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Students ask profs to drop finals for black peers    12/16/14  (131)
Blind Melon Guitarist is Now Non-trad Lawyer    12/20/14  (65)
do you ever have to get a new grocery store b/c you fucked up at    12/20/14  (56)
The Lambeau Leap is the textbook example of white privilege    12/15/14  (51)
Scared of flying, plz help    12/16/14  (44)
I suck at money    12/17/14  (44)
LOL, Russia raises rates to 17%    12/16/14  (40)
ITT: AutoAdmit poasters halp tedcruz tp write his YLS 250 essay    12/15/14  (40)
Srs q: northwestern vs uchicago for JDMBA???    12/19/14  (40)
Just bought a new Plasma TV - thoughts?    12/18/14  (39)
Sooo jealous of ppl w big strong friend groups from UG    12/19/14  (31)
Holder decides trannies covered under Title VII. LIB CARNIVAL is    12/19/14  (29)
PSA: Tax Hikes Are Coming    12/18/14  (29)
will shitlibs/SJWs be tempered when repubs win in 2016?    12/17/14  (28)
NY Real Estate Closings    12/19/14  (28)
there are millions of ipads rolling around in landfills now    12/15/14  (28)
Shit, my recently pregnant wife is not shrinking like last time    12/15/14  (25)
When do we start talking about the cops backgrounds?    12/20/14  (21)
How much is a fair referral fee    12/17/14  (21)
Reminder: Johnsmeyers bonus increases his IBR payments next year    12/18/14  (20)
LJL at Amerittta: 65% of kids on welfare    12/16/14  (20)
do people here really have alt monikers    12/18/14  (20)
Who puts "Proposed" on the caption of proposed orders?    12/18/14  (19)
RATE this McKinsey commercial    12/17/14  (19)
Stealing towels from hotel room    12/20/14  (18)
I have 86 teams in the draftkings million dollar tournament    12/14/14  (17)
LAWYERS. ITT: state your uGPA, LSAT, and JD Institution    12/19/14  (16)
E-mail from HBS '14 buddy    12/19/14  (16)
wonderful community of poast    12/14/14  (16)
sopranos is the most rewatchable series    12/13/14  (16)
who retired    12/20/14  (15)
ITT: Lifestyle of Bankruptcy Law    12/17/14  (15)
People who know crim law get ITT    12/17/14  (15)
do you ever just bump someone a little in traffic if they're    12/20/14  (14)
*puts in eye drops, opens new thread* "i'll sleep when i'm dead"    12/19/14  (14)
Background check, BRAH    12/14/14  (14)
Top ten skills ranked by Linked in - all computer related    12/17/14  (13)
HLS professor: The Trouble With Teaching Rape Law (link)    12/20/14  (13)
how easy is it to cop YHS CCN nowadays?    12/16/14  (13)
It tears me up inside thinking of my wife's former lovers.    12/19/14  (12)
how does everyone know everyone's name on here    12/19/14  (12)
This North Korea thing is insane.    12/18/14  (12)
Ted Cruz is sorry he ruined his colleagues' weekend    12/17/14  (12)
Black guy dating Japanese girl taking ?s    12/15/14  (12)
Tell me about Arlington    12/15/14  (12)
libs: you've forced me to vote reptile    12/16/14  (11)
Moshe began reviewing your document at 10:30    12/16/14  (11)
DC passes legalization for MJ, fed gov REJECTS IT    12/15/14  (11)
Haven't been able to watch the game. How does RGIII look?    12/14/14  (11)
At Law School, Is Insensitivity Grounds for an Objection? [Atlan    12/20/14  (10)
I need a chick who's a shrew in da streets but a cuz in da sheet    12/18/14  (10)
libs, why are you trying so hard to lose 2016?    12/16/14  (10)
LOL @ Bill DeBlasio getting rid of the test for Stuy, Bx. Sci...    12/14/14  (10)
this an appropriate comment for UG law prof to make?    12/14/14  (10)
I wish we had a president who was more like Putin    12/18/14  (9)
Is jd useful in business world at all? ie MBB, PE, VC, IB    12/17/14  (9)
Ted Cruz PWNS Duke Law Professor in Judiciary Committee (link    12/14/14  (9)
Hey guys. New poaster. Should I attend Law School next year?    12/13/14  (9)
Libs: How fucking IRATE are you that Christ died for your sins?    12/20/14  (8)
how do i know how much kratom to take. it's powdered. no scale    12/19/14  (8)
lawyers do it to themselves    12/19/14  (8)
a jeep sahara blaring smashing pumpkins fills up on 89 cent gas    12/19/14  (8)
What do people at state dept DO? Day in the life? JD preferred?    12/17/14  (8)
Does anyone here meditate?    12/15/14  (8)
Reminder: UMich has a bias response team    12/20/14  (7)
Xanax vs Ativan for Airplane Fear/ Recreation    12/20/14  (7)
sometimes i refresh so zoomed in i'm just staring at a backslash    12/20/14  (7)
are there things koreans hate more than seth rogen    12/17/14  (7)
Looking forward to the new Star Wars movie.    12/16/14  (7)
dude put up a wall of binders during my 1L final today    12/16/14  (7)
Watch this 6 minute opening statement by Ted Cruz & tell me he i    12/13/14  (7)
Johnsmeyer, in PAYE denial, singing "Old Man River" on a boat    12/20/14  (6)
Scholarship tp is an unfunny try-hard geeky bitch    12/17/14  (6)
Luminosity: The 50 Smartest Colleges In America    12/14/14  (6)
"is a thing"    12/20/14  (5)
life's about gettin a paycheck and keeping a gun out of ur mouth    12/20/14  (5)
sadness    12/19/14  (5)
Partner dumped massive fuckup on my lap as he was leaving for va    12/20/14  (5)
how do you feel about different from v different than    12/19/14  (5)
Panicking over Character and Fitness    12/17/14  (5)
Wife wants to role play rape fantasy.    12/16/14  (5)
AFRAID GOING TO FAIL STEP2 (BOOR)    12/14/14  (5)
Rate this HERO Cop Beater's POETRY ITT    12/14/14  (5)
just bit off fingernail like amazing animal. bleeding all over b    12/18/14  (5)
just realized i have a bag of kratom everyone told me to buy    12/17/14  (5)
Are there Dress Rain Boots? If so, link? TYIA.    12/13/14  (5)
XOXO poll: drink or drugs better to handle holidays with family?    12/20/14  (4)
just copped Command & Conquer ultimate collection for $5    12/20/14  (4)
when i first found xo i said oh wow there's a guy named buttpeni    12/19/14  (4)
KFC loaded potato vs. KFC famous bowl    12/18/14  (4)
amazon fire stick: sold out; birth control: can't give it away    12/17/14  (4)
got pwned (4.0gpa utexas) wrt econ knowledge by 17yo    12/16/14  (4)
rate our lives    12/16/14  (4)
Smith College president sorry for saying 'All Lives Matter' (lin    12/14/14  (4)
old poster. last day. first poster. cecil. only one. my story.    12/14/14  (4)
Fatal flaw in Grudge Match. Stallone would decimate De Niro    12/20/14  (3)
The commercial after the kickoff, let's bash this TTT    12/20/14  (3)
What was Eugene Volokh's LSAT score    12/20/14  (3)
Lateral Interview -- Chances of Getting Job?    12/20/14  (3)
how do you know when jos. a bank is having a sale    12/19/14  (3)
opened up XO today, had to lol at all the daytime political thre    12/18/14  (3)
good morning hope your day fuckin kicks ass. i know mine will    12/18/14  (3)
it must be hard being a lib having to defend doug racism allegat    12/16/14  (3)
big tv | holiday liquor drink | puppy wearing scarf    12/17/14  (3)
BREAKING: Senate confirms Vivek Murthy as America's surgeon gene    12/15/14  (3)
DOING RESIDENCY IN NYC (BOOR)?    12/14/14  (3)
why do people use tinychat to chat instead of xo    12/20/14  (2)
"I'm tired of living and scared of dying!" (Johnsmeyer on IBR)    12/20/14  (2)
How low in the rankings is it worth going MBA?    12/20/14  (2)
wait    12/20/14  (2)
Ipad bros: Big Final Fantasy sale now    12/19/14  (2)
Law Center > School of Law > Law School    12/19/14  (2)
grab your glocks when you see sashwat    12/18/14  (2)
everyone post your credit card numbers Visa 4485513231492446    12/18/14  (2)
*reaches in bidet and pulls out fists full of toilet paper*    12/18/14  (2)
what happens if u drive ur babies into water and ur lawyer faint    12/17/14  (2)
young sex freak in socks, no dad, bible verses written on walls    12/17/14  (2)
lol    12/17/14  (2)
Robbed a bank with a fucking telephone    12/17/14  (2)
I just want to be free    12/16/14  (2)
InHouse is smoking hot right now    12/16/14  (2)
ITT: poast reason why you are gay    12/16/14  (2)
Just popped my thanks biglaw cherry with a double typo too    12/15/14  (2)
Computermos -- is this a good work computer for the price?    12/15/14  (2)
Any bros at Boston Logan right now?    12/14/14  (2)
uh-oh i just gave birth to something    12/14/14  (2)
seems like a lot of profanity on grand theft auto v    12/14/14  (2)
2007: The Year of the Great PAYE Divide    12/20/14  (1)
why can't i just bump whatever threads i want    12/20/14  (1)
hot wings with feathers: ok to eat or am i going to die    12/20/14  (1)
i need someone to delicately hold my hair back while i puke    12/20/14  (1)
took some kratom last night. it was weird    12/20/14  (1)
What happens when these mouth breathers graduate law school?    12/20/14  (1)
Johnsmeyer makes first his first IBR payment of 2015    12/20/14  (1)
Is Kevin Hart's ridiculous fame a simulation glitch?    12/19/14  (1)
NYT: "Import buckwild St Louis niggers into white schools!"    12/19/14  (1)
just opened a bag of pretzels and it was full of spiders    12/19/14  (1)
Why doesn't XO get into the Law School Rankings business?    12/19/14  (1)
interviewed Tuesday, just found associate I talked to on tinder    12/18/14  (1)
wanted to go outside today but no it's cold as fuck thanks libs    12/18/14  (1)
when should i get married    12/18/14  (1)
link to the torrent for the interview movie    12/18/14  (1)
lol hackers were posters and made several threads    12/18/14  (1)
i am WORRIED SICK about all the shit on the news    12/18/14  (1)
why didn't someone hack sony when they killed hd dvds    12/18/14  (1)
"Uh, hello, is this Sony?    12/18/14  (1)
NEWS    12/18/14  (1)