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Poast the moniker of a poaster, and I will tell you where they went to UG    06/19/15  (255)
XOXO Food Truck UPDATE    06/12/15  (133)
Religious folks are right of course    06/29/15  (124)
How did shitlibs take over the university?    06/29/15  (123)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    07/04/15  (93)
Anything Trashier than EDM goers like EDC Vegas?    06/25/15  (87)
lol looks like we're getting attacked on july 4th. it's been fun brothers    07/04/15  (85)
Bottom of the class @ HYS. How fucked? Martoma?    07/01/15  (82)
XOXO Food Truck: BBQ, Bitches, Bikers, Beer    06/17/15  (82)
i think i really fucked up in life    07/06/15  (77)
Holy Fuark, Roberts' dissent is stellar writing. What qualities do you see in it    06/28/15  (75)
Rate this Irish model that bangs black dudes (Daily Mail)    06/29/15  (75)
Supreme Court strikes down federal raisin program as unconstitutional    06/23/15  (73)
TTT UG representation at top law schools is absolutely appalling    06/22/15  (72)
POLL: were you happy your first 3 years post-college?    06/15/15  (72)
RATE the shooter's manifesto    06/23/15  (68)
Found out girl I'm dating has 250k law school debt, dump?    06/17/15  (66)
what are classic signs that your girlfriend or future wife is actually a whore    06/08/15  (62)
Thinking of coming out as atheist on a family text regarding my grandmas health    07/01/15  (61)
john quinn announces the end of summer associate programs    06/30/15  (61)
Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans [NYT]    06/08/15  (58)
abandon biglaw offer to pursue commercial real estate dev?    06/16/15  (55)
Cream-Skimming of Student Loans by Private Lenders    06/11/15  (55)
what kinds of things make people objectively more attractive    06/07/15  (55)
Is ADHD one giant fraud whose "patients" are just whiny excuse-makers?    06/24/15  (53)
XOXO Food Truck: New picture, Sturgis Rally update    06/19/15  (53)
have you ever been to a black walmart    06/11/15  (53)
turning point for WWII: battle of Stalingrad? or battle of Moscow?    06/21/15  (52)
Macys pulling Trump clothing line. ljl.    07/01/15  (51)
Hypo: $10 Million dollars (You are in Raqqa Capital of Islamic State)    06/28/15  (50)
rate this Vietnam veteran shoot & kill a local cop after traffic stop    07/02/15  (49)
This KOREAN girl faked her 'joint' admissions to Harvard/Stanford    06/11/15  (49)
I heard Latham just Lathamed a summer    07/06/15  (47)
spent a week on Seeking Arrangements. feel gross; need a shower    06/30/15  (47)
Barack Obama says "nigger," media afraid to quote him.    06/22/15  (47)
SCOTUS to rehear Fisher v UTexas. Chances Scalia croaks by June'16?    07/01/15  (46)
100k in debt for Oxford PhD?    07/04/15  (45)
Lost bball game yesterday because millennial "male" could not change tire (Earl)    06/23/15  (45)
Poaster from 2006-09, what has happened to this board?    06/15/15  (44)
Just spent $700 on Star Wars Legos. Cr?    06/21/15  (44)
Does this mean all law school loans should be forgiven?    06/10/15  (44)
Rate the MPC's new definition of rape/sexual assault:    06/30/15  (43)
XOXO Food Truck: Smoking Meat All Night    06/28/15  (43)
If you got paid $150 per hour, no overtime, how much would you work?    06/10/15  (43)
Any STEM mastermen here who can explain Adderall & "Paradoxical Decompensation"?    06/22/15  (42)
BCG search: Why Going In-house is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can E    06/13/15  (42)
Rate this very attractive MILF finance baller    07/06/15  (41)
why do white people love to read fiction?    07/02/15  (40)
Why dosent Hollywood do more remakes + reboots? I love that shit    06/16/15  (40)
San Fran fucked, Trump vindicated - SF figuratively murdered woman    07/05/15  (38)
retttaking CA bar, you tell me how to pass in 3 weeks    06/29/15  (38)
ITT: We EXPOSE Adderall & Vyvanse's Drawbacks    07/04/15  (38)
rate these excerpts from Hitler's last political statement before he died    06/20/15  (38)
what are some weird tv shows and movies that are fun to watch when you're high    06/11/15  (38)
Fuck, wife's body is not bouncing back the same way after 2nd kid    07/04/15  (37)
Describe your ten year high school reunion    07/04/15  (37)
SOLOS: do you use AVVO and do you get clients from it?    06/26/15  (37)
someone please tell me why i didn't go to medical school    06/08/15  (36)
Advice NYC apartments(boor)    06/14/15  (35)
I was raised in the Inland Empire (909) Taking Q's    06/28/15  (34)
best jobs for college dropouts?    06/21/15  (34)
ADHD & Adderall apologists: Did it improve your grades, work, life?    07/04/15  (34)
went to a jew deli today    06/14/15  (34)
"Your LFTs are now higher than your IQ" (IGWC's doctor)    06/26/15  (33)
When did America commence its decline: post-9/11 or post-2008    06/28/15  (32)
Lawyers even more fucked: "licensed legal technicians" to flood market:    07/06/15  (31)
Need help from science nerds re burning microwave (Earl)    07/06/15  (31)
Photo Essay on young men living at home with parents (Link)    06/30/15  (31)
Reminder: prole white kids have it easier than poor blacks    06/24/15  (31)
Is WILSON ELSER Shitlaw, Midlaw or Biglaw?    06/22/15  (31)
happy 5th of July. welcome to the fear    07/06/15  (30)
Lender just cited "Greek Crisis" as reason not to fund a $15 million loan    06/30/15  (30)
Guys what are actually credited classes to take on law school?    06/24/15  (30)
The anatomy of TBF poasts    06/23/15  (30)
This movie blackHat sucks should I keep watching?    06/11/15  (30)
Now's the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions    06/29/15  (29)
Ann Coulter: Michigan Law Review, COA clerkship. You?    06/22/15  (29)
LJL. My little bro has 2.7 GPA/ 2310 SAT    06/20/15  (29)
Bros in cubes, how do you cope?    06/18/15  (29)
United States was racist in nuking Japan instead of Nazi Germany    06/16/15  (29)
just drank big glass of cold ass milk. feel like amazing animal    06/14/15  (29)
Top UG Business -> T14. Should I cop DAT MBA?    06/08/15  (29)
Stock market fuct    06/30/15  (28)
Read E&Es before 1L starts? Need something to do    06/22/15  (28)
ITT: I rate you as a California airport    06/19/15  (28)
*smashes bottle of ranch over the bow of a new yacht*    06/15/15  (28)
Top-CEO Pay Isn't Driven By Talent, New Study Says    06/24/15  (27)
Darnell: "In your ass right?" nyuug: "OFS you Gangnam stunner d00d!!!!"    07/03/15  (27)
best tv show on tv?    06/08/15  (27)
Rate her (nsfw)    06/12/15  (26)
ITT: Rank SCOTUS justices by IQ    07/03/15  (25)
ITT: We List the many celebrities The Sopranos shitted on in similes    07/05/15  (25)
Tiger Woods CUCKS Jason Dufner    07/01/15  (25)
growing up is scary as fuck    06/25/15  (25)
Courts Rule That Disabled Woman Living Below the Poverty Line Must Repay Student    06/25/15  (25)
USA Jobs hack?    06/19/15  (25)
can u vote for a prole for POTUS?    06/09/15  (25)
Earl - literal septic queer, has septic arthritis from playing video games    06/08/15  (25)
do you look down on people who live in small houses or rent small apartments    06/07/15  (25)
7 SCOTUS cases left.    06/25/15  (24)
How much should I be spending on engagement ring?    06/24/15  (24)
rate this hot jewess studying for the LSAT    06/27/15  (24)
POLL: how old were you when you started living by yourself?    06/21/15  (24)
evan39: Anyone who tries to discourage you from going to law school . . .    06/11/15  (24)
GOP will now spend entire primary talking about amending consitution    06/27/15  (23)
ITT: We think of ways to profit in poor urban neighborhoods    06/09/15  (23)
>50% of LAWYERS at SEC, FTC and FBI/USAO in these groups have JD/MBA!!!    06/07/15  (23)
Jordan Spieth's caddy: $780k in 2015 for carrying a golf bag; You: Poast    06/22/15  (22)
Put Lawyers Where They're Needed [NYT]    06/17/15  (22)
ITT recommend telecommuting jobs    06/17/15  (22)
imagine teaching your small child how to use xo    07/06/15  (21)
Average pay for Per Se waiter is $116,000 (Link)    07/03/15  (21)
XOXO Food Truck: The girls prefer Hans    07/04/15  (21)
why were Nazi soldiers physically superior than white American soldiers?    06/23/15  (21)
Kasich/Rubio gives the GOP the best shot at winning    06/16/15  (21)
is a jager bomb a douchey drink still or is it ok now    06/15/15  (21)
How come Asian Americans aren't involved in civil rights movement?    06/14/15  (21)
OK to randomly add people on LinkedIn?    06/12/15  (21)
Interested in Regulatory Law - JD/MBA?    06/10/15  (21)
Only subletting for 2 months. No AC. No Mattress. Just sleep on clothes/pillows?    07/04/15  (20)
Would Scalia survive if another conservative were replaced with a liberal?    06/27/15  (20)
XOXO Food Truck: Hans's workshop, and the business    06/18/15  (20)
Elizabeth wurtzel on biglaw's gender problem (youtube video)    06/21/15  (20)
it makes me fucking sick to think that j shad is never coming back    06/14/15  (20)
Marrying a chick you met in law school seems CR    06/27/15  (19)
XOXO Food Truck: Exploding    06/24/15  (19)
The most TTT generation of Americans are those born 1945 thru 1989    06/16/15  (19)
So Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia Mattress Girl) released a sex tape    06/16/15  (19)
A horrified 1L realizing the 'N' in CCN doesn't stand for Northwestern    06/12/15  (19)
If students loans automatically disappeared after ...    06/06/15  (19)
Even if Bernie wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he STILL has no chance    07/04/15  (18)
Vagrant murders cute brunette in broad daylight (San Francisco)    07/04/15  (18)
SMU law prof confirms that IBR/PAYE bros will get hit by Tax BOMB    06/19/15  (18)
What laptop should I get for law school?    06/18/15  (18)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    07/03/15  (18)
2016 Mazda CX-5    06/15/15  (18)
wtf which one of you just emailed my dad!?    06/18/15  (18)
Unreal how many asian girl/white guy couples in NYC    06/15/15  (18)
why don't we get rid of the federal reserve system?    06/13/15  (18)
Princeton vs. Yale (SAD)    06/07/15  (18)
Hitler actually appreciated Japanese culture and genetics    07/05/15  (17)
Summon: Taylor Swift. Really Need Help w/ dat PYTHON    07/02/15  (17)
i like it when people have numbers at the end of their moniker    06/29/15  (17)
Doing JDMBA because I'm obsessed w prestige LOL    06/29/15  (17)
XOXO Food Truck: Sale on Pork Sandwiches in Honor of Ramadan?    06/29/15  (17)
Can you tell whether you have legit ADHD by Adderall's effects on you?    07/04/15  (17)
Bros who moved to new city: How do you find bros to hit bars with?    06/27/15  (17)
are people on xo worried about iq because they're not smart or some other reason    06/07/15  (17)
Hypo: Free vacation in Tunisia    06/30/15  (16)
the internet really turned into a complete piece of shit fast    06/29/15  (16)