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asked a nurse out for drinks. says she has a BF but still wants to go out. wtf?    03/04/21  (117)
Law firm associates are terrible at understanding law as a business    03/04/21  (85)
for the love of fuck can’t one of the old poasters here just contact rach    03/04/21  (77)
how are sane, respectable people still members of the Dem party?    03/04/21  (76)
XO Davis Polk SURPRISES associates with special covid gifts    03/04/21  (75)
I stand with spaceporn    03/04/21  (65)
Is AutoAdmit getting shut down or something?    03/04/21  (56)
What percentage of US men have visible abs?    03/04/21  (56)
XO hates modern looking house design. Post links to nice houses with good design    03/04/21  (51)
Slate writer: "The word 'obese' has done incredible damage to my body"    03/04/21  (51)
Gonna kill self, have six mil. No fam really. How to find 60 ppl to give 100k to    03/04/21  (50)
Look what defunding the police did to Oakland    03/04/21  (50)
Amazon controls 83% of America’s book market    03/04/21  (48)
Lmao clown world: EBAY BANS DR. SEUSS LISTINGS    03/04/21  (48)
Do people ever regret tranny surgery?    03/04/21  (46)
ARKK is down again fuck my ass    03/04/21  (46)
What the FUCK is happening to the stock market?    03/04/21  (44)
Seattle activists claim bicycle helmet laws are racist, council may repeal    03/04/21  (41)
serial killing in 1970s was easy & everyone did it. zero risk    03/04/21  (41)
explain decent looking white men who date dumpy looking asians    03/04/21  (40)
My 16 month old mixed baby knows how to switch apps on iPhone    03/04/21  (38)
rate this chicks amazing transformation    03/04/21  (38)
Who are the top 5 most respected xoxoers right now?    03/04/21  (38)
Harvard bro getting DESTROYED on Twitter for being a 5'9" shortmo. BRUTAL    03/04/21  (36)
Guy who replaced penis with permanent open wound is head of "health & human serv    03/04/21  (36)
Meghan says royal family can't expect her silence if palace is 'perpetuating fal    03/04/21  (36)
We literally live in the worst time for males in human history    03/04/21  (35)
Anyone get vaxxed yet?    03/04/21  (34)
Holy fuck- Reddit's women's forum is all trannies posting their transition pics    03/04/21  (34)
Any parents here? What the hell do you do with a 1 year old all day?    03/04/21  (33)
Fairfax County bans tie American flag 🇺🇸    03/04/21  (32)
List of board libs    03/04/21  (31)
I will cheer when spammer threatening SPjr is pack raped in prison    03/04/21  (31)
How much money is enough?    03/04/21  (30)
Don't ban NYUUG. his poasts are shit but he hasn't violated any rules.    03/04/21  (30)
Val Kilmer is doing Cameo messages now:    03/04/21  (30)
Mods need to do something about the spaceporn stalking threads    03/04/21  (30)
Lulzy that Realtors(R) play dumb when you ask them why theyre better than Redfin    03/04/21  (29)
Biden: "I'll take q's now." His staff: "kill the feed and edit out his offer!"    03/04/21  (28)
Should you really replace running shoes every 500 miles or is that GC flame    03/04/21  (28)
North suburbs of Chicago seem like an XO dream. Almost 100% white    03/04/21  (28)
my hospital started allowing visitors again and the nurses are MAF    03/04/21  (28)
Afraid my job is going to require VAXX in order to return    03/03/21  (27)
Real talk: Stalking spaceporn with threats is deranged but not a credible threat    03/04/21  (26)
Vulpix did you know women can make a lot of $$$ on OnlyFans    03/04/21  (24)
Can a SOLO LAW PRACTICE buy a multi-family building to rent out?    03/04/21  (24)
Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships hosts Anti-AZN racism event (twis    03/04/21  (24)
Cowgod re-explaining clique theory to other jurors as deliberations enter hour 5    03/04/21  (24)
Where will you vacation first post-COVID / post-vaccine?    03/04/21  (23)
JAG I need a MD's opinion on this STD question    03/04/21  (23)