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Do whites fear what's going to happen to them in 10-20 yrs?    06/28/20  (244)
Fucked my slutty sister-in-law once 3 months ago, got herpes    07/02/20  (232)
St Louis couple stand guard outside their home as BLM invades their neighborhood    07/02/20  (193)
Kidmos: Any Wives Deliver In BIRTHING CENTER Or Do HOME BIRTH?    06/27/20  (167)
Kansas State student makes joke about George Floyd. KSU looking to expel    06/27/20  (164)
*****ON RECORD: July 1, 2020****** Who WINS Presidency?    07/02/20  (159)
Rumor that Alito is about to step down    07/01/20  (156)
BREAKING: Harvard kyootie who wanted to stab all conservatives just got fired    07/02/20  (156)
Help Me (Julia) Pick My Next Career    06/29/20  (128)
Holy shit a WEALTH of new Karen vids are trending on Twitter (link)    06/28/20  (125)
Best way to confront wife about her looks    07/01/20  (124)
japanese MILF not interested in American physician expatting in Japan    07/01/20  (123)
Let's talk about the religion of anti-racism    06/27/20  (118)
Which comedy of all time made you laugh the hardest?    06/28/20  (111)
Cal student murdered. Dean: "OK but don't forget about George Floyd"    06/28/20  (111)
Seekingarrangement update    07/01/20  (110)
xo Krystal Ball calls out Tucker (video)    06/29/20  (110)
Cute Harvard chick threatens to stab anyone who says All Lives Matter    07/02/20  (108)
XO Taibbi savages White Fragility    07/01/20  (108)
Biden: “D.C. should be a state”    06/27/20  (108)
'Mythbuster' Adam Savage BUSTED his sister's hymen as a kid. (DM)    06/30/20  (105)
What will America look like when dems gain power of all 3 branches?    06/28/20  (104)
Least competitive sport than can help you get into an Ivy?    06/29/20  (98)
had 3some last night with two parole hairstylists in tacky suburb    06/29/20  (97)
girl I know disinvited from friend's wedding for no-show at BLM protests (pics)    06/27/20  (94)
conservatives have a fetish for imagining the most pessimistic future possible    06/30/20  (94)
Does anyone even miss going to restaurants, bars?    07/01/20  (93)
Can anyone give a detailed comparison of Austin vs. Dallas for long term    07/01/20  (93)
Are white guys better off with Latin or Indian women compared to Azn women?    07/01/20  (92)
Trend I've noticed: daughters of African/Asian/Arab immigrants the most SJW    06/29/20  (91)
lol, great Google doodle today    06/30/20  (90)
dont make me bump my cuckold thread again, ask me Qs so I can enjoy it here    06/26/20  (90)
Tucker rising up against this loathsome cuck, IN governor Mike Braun    06/30/20  (87)
TTT dude going on a date with a CCN clerkship V5 chick - advice?    06/29/20  (85)
I’m starting to hate WFH    06/30/20  (83)
CDC data on deaths by age group from COVID    06/29/20  (82)
The female Jussie in Madison, WI    06/30/20  (82)
What score would these people get if they took the LSAT cold?    07/01/20  (80)
this UFC fight is great, an obese guido and a black guy who enjoys knitting    06/27/20  (80)
Why don’t we pay reparations?    06/27/20  (78)
Charles: can tucker get better contributors/guests?    07/01/20  (77)
Protesters mock Seattle cops for their lack of college, prestige    07/02/20  (76)
San Francisco’s plan to put homeless people in hotels not going well (link)    06/28/20  (75)
InHouse Bros: How to handle contractual party adding language after signing?    06/30/20  (73)
Should I buy a gun    07/02/20  (71)
It's clear the lockdowns need to continue until a vaccine is widely available    06/30/20  (71)
CharlesXII why do you tihnk Biden will win the election?    06/30/20  (71)
DBG, how often do the Jewish orthodox gets stop you on sidewalks to do a prayer?    06/27/20  (71)
HOLY SHIT check out these divorce court records from Alaska Neurosurgeon    06/29/20  (71)
How do you feel knowing the smartest, most accomplished ppl in society are lib?    06/26/20  (70)
Two main reasons why Trump is losing    06/27/20  (70)
POLL: how much did you spend on your wife’s engagement ring    07/01/20  (69)
Imagine The Cuckiness Of Some Beta Fag Who "Likes Going Into The Office"    06/30/20  (68)
Whites: defend this boomer Karen being a cuntbag to 2 teen girls picking berries    06/30/20  (68)
Magic the Gathering cards have skyrocketed in value    06/27/20  (66)
How much could CSLG sell his practice for?    06/26/20  (66)
Trump retweeted a video where his supporters shout “white power”    06/28/20  (66)
the Berkeley dean statement is mind blowing    06/28/20  (66)
White People Own 98 Percent of Rural Land. Blacks Want to Reclaim Their Share    06/30/20  (66)
Do all shortmos wipe standing up?    06/30/20  (65)
Princeton removing Woodrow Wilson's name for 'racist thinking'    06/27/20  (65)
Imagine "living" in Arizona lmao    06/25/20  (65)
Trump's new covid response plan    07/02/20  (65)
Changed my mind. Everyone who can should leave America    06/30/20  (64)
Libs coming after the national anthem now    06/26/20  (64)
The most powerful image of 2020 and I’m not joking    06/29/20  (64)
The implosion of black families in the 70s/80s is wildly undercovered    07/01/20  (64)
I drank a coors light tallboy at 6:45 AM today    07/02/20  (63)
2 "teens" shot by CHAZ security, 1 dies    07/02/20  (63)
trader joes is the most prole supermarket    07/02/20  (63)
What’s Xo wisdom on Appalachian Trail?    06/30/20  (63)
USC Nigs Create IG To Share @Black_At_USC Stories (Link)    07/02/20  (62)
1943 ideal weight chart from Met Life insurance company    07/01/20  (61)
My app matches have gone down significantly since this BLM nonsense started —    06/30/20  (61)
when the reaction comes (the american conservative)    07/01/20  (61)
What is XO’s version of “delete your account”    06/27/20  (61)
Hired a new associate to work under Chandler (CSLG)    06/29/20  (60)
Tucker dropping NUCLEAR BOMBS on Trump rn    06/26/20  (59)
I got my first handjob senior year of high school and it was fucking crazy    06/27/20  (59)
Everyone passing the buck on COVID means no school for most kids this fall    06/29/20  (59)
Neighbor kids have created bike path thru my backyard    06/27/20  (58)
The entire Republican Party is going to get utterly wrecked in November    06/26/20  (57)
Brett Baier’s wife’s nudes — should I post them?    06/26/20  (57)
Anyone else find marriage tough as hell / a daily challenge?    07/01/20  (57)
How do redpillers have any hope these days? I want to jump off bridge    07/01/20  (56)
Biden "speech" ends in silence, no applause (video)    06/27/20  (56)
What's the non-racist explanation why black communities have so many problems?    06/30/20  (56)
Which US President was the biggest CHAD?    06/28/20  (56)
Rate this 16 year old runaway. Would u take her in? (Pics)    07/01/20  (56)
Worst campaign promise ever has to be Trump's "wall"    06/29/20  (56)
Sick of snarky "insurance" ads    06/25/20  (56)
Gunmos- do you store your guns loaded?    07/01/20  (55)
There is literally no argument against DC statehood other than I hate blacks    06/27/20  (55)
Trump could drop out due to shitty poll #s    06/29/20  (55)
Has anyone on this site gotten Covid?    06/27/20  (54)
Non-lawyer here. Can someone explain the "concurrence" thing Roberts did?    06/29/20  (54)
Jewish Strategizing to Maintain 1000% Overrepresentation in the Ivy L    06/29/20  (54)
NYT’s 1619 Project founder: “FUCK WHITEY KILL WHITEY”    06/26/20  (54)
Roberts’ obsession with keeping the Court “credible” is ridiculous.    07/01/20  (54)
dating in the modern era absolutely sucks    06/28/20  (53)
how much money would you need to be on top floor of wtc at 8:43 am?    06/29/20  (53)
objective 6 w/ 200k ig followers made $400k on onlyfans in <6m (pic)    07/02/20  (52)
"Hypervigilant Mom" Who Did Everything Is POZZED    06/30/20  (51)
How does a decent looking conservative homosexual find a non shitlib husband?    06/30/20  (50)
Any Trumpmos willing to admit defeat?    06/28/20  (49)
LJL Lena Dunham is finally getting cancelled    06/30/20  (49)
THE AUTOADMIT SUBREDDIT IS BANNED (link)    06/29/20  (49)
Tucker’s gotta run in 2024.    06/30/20  (48)
So blacks don't realize most American whites arrived after Civil War    07/01/20  (48)
Trump and GOP was in complete control for 2 years, why no wall?    06/28/20  (47)
WaPo Opinion Editor: White women are "lucky we just call them Karen"    07/01/20  (47)
lmao new reddit rules literally carves out exemption for hate speech vs. whites    06/29/20  (46)
Huge frenzy as people are buying homes in Montana sight unseen (link)    06/26/20  (46)
Lol at people wearing a mask while driving alone in a vehicle    06/27/20  (46)
xo uses sarcasm to hide how demoralized & defeated they are. libs won    07/01/20  (46)
What does a non Jewish white male even do at a place like Harvard?    06/28/20  (45)
how do i save myself    06/27/20  (45)
Do Jews really not see BLM’s end game is confiscating their wealth?    06/30/20  (45)
Tesla soaring, a gaped pumo cries    07/01/20  (45)
rating posters as cheeses    07/01/20  (45)
How Is "Biden Isn't HER" Not A Retard Response To Claim That Polls Are Fake    06/25/20  (45)
Joe Biden on hot mic: 'we don't need any more n*gger big shots' (audio)    07/02/20  (44)
Fauci Warns Coronavirus Cases Could Reach 100,000 a Day, as Surge Delays Reopeni    07/01/20  (44)
St. Louis homeowners cuck. Release stmt saying they LOVE blacklivematters mvmt    06/30/20  (44)
is xo coming around to the fact that “Karen” meme just anti white propaganda    06/30/20  (44)
libs legit aren't funny    07/01/20  (44)
Arizona had a 28.3% positive test rate for COVID death in last 24 hours    07/02/20  (44)
How would YOU caption this NYT cartoon    07/01/20  (43)
can't believe some people had sex in high school    06/26/20  (43)
Can any of you Bros recommend a way to get into POETRY?    06/28/20  (43)
Shotgun vs. “heavy barrel” AR15 for home defense    07/01/20  (43)
Gofundme for cute Paki lawyer molotov bomber chick raises $150k (LINK):    07/01/20  (43)
based teen aryan soccer princess refuses to 'kneel'    06/29/20  (43)
Border (2018 Swedish film) wow    06/28/20  (42)
rating poasters as fluids    07/01/20  (42)
This is the electoral map if current polling holds    06/26/20  (42)
Friend is a Covid researcher and posted this list of new research    06/29/20  (42)
My small company is MANDATING we all read White Fragility    06/30/20  (42)
Where should DBG move in the US?    06/30/20  (41)
Credited sunglass brand that isn't under luxxotica    06/28/20  (41)
University expels student for TikTok video re: black on black crime (link)    06/30/20  (41)
I struggle with banging ultra prole chicks, they can tell I just want to use the    06/28/20  (41)
Video of antifa member shooting random people in Louisville:    06/29/20  (41)
Lincoln Project cuts whatever is left of Trump's manhood off with new ad    06/29/20  (41)
State U: Holding values of BLM is "non-negotiable condition of enrollment“    07/02/20  (40)