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black subordinate sent me super rude email    12/01/20  (106)
AMAZING NEW THREAD: More awful, xo posters vs. real life villains    12/01/20  (94)
Ellen Page comes out as transgender (cnn)    12/01/20  (68)
"How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?" (NYT)    12/01/20  (68)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/01/20  (64)
What is the clearest path to make $100k low stress 9-5?    12/01/20  (63)
Is Palm Beach Florida a nice area to live in ??    12/01/20  (58)
Would you still have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt after seeing this pic?    12/01/20  (54)
Pick one to live in: 1920s Paris/France, 1950s America, 1980s Japan    12/01/20  (54)
Scale 1-10 how serious of a drinker am I?    12/01/20  (52)
Nasdaq announces it will delist any company w/o a female and minority BOD member    12/01/20  (51)
So girls just do this all day during Christmas with family now?    12/01/20  (49)
Discussion with mother re: COVID vaccine. "If Fauci says ok, then it's good"    12/01/20  (49)
Planning to knock up my 88lb 24yo gf, taking Q’s    11/30/20  (44)
Lol Cindy McCain getting UK ambassadorship. Biden going pure neocon.    12/01/20  (44)
Insane how even among the middle class, some people have a cushy life and some    11/30/20  (41)
If you eat more than 2 times a day and you're not a pro athlete, you're retarded    12/01/20  (36)
Should a SAHM be cooking?    12/01/20  (35)
Any experience with Wellbutrin?    11/30/20  (35)
My hot organic ex-gf lied to me, I think (TSINAH)    12/01/20  (34)
Describe the biggest In-House fuck ups uve ever witnessed    12/01/20  (33)
9 out of 10 COVID deaths linked to Vitamin D deficiency    12/01/20  (33)
Tuition strike at COLUMBIA    12/01/20  (33)
JFC gunner in my class just showed me her 60 pg torts outline    12/01/20  (31)
James O'Keefe says Project Veritas has recorded CNN conf calls for 2 months    12/01/20  (31)
Kazakhstani Bodybuilder Marries a RealDoll (link)    12/01/20  (30)
ITT we rank board turds    12/01/20  (30)
If you listen closely, Josh Hawley is actually quite retarded    11/30/20  (30)
Faggot Gavin Newsom now requiring masks while squatting outdoors in the sun    11/30/20  (30)
I dont know what to do with my $    12/01/20  (29)
Sidney Powell and Rudy G show why BIGLAW has a bias against hiring conservatives    12/01/20  (29)
TSINAH is becoming the new DBG    12/01/20  (28)
About to renovate all 3 bathrooms in my Apt. How much is my life gonna suck?    11/30/20  (28)
Does everyone just pretend that Terminator Genisys was never made    12/01/20  (26)
Eggs Benedict is the POTUS of breakfasts    11/30/20  (26)
lmao friend's wife just made him sell house in suburbs and move into big city    12/01/20  (25)
LOL. That retarded Dr. Atlas just was forced to resign. Fucking TRUMPMOs. Ruined    12/01/20  (25)
why were all the nazi leaders 130+ iq    11/30/20  (24)
Is this girl too curvy?    12/01/20  (24)
Underrated way to trigger the shit out of libs is to act like peanuts are 180    11/30/20  (23)
how much Vitamin D do you take each day?    11/30/20  (23)
That crushing “I’ll never get laid again” feeling tp    12/01/20  (22)
Surveillance video of superstar rapper Triple Beanz being assassinated:    12/01/20  (22)
tmnt style beat em up game, but you’re sp jr trying to get to the korean embas    12/01/20  (21)
Biden’s Top 3 SECEF candidates on defense contractor boards    12/01/20  (21)
Holy shit spent the last 12 hours playing video games on my new computer    12/01/20  (21)
Is your first thought when you see tatted chicks, "Complete utter trash!"    11/30/20  (21)
Rate my weight loss dinner (lost 20+ lbs) / Shitlibs hate me    12/01/20  (20)
JJC: my analysis of the 2020 election    11/30/20  (20)
Wife extremely “honest” about her past and it kind of bothers me    12/01/20  (19)