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sometimes i sit at my desk and imagine i'm a hermit crab    10/31/14  (30)
SCOTUS of Washington reverses sexual consent law    10/31/14  (12)
Suddenly realized why lawyers overvalue credentials    10/30/14  (11)
do you ever just make your own coupons for things you want    10/30/14  (9)
2nd cousin got really vulgar    10/31/14  (8)
Odds that Tim Cook is lying about being a faggot?    10/31/14  (4)
Girls, poast itt    10/31/14  (4)
Get ITT to discuss hangovers, regrets, etc    10/31/14  (3)
Anyone have a patience problem that irks others?    10/31/14  (3)
Prescription fillers, ever AROUSE suspicion?    10/30/14  (3)
hi i have a coupon for 10 free burgers w/ purchase of small fry    10/30/14  (3)
No anxiety, but no energy either when on Benzos, Alcohol    10/31/14  (2)
Johnsmeyer makes his 11/14 IBR Payment    10/31/14  (2)
Virgin: JFK experienced an "anomaly" in Dallas    10/31/14  (1)
Summon: Taylor Swift, SHT, XO DOG    10/31/14  (1)
2nd cousin: can I have a bonus in the end too ;)    10/31/14  (1)
2nd cousin popping plan b, "guess i'll see you at thanksgiving"    10/31/14  (1)
ITT: Jokes you laughed at as a 1L    10/30/14  (1)
Fatd00d Enrolling @ Ecole Polytechnique, Why?    10/30/14  (1)
man kendrick lamar became pop as fuck fast    10/30/14  (1)
are there any good crustacean threads today    10/30/14  (1)