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Trumpmos: defend re-opening economy when we're at 2000 daily deaths    04/08/20  (108)
900+ dead today by 11 AM in US from COVID. BUT TRUMPMOS SAID IT'S OVER ALREADY!1    04/08/20  (101)
Black dad spanks his kid for acting out in public. Libs MAF (vid)    04/08/20  (69)
SERIOUS Q about 1L + law center (I know xo isn't about LS anymore but still)    04/08/20  (67)
Just baked some banana bread for the first time. Was easy to make and 180    04/08/20  (67)
Still can't believe Rach banned rasqie and not DBG    04/08/20  (60)
Fed might start buying stocks...this is the end of the “market”    04/07/20  (58)
TRUMP IS FUCKED: Has stake in HCQ manufacturer (HuffPost)    04/07/20  (57)
Benzo why you deleting your mugshot? answer us itt.    04/08/20  (56)
What are the most competitive/prestigious MD specialties    04/08/20  (54)
Explain the mentality of a poster who is anti student loan forgiveness.    04/08/20  (54)
Do high schoolers who get into H work psychotically hard    04/08/20  (52)
Where is the detailed plan for reopening?    04/07/20  (51)
How To Survive the RECESSION ITT    04/08/20  (50)
guy in HS who scored ~1200 on SAT is now associate at simpson thacher    04/07/20  (46)
whats the basis on considering the coronavirus hotel video funny/not funny    04/07/20  (44)
De Blasio auctioned off all of NYC’s spare ventilators to save money    04/07/20  (44)
Dems propose $25k bonus for grocery store workers - link    04/07/20  (43)
Kayleigh McEnany will replace Stephanie Grisham as Press Secretary    04/07/20  (41)
Dr. on MSNBC says we need to stay on lockdown for another 12-18 months (link)    04/07/20  (40)
New Jersey is the best state in America. Fuck every other state.    04/07/20  (38)
Women are slavishly devoted to believing virusbad.    04/07/20  (36)
How long will the economy be "fucked"? Are we going to have a real recession?    04/08/20  (35)
NEW RESEARCH: COVID-19 is causing prolonged & progressive hypoxia    04/07/20  (34)
Fauci supported using untested drugs during MERS    04/07/20  (34)
So there's no party in America that supports fiscal discipline?    04/07/20  (32)
Is Shmura matzoh more prestigious than regular matzoh?    04/07/20  (32)
currently playing EA's NCAA Football 2004    04/07/20  (32)
Someone I know was bragging about a 235 Step 1 score. is that good?    04/07/20  (31)
Lib attempts to block hydroxychloroquine are their masterpiece selfpwn    04/08/20  (31)
That 4-pack photo of xo posters belongs in a modern art museum -EPAH    04/08/20  (31)
The XO anger about that CoronaVirus hotel video is weird    04/07/20  (30)
Remember when the problem was “lack of ventilators” ?    04/08/20  (29)
Would you bang this 3'11 midget?    04/08/20  (28)
PS5 already won the console war for next gen    04/07/20  (27)
Should I run for state court judge? (CSLG)    04/07/20  (26)
im not worried about the future    04/08/20  (26)
Serious question: why are we not seeing millions die in third world?    04/08/20  (26)
what will Illinois and California do when their tax revenues disappear?    04/07/20  (25)
u: (1), (1), (1). luis: "bakes banana bread" - 40 comments in half an hour    04/07/20  (25)
FRAUDMOS, accept BADMOS back into the fold or exile them ala 2016 board libs?    04/07/20  (25)
Most amount of money you've made in 1 day/transaction (CSLG)    04/08/20  (24)
it's okay to believe that both VIRUS IS BAD and that we should KILL JOURNALISTS    04/07/20  (24)
REPORT: Wuhan funeral homes “burned coronavirus patients alive”    04/07/20  (23)
Goldman Sachs estiamates that COVID-19 could cut GDP growth by 1% in 2020    04/08/20  (22)
Would you ever go to a DO for medical services?    04/07/20  (22)
Biden really needs to drop out, he’s obviously mentally & physically unfit    04/08/20  (21)
Why the FUCK would anyone let Huwaei do their 5G infrastructure?    04/08/20  (21)
LOL coronavirus officially a superbug, doesn't create antibodies    04/07/20  (21)