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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Kanye launching new Christian publishing company called “Yeezy Faith”    04/23/24  (12)
<lynn conway fucks minor in front of gunnerattt> gunnerattt: "i don't see anythi    04/23/24  (44)
News article about Paralegal Mohammed and XO - link    04/23/24  (1)
Gunerattt did I see you in Berkeley last week?    04/23/24  (5)
Sure Bud Sure: The Playroom Hotdog story. Sponsored by gunnerattt's lawfirm    04/23/24  (1)
i can't, my muse    04/23/24  (1)
Google search is PURE SHIT    04/23/24  (24)
Alex Berenson Pointing Out Something Insane About Trump NY Charges    04/23/24  (6)
Just freaked out at my wife over her dinner preparation    04/23/24  (5)
Pennsylvania Primary Results are kooky    04/23/24  (3)
Turkey is the nigger of NATO, who's the nigger of the EU?    04/23/24  (1)
Money 💰 is a lie..lol at spending on any fraud shit in america..its literally    04/23/24  (1)
It's all a fraud joke out there..dumb retarded luck    04/23/24  (1)
Protip: if you have sons, let them get morbidly obese ages 6-12    04/23/24  (39)
All a fucking joke    04/23/24  (1)
WTF was Japan thinking with Pearl Harbor?    04/23/24  (76)
Uncomfortable truth: hetero male assholes are the worst smelling orifices    04/23/24  (5)
Biden used to drive an 18-wheeler. He says so himself. lol.    04/23/24  (7)
xo needs a new feature where if u tag someone it shocks their balls IRL    04/23/24  (2)
Can't believe this moniker was available    04/23/24  (2)
lol@ Schumer's house    04/23/24  (4)
board is fucking worthless today    04/23/24  (26)
venkatesh subramanian is archiving the board again    04/23/24  (5)
Snatch Ointment    04/23/24  (2)
They’re selling a dime on whatnot tonight for $2,400.00 (almost 25,000x face)    04/23/24  (14)
ASSUMING Japan managed to bomb the Panama Canal, the US woulda been FUCKED    04/23/24  (1)
Consider what Rach has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?    04/23/24  (2)
Helping Coffeezilla expose insurance scams by Cali ShitLawyers (Karlstack)    04/23/24  (3)
Hussain Obama softly kissing the liver spots on Joe's saggy buttcheeks    04/23/24  (1)
O god I have diarrhea    04/23/24  (13)
What does America have to offer at this point? I'm seeing nothing but misery    04/23/24  (47)
Where will CSLG flee with his rat gook family when Jew haters come to power?    04/23/24  (10)
TT what's worth doing if you want to get back the life you were cheated out of?    04/23/24  (2)
ITT list the Top 3 Ozzy songs and his Top 3 albums    04/23/24  (15)
Hi XO, my Latina G/F loves this chap named "Bad Bunny" - is he talented?    04/23/24  (23)
I like Chads with bubble butts and smooth legs (evan39)    04/23/24  (19)
So every commercial and tv show needs a frizzy haired mixed family?    04/23/24  (2)
Ever see a guy and think he's an old dude in his 50s then find he's your age?    04/23/24  (6)
people in LatAm sure do seem to love this ''Bad Bunny'' fellow    04/23/24  (5)
Going to be on live TV May 29 bros    04/23/24  (1)
buying my first tig welder    04/23/24  (33)
The 1980s was pretty crazy with all the devil worshipping made up fears    04/23/24  (5)
Lib here. Trump won’t be convicted in NY. Case is fucked.    04/23/24  (44)
Trump: Build a bridge across the Bering Strait    04/23/24  (6)
Jews are speechless if you tell them they let in the anti-semitic Muslims    04/23/24  (21)
Noncompetes BANNED by FTC    04/23/24  (64)
Jewish prof at Columbia: how DARE u not respond to my email in 12 hours!    04/23/24  (27)
I just keep getting gayer and gayer    04/23/24  (1)
gunnerattt:"lol look how easy it is to rile cons up!" as he cheered pedo friends    04/23/24  (51)
DRAGULAAAAAA    04/23/24  (4)
women just want to be beaten, raped, sold into slavery, and it's sick    04/23/24  (1)
5,000 internet men watching a chick dildo herself for tokens    04/23/24  (1)
Jewish Big Money fails to unseat Squad Member in Dem Primary today    04/23/24  (3)
Blizzard POTUS wants to add “tipping” feature to Games to tip Game developer    04/23/24  (2)
wgwag dailymail wgwag dailymail shanghai kiss the dvd    04/23/24  (1)
So Gunneratttt’s wife left him? LOL. How did it happen.    04/23/24  (47)
The irreversible, long-term effects of childhood chemical castration    04/23/24  (21)
Ukraine aid passes Senate 79-18    04/23/24  (2)
anyone seeing Phish at Sphere? might be there this wknd    04/23/24  (4)
dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince - nightmare on my street.mp3    04/23/24  (1)
wealthy, nice major metro areas with very few jewish people?    04/23/24  (27)
N64 Mario Tennis: let's bash this TTT.    04/23/24  (6)
interview with Coffeezilla (Karlstack)    04/23/24  (6)
Greeks are not white! hth    04/23/24  (24)
Very sad how white people pretend "Christianity" is the White Man's religion    04/23/24  (152)
xo Nazi Jew haters, please give analysis of current state of the movement itt    04/23/24  (41)
Field of Dreams but xo'er builds racist lawboard in Iowa cornfield    04/23/24  (4)
link to Lynn Conway's kiwifarms page    04/23/24  (18)
McDonald's is now fine dining and out of price range for poors and proles    04/23/24  (55)
“They took my thumb, Charlie!” (Left thumb.)    04/23/24  (3)
Why does Andy Reid get a pass here? For being a fat retarded fuck?    04/23/24  (1)
'Shoeless' Homeless Joe Jackson    04/23/24  (1)
boom: please respond    04/23/24  (1)
What the hell is up with "Florida"?    04/23/24  (16)
Hey XO, my Latina G/F asks "what does love mean to you"?    04/23/24  (8)
evan39 these pieces of shit deserve the worst    04/23/24  (6)
Explain this Kansas City fraud to us all like we're 5    04/23/24  (1)
Without Googlng name 3 famous Serbians    04/23/24  (21)
Anyone stayed at the nines in Portland?    04/23/24  (1)
Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro are burying the hatchet    04/23/24  (3)
Clitdick nyuug: no korean passport, refuses korean military service    04/23/24  (87)
evan39 Kansas City just gave 100 million to a 70yo retarded fat ass    04/23/24  (1)
Kansas City is a fucking joke you fucking frauds    04/23/24  (1)
Roseanne just remembered Joe Biden raped her 26 Years Ago    04/23/24  (1)
America is finished for real    04/23/24  (4)
"Doctors" in america ordering patients to shit in a box and mail it    04/23/24  (21)
Over/under on Reid "living" through this fraud contact?    04/23/24  (1)
Hope Andy Reid strokes out/has hear attack and dies before season starts    04/23/24  (1)
*Your hispanic wife pouring your kids a bowl of Blue Heat takis*    04/23/24  (1)
imagine the NPC levels required to be invested earnestly in 'Trump Trial'    04/23/24  (2)
Why does Andy Reid get a pass here?    04/23/24  (1)
TT thoughts on that fat retard Andy Reid?    04/23/24  (1)
Mr. Jinx telling people that you're no longer the man he fell in love with    04/23/24  (1)
Reid is a retarded fat fuck    04/23/24  (1)
Andy Reid is such a fraud hopefully he dies from massive heart attack rightfully    04/23/24  (1)
If Japan has bombed the Panama Canal, USA likely fucked    04/23/24  (8)
it's incredible/depressing how frequently married women flirt at work    04/23/24  (8)
if we can get the board 25% slower we will attract new posters    04/23/24  (1)
Mark Harmon should have had career Kevin Costner had    04/23/24  (1)
Bboom do you know this guy named "Bad Bunny"? Explain?    04/23/24  (9)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    04/23/24  (160)
Rejected Christ’s free gift of salvation today (CSLG)    04/23/24  (90)
lol the Bears are really taking Caleb Williams jfc what a joke    04/23/24  (19)
People refuse to contend with the reality of femcels    04/23/24  (82)
Inspirational football play - video    04/23/24  (3)
Rate this VICIOUS ANTISEMITIC eyestabbing incident at Yale    04/23/24  (3)
Redditor (takes inbound calls at call-center) says making $75k seems impossible    04/23/24  (10)
Fire a machine gun into a gaggle of kikes.    04/23/24  (1)
Snatchbox 20 is cumming to the MN State Faire    04/23/24  (1)
*picks jew skull fragment off of bootheel* "I love being self employed."    04/23/24  (1)
Trumpmo trash: "this is our safe space, ban speech that hurts our feelings"    04/23/24  (7)
A Comparative 3-Factor Analysis of WGWAG In China, Japan, and Korea (v2)    04/23/24  (83)
Good evening. Curb stomp every single kike. That is all.    04/23/24  (3)
Karen, that fart you left in bed this morning still stinks    04/23/24  (9)
The Chris Reeve mnandi is an example of flawless execution.    04/23/24  (10)
Rereading askav threads. Both askav and steez need to be stuffed in a locker.    04/23/24  (14)
I have accomplished little to nothing    04/23/24  (5)
Kevin Costner grew 8 inches taller in college    04/23/24  (1)
Hope you’re doing well. I’m fine over here.    04/23/24  (3)
someone w Mayorkas' bio would only be in charge of the border of your enemies    04/23/24  (5)
Does ELON MUSK know that twitter is changing his brain not for the better?    04/23/24  (8)
Do Indians have a sense of duty/ honor?    04/23/24  (47)
Fast XO feels better than sex    04/23/24  (3)
skinny brunettes with stinky vaginas    04/23/24  (24)
XO Rich Schweikart appreciation poast    04/23/24  (19)
GJR texting Vinny Beedle 'u up?' at 1:15 am    04/23/24  (3)
how is it possible for America's "leaders" to hate their own citizens so much    04/23/24  (4)
lying in bed, airing out my stinky pussy, taking Qs    04/23/24  (3)
Karen, you left your Valtrex on my dashboard    04/23/24  (1)
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has her own theme song - video    04/23/24  (1)
Spaceporn is the bort's personal Patrick Tomlinson    04/23/24  (4)
how many 'mystical baseball movies' did Boomer jew males actually make in 80/90s    04/23/24  (5)
Anything more alpha than having severe nightmares whenever you try to sleep?    04/23/24  (3)
constantly trying to make sense of what's going on in this country    04/23/24  (1)
"Recess, Your Honor? I think my client needs to use the restroom."    04/23/24  (4)
if you're not white, you're not part of the Boomer/GenXYZ psychodrama    04/23/24  (1)
Took a selfie with my nerdy friend who has glasses. (bloodacre)    04/23/24  (143)
Getting my chemo port installed on Thursday. Likely starting chemo on Friday    04/23/24  (25)
why did Obama love Iran so much?    04/23/24  (15)
Voyager 1 is glitching out in interstellar space    04/23/24  (4)
What the hell is up with "TSINAH"?    04/23/24  (19)
ITT innocuous things that are characteristically boomer.    04/23/24  (194)
180 drug addiction man    04/23/24  (10)
most posters signed binding non-compete with xo, can never switch boards    04/23/24  (1)
getting angry at fantasy tv programs    04/23/24  (7)
Unmarried femcel sister is 30 next month & is depressed    04/23/24  (23)
we should give Boomers one last mystical baseball movie paean to the 60s    04/23/24  (2)
AP: "'Putrid odor' from Trump in courtroom 'seems to be getting worse.'" (link)    04/23/24  (6)

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