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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/21/19  (294)
HBO has had some serious fucking misses lately-GOT S.8, Succession fucking blows    05/22/19  (41)
Swiping on app sluts / checking messages is an addiction (DTP)    05/22/19  (2)
Are pathogens prole    05/22/19  (1)
the kyle kashuv hit job is on    05/22/19  (2)
Is Netflix fucked?    05/22/19  (5)
Do ATMs ever fuck up?    05/22/19  (1)
i hate myself and want to die    05/22/19  (12)
Moby & Natalie Portman dispute whether they ever dated    05/22/19  (27)
are Hostess cupcakes prole    05/22/19  (1)
Extroversion is a virally adapted way of spreading mental illness via pathogens    05/22/19  (9)
Is Netflix prole    05/22/19  (1)
LA county employee on leave after library lip reader claims he said "Trump"    05/22/19  (1)
was the 'underground railroad' literal?    05/22/19  (1)
Took a stand told hotel front desk lady to get raped    05/22/19  (36)
Pregnant woman lured to house, murdered, baby cut from womb    05/22/19  (3)
smashed up another hotel room last night it was pretty 180    05/22/19  (8)
JFC I'm high as fuck. Holy shit I'm high. NIGGERNIGGGERNIGGER    05/22/19  (4)
Healthy Dog Euthanized For Burial With Owner    05/22/19  (16)
black 'achievements' are always like, sitting on a bus, something lulzy    05/22/19  (1)
Massive amount of mysterious machinery buried along and beneath railways    05/22/19  (7)
Jim Donovan is my dad    05/22/19  (7)
80ft tall Harriet Tubman just appeared on D.C. Capitol Mall    05/22/19  (4)
DTP taking questions on contemplating death (5/22/2019)    05/22/19  (3)
Nigger uses her kid as an umbrella    05/22/19  (6)
CharlesXII here, doing a readthrough+review of Ready Player One    05/22/19  (476)
REMINDER: Vnesheconombank funded all Trump golf course acquisitions    05/22/19  (18)
libs-- just get it over with & wear swastika armbands already    05/22/19  (4)
So Trump "admitted" to $400M estate fraud to hide Vnesheconombank "loans"    05/22/19  (44)
Poast things that are going well in your life or bring you joy    05/22/19  (81)
2 minute montage of MSM worshipping Michael Avenatti (link)    05/22/19  (2)
literally stopped answering phone at work    05/22/19  (4)
Why did anyone back Yang when he has shitty ideas like this? (Link)    05/22/19  (2)
Boss told me to stop using office landline to crank call Spaceporn's firm    05/22/19  (7)
*extrovert spreading mental illness in between sandwich bread of words*    05/22/19  (1)
Libs tear down General Lee statue, replace it with John Walker Lindh    05/22/19  (2)
“Previously, on Radioactive Russians.”    05/22/19  (3)
Buffalo Wild Wings manager: OK to refuse black customers bc they don't tip    05/22/19  (26)
Ham radio lets u talk to ISS astronauts, ask them what's really going on up ther    05/22/19  (5)
What are some forgotten things about computing from before the Internet?    05/22/19  (24)
North American Pavement Ape robs store, gets locked inside (video)    05/22/19  (2)
Taco Bell drive thru negress put my hot coffee in a soda cup (w/straw)    05/22/19  (29)
Please use "they/them" dad. I know you're sad mom died but be respectful    05/22/19  (23)
*extrovert spewing mental illness into the air, bidding you closer*    05/22/19  (1)
Trump: I wouldn't go to France    05/22/19  (33)
Is France any longer France?    05/22/19  (3)
"You know what a beer belly is? Well, this one's not from that." Dupa explained    05/22/19  (2)
Vice: Women Can Make Mid-Five Figure Income Selling Used Panties Online:    05/22/19  (1)
Just realized blonde women are retarted    05/22/19  (3)
Deutsche Bank allegations against Trump look serious bros    05/22/19  (100)
Ever notice that CSLG never poasts anything negative about himself?    05/22/19  (1)
imagine the days when you could be employed full-time as a 'scrivener'    05/22/19  (1)
"OOHH EES DIS PROLE TELL?" Darsh moaned as he fired ropes into PDDJ's asshole    05/22/19  (54)
What are some forgotten things from the early years of the Internet?    05/22/19  (179)
PDDJ: *sprouts 8 arms like Krishnah to jerk off 8 Indian cocks*    05/22/19  (62)
NASA is no longer a space agency, now full-time clothing brand/retailer (Forbes    05/22/19  (4)
Google: 250k median salary. You: law    05/22/19  (9)
u think a Pakistani dude has ever been pissed to learn PDDJ is Jewish after sex?    05/22/19  (2)
DC Bros...would you fuck Crystal Koons?    05/22/19  (13)
US CENTCOM Asks Pentagon To Send 10,000 Goyim To Middle East To Combat Iran    05/22/19  (3)
Smelly turdskin: "u want eat creampie?" dbg: "low iq schtick?"    05/22/19  (5)
"US" media (literal foreigners): "Here's Why [pro-US thing] is Unconstitutional    05/22/19  (14)
“I’m not sure about this,” BD Wong says as he puts on the RBG mask    05/22/19  (9)
was completely unfathomable to 12 yr old me that women would be this horrible    05/22/19  (4)
Great long read by an academic trying to get laid on tinder    05/22/19  (69)
Wow boobs looking to very nice with pretty bra!!!!! I am not disrespect    05/22/19  (2)
Clintons (serial killers) own Nadler (D-NY)& force him to be their proxy?    05/22/19  (1)
Fuck. Electoral College close to being nullified.    05/22/19  (56)
Jeff Koons, famous artist, IFNB adherent (pic)    05/22/19  (10)
NASA to open casual kabob chain, Al-Nazza's, in six East Coast cities (Bloomberg    05/22/19  (1)
wtf does squanched even fucking mean    05/22/19  (2)
Tinder Gold is the PERFECT cheating app    05/22/19  (19)
Nightly Stoic 5/22/19    05/22/19  (1)
violence: dont play that game    05/22/19  (5)
NASA: #1 in slick CGI Muslim outreach publicity pics, American Apparel sweaters    05/22/19  (1)
Wow, some of you are kind of rude    05/22/19  (1)
Vina Sky    05/22/19  (1)
imagine a group of men sitting around discussing office politics/office battles    05/22/19  (4)
Boner Police wearing a Bluetooth, leading PUA seminar: "Sell me this cock."    05/22/19  (40)
Why don't fat ppl eat chicken and vegetable for a while    05/22/19  (14)
I squanched my son today    05/22/19  (3)
Crypto tanking help    05/22/19  (3)
Taught my kid the ABC's today - Always Be squanChing!    05/22/19  (2)
Where should I stay (and what should I do) in Toronto?    05/22/19  (3)
NY Federal Reserve Chief: Take out a HELOC or 2nd mortgage to consume more! Hehe    05/22/19  (29)
Labor Board Plans Rules on Worker Protests, Student Organizing (1)    05/22/19  (1)
It's insane but women soft-escort via seeking arrangement dot com    05/22/19  (8)
How long until France, Belgium, Germany, etc majority Muslim?    05/22/19  (24)
Starting to look like the Mariners are going to have the best record in baseball    05/22/19  (12)
imagine a group of women sitting around discussing tanks/tank battles    05/22/19  (20)
Google 5s44YzOs9pw    05/22/19  (16)
Maintaining 5 dating apps is practically a full-time job (DTP)    05/22/19  (5)
bboom thoughts on bald fraud moby sifting through pics to find sidehug /w natali    05/22/19  (4)
Brief reminder that humans didn’t “evolve” from non humans    05/22/19  (5)
$3 million, but you shoot live tadpoles instead of sperm.    05/22/19  (1)
It started for Pa, another day in shitlaw    05/22/19  (1)
And worst of all folks, it's acorn sized. Not good. *makes 'tiny' hand gesture*    05/22/19  (1)
ITT we discuss YONKERS    05/22/19  (17)
xo -- tell me if i was right to "dump" this girl    05/22/19  (20)
Investmos, any giant risk with putting money in Utilities' Mini Bonds?    05/22/19  (17)
descendant of Harriet Tubman charging 3 cell phones at McDonald's    05/22/19  (3)
12 Years a Tub : The Story of Harriet Tubman    05/22/19  (10)
Flat earthers call non believers "ball tards"    05/22/19  (11)
You can magically get away w murdering ONE poaster, who?    05/22/19  (15)
Courts Look Into Concerns That Jury Foremen Are Overwhelmingly White & Male (NYT    05/22/19  (2)
Introversion is your brain's way of building a moat to keep mental illness out    05/22/19  (12)
3D stripclub where you are a Melvin and no one will give you a lapdance    05/22/19  (2)
Howard Shore score swelling as you double text a Bumble 6    05/22/19  (7)
3D NOWAG life simulator    05/22/19  (1)
"my friend tried crypto once, now he sucks dicks in truckstop parking lots"    05/22/19  (2)
If you're not selling your crypto right now, I feel sorry for you (DTP)    05/22/19  (7)
💀 Zoo euthanizes innocent flamingo after shithead kid breaks its leg. 💀    05/22/19  (5)
💀 Is the Rectum a Grave? 💀    05/22/19  (2)
it's possible to have schizophrenia but 'quarantine' it via hyperintellectuality    05/22/19  (6)
Rating poasters as dog breeds ITT throughout the day    05/22/19  (32)
Reminder that living in city leads to measurable increase in anxiety, depression    05/22/19  (12)
Blue Velvet being re-released as part of Criterion Collection; 1 hr additional s    05/22/19  (3)
Why do Lithuanians commit so many crimes?    05/22/19  (3)
how would girl react if I wanted to re-enact Dennis Hopper scene in Blue Velvet?    05/22/19  (2)
crowd chanting “suck that dick! suck that dick!”, DTP eagerly smacking lips    05/22/19  (6)
Mark Wahlberg crash lands on earth, everything seems ok, then sees $20 on ground    05/22/19  (67)
Is succession on HBO good?    05/22/19  (7)
How ridiculous is the performance coach in billions 1-10? 12 or 15    05/22/19  (4)
porn idea: Kosher Meat. Ironside sucks off DBG & other cute Jew boys    05/22/19  (10)
I'm not telling you to short TSLA, but this wouldn't be a bad entry if you did    05/22/19  (52)
what would you do if you're me? 32F married    05/22/19  (44)
What would happen if a group of people legit attacked a democratic club    05/22/19  (1)
First of all, I love inclusion, but making a crippled white boy the king...    05/22/19  (2)
󠀠    05/22/19  (59)
🐐𓂺    05/22/19  (6)
Good Ole Scranton Joe: Nothin more beautiful on earth than man slicing off cock    05/22/19  (8)
jfc the box's band sucks    05/22/19  (120)
want to make love to luis until he gets stockholm & stops telling me to kys    05/22/19  (1)
Only extroverts can develop schizophrenia    05/22/19  (5)
Whats heroin/fentanyl like?    05/22/19  (32)
*complains about busted women and gc values* *wont PBUH the Prophet*    05/22/19  (2)
is a Subaru Outback or Forester more ALPHA    05/22/19  (21)
Rate this depiction of Asian masculinity on ((Billions))    05/22/19  (13)
Tennessee Gentleman Andrew Jackson    05/22/19  (5)
I've lost interest in everything    05/22/19  (18)
Any spherecucks want to explain why I can't see curvature of earth when flying?    05/22/19  (12)
blacks refer to chads as *jawline niggas*    05/22/19  (34)
Libs, if a guy gets raped, can he get one free murder, too?    05/22/19  (5)
Here I am, Squanch you like a hurricane    05/22/19  (2)
LJL @ spherecucks who believe the world is "round." open ur eyes JFC    05/22/19  (10)
spherecucks: Why is every picture of Earth flat?    05/22/19  (5)
Handheld device lets u talk to pretty girls, ask them for numbers    05/22/19  (1)
I give Ironside shit but he is my favorite asian poster easily    05/22/19  (9)

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