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FSU crim law prof murdered in his home. Guess view on death pena    07/24/14  (258)
How is the Ivy experience different if you enter as a poor?    07/25/14  (116)
"Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act" expands PAYE to 30 years    07/24/14  (98)
XO Come explain how guys like this land GFs while we poast    07/22/14  (96)
Christian girl sets up donation site for JD, refuses loans    07/23/14  (82)
This tumblr makes all shitlibs IRATE    07/22/14  (72)
scared of our adopted child    07/21/14  (71)
Shaswat Samudra, Online Impersonation is A Felony    07/23/14  (58)
$250,000 inheritance - what do I do with it?    07/19/14  (56)
which law schools place well into all national markets?    07/21/14  (50)
ITT: Thoughts on Tufts University    07/23/14  (48)
XO: a million posts telling DVP to /self. DVP: still around    07/23/14  (46)
Wasn't me (Putin)    07/23/14  (42)
New bill caps PAYE forgiveness at $57.5K    07/18/14  (35)
God Damn, I badly want to F#$k my secretary    07/21/14  (32)
"Don't send ur kids to an IVY, send em to stttate UGs!"    07/24/14  (30)
Ran into chick I went to school with grades 6-12. Hard as FUQ    07/22/14  (27)
lol at "bacon egg and cheese" being the norm for american breakf    07/21/14  (27)
Took 2g of Phenibut. I'm now DET. Is this what Xanax is like?    07/21/14  (27)
Caroline Wozniacki flaming 5'9" Rory McIlroy.    07/21/14  (25)
is biglaw as bad as Will Meyerhofer makes it out to be?    07/24/14  (23)
1890: A laptop and a copy of photoshop = you rule the world    07/20/14  (23)
every time low life friend fucks up, i work 50+ unbillable hours    07/23/14  (21)
Report: Half of Lawyers starting income < $62K    07/22/14  (21)
Just looked up some Ivy Lax teams. Are they all from the NE?    07/22/14  (20)
should I get a LAB, GOLDEN, or HUSKY?    07/21/14  (19)
BIGLAW bro here: watched porn all day on my phone at work    07/24/14  (18)
How many pushups can someone who can bench bodyweight do?    07/23/14  (18)
am i retarded or does american hustle fucking suck    07/19/14  (18)
Do you give the money before you see the goods?    07/23/14  (16)
Hot Christian chicks...    07/23/14  (16)
"mom, we change monikers for the summer. its cool," askav lisped    07/24/14  (16)
TTT Friend wants me to vouch for him for new job at my firm    07/21/14  (16)
DUKE vs. VIRGINIA for JD/MBA    07/20/14  (16)
Cornell Law at Sticker    07/25/14  (15)
HELP!! Boston College or UNH?    07/19/14  (15)
rate my chance at HBS SBS or Wharton    07/23/14  (14)
UT Texas or UC Berkeley: where should my little brother go?    07/23/14  (13)
Rate Ted Cruz's public speaking skills (youtube)    07/23/14  (13)
Rate this drug cartel behead 4 women (NSFW/NSFL)    07/18/14  (13)
Reminder: In 2008, Obama promised HOPE and CHANGE    07/24/14  (12)
Can't stop thinking about this chick I saw earlier today    07/23/14  (12)
bar bros - q re family law and jdx    07/23/14  (12)
Suspended for a year, do I even have a shot at OCIs?    07/22/14  (12)
Made 66% on a penny stock, should I sell or go for homerun?    07/24/14  (12)
Protips for doing UG/LS the right way that only the UMC knows    07/24/14  (11)
anyone w unsuccessful/poor family feel bad about having $$$?    07/23/14  (11)
askav lisping to his mom about XO = one of the better new memes    07/25/14  (11)
AA with 3.6, 23 ACT rejected from UMich, protests    07/23/14  (11)
Quit BIGLAW to start Hamburger Restaurant?    07/21/14  (10)
should i get a BLAZER with my uni SEAL on it?    07/21/14  (10)
HBS vs UCHICAGO JD/MBA??    07/19/14  (10)
Best/Most Prestigious Job/Career Path After Law School    07/24/14  (9)
kookydood taking kooky questions    07/23/14  (9)
Bar bros: tcr to hit all major issues then outline dump on essay    07/23/14  (9)
Senor Associate: "Send those documents over. Gracia"    07/22/14  (9)
Doobs, you gutless cunt - why did you delete all of the PN outin    07/22/14  (9)
Hypo: $75k to Manage a Hudson News at your local Airport    07/18/14  (9)
sending girls presents - credited?    07/22/14  (8)
do any of you still use a BlackBerry?    07/21/14  (8)
Small law dudes    07/19/14  (8)
Student Loan Crisis Debunked (boomers)    07/23/14  (7)
would you give up the internet to live in the 90s forever?    07/19/14  (7)
Who's more mentally ill: DVP, who's still alive, or his critics    07/18/14  (7)
Bike stolen in front of me. Guess race. Never doing Pub law now    07/25/14  (6)
Marry that Earl; Marry her anyway; Marry that Earl    07/25/14  (6)
UT Texas >>>UVA>Michigan>G
   07/23/14  (6)
"first of all mom, they're called monikers," askav lisped    07/25/14  (6)
Took .5 Xanax. Still pretty alert, don't feel any bolder    07/23/14  (6)
Does anyone have the title "associate" at a firm and make <100k?    07/23/14  (6)
Took 3mg of Etizolam in 12hrs. SedatedAF, DGAF about anything    07/23/14  (6)
YNY got the last item I'll ever need from parents. Made mom cry    07/21/14  (6)
Just finished Breaking Bad... what was the hype about again?    07/20/14  (6)
Partner just came back from WC. Says Argentinian women = best in    07/20/14  (6)
Reading all these Tinder success stories...    07/18/14  (6)
are state bar released "model answers" flame?    07/21/14  (5)
Lakers 04: Shaq, 26yo Kobe, GP, Malone. 14? 36yo Kobe, Lin, Booz    07/22/14  (5)
FUCK I need an online forum to discuss internships    07/19/14  (5)
People in your 20's. Would you do $5mm for 10 years of ur life?    07/19/14  (5)
I am a MAN of LETTERS    07/19/14  (5)
Summertime shaddix the bar im going to has a 180 outdoor patio    07/19/14  (5)
Fordham Law Grad opens stationary business    07/25/14  (4)
is there a federally recognized DR/Patient privilege    07/24/14  (4)
guys I kind of want this under-desk mini elliptical    07/24/14  (4)
does the Ouija Board move for reals? or is it all flame?    07/23/14  (4)
Johnsmeyer finally signs up for PAYE (Dynamic 30+ yr version)    07/23/14  (4)
Commercial Paper not on MEE next year, so does this mean...    07/24/14  (4)
best television SCENES of the past 10 years    07/22/14  (4)
TOPS>Straights>Bottoms, re Alphaness, HTH    07/22/14  (4)
do M7 degrees travel nationally or is regional mkts after HSW    07/20/14  (4)
XO come interpret this dream I had while out from phenibut    07/20/14  (4)
if you come out with MBB, does HBS have any advantage over m7    07/19/14  (4)
Anyone want to buy my account? ($100 obo)    07/18/14  (4)
Friend graduated from Loyola Marymount MBA    07/18/14  (4)
I'm new to XO: Who's RSF? He quit a TTT LS but is still loaded?    07/25/14  (3)
Guy wants upfront payment. Gave me his real name, FB, workplace    07/24/14  (3)
On C and Rum at work now. Seem pretty normal    07/24/14  (3)
Try it: finger your asshold with lube/lotion and report back ITT    07/24/14  (3)
"quit hogging the smith machine," askav lisped    07/24/14  (3)
Pepperdine University or UC San Diego: better for HS kid?    07/23/14  (3)
Does This Property History Look Odd?    07/23/14  (3)
Last Day of HS, Class of 1994 (video)    07/23/14  (3)
Look at this "Public Safety" rhetoric re: white flags over the    07/22/14  (3)
in true detective why does daughter reenact sacrifice with dolls    07/22/14  (3)
Tinychat bros let's congregate ITT    07/21/14  (3)
Tiger Wood's won PGA Player of the Year and 5/16 events, last yr    07/21/14  (3)
HYS LAW grads get ITT    07/21/14  (3)
Okay bros, time to wrap up your bar studying and rest a few days    07/21/14  (3)
Tax bros I have a Q regarding Form2848: I'm just a family member    07/20/14  (3)
A family member constantly talks about how many books they read    07/24/14  (2)
Wait so can you get laid off Reddit NSFW?    07/24/14  (2)
Haven't been following the news. What's going on with IDF?    07/24/14  (2)
On C and Booze right now. Can't stop thinking about my coworker    07/24/14  (2)
Holy Jeefus, it's 5pm and I've written 3 of the 15 pages I need    07/23/14  (2)
how are ivy leaguers faring in this economy?    07/23/14  (2)
OK I know people who "truly love learning" but I can't fathom ho    07/23/14  (2)
DVP: still alive and not in jail. How are you celebrating, XO?    07/22/14  (2)
Practice isn't worth shit in law and medicine.    07/21/14  (2)
Infantry MMO (Harmless Games) was 180000000    07/21/14  (2)
Johnsmeyer, wearing a PAYE t-shirt, sobbing uncontrollably    07/22/14  (2)
I LOVE JEWISH GIRLS    07/20/14  (2)
Serious q: why are the most mentally ill spammers of late Indian    07/19/14  (2)
If u studied philology u should know PROSE is PROLE    07/20/14  (2)
Rate the prestige of this Reading Software Program for kids    07/18/14  (2)
Dynamic Loan Bill that pushes PAYE to 30 yrs gaining momentum    07/25/14  (1)
Marfan Syndrome Bros get ITT    07/24/14  (1)
There's no way I should have a boner if the C I took was real    07/24/14  (1)
What's XO's take on sex with a bigger?    07/24/14  (1)
anyone GLAD they went to law school?    07/24/14  (1)
Doobs furiously scouring Facebook for "pumette" pics to use    07/23/14  (1)
breathe PN just breathe.    07/23/14  (1)
PAYE Expansion Act now called "Revitalized Student Loan Repaymen    07/23/14  (1)
PAYE forgiveness is dynamic, a moving target    07/23/14  (1)
Eliminator vs. Agro-Crag    07/23/14  (1)
So does pr0n make you think chicks are nbd? Or does it aspify u?    07/23/14  (1)
Thoughts on THUNDERBIRD School of GLOBAL MANAGEMENT    07/23/14  (1)
This is what happens when you call the cops. [music video]    07/23/14  (1)
watching Ted Cruz's speeches/debates. He's going 2 be POTUS    07/22/14  (1)
Summon: BobWoodward Pu. you were double Ivy?    07/22/14  (1)
Is It Okay To Be Me?    07/22/14  (1)
Can I Trust the World?    07/22/14  (1)
youre old. The Terminal came out 10 years ago    07/22/14  (1)
Kikes/Kike-lovers: TONY MONTANA couldn't kill a Gazan child    07/22/14  (1)
DVP here. Who wants XO to be embroiled in my prosecution?    07/21/14  (1)
Any 500K+ net worth bros still doing the biglaw thing?    07/21/14  (1)
How hard is it to lateral to PHOENIX?    07/21/14  (1)
Azns playing video games for $5 million, u: checking commas    07/21/14  (1)
Any tax/CPA mastermen here? Passive loss against portfolio incom    07/20/14  (1)