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Bottom of the class @ HYS. How fucked? Martoma?    06/30/15  (69)
lol looks like we're getting attacked on july 4th. it's been fun brothers    06/30/15  (60)
john quinn announces the end of summer associate programs    06/30/15  (49)
SCOTUS to rehear Fisher v UTexas. Chances Scalia croaks by June'16?    06/30/15  (44)
Stock market fuct    06/30/15  (27)
i like it when people have numbers at the end of their moniker    06/29/15  (17)
the internet really turned into a complete piece of shit fast    06/29/15  (16)
ITT: Song you play during your murderous shooting rampage    06/29/15  (15)
Every single character in Jurassic World (2015) was fucking intolerable    06/29/15  (14)
Anyone's psychiatrist ever actually help them?    06/29/15  (13)
BROS: list your favorite asian (female) pornstars    06/29/15  (12)
ITT: Caption & Explain this WG w BBC on an MFH subway    06/29/15  (11)
is medical marijuana complete flame    06/29/15  (10)
do any of you still use a vcr like people who still use record players    06/29/15  (10)
explain captain planet the cartoon tv show    06/30/15  (9)
have you ever caught your boss doing something illegal    06/29/15  (9)
Hypo: Free vacation in Tunisia    06/30/15  (8)
Poll when was the last time you went to atm and got hit w dat insufficient funds    06/30/15  (7)
TD2 is unwatchable, htfh    06/29/15  (6)
Quinn axing summer programs    06/30/15  (5)
is Greece fucked now    06/30/15  (5)
what movies had the sharpest decline in quality    06/29/15  (5)
Imanagecat about to lose his deposit on his new house (link)    06/29/15  (5)
The greatest flame the devil ever pulled    06/30/15  (4)
lol why did Greek people leave their money in the bank    06/30/15  (3)
FUCK! Big-titted girl sent goodbye email to group, I replied-all "thanks for the    06/29/15  (3)
I get off work and spend 3hrs catatonic, normal?    06/29/15  (3)
Is the Indian girl from New Girl only Half Indian?    06/29/15  (3)
man wearing only boots and a gun saves black baby with rebel flag tourniquet    06/29/15  (2)
an xo poaster rolls a giant ball of shredded cheese down your driveway    06/29/15  (2)
a giant bulldozer pushing the bodies of xo poasters into a massive pit    06/29/15  (2)
XOXO Food Truck: Family Bonfire; Hans Lights Fireworks    06/30/15  (2)
Which one of you poasted this?    06/30/15  (1)
Should I wear this Phi Beta Kappa tie at OCI?    06/30/15  (1)
post a pic of your lawn itt    06/29/15  (1)
why are republicans even running for president    06/29/15  (1)
it's crazy how people with a cheap shitty tv don't realize what they're missing    06/29/15  (1)
will women go buckwild and start looting when hillary becomes president of us    06/29/15  (1)
i've spent more than a week trying to delete rebel flags from my facebook pics    06/29/15  (1)
if you're white are you better off not having tinted car windows    06/29/15  (1)
Indiana-Bloomington among America's most gay-friendly law schools    06/29/15  (1)