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FSU crim law prof murdered in his home. Guess view on death pena    07/24/14  (258)
A Pro knows my real-name. Showed ID before cash & dash    07/16/14  (153)
Are you going to or do you raise your kids religious?    07/15/14  (151)
How is the Ivy experience different if you enter as a poor?    07/27/14  (123)
LOL - K&E Fourth Year Gets Brutalized in Lengthy Screed    07/14/14  (117)
HUG Alpha studying abroad at Oxford taking Qs    07/17/14  (113)
what is the xo southern ivy league    07/15/14  (104)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    07/07/14  (101)
"Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act" expands PAYE to 30 years    07/24/14  (98)
XO Come explain how guys like this land GFs while we poast    07/22/14  (96)
Taking your EVIDENCE MBE questions itt    07/13/14  (94)
Christian girl sets up donation site for JD, refuses loans    07/23/14  (82)
Any other biglaw people wish they had a 9-5 60k job    07/01/14  (80)
In-House or Are Country    07/03/14  (75)
PSA: There is NO WAY the US can beat Belgium    07/01/14  (74)
This tumblr makes all shitlibs IRATE    07/22/14  (72)
scared of our adopted child    07/21/14  (71)
Just moved to London    07/16/14  (69)
should I get LSAT Trainer or Logic Games Bible?    07/11/14  (67)
I am a fucking idiot for having gone to law school (2015)    07/13/14  (66)
How typical are all nighters in NY Corporate?    07/18/14  (64)
applied to 50 attorney jobs on USAJobs: 0 interviews    07/07/14  (62)
Holy Fuq. Was college really a sex fest for you XO bros    07/01/14  (60)
Shaswat Samudra, Online Impersonation is A Felony    07/23/14  (58)
Thinking about Excommunicating my parents    07/09/14  (57)
$250,000 inheritance - what do I do with it?    07/19/14  (56)
Is a 750 GMAT substantively worse for admissions than 780?    07/09/14  (56)
Do any of you know anyone who got called out for over billing???    07/15/14  (52)
which law schools place well into all national markets?    07/21/14  (50)
RANK JD/MBA programs: Columbia, Chicago, Northwestern, Penn    07/02/14  (49)
ITT: Thoughts on Tufts University    07/23/14  (48)
Sometimes I wonder if the PhD was a mistake and I should have    07/03/14  (48)
ITT we respond to PARTNER emails and phone calls    07/16/14  (47)
what is the single most delicious food?    06/30/14  (47)
XO: a million posts telling DVP to /self. DVP: still around    07/23/14  (46)
WTF? Myron Rolle (FSU Rhodes Scholar-->NFL) now at FSU Med    07/15/14  (46)
what is the MINIMUM respectable salary by age 30?    07/11/14  (46)
How were your writing skills in 9th/10th grade?    07/09/14  (46)
Hypo: US U-17 Mens Soccer versus US Womens National Team    07/08/14  (46)
Have you ever had a GF you felt was your intellectual equal?    07/03/14  (46)
ISO: Mortgage & Student Loan Advice    07/15/14  (45)
LED lightbulbs are $10-12 at fucking Costco! (earl)    07/01/14  (45)
Where do Addy, Xanax, Oxy rank in how easy to get script?    07/18/14  (44)
BIGLAW is CHILL! not flame    07/13/14  (44)
should I learn French or Spanish?    07/15/14  (43)
Compare: Palo Alto vs Cambridge, including SF/SJ vs Boston    07/10/14  (43)
Mandarin or Cantonese    07/02/14  (43)
Wasn't me (Putin)    07/23/14  (42)
Bros, explain why steroid users don't get much play    07/08/14  (41)
Didnt fit in a chill fratty MFH bar (joshua tree). Taking abuse?    07/07/14  (41)
how many t14 kids wear ROLEX SUBMARINERS? m7 kids?    07/23/14  (40)
National Review: Catholic doctrine should trump American Law    07/16/14  (39)
have you ever dated a girl who is just fucking hilarious    07/02/14  (39)
ANY CHEAP GYMS IN NYC?    06/30/14  (39)
I thought Tech was Supposed to be Stylin on Us -- They Not    07/06/14  (38)
ITT: Replace one word in a movie title with "kooky"    07/27/14  (37)
SUMMON: ARE Reptile. Do you deny Russia shot down the plane?    07/20/14  (37)
Leaving biglaw too soon?    07/27/14  (36)
If "Remember When" is the Lowest Form of Conversation    07/18/14  (36)
OKC Shrew rejected me for third Date (LJL)    07/04/14  (36)
New bill caps PAYE forgiveness at $57.5K    07/18/14  (35)
YNY. My .edu address now defunct. Delete gmail accnt? (parents)    07/09/14  (35)
Is something new happening on the Mexican border with illegals?    07/11/14  (34)
what school do you consider the columbia of the south    07/03/14  (34)
Rate this dood getting beheaded with chainsaw (NSFW)    07/09/14  (33)
Jesus fucking Christ. Jones Day needs new letterhead.    07/03/14  (33)
6+ British Doctor WOC is ForeverAlone in U.S.    07/01/14  (33)
God Damn, I badly want to F#$k my secretary    07/21/14  (32)
lol, my firm is fucked    07/01/14  (32)
anyone else wish they ate more SCHOLARLY TREATS in college?    07/18/14  (31)
xo Argentina vs TLS Germany    07/13/14  (31)
evidence MBE bros answer this Q    07/11/14  (31)
Anyone have mad respect for Italians but none for Hispanics?    07/05/14  (31)
"Don't send ur kids to an IVY, send em to stttate UGs!"    07/24/14  (30)
Xanax Mastermen: How different from sleeping pills?    07/24/14  (30)
this pic will get every xo poster IRATE (sfw)    07/04/14  (30)
what the fuck have you ever used coconut oil    06/29/14  (30)
Do Libs seriously deny that certain races commit more crimes?    07/26/14  (29)
Do people still get severance in biglaw?    07/16/14  (29)
Pretty remarkable when you realize how rare wealth really is    07/10/14  (29)
Friends; Sopranos; Entourage; HIMYM; Breaking Bad    06/30/14  (29)
ITT: Most Profitable Organized Crime    06/28/14  (29)
Would you LTR a bisexual chick?    07/27/14  (28)
does anything actually offend you?    07/16/14  (28)
Ran into chick I went to school with grades 6-12. Hard as FUQ    07/22/14  (27)
lol at "bacon egg and cheese" being the norm for american breakf    07/21/14  (27)
Took 2g of Phenibut. I'm now DET. Is this what Xanax is like?    07/21/14  (27)
Biking 5 miles a day ... big weight loss?    07/14/14  (27)
How many MBE questions do I need to do?    07/10/14  (27)
Eminem drops Marshall Mathers LP today as debut, what happens?    07/11/14  (27)
I will retire if 5 unique non-pumos in a row say "yes"(kookydood    07/09/14  (27)
I look at boomers lives and become rabid with jealousy    07/06/14  (27)
This is XO. Odds that 3 XOers are goodlooking enuff to lick msg    07/02/14  (27)
what's the most real fucked up thing your fraternity made you do    07/02/14  (27)
can biglaw partners afford 4 kids and house on nantucket?    07/12/14  (26)
The New Yorker: "Guy Walks Into a Bar" (link)    07/27/14  (25)
Working retail once I have my F-U money    07/27/14  (25)
Caroline Wozniacki flaming 5'9" Rory McIlroy.    07/21/14  (25)
kookydood taking kooky questions    07/25/14  (24)
If u get CCN you're set for LIFE hth    07/12/14  (24)
asked in interview: "are you going on other interviews"?    07/10/14  (24)
Libs now turning on Univision, the last non pussified network    07/05/14  (24)
"I suck because I didn't major in CS and/or attended a TTT."    07/02/14  (24)
Doc Review is just sorting docs into 2 piles? And they complain?    07/01/14  (24)
is biglaw as bad as Will Meyerhofer makes it out to be?    07/24/14  (23)
1890: A laptop and a copy of photoshop = you rule the world    07/20/14  (23)
Starting over at Undergrad in a month: How to make friends?    07/19/14  (23)
Bort ConLaw Scholars: Will SCOTUS uphold bans on SSM?    07/08/14  (23)
Summon: Bort women    07/07/14  (23)
wait do people actually brief cases in law school? dont think i    07/01/14  (23)
Took Mensa Home Test. Got 70/80 right, 125IQ. Killself?    07/17/14  (22)
Has anyone here read all the Federalist Papers?    07/25/14  (22)
"Attached please find..."    07/10/14  (22)
LGBT groups killing ENDA because of Hobby Lobby    07/08/14  (22)
every time low life friend fucks up, i work 50+ unbillable hours    07/23/14  (21)
Report: Half of Lawyers starting income < $62K    07/22/14  (21)
ITT: A Conversation MFE's Toolbox    07/18/14  (21)
Went on a blind date with someone who goes to a TTT Lawl School    07/16/14  (21)
the only credited path in this life is to start your own busines    07/16/14  (21)
*signs up for PAYE* *takes a nap in a hammock*    07/23/14  (21)
HLS vs. SLS?    07/02/14  (21)
Cute girl didn't flush Toilet in my apartment (LJL White Girls)    06/28/14  (21)
Just looked up some Ivy Lax teams. Are they all from the NE?    07/22/14  (20)
Kyrie, R Allen, Wiggins, LBJ, Bennett    07/11/14  (20)
BAR TAKERS: Monday's a big day; you can finally start studying    07/07/14  (20)
How common is Adderall among biglaw associates    07/05/14  (20)
should I get a LAB, GOLDEN, or HUSKY?    07/21/14  (19)
just saw a huge deer eat a plant in my yard. she didn't fear me.    07/12/14  (19)
What would you do if a girl you met acted this way?    07/12/14  (19)
Does stormfront have particularly dumb poasters?    07/17/14  (19)
lost 33 pounds.    07/06/14  (19)
I KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE IBANKERS AT 30-35 (BOOR)    07/20/14  (19)
post the most fucked up picture you've ever seen in your life    07/02/14  (19)
BIGLAW bro here: watched porn all day on my phone at work    07/24/14  (18)
How many pushups can someone who can bench bodyweight do?    07/23/14  (18)
am i retarded or does american hustle fucking suck    07/19/14  (18)
who is your least favorite boomer actor?    07/16/14  (18)
Boomer BARBRI lecturer brags that Emory LS tuition was $2,000 in    07/16/14  (18)
Real talk: fed subsidized student loans should be eliminated    07/15/14  (18)
Biglaw: after many years, I am outta here    07/14/14  (18)
j shad here. Starting to feel attracted to men.    07/23/14  (18)
I agree that Azns are SPS, but how mentally ill do you have to b    07/09/14  (18)
Poast ITT if you survived the weekend in DeBlasio's NYC    07/06/14  (18)
RATE COLUMBUS OH singles scene for men    07/02/14  (18)
How would you Alphas make eye contact with a chick like this?    07/25/14  (17)
"mom, we change monikers for the summer. its cool," askav lisped    07/26/14  (17)
Why shouldn't I KILLSELF tomorrow? My PENIS is 4.75" erect    07/18/14  (17)