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what would you tell your kids to major in, today?    02/07/16  (48)
Rate these 2 Norwegian girls    02/08/16  (23)
Gotta be honest - i have no idea what "cr" means    02/08/16  (19)
You can look "back in time" by looking at the sky at night cr?    02/08/16  (17)
Men can only fall in "love" once. Fact.    02/07/16  (16)
17 year old high school girl mocking you in group text with her friends    02/07/16  (14)
If you had just bought NES games in the late 90s you'd have beat stock market    02/07/16  (14)
Lol lib media carried Cam Newtons water all season and he storms out of press co    02/08/16  (13)
Called Cops on Roommate's noise. Break lease, get deposit via constructiv evict?    02/08/16  (10)
Ljl women walking around in yoga pants so you can smell their pussy    02/07/16  (9)
Fuck bros. fell asleep in cab last night and gf went through my phone    02/07/16  (8)
alex morgan's quads suffocating you, wrapped around your neck, as you ejac    02/07/16  (8)
30 lb. overweight guys in their 30s cheering on English soccer team at the bar    02/07/16  (7)
Let's dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing.    02/07/16  (6)
"Atheists" just worship social justice and consumerism    02/07/16  (6)
Delta Gamma girls "roast beefing" girl passed out at party (pics)    02/08/16  (5)
A bunch of Jewish sociopaths enslaves mankind    02/07/16  (5)
Is there a place on the web with men in their 30s discussing college prestige?    02/08/16  (4)
Post thread ideas you typed up then hit cancel on ITT    02/08/16  (4)
Bboom many of these wise "lawyers" have negative net worth ljl    02/07/16  (4)
I don't pick up my dogs shit. Don't belive in "playing God"    02/07/16  (4)
Any pumos having a mental health crisis on here today?    02/07/16  (4)
Marco Rubio filing a "Notion to Dispell"    02/07/16  (4)
Peyton Manning = Budweiser shill    02/07/16  (3)
DBG how do you defend evil Jewish behavior?    02/08/16  (3)
Your HS gf emailed you on Facebook in 2007 saying she misses you    02/07/16  (3)
cousin just had offer accepted on this place    02/07/16  (3)
the fear    02/07/16  (3)
Started calling people "friend" in work emails    02/08/16  (2)
Sim glitch: empty jar costs $6, same jar with pickles in it costs $2    02/07/16  (2)
Hypo: Carson backs out stumps for Trump    02/07/16  (2)
*posts boring shit about politics on super bowl sunday*    02/08/16  (1)
Think about your dad's dick    02/08/16  (1)
Seems like angry dykey lesbians are kind of a fading 90s thing    02/08/16  (1)
Lady Gaga sang anthem in 2 mins 21 seconds. Vegas had over under at 2:22 crazy    02/08/16  (1)
Fucked up that we can't favorite our own posts    02/08/16  (1)
Where is the faggot who bumped all the Cam Newton threads ljl at this nig ape    02/08/16  (1)
vid of Christie/Rubio debate feud w/commentary by NYC crane vid guys    02/08/16  (1)
If MJ had retired after Gm6 vs Jazz, would that have been the GOATUS image?    02/07/16  (1)
Rubio criticizes Obama, robots criticize Rubio    02/07/16  (1)
are you polite    02/07/16  (1)
Tufts student disciplined for holding Super Bowl party (link)    02/07/16  (1)
Could I have made it in law? (USC grad)    02/07/16  (1)
click to view only reggie-related threads    02/07/16  (1)