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Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President (NYT)    10/19/19  (139)
XO Tulsi just called out Hilldawg    10/22/19  (138)
What is happening with Elizabeth Warren?    10/22/19  (120)
DBG's faux (yes, FAUX) orthodox shtick is 1) creepy 2) sad 3) not genuine    10/20/19  (119)
****ALCS Game 4 - Astros @ Yankees****    10/18/19  (116)
Married men: how many lovers did your wife have before you?    10/19/19  (109)
Lol wtf watchmen is about black heroes hunting white supremacists    10/22/19  (100)
Why do goyim spend $60k on a car for their commute?    10/17/19  (99)
whok, I have about 10 dates with Mexican chads off Bumble    10/21/19  (99)
Food that people think is healthy, but isn’t    10/21/19  (98)
whok, Canelo is hot as fuck    10/21/19  (93)
My wife has postpartum depression and is honestly ruining my life.    10/20/19  (88)
Mysterious Swastika Incident at Yale Law School    10/22/19  (87)
I have to say the new Star Wars trailer looks way better than the Last Jedi    10/22/19  (85)
just did the math. LIving in a state w/ income tax = so stupid    10/22/19  (82)
NYT: Single mother of five struggles with "unpredictable work hours"    10/21/19  (80)
CHANDLER TRIAL DAY 3 - OCT 16 (CSLG)    10/19/19  (80)
Rate this fireplace (MND and TMF)    10/22/19  (76)
2019 World Series game 1: ASTROS vs. NATIONALS.    10/22/19  (76)
Tucker just referred to ‘proles’ - nice work charles    10/17/19  (74)
Rate my degenerate drinking last night    10/21/19  (73)
About to hit a girl with dat "please respond"    10/22/19  (73)
Why has fast-casual Indian food not taken off?    10/21/19  (73)
lol @ this fat marathon-cheater shrew    10/22/19  (73)
RATE the CFO of arodcorp (A-Rod's private investment firm)    10/18/19  (72)
UW vs Oregon is currently the best rivalry in college football    10/19/19  (72)
Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard officially done here after last night    10/17/19  (71)
People forget how deranged libs were about George W Bush    10/18/19  (70)
Who the fuck drinks non alcoholic beer?    10/19/19  (70)
Working at a startup, you really see how they hire and fire to stay afloat    10/18/19  (70)
1/6 millennials have $100,000 saved    10/22/19  (68)
Mid 30s bro, unmarried, no kids, mediocre job, what's the point of life?    10/18/19  (68)
Details of rape allegations against Girls Do Porn guy    10/18/19  (68)
99th Percentile SAT: 1500. 99th Percentile Net Worth: $10.38 MILLION    10/21/19  (65)
Hillary Clinton: Russians are grooming Tulsi Gabbard to run as 3rd party    10/19/19  (64)
#1 reason for relationship conflict/failure is men's emotional unavailability    10/21/19  (63)
Mitt Romney had secret burner twitter, "Pierre Delecto"    10/22/19  (62)
Explain people who eat at diners.    10/21/19  (61)
tips on starting job you are not totally qualified for?    10/17/19  (61)
Resolved: "Kamala" is the absolute worst schtick to ever grace this forum    10/22/19  (61)
Mexican army just stormed Sinaloa. Massive gunfights. Chapos sons dead 🚨    10/18/19  (61)
$2.4B Scooter rental company Lime will lose $300M on $400M of revenue this year    10/22/19  (57)
Astros junior exec goes on pro-women beating tirade after WS clinch    10/22/19  (56)
Getting Diagnosed with HIV Taught Me How to Live (vice)    10/20/19  (56)
Steve Forbes: Impeachment won't happen but Barr is about to reveal a big scandal    10/21/19  (55)
Upset Jew's life advice.    10/22/19  (55)
Initiating separation with wife. Taking ??’s (Fatceps)    10/21/19  (54)
Guy cutting my hair today got a physics BA/MA from university of Chicago    10/22/19  (53)
I feel like TMF and MND have horrible taste    10/21/19  (53)
OFFICIAL Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs Artur Beterbiev thread    10/19/19  (52)
Taibbi: Everyone is a Russian Asset    10/22/19  (52)
lol @ this IRL N-threading at UConn    10/22/19  (52)
What percentage of the US gets a true full weekend?    10/16/19  (52)
Mulvaney: "Yes there was a quid pro quo and yes Trumpmos are fucking stupid"    10/18/19  (52)
Depraved model turned teacher molests upwards of 40 boys. Truly sick.    10/21/19  (52)
impossible to overstate how bad women are at anything spatial    10/22/19  (52)
At what percentage of Jewish blood are you not white?    10/21/19  (51)
Rate how fucking stupid my parents are when it comes to money    10/21/19  (50)
expected cost recoupment of $80k backyard renovation?    10/21/19  (50)
Past-their-prime women (27+) trying to "sell" themselves on online dating    10/21/19  (49)
I've never met anyone smarter than I am in my entire life.    10/19/19  (49)
Chandler: 5 trials in the last year / You: 0 (CSLG)    10/18/19  (49)
Great weekend. Banged an 18 year old.    10/22/19  (49)
15 y/o girl kills herself after she was taken away from her sex trafficker    10/19/19  (48)
how much of a fag do you have to be to play video games on the computer    10/18/19  (48)
Everyone on Trump’s side of the table in the Pelosi photo looks embarrassed to    10/17/19  (47)
Adam Neumann walking away with $1.7 billion. Unbelievable. (WSJ)    10/22/19  (47)
pathetic things you do during the workday    10/22/19  (47)
22 year old guy here. feels like life is over.    10/22/19  (47)
what the FUCK happened to XO?    10/21/19  (46)
O’Melveny and Myers successfully halts El Paso border wall funding    10/18/19  (46)
As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash [NYT]    10/22/19  (46)
Is Pete Buttigieg the embodiment of evil?    10/22/19  (45)
WeWork waits until AFTER rescue financing to fire workers. Cant afford severance    10/22/19  (45)
My parents raised three genetic dead ends    10/20/19  (45)
“To determine the ruler of xo ask who you cannot criticize.” King Luis?    10/17/19  (45)
why do asians in america like to hike so much?    10/21/19  (45)
Insane our Costco food bill regularly hits $700 for just food    10/17/19  (44)
Why has XO soured so much on Austin?    10/22/19  (44)
remember watching epah argue before the supreme court    10/22/19  (44)
my pregnant wife now officially has 34F boobs, congratulate me ITT    10/22/19  (44)
Feminazis outraged by this woman's advice to girls    10/20/19  (44)
LinkedIn is shit pure shit for jobs    10/16/19  (43)
One (1) Person Showed Up at Mark Sanford’s Campaign Launch Against Trump    10/18/19  (43)
Slim blonde Alabama belle takes on swarthy AOC squad    10/22/19  (43)
9/10 sororislut dies during pancake eating contest (link)    10/22/19  (43)
Economy seats on INTERNATIONAL flights should be BANNED    10/22/19  (42)
Just Found Perfect hooker    10/18/19  (42)
My Euro saga might be coming to an end    10/22/19  (41)
Why isn't everyone who makes under 350k moving to Chicago or Milwaukee asap    10/21/19  (41)
Prince Harry and Megan M are truly embarrassing themselves    10/19/19  (41)
Libs, explain yourselves - House votes to CONDEMN Syria withdrawal:    10/17/19  (40)
Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, ‘Is There Anybody Else?’ [NYT]    10/22/19  (40)
Any bros here have rheumatoid arthritis? How shitty does it get?    10/21/19  (40)
crazy that all we have to do to save america is to install lawman8 as dictator    10/18/19  (40)
hottest membr of congress:    10/22/19  (39)
jcm here, bored, taking and giving ?s. come chat    10/17/19  (39)
Not sure why Star Wars isn't connecting w/ larger audience--pic of creative team    10/22/19  (39)
ITT post some of your favorite quotes from literature    10/18/19  (39)
Why is it so hard to get my dick inside of pussy    10/20/19  (39)
Is "Coffee Shop" As A Synonym For "Diner" A Regional Thing Or Old Thing?    10/21/19  (39)
Climate protestors invade burger joint, get BTFO (video)    10/20/19  (39)
"Any Libs want to chime in here?" He cackled while watching pro wrestling alone    10/18/19  (39)
% of 18-30 yr olds reporting no sex in past year 2008 vs 2018 men vs women    10/18/19  (38)
RATE My Etrog (Citron Fruit) For Sukkot (PIC)    10/17/19  (38)
That Turkish failed coup was a really exciting news story    10/17/19  (38)
Friendly reminder that climate change = hoax    10/17/19  (37)
Best Appalachian or Ozark small town?    10/22/19  (37)
Attn James Joyce this NYC shrew has a "poop stool" in her bathroom (video)    10/22/19  (37)
Full-length Pidgin e-bible (link)    10/22/19  (37)
Xi warns: "bodies smashed and bones ground to powder"    10/16/19  (37)
George W Bush warns of the dangers of isolationism.    10/17/19  (36)
Wait there are actually "Nationals" fans & it isn't some weird transient thing?    10/22/19  (36)
is it EVER okay to ask out someone via text    10/22/19  (36)
lmao what the f is Mexico going to do with these African illegals    10/17/19  (36)
Wife got a flu shot 2 weeks ago, she can't lift her arm anymore    10/22/19  (35)
McConnell says Trump Syria pullout a "GRAVE MISTAKE" - Trumpmos?    10/19/19  (35)
It’s amazing how wasteful some people of little means can be    10/20/19  (35)
Rank the three MOST PROLE and three LEAST PROLE states    10/17/19  (35)
Credited small bag to on vacation to a city?    10/22/19  (35)
ukraine is not a good place to find a wife    10/18/19  (35)
Why does every little city pretend to have "Tech" and "Healthcare" industries?    10/16/19  (34)
If Trump survives impeachment the Ukraine move will be a MASTERSTROKE    10/20/19  (34)
So Trump got Turkey to agree to a ceasefire? Libs must be furious    10/18/19  (34)
LeBron pressured Adam Silver to PUNISH Rockets GM over HK tweet    10/16/19  (34)
why the fuck are white people so liberal    10/21/19  (34)
anyone else notice some posters are kind of negative here    10/20/19  (34)
Would rather make $300k in San Francisco than $300k in Shitcago    10/19/19  (33)
TT back for TWO HOURS taking QUESTIONS juicejicjeicejiecj FUK BIRDSHITS!! ALLAH!    10/19/19  (33)
Guy came running out of UPS Store to tell me I was parked illegally    10/21/19  (33)
The fact that America doesn't have a bullet train, even in BosWash corridor, is    10/22/19  (33)
Hillary claims she wrote to NASA as a little girl and they told her to fuck off    10/19/19  (33)
Girl Google employee I know didn’t know what encryption was    10/18/19  (33)
US Phone Companies Can't Prevent # Spooting? WTF 3rd World Shit Is This?    10/16/19  (33)
Why do so many businesses lease buildings instead of buying them    10/20/19  (33)
Australian man MURDERED in home-invasion robbery in Texas    10/17/19  (33)
Seattle Mariners now stand alone as only MLB team never to reach World Series (l    10/16/19  (32)
Meeting up with femboy from Grindr in a view.    10/22/19  (32)
I took a sexy picture for you white boys! (Pic)    10/19/19  (32)
How the fuck do we fix Africa?    10/20/19  (32)
Focus groups on Pete Buttigieg found his being gay 'a barrier' for blacks    10/22/19  (32)
What’s your drug/nootropic stack? The Thread.    10/20/19  (31)
lol @ how kamalasexy has zero dedication to her schtick or craft    10/19/19  (31)
Transgender activist kills herself after being mentioned in Chapelle show    10/17/19  (31)
The Week: "Tulsi has unhinged response for Hillary's Russian allegations"    10/18/19  (31)
How does xo feel about mixed marriages?    10/21/19  (31)
Rating posters for the next hour as Simpsons characters    10/20/19  (30)
71% of Silicon Valley workforce are foreigners (link)    10/19/19  (30)
I'm surprised some billionaires don't try to have 100+ kids    10/21/19  (29)