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Who's the most likeable everyday white guy on xo?    01/20/20  (98)
Found of sex of 3rd child: girl. That's 3 girls, 0 boys    01/20/20  (91)
Millennials, the Dying Children    01/21/20  (89)
Some bay area high schools are 80% Asian?    01/21/20  (84)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/21/20  (75)
Get ready boys... Porsche 911 coming in 3 weeks! (CSLG)    01/21/20  (66)
What is the hard and fast rule on buying vs. renting?    01/21/20  (56)
First 3 years of Trump have been very calm    01/21/20  (56)
I find it crazy that even a rich man is still expected to pursue a woman.    01/20/20  (55)
What is the CR mid-sized city?    01/21/20  (47)
Aaron Rodgers (Fraudger$) is now 1-3 in NFC Championship Games    01/20/20  (46)
70% of my coworkers are Indian    01/21/20  (45)
dirte's second wife    01/20/20  (41)
Have you noticed people not going out or spending as much in 2020 so far?    01/20/20  (40)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/21/20  (36)
Getting married, going on a small escort binge before tying knot    01/20/20  (36)
Disney+ will remove Apu from all Simpsons episode    01/20/20  (33)
What's the bort consensus on Madonna?    01/20/20  (32)
What will be the impact of Amazon HQ2 on DC/NoVa when it opens?    01/20/20  (31)
MLK day is rapidly becoming a required holiday    01/20/20  (31)
Biden declare WAR on GAMERS: “little creeps” who “train how to kill”    01/20/20  (30)
One of the most alpha things you can do as an attorney (not flame)    01/20/20  (29)
Is ...And Justice For All a classic album? Seems thoroughly 178    01/21/20  (29)
what was the last final fantasy game you played?    01/21/20  (29)
This is what’s happening in Virginia right now. Trump’s America.    01/20/20  (29)
Tmf give me a restaurant to eat at in Kiev next week    01/20/20  (28)
Lol Larry David went maga on curb last night?    01/20/20  (26)
NYC BANS the use of 'at-risk' for students, they are now 'At-promise' (DM)    01/20/20  (26)
It’s Dr. Martin Luther the King Jr. Day. Guess what kind of doctor he was ITT    01/20/20  (26)
What is your vision of the ideal society?    01/21/20  (24)
castle in Germany haunted by a ghost named "Little Peterman"    01/21/20  (24)
Two "Impractical Jokers" cast members killed after performing urban "prank"    01/21/20  (24)
Held door open for woman at coffee shop, she stopped walking & said "I have a bf    01/20/20  (23)
2A rally chanting Pledge of Allegiance. NBC News: “SEDITION! CIVIL WAR!”    01/20/20  (22)
Just called and got TSINAH banned from 3 cigar bars in Orlando    01/20/20  (22)
Democratic Party is a 'center-conservative party' (link)    01/20/20  (22)
7 things that would not exist without black people (huffington post)    01/21/20  (21)
I have a fairly chill IN HOUSE gig and it's rotting my fucking brain    01/20/20  (21)
Germans: "We're the Master Race!" *decisively lose two world wars*    01/20/20  (20)
Lebron James is the happiest man on the planet tonight    01/21/20  (20)
MEGHAN MARKLE'S DAD: Meghan "cheapened royal family", made it "Walmart"    01/20/20  (20)
guy murdered wife after she turned lesbian and taunted him about his small penis    01/20/20  (20)
lonely hunter, u want an update on the tinder girl i left in mexico?    01/20/20  (19)
Greg Abbot bends the knee to Israel    01/21/20  (19)
Think I’m gonna pull the trigger on a new C7 manual    01/20/20  (18)
180 that as rich as CSLG becomes, goys will snicker at new money kike    01/20/20  (18)
unboxing videos make me laugh    01/20/20  (18)
Everyone is so fucking dumb irl    01/21/20  (17)
Best language to learn, Russian?    01/20/20  (17)
Aaron Hernandez’s gf is a bitch throughout the netflix doc    01/21/20  (17)