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Besides me what poasters have the most prestigious physique    01/27/15  (268)
ITT: Rank the V10    01/29/15  (112)
who has the best car on xo. what do you drive    01/29/15  (102)
Scott Walker urges professors to work harder    01/30/15  (81)
what's the best thing you've bought on amazon recently    01/28/15  (79)
$7 million guaranteed? No thanks. BOSS.    01/29/15  (75)
literally wasted college    01/28/15  (75)
is it weird to be having an extremely good time in law school    01/29/15  (74)
What jobs/careers DON'T suck and still pay decently well?    01/27/15  (47)
Lawyer faces $1M sanction b/c her physician client fucked up    01/26/15  (45)
Day 27 of "Special Eating Plan" (Not a Cleanse).    01/27/15  (38)
Mark Anthony (CBS Analyst) busted for prostitution    01/27/15  (37)
Summer Associate Candidate Asked ME why I went to law school    01/30/15  (36)
what's the best overall race of human. please settle this    01/26/15  (36)
GF saw I got an email from opentable about dinner reservations    01/28/15  (35)
NYT black columnist fuming b/c son stopped by Yale police w/guns    01/28/15  (34)
is a stress free 9-5 that pays 35k totally CR?    01/27/15  (31)
Econ PhD--> law school cr?    01/29/15  (29)
Do you need to register a copyright w USPTO to sell a license?    01/25/15  (29)
undergrad gym today ungh gappy ass tired eyes and tiny titties    01/29/15  (25)
Hypo: Anti US Saudi Prince launches Coup    01/28/15  (24)
any poasters had any experience with GOODWIN PROCTER?    01/28/15  (23)
Admin Law: What the fuck is this shit?    01/27/15  (22)
birdman best picture upset brewing?>    01/26/15  (21)
bank finance v. ip lit    01/25/15  (21)
10th yr associate leaves biglaw with 1.2M, dies the next day    01/29/15  (19)
28 years old, 4th yr biglawyer. Want to quit to write fiction.    01/29/15  (19)
do blonde blue eyed girls stay hot longer than other white women    01/25/15  (19)
leaving BIGLAW for BIGFED. taking questions    01/31/15  (18)
how many famous poasters used to be other famous poasters    01/29/15  (18)
What are the XOXO approved supplements?    01/27/15  (18)
Planning to leave biglaw like Favre    01/29/15  (17)
what was your pump up song while you were studying for the lsat    01/31/15  (16)
Which Rutgers shitlaw prof is the slutty one?    01/27/15  (15)
Shitlibs on FB: "Ban Antivaxxer idiots." "Also Ban GMO Crops!"    01/30/15  (14)
skipped an adderall. literally drove to the store for a doughnut    01/29/15  (14)
mcdonalds would not make me a hamburger no matter how much i beg    01/25/15  (14)
Rate this convo with elder Boomer neighbor this morning (Earl)    01/27/15  (13)
Surprised: NYC Women > Las Vegas Women    01/27/15  (13)
I will have been on 5 dates with girl by valenties day. how to    01/29/15  (12)
Leaving biglaw with 400K cash, 200K 401K/IRA    01/28/15  (12)
real talk: TLSers have weak writing skills. But why?    01/25/15  (12)
is it prole as fuck to not have a car    01/30/15  (11)
competitive for in-house yet?    01/28/15  (11)
what's good on netflix right at this moment    01/25/15  (11)
PMP cert: TTT or worthwhile?    01/25/15  (11)
Reminder: Bush/Sandoval is the GOP's only shot    01/30/15  (10)
Can one good dinner party with friends change life??    01/31/15  (10)
This 19y/o NOWIG is more accomplished than 60% of xo poasters    01/30/15  (10)
Friendly Reminder: ITE Medians at CCN strike out @ OCI    01/30/15  (10)
dying climber shrew's last words on mt everest: "wait"    01/29/15  (10)
JFC just dropped melon ball and it rolled into partner's office    01/28/15  (10)
*makes a bloody mary and crawls inside blanket fort to poast*    01/29/15  (10)
Tiger really might be done here.    01/30/15  (9)
do you ever feel great but get the shakes like crazy    01/30/15  (9)
Best cheap hot tub scene in vail?    01/26/15  (9)
why doesn't NPR hire some intellectual conservatives?    01/31/15  (8)
lib arts/failed T14 biglaw burnout ... How to get in tech?    01/26/15  (8)
is there ever a situation where it's ok to trust a cop    01/25/15  (8)
have you ever woken up and realized you poasted your face on xo    01/31/15  (7)
do you ever get hungover and literally afraid to go out again    01/30/15  (7)
shocked that poor people who use windows don't just build a mac    01/29/15  (7)
most CR - roommates or studio? DC    01/29/15  (7)
Jewish law firm made million$ with fraud lawsuits (New Yorker)    01/29/15  (7)
Email stirs 'fat shaming' controversy at Bryn Mawr College    01/30/15  (6)
do you ever secretly carry a gun somewhere you're not allowed to    01/30/15  (6)
best thing about jailbreaking is saving titties on snapchat    01/30/15  (6)
holy shit xfiles is better becauds thay are better looking then    01/29/15  (6)
*scrolls to old facebook posts* *ctrl-f "faggot"* *delete, delet    01/27/15  (6)
Gays outlaw the Boy Scouts in California    01/25/15  (6)
I can't imagine how weird it is to hang out with XO peeps IRL    01/24/15  (6)
After I don't use xo a few days    01/31/15  (5)
life tip keep grill on 24/7 so you can throw meat on it whenever    01/30/15  (5)
Membership at Met and NYCB - Worth It?    01/30/15  (5)
Your Pre-Oct 1, 2007 Loans Don't Define You    01/29/15  (5)
Is skinnyfat the CR body type for BIGLAW???    01/29/15  (5)
Rafalca, back from Kolob, peppers Cruz's angus    01/29/15  (5)
just got tan as fuck ungh got dat summertime feel    01/28/15  (5)
9-5 Exec-Level Flyover 95K    01/27/15  (5)
Girl goes from BIGLAW to BIGPainter    01/28/15  (5)
Reminder: addy is not dangerous if only if...    01/24/15  (5)
gf has double chin, dad has cancer, yelled at for dip in office    01/30/15  (4)
*plays madden 2000 with roommates* *picks Rams every time*    01/30/15  (4)
Do H UGs list H as HU or HC on their resumes, bios?    01/29/15  (4)
do you ever post so much horseshit you don't even understand it    01/28/15  (4)
Biglaw is awesome, just do 6 yrs / save $1M -> retire early    01/29/15  (4)
How would a 6'4", 200 lb, 7 facial aesthetic, $400k salary....    01/31/15  (3)
Simulation glitch: Jacque Vaughn still coach of Magic    01/30/15  (3)
does hillary clinton still get on the rag or is she too old    01/30/15  (3)
What about just do park ranger bro?    01/30/15  (3)
I am 37, and have my 401k in Vanguard 2036-40. Too Decadent?    01/29/15  (3)
Johnsmeyer makes his FEB 2015 IBR 15% Payment    01/29/15  (3)
ever see someone snort shit and just spray nose blood everywhere    01/25/15  (3)
Crazy how badly Spotify pwns Pandora    01/25/15  (3)
Can you make a lot of money in advertising?    01/25/15  (3)
RSF, tell us about your finances. How much do you get per month?    01/24/15  (3)
NYC LIVING LOL (BOOR)    01/31/15  (2)
Projector bros come ITT    01/31/15  (2)
one of life's best purposes is making sure each other has fun    01/30/15  (2)
hillary commander in chief wearing war paint leading troops into    01/31/15  (2)
180 cleanse tip: get dialysis once a month    01/30/15  (2)
PSA: there is no fixing McDs (and that's OK)    01/29/15  (2)
confession i can't stop eating canned asparagus it's delicious    01/29/15  (2)
This Notre Dame UG looks like Taylor Swift (not flame/ SFW)    01/29/15  (2)
Johnsmeyer wearing his "He PAYE Me!" Boxers    01/28/15  (2)
pumos who walk into class late sipping a latte    01/27/15  (2)
DRB Education Refinance for loans?    01/27/15  (2)
Hitler reacts to Grateful Dead announcement    01/27/15  (2)
Some NYC universities are already closed Monday & Tuesday    01/25/15  (2)
local cops spotted using dog targets at police shooting range    01/25/15  (2)
Shitlibs, explain why hanging criminals is always wrong.    01/24/15  (2)
10k years ago we had cave versions of dangerous animals    01/31/15  (1)
every time i walk into a grocery store a chicago song is playing    01/31/15  (1)
FUCK, GDTS TOO sent back my money orders, no tix    01/31/15  (1)
sia - elastic heart    01/31/15  (1)
itt: explain how to make a blank thread title like that one dude    01/30/15  (1)
do you ever take things from people and just stare and walk away    01/30/15  (1)
(bloodacre skulking into a pizza buffet) You know why I'm here.    01/30/15  (1)
You know why I'm here (j shad going into a gay bar)    01/30/15  (1)
*goes to law school* *doesn't' have a great time*    01/29/15  (1)
lol every cheap laptop is a $3000 mac when you put os x on it    01/29/15  (1)
do you ever realize in class you can hear everyones nose whistle    01/29/15  (1)
EXTRE EXTRE!!! xo is FLAME    01/29/15  (1)
quit v30 to be an independent film producer?    01/28/15  (1)
Going into journalism be a mistake?    01/28/15  (1)
hump day    01/28/15  (1)
what should i do with my life?    01/28/15  (1)
Anyone else watching Sons of Liberty?    01/28/15  (1)
are you ever afraid to blankbump a new formerly famous poaster    01/27/15  (1)
libss make it impossible to be happy (xo poa    01/27/15  (1)
JJC vomiting blood at HBS interview    01/26/15  (1)
Gun brehs: pistol grip 18" mossberg for home defense?    01/25/15  (1)
"Christy, don't just stand there. Eat it!"    01/25/15  (1)
ive been doing the SHMONEY dance since before bobby SHMURDAD    01/25/15  (1)
shitlawprof makes factual error in Serial defense in NYT    01/24/15  (1)
Koreans    01/24/15  (1)
watch in woman's figure skating national champs right now    01/24/15  (1)
Reminder: Pats Harbored a Murderer    01/24/15  (1)
Black Mirror just got real    01/24/15  (1)
is 25 too old to start LS?    01/24/15  (1)