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Johns Hopkins analysis: COVID has had no effect on overall US death rates    11/30/20  (319)
Worst fight ever with my wife. I'm now staying at my parents.    11/30/20  (214)
GF's 18 yo son "not feeling college" after getting his 910 SAT score yesterday    12/01/20  (205)
ITT: truly weird cultural quirks of the mid-2000s    11/28/20  (177)
So a woman makes the shittiest kick in football history and media celebrates?    11/30/20  (165)
GA Senate Runoff is over: Dems won (link)    11/26/20  (164)
When did your earliest American ancestor arrive here?    11/29/20  (163)
FUCK LIBS: SCOTUS rules 5-4 Cuomo can’t limit religious service attendance    11/27/20  (154)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/01/20  (140)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find plausible    12/01/20  (138)
Net worth went from $400K to over $2M in a year thanks to $TSLA    11/29/20  (133)
Irish chicks - by far and away the ugliest in Europe    11/29/20  (129)
What makes Jews so immoral and depraved?    11/30/20  (126)
Of the 40,000 who joined the Navy last year, 20,000 wanted to join SEALs.    12/01/20  (108)
Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling    11/29/20  (104)
Amazing how movies just totally died as a thing.    11/29/20  (100)
ITT: who is THE most pathetic poaster on xoxo    11/25/20  (100)
Has Covid been good or bad on you?    11/29/20  (99)
33 million Americans worth $1.3M or more. What's your excuse faggot?    12/01/20  (98)
RATE this woman's answer to a dating site's prompt for dealbreakers/requirements    11/28/20  (96)
Used to always fuck high school ex-gf on THIS DAY back in college and law school    11/26/20  (94)
AMAZING NEW THREAD: More awful, xo posters vs. real life villains    12/01/20  (94)
black subordinate sent me super rude email    12/01/20  (92)
Scientists: HCQ was actually the cure, sorry guys    11/29/20  (91)
nyuug what do native koreans think of a larping foreigner like you?    11/30/20  (90)
XO Kendall Hinton    11/29/20  (89)
last legit rock single produced with a great hook/chorus?    11/28/20  (89)
Chads tasted GRJ's fruit. Not mike fart though, it's for marriage now    11/26/20  (89)
Retired at 40 with 20 Million NW... prestigious? (CSLG)    11/26/20  (88)
You can tell a lot about people by their CHRISTMAS TREES    11/26/20  (88)
ITT list drink orders that cast doubt on masculinity    11/29/20  (88)
society really shits on 30+ year-old single / childless men    11/28/20  (87)
Obama: Hispanics are fucking bigots    11/27/20  (84)
How does Arby's stay in business?    11/27/20  (84)
🚨Vanderbilt Head Coach FIRED🚨    11/30/20  (81)
I responded to the chick who told me she wasn’t interested (TSINAH)    11/26/20  (80)
Guess who’s off the market? 💍    11/29/20  (80)
RATE this text I got after an amazing first date (TSINAH)    11/30/20  (79)
What should the US response be if China invades Taiwan?    11/26/20  (79)
ITT: You post a comment, I declare whether it’s antisemitic.    11/28/20  (77)
Rate Obama’s new $11.75 million beach house    11/30/20  (74)
First ever PI Case - insurance company just accepted policy limits. YNY    11/25/20  (74)
What happened to that Richard Spencer guy?    12/01/20  (71)
Broncos to start undrafted rookie practice squad WR at quarterback    11/30/20  (70)
Why is this Pope such an unhinged faggot?    11/25/20  (69)
NYT: Coinbase has "torched any semblance of trust they had with media"    11/27/20  (69)
🚨 LUIS HAS A JOB 🚨    12/01/20  (68)
"How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?" (NYT)    12/01/20  (68)
God damn Nyuug is an annoying fucking faggot constantly spamming    11/29/20  (67)
Chandler got pozzed (CSLG)    11/25/20  (66)
I really mismanaged my life    11/29/20  (66)
🚗 Tesla: Worst in initial quality (JD Power) 🚗    11/25/20  (66)
All intergenerational wealth should be taxed 100%    11/25/20  (64)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/01/20  (64)
Poast your Thanksgiving plate: the tradition continues (pic)    11/27/20  (63)
Greenwald calls progressives 'cucked'    11/30/20  (63)
Rating poasters as the names of non-existent men's magazines    12/01/20  (62)
LOL @ the press now being typical state run media    11/28/20  (62)
Rate: this original painting I just bought    11/25/20  (60)
Trump shitting all over GA's Governor and Sec of State is AWESOME for Dem Senate    11/30/20  (59)
Is $15,000 yearly property taxes too much on a $700k house?    11/27/20  (59)
What fast food, if any, is worth eating?    11/27/20  (59)
Everyone blaming GWB for Roberts -- how was he to know? I give him a pass.    11/27/20  (59)
What is the clearest path to make $100k low stress 9-5?    12/01/20  (59)
Kavanaugh and Barrett SAVED religion    11/26/20  (58)
biden unveils his plan for SS/medicare...ordinary people are gonna like this    11/30/20  (58)
Poll: Coke tonight?    11/30/20  (57)
Most of the people on this board make a lot of money ($300k+ pa)    11/29/20  (56)
Just opened escrow on a 15 unit property (CSLG)    12/01/20  (55)
Country music is becoming annoyingly “woke”    11/29/20  (55)
Trump's the only POTUS since Reagan to actually deliver on his campaign promises    11/27/20  (54)
Thanksgiving alone in my 1 bedroom apartment, taking Qs, otherwise OK, 34 y/o    11/27/20  (54)
Is Palm Beach Florida a nice area to live in ??    12/01/20  (54)
Is my brother’s wife objectively attractive for a 40 yo?    11/30/20  (54)
First day as a professional delivery driver, on shift taking Q's    11/28/20  (54)
Would you still have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt after seeing this pic?    12/01/20  (54)
Pick one to live in: 1920s Paris/France, 1950s America, 1980s Japan    12/01/20  (54)
Litigation vs Corporate: which is more soul-crushing and why?    11/26/20  (53)
dear faggots: Brooks original polo button downs are on sale for $70    11/25/20  (53)
Name all the new shows in the last 5 yrs that do NOT have a homo subplot    11/27/20  (53)
Holy shit, Biden's new administration looks like an xo Trumpmo's IRL nightmare    12/01/20  (52)
Scale 1-10 how serious of a drinker am I?    12/01/20  (52)
boomer Delta pilot dumps fuel at low altitudes all over Los Angeles    11/29/20  (51)
Suicide methods where the body will never be recovered    11/27/20  (51)
So, "president-elect" Biden broke his foot playing with a puppy? lol at this pat    12/01/20  (51)
Rate my financial situation    11/25/20  (51)
Looked at getting a new adult baseball glove from Dicks. Why are they all $300?    11/28/20  (50)
Lifelong Christians tell me all the time they wish they converted later in life    11/30/20  (50)
Moving to WEST VIRGINIA soon, taking Q’s    11/26/20  (49)
At parents house for Thanksgiving, they constantly have CNN shit on    11/26/20  (49)
Trump attorney’s impressive resume    11/26/20  (49)
NJ school board member shits on the LGBT curriculum and on 140+ people on zoom    11/28/20  (49)
spent the past 3 hours researching computer monitors, whys it gotta be so hard?    11/26/20  (49)
Nasdaq announces it will delist any company w/o a female and minority BOD member    12/01/20  (49)
Rate: This MD's pics I ripped off of FB, she used to be hot    11/29/20  (49)
Discussion with mother re: COVID vaccine. "If Fauci says ok, then it's good"    12/01/20  (49)
Just bought a PS5 from a scalper for $1,000. Taking brief ?s    12/01/20  (49)
Has Sweden's no lockdown strategy failed?    11/30/20  (48)
So girls just do this all day during Christmas with family now?    12/01/20  (48)
Taking Qs about Asia    12/01/20  (47)
Kids are napping...about to fuck my wife on dinning room table (CSLG)    11/30/20  (47)
Wife wants to name our kid the same name of a guy she used to hook up with    11/29/20  (47)
Lmao JMIA fuck my ass    12/01/20  (47)
At no point in history did the US electorate want mass-immigration.    11/30/20  (46)
NYT: Bitcoin is racist and sexist    11/28/20  (46)
God the fucking "anti-racism" lib identity politics between 2021-2024 will suck    11/25/20  (46)
where is the link to the tyson fight    11/28/20  (46)
If you are smart about it, you can collect nice knives inexpensively.    11/25/20  (46)
abortion is a small issue. its only like a million babies a year    11/30/20  (45)
Will the entire Biden family have THANKSGIVING together, including his illegitim    11/30/20  (45)
I made less than 100K just a few years ago. Will clear 700K next year.    11/29/20  (45)
Archbishop Gregory Wilson says he won’t deny President Biden communion (link)    11/26/20  (44)
Property taxes are fucking bullshit and suck    11/27/20  (44)
lol at the revisionist reading of Genesis 1:26    11/29/20  (44)
Women start joining SEC football starting rosters (link)    11/28/20  (44)
Planning to knock up my 88lb 24yo gf, taking Q’s    11/30/20  (44)
Just made out with a 22 year old at a bar (TSINAH)    11/27/20  (44)
Lol Cindy McCain getting UK ambassadorship. Biden going pure neocon.    12/01/20  (44)
Petition to stop calling non medical doctors “Dr” like Dr. Jill Biden    11/27/20  (43)
Is 'HR director' a position a man can feel proud of?    12/01/20  (42)
Ex girlfriend asking me for $$$    11/30/20  (42)
Covid nasal swab screenings Tag you with a magnetic beacon    11/29/20  (42)
List your go-to liquor/cocktail ITT    11/28/20  (42)
Insane how even among the middle class, some people have a cushy life and some    11/30/20  (41)
Movie idea: Neurotic board lib wakes up in the world of a Hallmark movie    11/30/20  (40)
Should we think about rounding up the Catholics for extermination?    11/28/20  (40)
email from CEO sent tonight: we are expected to wear masks on Zoom calls    11/30/20  (40)
Ellen Page comes out as transgender (cnn)    12/01/20  (40)
GOP now just 1 of the last 8 in popular vote wins since 1988    11/27/20  (40)
Property taxes are unconstitutional    11/30/20  (40)
When did you notice the MSM becoming a full-on propaganda mill?    11/30/20  (39)
Used to think Boom was shtick “years ago” but now think he is some IRL weird    11/26/20  (39)
"Devout Catholic" Joe Biden doesn't know the P in psalm is silent    11/26/20  (39)
What is PLTR price target    11/27/20  (39)
why exactly is everyone so ugly now    11/29/20  (39)
What sort of weird freak do you have to be to dislike Joe Biden?    11/27/20  (38)
Should I go see my ex tonight?    11/30/20  (38)
Did epah really turn his two kids trans or is that xo flame?    11/30/20  (38)
birthright citizenship seriously needs to end    11/28/20  (38)
"Are you winning dad?" kid behind you looking over your shoulder at the screen    11/30/20  (38)
Rating poasters as CharlesXII quotes    11/30/20  (38)
REMINDER: The Queen’s Gambit is critical theory bilge    11/29/20  (38)
I paid $750 for GC shit this weekend. Taking insults.    12/01/20  (37)
FLYNN PARDONED    11/26/20  (37)
What should replace alcohol in my life    11/27/20  (37)
Explain how you get "vitamins" from the "sun"    11/29/20  (37)
My property taxes are over 40k a year. Fuck this gay earth.    11/27/20  (37)
Partner gets violent in the office. Help?    11/26/20  (36)
In-house GC junior work cuck sent four emails yesterday (Thanksgiving) afternoon    11/27/20  (36)