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In the last 5 years, I know 30 men getting divorced. All because the WOMAN cheat    12/03/19  (279)
368 female attys (incl. names) in SCOTUS brief: I had an abortion    12/04/19  (262)
Fucking insane emails by probably insane lawyer (link)    12/05/19  (260)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL MPM 2019 NOMINATION THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/05/19  (195)
Friend is getting absolutely raped in divorce. Will probably kill himself    12/03/19  (158)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/05/19  (152)
New border wall section sees first action as migrants try, fail to scale it (vid    12/05/19  (126)
Shitlib Jew Stanford Law Professor shrew goes HARD after XO BARRON TRUMP    12/05/19  (124)
36, Divorced for a year now - currently seeing two 18 year old girls    12/05/19  (116)
Just finished dinner at Joel Robuchon three Michelin star restaurant (CSLG)    12/02/19  (115)
so the key prosecution witness against Zimmerman was an imposter? LMAO    12/05/19  (112)
What neihgborhood of Manhattan is best to invest??    12/04/19  (108)
Childhood friend confirms Mayor Pete is a sociopath (nyt)    12/03/19  (102)
Who will win MPM 2019?    12/05/19  (101)
Lmao at how jealous CSLG makes everyone. Most of XO is too scared to do what he    12/02/19  (98)
wait, so henry Aaron is a male nurse? LMAO    12/05/19  (98)
work in downtown SF; better to live in Burlingame or Oakland?    12/04/19  (89)
Rand Paul offers up an alternative student loan fix conservatives should support    12/04/19  (88)
'Heil Trump' graffiti led to an unlikely suspect — and a hate crime hoax (WaPo    12/05/19  (83)
Libs done here: Ukraine confirms it had no knowledge of military aid freeze    12/04/19  (82)
bort thoughts on Anthony Bourdain?    12/05/19  (79)
Oh no. Lisa Paige is DONE BEING QUIET. Angry serious woman coming through!!    12/03/19  (78)
Poast a pic of your 180 wholesome ideal wife    11/30/19  (78)
The Economist Poll: 53 percent of GOP thinks Trump better than LINCOLN    12/04/19  (77)
Hospital Groups sue to block Trump price transparency rule, citing 1st Amendment    12/05/19  (76)
Why do nyuug and TT hate each other?    12/05/19  (74)
I am 37, wealthy, tall, athletic, and gorgeous and have zero prospects    11/30/19  (73)
How the fuck does the human body even work?    12/03/19  (72)
Alpha chads Boris Johnson, Trudeau, and Macron mock tls Trump in VID    12/05/19  (69)
ESPN CFB Power Index ranks Alabama #3 above LSU, Georgia, Auburn    12/02/19  (68)
I bought two 55" TVs yesterday and a golf driver. Rate me as a goyim.    12/03/19  (67)
How long is it feasible to do "Family Law" without killingself?    12/02/19  (67)
Do Republicans acknowledge that wealth inequality is a problem?    12/05/19  (66)
Delta fires 79 y/o flight attendant    12/05/19  (66)
US whites obliterate Finland and the rest of Europe in PISA testing    12/03/19  (66)
When Jesus asked why god had 'forsaken' him--    12/02/19  (65)
check out the twitter of the guy killed on the london bridge    12/03/19  (64)
What is the likelihood "official" JFK assassination story is false?    12/04/19  (64)
Trumpmos fear no Dem candidate other than Sanders    12/03/19  (64)
George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s Family for $100 Million    12/05/19  (63)
"White People Are Broken" (white journo with "pretty privilege")    12/04/19  (62)
The "privilege" meme has in fact broken white people    12/05/19  (62)
Do your parents hold your inheritance over your head?    12/05/19  (61)
What exactly is Trump being impeached for?    12/05/19  (61)
Got yelled at for saying jews killed Jesus at thanksgiving    11/29/19  (61)
The goy cries out in joy as he pays full retail.    12/04/19  (60)
Who's your favorite painter?    12/04/19  (60)
“You may kiss the bride”, says pastor to Asian man next to white woman, why?    12/02/19  (60)
Trump has lost the Stanford law professor constituency    12/05/19  (60)
Wait. Kenny the CSLG SOLO now is same as the insane Kenny who went after TT?    12/04/19  (59)
California bar study finds racial disparities in lawyer discipline    11/29/19  (59)
Man dies after boss shoves compressed air hose up his ass    12/04/19  (59)
should i learn python or c++    12/04/19  (58)
XO LAKERS about to DEMOLISH Birdshit Illegal Alien LUKA FRAUDCIC    12/03/19  (58)
its clear we're living in the End of the Enlightenment period    12/02/19  (58)
ITT: Rate this shitlib SF woman's experience yesterday    12/03/19  (57)
Calling my Law School Monday to see how much I need to donate for statute (CSLG)    12/05/19  (57)
whok, rate the decoration of my bike    12/05/19  (57)
dirte and other bikemos, rate my new bike (pf)    12/02/19  (56)
Hey SEC fags & Board Libs are u aware Ohio State plays @ Oregon next season?    12/05/19  (56)
Whole Foods meat quality has taken a steep dive    12/05/19  (56)
Wife wants this home    12/01/19  (55)
Michigan vs. the Ohio State University GAME THREAD    11/30/19  (54)
People who get upset about drinking and driving are huge faggots    11/29/19  (54)
Wear do you MEN get your jeans? Do you wear the skinny ones?    12/01/19  (53)
Joe Biden official campaign slogan is "No Malarkey"    12/01/19  (53)
Ancient Jews inserted themselves into the history of every Empire back in the da    12/03/19  (52)
What caused Japanese tech to stay frozen in the 90s? They used to have best phon    12/02/19  (52)
Prole tell: Not being surrounded by painful number of gooks and kikes in UG    12/05/19  (51)
Here is the best and worst thing about every state [USA Today]    12/05/19  (51)
Notice of PENDING LOLSUIT against "KENNY" associate of CSLG    12/04/19  (51)
Girl treating me to ALL EXPENSES PAID OSAKA vacation. Heading to airport now.    12/02/19  (51)
is there anything good on Netflix/Amazon/hbo?    12/04/19  (51)
cant believe i spent over a grand on CFA bullshit    12/04/19  (50)
what exactly was Obama doing    12/03/19  (49)
Africa multiplying is like the last seconds of Tetris    12/04/19  (49)
Have fish finders gotten really advanced at this point    12/04/19  (48)
do u guys read books    12/03/19  (48)
These HS girls mooning the camera need to grow up    12/04/19  (48)
NYC Coffee Startup Tamps Down Bro Culture by Hiring Philosopher (WSJ)    12/05/19  (48)
What are the actual reasons to take NYC over LA?    12/05/19  (47)
Vox: Should social media companies be legally responsible for hate speech?    12/05/19  (46)
subreddit full of incels strategically becoming trannies:    11/30/19  (46)
xo husbands, what GC slop shit are you buying wife this December    12/03/19  (46)
Hypo: Trump wins bc white women. Libs then demonize WW like never before    12/03/19  (46)
How to break up with woman without feeling like shit afterwards    12/05/19  (46)
Tucker Carlson names the (((Hedge Funds)))    12/04/19  (45)
Upset Jew will take questions for the next 23-ish minutes    12/03/19  (45)
out of all my irl friends only 1-2 have ever had a gorlfriend    12/03/19  (45)
Wait a second, NFL players fly COACH???????    12/02/19  (45)
Been practicing some straight up shitlaw this week. Rate my results    12/05/19  (44)
No thread about London Bridge Attacker of Peace?    12/01/19  (44)
not sure how poor people in CA can afford kids these days    12/02/19  (43)
Has animeboi ever been called out for being the worst fucking poaster in history    12/05/19  (43)
Photo of girl NYUUG fucked in panties and my firm shirt (CSLG)    12/05/19  (43)
Made Turkey Thighs In Slow Cooker. Decadent Or Shrewd?    12/03/19  (43)
The Spanish Empire was way more damaging to "POC" than the British    12/02/19  (42)
Alabama v. Auburn AutoAdmit Game Thread    11/30/19  (42)
David Boies Epstein bombshell [NYT]    12/01/19  (42)
DBG and his ilk have ruined disputing transactions    12/03/19  (42)
Kid Gets Holocaust History Questions Wrong, Teacher Posts Exam (pic)    12/04/19  (41)
It REALLY FUCKING SUCKS how shitlibbery can't be opposed long term    12/03/19  (41)
I've drank 6 bottles of water for each of the last 3 days. Can tell yuge diff    12/02/19  (41)
Surprising article on gifted programs from the most pozzed magazine in Seattle    12/04/19  (41)
Wherever BIRDSHITS go in ASIA they RUIN it    12/03/19  (41)
Just realizing how bullshit & useless NFL "divisions" are    12/02/19  (40)
46 years old, retired with $50 Billion in the Bank. What would you do?    12/04/19  (40)
ITT: Replace one word in a movie title with “Tiktok”    12/05/19  (39)
Holding 80k of $SPY Puts expiring Monday (WSB)    12/05/19  (39)
Someone explain why Hispanics are nonwhite, but Greeks and Italians are white    11/29/19  (38)
Rate this dating website only for white people who aren't degenerates    12/02/19  (38)
Trans Activists Confront Olympia, WA City Council (video)    11/30/19  (38)
Tommy is Lily Singh (superwoman) top tier Indian girl?    12/02/19  (37)
barry bonds, what is your endgame?    12/05/19  (36)
I lost so much money in crypto it will haunt me for life. I'll never be the same    12/05/19  (36)
Warren plans to give $70 billion 2 minority startups 2 fight 'startup GAP'    12/02/19  (35)
Most outrageous shitlib crap your family said this t-giving?    11/29/19  (35)
Internet/iPhone destroyed society and culture    12/02/19  (35)
49ers suspend analyst for saying football blends into Lamar Jackson's dark skin    12/05/19  (35)
Rating poasters ITT as Gamecube games    12/01/19  (35)
How many alcohols have you had this month? Zero for me    12/05/19  (34)
what is the most preftigious christmas/eve meal?    12/02/19  (34)
Trump will take foodstamps from 700k losers    12/05/19  (34)
Crimes that should get you the death penalty    12/03/19  (34)
How America's Elites Lost Their Gripe    12/02/19  (34)
Taking Qs about living in Europe    12/03/19  (34)
can i ethically date a bimbo    12/01/19  (34)
Married straight guys, is there any reason for a gay guy to get married?    12/05/19  (33)
New 007 trailer out    12/04/19  (33)
Went to Best Buy today holy shit. So many ethnics buying shitty flat screen tvs    11/30/19  (33)
Spending $30k on a home automation system on a $2.5MM home    12/01/19  (33)
is going to a steakhouse alone once a week beta?    12/01/19  (33)
Chance of having a retard kid makes kid having insane    11/30/19  (33)
I hadn't seen him in 11 years, but it was his first time meeting me (TRANS) (DTP    12/03/19  (33)
The use of sexual energy in the workplace is abhorrent    12/04/19  (33)
Cr to piss all over yourself and not change clothes or shower in 7+week$?    12/01/19  (33)
NOWAG gets ROUGHED UP by ALPHA CHINKS for walking with a BIRDSHIT in CHINA    11/30/19  (32)
180 new conservative blog    12/02/19  (32)
Jews are the smartest race in the world and superior humans, Israeli lawmaker cl    12/03/19  (32)
Heard Hillary on Stern this morning. 10 minute coughing fit.    12/05/19  (32)
why straight rural men have gay bud sex with each other    12/04/19  (32)
lol where is the fucking wall?!?    12/03/19  (32)
how often do u eat app girl pussy on a 1st date    12/02/19  (32)
Liberals are hooked into a Hive Mind (zman)    12/05/19  (31)
Brutal Profession. Person fails Cali Bar 8 times    11/29/19  (31)
Dupa and DBG have a lot in common. Both Jewish lawyers married to    12/02/19  (31)
Guys fall in love w/ women. Then turn around & blame them for being women (DTP)    12/03/19  (31)
Marijuana users & abusers: what is the highest you have ever been?    11/30/19  (31)