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Need help for brief - what's a catchy way to say plaintiffs complaint reads like    08/04/15  (43)
pretty hard to take the yakuza seriously    08/05/15  (25)
WTF AAPL?!    08/04/15  (19)
bourdain stirs baby parts "oh yeah u don't get this texture in the 1st trimester    08/04/15  (17)
Report: Cecil the Lion was on his knees, paws up saying "don't shoot"    08/04/15  (6)
life advice: grow a huge amount of hair and gain 5-6" of height    08/04/15  (3)
do you ever get mad when you see a fat person    08/04/15  (3)
Feminists complain that women are getting screwed by college debt more than men    08/04/15  (2)
"soylent green is just a clump of cells!" (libs)    08/04/15  (2)
Trump Trumps Gawker, turns their insult into yet more positive PR    08/04/15  (2)
libs push to ban tinder as organic baby part prices climb    08/04/15  (2)
Should law clerks commit seppuku if their judge dies on the bench?    08/04/15  (1)
a lib: *kicks down ur door with dead baby leg* IT'S OK IT'S NOT A PERSON    08/04/15  (1)
1 month until college football starts    08/04/15  (1)