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Hypo: $500M but you have to live in a U.S. airport of your choosing for 1 year    07/16/19  (95)
4channer BEHEADS his GF because she spent to much time w/ 'beta orbiters'    07/16/19  (79)
Ilhan Omar: not only is Trump a racist, but all of his supporters are too (link)    07/16/19  (77)
Mary Pete Buttigieg now claiming he's not white.    07/15/19  (67)
Is this the typical outcome for single 36 y/o leatherface white women? (pics)    07/15/19  (65)
Trump is finished: Pelosi will FORCE a vote to condemn Trump's statements    07/15/19  (64)
Wife constantly whining about her pay    07/16/19  (61)
what area of the world will remain white the longest?    07/15/19  (60)
they are just yelling at Mnuchin calling him racist. lmfao    07/15/19  (59)
XO racists, do you at least admit that Asian and Indian immigrants have been goo    07/16/19  (56)
unstoppable future is dem majorities, removal of filibuster, insanity    07/15/19  (55)
not flame. there is no question that minorities are getting more aggressive    07/16/19  (48)
CNN mired in a credibility crisis as ratings continue to collapse    07/15/19  (41)
7 hr flight coming up this friday. how to endure    07/16/19  (40)
Jewish neighbors ratted on me to City Code Compliance for storing my boat    07/16/19  (40)
Trump Offers Rule to End Asylum Protection for Some Migrants    07/15/19  (39)
so Judaism is all cribbed shit from the Babylonian empire?    07/15/19  (39)
Tired of ‘Starting Strength’ can someone point me to better program?    07/15/19  (38)
Cold hard truth: Average white American is pretty shitty, deserves replacement    07/16/19  (38)
Poast your Amazon Prime Day purchases ITT    07/15/19  (37)
poli sci shithead, make 90-100k. dumb to go to law school?    07/16/19  (36)
Instead of having 5th set tiebreak, why not break tie on most games won? #tennis    07/15/19  (35)
What's the conservative argument against asylum?    07/15/19  (34)
Bros are any of you worried Trump won't win reelection    07/15/19  (33)
MIL constantly pushing me to return to biglaw to make more $$    07/15/19  (30)
Omar has such a shitty ESL way of speaking surprised she made it this far    07/16/19  (30)
Is America the only country where ~50% of population hates their own country?    07/15/19  (30)
Chick invited me to her apt after date; she was pissed I wouldn't fuck.    07/15/19  (29)
Trump has 20% to win no matter how extreme Dems get. It’s a skin game now.    07/15/19  (29)
Cops find expired 1980s Saudi passport for Epstein w/diff name in a locked safe    07/15/19  (29)
Call me naive but open borders happened way sooner than i thought it would    07/16/19  (28)
Time restricted feeding is an absolute game changer.    07/15/19  (25)
Drone footage of underground bunker entrance at Epstein's island (not flame)    07/15/19  (25)
finally fucked a 8, super disappointing    07/15/19  (21)
Double O Stebbins    07/15/19  (21)
Underwear smells like “ass” when I sweat some. Didn’t used to do this.    07/16/19  (21)
Trump is a fucking disgrace, can’t believe I ever gave this guy benefit of dou    07/15/19  (21)
128GB iPad for $299    07/15/19  (19)
So much awful.. what keeps you going?    07/16/19  (19)
lindsey graham literally is still living in 1980    07/15/19  (18)
Just found out what an alzabo is and lmao    07/15/19  (17)
Jordan Peterson is the most profound thinker in the last century    07/15/19  (16)
Lol 180 if trump irritates Omar enough she'll eventually shout FUCK WHITEY DIE!!    07/15/19  (16)
Charles/Tucker is playing with fire with the Dem Congresswomen    07/15/19  (16)
Rapinoe crushing Trump in latest polls    07/15/19  (16)
All apple shit is egregiously middling IQ. Sorry board iPhone cucks    07/15/19  (16)
🚨🚨🚨RAPINOE NIP SLIP🚨🚨🚨    07/15/19  (16)
Epstein had fake passport with Saudi Arabian residence in his safe. Weird.    07/15/19  (16)
Rating posters as actual ancient Sumerian proverbs    07/16/19  (15)