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Green Jolly Rancher is a stupid bitch, and also it was the worst flavor    06/30/20  (452)
A farewell to XO: Why I am leaving and you should too    06/27/20  (403)
Was the Atlanta Wendy's shooting justified or not?    06/15/20  (289)
Proles Look Ridiculous In Their "Themed" Cotton Masks, Oblivious To N95s    06/23/20  (247)
Do whites fear what's going to happen to them in 10-20 yrs?    06/28/20  (244)
rioter in portsmouth VA critically injured during toppling of confed. statue.    06/12/20  (242)
Fucked my slutty sister-in-law once 3 months ago, got herpes    07/02/20  (232)
White non-HS grads score HIGHER on 'science test' than Black college grads (DM)    06/28/20  (211)
Insane XO cyclist confronts a kid to rip up BLM signs    06/07/20  (207)
SC lawyer has license suspended for calling George Floyd Shitstain on Facebook    06/22/20  (207)
🚨 OFFICIAL 6/20/2020 TRUMP RALLY THREAD 🚨    06/21/20  (206)
**Guy Shoots Antifa Who Were Trying To Kill Him** (Albuquerque)    06/19/20  (195)
St Louis couple stand guard outside their home as BLM invades their neighborhood    07/02/20  (193)
Tell me how I can help change your life for the better (CSLG)    06/22/20  (193)
New Taibbi: The American Left Is Destroying Itself    06/17/20  (184)
lol at blacks going around w cellphone cameras rolling destroying white women    06/25/20  (180)
meeting 18 year old from seeking arrangement for sex on sat (pic)    06/16/20  (175)
🪓 U.S.A. divided into four new countries. Pick yours now. 🪓    06/08/20  (171)
post your XO conspiracy theories (about XO, XO poasters etc)    06/13/20  (170)
wife tells stranger not to graffiti BLM on her property; husband gets fired    06/18/20  (169)
Kidmos: Any Wives Deliver In BIRTHING CENTER Or Do HOME BIRTH?    06/27/20  (167)
is boston the most abysmal/depressing housing market in the us?    06/11/20  (165)
Trump voter. On board with removing public Confederate remembrances. AMA    06/12/20  (165)
Kansas State student makes joke about George Floyd. KSU looking to expel    06/27/20  (164)
Best works of literature in the last 50 years?    06/18/20  (163)
Post the most 🔥 riot videos (THREAD #2)    06/08/20  (161)
Uh oh, NASCAR noose story starting to sound like Smollett 2.0 (link)    06/24/20  (159)
*****ON RECORD: July 1, 2020****** Who WINS Presidency?    07/02/20  (159)
BREAKING: Harvard kyootie who wanted to stab all conservatives just got fired    07/02/20  (156)
Texas covid hospitalizations skyrocketing, down to only 1,400 ICU beds statewide    06/25/20  (156)
Rumor that Alito is about to step down    07/01/20  (156)
Converting from catholicism to orthodoxy -- anyone tried this?    06/13/20  (154)
Really can't stand my wife. At what point do you divorce when you have a kid?    07/01/20  (151)
/! Atlanta PD abolishes itself /!    06/18/20  (151)
Who is the hottest porn star of all time?    06/15/20  (150)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL FLYNN DC CIR ARGUMENT THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    06/24/20  (149)
I sincerely have a cuckold fetish and it's ruining my life, it's my only porn    06/26/20  (145)
Gorsuch turns lib with Roberts, rules federal law protects gay workers    06/17/20  (140)
JFC that Buffalo video is disgusting. Fuck the police    06/17/20  (138)
Protestors arrested for speaking and nothing else - FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS    06/06/20  (137)
PS5 Official Reveal Thread -- TMF Mad as Fuck    06/12/20  (136)
top Machine Learning professor explains why Trump's H1B ban is idiotic    06/30/20  (135)
Just had “the talk” today, not flame. Biglaw lit. Goodbye, cruel world.    06/05/20  (133)
Atlanta Wendy's killer cop charged with murder    06/17/20  (133)
HOW MANY DO YOU GET RIGHT on this IQ TEST out of 33    07/01/20  (133)
Objectively awful posters list Top 16 vote    06/05/20  (132)
Sam Harris went into the black crime stats on latest podcast, Twitter MAF    06/22/20  (132)
Dr. Death - Surgeon sentenced to life imprisonment - Never get back surgery    06/27/20  (131)
Melania refused to move into the WH until she got a more favorable prenup    06/13/20  (131)
Mnuchin Proposes $4,000 "Explore America" VACATION Tax Credit    06/19/20  (129)
Hertz, who is in bankruptcy, has petitioned the Court to issue $500 million    06/17/20  (129)
Help Me (Julia) Pick My Next Career    06/29/20  (128)
Is there one lawyer in here who still thinks Chauvin will be convicted?    06/07/20  (127)
Does the flood of shitlib propaganda ever make you question your shitcon beliefs    06/05/20  (126)
I’m officially in remission. Yay!    06/11/20  (126)
Holy shit a WEALTH of new Karen vids are trending on Twitter (link)    06/28/20  (125)
WHO: oops, asymptomatic spread is fake news, sorry about those lockdowns.    06/09/20  (124)
Best way to confront wife about her looks    07/01/20  (124)
japanese MILF not interested in American physician expatting in Japan    07/01/20  (123)
Libs destroy mass grave monument of unknown confederate dead    06/25/20  (121)
Nutella & Jim_Kelly CR: XO Used To Be A Outlet For UMC Attys For Non-PC Thoughts    06/18/20  (121)
How cr was "field day" when you were in elementary school?    06/12/20  (119)
Lyft driver last night wouldn't drive until we "bought" $1 masks from him    06/22/20  (118)
Let's talk about the religion of anti-racism    06/27/20  (118)
Minneapolis City Council has enough votes to disband police & override veto    06/09/20  (117)
Individual describes guilt in NYT over calling police on armed robbers    06/25/20  (117)
Roberts cucks on daca, sorry white boys    06/18/20  (115)
Hypo: every race agrees to go back to its Continent/country of origin    06/23/20  (113)
I give you two lame superpowers. You tell me which one you'd prefer.    06/15/20  (113)
China kills 20 members of “superpower’s”
   06/17/20  (112)
Michigan man allegedly says N-word on phone; black guy overhears; beats him (vid    06/20/20  (112)
Which comedy of all time made you laugh the hardest?    06/28/20  (111)
Cal student murdered. Dean: "OK but don't forget about George Floyd"    06/28/20  (111)
NYT cuckservative faggot Douthat: IT’S TRUMPS FAULT LIBS ARE CRAZY    06/15/20  (111)
xo Krystal Ball calls out Tucker (video)    06/29/20  (110)
Seekingarrangement update    07/01/20  (110)
OSU football coach may he fired for wearing OANN shirt while fishing    06/17/20  (110)
Is this dude right that NYC has fallen off the cultural map?    06/23/20  (109)
Biden: “D.C. should be a state”    06/27/20  (108)
Cute Harvard chick threatens to stab anyone who says All Lives Matter    07/02/20  (108)
XO Taibbi savages White Fragility    07/01/20  (108)
"Black Lives Matter" is an intentionally divisive phrase.    06/20/20  (107)
starting to come around to the fact that police are garbage    06/05/20  (107)
CSLG/chandler why don't you guys do med mal?    06/23/20  (106)
'Mythbuster' Adam Savage BUSTED his sister's hymen as a kid. (DM)    06/30/20  (105)
Having a younger wife is 180    06/09/20  (104)
Old houses are fucking TTT    06/09/20  (104)
What will America look like when dems gain power of all 3 branches?    06/28/20  (104)
OldHLSDude: Is this what 1968 was like?    06/10/20  (103)
RATE the prestige of this Caltech 4.1 MD/PhD Azn    06/25/20  (103)
Archbishop letter to Trump: there is a great battle of good vs evil occurring    06/12/20  (102)
Not looking good in Texas    06/22/20  (102)
Media is flat out not covering the Meth and Fentanyl angle?    06/03/20  (101)
How to spin in house interview?    06/19/20  (101)
what are mistakes your dad made that you also made?    06/24/20  (101)
Google bars Zerohedge and The Federalist from receiving online ad money    06/16/20  (100)
Meeting seeking arrangement teen at 4 to be honest starting to feel sort of bad    06/15/20  (99)
Thoughts on this video of a WOKE white teen telling off her RACIST parents?    06/04/20  (99)
RATE the house my wife & I put in an offer for this afternoon    06/10/20  (98)
Girl I never met agreed that I can rape her. Taking Qs (TT6)    06/23/20  (98)
If you don't have your own business you are a cog in what other men built (CSLG)    06/13/20  (98)
statues in DC being torn down live on FOX right now, Trump tweeting    06/20/20  (98)
So Trump will restrict H1B & L1 Visas - kicking out America's smartest immigs    06/24/20  (98)
Least competitive sport than can help you get into an Ivy?    06/29/20  (98)
Breaking: Biden REFUSES to debate Trump. "There is no debate, he is a racist"    06/13/20  (98)
had 3some last night with two parole hairstylists in tacky suburb    06/29/20  (97)
Real talk. Trump not handling riots well. Normal people I know disagree w/ him    06/05/20  (96)
Bolton to Trump in WSJ: turn around so I can finish on your face    06/18/20  (96)
Polls are saying trump approval is down but it doesnt feel that way when i talk    06/11/20  (95)
Buffalo cops arrested & charged with assault    06/10/20  (95)
“Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?” LOL how do you answer this?    06/20/20  (95)
What's the most influential FPS of all time?    06/21/20  (95)
Is anyone in touch with Rach?    06/16/20  (94)
conservatives have a fetish for imagining the most pessimistic future possible    06/30/20  (94)
Teddy Roosevelt statue to be removed from Museum of Natural history (NYT)    06/22/20  (94)
Trump is a complete disaster. Anyone here still happy they voted for him in '16?    06/15/20  (94)
girl I know disinvited from friend's wedding for no-show at BLM protests (pics)    06/27/20  (94)
Sports is dead. We entertained ourselves just fine without it    06/09/20  (93)
Largest metropolitan area without a major sports franchise?    06/06/20  (93)
Can anyone give a detailed comparison of Austin vs. Dallas for long term    07/01/20  (93)
Discuss the last time *you* have called the cops    06/15/20  (93)
rate new work wife (jag)    06/10/20  (93)
Might seriously move to a solid red state (evan39)    06/17/20  (93)
Does anyone even miss going to restaurants, bars?    07/01/20  (93)
RATE Asian girl who likes to drink/dance: turns down 20 guys    06/19/20  (93)
Are white guys better off with Latin or Indian women compared to Azn women?    07/01/20  (92)
Trend I've noticed: daughters of African/Asian/Arab immigrants the most SJW    06/29/20  (91)
Rate this video of a gunfight in broad daylight in Northeast DC    06/15/20  (91)
What is the Greatest American Novel ITT?    06/08/20  (91)
George Floyd had no neck trauma    06/06/20  (91)
hooked up with white trash slut with tattoos and shit    06/11/20  (91)
*** STOCK MARKET CRASHING ***    06/15/20  (91)
was the black guy in atlanta even "drunk? a .10 is nothing.    06/15/20  (91)
dont make me bump my cuckold thread again, ask me Qs so I can enjoy it here    06/26/20  (90)
Pick one: -5 years of age; $3M tax free; +4 in to height; return to 18 yo self    06/24/20  (90)
lol, great Google doodle today    06/30/20  (90)
Went out last night for the first time in a few days    06/30/20  (90)
LOL. Lib zealots now tell Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to go home    06/07/20  (89)
Why aren't Trumpmos out there counter-protesting?    06/06/20  (89)
241.6 pounds    06/23/20  (89)
#CancelYale trending on twitter - Yale named after slave trader    06/24/20  (88)
FYI: Racial quotas are the next big media narrative coming down the pipeline    06/18/20  (88)
ITT: I rate you as Cartoons from the 90's    06/15/20  (88)