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which is more soul-crushing: looking for a job or online dating?    08/23/16  (81)
A "starter home" now costs half a million almost everywhere LJL    08/23/16  (72)
GAWKER IS DEAD YHY    08/23/16  (72)
HERE WE GO!!! Trump back even in NBC poll!    08/23/16  (23)
Entrepreneur: don't put money in a 401k    08/23/16  (14)
historic moment: the colonel was an xo poaster    08/23/16  (14)
Once in high school a female gym teacher walked in on me in the shower    08/22/16  (11)
We need National Socialism to eliminate shitlibery & communism    08/23/16  (9)
I have never heard of 99% of these "celebs" on the Daily Mail sidebar    08/23/16  (9)
Why don't quarterbacks wear helmets with 4 face masks so defenders can't tell wh    08/23/16  (9)
Real talk: how much can I save making $160k in NYC?    08/22/16  (8)
Gonna be some big terror attacks and shootings this week    08/22/16  (8)
devastating NEW email re Hillary's health    08/23/16  (7)
I was better off in my prole town of South Carolina than MFH    08/22/16  (7)
Proles think their "tax money" pays for everything    08/23/16  (6)
evan39 all these homeless idiots need to be drowned in the sea    08/23/16  (6)
I was much happier when I wasn't striving & just sliding and let do    08/22/16  (6)
quit the law, sick of Azn HR cunt. I'm gonna smoke weed and drink Boba all day    08/22/16  (6)
people on twitter giving autoadmit credit for coining "shitlib"    08/23/16  (5)
Text analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes angriest tweets on Android    08/23/16  (5)
Just had a fist fight with my garbage pick up guys    08/23/16  (4)
Article: Soros aims to enlarge American voter population by 10 million    08/23/16  (4)
Salon gets REVERSEBIGWILLIEPWNED re Hillary's health records    08/23/16  (4)
is this new tweet about autoadmit accurate?    08/22/16  (4)
people with blue eyes are more attractive by far. basically the master race    08/22/16  (4)
So global capitalism wants us to have a seperate subscription to everything?    08/22/16  (4)
Just finished Paul Hastings' "Inferno" - holy FUCK the of counsels were subhuman    08/23/16  (3)
Investor: rent where u sleep & own where other ppl rent and sleep    08/23/16  (3)
Why do shitlibs always ask about "specifics" of Trump's policies    08/23/16  (3)
xo parents: kids in common core are watching this cartoon video re 2008 crash    08/22/16  (3)
Baseball players now are all bloated fat whites w/ goatee or roided up spics Sad    08/22/16  (3)
RIP Boko Haram    08/23/16  (2)
If you're a millenial, u must stand up to baby boomers    08/23/16  (2)
Azn HR cunt says my bike rides would be easier if the bike had a seat on it    08/23/16  (2)
Any bald jew geeks want to discuss politics in a really boring way??    08/22/16  (2)
Haven't paid a gas bill in 7 months    08/23/16  (1)
This bort turned on me today, been poasting on a megathread from 2013    08/23/16  (1)
when do you start back school    08/22/16  (1)
Reminder: Jews have divided white people since Europe    08/22/16  (1)