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Google "asbestos lawsuit" and click the adwords ads. You just cost a shitlawyer    02/10/16  (38)
Negotiating with cute Opposing Counsel soon for ~1hr. How to ask out?    02/10/16  (1)
Pledged delegates: Sanders 34, Clinton 32. Superdelegates: Clinton 362 Sanders 8    02/10/16  (5)
Trump unfurls Byzantine double-headed eagle and retakes Constantinople    02/10/16  (4)
Talked to GFs dad about marrying his daughter do you think she knows    02/10/16  (1)
Cato was prepared to die for the Roman Republic, Caesar was prepared to see the    02/10/16  (4)
Pretty neat: Trump has an Orange Julius franchise in his house (link)    02/10/16  (1)
I'm a Dem... what the fuck is happening to my party?    02/10/16  (72)
The "lawyers" here on XO will live to 60 at the most. Fact.    02/10/16  (4)
Can only cum from sex with new chicks. Normal? How is monogamy possible?    02/10/16  (8)
evan39 xo calls proles dumb but have 200k debt LJL    02/10/16  (3)
Hillary to put race at center of campaign, will campaign w/ Trayvon's mom    02/10/16  (86)
What is difference between backpage and seeking arrangement?    02/10/16  (1)
JFC. How do you condense LS outlines to a USABLE length?    02/10/16  (21)
110 IQ reddit neckbeards just killing Hilary with memes    02/10/16  (73)
How long til "sex positive" libs make public masturbation legal?    02/10/16  (3)
Interesting pic from cheerleading practice    02/10/16  (5)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    02/10/16  (45)
A strong 3rd place finish for Jeb    02/10/16  (13)
Rate my in based on these scores    02/10/16  (2)
Trump: "we're doing another Crusade,and I'm gonna make israel pay for it"    02/10/16  (7)
Rate this cute Midwest Blonde AGWAG (SFW)    02/10/16  (3)
2015 Law Firm Financials    02/10/16  (28)
Rest of the civilized world thinks that Bernie is the best candidate    02/10/16  (19)
It will never be morning in America again. :(    02/10/16  (22)
PN: Vince Carter - TT: that French dude    02/10/16  (2)
Millennial BITCH wears used tampons as earrings (pic)    02/10/16  (3)
evan39 teachers&counselors in school doubted me    02/10/16  (3)
Pics of Ivanka in her high school volleyball days    02/10/16  (3)
*tweets about Caitlyn Jenner's courage while country rots* hey where the voters    02/10/16  (2)
Kriss Kross will make ya Trump Trump    02/10/16  (4)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundati    02/10/16  (13)
Brokered convention for GOP is a foregone conclusion    02/10/16  (16)
Lol 15 min video of this aspie teen girl trying on slutty clothes    02/10/16  (92)
Anyone else take shits with the bathroom lights turned off    02/10/16  (2)
Everyone knows who Trump is and has known for 30 years. No ground game needed    02/10/16  (1)
"I'm a transactional poaster. I just copy paragraphs from precedent poasts & ma    02/10/16  (1)
NH: Rubio, Cruz, Trump (distant third)    02/10/16  (6)
Sanders' America    02/09/16  (15)
Did you know Fritos chips are an excellent firestarter, highly flammable    02/09/16  (5)
600-pound pig escapes from NH farm in attempt to vote (video)    02/09/16  (2)
My rectum hurts: David Kock opens wallet for cruz    02/09/16  (1)
share some of your favorite 90's commercials ITT    02/09/16  (133)
A racist, xenophobic message will play well in NH, but wait till SC    02/09/16  (1)
COLLINI OUT    02/09/16  (1)
Fox interrupts Kasich to go to 19th place Rubio's loser speech    02/09/16  (1)
Bernie Sanders is Jewish!    02/09/16  (8)
42% unemployment    02/09/16  (3)
I like both Trump and Sanders. odd case.    02/09/16  (16)
Bboom just killed TT he is done here    02/09/16  (1)
XO Al!!!!!    02/09/16  (1)
CHECK OUT THIS trump campaign poster    02/09/16  (4)
Trump Uber Alles    02/09/16  (1)
trump is a fucking clown    02/09/16  (5)
power > money    02/09/16  (9)
The FiveThirtyEight "model"    02/09/16  (1)
I would probably vote Rebpublican    02/09/16  (2)
"Johnsmeyer Will Finally Be Given The Real PAYE!"    02/09/16  (1)
Will blacks ever resent the infantilization they recieve from libs?    02/09/16  (2)
Trump more than doubled runner up, hillary gaped. todays a good day brothers    02/09/16  (5)
Not a politicsmo. Played sports and had sex in high school, did Hillary lose big    02/09/16  (4)
Holy shit, Bill Burr is 180 re: Trump/Clinton/presidential politics    02/09/16  (8)
When does this new X Files shit start?    02/09/16  (5)
Now all of a sudden Hillary wants to get money of out politics    02/09/16  (1)
No way that any of these young people standing behind Hillary support her    02/09/16  (1)
Hillary Clinton pretending to be exciting, when she obviously isn't    02/09/16  (2)
Calm down, Trump will never be president    02/09/16  (2)
Sanders killed it with independents    02/09/16  (1)
Has XO not discussed GWB appearing in Yeb's SuperPAC Ad?    02/09/16  (2)
So many people won't vote if Bernie doesn't get the nom    02/09/16  (1)
Bernie will win Nevada    02/09/16  (1)
Huffington Post headline seems pretty accurate    02/09/16  (1)
President Sanders    02/09/16  (1)
Chris Matthews legitimately looks like he is about to cry / murder someone    02/09/16  (6)
Bye, Rubio    02/09/16  (1)
TRUMP & SANDERS WIN    02/09/16  (1)
Going to start entering my time Trump style    02/09/16  (9)
Flicking my hemorrhoid like a clitoris feels orgasmic.    02/09/16  (6)
Hypo: Trump creates presidential guard    02/09/16  (2)
Your HS gf emailed you on Facebook in 2007 saying she misses you    02/09/16  (10)
Who drops out after New Hampshire...who after South Carolina?    02/09/16  (13)
It is pretty crazy that Biglaw is at same salary scale as when I was a 1st yr    02/09/16  (10)
LJL at women taking their bra off after a long day of work    02/09/16  (6)
XOXO Food Truck: Evan 39 is there a way to haggle with vendors?    02/09/16  (3)
REMINDER: urban elites have big targets painted on their backs    02/09/16  (9)
Lol got this homeless panhandler lady to snapchat me nudes (pics)    02/09/16  (2)
ITT: Hottest Porn Stars from    02/09/16  (25)
A Jew is willing to do more than non-Jews to acquire money    02/09/16  (13)
Was Ghostbusters a good movie?    02/09/16  (25)
ITT: Songs to commite suicide to    02/09/16  (4)
Yeah mom he's a weird pantycuck pedo thief but I'm pretty sure its ironic    02/09/16  (1)
Boss pauses DVR after Jeopardy question is asked so he has more time to guess    02/09/16  (1)
Just Started Using Standing Desk at Biglaw    02/09/16  (63)
TMF's Instagram Babe of the Day is mandatory avoidance    02/09/16  (5)
Rubio can't stop repeating himself    02/09/16  (16)
Benzo describing the mouthfeel and flavor notes of Chevron Techron premium    02/09/16  (28)
can someone please DESCRIBE the difference between BOOTH and WHARTON experience?    02/09/16  (9)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    02/09/16  (81)
Type "brandy melville haul" into youtube, enjoy    02/09/16  (1)
Rate these 2 Norwegian girls    02/09/16  (28)
Daniel Bryan (1981 - 2016)    02/09/16  (12)
What does a newish Non-Equity partner at Latham make??    02/09/16  (11)
rate this escort    02/08/16  (23)
can't tell if posting here spurs healthy introspection or seeds toxic misery    02/08/16  (21)
Who here is gaysick for Kasich?    02/08/16  (2)
The xanax is kicking in, thank god    02/08/16  (9)
Anyone heard from girls in phone from years back just out of the blue?    02/08/16  (3)
Obama's Best Comebacks and Rebuttal Moments    02/08/16  (10)
YALE App has no URM Section?    02/08/16  (3)
Serious q: why do people see Hillary Clinton as unlikable and untrustworthy?    02/08/16  (16)
Serious q: why is Ted Cruz unelectable?    02/08/16  (74)
Feasibility of opening your own law firm    02/08/16  (2)
Let's dipset this notion that killa cam doesnt know what he's doing    02/08/16  (2)
If Bloomberg woke up tomorrow with Trump's money, he'd probably kill self    02/08/16  (1)
Why does no sex turn men so crazy now was it always like this?    02/08/16  (20)
Did that horrible Rubio gaff just save Trump's Presidency chances?    02/08/16  (15)
Holy shit, Asher Roth is back    02/08/16  (4)
Guy won millions in Vegas using Tecmo Super Bowl to predict NFL games (link)    02/08/16  (1)
You can look "back in time" by looking at the sky at night cr?    02/08/16  (24)
Doobs behind you saying "Heh" with heavy breathing like Brainy from Hey Arnold    02/08/16  (2)
ITT you tell us other things that Rubio wants to dispel with the fiction of....    02/08/16  (4)
crazy people pay big $ for locally roasted coffee bean flame when Illy is better    02/08/16  (1)
ljl at this social media crap    02/08/16  (5)
XO Barack Obama    02/08/16  (10)
evan39 we will round up these haters and gas&cremate them ljl    02/08/16  (1)
love how bboom riffs off other threads just goes his own way like a jazz band    02/08/16  (6)
Is Bogleheads flame?    02/08/16  (30)
evan39 in europe the customer bags their own groceries. And they pay to use cart    02/08/16  (15)
evan39 ljl at "winter" it was 66 degrees here today and sunny    02/08/16  (4)
Has a Jewish person ever owned a Mustang or Camaro?    02/08/16  (5)
Yeb!'s last, best hope    02/08/16  (15)
XO lawyer bros getting raped by stock market. Should have bought land    02/08/16  (6)
Get in here right now and click on You won't regret it. True 180    02/08/16  (21)
This notion that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true    02/08/16  (11)
Beautiful sunny day outside lets go and enjoy it    02/08/16  (2)
Amazing how many people I meet who pulled all $ out of markets right before cras    02/08/16  (9)
When did you realize you've been lied to and tricked your entire life?    02/08/16  (4)
Anyone been to the Faroe Islands?    02/08/16  (1)
Wore a suit to court pretended to be a lawyer and convinced "client" to plead gu    02/08/16  (1)
kanye west's new album is gonna be the shit    02/08/16  (61)
gravitational wave confirmation to be announced same day as kanye's "waves" drop    02/08/16  (1)
Why has the heroin epidemic hit New Hampshire especially bad?    02/08/16  (3)
(Sits down at pattaya bar in 2045) "Any you bros ever cop PAYE?"    02/08/16  (44)
what would you tell your kids to major in, today?    02/08/16  (49)
Started calling people "friend" in work emails    02/08/16  (4)
What was better SNES or Genesis?    02/08/16  (32)
*posts boring shit about politics on super bowl sunday*    02/08/16  (1)
Is there a place on the web with men in their 30s discussing college prestige?    02/08/16  (4)
Think about your dad's dick    02/08/16  (1)
Lol lib media carried Cam Newtons water all season and he storms out of press co    02/08/16  (13)

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