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Reading TLS makes me depressed    10/25/16  (29)
New polls looks surprisingly good for trump    10/26/16  (24)
black teens attack Temple students; media blames rage on "exclusion"    10/26/16  (22)
Charismatic Hopi equity partner literally makes it rain    10/26/16  (21)
Should I watch the movie St. Elmo's Fire?    10/25/16  (20)
Wesley Johnson Jr. making 7.6 work with 9.2 forever in San Junipero    10/25/16  (11)
some iphone 7 plus portrait mode photos    10/26/16  (10)
should i start black mirror with S01 E01?    10/25/16  (10)
Trump will win Pennsylvania.    10/26/16  (9)
Sales is everything. You can't sell, you can't do shit    10/26/16  (9)
You're afraid to cold call people? LJL you must be a glorified secretary    10/26/16  (7)
in-house interviews for companies saying previous in-house highly preferred    10/26/16  (7)
Indian in 20s: sticks buffalo with spear. U: Buffalo Law @ sticker    10/26/16  (6)
a 180 bro starts thread on fatherhood, a pair of autistic asian shrews swarm it    10/26/16  (6)
Man destroys Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star    10/26/16  (5)
Tell me about Kirkland Houston    10/26/16  (5)
stayed up all night posting with twist and brave little poaster, destroyed today    10/26/16  (5)
Real men work for commission; beta men work for salaries    10/26/16  (5)
becoming irate trying to explain purpose of signature page to an iroquois warrio    10/26/16  (4)
lmfao "scientists" don't even know why deciduous leaves turn red in autumn    10/25/16  (4)
Biglaw in San Junipero would be 180 could do all the famous M&A cases    10/25/16  (4)
If a girl asks u if u jerk off does she want you?    10/25/16  (4)
we need a final solution for the quotemo scourge    10/26/16  (3)
Coyote the Trickster distributing nits in your documents    10/26/16  (3)
Trump will win Ohio.    10/26/16  (2)
S Koreans act out their own death with mock funerals -- wtf is wrong with gooks?    10/26/16  (2)
Obamacare premiums are going up!    10/26/16  (2)
Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" plays as joint book runners raid village    10/26/16  (2)
But if Clemenza can figure a way, to get the signature pages planted for me    10/26/16  (2)
"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare    10/26/16  (1)
If Crooked Hillary attempts to steal the election, there will be a civil war.    10/26/16  (1)
Trump will win Florida.    10/26/16  (1)
Need to add ISDA threading to Lev Fin threading    10/26/16  (1)
What is harder for white guy to get - overweight white girl or Asian girl?    10/26/16  (1)
Sales >>> law    10/26/16  (1)
*pauses b4 burying deal deal in Micmac grave* "Sometimes pencils down is better"    10/26/16  (1)
Little Big Nit, is this the 1492 ISDA or the 1502 ISDA?    10/26/16  (1)
Sorry, but Chief Solutions in the Clouds can't accept an MAE carveout for Wendig    10/26/16  (1)
What's a reasonable first salary number to throw out for in-house interview?    10/26/16  (1)
simulation glitch: defendant in christie bridgegate trial is named BRIDGEt    10/25/16  (1)
TT -- what do you think of salesbros???    10/25/16  (1)