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does nutella really make that much money?    09/22/16  (181)
Charlotte victim's wife filmed it, shows officer shouting "Drop the gun"    09/24/16  (121)
I think we are witnessing the death of the NFL    09/14/16  (99)
just finished washing cleaning sanding taping staining my porch (700+ sq ft)    09/11/16  (87)
David Brooks of NYT literally lecturing blacks in his new column (link)    09/17/16  (86)
Colin Powell DESTROYS Bill Clinton (new leaked DNC email)    09/14/16  (82)
I told you fuckers to buy LinkedIn, GPRO, and now MSTX. Listen mfers!    09/22/16  (82)
What is SMU doing to whore USNews undergrad rankings?    09/17/16  (79)
known sudo here. attempted suicide twice in the past 6 weeks - taking Qs    09/10/16  (79)
Are Garoppolo and Matt Cassel's success w/ Pats proof that T. Brady isn't GOAT??    09/14/16  (78)
***most DEVASTATING Hillary attack ad***    09/21/16  (76)
Have to fire someone next week. Am dreading it.    09/21/16  (76)
evan39 are you sick of all these people moving to the PNW    09/16/16  (76)
Must be bizarre to live in Trump country    09/21/16  (73)
LOL how does pneumonia explain a COLLAPSE    09/12/16  (71)
Was it so hard to find some floating object on Titanic? They had like 8 hours!    09/20/16  (70)
It's official. I'm a TRUMPO. MAGA faggots.    09/21/16  (69)
Any honest Trumpfags want to admit being terrified abt his debate performance?    09/21/16  (68)
Campuses Cautiously Train Freshmen Against Subtle Insults (NYT)    09/09/16  (67)
why do people who make $50k-$90k ...    09/14/16  (63)
So what is the current XO approved career path?    09/18/16  (63)
Prole tell: knowing or caring about credit card "rewards points" or miles    09/07/16  (63)
Daughter is in Reading Level L in first two weeks of 1st grade; U: Poast    09/20/16  (62)
College admin is mad at me for saying my class isn't an easy A    09/06/16  (61)
NOT FLAME: armed protestors outside Brock Turner's house    09/06/16  (61)
Friend applied for CIA. Interviewer showed excerpts from his browsing history.    08/28/16  (61)
Trump Jr. makes a Holocaust joke: "warming up the gas chambers"    09/16/16  (60)
Here is the reason I strayed from Judaism (Phineasgage),does it makes sense?    09/06/16  (59)
Devastating NEW anti-Trump ad by Hillary    08/31/16  (59)
Is Charlotte really the hill these #BLM shitlibs are going to die on?    09/24/16  (58)
Law Prof/XO Historian tweets about XO connection to "alt-right"    08/29/16  (58)
Daily Mail: Anthony Weiner to 15yr old girl, 'I would bust that tight p***y'    09/22/16  (57)
College student called "genius" for doing basic trig. Guess race.    09/17/16  (57)
POLL: how tall are you    09/05/16  (57)
***WATCH: Elizabeth Warren EVISCERATES boomer banker on Senate floor***    09/24/16  (56)
BREAKING: U.S. signs record $38 billion military aid deal w Israel    09/18/16  (56)
POLL: what was your undergrad major    09/04/16  (56)
Which is more CR: $90k/yr fit, good lookin Chad or $600k bald chubby guy    09/17/16  (55)
If Finland had colonized America instead of the Brits how would it look today?    09/09/16  (55)
MMA gym charged me for a month i didnt attend, claiming they require 30 day noti    09/08/16  (54)
Lawyers: Help a 1L?    09/07/16  (54)
Prole tell: not knowing how to ski    09/01/16  (54)
I know a few people who own an Xbox One, not one of them has used it in a year    09/14/16  (52)
Is this an appropriate outfit for a teen daughters first day of school? (Pic)    08/29/16  (52)
evan39 why do proles all have wall mounted TVs    09/06/16  (51)
9/14 POLL: Hillary +3    09/14/16  (49)
I can never respect a "male" who didnt at least play high school football    09/18/16  (48)
Can my wife and I have the same lawyer for our divorce?    08/27/16  (48)
Reminder: Birth control turns nubile teens into haggard shrews in no time (pics)    09/16/16  (47)
when you order things do you say "can i have" or "i'll take" etc    09/05/16  (47)
I've never had a "migraine". Starting to think they are pure flame    09/01/16  (46)
Trump just won    08/31/16  (46)
Outrage over Kaepernick is textbook PC bullshit. thought cuckservatives hated PC    08/30/16  (46)
Had a date with a hot tranny last night. Didn't smash. Taking questions.    09/03/16  (45)
Earl tried to take his puppydood out for a run (photo)    08/30/16  (43)
Would you allow your 16yo dotter to wear these shorts?    09/23/16  (42)
Got measured for new suit for wedding - 46" X 33" and 34" inseam - prestigious?    09/08/16  (42)
HS girl came over to our bonfire. Had rock hard nips in a tank top (pic)    09/15/16  (41)
This TRUMP TEAM SIX retard seems like a huge faggot    09/07/16  (41)
XO Trumpmos are uniquely insane    08/27/16  (41)
So HS cheerleaders wearing thongs under their skirts is acceptable now? (Pic)    09/20/16  (40)
My apartment in LA is 870 sq feet; rent is $1,350    09/17/16  (40)
ITT: Talk me out of getting Little Ceaser's Hot n Ready Pizza    09/21/16  (39)
Any guy over 6' 200 lbs could beat the best 140 lb. MMA fighter in the world    09/06/16  (39)
I realized why jews like pastrami. it weighs less    09/01/16  (38)
Primer for Hillary's immigration plan    08/31/16  (38)
lol just lol at tom wolfe attempting to step to chomsky    09/06/16  (37)
columbia tuition 68k    09/01/16  (37)
***PROOF 2016 ELECTION IS RIGGED***    09/03/16  (36)
CNN FRONT PAGE: Why are almost half of Japan's millennials still virgins?    09/21/16  (35)
Rate this blonde Finnish teen    09/17/16  (35)
Indian Tech (WTF?): 1 student out of 12 passed bar exam.    09/15/16  (35)
my law school just banned laptops    08/30/16  (35)
I want to take a meat cleaver to Jonathan Safran Foer's faggot fucking head    09/21/16  (34)
How did hillary go from leading 15+ in the polls to only 1-4    09/09/16  (34)
Rate this classy female law student (pic)    09/17/16  (33)
why are ppl turning on Jews during the 2016 election?    09/17/16  (33)
Any litigators here who don't want to do AUSA b/c of dregs of society    09/23/16  (32)
LIFEHACK: use Bing and not (((Google)))    09/15/16  (32)
Trump's new Child Care plan is 180^180    09/14/16  (32)
Rate these freshman at UT Austin    09/08/16  (32)
TT's 500k net worth would be wiped clean buying a home and car    08/31/16  (32)
not doing well at making friends in law school. help please    08/29/16  (32)
Will any MFH bars play the debate? xo meetup at that bar    09/21/16  (31)
Had threesome at strip club this weekend ?s    09/07/16  (31)
Anthony Weiner caught sexting slutty brunette while son was in bed    08/29/16  (31)
Would it be difficult for someone like Belle Knox 2 get a good job?    08/30/16  (31)
The BEST college ranking. Men's 10-year earnings.    09/14/16  (30)
proles who pay for pictures of their newborns in stupid poses    09/10/16  (30)
Image of ISIS executioner entering a house in Sinjar    08/31/16  (30)
This xo poaster thinks Republican employers would fire you for anti-BLM tweets    09/23/16  (29)
Rate of knee injuries in NFL accelerating?    09/19/16  (29)
Feels 180 to be free of the fantasy football yoke. Felt like a 2nd job. Goy scam    09/11/16  (29)
If I worked in LA I would commute from San Diego    09/01/16  (29)
Why do teen girls think these are appropriate Halloween costumes?    09/24/16  (28)
Charlotte protestor drop kicks a homeless white man (video)    09/22/16  (28)
Would you rather find $1 on the ground or have free WNBA tickets for life?    09/01/16  (28)
***LIVESTREAM Trump in Mexico***    08/31/16  (28)
Shitlawyers, Can I go to any law school library & send myself entire treatise    09/22/16  (27)
Are libs secretly scared of blacks when they see rioting like this?    09/22/16  (27)
what kind of car do you drive    09/20/16  (27)
***VIDEO OF EXPLOSION IN MFH***    09/18/16  (27)
Harry Reid body shames Trump: "he's not slim and trim"    09/14/16  (27)
110 IQ tell: using "fewer" instead of "less"    09/03/16  (27)
I bought a dog silencer to shut up these two fucking dogs in the apt above me    08/31/16  (27)
Single women are the most powerful political force this year.    09/12/16  (26)
Lol at Israelis being "rude"    09/05/16  (26)
Would you approve of your busty daughter posing like this in a tank top?    09/05/16  (26)
Ann Coulter book: Trump didn't mock reporter, simply "doing a standard retard"    08/31/16  (26)
What is the CR way to quit XO? (((Phineasgage    09/23/16  (25)
Real talk: Israel has no business building homes in the West Bank    09/15/16  (25)
remember when fucklaw's TPB couldn't comprehend inter-generational IQ effects?!?    09/07/16  (25)
who is the smartest fempoaster    08/31/16  (25)
Wife's boyfriend bodyslammed me onto the patio after I confronted him over rape.    09/01/16  (25)
So libs just want whites to get killed if surrounded by rioters?    09/22/16  (24)
Does this board really have 400+ posters?    09/13/16  (24)
what's the funniest thread on xo    09/13/16  (24)
Hypo: Elon Musk offers you 5% equity in his latest venture    09/13/16  (24)
How did people ever put 90 hours into a RPG?    09/13/16  (24)
How can I get a visa to live in Europe?    09/09/16  (24)
Ljl at rewardsmos. I'm flying round trip biz to Tokyo for $800    09/07/16  (24)
The Pokemon wikipedia page is longer than the one on World War 2    09/05/16  (24)
I pay $10 a month for subscription    09/03/16  (24)
best albums of 2016    08/26/16  (24)
Why aren't we building "carless" communities in the US? They are 180    09/19/16  (23)
Odd how none of the political posters have ever made a funny post    09/14/16  (23)
LAmos: would u live in Echo Park?    09/21/16  (23)
Dear conservatives, this is how you present your worldview w/o sounding bigoted    09/08/16  (23)
Went to a kegger with millennials. Wtf is this "party foul" shit?    09/04/16  (23)
Would you hire this 19 year old French girl as a nanny? (Pic)    09/04/16  (23)
Cascade Mall shooter in Washington is JEWISH    09/24/16  (22)
"Now THIS is perestroika!" lisped ARE Reptile as Darnell prolapsed his asshole    09/23/16  (22)
Concerned Dad, rate this Jewess Pomona College student    09/21/16  (22)
Ljl at these teen jewesses in tiny bikini tops    09/16/16  (22)
DBG - what does this Israeli sign in Tel Aviv say    09/05/16  (22)
Prole tell: having to lock the door of your residence or automobiles    08/31/16  (22)
Coworker slept with my wife. Is this sexual harassment?    08/30/16  (22)
Is CM (clothmo) Punk going to get destroyed in UFC?    09/11/16  (22)
This DNC leaked email will make u hate HRC    09/14/16  (21)
Trump just said he wants to get rid of tenure system in K-12    09/08/16  (21)
Bboom rate this video. Car boot guy gets pwned    09/15/16  (21)
Fiancee wants me to hire a "personal chef"    09/06/16  (21)
Kaepernick straight trolling Amerikkka    09/01/16  (21)