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***OFFICIAL January 2020 Democratic Primary Thread: Warren vs Bernie***    01/16/20  (285)
Historical poaster here, taking Qs from west coast/NEET crowd    01/19/20  (253)
Jewish dude freaking out & calling police bc Target won't sell 1c toothbrush    01/18/20  (152)
Warren REJECTS Bernie's handshake after debate (video)    01/18/20  (141)
Charles how is SoCal so far?    01/20/20  (123)
Reminder: Jeff Bezos left cheerful organic wife for THIS    01/18/20  (122)
A lot of millennial shit is slowly fading away for good. Craft beer is dying    01/16/20  (117)
Some childhood photos (CSLG)    01/20/20  (103)
ITT: List "gifts" for men no one actually wants    01/17/20  (100)
Poll: Was Bernie or Warren Telling the Truth?    01/17/20  (98)
Trump called top US Generals "dopes" and "babies" (link)    01/18/20  (98)
Who's the most likeable everyday white guy on xo?    01/20/20  (98)
Worst way you've been fired/laid off?    01/18/20  (97)
lol STOCK MARKET again jfc    01/19/20  (95)
Found of sex of 3rd child: girl. That's 3 girls, 0 boys    01/20/20  (91)
The MSM begins total war against Bernie    01/18/20  (90)
Just finished watching "the Americans". Taking questions ITT.    01/17/20  (89)
Millennials, the Dying Children    01/21/20  (89)
What kind of fucking idiot still supports Elizabeth Warren?    01/19/20  (88)
Mrs. and Mr. Meghan Markle to no longer have their royal titles, benefits    01/19/20  (85)
Some bay area high schools are 80% Asian?    01/21/20  (84)
Audio released of Warren/Sanders post debate discussion    01/16/20  (83)
Taibbi: CNN's Debate Performance Was Villainous and Shameful    01/17/20  (83)
Who's the most likeable jew on xo?    01/21/20  (81)
How ghetto is a royal Caribbean cruise?    01/20/20  (81)
40s/30s posters have all suffered from rapid Test decline. Cold nigga truth.    01/16/20  (79)
Odell Beckham Jr. going to jail for slapping old white security guard in the ass    01/17/20  (79)
Assistant at my co. is coked out all the time    01/17/20  (78)
Amtrak employee asks black woman to change seats, Rosa Parks hysteria follows    01/20/20  (77)
Does it feel like no one in our age cohort saves any money?    01/17/20  (76)
Boomer retirees in AZ ban ORPHAN TEEN from living with grandparents    01/17/20  (76)
This CSLG fellow makes my skin crawl    01/20/20  (75)
Roosh: 8 Personal Defects That Allowed Me To Worship Fornication For 18 Years    01/21/20  (75)
Took employment case..sent 1 e-mail and settled for 100K..rate my demand (CSLG)    01/16/20  (75)
BAM! You're stuck in a LIQUOR-FREE BAR, and you see these chicks:    01/17/20  (72)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    01/21/20  (72)
Can’t wait until the box stops by our firm    01/19/20  (71)
I will take five (5) questions about my bf, but I choose which    01/19/20  (70)
Shitlib Media: VOTING FOR TRUMP IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!    01/18/20  (70)
My GF has been taking very good care of me lately, want to buy her gift. Ideas?    01/17/20  (70)
ATTN WEEBS. let's talk anime!!    01/18/20  (68)
EPAH tell us what you know about halford    01/19/20  (67)
Get ready boys... Porsche 911 coming in 3 weeks! (CSLG)    01/21/20  (66)
***OFFICIAL UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone LIVE FIGHT THREAD*** (1/18/20)    01/19/20  (66)
Listening to music in stereo on 2 speakers is underrated    01/20/20  (66)
It's hilarious how people overdramatize "bad" neighborhoods    01/18/20  (64)
rate this female redditor's theory of male dating behavior:    01/19/20  (63)
women talk about themselves nonstop and never tire of it lmao    01/18/20  (62)
Rate my GF's fantasy    01/20/20  (62)
Stephen King about to get cancelled by shitlibs    01/15/20  (61)
I'm a little worried about Lawman8.    01/16/20  (60)
it's truly incredible how poisonous our cultural norms are    01/14/20  (59)
TSINAH sent me a cease and desist letter in 2015    01/18/20  (57)
Deleting tinder was the best decision I've made in months (maybe years)    01/17/20  (57)
What is the hard and fast rule on buying vs. renting?    01/21/20  (56)
First 3 years of Trump have been very calm    01/21/20  (56)
Just pulled benzo's profile on Assurant. You won't believe where he works.    01/20/20  (56)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    01/20/20  (56)
Wild School Board Meeting in NYC: parents go crazy against chancellor    01/18/20  (55)
Jewish guy asks blacks in Brooklyn why they're beating up Jews. SHOCKING respons    01/19/20  (55)
THE SHAH OF IRAN's Son: We're Seeing The End Of The Iranian Regime    01/16/20  (55)
First time making serious money. Any tips?    01/19/20  (55)
I find it crazy that even a rich man is still expected to pursue a woman.    01/20/20  (55)
Who is THE most mentally ill poster here?    01/20/20  (54)
Incestuous rape in Amish communities    01/20/20  (54)
holy shit Aaron Hernandez Netflix doc... He was sucking dick in high school    01/20/20  (53)
Roosh unpublished ALL of his remaining books, has no more income    01/18/20  (53)
If you won the lottery, what would you buy?    01/20/20  (53)
what is the most prestigious flavor of gatorade?    01/16/20  (52)
Wait so The Box is dating a nigger?    01/19/20  (52)
Scarlett Johnasen looks like pure utter shit    01/20/20  (52)
CSLG haters are laughable imho    01/19/20  (52)
I have completed the first iteration of the xo night mode firefox extension    01/18/20  (51)
Holy shit at this LATimes article on the Warren/Bernie drama    01/17/20  (51)
This apartment has everything    01/19/20  (51)
How come NEITHER party iris talking about how BROKE our country is?    01/19/20  (50)
Best NBA player in world = blond dude & best soccer player = blond too    01/20/20  (50)
Why are women unable to poast consistently?    01/18/20  (50)
cslg fly me out to CA and i'll secks ur wife    01/16/20  (50)
Do any BIGLAW firms have TRANS people?    01/18/20  (49)
places that are 85%+ white, have culture, and aren't filled with trumpmos?    01/19/20  (48)
Missing idiot Ohio 14 yo found dead in neighbors chimney, dies horrible death    01/20/20  (48)
How do biglol partners get new clients? Do they "pitch" random GCs?    01/17/20  (48)
RATE the us intl physics Olympiad team    01/15/20  (47)
Rate these tits    01/20/20  (47)
Box can you make a song about autoadmit    01/18/20  (47)
What is the CR mid-sized city?    01/21/20  (47)
WTF happened in 1971?!?? (Chart)    01/20/20  (47)
RAW KING (tsinahs grindr handle)    01/20/20  (46)
Aaron Rodgers (Fraudger$) is now 1-3 in NFC Championship Games    01/20/20  (46)
Going to see TAB (Trey Anastasio Band) tonight    01/18/20  (45)
German TV documentary about poverty in California:    01/18/20  (45)
New Aly Raisman skimpy bikini photos    01/15/20  (45)
70% of my coworkers are Indian    01/21/20  (45)
MacGregor Cowboy fight was the #1 most staged fraud thing ive ever seen in sport    01/20/20  (45)
XO Poa (a poem)    01/20/20  (45)
Schizophrenia Article (OldHLSDude)    01/21/20  (44)
Is Dave Ramsey prole flame?    01/20/20  (44)
I make so much money lol    01/18/20  (43)
34 year old guy here, single, getting hottest girls of my life not flame    01/15/20  (43)
this bernie vs warren thing is causing so much dem carnage    01/21/20  (43)
Metal bros what is good contemporary metal to listen to?    01/18/20  (43)
Had sex with an app girl for the first time in years and it was horrible    01/14/20  (42)
"And Mr. Dupa, why do you admire Marilyn Monroe?" Dupa: "She got so much cum"    01/14/20  (42)
Harry and Meghan will not use HRH titles - palace    01/19/20  (42)
Can someone read my admission essay draft for my PH.D?    01/18/20  (42)
Mistake to go to a top firm (V5) because they don’t have non-equity partners    01/14/20  (41)
how do you avoid teaching your kids exceptionalism?    01/19/20  (41)
dirte's second wife    01/20/20  (41)
what are the best canned foods    01/20/20  (41)
Upset Jew's travel itinerary 2020    01/20/20  (41)
Freedom to SLEEP as you WANT is incredibly UNDERRATED    01/17/20  (41)
Lol GQ has a female, rabidly anti-male features writer    01/16/20  (41)
Have you noticed people not going out or spending as much in 2020 so far?    01/20/20  (40)
Dupa and The Box: ever consider making music with appeal outside your cult?    01/19/20  (40)
So is "MoreDoughHi" a NOWAG or a NOWIG?    01/16/20  (40)
FRANK Biden used his brother's connections to land sweetheart gigs    01/19/20  (39)
I was mocking my friends doing "dry January" but I think it's tcr    01/18/20  (39)
Who will be considered more significant: Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen?    01/15/20  (39)
I am completely 100% baffled that "Klobuchar" is still in race    01/20/20  (39)
1- US govt is corrupt & evil 2- can’t do anything about it 3-get the fuck out    01/18/20  (39)
LOL at this Ridiculous 9th Circuit Dissent by "Obama Judge"    01/19/20  (39)
Why does xo just allow poasters to be outed nowadays?    01/20/20  (38)
Lol at benzo's mugshot    01/16/20  (38)
Child porn enthusiast who identifies as 8 year old girl sent to men's prison    01/18/20  (38)
Why does CSLG think we want to constantly hear about his "life"?    01/19/20  (38)
got a below market bonus today and im PISSED    01/17/20  (37)
Rejected 2.5 million dollar statutory offer to settled today (CSLG)    01/19/20  (37)
Being short is 180 (CLSG)    01/14/20  (37)
The Box what is Sam Hyde like irl?    01/18/20  (37)
Getting married, going on a small escort binge before tying knot    01/20/20  (36)
Take note of all the women pushing "they both could be telling the truth"    01/20/20  (36)
Could blacks create any of the technology they use?    01/16/20  (36)
List of TTT airlines    01/17/20  (36)
Would you ever work for a place that made you sign an arbitration agreement?    01/17/20  (36)
"Charging" people for "legal services" just seems absurd    01/14/20  (36)
Anyone try separate bedrooms with GF/wife?    01/16/20  (36)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/21/20  (36)
Study: Bitcoin going to $50,000 this or next year    01/19/20  (35)
Rand Paul: GOP is about to shaft Trump and allow only Democrat witnesses    01/16/20  (35)
What do Biglaw litigators do after they are forced out in year 5-6?    01/20/20  (35)
Need new work shirts - business casual. What’s the best place right now?    01/17/20  (35)
I just sent FOIA requests for benzo's mugshots    01/16/20  (35)
roommate just texted: "[Box] come out. You must watch sonic vore with us"    01/19/20  (35)
Chandler: does this faggot ever stop whining?    01/19/20  (35)
rate this russian escort i bang on the reg    01/19/20  (35)
LIFE is GREAT and ALLAH is amazing    01/19/20  (35)
TT why are you lying about your parents?    01/15/20  (34)
is a pool heater worth the money?    01/20/20  (34)