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My brother asked if he and his wife and daughter could move in for 4-6 months.    07/31/16  (209)
The "elites" don't realize how mexican this country has become    07/31/16  (174)
America is not going up in flames. Whites are just batshit over losing power.    08/10/16  (146)
Summer associate snitched on other associate cheating on GF    08/12/16  (129)
LJL, BigLaw recruiting is such flame. We literally just dinged a law review    08/17/16  (111)
TRUMP KICKS BABY OUT OF HIS RALLY!! "[G]et the baby out of here."    08/03/16  (108)
How can LGBT community vote for Hillary amid Orlando shooters dad    08/09/16  (106)
Hillary is about to detonate, bros (link)    08/06/16  (104)
is teaching high school cr?    08/18/16  (94)
A "starter home" now costs half a million almost everywhere LJL    08/24/16  (88)
which is more soul-crushing: looking for a job or online dating?    08/23/16  (83)
***Malia Obama caught on cam smoking weed***    08/11/16  (81)
Brock Lesner literally just killed Randy Orton    08/24/16  (77)
Reminder: Israel stole Palestinian land    08/15/16  (75)
This "longread" about the missing Germans in Death Valley is really incredible    08/06/16  (75)
Wearing the REBEL FLAG all over NYC; construction workers yelling hey! and smili    08/19/16  (74)
Fear of Trump having the nuclear codes    08/05/16  (74)
GAWKER IS DEAD YHY    08/23/16  (72)
I was a teenage "computer hacker" - taking questions    08/18/16  (72)
My father was born in a Soviet Gulag. No joke    08/09/16  (70)
How mad do these rich kids make you?    08/15/16  (68)
"Super Nintendo" was crap the NES has better games    07/26/16  (65)
ROFL, MSU closes women's study lounge due to Title IX violation    08/06/16  (64)
Ann Coulter: The Wrath of Khan    08/05/16  (64)
New video allegedly shows Lochte "fighting with security" at gas station    08/21/16  (63)
Macy's to close 100 stores amid devastating quarterly loses    08/12/16  (63)
Just got an email from WESLEY R JOHNSON    08/21/16  (61)
Rate this Waspy Attractive Couple (NY Times Weddings)    08/22/16  (60)
POLL: how old were ur parents when they bought their house?    08/15/16  (60)
Twitter weighs in on Katie Ledeckys looks    08/08/16  (59)
Rate this cute 27 year old Assistant DA from Texas (SFW)    08/15/16  (57)
Why is Trump not building a tech/analytics operation like Obama did    08/17/16  (56)
Don't get this "Trump is an unpolished buffoon" shit; the guy seems sophisticate    07/29/16  (56)
Is The Miz going to be fired for this outburst he had on his boss? (Vid    08/25/16  (54)
Why do sales bros get paid so well?    08/01/16  (54)
Is 33 "too old" to go to a kegger?    08/10/16  (52)
(((Brian Stelter of CNN))) looks 45 but is only 30 years-old!!!    08/17/16  (50)
Reps could have won white house, roe/wade reversal, immigration reform, etc.    08/12/16  (50)
Trump down by 9-15 points    08/05/16  (49)
UC San Diego is probably the #2 public school in the US now    08/24/16  (48)
Would you ever live in Newport Beach, CA???    07/31/16  (48)
Libs: please explain this pic of HRC    08/09/16  (47)
You owned your car for four years. You named it Brad    08/22/16  (46)
Guy from Montana trailer park PWNs a bunch of scientists (The Atlantic)    08/01/16  (46)
Anyone here who spends 99.9% of time alone outside of work?    07/31/16  (46)
WSGR (PA) vs. V30 (NY)    08/15/16  (45)
Is San Francisco real estate in a bubble??    08/07/16  (45)
Is this chick weird looking? (pic)    08/08/16  (43)
***Trump rally in Wisconsin LIVESTREAM***    08/16/16  (42)
how do people in their 20s manage to live in Orange County, CA    08/16/16  (42)
Would you be OK with your daughter and her friend going topless like this? (pic)    08/05/16  (41)
two black kill delivery man over a pizza    08/04/16  (41)
XOXO Food Truck. In NYC today. MEETUP anyone? Leaving on tour of country tonight    08/19/16  (40)
WWE says wrestling could be getting some LGBT storylines (link)    08/15/16  (40)
Hypo: you are sent back in time to 9/10/2001    08/11/16  (40)
Not flame: can you realistically make bank as a realtor?    08/17/16  (40)
Jewish controlled America just sucks    08/14/16  (39)
5.56 ammo for $0.35 per round!    08/01/16  (39)
Neighbor adopted a German Shepherd - fucker bit my puppydood    07/28/16  (39)
Smoked/ingested weed for 20 nights in a row - stopped Monday night, cant sleep    08/25/16  (38)
REUTERS: Cisco Systems to lay off 14,000 employees    08/17/16  (38)
Parents bought 200k house now worth, eating ramen in a one bed rental    08/21/16  (37)
Trump: I won't allow my officials to accept speaking fees after office    08/17/16  (36)
OCI Tips?    08/06/16  (36)
Seems like nobody is excited for the NFL season    08/04/16  (36)
I think this girl is having a mental breakdown on instagram (link)    08/15/16  (36)
people on twitter giving autoadmit credit for coining "shitlib"    08/24/16  (35)
Taxpayers invest $100 MM in diverse group of law students. You won't believe wha    08/15/16  (35)
Trump-attacked a Dem campaign office in VT today,wife left me then I ditched her    08/09/16  (35)
Shot the AR-15 again today (Earl)    08/10/16  (35)
LA TIMES: Stockton, CA mayor arrested for playing strip poker w minors    08/05/16  (35)
NYC: Argument at a Starbuck's between two customers. Who was right?    08/02/16  (34)
Was in Canada today. People really struggling up there, economy in the shitter    07/28/16  (34)
Confrontation with hipsters yesterday; I gave Roman Salute and yelled Heil Hitle    08/21/16  (33)
Shitlawyers: crafty ways to get WL access    08/18/16  (33)
Car Accident / Insurance Q -- how to get other party's insurance info    08/17/16  (33)
Is it acceptable to break up with gf of 1 yr for basically no reason at all?    08/08/16  (33)
Is Earthbound on SNES an easy game to pick up and play?    08/02/16  (33)
Benzo vs T Swift is better than WWE summerslam    08/22/16  (32)
lol at the USA winning twice as many medals as 2nd place. fuck the olympics    08/22/16  (32)
do you guys have an OFFICE SHITTER? a person who SHITS frequently?    08/18/16  (32)
***Trump supporter PWNS Hillarymo on CNN***    08/13/16  (32)
Trump: Incompetent at controlling media. Hillary: Competent at treason    08/04/16  (32)
The average jogger could run down and kill a deer if they needed to    08/01/16  (32)
Yale forestry grad - taking Q's    07/25/16  (32)
Congressman Sean Duffy has 8 kids, hot latina wife, will be president in 2020    08/13/16  (31)
NRA responds to Trump's comments re 2nd Amendment & Hillary    08/09/16  (31)
Rate this pic of Hillary at her (((Hollywood))) fundraiser    08/24/16  (30)
RT: US government sued over aid to nuclear Israel    08/17/16  (30)
VIDEO: BLMers beat up white woman in Milwaukee    08/16/16  (30)
Mexican Trump Supporter's message to liberals    08/13/16  (30)
LIVE STREAM: Trump tower man climbing trump tower    08/10/16  (30)
Clinton Foundation wired $375k to Mr Kahn's account    08/10/16  (30)
POLL: how much do you weigh???    07/31/16  (30)
ok dennis we've had enough for now    08/21/16  (29)
jfc, interviewed girl today with half a dozen F's in Math/Science classes    08/05/16  (29)
Ever fallen asleep while driving?    08/19/16  (29)
where did cons get the idea the US is all of a sudden so dangerous?    07/26/16  (29)
19 Disabled people killed in Japan (We Need Knife Control)    07/28/16  (29)
Homeless people should be killed there are way too many.    08/11/16  (28)
"Major League Soccer" is a Ponzi scheme. They are upping expansion fees to 200mm    08/02/16  (28)
Jimmy Johns now has more stores than McDonalds and Taco Bell combined. WTF    07/28/16  (28)
Started playing Ocarina of Time again recently it's not as good as I remember    08/25/16  (27)
Four-Year-Old With Toilet Obsession Gets Special Christmas Gift From Kohler    08/23/16  (27)
Anyone have a good theory on what actually happened re: Ryan Lochte incident?    08/19/16  (27)
which autoadmit poaster drives the nicest car    08/15/16  (27)
Law school grads who go straight to BIGLAW are absolutely clueless    08/14/16  (27)
my jewish roomate paid the neighbor $5 a month for access to her wifi network    08/05/16  (27)
Hypo: you have access to a time machine but can only use it to commit rape    08/03/16  (27)
Reminder: Nobody dies "doing what they loved"    08/01/16  (27)
UChi bans "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings"    08/25/16  (26)
ARTICLE: Baltimore cuts ties with ex-BIGLAWYER after neo-Nazi links revealed    08/19/16  (26)
Do you have bandwidth to take on a discrete research assignment?    08/18/16  (26)
Everyone who took a bitcoin from that pumo is under federal investigation now    08/14/16  (26)
quinoa is considered a "complete protein" and has all 9 essential amino acids    08/24/16  (25)
Ljl at this shrewbutt on instagram    08/24/16  (25)
White Lives Matter is trending on Twitter    08/22/16  (25)
Hypo: offer to donate $1000 to anti-malaria if an effective altruist sucks my di    08/13/16  (25)
Trump jacks up rent for campaign office in Trump Tower now that donors are payin    08/24/16  (24)
120 Olympic divers    08/08/16  (24)
Rate this attractive CrossFit Couple (NY Times Wedding)    08/05/16  (24)
180 pic of Trump eating KFC    08/03/16  (24)
unemployed bros: how do you not just get drunk all day every day???    07/26/16  (24)
HERE WE GO!!! Trump back even in NBC poll!    08/23/16  (23)
Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes to the Infuriating Truth About Why Women Drink    08/23/16  (23)
There is nothing like this place on the web    08/11/16  (23)
Over dissent, HELD: Ariz. Dept. of Ag. may approve identical cattle brands.    08/12/16  (23)
Update: David Duke has charged my credit card    08/14/16  (23)
lol interviewing some guy tomorrow who got a D in Ordinary DiffEQ's    08/04/16  (23)
biz idea: BigLaw firm with BigTech culture    07/27/16  (23)
So the Dems are just a coalition of retarded niggers, women, spics, and GRIDSpig    07/25/16  (23)
Reuters poll now in line with LATimes poll. Shitlibs can no longer claim outlier    08/24/16  (22)
PSA: there are Mormon dating sites you can meet nice girls on    08/23/16  (22)
xo whites who make fun of Trump's 5th grade speech are DUMBASSES    08/18/16  (22)
I'm going to watch all 28 seasons of MTV's The Challenge    08/20/16  (22)
Just purchased 10 Trump bumper stickers; advise where on car to place them    08/02/16  (22)
POLL: do you have chest hair?    07/29/16  (22)
Do you think Muslim men are jealous over European women?    07/27/16  (22)
check out this dead beat chick's go fund me page    08/17/16  (21)
Why is it NBD to fuck a chick but beating off in front of her is embarrassing    08/09/16  (21)
On track to bill about 1200 hours out of 1800 hr requirement for 1st year fukt?    08/08/16  (21)
Women please explain why you pee out of your buttholes and lie about it    08/23/16  (21)
I'm thinking of quitting my job and fighting in the way of Allah    08/23/16  (21)
Israel is literally receiving BILLIONS every year. As tax payers, u dont care?    08/02/16  (21)
What should a dad do to stop his teen daughter from dressing like this?    08/01/16  (21)
Rate this 21 year old German student sexually harrased by Migrants (SFW)    07/30/16  (21)