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Are you drinking more or less during COVID    07/02/20  (25)
how much should u tip in a pandemic? 50% minimum    07/02/20  (15)
freddie mercury movie was great, elton john movie laughably bad    07/02/20  (11)
Female NYT tech journalist has a TOTAL MELTDOWN after VCs refuse to engage    07/02/20  (8)
Karen holds black family at gunpoint in Chipotle parking lot (video)    07/02/20  (8)
is this an advertisement or news story in tthe New York Times? (pic)    07/02/20  (8)
my perfect society would have a forced labor camp type system    07/02/20  (8)
i make like 45K annually so far after expenses as a solo    07/02/20  (7)
Bitcoin is going to $100k in the next year (price chart)    07/02/20  (6)
The real crisis in this country is rampant mental illness    07/02/20  (6)
Jurassic Park was closer to the moon landing than today.    07/02/20  (6)
Surprise Surprise Biden outraises Trump again, $141 million in June    07/02/20  (5)
Trump’s biggest failure was putting a cartoonish villain like Kushner in charg    07/02/20  (5)
"DURR what's next polygamous marriages??!?" (retard reptile)    07/02/20  (5)
do u guys fuck with sour patch kids    07/02/20  (5)
can hear a faggot little mouse running all over my kitchen right now    07/02/20  (4)
Trump 2020 platform: more unemployment, more food banks, more pozloads    07/02/20  (4)
dont get how people function with hangovers    07/02/20  (4)
favorite recent purchase    07/02/20  (3)
Lincoln, the gay racist president.    07/02/20  (3)
Rate this video Of a topless 20-something chick at a protest in NYC last night    07/02/20  (3)
xo posters - armed to the teeth - defending statue of St. luis    07/02/20  (3)
🔥🦌🔥 Portland protesters say, NO MORE ELK 🔥🦌🔥    07/02/20  (3)
How prole is this inflatable water slide?    07/02/20  (3)
Tucker Max so cool that he went to UChicago for UG.    07/02/20  (3)
Bent/broke penis during rough sex. Now it is permanently CURVED    07/02/20  (3)
What the fuck did the ELKS ever do to black people????    07/02/20  (3)
Last time u felt alive was closer to the moon landing than today    07/02/20  (3)
Dr. just said on tv that there are 500,000 new cases a day of covid, herd imm.?    07/02/20  (3)
New Record! 10,000 people pozloaded in Texas yesterday!    07/02/20  (3)
kind of exciting to be in the middle of something collapsing (america)    07/02/20  (2)
dirte called me a "denzel wannabee motherfucker"    07/02/20  (2)
Xo should pool $ to buy this town in Georgia    07/02/20  (2)
BLM is just is just pathetic loser libs grabbing their ball and taking it home    07/02/20  (2)
So CHAZ is back?    07/02/20  (2)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    07/02/20  (2)
REMINDER: Biden is totally bald but has long strands of hair stapled to head    07/02/20  (2)
Willie Wright - Telling the Truth (1977 smooth pop album):    07/02/20  (2)
ARE Reptile, justify Russia's election on constitutional amendments    07/02/20  (2)
wedding bands are kinda dumb    07/02/20  (2)
faggy retard SomeOtherGhost's 'son' signing up for SA to find a REAL daddy!    07/02/20  (2)
Your future wife fantasizing abt pulling autist Chad out of his rich inner world    07/02/20  (1)
How do Jewish men make peace that Jewish women settle for them and cuck them?    07/02/20  (1)
when biden locks trump up will trump's ass be traded for kool's or newports?    07/02/20  (1)
Has Michael Levitt been silenced by GC?    07/02/20  (1)
renton from trainspotting is so fucking hot    07/02/20  (1)
Ironic that in Blues Brothers it’s them driving into crowd of Nazis    07/02/20  (1)
peak neoliberal: replace columbus day w/ 'juneteenth' = no extra day off    07/02/20  (1)
Schwartzman, actually    07/02/20  (1)
US soldiers lining up on the battlefield to fight for their women that hate them    07/02/20  (1)