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hey blue smoke    04/25/16  (126)
How much do you need to spend a year to live like RSF?    04/15/16  (119)
NYT graphic brutally self pwns shitlib narrative    04/30/16  (107)
Literary Agent I Queried Just Requested My Novel's Full Manuscript    04/22/16  (107)
We canned some bro with kids, now he needs a reference    04/17/16  (103)
Any real estate bros want to talk about financing?    04/25/16  (99)
Panama Papers leak is huge. predict fallout ITT    04/04/16  (98)
which law schools are worth $160k in debt    04/06/16  (96)
Old school poster here. Wtf happened?    04/27/16  (93)
ID of HLS student who called Livni "SMELLY?"    04/28/16  (92)
PROTIP: Wrestling is good again    04/13/16  (89)
Am I the only Burial fan here?    04/24/16  (86)
XOXO Food Truck: Ideas 4 Menu For 200 Power Plant Mechanics For 1 Month Daily    04/29/16  (86)
HLS dude here. This place is a liberal hellhole    04/06/16  (84)
ITT: Defend Hemmingway    04/23/16  (83)
ned pointsman's muzak thread    04/29/16  (78)
Europeans drive shitty tiny cars and live in tiny homes    04/30/16  (75)
Family member got laid off today after 30+ yrs    04/22/16  (74)
Quitting biglaw with no job - fucked for life?    05/01/16  (70)
what are high salary career options?    04/13/16  (68)
Putting in an offer today for house straight outta a dream    04/25/16  (66)
HOly shit, I have officially lasted 6 years at law firms    04/16/16  (66)
Worst big law practice area for exit options    04/21/16  (65)
Israel is the most evil state in the world    04/29/16  (63)
Rate this Asian Chick my buddy is banging    04/28/16  (62)
Rate this 18 year old UT Austin freshman (SFW)    04/07/16  (61)
did you see the MPC thread where they illustrated are kasich meme    04/25/16  (58)
Neighbor dad wants to "kick my ass". Legal advice?    04/05/16  (58)
Resolved: Mark Zuckerberg Is the Most Evil Person Alive Today    04/28/16  (55)
IS A $60,000.00 SALARY WITH 401K, HEALTH INSURANCE A GOOD DECENT PAY?    04/19/16  (55)
firm fired some guy for padding, no severance    04/21/16  (54)
Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill (NYT)    04/17/16  (53)
Are 14 sexual partners a lot for a 30 year old woman?    04/07/16  (52)
Smart to buy condo? (2nd year biglaw, $200k debt)    04/14/16  (51)
Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam - may join ISIS- not flame    04/20/16  (47)
Anyone else here planning to megapoast all night    04/22/16  (46)
Hipster Barista was rude to me was I wrong? (Story)    04/17/16  (46)
Gun to your head, you have to name 5 WNBA players    05/03/16  (43)
Not flame - had my first sexual experience with another man today    04/30/16  (43)
Short term memory pwnage on WEED - or early onset dementia?    04/28/16  (43)
Prole tell: First name ends with the letter N    04/21/16  (43)
UC Berkeley Forced to Cut 500 Jobs After $15 Minimum Wage Hike    04/20/16  (43)
Is it CR to let high school cheerleaders like this wash your car? (Pic)    04/08/16  (43)
Just went all cash with everything except retirement accounts    04/29/16  (42)
RATE my bro who skipped college an became bartender at trendy bar in PHX    04/24/16  (41)
Family friend took law job making 70k, 2100 hour requirement    04/23/16  (40)
Rank Order David Lynch's Films    04/23/16  (40)
Squatted 335 X 5, fucked fiancee, drank bourbon, going to fogo de chao. :D and    04/17/16  (40)
Are Reptile explain this video of Ukraine soldiers PWNing russian tank with TOW    04/18/16  (40)
Another UPenn female student violently kills self - 10th suicide in 3 years    04/12/16  (40)
Diversity in tech... jesus christ    04/08/16  (40)
Which of these sisters is hotter (pic)    05/02/16  (38)
SURVEY RESULTS of XO Poaster Ages    04/12/16  (38)
Why has ISIS not attacked Israel?    05/02/16  (36)
Would you let your teen daughter take pics like this?    04/15/16  (36)
How much could you sell an iphone for in 1990    04/06/16  (36)
Princeton University: LaTanya Buck new dean for 'diversity[bullsht]'    05/01/16  (36)
Just finished my first cycle of steroids if anyone has any questions    05/01/16  (34)
McDonald's customer charged with robbery (INTERESTING FACT PATTERN)    04/22/16  (34)
Prof. Dershowitz: "Israel's safety must remain a bipartisan issue forever"    04/10/16  (34)
New video: Allison Stokke speaks out on people perving over her high school pics    04/06/16  (34)
horrible embarrassing memories that are recalled without warning, paralyzing you    04/18/16  (32)
21-25 year-olds have NO clue about maeking long-term life decisions    04/08/16  (32)
an ass not to save for my kid's college?    04/19/16  (31)
Chilling speech by Rabbi re: Israel & the Jews    04/17/16  (31)
Concerned By Slutty Summer Associate    04/30/16  (30)
Journalist: Trump is a U.S. problem, not California's    04/26/16  (30)
Sweet, Melissandre's perfect tits gratuitously bared at the end of the episode!    04/25/16  (30)
Prole tell: wearing shiny black dress shoes with jeans    04/24/16  (30)
NYT on the prevalence of raising a cuck kid    04/09/16  (30)
CR to stop drinking before law school so I'm not that guy???    04/06/16  (30)
Whats the plural of "Toys R Us"? Toys R We? Toys R Usses?    05/02/16  (29)
Dumbass Associate used a fucking old version of the LOI to draft PSA    05/03/16  (29)
Patricia Millett's SCOTUS Brief For Dog Fighting Case Is Best I've Ever Read    04/21/16  (29)
PA GOP Primary Rules Guaranteed to Deprive TRUMP of 1237--Even If He Wins    04/30/16  (29)
Marriedmo of 7 years here. I jerk off downstairs almost every single night    04/15/16  (29)
Rate this Blonde Air Force reserve captain (Daily Mail)    04/13/16  (29)
Thinkpad or MacBook Air brothers?    04/25/16  (28)
Armless guy vs. legless guy in UFC - who wins?    04/17/16  (28)
is denver/boulder biglaw the pinnacle of lawyer    05/03/16  (27)
Music & Drive (the film) Fans: 60-Minute Mix I Made ITT    04/22/16  (27)
Dairy Queen Blizzard hits southeast asia, millions dead    04/28/16  (27)
Nicomachean Ethics - by Aristotle    04/14/16  (27)
Help me go solo XO    04/05/16  (27)
There should be a social network where you can only "add" people you meet IRL    04/05/16  (27)
Halford have you noticed Spokane is filling up with blacks now    04/13/16  (26)
If you actually go to Egypt it isnt very impressive    05/03/16  (25)
Will trump get rid of PSLF, IBR, PAYE?    04/28/16  (25)
About to fly to Japan any advice?    04/20/16  (25)
Would you shop for "undies" with your teen daughter like this dad?    04/16/16  (24)
The life of a rainmaker partner doesn't seem so bad    04/15/16  (24)
Tax Question: Failed shitlawyer here. Can I Get away with a Sched C loss?    04/12/16  (24)
Saw a literal training twink at 24 hour fitness last night (earl)    04/29/16  (23)
Rate prestige of France with a model (boor)    04/26/16  (23)
how to watch the new rick and morty???????    04/18/16  (23)
True Chads get married young. Burned out on new pussy very early.    04/08/16  (23)
Just had a ball of earwax the size of a gummi bear pulled out of ear    04/05/16  (23)
Funny how girls dress up like strippers to "exercise" ljl    04/29/16  (22)
"yer a good posta kid, butcha need to brand ya monika!" slobbered the ratface    04/26/16  (22)
Do most retiring Biglawyers sign 1 day deals with their first firm?    05/01/16  (22)
Ways a married guy can use sites like Tinder/Bumble without wife finding out?    04/12/16  (22)
What are the PREMIER IFNB Law FIRMS?    04/08/16  (22)
There are entire industries making $$$ off proles that are ashamed of their    04/19/16  (21)
hey fatmos why not just eat a stir fry for dinner every day?    04/18/16  (21)
Reminder we're due for a big school shooting any day now.    04/24/16  (21)
Going to Indian Buffet Brunch with shrew GF (Taking Q's)    04/19/16  (21)
life hack to improve your productivity at work    05/02/16  (21)
Anyone else take their pants, shoes, and socks off before shitting?    04/07/16  (21)
Devastating tweet by Bernie supporters re: Hillary v. Trump    05/02/16  (20)
Asian dude pays prostitute $200 for 8 minutes, gets mocked in the news (link)    04/26/16  (20)
Top U.S. general rapes Trump's foreign policy    04/22/16  (20)
at what age is it no longer appropriate to wear graphic shirts    04/19/16  (20)
Corporatist Kike Lecturing You About "Global Community"    04/28/16  (20)
Just leave it by the door mom I'm chatting with AssFaggot and Boner Police    05/02/16  (20)
Single mom strategy for hotter women    04/11/16  (20)
Anyone ever fucked a girl with a piss boner? Seems like a cr lifehack    04/11/16  (20)
Richard Nixon drove his future wife to and from dates with other men.    04/06/16  (20)
So the MLB season already started and nobody even realized it?    04/05/16  (20)
Feel like you're about to get fired? Start wearing a bra to work    04/04/16  (20)
So JJC went to college for 15 years and still didnt cop a job?    05/02/16  (19)
need legitimate AutoAdmit advice re the easiest fast way to be a judge somewhere    05/01/16  (19)
WaPo: if Trump is nominated, GOP must keep him out of White House    04/30/16  (19)
IS THERE A WAY TO AVOID NYC TAX ?    05/01/16  (19)
who is this insanely angry poaster "'"""''"
   04/23/16  (19)
"Hello, who just joined?" *replies with moniker instead of name*    04/21/16  (19)
Hypo: Girl accuses you of rape    04/18/16  (19)
Crazy how teen girls are wearing overalls with nothing underneath. Can see boobs    04/15/16  (19)
ITT: I rate you as a character from GIRLS    04/13/16  (19)
Shrew gf: eating box of girl scout cookies. 2nd cuz: eating box of girl scout    04/12/16  (19)
MFH Hedge Fund manager shot by millenial son over cut in allowance    05/02/16  (18)
USC cancels awesome video game panel 4 having too many men    05/01/16  (18)
Why don't MMA "fighters" do the Stone Cold Stunner on their opponent? Instant KO    05/02/16  (18)
Know people whose early adulthood was UMC and then got poor?    04/25/16  (18)
About to get shit canned. Thoughts?    04/23/16  (18)
Sales bros pwn finance bros in every way imaginable    04/23/16  (18)
Describe how super fratty personalities make it in biglaw    04/20/16  (18)
Can you survive on $20k cash a year if your rent was free?    04/14/16  (18)
Must see video: 767 pilot "rolls coal" on Airbus A380 on runway (link)    04/12/16  (18)
Coastal "elites" should be sieged & starved out    04/10/16  (18)
Ex-gfs little sister dating guy who got drafted in 7th round, he will make 588k    05/03/16  (17)
Two of my friends from law school are now in med    05/02/16  (17)
So, Bernie's campaign ended up being pointless.    04/22/16  (17)
***CA voters please get registered to vote as Republicans***    04/21/16  (17)
WWE should have a wrestler with a snobby jew lawyer gimmick    04/17/16  (17)
Healthmos , what do you do with your Egg yolks ?    04/17/16  (17)