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I'm taking my kids to see Angry Birds for the 2nd time.    05/30/16  (16)
you still have student loans??? how old are you??    05/30/16  (12)
awesome poast by razib khan on thiel/gawker    05/30/16  (9)
give me your honest thoughts about "white people"    05/30/16  (8)
most hurtful thing a poaster has ever said    05/30/16  (8)
Can't believe sick perverts find high school cheerleaders like this attractive    05/30/16  (6)
Fucked my first trannie today. Had a 9 incher.    05/29/16  (4)
Friends with a Chad, he likes banging average looking girls    05/30/16  (3)
girls who look like a cute dog (pics)    05/30/16  (2)
Trumpmos November slaughter will be end of this preftijust board    05/30/16  (1)
Worst part of Hypergamy: Even the 30-40 chicks get plenty Chads. Betas screwed!    05/30/16  (1)
tick in my ear. expanding as we speak    05/30/16  (1)
i know ur wearing a condom faggot get it over with and make america great again    05/30/16  (1)
I am out of the office reading scans of early 90s horror fanzines    05/29/16  (1)