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***OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE PART 2 THREAD***    06/28/19  (747)
***OFFICIAL June 26th DEMOCRATIC DEBATE THREAD***    07/02/19  (408)
Killing self soon (1-2 weeks) taking suggestions on s.note, ordering affairs etc    07/15/19  (231)
Patagonia-wearing white San Fran lib gets pwned calling cops on black bro    07/15/19  (211)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON Day 11 (7/12) Spoilers πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/14/19  (210)
dog culture in the us is getting sick and insane    07/13/19  (207)
SELFIE THREAD! July 2019 edition. Do it, pussies (NYUUG)    07/16/19  (198)
7 month pregnant Wife told me last night that I make her miserable and she doesn    07/10/19  (188)
Epstein kept photos on CDs marked with name of the person with underage girl    07/12/19  (181)
Bernie Sanders to propose canceling all $1.6 trillion in student loan debt    06/26/19  (176)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON GENTLEMEN'S FINAL Thread πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/16/19  (174)
What year did America actually die?    07/12/19  (173)
What are some of your favorite clothing brands?    06/28/19  (168)
The Gentleman’s Guide To Paying A Bar Tab    07/12/19  (163)
Why should I vote for Trump again?    07/13/19  (158)
rate this argument i had with my girlfriend (jag)    06/28/19  (149)
Have first PI trial in a couple weeks, here are the facts (verne)    06/27/19  (148)
Self Made Millionaire TOMMY T TURDSKIN III, ESQ taking QUESTIONS for 24 HOURS    06/26/19  (147)
Lmao. Boomers at my office are losing their mind over associates who work remote    06/28/19  (145)
Toddler slips from grandfather's arms on cruise ship, falls 150 feet to her deat    07/09/19  (144)
Libs going after single family homes (NYT)    06/22/19  (141)
Rating you in a category of your choice    07/03/19  (140)
How do so many meal delivery service companies exist?    06/29/19  (137)
Why can't Budweiser or Coors just make a good beer?    06/20/19  (137)
what are the most profitable retail/small businesses to own?    07/14/19  (134)
Fucking porn star Kelli Klass tomorrow in Pittsburgh, taking Qs    07/12/19  (131)
Jeffrey Epstein just arrested in SDNY    07/11/19  (129)
My little brother makes 800k a year doing tax resolution (CSLG)    07/15/19  (129)
New 007 to be a BLACK WOMAN, NOT FUCKING FLAME (link)    07/15/19  (128)
What is the argument for deporting those who came illegally as minors?    07/10/19  (126)
xo Kyle Kashuv's Harvard acceptance rescinded    06/18/19  (123)
Trump GOES OFF on progressive House Dems    07/15/19  (123)
Every XO'er's future daughter, in three tweets    07/01/19  (121)
Navy SEAL tricks JAG dweeb, gets immunity and then confesses to murder.    07/03/19  (117)
App chick invited me to charity event for 2nd date; spent night avoiding me.    07/11/19  (116)
LIST every COUNTRY you have VISITED ever    06/27/19  (116)
So is this Apple Watch shit a failure? Still see no use case for these    06/21/19  (115)
Are there ANY cruises that are worth doing?    06/20/19  (113)
Do you keep a loaded gun in your bedroom?    07/02/19  (112)
NYT: Nasty badwhites from Minnesota don't want to take more Somalis    06/21/19  (112)
How can people tolerate living with a woman    07/10/19  (112)
Baker McKenzie aims to have 20% tranny workforce by 2025 (link)    06/25/19  (110)
I'll be honest, today it really hit how truly fucked things are gonna get in usa    07/14/19  (109)
Trump got nervous, called back planes    06/22/19  (109)
Plotting next trip. Have 9 full days to spend in Japan or Israel (C12)    07/01/19  (109)
what is max IQ to actually buy into "corporations are private so they can censor    07/11/19  (108)
Merkel has Parkinson's :(    07/12/19  (108)
SNOPES: NOT TRUE that 14yo boys beat USWNT    07/12/19  (106)
If I was a black person, I would be so ashamed of this reparations bs    06/25/19  (104)
Walmart laying off up 40% of its pharmacists    07/01/19  (102)
I'm a degenerate who recruits men off reddit to get blowjobs from my fuckbuddy    07/10/19  (101)
Net Worth: $1,000,161.42 ---- oh you MAF lil BIRDSHITZZZ!!!!    06/26/19  (101)
The polls showing Biden is up double digits over Trump are correct    06/19/19  (100)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON Day 7 (7/8) Spoilers πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/09/19  (99)
ITT we list our counterintuitive Ivy Leage preferences    07/13/19  (99)
Mississippi politician refuses to allow female reporter to travel with him (vid    07/14/19  (99)
WSJ: Thinking of Moving to 2nd Tier City Suburbs? You're Too Late    07/03/19  (98)
Are there any non-Jews/libs in favor of war with Iran?    06/21/19  (98)
You guys don't think it's weird that life was unbearably cruel until 100 yrs ago    07/14/19  (98)
Hypo: $500M but you have to live in a U.S. airport of your choosing for 1 year    07/16/19  (95)
Can't afford life and my HHI is 450-500K a year    07/14/19  (94)
Atlantic: The Case Against Marriage    07/05/19  (94)
Rate this sorority's house rules (DEVASTATING for shortmos)    06/21/19  (93)
Kids can handle the kink at Pride parades, families say (HuffPo)    06/19/19  (93)
New Macbooks dropped today. Which should I cop?    07/10/19  (92)
Drinking & getting drunk is incredibly 180    06/29/19  (92)
What do you do for lunch every day?    07/13/19  (92)
do ppl grasp that *entire* country will soon be filled w/ AOCs/Ilhan Omars    07/13/19  (91)
Thai girls dont fuck me cuz I have a girlfriend now (TT6)    06/27/19  (91)
Name a major American city and I will post a Google Streetview of its worst area    07/16/19  (90)
Starbucks kicks out cops because customers said they felt unsafe around them (li    07/07/19  (90)
Why do white goys hate Meghan Markle so much?    07/10/19  (88)
parentmos, what is your take on vaccines?    06/27/19  (88)
What would you say are the top 5 U.S. cities to live in?    06/24/19  (88)
WeWork's founder ((Adam Neumann)) is 1800000 GC flame    06/19/19  (88)
couple almost break up after honeymoon due to social media poasting    06/22/19  (87)
Why don't millennials realize that travel/experiences are just consumerism?    06/20/19  (86)
Pains me to see so many people eating $15 fast casual gc lunches every day    07/10/19  (85)
So Epstein’s youngest victims were 15?    07/11/19  (85)
LOL @ the state of today's Disneyland. Fat low-IQ proles fighting each other:    07/11/19  (85)
Somehow a girl is interested in me sexually    07/06/19  (85)
Wife is going to ruin us financially    06/29/19  (85)
The Amended Complaint in the Jones Day discrimination suit is 180 after 180    06/29/19  (85)
Does this viral Megan Rapinoe soccer photo anger anyone else?    07/08/19  (84)
AOC: Democrats will lose to Trump if Biden is nominee    06/27/19  (84)
Bar owner told me barely anyone under 30 goes to bars now. Lots closing down    06/19/19  (84)
most prestigious video game system?    06/24/19  (84)
Board olds: Remember when DVDs replaced VHS tapes?    06/24/19  (81)
Chemotherapy added only 2% to the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients.    06/25/19  (81)
Halford died Feb 23, 2019 in a car crash in Idaho Falls, ID    07/03/19  (80)
how the fuck do people afford rent    06/25/19  (80)
Seriously, I'm an 8/10    07/02/19  (80)
Wife quit her job with no notice    06/29/19  (79)
5’8 Shortmo BLOWS UP inside Bagel Shop (LINK)    07/11/19  (79)
ITT name prole things that you like.    06/25/19  (79)
Less than Jake worth listening?    06/29/19  (78)
When you travel do you get a hotel, Airbnb or other?    06/27/19  (78)
4channer BEHEADS his GF because she spent to much time w/ 'beta orbiters'    07/16/19  (78)
Xo Jared Taylor gapes (((CNN))) turdskin    07/16/19  (78)
List common consumer products that should be BANNED    07/11/19  (78)
Anderson Cooper redpilled    06/26/19  (78)
Recovering from my vasectomy and taking questions ITT.    07/15/19  (77)
Turns out that missing Utah college girl was a huge fucking slut.    06/28/19  (77)
Guess the work of Classic Literature by its opening passage (no google)    06/27/19  (77)
Ilhan Omar: not only is Trump a racist, but all of his supporters are too (link)    07/16/19  (77)
Democrat Senator pushed Reddit to quarantine The Donald due to "inciting hatred"    07/02/19  (76)
You had ONE LAST CHANCE at sub-$12k Bitcoin in your lifetime today. You blew it    07/15/19  (76)
An Open Question for New Jerseymos    06/27/19  (76)
coal billionaire, his hot daughter &hot friends die to death in helicopter crash    07/06/19  (76)
Mitch McConnell is the most consequential Senate Leader in history, right?    06/27/19  (76)
Would it be crazy to marry a prole chick?    06/24/19  (76)
Are the elite NYC university clubs like the Yale/Harvard/Penn Club good to join?    07/15/19  (75)
Luxe Hotels Going To Dispenser Soap & Shampoo. Dudes Will Cum In Dispensers    06/28/19  (75)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON Day 9 (7/10) Spoilers πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/10/19  (75)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON Day 4 (7/4) Spoilers πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis. #"AUS    07/04/19  (75)
Still processing that Rapinoe person screaming "I DESERVE THIS" in parade    07/14/19  (75)
How does someone exercise plus practice caloric restriction?    07/11/19  (74)
what’s your favorite video game?    06/25/19  (74)
Be honest. Do you believe in an Afterlife    07/08/19  (73)
NYTimes reporting Trump cucked out and called off airstrike on Iran mid-strike    06/21/19  (73)
when is the next golf major? 2 weeks?    06/18/19  (73)
Why tsinah hates me (benzo)    06/21/19  (73)
Guys who get hitched before establishing career/life success are insane.    06/24/19  (73)
Poll: 12% Of Men Think They Can Win A Point Off Serena #tennis    07/14/19  (72)
1st time meth user gets 40 years in prison, dead a year later.    07/12/19  (72)
TRUMP goes FULL GOD EMPEROR in TWEET    06/22/19  (72)
San Francisco to spend $600K on whitewashing a racist mural    06/30/19  (71)
Best Way To Cook Burger w/o BBQ?    07/08/19  (71)
If we actually go to war with Iran, I probably won’t vote for Trump    06/22/19  (71)
Texas judge orders father to raise "son" as a tranny (link)    07/14/19  (71)
None of the immigration poli-threads take into account: IT'S ALREADY OVER    07/15/19  (71)
Got initial offer of 250K on a dog bite case (CSLG)    07/14/19  (71)
Possible to break into tech at 27/28?    07/09/19  (71)
Rate this Norm Macdonald quote about Chris Kattan    07/11/19  (71)
Still liking home ownership, but now toilet has a leak....    07/03/19  (71)
I don't get why xo shits on home ownership so much    07/03/19  (71)
Bands whose debut album was their best    06/17/19  (71)
"pack u shit, barack" - Obamas moving to a $23M house in LA    07/12/19  (71)
why no charming little towns in US like throughout Europe?    06/30/19  (70)
🌱🎾 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ WIMBLEDON Day 8 (7/9) Spoilers πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŽΎπŸŒ± #tennis    07/09/19  (70)
Obeezy: "Oh sure Microsoft can disable Windows & Office for all conservatives"    07/15/19  (70)
Oregon BANS single family home zoning in all cities in the state    07/03/19  (70)
what does the richest person you know do    06/29/19  (70)
Millionaire Solo Shitlawyer Tommy T Taking Questions About Law Practice    07/09/19  (70)
Sibling got a 1500 SAT and got rejected from most of the UCs instate    07/13/19  (70)
turdskin NYU prof: 'America now belongs to brown people. It is ours.'    07/05/19  (69)
Fiancée jokingly introduced me to her boss/co-workers as he future ex-husband..    06/20/19  (69)
Hot mormon wives talk about catching their husbands masturbating (video)    06/27/19  (69)