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Realtors = the most incompetent "profession"?    08/26/15  (160)
Rate this Happy Hour for "The League" in San Francisco    08/19/15  (158)
How much money do you save per month?    08/29/15  (118)
Real talk: DBG is fucking creepy and fucked in the head, potentially dangerous    08/13/15  (107)
who has the best job/career on xo    08/04/15  (91)
How to remove a post by someone else on Auto Admit (here)    08/11/15  (90)
Rate this sheriff bro handcuffing crying autistic 3rd grader    08/05/15  (87)
a batboy is det    08/05/15  (79)
what's some 180 electronics shit to buy    08/08/15  (78)
HuffPo: Immigration constitutional amendment would be unconstitutional    08/21/15  (77)
falconer at my law school got permission to bring his bird to class this year    08/20/15  (74)
OCI interview tips ITT tyia    08/12/15  (74)
Trump is unelectable, Hillary a bore. Who will be the next POTUS of US?    08/21/15  (73)
BIGLAW BROS: dont know how you guys do this...200 hour month is actually brutal    08/30/15  (69)
the deepest and most toxic flame on xo is pessimism about the law job market    08/20/15  (68)
How do I become more confident and stop giving a fuck?    09/01/15  (67)
Cute brunnete kills Chad BF for leaving her for Blonde Miss Ohio (Pics)    08/16/15  (67)
almost literally everyone retired or went pumo last night. thanks a lot    08/17/15  (67)
Ronda Retard Rousey: I can beat ANYONE in a fight.    08/17/15  (65)
ITT I post public FB messages from insane #fakerape shrew accusing her husband    08/27/15  (62)
Hypo: You are 38 year old Millionaire looking to settle down (Pick from these)    08/24/15  (60)
Advice on Good Grades    08/25/15  (57)
MFH biglaw adopts CUBICLES.    09/01/15  (56)
HLS rising 2L, hated 1L SA - Drop out? (Srs)    08/10/15  (56)
XOXO Food Truck: Report from Sturgis    08/17/15  (54)
Need help for brief - what's a catchy way to say plaintiffs complaint reads like    08/06/15  (54)
RATE my roommates new fuckbuddy    08/14/15  (53)
RSF, when are you heading back to NYC to get to work as a PARTNER?    08/11/15  (53)
Girl let me read her Hinge, Tinder messages and texts. My god.    08/26/15  (52)
who in the debate has the highest iq    08/07/15  (52)
how many law students actually end up unemployed or underemployed    08/19/15  (51)
Work success is almost totally about likability    08/19/15  (51)
MBA Essays are flame right? Adcoms just skim them right?    08/16/15  (51)
what's the very least a man should be able to bench press    08/20/15  (50)
is making trump the nominee the only way for reps to win    08/08/15  (50)
jfc the va news girl's bf is a serious creep    08/27/15  (49)
what's the hottest food you eat regularly    08/11/15  (49)
The term "BIOLOGICAL SEX" is NOT OKAY.    08/14/15  (49)
Most CR Law Firm in MFH?    09/01/15  (48)
What's the best MBA program for real estate???    08/21/15  (47)
Guess who bought $5000 of S&P index funds 2 hours ago?    08/27/15  (46)
ITT: We reminisce about Stores that have gone out of business    08/21/15  (45)
Open a Jimmy Johns franchise (Net: $270k)    08/18/15  (45)
Locked in 5 x 5 cage with a hunny badger for 30 minutes for 3 billion    08/19/15  (44)
Why is the economy so terrible for young people:(    08/26/15  (43)
what are the best new albums everyone should torrent right now    08/06/15  (42)
ND now allows POLICE to use WEAPONIZED DRONES    08/29/15  (41)
Interviewing abject morons from obscure law schools    08/27/15  (41)
Girl I'm dating can't have children (How long before I can dump)    08/03/15  (41)
*chops off trump's head* *2 grow in its place, each with make america great hat*    08/28/15  (39)
Non-lawyers will never understand the bond that forms between a deal team    08/28/15  (38)
jfc just got the fear real bad    08/23/15  (38)
should i tell doc to give me a bottle of klonopin or xanax    08/18/15  (38)
So maybe I am old - never saw the MTV VMA's before. What the fuck was that?    08/31/15  (37)
Poll: are your parents in their 50s or 60s???    08/24/15  (36)
Has rasqie been banned yet?    08/20/15  (36)
Skating is not a crime    08/08/15  (36)
What are sound reasons to become a lawyer?    08/30/15  (35)
ITT: I Rate you as a Dress Shirt Brand    08/23/15  (35)
Kirkland v. Sidley, Chicago - tell me about the cultures, please    08/14/15  (35)
post funniest video you've ever seen in your life    08/11/15  (35)
C+F question? Disclose civil infraction and UG drinking citation for LS apps?    08/05/15  (35)
bourdain stirs baby parts "oh yeah u don't get this texture in the 1st trimester    08/19/15  (35)
about to walk in a bar and ask if i left my credit card there. nervous as fuck    08/04/15  (35)
REMINDER: gays are clinically mentally ill.    08/28/15  (34)
Rich prep school kids get sentenced for armed theft of bike Pics (Daily Mail)    08/22/15  (34)
Shitlaw boss having a "lunch and learn" for the firm at McDonald's    08/26/15  (34)
did dbg get fired    08/17/15  (34)
Want to book a sex tourism trip to E. Euro (Need Advice)    08/10/15  (34)
Guy selling me a sofa was my year but @ ASU, played fb, has a son with fb schol    08/24/15  (33)
LMAO MBA applications are 70% INTERNATIONAL ADMIT RATE FOR AMERICANS IS <75%    08/23/15  (33)
just downloaded ashley madison leak. what do i do with it    08/21/15  (33)
pretty embarrassing that so few xo posters actually own any kind of home    08/07/15  (33)
once you retire you really see xo for what it is    08/28/15  (32)
if ur attractive, i.e. tall, blue eyes, strong, white, u can get any job u want    08/18/15  (32)
Comp package for Uber Senior Counsel?    08/15/15  (32)
Can I make more $$ long term in accounting or executive recruiting?    08/18/15  (32)
lol already a megyn kelly debate upskirt on twitter    08/09/15  (32)
Just copped a Fiat 500e for $169/month lease brothers    08/06/15  (32)
Was the reason xo 2004 cared about biglaw was b/c they weren't biglaw attys yet?    08/31/15  (31)
Went out with feminist woman's studies major    08/26/15  (31)
Cute girl I know is trying to MLM scam me (How to proceed)    08/27/15  (31)
Police gun down unarmed white kid. Media silent.    08/06/15  (31)
Interesting stat for Bschool bros: 770+ GMAT = INSEAD autoadmit    08/30/15  (30)
3.2/170 How much $ can I get from T14?    08/29/15  (30)
What non-law fields actually value a JD?    08/30/15  (30)
The U.S. gives more money to Israel than to any other country LJL    08/25/15  (30)
Rate Sophie the JP Morgan Intern (Link)    08/21/15  (30)
ITT: I rate you as a Porsche 911 model    08/08/15  (30)
have you ever had whiskey dick from being too drunk    08/05/15  (30)
why is everyone talking about a new recession    08/24/15  (29)
Makes sense to go to T14 w/ $$$?    08/20/15  (29)
Could someone hook us up with a pic of this Belgian Girl?    08/19/15  (29)
pretty hard to take the yakuza seriously    08/05/15  (29)
How fucked is Owen Labrie (The Prep School "rapist")    08/29/15  (28)
Bothers me when gf says male celebrities are cute. Am i psycho    08/07/15  (28)
Why do millennials have to be on their phones while having dinner, watching TV?    08/06/15  (28)
chill jobs that let you work from home    08/24/15  (27)
MBA application bros assemble    08/22/15  (27)
Is there some sort of iPhone alarm clock app that forces you to get out of bed?    08/13/15  (27)
ITT: Person from your HS that didn't live upto potential    08/12/15  (27)
why do so many people still act like marijuana is the devil    08/03/15  (27)
When SHOULD you go to MBA?    09/01/15  (26)
hate my corp. big law job. how do i stay with min work for long as possible?    08/15/15  (26)
i'm about to start fear threading    08/30/15  (25)
shots fired in tennessee movie theater    08/05/15  (25)
Taking DC Shrew to Zaytina on 4th date (Chances for the sex)    08/15/15  (25)
What's french biglawl like?    08/26/15  (24)
Call Back Questions    08/19/15  (24)
someone explain xo tinychat    08/07/15  (24)
T/F: Energy >>> Intelligence    08/26/15  (23)
Are there actually people who disdain NYC areas outside MFH and trendy Brooklyn?    08/17/15  (23)
Esq: saving rasqie from earls vicious bullying. U:    08/14/15  (23)
Rate the 29 year old Bloomingdales Heiress (Daily Mail)    08/27/15  (22)
I'm Jewish and a race realist - Taking questions    08/22/15  (22)
Trump supporter here, but Lol at his Zuckerberg comments    08/19/15  (22)
What asshole put this billboard up near my house? (Earl)    08/17/15  (22)
Holy shit donald trump was in home alone 2 not flame    08/27/15  (21)
ITT: little victories    08/28/15  (21)
Attractive couple shot during Atlanta Home Invasion (Pics)    08/25/15  (21)
Girl I dated for 2 years and broke up with 2 years ago still is attached :-(    08/24/15  (21)
Holy fuck stock market apocalypse...    08/23/15  (21)
What firm is repping Hilldog in emailgate?    08/20/15  (21)
JFC been walking around firm all morning with polo inside out    08/31/15  (21)
Is an Asian 8 the same as a White 8?    08/07/15  (21)
Fulbright English teaching award    08/05/15  (21)
what happened to NeumannMorgenste the poster    08/26/15  (20)
MBA wardrobe help?    08/18/15  (20)
ITT: longest commute    08/14/15  (20)
anyone have interesting combat footage?    08/12/15  (20)
Law school pre-orientation mini-course- LOL class skipping has already started    08/07/15  (20)
Trump doesn't give a shit about the presidency, you fucking morons    08/23/15  (19)
lol have you seen johnsmeyer's latest twitter art    08/21/15  (19)
Got a 161 on my first diag...averaging 177 1 month later.    08/21/15  (19)
Is UIUC law good?    08/16/15  (19)
lol this place is completely insane it's time to retire *puts on panties and    08/28/15  (19)
WTF AAPL?!    08/04/15  (19)
US News 2016 College Ranking available in paper magazine    09/01/15  (18)
Well fuck, just realized I get a $175k refund on my taxes for 2014    08/21/15  (18)
What is considered outing in post-rasqie xo?    08/20/15  (18)
"Your loan balance of $252,833 was paid off"    08/17/15  (18)
Multi-trillion-dollar debt, yet the dollar is stronger than ever    08/13/15  (18)
girls with really dark skin and blue eyes    08/13/15  (18)
Whatever happened to Lisa Rowe?    08/11/15  (18)
itt: post a pic of your hs crush    08/11/15  (18)
Brooklyn DA looking for experienced atty (to supervise 40 attys) Salary: 31-60K!    08/09/15  (18)
lol at trump right now on cnn    08/07/15  (18)
Can any thin women be at least a 6-10?    08/07/15  (18)
Fuck buddy suddenly fucks all friends in my circle    08/02/15  (18)
Elmo teaching your toddler that ALL kinds of families are okay    08/31/15  (17)