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LOL at how adoring mousy white girls get around tall black men (gif)    09/23/19  (72)
I Had To Take My Dirty Panties To A Rabbi And So Has Every Orthodox Jewish Woman    09/23/19  (56)
Idea: Chain of Casual Indian Restaurants ala Olive Garden    09/23/19  (48)
Is Shostakovich Second Waltz the best piece of classical music ?    09/22/19  (44)
Greta Thunberg: "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood"    09/23/19  (42)
Anyone graduate from an "Elite" school/college and found it highly overrated?    09/22/19  (42)
Why do Mexicans let their kids run around without supervision?    09/23/19  (40)
How many drinks per day do you average?    09/23/19  (40)
Is it prole to drive a STICK SHIFT car?    09/23/19  (38)
Are there any shows even close to as good as Mad Men, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or    09/23/19  (34)
Should i cop this used pickup truck for 7k    09/23/19  (31)
If you want to get into collecting coins - here’s a sweet introductory piece    09/23/19  (30)
Why exactly do people laugh at universal basic income?    09/22/19  (29)
We mock blacks for loving watermelon & fried chicken yet both are undeniably CR    09/23/19  (29)
How dumb do you have to be to not be religious    09/23/19  (28)
Rent Control Is Awful, But How To Prevent Kike LLs From Usurious Rent Increases?    09/23/19  (28)
I dropped 3 inches on my waist TCTP    09/23/19  (26)
The North Korean government owns a casual dining chain (not flame)    09/23/19  (26)
Would you date a women that lives at home with parents?    09/23/19  (26)
This Soho apartment has a 20 foot long private rooftop pool    09/22/19  (25)
Romney: Trump's actions re: Ukraine "extremely troubling" - link    09/23/19  (25)
Crazy how you can tell if someone is a good or bad person just by phenotype    09/22/19  (24)
I only ate 800 calories today and I burned 500 working out    09/22/19  (24)
Trannies in LA are really attractive.    09/23/19  (22)
lol the WeWork guy is Jewish and raised in Israel? Color me surprised.    09/23/19  (22)
Trump + GOP campaigned in WI/MI in 2016, Hillary didn't, he still barely won    09/22/19  (21)
ios 13 made my phone worse for no reason    09/22/19  (20)
WeWork board members seek to remove CEO ((Adam Neumann)) from position    09/22/19  (19)
What exactly is impeachable about Trump's actions re: Ukraine?    09/23/19  (19)
Taylor Swift has one of those faces that looks obnoxious as a fat    09/22/19  (19)
the nigger QBs are taking over the nfl    09/22/19  (19)
we are about to enter a period of 30 years of democratic rule, trumpmos fucked    09/23/19  (19)
If You're Not Scared about Fascism in the US, You Should Be (NYT)    09/22/19  (19)
So Democrats are literally accusing Trump of what Biden actually did re Ukraine?    09/23/19  (19)
just got to Day 2 without alcohol    09/22/19  (18)
In hindsight, did Jeffrey Epstein have a 180 life?    09/22/19  (18)
Guardian: why Ivanka Trump's new haircut should make us very afraid (link)    09/22/19  (16)
Biglaw - constant fear that your work will dry up    09/22/19  (16)
Anyone want my used BMW X5    09/22/19  (16)
our Irish people white?    09/22/19  (16)
How do AutoAdmit scholars feel about Citizens United?    09/22/19  (16)
Xo on finance = proof of aryan cognitive superiority    09/22/19  (15)
I want to say a few things online and they all start with nigger    09/23/19  (15)
What is the most prestigious way to sleep?    09/22/19  (15)
has anyone ever met a "journalist" who they actually liked    09/23/19  (14)
NY judge fines landlord $17K for threatening to call ICE on illegal immigrant    09/22/19  (14)
Former Playboy cover Jenny McCarthy to become "Jeremy McCarthy" FTM    09/22/19  (14)
what is the Cr compact SUV?    09/22/19  (14)
Girl fucks her dog then cuts herself in front of dog then kills herself    09/22/19  (13)
Is Reading 10 books a year respectable?    09/23/19  (13)