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Tommy Turdskin and To Be Fair OUTTED in Federal Complaint lull    11/30/16  (443)
Pizzagate is actually getting bigger    12/01/16  (111)
Young homeowners whose parents helped pay for their house are INSUFFERABLE    11/08/16  (98)
Jesus. Libs are still literally losing their mind on Facebook.    11/11/16  (96)
POLL: how much do you have in your checking account?    11/25/16  (94)
TRUMP releases the best political ad of the century.    11/06/16  (85)
ELECTION EVE POLL: who will (did) you vote for?    11/13/16  (80)
Lawyermos: rate the prestige of my letter to a County Judge, and his response    11/28/16  (78)
Compare Conan's Response to other late night hosts'    11/14/16  (71)
Scientists: Finnish people have highest IQ in the world. Jews nowhere close (li    12/02/16  (69)
Do you belong to a haplogroup with high cognitive ability? (link)    12/01/16  (64)
Why do people still take Nate Silver of 538 seriously ???    11/13/16  (64)
Would you end a friendship over this? (story)    12/02/16  (61)
Could Bernie Sanders have been the more competitive candidate for Dems to back?    11/14/16  (61)
All my adult friends have Nintendo 3DS now    12/02/16  (58)
Is DUI law credited for solo work?    11/17/16  (58)
(Phineasgage) I just made $5000 on Trump's win. Put my life savings in earlier t    11/12/16  (58)
law school finals in TEN DAYS. haven't started studying/outlining. LJL @ ME    11/23/16  (56)
VIDEO: Baltimore teacher in inner-city school calls students niggers (NOT FLAME)    11/18/16  (53)
Rate this 16yo teen who lives in my apartment complex    11/17/16  (52)
This chick is a 10 in my book.    12/03/16  (51)
ITT: You poast usage questions, and I respond w/ relevant passages from Garner    11/22/16  (50)
I must appear in court for a citation but i can't because of work    11/23/16  (50)
Professor Martha Nussbaum DESTROYS xo in her new scholarly essay    11/18/16  (49)
Harper's: The Obamas are moving to California    11/25/16  (47)
Craziest conspiracy theories that turned out to be TRUE?    11/26/16  (47)
Rate my shitlaw bros expenses for running his practice...    12/03/16  (46)
Most of my high salaried bros in LA & Orange County can't afford real estate    11/30/16  (46)
Final RCP No-Toss Ups Map...Clinton 272, Trump 266    11/09/16  (45)
ITT: car brands intelligent people like    11/28/16  (44)
GRAPH: Jewish over representation in important sectors of American society    11/22/16  (44)
My wife works in South East LA - not letting her go to work tomorrow    11/09/16  (44)
UMich Diversity Officer will make 385,000!    11/15/16  (44)
Latest on Pizzagate: Breitbart called out Podesta as a pedophile in 2011. WHOA!    11/30/16  (42)
Prof. Nancy Leong latest victim of racist Trump supporters    11/15/16  (42)
ITT: Talk me out of buying a JEEP WRANGLER    11/05/16  (42)
Rate this escort I hired last night NSFW    11/28/16  (40)
Can an illegal immigrant get a lease for an apartment?    11/23/16  (40)
Rate this pitbull rip out a puppydoods leg (NSFW)    11/26/16  (40)
Ohio State attacker featured in Humans of Ohio State    11/30/16  (39)
AIPAC: "Bannon's nationalist rhetoric to keep USA white and Christian is unforgi    11/17/16  (38)
Giuliani is worse than Crooked hillary    11/19/16  (37)
Peter Thiel is pusing Trump to antitrust pwn Google/Facebook    12/01/16  (36)
Should I divorce my wife now or in 10 years?    11/11/16  (36)
Are snow tires a huge GC scam?    12/02/16  (35)
JFC, my university is going full shitlib on being a sanctuary campus    11/29/16  (35)
Anonymous releases pic of Bill Clinton and his mistress (NOT FLAME)    11/14/16  (35)
We are not punishing the LIBS/CUCKS here enough. THEY NEED TO FUCKING SUFFER!!!!    11/09/16  (35)
Rate my gf's ass    11/27/16  (34)
Lawyermos: I just got my credit card account closed (correspondence ITT)    11/28/16  (34)
Trump already fucking up big league with Sessions pick    11/18/16  (34)
Rate this white 19yo teen I hooked up with    11/20/16  (34)
Friends with a retired Jewish grocer who knew Fred Trump personally    11/03/16  (34)
itt: poast a pic of the hottest girl you've ever seen    11/16/16  (33)
Lets talk about leaving organic gf. Why did you do it? Do you regret it?    11/15/16  (33)
Should i live with my gf? We're looking to lease a $2950/month condo in OC    12/02/16  (32)
2L at T14 here. I'm literally going to fail my finals.    12/02/16  (31)
Rate this ALL NATURAL bodybuilder's 16 month TRANSFORMATION    11/21/16  (31)
The best car if you kids: Honda Odyssey    11/21/16  (31)
Poast ITT if you would beat the FUCK out of your kids if they smoked weed    11/15/16  (31)
The idea that Donald Trump is POTUS elect is still too ridiculous to believe    11/10/16  (31)
Anyone buy electronics from B&H Photo in NYC? (Mac Book Pro)    11/08/16  (31)
Would you date this young, thin Jewish chick?    11/24/16  (30)
VIRAL VIDEO: teacher snatches mic from 6yo autistic kid during school play    11/19/16  (30)
Rate this snap chat pic a UC Irvine sophomore sent me NSFW    11/18/16  (29)
Got scammed selling iPhone 7 on Craigslist, guess scammer's race; taking q's    11/10/16  (29)
My student loan story    12/01/16  (28)
worse for your brain and iq: alcohol or weed    11/23/16  (28)
Things I like about here; things I do here    11/15/16  (28)
tallest apartment complex in Africa is an empty pillar of dystopian despair    11/15/16  (28)
TRUMPMOS: we won't win future elections BC demographics. MUST ABLOLISH ELECTIONS    11/12/16  (28)
FOX NEWS: black Oberlin College professor fired over anti-Jewish tweets    11/22/16  (27)
Any other DOJ bros looking for exit options now?    11/20/16  (27)
Fuck, I was just starting to like him and then Trump got petty on Twitter again    11/11/16  (27)
Trumpmo here: this pic of today's HRC rally makes me nervous as fuck    11/07/16  (27)
LOL, just LOL at STUDYING for LAW SCHOOL FINALS    11/28/16  (26)
Rate RFK Jr. Hard Partying daughter Kyra Kennedy (SFW)    11/25/16  (26)
underrated campaign moments    11/26/16  (26)
Mike Pence attends Hamilton. Gets REKT by the actors (VIDEO ITT)    11/20/16  (26)
Checked into the hospital on Wednesday. Discharged today.    11/24/16  (26)
Trumpmos, what's your excuse for Trump turning down most intel briefings?    11/28/16  (25)
Pictures of $750k homes throughout the country (NY Times)    11/28/16  (25)
At Cuse, how to fit in w/the undergrads to fuck chiks, just go to bars or?advise    11/26/16  (25)
Rate this SLS mixed-couple (Mexican/white)    11/18/16  (25)
Saw assoc sobbing @3am. Said "sorry abt election." Them: "What election?"    11/12/16  (25)
LOL you have to read this status by a lib "male"    11/09/16  (25)
RATE THEM: Are the Harvard Soccer SkanksFugly or not?    11/07/16  (25)
the internet is coming to terms with how autoadmit invented "cuckservative"    11/17/16  (24)
Worldstar: Woman Hires An Undercover Cop To Kill Her Husband    11/04/16  (24)
Anybody bought a mattress lately? Are the online ones any good?    11/07/16  (24)
Rate this 19yo SMU sophomore    11/20/16  (23)
Asians are the safest minorities, why are they freaking out?    11/13/16  (23)
How would libs react if Trumps NASA lands on Mars with all white male astronauts    12/02/16  (22)
How to quickly find out what a Public Co just acquired a startup for?    11/28/16  (22)
bros we're famous again (jezebel)    11/26/16  (22)
LOL at shitlibs calling the Standing Rock protestors "Water Protectors"    11/25/16  (22)
things that let u know ur completely insane    11/22/16  (22)
how do you deal with getting nervous during trial    11/16/16  (22)
CEO of a start-up threatens to kill POTUS-elect Trump    11/14/16  (22)
POLL: where would you rather live - Mexico or Iran    11/03/16  (22)
evan39 never stopped believing in Trump    12/02/16  (21)
Anyone been at a firm where they announced elevation from Non-equity to Equity..    12/01/16  (21)
What is the most PRESTIGIOUS musical instrument to play?    11/25/16  (21)
BUSINESSES that will PAY for crossing TRUMP    11/17/16  (21)
Rate this perfect female anus    11/07/16  (21)
Just called some guy "nebbish" in real life. Thanks xo!    11/03/16  (21)
Rate these wealthy Orange County, CA kids    11/30/16  (20)
Philosophy is the only CR humanities. Literature is bullshit    11/06/16  (20)
CLINTON DEFEATS TRUMP!    11/22/16  (20)
most AUSAs think Bureau agents are idiots    11/04/16  (20)
If you have a boring "luxury" sedan you can easily get laid in Are Country    12/02/16  (19)
None of my jewish friends ever have a fridge full of beer    12/01/16  (19)
LA TIMES: (((Jared Kushner's))) dad donated $2.5mm to Harvard to have him enroll    11/25/16  (19)
George Washington vs Emory. Which should I pick?    11/22/16  (19)
Stockholm Implements System of "GENDER-EQUAL SNOW PLOWING." 180 results ITT    11/21/16  (19)
Dr David Duke DESTROYS Jewish CNN reporter re Steve Bannon    11/17/16  (19)
Weaponizing Social Media: The Alt-Right, the Election of Donald Trump and ...    11/30/16  (18)
Rate this pitbull maul small pug to death in Venice Beach    11/27/16  (18)
Most of my friends don't earn more than $60k    11/25/16  (18)
PSA minorities: Alt-Right only hates Jews, not you    11/22/16  (18)
Jerusalem Post: (((Jared Kushner))) is turning his back on Judaism    11/22/16  (18)
Real estate millionaire: don't but single-family houses; buy multi-family reside    11/19/16  (18)
Why does Starbucks coffee taste burnt?    11/18/16  (18)
Can't believe Van Jones went to YLS, had any sort of career in the White House    11/15/16  (18)
HOLY SHIT bros look at the google doodle    11/11/16  (18)
ITT: Guess how the world's SECOND RICHEST man MADE his MONEY    12/03/16  (17)
Would you let your 15 year old daughter wear a swimsuit this revealing? (pic)    12/01/16  (17)
How to pronounce "Mnuchin"    11/30/16  (17)
having the hardest time studying for school    11/27/16  (17)
My client just told me: "you're not qualified to work at McDonalds" then firedME    12/01/16  (17)
Jews are the nicest, most philanthropic, least violent people    11/24/16  (17)
Really can't believe libs have abandoned class warfare for race/minorities    11/23/16  (17)
Who was smarter: Von Neumann or the Vilan Gaon?    11/20/16  (17)
Rate this pic of Huma Abedin weeping in the street    11/11/16  (17)
What is BILL CLINTON thinking RIGHT NOW?    11/09/16  (17)
UPenn extends contract of president who posed w/ ISIS costumer @ Halloween    11/29/16  (16)
COPPED SMALL TOWN BIGLAW. Do grades matter at this point?    11/28/16  (16)
All Persians I know are wealthy    11/22/16  (16)
your terminally ill dog stops in the middle of a walk and needs you to carry him    11/18/16  (16)
the ramones have a great "life soundtrack" type of sound    11/17/16  (16)
A stripper I know makes $500-$700 per day    11/12/16  (16)
Ppl with college degrees who strive for salaries are LJL    11/06/16  (16)
Prole goyim riding their snowmobiles and doing "winter sports"    12/01/16  (15)
Rate my Jewish girlfriend.    11/27/16  (15)
Hypo: Muslims become 40% of French Population    11/16/16  (15)
chancemeeting. MindTheGap76. Mean anything to you, jagoff?    11/15/16  (15)
Fellas, anyone in Syracuse??    11/14/16  (15)
Autistic Trumpmo to Subway Shitlib: "We won--fuck off."    11/13/16  (15)