around Homeless ljlj    02/28/24  (3)
Can someone explain why this police officer wasn't charged with a crime?    02/28/24  (1)
SOL MOONING    02/28/24  (3)
santa molests 10% of the children, giving the gift of homosexuality    02/28/24  (53)
S. Korea birth rate is 0.8. They are truly fucked.    02/28/24  (19)
Fani Willis computer Bluetooth ID named “Gorilla Grip Pussy”    02/28/24  (29)
I always thought Todd Palin was 6’2    02/28/24  (1)
Euroteen shows a little tit - nsfw    02/28/24  (26)
Bull market is BACK. Let's ride the wave, boys.    02/28/24  (12)
Video of guy burning himself alive is metal as fuck    02/28/24  (9)
Rate this German model    02/28/24  (57)
One of the saddest things I have ever seen in this world are male Hapa children    02/28/24  (26)
Thoughts on women's assholes in general?    02/28/24  (5)
Shrew poops her pants during marathon, keeps running (link)    02/28/24  (26)
Russian Duma voting on declaration of war on Moldova    02/28/24  (25)
i am enlisting liberals in trump reelection suicide pacts (i intend to renege!)    02/28/24  (1)
in retrospect the hip-hop wars of the 90s were excessively aggressive    02/28/24  (2)
ATH BREACHED screamed NYUUG as I perforated his colon    02/28/24  (2)
South Korean birth rate plunges to all-time low    02/28/24  (46)
Evaluate this fact pattern    02/28/24  (9)
Rate the parents of the first full-genome screened IVF baby:    02/28/24  (9)
🫶Rebecca Ferguson & Zendaya, no interest in other Dune 2 women. Am I gay?    02/28/24  (35)
WE. DONT. NEED. MORE. HECKIN. HUMANS.    02/28/24  (1)
Evaluate this fact pattern    02/28/24  (72)
Tim Wakefield recently died of brain cancer. His wife just died of pancreatic.    02/28/24  (10)
Even ILLEGALS are FUCKING SICK OF NIGGERS    02/28/24  (4)
going to call PS5 the "PS2025" for the year when its next exclusive arrives    02/28/24  (2)
solution for east asian birth rates: give subsidized housing to people with kids    02/28/24  (4)
Illinois just kicked Trump off the ballot, WTF is going on?    02/28/24  (1)
Has anyone ever tried to kill you?    02/28/24  (37)
"Well he's not wrong so we may as well kill him"    02/28/24  (1)
Absolutely insane how many parents think their kids can pro athletes    02/28/24  (29)
I wake up and thank god every day that I'm TALL    02/28/24  (6)
Everyone started looking at me funny once we passed 125th st    02/28/24  (1)
Going to trade in my PS5 for an Xbox Series X    02/28/24  (6)
why did Newton discover calculus?    02/28/24  (87)
LOL Dems spend 4 yrs on redistricting in NY only to give themselves 1 less seat    02/28/24  (1)
"All the kids are brown (alll the kids are brown), and/or fucking gay.."    02/28/24  (158)
RATE this marathon runner girl    02/28/24  (5)
Noveske makes a firearm named the "ghetto blaster"    02/28/24  (1)
Reminder: Clintons orchestrated Oklahoma City bombing to destroy Whitewater evid    02/28/24  (1)
on the first day of christmas, boxxy gave to me, head while I..    02/28/24  (43)
Associate median ages are getting a lot closer to Partner ages    02/28/24  (1)
Allison Stokke    02/28/24  (1)
The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32X)    02/28/24  (1)
Libs reduced to hoping Biden just order Trump killed. Sad!    02/28/24  (14)
WGWAG diagnoses South Koreas fertility issues    02/28/24  (8)
Can libs explain why Biden was cc’ing Hunter on emails to Ukrainian officials?    02/28/24  (234)
New favorite band: Greta Van Fleet (full album link)    02/28/24  (41)
Burisma owner has 17 audio recordings of his bribing Hunter and Joe Biden    02/28/24  (215)
SBF’s failure to read social cues puts him in ‘extreme danger’ in prison    02/28/24  (15)
INVESTMENT FUNDMOS - question about funds heavy into dividend stocks    02/28/24  (8)
Benzo would be better off doing anything with his time than politics posting    02/28/24  (4)
Georgia's RICO statute seems like it violates Chicago v Morales    02/28/24  (1)
SOL SOL SOL SOL SOL SOL SOL    02/28/24  (1)
So the only people on here I see routinely referenced as clowns irl are    02/28/24  (1)
I turned $50 of $SAMO into $700. I'll be back the next cycle. Have fun, friends.    02/28/24  (125)
3yrs under Biden the Corrupt: new israel war, new USSR war, surrender to Taliban    02/28/24  (9)
Your honor, what Trump did is like ordering the military to kill his opponents    02/28/24  (2)
Meet the NYPD Dance Team (vid)    02/28/24  (31)
I am officially on Team PlayStation (doodikoff)    02/28/24  (1)
Is it appropriate to refer to Geminis as “they/them?”    02/28/24  (1)
Seal Team 6 (libs)    02/28/24  (2)
RATING POSTERS as Essays I'd assign a class regarding XOXOHTH.com    02/28/24  (54)
Solos how do you reduce your carbon footprint?    02/28/24  (1)
Boom to Evan69: "Cum touch me where I pee, faggot."    02/28/24  (2)
white collar workers make NO MONEY    02/28/24  (1)
gunner@ttt giving in to diddy after losing his xanax    02/28/24  (1)
I just made equity partner at Jackson Lewis. I’m so proud of myself.    02/28/24  (9)
Shitting so much, Indian people knock and ask if you have a ganesh in there    02/28/24  (1)
I am worthless. I am weak. I deserve to be beaten until bloody the crest    02/28/24  (1)
my radical vision for society: eliminate two thirds of the school day    02/28/24  (6)
Twitter is being swarmed by NPCs that talk like Benzo    02/28/24  (14)
Which sport has best female body type at elite levels?    02/28/24  (34)
My whole life is like what Ollie experiences at Saltburn    02/28/24  (1)
Judge Luttig: MAGA supporter are revolutionists who must be put down    02/28/24  (4)
SP here. Gave kid an extra night-night playtime pill, now his mouth is fizzing    02/28/24  (20)
Turns out sending nigs to expensive boarding schools doesn’t make em smarter    02/28/24  (2)
what the fuck is this world    02/28/24  (1)
Seal Team 6 files emergency amicus brief with SCOTUS in support of Trump    02/28/24  (1)
Godspeed you! Black down low brotha    02/28/24  (3)
a jury full of bar spaghetti waitresses tp    02/28/24  (3)
anything good on HBO?    02/28/24  (1)
more trucks passing thru gaza than nyc (nytimes)    02/28/24  (4)
srs q why are east asian birth rates so low?    02/28/24  (45)
Science: Undergrads on average have average IQs. Shitlibs go ballistic    02/28/24  (6)
Going to shit rn    02/28/24  (1)
Lawsuit: Puff Daddy had sex with Meek Mill and Usher    02/28/24  (77)
Ever fall in love?    02/28/24  (21)
Pretty funny that jurors hated spaceporn so much they denied his client    02/28/24  (98)
National Security Advisor Kyle Rittenhouse, FBI Director George Zimmerman    02/28/24  (3)
So Sony watched MSFT throw in the towel then fired all the devs to celebrate?    02/28/24  (8)
Fani Willis wore her dress backwards    02/28/24  (9)
Boebert’s son arrested after going on a trump level crime spree    02/28/24  (13)
Hillary: “Gorilla Grip Pussy is one of my favorite nicknames”    02/28/24  (1)
Reminder: Curb Season 12 Premier Is 2/4/24    02/28/24  (84)
You ain’t nothin’ but a clown stalker, mocking/defaming/threatening all the    02/28/24  (10)
Berdychi is Russia again    02/28/24  (1)
*Mr Burns voice* "his son appears to be some sort of Chinaman"    02/28/24  (1)
Asked chick if I'm the highest h-index guy she's ever been with    02/28/24  (1)
Is BONK gonna make me rich or just chump change    02/28/24  (1)
ITT: This is what defenestration looks like    02/28/24  (1)
Libs I agree everything should be electric… let’s start with the border wall    02/28/24  (1)
*Richard Lewis looks up from pile of cocaine* Is that the guy who rapes his son?    02/28/24  (1)
Reluctantly squanched at the age of 9, Spaceporn pumping and thrusting in time    02/28/24  (136)
MOCK DEFAAAAME to the tune of Aerosmith Walk This Way    02/28/24  (31)
Emroch & Kidlove    02/28/24  (24)
Sony is laying off 900 people from the Playstation division    02/28/24  (25)
CNN FREAKING OUT about this SCOTUS immunity case decision    02/28/24  (1)
New FX show "Shogun" is 180    02/28/24  (6)
Tell me about your most painful memory from your childhood ITT.    02/28/24  (4)
Redditors are hugely upset over the price of chips and soda    02/28/24  (29)
Kiss my black ass, autoadmit    02/28/24  (1)
85% of Japanese are deemed autistic    02/28/24  (3)

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