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What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/21/19  (133)
Craigslist used car sale took me to the fucking cleaners. Taking insults    05/21/19  (122)
Rating poasters as made-up theme parks    05/21/19  (91)
happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives [NYT]    05/20/19  (84)
Rating posters as dumb/questionable things from Season 8 of GoT    05/21/19  (66)
What were some GoT plots that turned out to be pointless?    05/21/19  (63)
Dumb here. What does Roe v Wade say about abortions?    05/21/19  (57)
John Wick 3 might be the worst movie I have ever seen holy shit    05/21/19  (45)
I need a wife. I want all your dating tips and tricks.    05/21/19  (35)
Visited Are Country this weekend. It's 180 and like going back in time    05/21/19  (35)
Worse finale: LOST or GOT?    05/21/19  (34)
Need some1 to tell me *exactly* what Islam is wrong about    05/20/19  (32)
Millennials are FUCKED (LINKEDIN POST)    05/20/19  (31)
NBAmos: Why didn't older players practice shooting as much as Curry/Harden?    05/21/19  (30)
Two people take selfies with Daenarys Targarean hiking in the woods after finale    05/20/19  (28)
So is my Huawei fucked?    05/20/19  (27)
Amash will cost Trump re-election    05/21/19  (26)
Is "spinner" sfw? Like trying to describe some chick in another office.    05/21/19  (26)
After 3 sexual partners women are emotionally destroyed for life hth    05/20/19  (24)
Rapper Sings “I Fuck France, I Burn France” as He Symbolically Strangles a W    05/20/19  (24)
California to give free healthcare to illegals at a cost of $3.2 billion/year:    05/21/19  (23)
$599 per night but a (male) skeleton sleeps in your bed with you    05/20/19  (21)
blonde girls on ig holding chik-fil-a cup in front seat of leased infinity suv    05/20/19  (20)
Definitive top 2 Disney Movies ITT    05/21/19  (20)
RATE what $2.2 MILLION gets you in NYC (link)    05/20/19  (20)
Man thinks he has a bladder infection. Turns out he has a pussy.    05/20/19  (20)
Rented a V6 Mustang recently -- can confirm it is 100% a supercar.    05/21/19  (19)
Currently at work drinking iced coffee, high as fuck on Phenibut, taking Qs    05/20/19  (19)
Would u hire this OC escort for $100/hour NSFW    05/20/19  (19)
GC determined that grocery prices were too expensive.    05/20/19  (19)
New Duck Tales on Disney is suprisingly 180    05/20/19  (19)
Brooks Kopeka 1 major away from tying XO Phil    05/20/19  (19)
can you imagine a HAIR LOSS CURE PILL? would be hilarious    05/20/19  (18)
HBO debuts Season 3 Westworld trailer with Jesse Pinkman (hehe)    05/20/19  (18)
Memorial Day weekend bachelor party crew -- check in ITT.    05/20/19  (17)
should i cop a chocolate croissant from sbux right now y/n    05/20/19  (17)
ITT: we post what the credited GoT ending would have been    05/21/19  (17)
'Quriky' urban Asian-American women who make fun of all the white guys they date    05/21/19  (17)
if you think about it, skateboarding is pretty gay    05/20/19  (17)
Would LeBron make the NBA if he were 6 inches shorter? What about other stars?    05/20/19  (17)
30yo speech pathologists and nurses who are on apps    05/20/19  (16)
if a major network defected and made a completely non-shitlib show nonchalantly    05/20/19  (16)
GoT Writers: Elective Monarchy worked out so well in Poland-Lithuania right?    05/20/19  (15)
Jim Kelly how's your flat chested gook wife who refuses to cook or clean doing    05/20/19  (15)
Shrew posting pics of GOT cosplay watch party. "Husband refused to go as Tyrion!    05/20/19  (15)
Oh, you travel? - get the fuck in here    05/20/19  (15)
Am I nuts to think Buttplug is the most dangerous candidate for DRUMPF ?    05/20/19  (14)
Is Virginia a "southern state" culturally speaking?    05/21/19  (14)
alzabo, what languages do you speak?    05/21/19  (13)
Jennings" is a pseudonym).[8][9] The family is Jewish,[10] and their last name i    05/20/19  (13)