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How amazing is it to have a true 9-5 job??    07/21/16  (81)
Caltech, MIT, and the 3 service academies are the only elite schools    07/23/16  (69)
Just bought moar firearms. Broke as fuck now (earl)    07/25/16  (67)
4 out of 12 friends from law school have quit law    07/23/16  (64)
XOXO Food Truck: Minneapolis Shitlib made HUGE scene in the airport b/c of my Tr    07/19/16  (60)
The Atlantic: it's official - Hillary is running against Putin    07/25/16  (58)
The fact that Clinton is barely beating Trump is amazing....    07/25/16  (49)
New Start Trek has 91% rotten tomato rating    07/22/16  (47)
About to start law school at HYS. Any tips?    07/23/16  (45)
The CIA used to be run by chill Yale bros now faggy mormons and jews    07/21/16  (45)
Im planning on stealing some land via "adverse possession". How do I pay tax on    07/21/16  (43)
So Miranda Kerr's engagement ring is the same as the one I got my fiancee (Earl)    07/22/16  (39)
Raw lsat score was 160. Possible to get to 180 by December 3?    07/21/16  (38)
Cute 26 year old Stanford student murdered by mob in South Africa (Pics)    07/24/16  (36)
Rate this cute DC brunette who works at the white house (NY Times Wedding)    07/24/16  (35)
What is the best pro wrestling match of all time?    07/25/16  (33)
LJL Trump marketing the dress Ivanka wore. Fucking low class rednecks    07/23/16  (33)
Latest Date Lab sets up another turd with a white girl. Guess result    07/20/16  (33)
Spent 1 hour on RCP and couldn't come up with a realistic scenario for Trump win    07/22/16  (31)
LJL at Trump struggling with LGBTQ    07/22/16  (31)
Air Conditioning is a waste you can cool your home with well water etc    07/21/16  (31)
Tell Me About V75-V100 Firms    07/22/16  (30)
July 2016 Net Worth Roundup    07/24/16  (28)
WATCH: Jon Stewart tears Trumpmos a new asshold on his show    07/22/16  (27)
Childless men in their 30s who rent    07/22/16  (27)
Current Flyover AUSA who hates job -- why?    07/22/16  (25)
Kasich turned down VP    07/20/16  (25)
13 year old black girl shoots korean storeowner who let her steal weaves    07/24/16  (23)
Have met Peter Thiel IRL he is a weird autistic freak pervert    07/22/16  (23)
The Macho Man Randy Savage fucked Vince McMahons 15 year old daughter    07/21/16  (23)
Does the average American poor today live better than a 14th century king?    07/19/16  (22)
Patriots - buy this AR-15 NAO    07/18/16  (22)
rate this jew (((Mark Levin))) defend HRC re DNC leaks    07/25/16  (21)
MH370 pilot practiced suicide route on home flight simulator    07/23/16  (21)
Most prestigious arrondissement of Paris?    07/19/16  (21)
90% of marriages between people who "met" online end in divorce    07/23/16  (19)
A young Black Girl tried to steal my phone (Story)    07/24/16  (18)
Mother and her three daughters, aged between 8 and 14 stabbed by 'Muslim' man    07/19/16  (18)
Why not work at dominos and just deliver people digionos instead? Abritrage    07/24/16  (17)
180 pic of Goebbels & Hitler    07/23/16  (17)
Why don't people live upriver in NY and commute to MFH on jet ski?    07/24/16  (16)
There hasn't been a single good movie made in years    07/22/16  (16)
Voting is gay flame for cucks no election has ever been swung by 1 vote    07/21/16  (16)
this subtle anti-semitic Tweet by Trump re (((DWS))) is LJL    07/24/16  (15)
Seems like women are attractive from 16-19 then blah til 30 then they're MILFs    07/23/16  (15)
is RT (Russia News) CR???    07/24/16  (15)
The $hitlympics will have record low rating$. People don't care about this crap    07/18/16  (15)
"lmao" he typed, hands trembling with rage    07/25/16  (14)
Fiancee thinks water boiled on stove is different than water boiled in microwave    07/22/16  (14)
Pro tip: use a SALUTATION as a VALEDICTION in your emails    07/22/16  (14)
Anyone ever literally gotten the "Thank" email from someone?    07/21/16  (14)
ANYONE here have a SOLVENT TRAP for their ASSAULT RIFLE?    07/24/16  (13)
Real talk: Sandy Hook truther WLMAS makes the board unreadable, should be banned    07/24/16  (13)
Wiki leaks pushing Google's shit back in    07/22/16  (13)
JJC beating the fuck out of non local surfer at Palos Verdes Estates    07/21/16  (13)
evan39 thoughts on seeing dead-eyed fat dumb mexicans everywhere now?    07/21/16  (13)
Rate Tiffany Trump's face    07/21/16  (13)
Men in the UK regularly die in their mid 60's    07/19/16  (13)
Boner Police calling you a faggot on Xbox Live    07/24/16  (12)
Every time a Jewish journalist talks, I recall this Hitler speech    07/22/16  (12)
Ted Cruz = Jewish; no Christian backstabs like that    07/21/16  (12)
Sales job with SV start-up vs DC Govt job vs Michigan Law vs UNC MBA (Peterman)    07/22/16  (12)
Girl on instagram got her dad to take a pic of her and sister topless not flame    07/20/16  (12)
My parents bought their house for 40k in the 80s its worth 1 million now ljl    07/20/16  (12)
Study: Nobody has ever mistaken DiGiorno's for delivery (link)    07/19/16  (12)
So basically everyone under 25 is "self employed" and doing MLM on social media?    07/18/16  (12)
Fourth Muslim attack in Germany during the past week    07/25/16  (11)
Never been to Hawaii it looks really dirty whats the appeal?    07/24/16  (11)
Why dont boxers/MMA fighters do "tiger uppercuts"?    07/24/16  (11)
ITT: we poast the most DEVASTATING leaked emails from DNC    07/23/16  (11)
Rate this 35 year old State Department Analyst Marie Harf (SFW)    07/23/16  (11)
America 2016 is very similar to Germany 1933    07/21/16  (11)
Fucking dog got sprayed by a skunk.    07/19/16  (11)
evan39 would you rather fuck an Asian "male" or a female of your choice    07/25/16  (10)
Predict the next Euro terror attack    07/24/16  (10)
Scolded a lady at the grocery store, was I in the right?    07/24/16  (10)
Built a $35 RasPi to play old video games -- recommend games I should get    07/24/16  (10)
DNC leak shows ppl who work at DNC are more smug/condescending than a pumo    07/23/16  (10)
holy fukkkk check predictit it really was a stroke/seizure. D=60, HRC=45    07/21/16  (10)
Will do. Thanks.    07/21/16  (10)
I really hope Fox doesn't get a Jewish CEO    07/23/16  (10)
is a federal district court clerkship always a positive?    07/21/16  (10)
Neighbor girls sunbathe at the pool all day    07/21/16  (10)
Anything better than waking up with a massive piss boner?    07/21/16  (10)
Devastating evidence proving the holocaust is complete fabrication    07/20/16  (10)
Tiffany Trump looks like a dollar store version of Tara Reid    07/20/16  (10)
I can't believe French school girls wear uniforms like this (pic)    07/19/16  (10)
evan39 "they" are sending refugees from Congo to Missoula    07/25/16  (9)
Women: cut it out with the ugly sunglasses you look like fucking dweebs    07/24/16  (9)
Yard work is 180 I bet Mexican landscapers are happy as fuck every day    07/24/16  (9)
PSA: The media is now saying Russians are deliberately helping Trump    07/24/16  (9)
Maybe a combo of nationalism + socialism is cr    07/22/16  (9)
Peter Thiel have a 180^180 speech    07/21/16  (9)
Concerned Dads list of favorite posters    07/21/16  (9)
Trump's supports bringing back Glass-Steagall Act, not flame    07/19/16  (9)
Gavin Newsom is CHAD    07/19/16  (9)
Russell Wilson will be NFL MVP this season, mark it    07/24/16  (8)
Women hate to see men Idle or doing anything they enjoy    07/23/16  (8)
Who is "arrow" ?    07/22/16  (8)
ARTICLE: Dr. David Duke registers his candidacy for US Senate    07/22/16  (8)
Lots of celebrities are attending the Democratic Convention    07/22/16  (8)
Speech has been awesome but should've ended 20 minutes ago.    07/21/16  (8)
***RNC 7/21 YOUTUBE STREAM***    07/21/16  (8)
Girl at grandpas funeral puts funny snapchat filter on his face in coffin (link)    07/22/16  (8)
JJC ordering his ramen "animal style"    07/21/16  (8)
Never liked AssFaggot anyway    07/20/16  (8)
What is this herm shit, jesus christ    07/20/16  (8)
this trump kid is such a tool    07/19/16  (8)
What are the best songs by Butthole Surfers?    07/19/16  (8)
Bro's 28 yr old girlfriend doesn't know who Bernie Madoff is. Is this Normal?    07/19/16  (8)
Guaranteed lifetime wage for permanent sterilization. What's your price?    07/19/16  (8)
PSA if you order an ice cream sandwich at Subway they have to make it for you    07/24/16  (7)
Are adult baseball leagues chill or full of tryhard dorks?    07/24/16  (7)
CCN -> biglaw -> 500k saved -> early retirement extreme    07/24/16  (7)
If I owned an AirBNB it would be tempting to film hot ladies in the nude secretl    07/22/16  (7)
Theory: nyuug is a markov chain bot that runs on 2009 memes    07/22/16  (7)
Still VOTING for TRUMP & still hate CRUZ, but I HATE him LESS after tonight    07/21/16  (7)
Ever freeze a snickers bar and put it up your ass on a hot day?    07/20/16  (7)
V50 partner emailing client after fuckup with associate statement letter attache    07/20/16  (7)
Not flame: Johnsmeyer wearing a Wermacht uniform - pic    07/20/16  (7)
Remember when Boner Police tore up EPAH's hold?    07/21/16  (7)
HALFORD - I have a NAKED and AFRAID question 4 u    07/19/16  (7)
Sexting at work is 180    07/18/16  (7)
which one of you wrote this article on Dr. David Duke?    07/24/16  (6)
Trump's son's haircuts are straight out of the 80's.    07/24/16  (6)
Every post on xoxo is archived and YES the govt knows who you are...    07/23/16  (6)
You don't "need" eyebrows in 2016. $have them off    07/22/16  (6)
PSA: Peter Thiel is a Christian; not Jewish    07/22/16  (6)
uber123 hit up my throwaway    07/21/16  (6)
JJC hit by tidal wave of ancestor memories as he enters UC Irvine parking lot    07/21/16  (6)
New theory: bees "trick" people into liking flowers    07/22/16  (6)
evan39 google would like to know your location hehe    07/21/16  (6)
Rate this shrew w my masters "destroy" Melania Trump    07/19/16  (6)
Turkey's Military is going to be weak as fuck now    07/18/16  (6)
Torrent site for books???????????????????????????
   07/24/16  (5)
November 2015: Obama dismissed the Trump campaign as a jayvee squad.    07/24/16  (5)
Jewish control of America literally keeps me up at night    07/24/16  (5)
Why do DNC staff curse so much in their emails?    07/24/16  (5)
Women: explain why you make your fat chest milk tubes look like a butt for men?    07/23/16  (5)
so on linked in do you connect with anybody no matter how tenuous the cnxn?    07/23/16  (5)
Evan39 does your "$tore" have hidden camera$    07/23/16  (5)
Bboom you can "order" jimmy johns 24/7 now they will arrive in seconds    07/22/16  (5)
I'm starting to think libs are mentally ill    07/22/16  (5)
Conspiracy loon Alex Jones was a pro skateboarder in the 90s (link)    07/22/16  (5)