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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/18/18  (150)
Dems are closing beaches in FL because of the #RedTide (link)    10/18/18  (2)
What do you hate most about yourself?    10/18/18  (25)
Anybody remember the movie "Soul Man"?    10/18/18  (2)
What will HUG be like if/when AA is outlawed and Asians are >50% of students?    10/18/18  (43)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    10/18/18  (22)
what is the moast prestigious ACADEMIC BACKGROUND for a gf?    10/18/18  (3)
You remember your first no job (offer)?    10/18/18  (18)
xo is full of aspie dork faggots who think kavanaugh’s a “chad”    10/18/18  (2)
How many IQ points does the internet add?    10/18/18  (1)
Why are Spaniards so long-lived? Spain is about to overtake Japan.    10/18/18  (20)
"I'll get promoted based on my RESULTS!," snorted the WORKPIG    10/18/18  (6)
Election Nights are basically like super Bowls for libs    10/18/18  (3)
Convince me not to buy opiates right now,    10/18/18  (18)
Jennifer Love Hewitt on Boy Meets World. Remember when this wasn't rape?    10/18/18  (27)
Jezebel: #MeToo needs to apply to "gray areas" like regret sex (link)    10/18/18  (43)
States where every single county went to Hillary or Trump    10/18/18  (24)
Liz Warren only using 1/1024 of buffalo    10/18/18  (32)
whats a day in court like for biglaw associate?    10/18/18  (21)
Anyone know about Mt Joy, PA?    10/18/18  (3)
honestly don’t think I can take another year of a crypto bear market    10/18/18  (29)
(((Nate Silver))): Dem odds of taking the house now up to 85%    10/18/18  (4)
Why did Mueller add a homicide prosecutor to his team?    10/18/18  (17)
Golf: I have a 43 degree PW (??). Wedges start at 52. Sub 4i for 48?    10/18/18  (54)
xo olds trolling for neve campbell over jennifer love hewitt    10/18/18  (2)
what happened to the poster who dates/fucks trannies/pretty penis packers?    10/18/18  (8)
one sign of disturbed people is how they constantly change appearance    10/18/18  (31)
Spain dethrones Japan as country with highest life expectancy    10/18/18  (18)
Joe Manchin's daughter is kyoot AF and highly prestigious. Would marry    10/18/18  (7)
name that BOM thread based entirely on emojis    10/18/18  (115)
Tow driver fraud.. you want to be dissolved in acid or fed to pigs?    10/18/18  (16)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    10/18/18  (29)
Is this Bosnian teen from Pennsylvania in high school or college?    10/18/18  (15)
NYT: White liberals hate other whites, ashamed of America    10/18/18  (38)
"Titles don't matter!," said the 29 year old CEO    10/18/18  (1)
Most millenials job hop. Why does that piss you off???    10/18/18  (14)
Tow truck driver found with severed head and tire iron in anus    10/18/18  (16)
Harry Potter : worst or 2nd worst faggot millennial book series of all time?    10/18/18  (11)
Which poaster is the "your favorite poaster's favorite poaster" of xo?    10/18/18  (28)
Niggers will steal all your stuff and kill your family    10/18/18  (9)
Warren - "Yes I told HLS I was Indian. Old family story [wink]. And it worked!"    10/18/18  (1)
You remember your first blow job?    10/18/18  (105)
ljl @ WLMAS getting an early start to his weekend    10/18/18  (2)
Rate this rejection email from Kia Motors. TCTP    10/18/18  (33)
JJC would've gotten into Harvard if it weren't for affirmative action    10/18/18  (7)
Here's the thing about crypto - it either moons, or goes to 0 (DTP)    10/18/18  (4)
Remember seeing someone like your 4th grade teacher in a different environment    10/18/18  (8)
cowgod im about to play viewtiful joe 2 and post on hairlosstalk    10/18/18  (1)
there's a 4th circuit nominee who is fucking 36! graduated ls in 2007!    10/18/18  (54)
GOP Congressman to Drug Addict: Your life isn't so bad, people attack me on tv!    10/18/18  (1)
Backspace is the best looking person to have ever poasted on xo.    10/18/18  (3)
Give me MOON, or give me DEATH (DTP)    10/18/18  (1)
Alabama somehow has more opioid Rxs than ppl in Alabama?    10/18/18  (2)
Summon: XO bros attending Politicon this weekend in L.A.    10/18/18  (3)
be brutally honest—why haven’t you killed yourself yet?    10/18/18  (42)
JJC was a poli sci major in college right?    10/18/18  (1)
XO wants to go to war over Saudi "journalist" ?    10/18/18  (28)
:D's Jacksock Into Stockholm QF #tennis    10/18/18  (3)
Charles dating advice thread    10/18/18  (14)
ITT: ugliest posters on xo    10/18/18  (69)
Rate this cute af Bernie supporter protesting to "FREE THE NIPPLE"    10/18/18  (21)
You're Young!: Jennifer Love Hewitt is in her 30s    10/18/18  (38)
TMF: shitbox NJ home, never had ass licked. Me: NY Condo, rim jobs 4 days    10/18/18  (2)
my tinder bio: "white national or gtfo ... let's smash the jewery together"    10/18/18  (19)
How the hell is Harvard UG 15.8% black?    10/18/18  (11)
Solo life. 2 hours of work, $8.5k fee    10/18/18  (9)
amazing nude pussy    10/18/18  (2)
Lara Trump emailing you "Can we text?"    10/18/18  (1)
Rate this WOC I'm meeting for drinks    10/18/18  (36)
SUMMON: defense attorneys    10/18/18  (45)
Crypto is my gay nigger rapist that gave me AIDS (DTP)    10/18/18  (1)
redfin    10/18/18  (2)
Trump's 36-year old nominee for 4th circuit court of appeals    10/18/18  (1)
Keira Knightly bans her daughter from watching Little Mermaid & Cinderella (link    10/18/18  (4)
got bit by a brown recluse spider last week & haven't been to doctor yet    10/18/18  (21)
NPC meme seems to have shut down my FB feed    10/18/18  (1)
I like to ATV, fish, hunt, camp on weekends. Is Biglaw or Law a good fit for me?    10/18/18  (21)
A lawyer entering astral projection after 14th hour of marking up a document    10/18/18  (5)
Video of Hondurans paying women and children to join caravan (link)    10/18/18  (3)
Reminder you win the "lottery" and die right after you claim the prize    10/18/18  (6)
I want to destroy the stock market and crash this fraud world    10/18/18  (5)
Does anyone here own an ATV?    10/18/18  (25)
Rate this map of 2016 Texas presidential election results    10/18/18  (22)
Mega will be over 1 billion dollars tonight    10/18/18  (3)
WaPo: Khashoggi's last words were "Here's why" (link)    10/18/18  (1)
Finally fucked my first Turdskin chick. Finally. Will give more deets tomorrow.    10/18/18  (55)
do you spineless varmits have the balls to go FULL rick owens before technocracy    10/18/18  (4)
are you feeling down? do you need to cheer up? come ITT    10/18/18  (3)
depressed all the time lmao    10/18/18  (19)
xo 2k18: NON STOP bitching about fertile pussy & free money    10/18/18  (1)
Anglicans are only as strong as their worker minions    10/18/18  (18)
Ha remember when we all thought we could buy new cars w our crypto earnings?    10/18/18  (4)
Just drank 2 52oz mouthain dews and going to get another now    10/18/18  (14)
Elle Magazine posts fake tweet on Kanye/Kim splitting up, leads to voter reg sit    10/18/18  (1)
Kamala Harris reveals she's establishment and won't do anything.    10/18/18  (2)
I would BLOW YOU AWAY in a game of Quick-Draw Hand-Slap    10/18/18  (5)
Jezebel: So-called "regret sex" IS rape, by definition    10/18/18  (21)
Serious Q: Why the fuck do we care about this Turkish dude? On news 24/7    10/18/18  (6)
2016 Election Night: For all the people here that WANTED Trump to win......    10/18/18  (61)
Why is Heidkamp tormenting abuse victims    10/18/18  (20)
Libs more irate about this journalist killing than Google selling out to China    10/18/18  (2)
XO Annual Golf Tourney #golf    10/18/18  (8)
America Already Has a Centrist Party. It’s Called the Democrats. By Eric Levit    10/18/18  (6)
Does anyone else really love counting?    10/18/18  (3)
when is the recession coming    10/18/18  (8)
Cory Booker 2020 slogan: "Folk Are Folk" (link)    10/18/18  (5)
Commissary is today; shitlaw boss sending me to collect at county jail    10/18/18  (1)
Everyone that dinged you at OCI appearing on LinkedIn people you may know    10/18/18  (3)
Rate Toronto's mayoral candidates (Faith Goldy)    10/18/18  (1)
Amazing how liberal religious orthodoxy will usher in gender segregation again    10/18/18  (7)
List All Conceivable Reasons Why People Get SHITPITS    10/18/18  (2)
Serious question: why should I give a fuck about Khashoggi getting killed?    10/18/18  (157)
clash brewing across US border that's right pittsburgh @ maple leafs    10/18/18  (1)
"Pow Wow Chow," by Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee and Minority Prof at HLS    10/18/18  (6)
I got a fucking raccoon climbing up my staircase staring at me every night    10/18/18  (35)
⚾⚾⚾ Official Houston Astros v. Boston Red Sox ALCS Game 4 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/18/18  (99)
LOFL @ Germany: female police can't stop rapefuge from chimping out    10/18/18  (4)
NJ's tax system ranked the fairest in the US (link)    10/18/18  (1)
Article: YOU are responsible for HER satisfaction, otherwise you might get metoo    10/18/18  (3)
Which poaster made this "5 little hitlers jumping on the bed" video    10/18/18  (5)
Real talk: can’t drive Saudi Arabia into Russias arms. Imagine the evil that d    10/18/18  (3)
Rate this amateur chick drinking lots of piss on spring break (video)    10/18/18  (3)
Dems try to flip FL-27 (50% Cuban) - they bring pro-Castro Rep. Barb Lee to cam    10/18/18  (1)
Lawyer Cup 2018 #tennis    10/18/18  (16)
👅👅👅👅👅👅    10/18/18  (1)
Golfmos: BIG golf weekend November 10. GHIN ~15. Best use of prep time?    10/18/18  (29)
wilbur, when moon    10/18/18  (4)
I'm sitting at a bar and three employees cannot figure out how to change a keg.    10/18/18  (3)
libs get so unhinged just thinking about Trump    10/18/18  (3)
Democrats will destroy your Medicare, and I will keep it healthy and well!    10/18/18  (3)
Trump throwing Starbursts over the Wall to illegals unable to cross border    10/18/18  (4)
Earl Could Be On The 9th Circuit Now If He Became A Litigator    10/18/18  (12)
Rate Emma Watson's VC finance/tech douche (CHAD) boyfriend    10/18/18  (78)
Billy Zane giving you bedroom eyes before you follow him below deck on RMS Titan    10/18/18  (2)
spindrift is 180    10/18/18  (5)
I imagine TMF as a cuddly Teddy Ruxpin    10/18/18  (4)
Two solid dewds: libcrusher180 & lawman8    10/18/18  (14)
Men who go to "spin" class    10/18/18  (33)
Saudi Arabia trial ballooning everything in real time is hilarious.    10/18/18  (1)
HoldUp please vocaroo something in your native Japanese    10/18/18  (75)
Going to start lying to women about being a lobbyist, what do i need to know    10/18/18  (12)
Harvard Law faculty member could've been 6th amendment civil liberties hero.    10/18/18  (5)
Golf Bros: Please Help Colt and Me Prepare Draw in Ryder Cup Style Matches    10/18/18  (1)
Movie Buffs: Thoughts On "A Serious Man" (Coen Brothers)?    10/18/18  (19)
Game of ", the poster, back. Got doxxed by XOer last year.    10/18/18  (14)
petition to ban HOLDUP and his oafish TURBOCOCK    10/18/18  (15)
DTPs IQ | 20 y/o Thunder Collin's body | Holdup's Cock | CSLG's money | GOALS    10/18/18  (5)
Is there any way to stop being a BORING speaker?    10/18/18  (41)
fuck jews    10/18/18  (3)
Libturdz: Personality test w/ 99.9% racial correlation is not disparate impact    10/18/18  (1)

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