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Johns Hopkins analysis: COVID has had no effect on overall US death rates    11/30/20  (319)
what are hobbies that make you lose respect for a person when they mention them?    11/27/20  (290)
Earl do the needful and get Henry Aaron banned    11/30/20  (269)
ITT we remember NFL running backs who were big deals but now forgotten    11/20/20  (255)
Alright you stupid nazi faggot shitheels--a reckoning is coming    11/04/20  (239)
Everyone in Europe makes like 35k Euros    11/18/20  (220)
Worst fight ever with my wife. I'm now staying at my parents.    11/30/20  (214)
HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING. - News conference at noon!!    11/24/20  (212)
GF's 18 yo son "not feeling college" after getting his 910 SAT score yesterday    12/01/20  (205)
Cute 33 yo Jones Day associate CONFIRMED to federal bench.    11/24/20  (185)
You get $15M but have to live 10 yrs at the place indicated by this link    11/20/20  (184)
Just got firm-wide conflicts check for Trump campaign. Here we go!!!!    11/15/20  (183)
joeisdone.github.io/florida/    11/08/20  (182)
Christmas this year is going to be such a shitshow    11/13/20  (181)
ITT: truly weird cultural quirks of the mid-2000s    11/28/20  (177)
The Dem caucus call is INSANE    11/07/20  (175)
Lindsay Graham doesn't look like he's taking this shit    11/07/20  (175)
Real Talk: OldHLSDude is an absolute failure as a father    11/27/20  (174)
Spaceporn why didn’t sumi take your last name    11/29/20  (173)
Practically speaking how did Dems pull this off    11/05/20  (172)
why did Michigan football get so bad    11/30/20  (166)
So a woman makes the shittiest kick in football history and media celebrates?    11/30/20  (165)
GA Senate Runoff is over: Dems won (link)    11/26/20  (164)
When did your earliest American ancestor arrive here?    11/29/20  (163)
Equity Partner here: Just lost half my points - fuck this gay earth    11/17/20  (162)
Just got back from an amazing first date (TSINAH)    12/01/20  (162)
biden lead in OH collapsed from 350K to 260K in 20 mins    11/04/20  (161)
Are Filipino women Cr?    11/24/20  (159)
ITT we remember XOXO poasters who were big deals but now forgotten    11/20/20  (158)
what the fuck? biden's "speech" today was pre-recorded video @ empty parking lot    11/11/20  (158)
ITT we remember consumer brands that were big deals but now forgotten    11/23/20  (157)
ITT we remember WWF wrestlers who were big deals but now forgotten    11/21/20  (156)
Can someone explain medically why a place like Japan has virtually no covid?    11/13/20  (156)
ITT: Poasters you most enjoy    11/11/20  (156)
so are we okay with Trump burning it all down?    11/12/20  (155)
FUCK LIBS: SCOTUS rules 5-4 Cuomo can’t limit religious service attendance    11/27/20  (154)
Jfc covid has really fucked restaurants. Wow.    11/17/20  (149)
what is the single worst realization you ever had in your life?    11/22/20  (148)
70% of my IRL friends who own house had parents pay    11/25/20  (147)
libs, how exactly do masks stop airborne microscopic particles (like covid19)?    11/16/20  (145)
Holy shit--this is the end of the world--(link)    11/15/20  (145)
Just sold the AR-15 I panic bought    11/28/20  (142)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/01/20  (140)
ITT: we reflect on the best moments of former POTUS Trump’s reign.    11/12/20  (139)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find plausible    12/01/20  (138)
Yes Trumpmos, we’re taking your guns    11/25/20  (138)
FORGOTTEN NFL PLAYERS REDUX: wide receiver edition    11/20/20  (137)
MASSIVE Danish Mask study finds Masks REDUCE VIRUS RISK BY 99%    11/20/20  (137)
I completely humiliated myself for GC to get an XBOX this morning    11/15/20  (135)
What’s a good budget to furnish a 5000-6000 sq ft house?    11/27/20  (134)
Net worth went from $400K to over $2M in a year thanks to $TSLA    11/29/20  (133)
Guess which 80s film I'm thinking of in 30 questions    11/30/20  (131)
Libs are going to take TREMENDOUS pleasure in canceling Christmas    11/25/20  (131)
Should working from home be taxed? (CNBC)    11/15/20  (129)
Irish chicks - by far and away the ugliest in Europe    11/29/20  (129)
HYPO: an attractive 18 year old girl propositions you for sex    11/12/20  (129)
Trump supporter gets knocked out at DC rally    11/16/20  (128)
What makes Jews so immoral and depraved?    11/30/20  (126)
I really resent they way they fucked with our lives for this    11/10/20  (126)
Trumpmo here: have seen no persuasive evidence of “fraud”    11/17/20  (125)
What’s the best evidence of fraud that we have right now?    11/29/20  (124)
Biden announcing his NatSec Team: IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!    11/25/20  (122)
Pompeo: "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration"    11/28/20  (122)
TRUMPMOS - remember, now you have nothing    11/09/20  (122)
A day in the life of Joe Biden's America.    11/26/20  (121)
Biden statement - lol - link    11/06/20  (121)
Biden’s presumptive SecDef is straight out of a nightmare    11/23/20  (120)
Go on the record libs. Was there cheating or not?    11/06/20  (118)
Resolved: being an INHOUSE LAWYER is awful    11/17/20  (116)
****** Trump already trying to trade criminal immunity for concession ******    11/08/20  (115)
calling it: bitcoin top    11/26/20  (113)
Any scenario where you'd grab a 12g pump action over AR15?    11/26/20  (112)
Put your tribalism aside, was there substantial voter fraud in this election?    11/06/20  (112)
Onlyfans slut joins tech startup and becomes CEO's sugar baby, hilarity ensues    11/26/20  (111)
it's almost indescribable how miserable parenting small children is    11/26/20  (111)
Please email me at xoxosptp@yahoo.com if you have info concerning IRL HA and wan    11/30/20  (110)
When was Christianity's turning point in the West? Where was it lost?    11/13/20  (109)
700k NYC salary, wife pushing to put kid in 60k/ year private school.    11/03/20  (109)
So, what happened is that Dems cheated in the POTUS election, everyone pretty mu    11/24/20  (108)
TRUMP making a statement at 6:30    11/06/20  (108)
Of the 40,000 who joined the Navy last year, 20,000 wanted to join SEALs.    12/01/20  (108)
Jim Mattis in Foreign Affairs: “END AMERICA FIRST”    11/24/20  (107)
Post your silver linings, if any, of trumps defeat here    11/08/20  (107)
🚨PFIZER VACCINE 90% EFFECTIVE🚨    11/09/20  (107)
Have you ever had a friend with Schizophrenia?    11/07/20  (107)
Board Trumpmos: Ready to take the black pill yet?    11/16/20  (106)
We didn’t appreciate DBG while he was here. Now that he is gone, xo pangs sadl    11/22/20  (106)
What's lost in all the election excitement is that Rudolph outed C12 to CNN    11/23/20  (106)
NYT editorial about keeping school open is roasted with 1200 comments lmfao    11/18/20  (105)
Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling    11/29/20  (104)
Trump just won Georgia boys    11/05/20  (103)
2020: NET WORTH AND AGE CHECK IN    11/22/20  (103)
Had an interest talk with a current 19 year old about what girls want in guys    11/23/20  (103)
What are you guys still looking forward to in life, if anything?    11/14/20  (103)
Anyone else glad it's over?    11/26/20  (102)
Starting new job on Monday. Company is full of shitlibs. Give me tips ITT    11/29/20  (101)
truly B movies that you loved as a kid    11/17/20  (101)
ITT: who is THE most pathetic poaster on xoxo    11/25/20  (100)
Amazing how movies just totally died as a thing.    11/29/20  (100)
Minnesota Gov locks down state. 90 days in jail for socializing with non family    11/22/20  (100)
Has Covid been good or bad on you?    11/29/20  (99)
🚨 A Professional Statistician Weighs In On Biden/Trump Voting Trends 🚨    11/25/20  (99)
MIT PhD (& inventor of EMAIL) provides statistical proof of election fraud (link    11/11/20  (99)
33 million Americans worth $1.3M or more. What's your excuse faggot?    12/01/20  (98)
How did dems pull off undetected fraud in 7-8 different states?    11/22/20  (98)
Just bought long term care insurance, seems pretty cr if you're not rich af    11/23/20  (98)
just heard starvinsky's rite of spring for the first time    11/07/20  (98)
This new influx of retarded, unfunny libs might finally end my xo addiction    11/07/20  (98)
UH OH. R votes slowing down in FL. Trump not on track.    11/04/20  (98)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    12/01/20  (97)
Gross pay through November 15, 2020 check in    11/18/20  (97)
Jesus fuck is he seriously conceding?    11/30/20  (96)
RATE this woman's answer to a dating site's prompt for dealbreakers/requirements    11/28/20  (96)
any bros here on finasteride? Thinking of preemptively hopping on    11/10/20  (95)
“Black People Don’t Tip”: Racism in the Restaurant Industry    11/24/20  (95)
AMAZING NEW THREAD: More awful, xo posters vs. real life villains    12/01/20  (94)
No smack talk thread - what were your emotions like last night?    11/06/20  (94)
Used to always fuck high school ex-gf on THIS DAY back in college and law school    11/26/20  (94)
This election is absolutely devastating for libs, more so than 2016    11/06/20  (94)
Lol, as Trumpmos die of Covid, their reptilian brain claims fraudvirus (link)    11/28/20  (94)
Jones Day Statement Regarding Election Litigation    11/11/20  (94)
Trumpmos, where are you politically in the future?    11/04/20  (93)
What AutoAdmit thread is this woman talking about?    11/19/20  (92)
ITT name most over and underrated consoles ever    11/17/20  (91)
Scientists: HCQ was actually the cure, sorry guys    11/29/20  (91)
The country can’t heal until Trump is indicted and prosecuted    11/18/20  (91)
Obeezy, you should come to Orlando and fight me    11/16/20  (91)
Playstation 1 (PS1) sucks megathread    11/21/20  (90)
nyuug what do native koreans think of a larping foreigner like you?    11/30/20  (90)
Chads tasted GRJ's fruit. Not mike fart though, it's for marriage now    11/26/20  (89)
Figured out why they "stopped counting" PA at 10:30 but then kept counting    11/22/20  (89)
Describe XO in one picture. I’ll start    11/14/20  (89)
Rs close the gap by 10K in PINELLAS COUNTY    11/03/20  (89)
XO Kendall Hinton    11/29/20  (89)
last legit rock single produced with a great hook/chorus?    11/28/20  (89)
Project Lincoln will target clients of Jones Day    11/11/20  (89)
reminder: none of you pussies has EVER fought irl    11/13/20  (89)
Prestige: high-level job in company VS being truly independent    11/14/20  (89)
ITT list drink orders that cast doubt on masculinity    11/29/20  (88)
Can you afford a $800,000 house on a $250,000 salary?    11/21/20  (88)
You can tell a lot about people by their CHRISTMAS TREES    11/26/20  (88)
Henry Aaron you got destroyed.    11/16/20  (88)
Retired at 40 with 20 Million NW... prestigious? (CSLG)    11/26/20  (88)
society really shits on 30+ year-old single / childless men    11/28/20  (87)
Borders here - AZ disclaimer, same as OH    11/24/20  (87)
ITT we post our **OFFICIAL** FINAL 270towin Election Maps    11/21/20  (87)