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1 hour news special on Seattle: "Seattle is dying."    03/20/19  (133)
Java XO has User Search! Come ITT and I'll give you stats    03/19/19  (115)
ITT: I give you a new job, you tell me if you'd take it or keep your current one    03/19/19  (80)
uh oh AOC just got into the NYC public schools debate    03/20/19  (78)
Just landed in Korea (CSLG)    03/20/19  (77)
Why do Jews love the NBA    03/19/19  (72)
Only 7 blacks got into Stuyvesant’s freshman class out of 895 spots    03/19/19  (71)
SCOTUS ICE ruling    03/20/19  (69)
if academics were all equal what college would you have attended?    03/19/19  (64)
Nextdoor (IRL twitter for prole normies) has endemic racial profiling "problem":    03/20/19  (60)
How people don't just up and revolt over American work culture is beyond me    03/19/19  (56)
Just bought an $80 knife because of an xo thread.    03/20/19  (54)
Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death    03/19/19  (50)
Magic windshield of NZ shooter    03/19/19  (50)
Puppydood Owners: Anesthesia Or Non-Anesthesia Dental Cleaning?    03/20/19  (48)
what would you do with $10m    03/19/19  (47)
rating posters as items of ww2 military equipment    03/20/19  (46)
Mike Trout given $430 million.    03/20/19  (42)
Many, many brilliant scientists see no conflict between god/science    03/19/19  (42)
ITT: 'Men' who use lip balm    03/20/19  (41)
PAT BUCHANAN chimes in on recent events in New Zealand - libs GAPED:    03/20/19  (32)
Lauren Duca's 8 page syllabus.    03/20/19  (32)
32F. I feel whatever looks I had rapidly fading.    03/19/19  (31)
CSLG: "Just settled 97k case!" CSLG: *flying pregnant wife 14 hours in coach*    03/19/19  (31)
why do white nationalists want jews out of america?    03/19/19  (29)
Andrew Yang on immigration    03/19/19  (27)
That "Seattle is Dying" piece should be mandatory viewing for Austin, TX voters    03/19/19  (27)
Took acid for the first time this past weekend, was 180    03/19/19  (26)
yo TMF, why is your moniker Irish now?    03/19/19  (26)
at what university is it easiest for tall, white, awkward dorks to get laid?    03/19/19  (26)
RATE this girl's exercise form (video)    03/19/19  (25)
find something more perfect (nsfw)    03/20/19  (25)
LOWEST salary you'd accept for a 9-5 law job, considering your life situation    03/19/19  (24)
Rate ts skinny fat chick teen with a pretty face    03/20/19  (23)
US now has over 10 million millionaires, so being a millionaire kinda prole    03/19/19  (23)
My dream is to get a PhD in History from Yale or Stanford    03/20/19  (22)
Been jerking off to my wife's middle school photo just found. Would've been way    03/19/19  (21)
i dont know what to do.. as a non-white, autistic jew...    03/19/19  (21)
I wish I was CSLG's meek orthodox Jewish wife    03/19/19  (21)
RATE this girl who licks public toilet seats for your viewing pleasure    03/19/19  (20)
XO: REACT to this 1904 illustration of racial hierarchy    03/19/19  (20)
How can libs simply ignore the fact that literally every city w/ lib policies    03/20/19  (20)
XO Glenn Greenwald: Mueller is a Traitor    03/19/19  (19)
Lifehacker: get out of America    03/19/19  (19)
How do you change your personality?    03/19/19  (18)
Sound of men squealing during sex is revolting    03/20/19  (18)
Wilbur Mercer, what's your story with alcohol?    03/20/19  (18)
Australia and New Zealand ban 4chan, 8chan, and other websites    03/19/19  (18)
I gave up on dream of having ELITE school on resume, now will live via kids    03/19/19  (17)
I'm all in for Gravel 2020 #GravelGang    03/20/19  (17)