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Rate this Female Skadden partner    07/25/15  (171)
what needs to happen to conservatism to make it attractive to millennials?    07/27/15  (138)
Earl's girlfriend taking questions for 20 minutes.    07/28/15  (114)
Why do Trump supporters think Trump is going to make a great President??    07/28/15  (97)
Kid is 5 yrs old. Have $22,000 in her 529. Practically meaningless??    07/26/15  (62)
NASA has discovered Earth 2.0    07/24/15  (58)
FUCK applying to grad schools holy shit this is nerve wracking    07/28/15  (51)
Are cops hired for lack of critical thinking, or is it just correlated    07/25/15  (50)
Any VC / emerging companies bros here?    07/27/15  (45)
why do girls always dress like shit at work    07/22/15  (35)
Does anyone own a treadmill at home? Elliptical?    07/27/15  (29)
Have you chosen what shtick/character you're using for the bar essays?    07/28/15  (29)
Do you ever just want to cry when you are too busy with work??    07/28/15  (28)
already addicted to adderall?    07/25/15  (27)
NYT article on Penn suicides. Would've been at 338 replies by lunch in 2004.    07/28/15  (26)
XO-invented word "shitlib" enters American lexicon    07/25/15  (25)
In House IP counsel at tech start up taking Qs giving As    07/24/15  (23)
Dear AMAZON EMPLOYEES - thanks for no insider tips re earnings in 30 min-up 18%    07/23/15  (22)
*BENZO dying on a hospital bed from AIDS, whispering* "p-petumkinnnnn"    07/27/15  (20)
Did a closing for a 41 yo "retired" cop    07/29/15  (19)
Ever try posting XO type comments on a non-XO forum?    07/24/15  (19)
Can't wait till the day NM amasses the $800k needed to safely leave BIGLAW    07/24/15  (18)
ITT poast about the best and worst dressed lawyers you've seen.    07/26/15  (17)
Holy fuck, do housewives with small kids basically turn to MLM as careers?    07/28/15  (16)
Let's say trump spends $5 billion on election, does he win?    07/25/15  (15)
Why do some law students liken law school to going to war?    07/22/15  (15)
Can I start buying oil yet?    07/28/15  (14)
Nyuug to Darnell: "Well now I gotta suck my shit off your cock, ya DONK!"    07/27/15  (14)
BIG DEBT FINANCE LAW: SPS or decent option?    07/23/15  (14)
how do asians act when they get arrested. never witnessed this    07/22/15  (14)
the fear    07/26/15  (13)
*BENZO in Uganda* "Yeah, I wanna eat da poo poo"    07/29/15  (13)
Unemployed Law dude: Going to one of those coding bootcamps (taking Q's)    07/22/15  (13)
I badly want to f#$k our new junior associate    07/23/15  (12)
Professor blasts 'dirty Jewish' thugs, 'homo' uprising, 'sluts'    07/22/15  (12)
Anyone have a Microsoft Surface?    07/26/15  (11)
The two girls killed at the Theater shooting were cute (Daily Mail)    07/24/15  (11)
Hypo: ISIL captures Beirut move into Golan Heights    07/28/15  (10)
Kinda just want to buy this big ass powerboat and live on it    07/25/15  (10)
ITT: Girls whose poop you would lick clean off their butts    07/25/15  (10)
"...prosecutor suspended today pending investigation into his 'AutoAdmit' involv    07/27/15  (9)
Jews less than 2% of US population but 48% of billionaires? Must be white privil    07/28/15  (9)
What's CR when it comes to state essays?    07/26/15  (9)
This Harrison Barnes guy is ridiculous    07/23/15  (9)
Law Students Calling For "Trigger Warnings" on Bar Exam (Above the Law)    07/23/15  (9)
Bloomberg: Taxpayers Could Lose Billions If Students Walk Away From Loans    07/22/15  (9)
What's going on at Quinn Emanuel?!!!    07/27/15  (8)
Paying black women to get steralized (Legal?)    07/26/15  (8)
Buy apple stock?    07/22/15  (8)
Baker McKenzie, wiping the dirt from its hands as it walks from your grave    07/28/15  (7)
DRUDGE SIREN: reptile shoots other reptile (via deer) stopping OBAMA NEGRO GAYS    07/28/15  (7)
Raccoons develop crude but functional bar prep course    07/27/15  (7)
* * * semi-monthly pay >>>> bi-weekly, which is for irresponsible morons * * *    07/27/15  (7)
WARNING: make sure to bring two (2) fully charged batteries to Bar Essay day    07/27/15  (7)
ITT we vent about this years bullshit Barbri questions    07/25/15  (7)
Which poster's RUMP is most appealing to you,& describe what you'd do to it    07/28/15  (6)
"I AM NOT A SIMPLE NIGGER!" *chimps out* (FATCEPS)    07/28/15  (6)
BAR TAKERS WAKE UP!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! IT'S TIME!!!    07/28/15  (6)
Legal assistants    07/28/15  (6)
Way to late to become transactional loller, right?    07/24/15  (6)
TRUMP may be boomer scum, but he's the boomer scum POTUS we need    07/25/15  (6)
explain what gook means on xo    07/22/15  (6)
i went to jail and didn't kill myself with a trash bag #WhitePrivilege    07/22/15  (6)
ITT: benzo is a total faggot    07/23/15  (6)
treeman outs self to NY Mag.    07/22/15  (6)
Unsaid truth: nyuug is a twink bitch w/ an alien countenance and a tight asshole    07/22/15  (6)
Nasdaq up 5.2% on the day, led by a surge in XOXO    07/28/15  (5)
Rate Syllvester Stallone Daughters (SFW)    07/28/15  (5)
Glad I'm not taking the CO bar. The new 'haunted house' segment is crazy    07/27/15  (5)
"I like to eat men's poop. That's my thing." (benzo)    07/28/15  (5)
STEM professor says race exists at pro white conference    07/26/15  (5)
Fuck, just called it a "Materia Adverse Effect" in email to client. how fukt    07/23/15  (5)
"Hillary ith gonna kick Trumpth athhh!", he lisped    07/22/15  (5)
Tomorrow, for the bar, make sure you have both your general admission ticket and    07/27/15  (4)
Seal--Kiss from a Proskauer Rose.mp3    07/27/15  (4)
How long will be stuck with Lopez/Morrison    07/25/15  (4)
Oakland A's have a +39 differential and are in the AL West Cellar. Sim Glitch?    07/25/15  (4)
Rage-filled cumskin dorks, explain why you keep shooting people    07/24/15  (4)
Didi Pickles is 56. Tommy is in biglaw. YOU ARE OLD.    07/24/15  (4)
IP bros: why don't FDA TM filings tell you what household chemical is made of?    07/23/15  (4)
SUMMON: Master Purchase Agmt: This is ARE last stand before    07/24/15  (4)
About to get fired or paranoid?    07/23/15  (4)
anyone else notice high rising terminal is more common these days?    07/23/15  (4)
status update on FB for new job/new city?    07/22/15  (4)
Me and CJ lubing up for the "ass-to-ass" portion of bar exam    07/22/15  (4)
is 35 too old to go get a phd in psychology?    07/22/15  (4)
Baker Spuds McKenzie LLP    07/27/15  (3)
EPAH, what the fuk is going on with your life? Update please.    07/26/15  (3)
Cravath, Swaine, & Moore Cowbell    07/25/15  (3)
Anyone use "Bumble"?    07/25/15  (3)
lol so professional wrestling is shitlib sjw now    07/25/15  (3)
Pillsbury Doughboy Shaw Pittman    07/25/15  (3)
When asked if Ivanka Trump would do playboy, trump says daughter is hot and woul    07/24/15  (3)
The biggest MISTAKE of your life is not going to DENTAL SCHOOL--> See salaries    07/25/15  (3)
Bar exam is like the fucking Kobayashi Maru jfc    07/23/15  (3)
Service partner w/ 2 kids @ Andover: Wait, what's the sword of Damocles?    07/23/15  (3)
Video of dood clowning James Harden    07/22/15  (3)
*President Trump touring the newly-built fortified wall on the border*    07/22/15  (3)
Interviewing black dude whose resume is littered with typos    07/28/15  (2)
Bernie Sanders: "BITE THE CURB!"    07/28/15  (2)
Drink lots of coffee ... only eat sugary foods ... don't shower    07/28/15  (2)
Idea for ADA class action: Sue hipster coffee shops    07/27/15  (2)
Greta Van Susteren will discuss shortporch murder on Fox News tonight    07/27/15  (2)
UC Hastings Prof blasts unaccredited CA Law School (Link)    07/27/15  (2)
Your aunt during thunderstorm: "Storms get me wet. Not like that, silly!"    07/27/15  (2)
Kuwait Airlines Pilot invites Pornstar into cockpit (Daily Mail)    07/26/15  (2)
Why this firm refuses to hire Ivy League law grads (Forbes)    07/26/15  (2)
really medicine is a giant fraud (boor)    07/25/15  (2)
Going to eat two monster Chipotle burritos brother    07/25/15  (2)
Duane Reade Morris    07/24/15  (2)
PSA: Starbucks new cold brew is just as good as hipster brands    07/24/15  (2)
wake up you dumb faggot lawyers it's friday    07/24/15  (2)
Ben Affleck's ancestor whipping his slave for dropping soup    07/24/15  (2)
PSA: Petumkin changed his moniker to "benzo is an AIDSFAGGOT"    07/23/15  (2)
#olivesmatter    07/22/15  (2)
have you ever had your car hacked while you were driving    07/22/15  (2)
Cerrano: Hats for bats. Dorn: Yeah. Whats your handicap? Cerrano: Keep bats warm    07/28/15  (1)
Non-lawyers flip out when you tell them the bar exam is curved lolol    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "It is not truth that matters, but victory. "    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "USA will either be a world power or will not be at all."    07/28/15  (1)
B. Sanders: "Anyone who paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilize    07/28/15  (1)
Is Intermittent Fasting Creditited or Nonsense?    07/28/15  (1)
Do we have any young bucks taking the bar today and poasting from the shitter?    07/28/15  (1)
No pressure, guys. Just your whole life is based on the next three days.    07/28/15  (1)
Blasting Local H's Bound to the Floor in my silver 2015 Camaro    07/27/15  (1)
The theme from "Candyman" plays as you walk into the bar exam room...    07/27/15  (1)
Remember: The LSAT was a spa compared to what they're building in Javits Center    07/27/15  (1)
What states besides MO allow cheat sheets for the bar?    07/27/15  (1)
Is it okay to bring ASSBALLS to bar exam or no?    07/27/15  (1)
"Uh, Amyl 250? Do you mean AmLAW?" career services asked a mortified Doobs    07/27/15  (1)
Biden and Cuomo: "We're also starting tomorrow on Javits Center renovations"    07/27/15  (1)
WTF? Bar ticket names test date as "Croatoan Convention Ctr, Roanoke VA" wtf    07/27/15  (1)
ATTN BAR TAKERS: make sure your official ID is valid 6 months after tomorrow    07/27/15  (1)
Aunt seeing you sneak out: "Maybe you can sneak in the backdoor later ;)"    07/27/15  (1)
Your aunt watching you eat: "I could get that all in my mouth, and swallow"    07/27/15  (1)
Condoms fall out of aunt's purse: "Oops! Wish I had a use for these ;)"    07/27/15  (1)
Your aunt soaked from rain: "Uh oh, looks like I'm really, really wet!"    07/27/15  (1)
Your aunt looking dreamingly: "You remind me of this guy I was seeing..."    07/27/15  (1)
Your aunt finishing a bottle of red: "wine makes me want to do something crazy!"    07/27/15  (1)
Errol Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell    07/27/15  (1)
Harrison sucking his SHIT off my DICK after I FIVE GUYS his Jack-in-the-Box    07/26/15  (1)
Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with gun to head    07/25/15  (1)
Hillary is the worst Secretary of State in the whole history of the USA    07/25/15  (1)
Hillary Clinton is the worst GOP in the history of the United States    07/25/15  (1)