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Rate this Female Skadden partner    07/25/15  (171)
Realtors = the most incompetent "profession"?    08/03/15  (157)
what needs to happen to conservatism to make it attractive to millennials?    07/27/15  (138)
Golf falling in popularity no longer needed for legal career?    07/09/15  (136)
Knocked out another kid playing bball last night (Earl)    07/29/15  (135)
Tech Company In House Patent Counsel AMA    07/17/15  (119)
Earl's girlfriend taking questions for 20 minutes.    07/28/15  (114)
The McCain fuckup is Exhibit A as to why Trump can't be President    07/22/15  (113)
Associate who made 1.5 billion dollar mistake is black    08/01/15  (111)
Why do Trump supporters think Trump is going to make a great President??    07/28/15  (97)
welp, forbes college rankings are out and its not what you think...    07/30/15  (94)
Ran into dude from my high school who "day trades"    07/20/15  (85)
who has the best job/career on xo    08/02/15  (80)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    07/20/15  (80)
i think i really fucked up in life    07/07/15  (78)
BIGLAW --> Tax Boutique 6th-year taking questions (Clausen)    07/24/15  (71)
RATE these legs    07/13/15  (71)
Told GF all her male friends want to fuck her, she said but you have female frie    07/11/15  (70)
a batboy is det    08/03/15  (66)
Kid is 5 yrs old. Have $22,000 in her 529. Practically meaningless??    07/26/15  (62)
*** JULY 2015 BAR EXAM THREAD ***    07/20/15  (62)
NASA has discovered Earth 2.0    07/24/15  (58)
How is it that ann FUCKING coulter is the sane voice on immigration?    07/28/15  (55)
most underrated 90s rapper?    07/16/15  (53)
Voting for TRUMP, taking your questions.    07/26/15  (52)
FUCK applying to grad schools holy shit this is nerve wracking    07/28/15  (51)
A 32 year old man should date girls aged 22-24    07/16/15  (51)
Are cops hired for lack of critical thinking, or is it just correlated    07/25/15  (50)
White woman shot in the head with shotgun in Hollywood (link)    07/09/15  (50)
SJW's fellating themselves at Women's World Cup TV ratings    07/08/15  (49)
Tommy Turd, rate my retirement plan @ 45 if I don't have kids (Earl)    07/22/15  (48)
The term "BIOLOGICAL SEX" is NOT OKAY.    08/03/15  (45)
Oh man, my newborn niece has to get a heart transplant    07/30/15  (45)
Any VC / emerging companies bros here?    07/27/15  (45)
San Fran fucked, Trump vindicated - SF figuratively murdered woman    07/06/15  (45)
XO is Toxic esp re women. There are genuinely caring, gentle, & supportive women    07/09/15  (44)
Lawyers even more fucked: "licensed legal technicians" to flood market:    07/08/15  (44)
TRUMP haters get ITT and answer me    08/02/15  (43)
ITT: I rate you as a first "date" with w/ an average woman from Uganda    07/24/15  (43)
Can I start buying oil yet?    08/03/15  (42)
Huffington Post: "Yes I'm Pretty and I'm Traveling Alone"    08/01/15  (40)
Did a closing for a 41 yo "retired" cop    07/31/15  (40)
XOXO Food Truck: Treating Hans Right    07/19/15  (40)
explain people who go bald in their 20s    07/18/15  (40)
Ellen Pao resigns as Reddit CEO. NYT blames "sexism and racism"    07/12/15  (40)
CA AG Kamala Harris on SF illegal immigrant murder    07/07/15  (39)
Girl I'm dating can't have children (How long before I can dump)    08/03/15  (38)
What are law school dudes like?    07/18/15  (36)
Almost no one has any formal background in tax/economics    07/14/15  (36)
Did this girl just turn me down via text?    07/14/15  (36)
why do girls always dress like shit at work    07/22/15  (35)
Government witnesses misidentify defendants. Defense lawyers get sanctioned.    07/15/15  (35)
about to walk in a bar and ask if i left my credit card there. nervous as fuck    08/03/15  (34)
how good are exit opps for a V30 private equity dude?    07/19/15  (34)
How big is POTUS 2016?    07/15/15  (34)
ITT: I rate you as a stop of the Boston T Red Line    07/21/15  (33)
your NJ tax dollars pay for this woman to teach women's studies    07/20/15  (33)
Donald Trump's comments prove that structural racism exists.    07/15/15  (33)
hooked up with family member in florida and parents starting to ask weird q's    07/17/15  (33)
Drunk driver slams into Limo carrying bridesmaids kills 4 (Daily Mail)    07/19/15  (32)
Fatceps: D1 football star. Earl: tearing ACLs in rec league bball    07/09/15  (32)
Need help from science nerds re burning microwave (Earl)    07/07/15  (32)
ITT: Hilarious TLS reactions to today's MBE    07/30/15  (31)
Reminder: Greg Giraldo went to HLS then became a successful comedian    07/17/15  (31)
new REPAYE regs released    07/10/15  (31)
ITT: Your most 180 moment from your youth (ages 16-24)    07/19/15  (30)
LJL at so-called "attorneys" who don't wear glasses    07/14/15  (30)
happy 5th of July. welcome to the fear    07/06/15  (30)
Mediator: "I also need to know the weaknesses in your case." Me: "Fuck you."    07/31/15  (29)
Does anyone own a treadmill at home? Elliptical?    07/27/15  (29)
Have you chosen what shtick/character you're using for the bar essays?    07/28/15  (29)
(Obama's America) x (de Blasio) = THIS (pic)    07/20/15  (29)
ITT: I rate you as a Las Vegas strip Casino Hotel    07/31/15  (28)
Do you ever just want to cry when you are too busy with work??    07/28/15  (28)
*BENZO dying on a hospital bed from AIDS, whispering* "p-petumkinnnnn"    07/31/15  (28)
Gone all weekend - Sandra Bland killedself and shitlibs think she was murdered?    07/22/15  (28)
why do so many people still act like marijuana is the devil    08/03/15  (27)
already addicted to adderall?    07/25/15  (27)
The 2015-2016 Undergraduate Money Rankings    07/13/15  (27)
NYT article on Penn suicides. Would've been at 338 replies by lunch in 2004.    07/28/15  (26)
XO-invented word "shitlib" enters American lexicon    07/25/15  (25)
PSA: Trump is the smartest GOP candidate    07/20/15  (24)
Patent Lit: OFFICIALLY DEAD    07/16/15  (24)
what are your top 5 favorite websites    07/13/15  (24)
How are Asian men not more suicidal?    07/13/15  (24)
In House IP counsel at tech start up taking Qs giving As    07/24/15  (23)
Putting on full-court press to save friend from law school    07/21/15  (23)
XOXO Food Truck: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2 Weeks    07/20/15  (23)
Is it EVER acceptable to live in New Jersey in Biglaw???    07/13/15  (23)
how many people are awake. answer me in this thread    07/12/15  (23)
Dear AMAZON EMPLOYEES - thanks for no insider tips re earnings in 30 min-up 18%    07/23/15  (22)
Texas veterinarian brags about shooting cat in the head with an arrow.    07/15/15  (22)
what do you wear to go to the bar    07/31/15  (21)
You know how you can tell Cincy cop is completely fucked - xo O'Mara    07/29/15  (21)
Starting a law firm    07/21/15  (21)
anyone here have parents that said "we'll support you whatever you do"?    07/19/15  (21)
TT cmere    07/11/15  (21)
imagine teaching your small child how to use xo    07/06/15  (21)
running own business is insanely stressful    07/20/15  (20)
Can a police officer review his DUI report shortly before testifying    07/16/15  (20)
What's up with Scott Walker's wife?    07/17/15  (20)
TRUMP TAKES THE LEAD    07/11/15  (20)
Ever try posting XO type comments on a non-XO forum?    07/24/15  (19)
Breitbart: "Almost certain" that Israel launches pre-emptive strike on Iran    07/18/15  (19)
kissing your lifeless girlfriend one last time before she's lowered into the sea    07/14/15  (19)
+/- Majors for Djoker at the end of his career. Currently has 9 and is 28 yrs    07/10/15  (19)
QUICK help me respond to this Tinder slut    07/09/15  (19)
Want to reconnect with a platonic friend via email. What do I write?    07/08/15  (19)
Fuck buddy suddenly fucks all friends in my circle    08/02/15  (18)
Rate this hot and wondeful tan line. Ungh.    07/29/15  (18)
Can't wait till the day NM amasses the $800k needed to safely leave BIGLAW    07/24/15  (18)
Boomer parter: "There's a great house for a great value in my neighborhood."    07/14/15  (18)
Artist takes DNA from gum + cigs found in public, creates portraits of users    07/30/15  (18)
how the fuck does everyone know who everyone is    07/10/15  (18)
Even if Bernie wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he STILL has no chance    07/04/15  (18)
Hypo: Think of the girl you loved gets paralyzed    08/02/15  (17)
pills/drugs that make you smarter    08/02/15  (17)
explain MPC    07/31/15  (17)
"I AM NOT A SIMPLE NIGGER!" *chimps out* (FATCEPS)    07/31/15  (17)
ITT poast about the best and worst dressed lawyers you've seen.    07/26/15  (17)
What is the CR way to become an essayist or a critic?    07/11/15  (17)
Is lateraling to Quinn good?    07/11/15  (17)
how do so many people know so many other people's monikers    07/07/15  (17)
RESIDENCY IS HELL (BOOR)    07/06/15  (17)
Hitler actually appreciated Japanese culture and genetics    07/05/15  (17)
Mayer Brown didn't make any "mistakes" in the JP Morgan UCC Release    08/01/15  (16)
Holy fuck, do housewives with small kids basically turn to MLM as careers?    07/28/15  (16)
"Ladies of AutoAdmit" Raise Money For Legal Aid with Saucy Calendar (link)(nsfw)    07/27/15  (16)
Dammit, wife is back to pre-pregnancy weight, but stomach isn't flat    07/19/15  (16)
Hypo: Lick Taylor Swift's butthole or have her lick yours?    07/18/15  (16)
seems like a lot of terrorists are just regular chill athletic bros    07/18/15  (16)
Trump: "We should gas all the homos except evan39. He's a good dood."    07/17/15  (16)
Rate this WGWAG. Are they an item, FWBs, or "they're just friends"?    07/08/15  (16)
people who paint all the art in their house    07/08/15  (16)
when you fall in love with a girl and she drowns :(    07/07/15  (16)
Rate the Sailboat that I plan on buying    08/03/15  (15)
Cop pseudo-job to hide unemployment?    08/03/15  (15)
Are Indian girls the uggliest?    08/03/15  (15)
Leave Biglaw with 870K    07/30/15  (15)
Let's say trump spends $5 billion on election, does he win?    07/25/15  (15)
*BENZO in Uganda* "Yeah, I wanna eat da poo poo"    07/30/15  (15)
Why do some law students liken law school to going to war?    07/22/15  (15)
What to do in NYC free day (boor)?    07/27/15  (15)
Rate this cute light skinned black girl (SFW)    07/18/15  (15)
ITT: Explain a single 29 yo female to me    07/18/15  (15)
Any man worth my time will REVEL IN ALL 70 INCHES OF MY HIPS . . .    07/11/15  (15)
Getting top MBA (HSW) is laughably easy (WSJ)    07/09/15  (15)
ITT: The T10 Pantheon of Iconic Musical Figures since 1950 or so    07/07/15  (15)