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Baltimore High School Student Ranks Near Top Half of Class With 0.13 GPA    03/04/21  (167)
Name your second choice undergrad (that you were accepted to)    03/03/21  (156)
Tourists throw food to lure hog next to gator, then gator attacks (vid) shitty?    03/02/21  (123)
Catholicism looks much more CR than ProTTTestantism    02/27/21  (117)
asked a nurse out for drinks. says she has a BF but still wants to go out. wtf?    03/04/21  (117)
Texas couldn’t wait 2 months when vaccination is widespread before opening?    03/03/21  (113)
Would you ever buy a house that's been flipped?    03/04/21  (111)
IQ Requirement to understand various Plots    03/02/21  (111)
Under water on SOL taking life advice    03/01/21  (110)
Boston public schools suspend gifted programs due to race disparities:    03/01/21  (106)
Dubai is the grandest city in the world    03/02/21  (105)
It's happening: Baby born with 3 dads on birth certificate in NYC    03/02/21  (105)
Wife is wrong race to get vaccinated    03/03/21  (105)
If you think a mask mandate = tyranny, please kill yourself.    03/04/21  (104)
Princeton math prof/genius: oh they coming for math too    03/02/21  (103)
It begins: Biden launches air strike in Syria    02/27/21  (101)
All the richmos I know wear Apple watches now, luxury watches = flame?    03/02/21  (100)
which escort should I get tonight?    03/03/21  (99)
*** OFFICIAL TRUMP CPAC SPEECH THREAD ***    03/01/21  (97)
Warren: Increase IRS budget $100 billion so it can audit 30% of Americans yearly    03/04/21  (91)
so I'm shut out of the housing market forever?    02/27/21  (90)
If humans are supposed to be vegan, why do vegans need to take b12 supplements    03/01/21  (90)
Rate This Deposition of a Combative Attorney    03/02/21  (90)
List of songs permanently associated with a single movie/TV show    03/02/21  (87)
is there any image you use to motivate yourself regularly?    03/01/21  (87)
Stephen King was the luckiest man alive    03/04/21  (85)
Had taco tuesday at home last night. Was a big hit.    03/04/21  (85)
BTC will go to 150k. LOL @ idiots cashing out now    03/03/21  (84)
San Fran DA says black teen had "temper tantrum" when he attacked Asian man    03/04/21  (83)
Rate this text from my downstairs neighbor who I just texted after he banged on    02/28/21  (83)
When did Amazon become literally 100% Chinese garbage?    02/26/21  (80)
Minneapolis to spend $1M+ On twitter influencers re: George Floyd trial    03/01/21  (80)
Law firm associates are terrible at understanding law as a business    03/04/21  (79)
I can’t believe libs cancelled Dr. Seuss    03/03/21  (78)
for the love of fuck can’t one of the old poasters here just contact rach    03/04/21  (77)
Proper etiquette when nice hotel can't find you reservation?    03/04/21  (76)
XO Davis Polk SURPRISES associates with special covid gifts    03/04/21  (75)
where is best place to get old as fuck oil paintings that are not expensive?    03/03/21  (75)
Taking 180 HONEYMOON suggestions ITT    03/02/21  (73)
3rd baby on the way. What's the CR minivan? Pacifica vs Odyssey vs Sienna    03/02/21  (72)
Boys forced to leave school for blackface, photos show it was green acne medica    03/03/21  (71)
REMINDER: critical theory never ends. Buttigieg: highways "racist" (link)    02/26/21  (71)
Women seem wildly uninterested in UFOs    03/02/21  (70)
Conservative but thinking of turning lib    03/03/21  (70)
Would you fuck a freshly dead 10s dead body with a single stab wound 2 heart?    03/02/21  (70)
CBS freaking out about effect of birth rate decline on Boomers    03/04/21  (69)
did you have girls in your middle or high school who developed early    02/27/21  (68)
barebacked escort tonight (ad)    03/04/21  (68)
How many generations back till 1 of ur ancestors killed someone    03/03/21  (67)
Mortgage delinquencies are higher than in 08    03/01/21  (67)
MODS, another death threat thread    03/01/21  (66)
I stand with spaceporn    03/04/21  (65)
How bad is milk for t levels?    03/01/21  (65)
Kamala Harris furious over air strike in Syria    02/26/21  (64)
7-year-old Alabama girl selling lemonade to fund her own brain surgeries    02/28/21  (64)
Takings Qs about Dubai    02/27/21  (64)
Rate this lease deal: 2021 Audi Q8, 80k MSRP, 0 down, 1,000 p/ month,    03/02/21  (63)
Getting health insurance, life insurance, dental + vision for all staff (CSLG    02/28/21  (63)
Greg Abbott making "statewide announcement" stream    03/02/21  (63)
I know someone who lateraled to Morgan Lewis and they broke her in 3 months.    03/02/21  (62)
that NASA Mars tweet is insane    02/28/21  (62)
Rate the description of the latest perp of anti AZN attacks in Seattle    03/04/21  (62)
HBO Rome is the best television ever made    03/01/21  (62)
Minn. Supreme Ct. Justice’s Daughter Found Dead in Sorority Parking Lot    02/28/21  (61)
What are the top 5 novels by American writers?    03/04/21  (61)
Would you buy a house w/ imminent construction of new house next door?    03/01/21  (61)
whats the dumbest political belief you used to have    03/03/21  (61)
RATE Robin DiAngelo’s new book “Nice Racism” #RespectTheGrift    03/03/21  (61)
We used to poast so much about Muslims    02/27/21  (61)
NASA: The trip to Mars can only be understood through Black Americans.    02/28/21  (60)
do you know how much it takes to be the top 1% in various countries?    02/28/21  (59)
There are so many anonymous senators    03/04/21  (58)
Kindergarten teacher is an insane shitlib    03/04/21  (58)
Asians: Who do you all hate more- Chinese or Japanese?    02/27/21  (57)
Waco, TX jury sides w/patent troll in $2.2B judgment against Intel (link)    03/03/21  (57)
describe the life of a MAGISTRATE JUDGE in DAYTON    03/04/21  (57)
Yale Law Journal apologizes profusely for admitting blacks at much higher rates    03/02/21  (57)
What percentage of US men have visible abs?    03/04/21  (56)
What's the most underrated state to live in?    03/01/21  (56)
Is AutoAdmit getting shut down or something?    03/04/21  (56)
XO Nick Fuentes full speech to AFPAC    03/01/21  (56)
this article about consolidation in housing market deserves a separate thread    03/01/21  (55)
Least used key on American keyboards    02/26/21  (54)
NYUUG "taking scalps on the way down" as BTC pumps from 43k -> 50k    03/04/21  (52)
Slate writer: "The word 'obese' has done incredible damage to my body"    03/04/21  (51)
Buying SOL at $14 is like buying ETH at $14    03/04/21  (51)
Calling it now NBA Top Shot will be the biggest investment move of the year    03/02/21  (51)
contributing to an HSA feels like a waste    02/27/21  (51)
XO hates modern looking house design. Post links to nice houses with good design    03/04/21  (51)
Look what defunding the police did to Oakland    03/04/21  (50)
Rachel Maddow had a whole segment on Nick Fuentes    03/02/21  (50)
Tourist randomly murdered on the Vegas strip by the local fauna:    03/04/21  (50)
Is AOC retarded?    02/26/21  (49)
whats the nicest major city airport in the us?    03/01/21  (49)
I cannot imagine a worst country to move to than England    03/03/21  (48)
Amazon controls 83% of America’s book market    03/04/21  (48)
14.5 percent of lawyers are in the top one percent of earners    02/27/21  (47)
Gonna kill self, have six mil. No fam really. How to find 60 ppl to give 100k to    03/04/21  (47)
Stupid for wife and I to not get Moderna vaccine bc of infertility concerns?    02/28/21  (47)
Hypo: you find out that your kid has been assigned to this teacher (link)    02/27/21  (47)
Is biglaw "Of Counsel" any good?    02/28/21  (47)
ARKK is down again fuck my ass    03/04/21  (46)
The Left has redefined a lot of issues from solvable to unsolvable    03/04/21  (46)
So I’m 0.1 percent Korean and I matched 23andme w a girl whose    03/01/21  (46)
Do people ever regret tranny surgery?    03/04/21  (46)
Cryptobros: What's your response to ppl like Bill Gates who say it's just people    02/27/21  (46)
Former Amazon Studios executive who wouldn't fly coach sues for wrongful termina    02/28/21  (46)
Thinking of buying these boots. Taking thoughts/insults    02/26/21  (44)
What the FUCK is happening to the stock market?    03/04/21  (44)
retarded goyim families who own 15 'tablets' with 'alexa' in every room    03/01/21  (44)
Any of you law apes writing COVERED CALLS?    02/27/21  (44)
Cat in the Hat explaining human biological diversity to gasping crowd    03/03/21  (44)
Why would any attorney take a job for less than $150k pa?    03/02/21  (43)
salem witch trials were literally women faking & accusing women they didnt like    03/03/21  (43)
how are sane, respectable people still members of the Dem party?    03/04/21  (42)
The saddest I've ever been IRL was a LDR when I was 24, crazy    02/27/21  (42)
NBC: Come on, violence against Asians isn’t a “hate crime”    03/01/21  (42)
Didn’t Trump also order airstrikes on Syria just months into office?    02/26/21  (42)
My portfolio is a joke, way too much risk    02/26/21  (42)
Itt: your best baseball cards    03/02/21  (42)
Explain how a "minimum wage" isn't just straight communism.    02/26/21  (41)
Describe life in TAMPA, FL    03/03/21  (41)
Seattle activists claim bicycle helmet laws are racist, council may repeal    03/04/21  (41)
The Campaign to Cancel Wokeness: How the right is trying to censor critical race    02/27/21  (41)
serial killing in 1970s was easy & everyone did it. zero risk    03/04/21  (41)
here it is, this is the future you asked for    02/27/21  (41)
Made 5M this year after never making more than 300k    03/02/21  (41)
Getting my first post covid haircut today    02/28/21  (41)
How do mice even get into your house?    03/02/21  (40)
This Lady Gaga dognapping story is weird as shit    02/26/21  (40)
Colleges now giving their students useful advice - how to be a prostitute    03/01/21  (40)
US spent $1.5 trillion on the F-35    02/28/21  (40)
We really, really need to get to the bottom of this Woody Allen/Mia Farrow shit    03/01/21  (40)
I definitely have the most kids on XO    03/02/21  (40)
My wife and children are blonde & white, can feel hostility walking thru NYC    03/03/21  (39)
Did anyone NOT cash out of the stock market yet?    03/01/21  (39)
SOL right now is $17 on Binance US, $15 everywhere else. What gives?    03/01/21  (39)
rate this chicks amazing transformation    03/04/21  (38)
explain decent looking white men who date dumpy looking asians    03/04/21  (38)
So now we have to read about Cuomo’s every flirtation with women?    03/02/21  (38)
Replace one word in a famous movie title with "Penis"    03/04/21  (38)
Jew here. Openly ready & willing to admit Italians were better at running Vegas.    03/03/21  (38)
evan39 when did this "Red Velvet Cake" bull crap start?    03/02/21  (38)
Lmao clown world: EBAY BANS DR. SEUSS LISTINGS    03/04/21  (38)
Posters with gfs/wives with tits LARGER than DD, tell us more    02/27/21  (38)
Bothers me daily that constantinople is in heathen hands    03/01/21  (37)
Economists are IRATE that the AVERAGE lawyer makes a salary of $144,230    03/04/21  (37)
cowgod 3/2 megathread    03/02/21  (37)
how do i end my addiction to Ativan    03/01/21  (37)
prince here, freaked out about what i learned today in physics    03/01/21  (37)