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so the key prosecution witness against Zimmerman was an imposter? LMAO    12/05/19  (118)
'Heil Trump' graffiti led to an unlikely suspect — and a hate crime hoax (WaPo    12/05/19  (84)
Why do nyuug and TT hate each other?    12/05/19  (74)
Delta fires 79 y/o flight attendant    12/05/19  (66)
Do Republicans acknowledge that wealth inequality is a problem?    12/05/19  (66)
What exactly is Trump being impeached for?    12/05/19  (61)
Whole Foods meat quality has taken a steep dive    12/05/19  (56)
Hey SEC fags & Board Libs are u aware Ohio State plays @ Oregon next season?    12/05/19  (56)
Prole tell: Not being surrounded by painful number of gooks and kikes in UG    12/05/19  (51)
Been practicing some straight up shitlaw this week. Rate my results    12/05/19  (46)
Has animeboi ever been called out for being the worst fucking poaster in history    12/05/19  (43)
I lost so much money in crypto it will haunt me for life. I'll never be the same    12/05/19  (36)
49ers suspend analyst for saying football blends into Lamar Jackson's dark skin    12/05/19  (35)
How many alcohols have you had this month? Zero for me    12/05/19  (34)
Liberals are hooked into a Hive Mind (zman)    12/05/19  (31)
clique theory challenge thread    12/05/19  (30)
Daily reminder that I live in a 94%+ white state    12/05/19  (30)
JCM surrounded by her polyamorous xo poaster boyfriends (link)    12/05/19  (29)
Karlan wrote dissent in Bowers v Hardwick saying state can't ban sodomy (link)    12/05/19  (29)
Highest paid job I can get with a Bachelors in Mol Bio from HYP?    12/05/19  (27)
ITT guess where UJtp was born.    12/05/19  (27)
Who here is on ssris?    12/04/19  (25)
Anyone use privacy.com burner credit cards for everything? So 180    12/04/19  (24)
If Biden stumbles (seems likely) HER will RISE again    12/05/19  (23)
It's obvious even XO can't bring itself to hate Biden    12/05/19  (23)
Honestly, CSLG should win MPM this year.    12/05/19  (22)
Every shitlib position can be boiled down to 1 theme: glorification of deviancy    12/05/19  (21)
Why can we euthanize animals via anesthesia but not humans?    12/05/19  (21)
Were biggie and Tupac as overrated as Nipsey hussel when they got shot?    12/05/19  (20)
having midlife crisis, need to get a sports car, what should I get under 60k    12/05/19  (19)
Cr to move to China to cop "white monkey" jobs?    12/05/19  (18)
rate this reddit pic    12/05/19  (18)
Poast pics of the ideal "Chick-fil-A wife"    12/05/19  (17)
OKAY YOU FAGS, WHO'S PLANNING TO GO SOLO IN 2020?    12/05/19  (17)
My one eyed dog almost got attacked this morning    12/05/19  (17)
Pro Tip: Trayvon Martin founded the Alt-Right    12/05/19  (16)
Blacks see right through Little Petey Bootygig    12/05/19  (16)
WaPo: journalists should create "movie trailers" to support impeachment    12/05/19  (16)
Why hasn't INDIAN DNA evolved its BULLSHIT STEPPE garbage?    12/05/19  (16)
Got stuck in a crowded elevator for 3 hours today. Also, I had HORRIBLE gas    12/05/19  (16)
Research indicates teachers have basically no impact on students -- WHY?    12/05/19  (16)
They said V-dare is a white nationalist website?? wtf.    12/05/19  (15)
Why do some famous people suddenly grow beards    12/05/19  (15)
Hilarious longread about toxic work conditions at female-led CEO Away    12/05/19  (15)
Neal v. Stephens tp— who the fuck is this moron?    12/05/19  (15)
hey guys    12/05/19  (15)
If you're getting better, you're getting broke (CSLG)    12/05/19  (14)
Obamas now worth $150 million after investing $400k presidential salary wisely    12/05/19  (14)
Average arrival times and leaving times of the hardest working firms    12/05/19  (14)