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I'm gonna defend Drag Queen Story Hour.    08/21/19  (213)
A teen walked out with a $2 beer. The store clerk shot him to death.    08/20/19  (185)
How will biglaw fare during upcoming recession? Massive layoffs?    08/22/19  (170)
Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show 'total lack of knowledge    08/21/19  (168)
The indisputable evidence of men's plummeting T levels shld be a top 3 issue    08/23/19  (139)
The sad truth is that life = dramatically under-lived outside the Mediterranean    08/20/19  (136)
Attended 50th College Reunion - Taking Questions    08/22/19  (127)
moving out of marital home soon :(    08/20/19  (124)
ITT: List underrated Sega Genesis games that no one ever talks about    08/22/19  (119)
Do you like LA or NYC better    08/19/19  (116)
Kamala drops 12 points in latest CNN Democrat poll    08/21/19  (113)
Which NFL team is the most prestigious?    08/21/19  (108)
married mos: Is there anything after years of marriage you still hide from spous    08/21/19  (106)
What were a few URBAN LEGENDS from your childhood    08/22/19  (103)
Give me tips on how to engage a gorgeous 8 in elevator; her office is next door    08/20/19  (101)
Name a city and I will link to a picture of the "average woman" of that city    08/20/19  (97)
2.5 years out of office, Obama suddenly has enough $ to buy $15mm house    08/22/19  (91)
Johnsmeyer continues to produce content at Reddit    08/21/19  (90)
Most under-rated pizza topping?    08/20/19  (87)
I drop the "wife bomb" on unsuspecting shrews, it's 180    08/22/19  (85)
Gab is growing like crazy. Over 1.5 million active users now    08/22/19  (85)
Political conspiracy theories that are probably true    08/22/19  (83)
This is my anime collection, what am I missing    08/22/19  (79)
Are you a butt buster or an anal explorer?    08/23/19  (78)
So did any "supporters" of drag queen story time tell us how it benefits kids?    08/22/19  (77)
CNN: Purchasing Alaska was a big mistake.    08/17/19  (77)
Petition to ban KamalaSexyFineCleverChocolate    08/22/19  (75)
Brooklyn rents pass psychologically important $3,000 threshold. $3,600 Manhattan    08/20/19  (74)
Why is air travel such a TTT experience that gets worse every year?    08/20/19  (72)
they found out my irl identity and are now threatening to report me to the bar    08/18/19  (72)
NYT/WaPo collude to rewrite history: US founded in 1619 (not 1776) by slaves (li    08/22/19  (71)
could a fast casual british fish & chip chain do well in america?    08/22/19  (68)
The Simpsons DEMOLISHES Trump in hilarious song parody ft The Squad    08/22/19  (67)
Listening to how fucked up most millennials are makes me feel pretty good    08/21/19  (66)
Rate this guy's Hinge/Tinder profiles.    08/23/19  (64)
How do some attorneys routinely work late into the evening and weekends?    08/23/19  (64)
History buffs, tell me why Jimmy Carter was so asscheeks    08/22/19  (64)
Who are our drunk poasters tonight    08/21/19  (63)
My kid's 5th grade teacher sits and kids sit during Pledge of Allegiance    08/22/19  (63)
Watching my rat trap w/ baby monitor. Waiting to see a rat get murked    08/19/19  (63)
Estimated IQ of people that wear AirPods: 92?    08/20/19  (63)
Why are minority states California and New York so amazing?    08/20/19  (62)
Bill Maher shits on BDS & Jihad Squad    08/19/19  (62)
Do Israelis see themselves as white people?    08/21/19  (61)
TMF: Drag Queens are degenerate. TMF: Fucking 14 year olds is normal.    08/22/19  (61)
Former JP Morgan exec spends $70,000 on surgery to become literal Dragon Lady    08/19/19  (60)
At what age did you start outearning your parents?    08/21/19  (59)
I'm starting to hate my kid    08/22/19  (58)
Female Freedom has an expiration date (article)    08/22/19  (57)
Can someone explain to me why "deus vult", a hideous, short, fat GOOK opines on    08/20/19  (57)
Intermittent fasting is 180. Under 200 lbs this morning (dr thunder)    08/23/19  (57)
Nothing is more contempable than a disloyal, lazy employee.    08/21/19  (56)
6 teens tried to rob a house, police say. After the homeowner shot and killed 1,    08/18/19  (56)
I will give you your IQ score.    08/22/19  (56)
Why Does ESPN Go All-In With LLWS Coverage?    08/19/19  (56)
What are some good tv shows you've watched recently    08/22/19  (56)
TEN WHITEST states in US have PER CAPITA GDP of 50.8k vs. CA: 67.6k, NY: 73.5k    08/22/19  (55)
GAMERGATE COMES TO THE CLASSROOM! Students harder to brainwash    08/23/19  (55)
British friend imported his Jaguar here to US. has to do drive thru in reverse    08/22/19  (55)
10 Days till new TOOL album    08/21/19  (54)
Movies released in 1984: Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Karate Kid    08/19/19  (54)
XO WoW Classic Crew?    08/20/19  (54)
what do biglaw ballers do with all that money    08/17/19  (54)
Northern Shitcago suburbs heading back to 1980’s price levels    08/22/19  (54)
JFC, fucking sick of trump’s obsession over jews and Israel    08/21/19  (54)
Trump provides an update on Greenland (link)    08/20/19  (53)
I just beat Link to the Past in like 4 hours    08/20/19  (53)
Obama Produced "American Factory" is the weirdest anti-American film I've seen.    08/22/19  (52)
Google exec: time to bail on Bay Area, move to flyover!!    08/18/19  (52)
Pocahontas admits she made it all up    08/21/19  (51)
t/f: crying about us sovereign debt is low-iq tell    08/20/19  (50)
Pumo Theologian taking YOUR questions for a bit on GOD, theology, etc    08/21/19  (49)
Women are so stupid    08/18/19  (49)
Is 15k just an utterly embarrasing price for engagement ring    08/19/19  (49)
Why is race more interesting than getting laid or fitness or investing??    08/20/19  (49)
Columbia PhDs go 0/19.    08/23/19  (49)
My dad fingered my asshole when I was 11 years old. Taking ?s    08/21/19  (48)
Barron, 13, well on his way to becoming fatass lard like sister Tiffany (pics)    08/20/19  (48)
NYT Editor on its past and future strategy of Trump reporting (link)    08/16/19  (48)
Alex Jones right again: fluoridated water during pregnancy linked to lower IQs (    08/20/19  (48)
go to your neighbors house and introduce yourself    08/21/19  (47)
NYT: Homosexuals invented spoken language    08/22/19  (47)
Starting to understand lawman8's position on ilhan omar    08/21/19  (46)
Anybody have experience investing with reg d funds    08/22/19  (46)
The rise and fall of General Electric mirrors that of the USA    08/18/19  (46)
rate this chick's transformation from 21yo to 25yo    08/17/19  (46)
Google's search engine is getting shittier and shittier    08/18/19  (45)
What's the difference between Upset Jew and a banana?    08/22/19  (45)
get thee to the rapery's "just one of the guys!" posting    08/19/19  (45)
LJL: Ghislaine Maxwell found at In-N-Out Burger, reading "The Secret Lives of CI    08/19/19  (44)
Reminder: SJW shit is just a fringe that doesn't affect anyone irl    08/17/19  (44)
ICE used GPS ankle monitors to track down employers of illegals for raid    08/16/19  (44)
YLS Prof: Urban Elite Striverism Is Making The Meritocracy Winners Miserable    08/20/19  (44)
$1.062 Million in Checks in Mail Today...including one for 785K (CSLG)    08/22/19  (43)
Rate my dinner tonight (CSLG)    08/18/19  (43)
Your top 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies?    08/20/19  (43)
Restaurant drink price inflation is out of control    08/19/19  (43)
how should I prepare for this AMAZON programming interview?    08/22/19  (42)
Courageous Black Christian confronts child abusing Kike Drag Queen    08/20/19  (42)
Are Tommy Hilfiger clothes prole?    08/22/19  (42)
what are the most TTT LA freeways?    08/17/19  (42)
I get why whites think Jews are "after" them.    08/20/19  (41)
the real root of the problem with modern women and marriage/divorce is too much    08/21/19  (41)
Modern TVs are designed to last ~50 years    08/22/19  (41)
Deadspin Editor COURAGEOUSLY quits! Says new owners told her to stick to sports!    08/20/19  (41)
Trump: the only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to    08/18/19  (40)
Controversial opinion: Obeezy’s non-political threading is actually decent    08/16/19  (40)
New high school in Michigan designed to cut the killing potential of a mass shoo    08/23/19  (40)
Synagogues are businesses, in addition to being places of worship. (link)    08/19/19  (40)
List of every country and their colonies    08/23/19  (39)
client kept her maiden name and i just started calling her by husbands last name    08/21/19  (39)
Keanu Reeves returning as Neo in Matrix 4 (link)    08/21/19  (39)
Babylon Bee writes Op-Ed in WSJ re: Snopes' "War on Satire" (link)    08/23/19  (39)
Whats Jackson, Mississippi like?    08/16/19  (39)
My wife just snarked: I’m sorry your life is broken and we give you no joy”    08/18/19  (39)
Sorry frenchy, I'm not gonna trade my aisle seat for your middle seat    08/21/19  (39)
Being a teen girl with Insta-model worthy body must be like a different species    08/22/19  (38)
Israeli hottie caught with pot in Russia went from 1 month in jail to 10 years w    08/20/19  (38)
Trump BEGGING automakers to make more polluting cars    08/20/19  (38)
tell me if this is grounds for auto divorce:    08/21/19  (38)
Trumpmos: which Dem primary campaign is the best strategic investment?    08/22/19  (38)
How many grandparents do you still have alive?    08/16/19  (37)
Hong Kong protester has some strong advice for Trump (link)    08/23/19  (37)
Epstein slept on the floor, quit bathing, emptied all the vending machines    08/18/19  (37)
Sports conspiracy theories that are probably true    08/21/19  (37)
alzabo and I live in an rv in the sunnyvale frys electronics parking lot    08/19/19  (37)
SF Homeless Explosion blamed squarely on Libs, explained (link)    08/20/19  (37)
Fuuuuck I miss alcohol    08/19/19  (37)
Bronze Age Pervert reviewed in Claremont Review of Books    08/20/19  (37)
BIGLAW lawyers to be banned from public life.    08/21/19  (37)
Mulleted SF prof arrested in Singapore for calling cop n-word, spitting, kicking    08/19/19  (37)
LOL at this pic of white guy ordering MCONALDS in PHILLIPINES - TT EXPLAIN this    08/23/19  (36)
This year, I'll travel alone for the first time. Going to Costa Rica.    08/20/19  (36)
What’s the difference between “Upset Jew” and “Benzo”?    08/18/19  (36)
People in "childless marriages." Wtf are they doing?    08/19/19  (36)
Nobody is going to MBA school anymore (link)    08/22/19  (36)
So now FOXNEWS is part of liberal media bias, that right Trumpmos?    08/20/19  (36)
Come ITT and rate my knife collection.    08/18/19  (35)
Federal judge fat fingered “reply all” and broke the legal system.    08/16/19  (35)
In Japan now, most women are very average    08/17/19  (35)
Is Amex platinum worth it?    08/19/19  (34)
Rating POASTERS as things BOBBY BIRDSHIT blows away with GUN    08/22/19  (34)
xoxos premier boxing aficionado here, taking questions    08/23/19  (34)
Wife has little or no interest in sex.    08/18/19  (34)
ATP Aug 19-25 Thread - Winston-Salem | USO Quallies #tennis    08/22/19  (34)
TOP GUN but about Biglaw    08/23/19  (34)
Bros what the fuck do I do with a newborn    08/18/19  (34)
Do Goy Churches Have Free Food After Services Like Shuls Do?    08/19/19  (33)
have u ever had a little caesar's pizza    08/19/19  (33)
NYT: Iceland Losing Its Glaciers to Global Warming, Threatening Tourism Industry    08/20/19  (33)