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Do intelligent libs really think the black-white IQ gap is NOT genetic?    07/20/16  (174)
First time you saw a pussy IRL    07/16/16  (146)
nyuug's deleted self-pwn where escort mentions her time limit reposted    07/20/16  (118)
20 half court shots, if you make 2, 50 billion, if not 50 years in jail.    07/07/16  (116)
Did you guys see Nintendo is re-releasing the NES?    07/15/16  (99)
Hypo: Turkish Military launches Coup against Erdogan and AKP    07/16/16  (98)
First non-controversial Republican with this platform will transform country    06/25/16  (97)
New video in Baton Rouge shooting    07/07/16  (95)
My wife fucked our racist neighbor.    07/10/16  (91)
Jews are benefitting from these Terrorist attacks in France    07/17/16  (89)
Rate this 16yo black kid w brass knuckles sucker-punching 12yo white kid    07/03/16  (88)
Rate Mike Conley Jr. and his white wife (Pics)    07/05/16  (86)
Jerry Brown and CA shitlibs literally just banned the gun I just bought    07/02/16  (84)
How amazing is it to have a true 9-5 job??    07/21/16  (81)
Mom telling me (biglaw burnout) to enjoy life more...says life too short    07/10/16  (80)
Trump pwns Jewish media re Star of David tweet    07/07/16  (74)
You guys have to see this Post-Op Shemale pussy. Check the third hole.    07/12/16  (71)
Caltech, MIT, and the 3 service academies are the only elite schools    07/23/16  (69)
4 out of 12 friends from law school have quit law    07/23/16  (64)
Rate these Bowdoin college girls (SFW)    07/09/16  (63)
Parents are 79 and 73, have a $1.4mm nestegg, should they buy an annuity?    06/28/16  (61)
XOXO Food Truck: Minneapolis Shitlib made HUGE scene in the airport b/c of my Tr    07/19/16  (60)
You can go from "early 30s to middle age very quickly. Crazy    07/12/16  (60)
I doubt "rape" is mentally traumatic to women at all    07/05/16  (57)
33 yr old biglaw shrew retires to travel the world    06/30/16  (56)
NYC is a patheic city and the "High Line" is a sick joke    07/08/16  (53)
Just finished 4 days in Stockholm. My thoughts    07/09/16  (52)
The ONE escape from No-Job/No-Money/No-Future existence...    07/05/16  (52)
Can anyone explain why college isn't free?    07/03/16  (52)
Is Nintendo printing money with this Pokemon Go shit? Is this going to rejuvenat    07/17/16  (51)
I am a 30 year old ex-biglawyer in MFH with literally zero friends    07/01/16  (51)
"No mom! My start-up!" askav shrieked lispily as she took down his blanket fort    07/22/16  (51)
Which pro wrestler had the best theme song?    07/18/16  (50)
What have Jewsinvented that has benefitted Society?    07/14/16  (50)
Add "daddy" to actual biglaw emails you've received and post them    07/09/16  (50)
Three Female American students hacked to death in Bangladesh (Daily Mail)    07/02/16  (50)
Played golf today at a preftigious course. LJL at this flame.    07/06/16  (50)
NBA emphasis on height makes the sport SPS. Tall dudes arent good athletes    07/01/16  (50)
NOT FLAME: MJ's song "They don't really care about us" was Anti-Jewish    07/23/16  (49)
never knew Indiana U-Bloomington is so beautiful (pics)    06/26/16  (49)
rate this wild boar DESTROY 4 pitbulls    07/10/16  (48)
Shitlib here: how will Trump benefit people of color?    07/06/16  (48)
Why did Nazis tattoo their prisoners if they were just planning to kill them all    07/02/16  (48)
New Start Trek has 91% rotten tomato rating    07/22/16  (47)
Hypo: you see your teen daughters friend wearing this in your pool (pic)    07/17/16  (46)
About to start law school at HYS. Any tips?    07/23/16  (45)
The CIA used to be run by chill Yale bros now faggy mormons and jews    07/21/16  (45)
Do you donate to your alma mater? What is the benefit?    07/14/16  (44)
Is Slovenia the most beautiful country in the world?    07/13/16  (44)
World traveler taking questions.    07/10/16  (44)
Real talk: Ironside deserves to have his ass kicked for enabling DBG    07/12/16  (44)
Im planning on stealing some land via "adverse possession". How do I pay tax on    07/21/16  (43)
What is the end game for the Jews? When enough Whites+minorities wake up what is    07/05/16  (43)
the LinkedIn news feed has become a truly bizarre place    07/19/16  (43)
Rate this 19yo Pomona College chick I fucked last night    06/29/16  (42)
My wife and her new lover broke her bed.    07/18/16  (41)
Blonde chick: How my dream gap year in Africa turned into a nightmare    07/04/16  (40)
Rate this 17yo teenage chick from Orange County, CA    07/04/16  (40)
Rate this LAX Bro and his cute GF caught up in a cocaine bust (Daily Mail)    07/01/16  (40)
so XO is in constant swing between gay sex fantasies & hyperpolitical drivel?    07/20/16  (40)
So Miranda Kerr's engagement ring is the same as the one I got my fiancee (Earl)    07/22/16  (39)
Raw lsat score was 160. Possible to get to 180 by December 3?    07/21/16  (38)
This is the type of BBC you are trying to compete with    07/19/16  (38)
Cuckolds have a "look" to them.    06/27/16  (38)
Watch George W Bush dance at the Dallas service    07/13/16  (37)
Are you able to handle rejection well?    07/06/16  (37)
Manager is upset that millennial employee quit - guess generation and read why    07/06/16  (37)
Falling Down (1993)    07/11/16  (36)
You can live in a loft in downtown Boise for $200 a month. Its just like MFH    07/01/16  (36)
***DEVASTATING*** pro-Trump ad by the N.R.A.    06/29/16  (36)
Just ate 3 large Dairy Queen Blizzards in one sitting    07/17/16  (35)
This "consuela" dude needs to retire ASAP    07/16/16  (35)
I know dozens of chicks in their early 20 and all are in Europe right now    06/30/16  (35)
Rollin down the street, lookin hindu, sipping on fresh squeezed juice    07/06/16  (35)
In-House Counsel, working late again, taking Qs...    07/14/16  (34)
180^180 chilling Instagram post by Dallas Shooter    07/08/16  (34)
LJL Trump marketing the dress Ivanka wore. Fucking low class rednecks    07/23/16  (33)
Latest Date Lab sets up another turd with a white girl. Guess result    07/20/16  (33)
Rate these anti-Jew banker cartoons circa late-1800s    07/15/16  (33)
Fuck, driver was listening to this song on loop (link)    07/14/16  (32)
Are women capable of loving almost any man?    07/07/16  (32)
This white liberal's comment on schooling for his kid will get you IRATE    07/04/16  (32)
Rate this ARE country teenager SFW    06/27/16  (32)
holy shit not flame Cameron RESIGNS    06/25/16  (32)
Spent 1 hour on RCP and couldn't come up with a realistic scenario for Trump win    07/22/16  (31)
LJL at Trump struggling with LGBTQ    07/22/16  (31)
Air Conditioning is a waste you can cool your home with well water etc    07/21/16  (31)
Alcoholic Anonymous bros: what can I expect at first meeting?    07/12/16  (31)
A McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder has 1900 calories, 96 grams of fat    07/12/16  (31)
Anyone else have an utterly soul sucking job?    07/11/16  (31)
Have Republicans won any big political event in recent history?    07/05/16  (31)
What would prevent a military coup in the US? Officer corp is 99% conservative    07/02/16  (31)
There is literally not a single remarkably intelligent person remaining here    07/01/16  (31)
ITT: I name a college, you describe the typical shrew who goes there    06/26/16  (31)
autoadmit invented the term "brexit"    06/24/16  (31)
Cute 26 year old Stanford student murdered by mob in South Africa (Pics)    07/23/16  (30)
Tell Me About V75-V100 Firms    07/22/16  (30)
Is there a condition that is the inverse of aspergers?    07/01/16  (30)
Rate this cute DC brunette who works at the white house (NY Times Wedding)    07/23/16  (29)
Just had 9 deer in my yard    07/17/16  (29)
Rate this spicy latina teen (pic)    07/13/16  (29)
just woke up to 30+ emails (biglaw)    07/04/16  (29)
I literally want to kill self when I'm not busy at work. WTF do you people do?    06/28/16  (29)
Visited JJC's office today. Took video of him eating lunch. Not flame    07/14/16  (28)
**XOXOHTH DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEY 2016**    07/13/16  (28)
if musbros, trump can still capitalize, right?    07/09/16  (28)
WATCH: Jon Stewart tears Trumpmos a new asshold on his show    07/22/16  (27)
Childless men in their 30s who rent    07/22/16  (27)
180^180 of Dallas shooter running up to cop & shooting him point blank    07/08/16  (27)
Rate this thick oily native american teen    07/03/16  (27)
is McKayla going to the 2016 rio olympics???    06/30/16  (27)
Trumpmos, what VP candidate should I bet money on?    07/15/16  (26)
33 too old to hang out at Euro hostel and party with college kids?    07/06/16  (26)
Why do Jews bring up irrelevant points in arguments to try to win    07/01/16  (26)
Eduardo Saverin married the MUCH hotter Asian girl (Pics)    06/28/16  (26)
Current Flyover AUSA who hates job -- why?    07/22/16  (25)
Kasich turned down VP    07/20/16  (25)
Islam : Religion of Peace :: Judaism : Religion of _______    07/17/16  (25)
Id really like to know which posters are with me or against me    07/05/16  (25)
Rate this law school Machu Picchu shrew (pic)    07/17/16  (24)
Should I pay off my house...    07/15/16  (24)
Why are MBAs so much happier than JDs?    07/12/16  (24)
LJL at getting a mortgage. Buy all cash or RENT    06/29/16  (24)
Have met Peter Thiel IRL he is a weird autistic freak pervert    07/22/16  (23)
The Macho Man Randy Savage fucked Vince McMahons 15 year old daughter    07/21/16  (23)
Cops are tactically clueless when a shooting happens    07/18/16  (23)
Every single member of my Jewish family is voting Trump.    07/11/16  (23)
last night i asked a complete stranger if SHE needed a ride    07/05/16  (23)
Mexicans from the state of Michoacan are the fucking worst    07/03/16  (23)
Why are most female Olympians very, very young? Why male Olympians are    06/30/16  (23)
Rate Mick Foley's daughter (pics)    06/27/16  (23)
Entrepreneur: timing beats talent every time    06/25/16  (23)
Does the average American poor today live better than a 14th century king?    07/19/16  (22)
Patriots - buy this AR-15 NAO    07/18/16  (22)
If Trump loses, I am wearing a Swastika T-shirt all of November. What will you d    07/05/16  (22)
Israel is a Jewish state. It's not a "democracy" & not U.S. main ally    06/30/16  (22)
Libs controlled western world for 8 years. Result: tranny bathrooms and ISIS    06/25/16  (22)
MH370 pilot practiced suicide route on home flight simulator    07/23/16  (21)
Most prestigious arrondissement of Paris?    07/19/16  (21)
Forcing gf to call me Daddy in front of people. Unadulterated 180    07/04/16  (21)
Doodikoff and AR'mos - need advice on optics/accessories (Earl)    06/28/16  (21)
"Give me that daddy dick," grunted askav as the strange man went balls deep    07/23/16  (21)
Can we talk about the effectiveness of the Dallas shooter?    07/13/16  (20)
Rate this girls weird body (pic)    07/13/16  (20)
Friend's Slovene wife has 2 kids and is still thin and hot (pic)    07/12/16  (20)
Just moved out of car, into a bedroom    07/06/16  (20)
Rate this 19 year old Danish girl    07/04/16  (20)