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Work at a European firm, AMA    09/28/20  (271)
First two days of virtual Kindergarten have been an abject disaster    09/22/20  (228)
this philosophical response was written by AI    09/13/20  (215)
Law firms DONE HERE: First state oks non-lawyer ownership of firms    09/16/20  (213)
2021 USNWR college rankings    09/18/20  (213)
GINSBURG IS DEAD    09/21/20  (202)
Dept of Ed Investigating Princeton after Pton prez claims school is racist    09/21/20  (199)
Whose career was CANCELLED the WORST but was probably the most innocent?    09/02/20  (195)
ITT: I post the first sentence of a Wiki plot summary & you guess the movie    09/11/20  (188)
I post a pic of a pretty girl. You blank bump the ones that really wow you    09/19/20  (185)
In VC, taking Questions    09/27/20  (181)
Dude shoots self in face on livestream (video):    09/05/20  (166)
some conclusions i have drawn from smoking dmt    09/26/20  (161)
BREAKING: Trump called fallen servicemembers "losers" and "suckers."    09/08/20  (158)
How did Henry Aaron get outed?    09/25/20  (155)
Biden doesn’t actually have dementia, does he? Not clinical?    09/16/20  (150)
Remember when you thought making $100k per year would be amazing?    09/28/20  (148)
is biden/harris the lowest iq potus ticket in history?    09/19/20  (143)
Will Trumpmos ever admit they got conned?    09/28/20  (142)
XO has no open and free debate due to low IQ shitcons imported from Stormfront    09/01/20  (140)
Link to Jesus opining on gay marriage or abortion?    09/08/20  (138)
My WFH end next month. Fml    09/20/20  (137)
Trump: "Let's try 'Fuck the Troops' and 'I lied about Covid" to get #s up    09/10/20  (135)
ITT I give you career advice    09/26/20  (135)
Weeks after defunding them, Minneapolis City Council asks: Where are the Police?    09/17/20  (134)
Just started in-house, realizing I’ve made a huge mistake    09/28/20  (133)
Chicago Tribune: Kyle Rittenhouse is going to walk.    09/09/20  (132)
As a dem, I struggle to understand why the GOP is behaving the way it is    09/24/20  (131)
Sex worker I see who only does massages makes between 150-200K a year    09/17/20  (128)
Phrases 100 IQ Redditors say    09/11/20  (127)
Credible rumor that an Amy Coney Barrett sex tape is about to drop    09/27/20  (126)
TRUMP signs executive order banning Critical Race Theory from all funding.    09/25/20  (124)
Cocaine Mitch has 51. It's over libs.    09/24/20  (123)
Moving to new city at 37 - how long to build new social circle?    09/22/20  (123)
The *CHAD* guide to Defi farming    09/16/20  (123)
Most difficult college course you've taken    09/11/20  (123)
Pics of girls in short shorts    09/20/20  (123)
antifa/leftists actually are starting the fires, lol    09/14/20  (122)
JAMA: "covid affects races differently bcos of genetic differences" libs: NOOOOO    09/14/20  (121)
Sorority girl held for $1 million bail. LMAO at her mugshot    09/17/20  (120)
Gen X/Millennial dividing line: whether you personally remember Cobain suicide?    09/12/20  (117)
How do I tell my wife I don’t love her?    09/15/20  (116)
Bloomberg pays fees of 40,000 ex felons in Florida    09/23/20  (115)
After BLM, rethinking Civil Rights Era history I was taught    09/03/20  (114)
Girls don't want money.    09/07/20  (112)
Michelle Obama: “Systemic racism is white women cutting me in line for ice cre    08/29/20  (111)
Web developer lives in old style house in rural New Hampshire with wife and baby    08/30/20  (111)
Really old people have zero quality of life    09/06/20  (111)
REMINDER: Sweden virtually no new cases—did nothing    09/11/20  (111)
ITT I rate you as a fast food chain    09/26/20  (110)
I actually want to ask a serious, non-sarcastic question about BLM ITT    09/12/20  (109)
Shitcons SCRAMBLING to nominate/approve a 169 LSAT prole to SCOTUS    09/26/20  (108)
Libs: new Netflix CHILD PORN film challenges those terrified of child sexuality    09/11/20  (108)
Wait, are there posters who actually doubt Trump called them "losers"?    09/05/20  (108)
SP - get your ass in here and explain your Henry Aaron outing drama.    09/21/20  (106)
Thoughts on male circumcision?    09/20/20  (105)
I’m starting to think Trump is gonna lose bc of these riots (explanation)    08/31/20  (105)
Oscar Films Must Be Inclusive Starting in 2024    09/10/20  (104)
Why do certain Americans HATE soccer so much?    09/22/20  (104)
Andrew Sullivan: Actually, meritocracy is inherently bad (link)    09/15/20  (104)
i really hope NFL ratings tank    09/11/20  (102)
Lmao Mike Fart is dating a poster?    08/30/20  (101)
Jay-Z was considered a rapper until Nas exposed him    09/26/20  (101)
Why is MDH obsessed with me?    09/17/20  (101)
Trump: Pentagon brass want endless war in order to enrich defense companies    09/08/20  (100)
So NYT just happens to drop this story 1 month before election? LOL    09/28/20  (100)
what do you reasonably see your income being in 3-5 years?    09/27/20  (98)
Wells Fargo CEO: not enough smart black people to hire (link)    09/23/20  (98)
apparently r/childfree is having a meltdown over RBG    09/24/20  (98)
Columbia University Marching Band disbands due to racism, misogyny    09/16/20  (97)
🚨 Multiple cops shot near Los Angeles in suspected #BLM attack 🚨    09/15/20  (96)
Tropical Storm Beta would like to make landfall, if you're down for that    09/24/20  (96)
FAT MEN: Don't lie to yourselves. Male obesity is ruinous.    09/11/20  (95)
How does RBG dying help Trump in election?    09/19/20  (95)
ACLU: NO ONE should be executed for a mistake they made as a juvenile    09/28/20  (94)
McDonalds CEO in obscenity filled rant on how shitty the McFlurry is (audio)    09/08/20  (93)
Israel busted with spy devices all over the White House    09/25/20  (93)
we doing PS5 or Xbox Series X ?    09/12/20  (93)
Just took Texans +10. Putting a GRAND on it. You have been warned. Bet according    09/11/20  (93)
Cucker Tarlson throws Charles under the bridge AGAIN in long interview screed    08/31/20  (93)
What are dating apps like for 36 yr old guy living in major lib city?    09/18/20  (92)
Best suburb in NYC area?    09/25/20  (92)
What happens to RBG's clerks on Monday morning?    09/24/20  (91)
If your wife gave you a 24 hour hall pass, could you get laid without paying?    09/04/20  (91)
Reparations are happening.    09/01/20  (90)
rate this picture my neighbor just sent me, havent responded yet    09/13/20  (90)
Looking at LinkedIn: so many people are SO FUCKING LUCKY    08/31/20  (90)
Black Panther (Chadwick Bozeman) just died of colon cancer    09/03/20  (90)
Would you seriously let Portland burn just to get Trump elected?    09/02/20  (90)
LIBS holding the "Draw 4" card as GOP rams through their SCOTUS nominee    09/26/20  (90)
Catholics add another Mortal Sin: White Privilege    09/01/20  (89)
Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son    09/21/20  (89)
Crazy how short-sighted cons are re: stealing scotus picks    09/24/20  (89)
Define Middle-Middle Class, or Solidly middle class    09/16/20  (89)
Why do people in NJ put up with the taxes?    09/28/20  (89)
TRUMP when he heard the news that RBG died.    09/19/20  (89)
If managed mutual/hedge funds, PE, etc. all return less than the S&P in the long    09/11/20  (88)
The "principled" libertarian right is the most pathetic, clueless faction    09/02/20  (88)
39 year old client dropped dead of heart attack...was in shape (CSLG)    09/24/20  (88)
Just got back from the gym & about to make a 180 breakfast (TSINAH)    09/07/20  (88)
Biden pulls an Anchorman, reads the teleprompter part out loud in interview    09/07/20  (88)
99% of people do NOT care about truth, they care about group acceptance    09/11/20  (88)
Chris Langan, world's smartest man, is fully based    09/05/20  (87)
GOP response has largely been: “Psh Dems arent really going to pack the court.    09/24/20  (87)
going to lick up bull's creampie load from wife today (CSLG)    09/20/20  (87)
Rating posters as saltwater fish    09/18/20  (87)
Notre Dame law student spins unbelievable tales of harassment at law firm    09/06/20  (86)
Dinner parties where people discuss Netflix shows that no one else watched    09/21/20  (86)
Neighbor is being difficult over fence repair    09/21/20  (86)
180 how Trump admin inserts pro-Israel clauses into treaties w/ random countries    09/15/20  (85)
definitive list of system QBs    09/15/20  (85)
LOL at Republicans and this SCOTUS thing. These 2016 vids are HILARIOUS.    09/23/20  (85)
6 hours to HUGE PS5 event.    09/16/20  (85)
Biden 288; Trump 247?    09/25/20  (84)
whats the number one value in your family?    09/06/20  (84)
U. of Edinburgh renames David Hume building after George Floyd    09/14/20  (83)
At least FOUR teachers have died of COVID since start of school (2 weeks) (DTP)    09/11/20  (83)
fuck it. unpumoing. fuck u all.    08/29/20  (83)
Pelosi blames salon for "set up"    09/04/20  (82)
What can a guy making $444k do that a guy making $44k can't    09/18/20  (82)
Trading cars for the weekend with friend... he has a Mclaren 570s (CSLG)    09/22/20  (82)
Rating poasters as self-help books    09/24/20  (82)
Riots already started in Louisville (*livestream*)    09/25/20  (81)
the primary issue in this election is school openings    09/02/20  (81)
Michael Anton: Democrats are laying the groundwork for an actual coup    09/22/20  (81)
OldHLSDude what do you do with your free time    09/27/20  (81)
Lemme get this straight. Cops had a warrant. Knocked. Dude inside started    09/24/20  (81)
So “the wall” was just low iq bullshit, right?    09/25/20  (81)
Dan Carlin comes out for Biden    09/27/20  (80)
Why does everyone hate academia    09/13/20  (80)
Are Fender instruments overpriced    09/24/20  (80)
U.S. Marshals just found 39 missing children in GA trailer, 20 in Ohio    08/30/20  (80)
Judge rules that the SAT/ACT are racist and can't be used for admissions:    09/02/20  (79)
If I'm looking at this right, MNF opener ratings are down 22% y/y    09/16/20  (79)
Shitlib protester breaks his horse after making it run on highway for 7 miles    09/25/20  (78)
ITT I help you escape depression    09/07/20  (78)
Heather McDonald goes there re black crime rates    09/24/20  (78)
Fox News panel cuts off Newt Gingrich for blaming violence on George Soros (vide    09/17/20  (78)
Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes to pursue “birdbrain” insanity defense (Bloombe    09/13/20  (78)
How would you handle this dating situation?    09/05/20  (78)
Biden Press Secretary gets WREKT by Bret Baier    09/13/20  (78)
Hitting anyone else HARD that this is life and not a prelude?    09/26/20  (77)
Here's how German high school students find out their future prospects- video    09/26/20  (77)
New York isn’t dying. The rich are moving out and the city is being reborn    09/06/20  (77)
99% of americans fetishize "democracy" as an intrinsically good thing    09/17/20  (77)
What tricks do u use to propel yourself out of bed in the morning?    09/24/20  (77)
Lmao why didn’t RBG just retire during Obama admin?    09/19/20  (77)