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Will Trumpmos ever admit they got conned?    09/28/20  (142)
So NYT just happens to drop this story 1 month before election? LOL    09/28/20  (100)
Trump is a tax fraudster. This surprises who?    09/28/20  (75)
So the NY AG got Trump's tax returns then promptly leaked them to the NYT?    09/28/20  (71)
Parscale's wife pictured fleeing and screaming for help in "barely there" bikini    09/28/20  (62)
Does the NYT really not know what tax loss carry forwards are?    09/28/20  (57)
FBSM (naked handjob massage) guy here; have another scheduled for Thursday    09/28/20  (53)
NYT gets Trump tax returns for last two 20 yrs. Finds proof he's Russian agent    09/28/20  (48)
Biden isn't actually bad at debates    09/28/20  (45)
In 12 of the last 17 years, a McDonald's worker paid more in TAXES than Trump.    09/27/20  (44)
Nate Silver putting it all on the line and virtually guaranteeing a Biden win    09/28/20  (40)
V20 income partner taking questions    09/27/20  (40)
Trump has shot his wad. Biden has it in the bag    09/28/20  (38)
John McWhorter calls Ibram Kendi stupid    09/28/20  (37)
you liberals voting for Biden don't realize what you're really voting for    09/27/20  (37)
"Biden is way up" seems like complete flame @ odds w reality    09/28/20  (36)
Rudolph: War Veteran, JD from T14, Ivy UG, pays taxes. Trump: Draft/Tax dodger,    09/27/20  (34)
Tax story means they have nothing. The well is completely dry.    09/28/20  (34)
'original sin' is just simplified karma    09/28/20  (32)
Tom Brady “thriving” in new “system”    09/28/20  (32)
I just stocked up on COVID supplies today at Costco. BE PREPARED NOW.    09/28/20  (31)
If The NYT is lying about Trump's taxes, 1 quick way to prove it.    09/27/20  (31)
christ is the savior    09/28/20  (31)
NYT says they will drip more Trump finance stories in October    09/28/20  (30)
Leveraging 2 job offers against each other    09/28/20  (30)
Just went to Taco Bell. They have decimated their menu. Fuck.    09/28/20  (30)
OldHLSDude: what was your "in" to HLS? Did you do ivy ug?    09/28/20  (30)
Does Rudolph really not understand the concept of per capita deaths    09/27/20  (29)
How many of you have learned to code?    09/27/20  (28)
Children of single fathers probably turn out amazing (relatively speaking)    09/28/20  (28)
"Democratic party wants to destroy white men!" *Dems nominate white man*    09/28/20  (28)
trump is so fucking poor lmao    09/27/20  (28)
Book recs ITT please    09/28/20  (27)
Taking suggestions for a CAR to take to the TRACK    09/28/20  (27)
Why did Trump make $427 million from the fuckin "Apprentice"    09/28/20  (27)
NYUUG = no income taxes for the past 10 years. Trump = NYUUG.    09/28/20  (25)
What's the stupidest thing you ever actually believed?    09/27/20  (24)
Dumbass white men: we’re with Trump no matter what!    09/27/20  (24)
Mike Fart, your moniker does not need an 'r' in it.    09/28/20  (23)
Hate my family. Wife and son    09/27/20  (23)
More painful to watch: Rudolph posting or his Eagles playing?    09/27/20  (23)
Vote for Biden = endorsement of critical race theory    09/28/20  (23)
rsf hates me because his dad would be more proud to have me as a son (benzo)    09/28/20  (23)
Remember Roosh V? He's a construction worker now    09/28/20  (22)
In Switzerland, things may function better than even Japan.    09/28/20  (22)
do you believe did Lazarus?    09/28/20  (21)
what are some productive things i can do with my free time    09/27/20  (21)
so how exactly did NYT get its hands on trump's tax returns?    09/27/20  (21)
Nothing trump has tried on biden has stuck yet    09/28/20  (20)