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30 mins into Jurassic World: Dominion, I'm fucking SICK of seeing dinosaurs    08/20/22  (1)
She was a Mumia Abu-Jamal Scholar in Antiracist Critical Studies at NYU Law….    08/20/22  (8)
ITT: if Trumpmos post ITT I will give them a "compliment sandwich"    08/20/22  (30)
$ame home appraised at 750k with white owner and 472k with black owner    08/20/22  (35)
LOLed in an Uber a few days ago thinking about Trump's presidential memoirs    08/20/22  (28)
Popular new boys' name is Kyxe (pronounced "KIKES")    08/20/22  (2)
My wife won’t even talk to me    08/20/22  (10)
What’s best solution to succession problem with fascist ruler?    08/20/22  (5)
for now we see through a glass, darkly    08/20/22  (15)
One of the best pics from Trump’s presidency    08/20/22  (215)
u made a "what hobby do I start" thread 10 yrs ago and did nothing    08/20/22  (4)
i want to have sex with the Prime Minister of Finland    08/20/22  (3)
The Nebraska game is the first college football game of 2022 all Big 10    08/20/22  (7)
Women can sexually stimulate themselves by crossing their legs tightly    08/20/22  (7)
I bet the maxwellhill account is someone important.    08/20/22  (4)
D-day was June 6 at 6 am not flame (666)    08/20/22  (3)
permanently banned from reddit tp    08/20/22  (12)
Wife knocked rustic barn door off sliding track because I was "being short with    08/20/22  (2)
any pussy wagging heads of state on this board?    08/20/22  (2)
Without abortion, the South will become South Africa    08/20/22  (27)
Official German government data: fully vaxxed expected fo develop AIDS    08/20/22  (12)
Berserk is a very dark anime    08/20/22  (16)
Is "Violence" the best Blink 182 song?    08/20/22  (8)
How do schizophrenic people never realize that they're all the same?    08/20/22  (25)
I moved on her like a bitch, but alas I couldn't get there    08/20/22  (2)
House of Dragons will Suck and Fail    08/20/22  (30)
Why do ppl hate most everyone yet yearn for human contact and community?    08/20/22  (2)
any distinct group more overrepresented in positions of power than ‘whites’?    08/20/22  (1)
Blackbat sitting on a bed of rice. Taste these roasted wings, prepare to die    08/20/22  (63)
What do you see? Rorschach test.    08/20/22  (3)
Watching "Being John Malcovich" again- is absolutely brilliant    08/20/22  (9)
they stole a year of childrens' lives, a trillion dollars and an election    08/20/22  (8)
Michelle O'Bonsawin becomes 1st Indigenous person nominated to Supreme Court    08/20/22  (2)
timelapse of mt rushmore being destroyed to beatles’ long, long long    08/20/22  (2)
Buchanan at '92 GOP convention: 'we must go door to door w/ M16s shooting nigs'    08/20/22  (2)
Re: Call me ASAP! We're selling to KKR, not KKK!    08/20/22  (2)
Sorsha Appreciation Threat    08/20/22  (3)
"Biden's" beach house getting $500k security fence, takes two years to build    08/20/22  (32)
Season 1 of Sopranos actually isn't that good compared to the rest    08/20/22  (9)
modern Coast to Coast is pure garbage, what happened    08/20/22  (1)
What was the covid-straw that broke the camel's back for you?    08/20/22  (27)
Poasters who brag and think they're 180 bc of their fake XO persona    08/20/22  (6)
Holy shit, Naoya "Monster" Inoue just destroyed Jamie McDonnell for the WBA titl    08/20/22  (5)
99 years is a long, long, long time    08/20/22  (1)
The score to Willow is underappreciated    08/20/22  (3)
Predictions for Usyk-AJ II    08/20/22  (32)
Underrated vacation destinations in the US    08/20/22  (47)
lmao they just took A YEAR of your life    08/20/22  (76)
where is :D    08/20/22  (9)
Annual income net worth check in    08/20/22  (120)
i will literally never forgive libs for this    08/20/22  (3)
the kids growing up thinking this is normal will bring true hell to this world    08/20/22  (5)
Just made the best purchase of the entire year    08/20/22  (3)
Emilio making breakfast burritos for both of u after all nighter binging Berserk    08/20/22  (33)
slut from Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' vid claims Jani Lane was raped by other band    08/20/22  (3)
Who ran the BLM?    08/20/22  (2)
Lol Annie Liebowitz attacked for not knowing how to photograph blacks (KBJ)    08/20/22  (5)
wow, was the venue wrong for this party?    08/20/22  (1)
wage so high / make a grown man cry    08/20/22  (5)
bloody mary is the worst cocktail ever    08/20/22  (1)
"covid" was like a bad twilight zone episode    08/20/22  (6)
ITT: an image of GJR sitting on Are Reptile’s lap    08/20/22  (3)
Is driveway replacement flame    08/20/22  (5)
Best estimate is 44,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine so far    08/20/22  (7)
I'm up to four 6mm Zyn pouches at once.    08/20/22  (12)
LMAO, Russia debuts "Stars Coffee" (Starbucks ripoff) with Babushka icon    08/20/22  (8)
Wives who sleep in kids bed with them instead of with their husbands    08/20/22  (5)
BIGLAW has broken me, I am broken. I give up on life.    08/20/22  (29)
Trump was RIGHT about one thing. They hate you. He was just in the way.    08/20/22  (34)
POLL: How many BACHELOR PARTIES have you been to?    08/20/22  (36)
"covid" was a scam    08/20/22  (2)
Why wouldn’t people just worship the Sun? Makes the moast sense    08/20/22  (30)
Complete unknown wrote 25 #1 hit songs and 75 top 10 hits    08/20/22  (16)
Thinking of going into BIGLAW kids? A cautionary tale    08/20/22  (1)
be wary of "no-stir" "organic" peanut butter they put PALM OIL POISON in it!!!!!    08/20/22  (4)
Big Pharma is defeating the MIC by murderciding them with "vax"    08/20/22  (1)
What should Saul Goodman have done once he fled?    08/20/22  (1)
Is excelling in biglaw akin to being a good special forces operator?    08/20/22  (10)
What were Howard Hamlin's income and net worth on BCS?    08/20/22  (14)
if Rush Limbaugh had backed a Perot/Buchanan 3rd party ticket in 1992    08/19/22  (6)
great Hollywood movie about CS Lewis marrying a Jew    08/19/22  (6)
The mRNA "vaccines" are literally more dangerous than 'COVID"    08/19/22  (1)
craig biggio    08/19/22  (10)
Remind that $2 million net worth is top 5% and is still pathetic as all fuck    08/19/22  (4)
Rate this WGWAG vlogger gassing her boyfriend out of a tent (James Joyce Jr.)    08/19/22  (4)
longest record sniper shot is 2.2 miles    08/19/22  (2)
Corporate ownership of residential rental properties should be illegal.    08/19/22  (72)
Are priests still catching some good altar boy action?    08/19/22  (2)
Ross Perot Nationalism    08/19/22  (7)
2018 u.s. media: race race race race race race race race race race    08/19/22  (29)
"so what kind of dog do you wa-", "golden retriever" TBF blurted out    08/19/22  (40)
wow, rating posters threads are a lot of work. pass    08/19/22  (7)
1ETH reward for anyone who can guess my gfs secret    08/19/22  (146)
The biggest city in world in Chongqing (30 million)    08/19/22  (52)
motherfucking sushi takeout didnt give me chocksticks    08/19/22  (8)
Summon trans/cis lives tp    08/19/22  (17)
Who wants some good UFC inside info?    08/19/22  (18)
In house fags what are some of ur biggest fuck ups    08/19/22  (104)
shitlaw posters like CSLG cheapen this website    08/19/22  (13)
Body can function normal day to day activities without food for shockingly long    08/19/22  (8)
The Challenger crew surviving until impact is such a mindfuck.    08/19/22  (24)
guys, need quick circle-up on our strategy for getting asian pussy this weekend    08/19/22  (6)
i'm supposed to buy "Hoka" shoes? what does GC expect from me    08/19/22  (42)
if being rich is so great why do all Elites have dead vacant eyes    08/19/22  (10)
ITT: I rate posters as GOVERNORS    08/19/22  (15)
Cowshit, why do I keep Starting Over in Elden Ring    08/19/22  (8)
lib playbook--rule #1: gaslight; rule #2: see rule #1    08/19/22  (3)
So psyched for Liberace movie on Sunday    08/19/22  (3)
So one of you fuckers actually sent the FBI after me    08/19/22  (22)
safari is a really bad web browser, haha wow HOLY SHIT!    08/19/22  (2)
went drinking w an old friend tonight, revealed to me that he's made millions    08/19/22  (5)
This country is such a fucking shitty joke. No one does anything. It's all $$$$    08/19/22  (2)
So mad I didn't scam PPP money when I could've made so many fake companies.    08/19/22  (2)
Reminder that CFB went to shit because UTTTexas wanted Longhorn Network    08/19/22  (2)
FBI: “It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t ta    08/19/22  (19)
Theres a Kia Hyundai car jacking challenge going on rn. You can apparently steal    08/19/22  (1)
Genesis g70 vs BMW vs ravv4?    08/19/22  (20)
We're gonna need a totalitarian mafia state    08/19/22  (1)
Underrated vaccination destinations in the US    08/19/22  (3)
there are probably hypochondriacs out there who have had 6+ covid shots    08/19/22  (1)
cartel executes guy by giving him 12 Pfizer jabs (brutal video)    08/19/22  (2)
Why don't DUI suspects just "blow" into breathalyzer from their nostrils?    08/19/22  (75)
Apparently Moscow is exactly 88% white    08/19/22  (29)
Berserk - Guts kills Bazuso    08/19/22  (5)
guy in cartel video begging for them to kill him as they cut off his foreskin    08/19/22  (2)
*Emeril Lagasse saying "BAM!" before throwing handul of jizz on peterman's head*    08/19/22  (6)
Fucked up cartel video, guy gets his foreskin cut off (NSFL)    08/19/22  (2)
You: Gutts, Your future wife: Casca, Chad: Griffith    08/19/22  (11)
archaeologists discover megalopolis from 40,000 bc in northern finland (link)    08/19/22  (11)
why is the "American" media constantly shrieking about white people?    08/19/22  (19)
XO is so far out of touch with reality..people would flip seeing this place    08/19/22  (85)
Trumpmos can any of you interpret what Ricki Lake (R - AZ) is saying here?    08/19/22  (2)
The Bouncing Souls self-titled "Soccer ball" album came out 25 years ago.    08/19/22  (2)
Taking Disco Fries Out For Michelin Dinner Next Week (CSLG)    08/19/22  (75)
I never tip for takeout... only cucks do (CSLG)    08/19/22  (111)
Any clever legal ways to take advantage of prole trumpmos and grift?    08/19/22  (3)
RSF, did you hear about that pilot who landed on a highway here? (TSINAH)    08/19/22  (1)
are people really willingly going along w globalist scams or is that fake too    08/19/22  (3)
Donald J. Trump was the best POTUS in history    08/19/22  (2)
Benzo, Felch my asshold after your done with my PISSPIPE    08/19/22  (6)
I work in Tech. AMA.    08/19/22  (16)
C.S. Lewis on the real purpose of the State (it's to serve the people):    08/19/22  (10)
charred Apollo 1 astronaut photo    08/19/22  (12)
Me, Stalin, and mig screeching autistically as we get burned alive in Apollo 1    08/19/22  (38)
*closes office door* *lets out MASSIVE fart* *basks in own odor*    08/19/22  (9)
anythign worth doing at night in Milwaukee?    08/19/22  (7)
Buchana 'culture war' speech: 'we must take back country by using deadly force'    08/19/22  (6)
Elite golden Aaron Retrievers speaks out: I really, really like Homeward Bound    08/19/22  (8)
IFNB Songbook -- Beefy Cock, to the tune of Baby Shark by Pinkfong    08/19/22  (8)
I really want to convert Aaron Rodgers' crazy hippie girlfriend to Christianity.    08/19/22  (26)

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