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some conclusions i have drawn from smoking dmt    09/26/20  (161)
Remember when you thought making $100k per year would be amazing?    09/28/20  (148)
Will Trumpmos ever admit they got conned?    09/28/20  (142)
Just started in-house, realizing I’ve made a huge mistake    09/28/20  (133)
As a dem, I struggle to understand why the GOP is behaving the way it is    09/24/20  (131)
Credible rumor that an Amy Coney Barrett sex tape is about to drop    09/27/20  (126)
TRUMP signs executive order banning Critical Race Theory from all funding.    09/25/20  (124)
Cocaine Mitch has 51. It's over libs.    09/24/20  (123)
Bloomberg pays fees of 40,000 ex felons in Florida    09/23/20  (115)
Shitcons SCRAMBLING to nominate/approve a 169 LSAT prole to SCOTUS    09/26/20  (108)
Why do certain Americans HATE soccer so much?    09/22/20  (104)
Jay-Z was considered a rapper until Nas exposed him    09/26/20  (101)
So NYT just happens to drop this story 1 month before election? LOL    09/28/20  (100)
what do you reasonably see your income being in 3-5 years?    09/27/20  (98)
Wells Fargo CEO: not enough smart black people to hire (link)    09/23/20  (98)
ACLU: NO ONE should be executed for a mistake they made as a juvenile    09/28/20  (94)
Israel busted with spy devices all over the White House    09/25/20  (93)
Best suburb in NYC area?    09/25/20  (92)
Why do people in NJ put up with the taxes?    09/28/20  (89)
39 year old client dropped dead of heart attack...was in shape (CSLG)    09/24/20  (88)
GOP response has largely been: “Psh Dems arent really going to pack the court.    09/24/20  (87)
Biden 288; Trump 247?    09/25/20  (84)
Trading cars for the weekend with friend... he has a Mclaren 570s (CSLG)    09/22/20  (82)
OldHLSDude what do you do with your free time    09/27/20  (81)
Lemme get this straight. Cops had a warrant. Knocked. Dude inside started    09/24/20  (81)
Riots already started in Louisville (*livestream*)    09/25/20  (81)
So “the wall” was just low iq bullshit, right?    09/25/20  (81)
Dan Carlin comes out for Biden    09/27/20  (80)
Are Fender instruments overpriced    09/24/20  (80)
Shitlib protester breaks his horse after making it run on highway for 7 miles    09/25/20  (78)
Heather McDonald goes there re black crime rates    09/24/20  (78)
Hitting anyone else HARD that this is life and not a prelude?    09/26/20  (77)
Rollingstone publishes new 500 best albums of all time    09/23/20  (76)
employment law bros - discrimination suits in STATE court - how to stop removal?    09/23/20  (76)
Trump is a tax fraudster. This surprises who?    09/28/20  (75)
What 10 philosophy books should a person read    09/25/20  (75)
Lockdown made me grateful to not have wife/kids    09/25/20  (73)
Livestream of the Big Texan Steak House 72oz Steak Challenge    09/26/20  (72)
UFC 253 main card starting now    09/27/20  (72)
ITT I give advice    09/27/20  (71)
So the NY AG got Trump's tax returns then promptly leaked them to the NYT?    09/28/20  (71)
What's the most prestigious/least prime Hotel in Las vegas?    09/26/20  (70)
Guy arrested trying to flee for his life from BLM    09/25/20  (70)
Senate Report: Hunter Biden bribed by Russia & China; used trafficked hookers    09/23/20  (69)
ACB would be an awful pick, here's why    09/26/20  (68)
The southernmost state where you can still get a good bagel is Delaware.    09/25/20  (66)
What is the maximum you would pay for a pocket knife?    09/22/20  (65)
rating poasters as outdoor activities    09/27/20  (64)
why did biglaw firms do fall bonuses?    09/25/20  (64)
US: 4% of the world population. 21% of all COVID-19 deaths. Thanks, Donald!    09/27/20  (64)
Racism has cost us 16 trillion dollars since 2000 (Citigroup)    09/25/20  (63)
I just learned Amy Barrett is a TT graduate. That's a SCOTUS autoadmit for me    09/28/20  (63)
Has there ever been a good movie prequel, aside from Godfather 2 & Rogue One?    09/24/20  (63)
Even the “no knock” part of Breonna Taylor narrative turns out false    09/26/20  (62)
so josh rosen the worst QB bust in NFL history?    09/23/20  (62)
Men approaching women is backwards.    09/26/20  (61)
Trump Campaign Actively Discussing Radical Measures To Bypass Election Results    09/24/20  (60)
RBG gambled her party's future and lost    09/23/20  (59)
The polls are under-sampling Dem voters in Texas (proof)    09/22/20  (59)
RATE this Seattle bike cop riding over a protestor’s head    09/25/20  (59)
Swing state voter here (Virginia). Just voted TRUMP 2020. Taking ?s.    09/24/20  (59)
RBG's personal trainer does pushups in front of her casket to honor her (link)    09/26/20  (59)
Rate my life at 47    09/28/20  (58)
really don't "get" board libs    09/22/20  (58)
Illinois is about to pass a massive state tax hike. Holy shit    09/21/20  (57)
Does the NYT really not know what tax loss carry forwards are?    09/28/20  (57)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart'    09/28/20  (56)
What Clique were you in in School    09/22/20  (56)
Bottom line: Libs will support any criminal, including child rapists and killers    09/27/20  (55)
American black violence rate is so high because they are raised by women    09/23/20  (55)
The BIDEN RIOTS have shut down I-95 in Philly    09/25/20  (54)
Nadler just shat himself on stage with Pelosi (vid)    09/25/20  (54)
I love my kids and wife so much it's crazy (CSLG)    09/26/20  (54)
Difference between 140 and 160 IQ is frightening    09/22/20  (52)
FBSM (naked handjob massage) guy here; have another scheduled for Thursday    09/28/20  (52)
Joe Biden caught reading prepared answers off screen for a Telemundo intervi    09/23/20  (52)
Is Lindsey Graham even a man at this point?    09/23/20  (51)
Mario 3 shits all over Super Mario World    09/22/20  (50)
Rudolph the hook nosed kike queer. Lied about his army clothes    09/28/20  (50)
Dechert email to associates denying fall bonus    09/28/20  (50)
How many lawyers here are stressed all the time due to work?    09/27/20  (49)
is there any good economic defense for jeff bezos having $100 billion?    09/27/20  (49)
Eventually BLM & co. will explicitly go after the concept of trial by jury    09/24/20  (49)
what do people over 35 even do for birthdays?    09/21/20  (49)
how can catholics take their faggoty pope seriously    09/24/20  (49)
realtalk: EVERYONE is racist    09/25/20  (49)
NYT gets Trump tax returns for last two 20 yrs. Finds proof he's Russian agent    09/28/20  (48)
Serious question - do you know any straight men IRL who are voting for Biden?    09/27/20  (48)
Rate my financial situation at 40    09/24/20  (48)
what exactly caused the high rate of fatherlessness in black families?    09/23/20  (48)
Response to Wells Fargo CEO's racist comments (screenshot)    09/23/20  (48)
What is satan and what is his end game?    09/27/20  (48)
How much would an unlimited box of triscuits be worth?    09/25/20  (47)
Is MDH still pretending he's not a jobless layabout?    09/27/20  (47)
Would you buy a condo built in 1985?    09/24/20  (47)
xo SoCal Crew: what’s better, San Fernando Valley or Orange County    09/25/20  (47)
Moving to the south need advice    09/23/20  (47)
An Open Letter to Our Dear Leader Rach: How about we ban the N word.    09/24/20  (46)
Biden isn't actually bad at debates    09/28/20  (45)
ITT: life insurance premium financing (CSLG)    09/27/20  (45)
USMNT will be great at the 2022 World Cup    09/23/20  (45)
Gen Z kid I know got permafucked by Robinhood trading    09/24/20  (45)
What's your melee strategy if you encounter a vicious pitbull (no weapons)    09/27/20  (44)
one of the most infuriating parts of riots imo is the blocking of cars (link)    09/25/20  (44)
In 12 of the last 17 years, a McDonald's worker paid more in TAXES than Trump.    09/27/20  (44)
which non Jew actor played a Jew best?    09/24/20  (43)
MITTENS IS A YES!    09/22/20  (43)
Judge issues warrant. Cops execute warrant. What’s so hard about this?    09/24/20  (43)
More Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts unsurfaced. Gen Flynn is DONE HERE!!!    09/25/20  (43)
36 year old woman has multiple boyfriends who can’t get or stay hard. She thin    09/23/20  (43)
Wife just facesat me for like 45mins, taking Qs    09/25/20  (43)
Anyone else get annoyed by sloppy burrito/sandwich artists at Chipotle/Subway?    09/21/20  (42)
Jfc the Iraq war was so fucking dumb    09/25/20  (42)
Is it fair game for debate moderators to ask Trump about cheating on SATs?    09/22/20  (42)
Parscale's wife pictured fleeing and screaming for help in "barely there" bikini    09/28/20  (42)
Just put $5k on Eagles -5 over Cincy. FUCK IT. WE'LL DO IT LIVE!    09/28/20  (42)
Is "punk rock" cr?    09/27/20  (41)
amazing what a ripoff Amazon is these days    09/25/20  (41)
ACB got preggers in her 40, had a downs kid    09/27/20  (41)
Lawyermos - need to get out a lease. HALP    09/24/20  (41)
Ron Paul RUSHED to ER. 💀    09/25/20  (41)
late night depressed crew check in    09/26/20  (40)
the mass spamming of "register to vote" irl and across the internet is so bad    09/23/20  (40)
V20 income partner taking questions    09/27/20  (40)
1100 people died from COVID-19 in US today. 30% were in FL & TX.    09/24/20  (40)
Nate Silver putting it all on the line and virtually guaranteeing a Biden win    09/28/20  (40)
When did Yoda go from "quirky, swamp creature" to "most powerful Jedi ever?"    09/23/20  (40)
Bad news Trumpmos: ACB was in a cult    09/24/20  (39)
why aren't there any criminal lawyers on XO?    09/25/20  (39)
No more bullshit. Predict how PENNSYLVANIA votes ITT.    09/22/20  (39)
Have you ever met someone who transferred to a less prestigious school?    09/24/20  (39)
I have 👂TINNITUS👂 after an accidental noise exposure. WHAT DO?    09/28/20  (39)
Holy shit at the Star Wars Sequels    09/26/20  (39)
nightly Panda Express thread    09/26/20  (39)
Has anyone actually seen any good investments during COVID (not crypto/stocks)    09/27/20  (39)
BAD NEWS: KamalaSexy, the poster, entered rehab last week, will be offline for a    09/28/20  (38)
So Biden’s now losing FL and AZ. Lol he’s fukd    09/25/20  (38)
No discussion on Amy Barret's judicial record - its 180 so far    09/21/20  (38)
one thing GOP needs to do is move left on healthcare    09/27/20  (38)
How badly will libs cry when Roe v Wade is FUCKING DONE HERE    09/24/20  (38)
So ACB doesnt have sex anymore?    09/27/20  (38)
Upset Jew is on fire lately. posts are unmitigated 180's every time.    09/24/20  (38)
Adam Schiff: This is how democracies end    09/24/20  (37)
Voting in 2020 after sitting out in 2016    09/22/20  (37)
Kanye watches Blade Runner 2049 on repeat on a huge screen    09/27/20  (37)
This Is the Casual Racism That I Face at My Elite High School    09/27/20  (37)
Are Romanians considered "White?"    09/27/20  (37)
John McWhorter calls Ibram Kendi stupid    09/28/20  (37)
you liberals voting for Biden don't realize what you're really voting for    09/27/20  (37)