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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
CSLG -- tell me about what makes ppl like Rowley, Panish, etc such GOATs    07/21/19  (12)
Another severely autistic Flyertalk trip report    07/21/19  (33)
Based black dude "thankful for slavery" tells caller "go back to Africa"    07/21/19  (18)
how did the porn industry manage to convince feminists to leave them alone?    07/21/19  (22)
How Come US Restaurants Have To Take Your CC, Unlike In Europe?    07/21/19  (15)
"96 loads? That's nothing" scoffed Peterman as he shopped for laundry detergent    07/21/19  (26)
What are the greatest South American accomplishments?    07/21/19  (12)
Told wife: "you are no longer beautiful and thin"    07/21/19  (6)
lol @ Natalie Portman playing a female Thor.    07/21/19  (8)
Xo penn prof Amy Wax: USA "will be better off w/ more whites & fewer nonwhites"    07/21/19  (59)
Would Iran be able to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?    07/21/19  (24)
ITT: perfect example of white male aging (from age 22 to 29)    07/21/19  (60)
Baby go back! You can blame it all on Trump    07/21/19  (1)
What is the most “American” city?    07/21/19  (8)
What are some threads that really get you? Casino kike nightmare for me    07/21/19  (24)
getting old jfc    07/21/19  (21)
Urban eloi libs aren't having any kids and ppl are catching on (link)    07/21/19  (20)
What is the most comically Jewish thing you've ever done    07/21/19  (48)
Had a dream that TMF makes $680k/yr salary    07/21/19  (5)
What's suddenly motivating Iran to waive their dicks around & seize these ships?    07/21/19  (62)
Why do black people throw trash all over their own yard?    07/21/19  (6)
Your bank: "Hold on there, sport. Are you aware you DON'T have a payment due on    07/21/19  (2)
Your HS girlfriend on AOL Instant Messenger: "My parents will be gone until Sund    07/21/19  (98)
Here's how it's going to be: you poast ITT, I give you a hypo    07/21/19  (22)
12 bedroom house in Scranton PA for 89k    07/21/19  (7)
desperately need ethereum to pay rent    07/21/19  (7)
Drenched in sweat, TSINAH’s hairpiece slides down his forehead at first debate    07/21/19  (1)
Ljl at young millennials - none of their Disney songs compare to Hakuna Matata    07/21/19  (5)
TSINAH pulling his favorite cereal bowl and hairpiece out of the dishwasher    07/21/19  (45)
Just replaced the wifi card in my new X220. This laptop is 180.    07/21/19  (4)
Westworld season 3 trailer    07/21/19  (3)
Flyertalk RIGPIG pens 2nd volume of Flying J reviews    07/21/19  (1)
Whats up with Gen X hating on millenials?    07/21/19  (2)
Geraldo Rivera defends Trump, says comments weren't racist, libs are just nuts    07/21/19  (13)
Fun Legal Hypo (AAgent Mixed Up Airport Code, Flying To Wrong City) - From FT    07/21/19  (33)
john mccain's last senile years were spent betraying America?    07/21/19  (4)
"Fuck TTT USA construction!" Tommy shouted as his Jalalabad shack collapsed    07/21/19  (2)
Remember when McCain got brain cancer and wouldn't let Trump attend his funeral    07/21/19  (15)
What is the cr hairpiece adhesive?    07/21/19  (2)
AutoAdmit under investigation by FBI for facilitating sex with men for money    07/21/19  (6)
Horny step sis blackmailed into sucking    07/21/19  (1)
Always believe in yourself    07/21/19  (4)
Vibrant diversity strikes again. Gas attack on London tube    07/21/19  (6)
Wife wants me to quit drinking. Is weed smoking the CR?    07/21/19  (5)
man the news is just horrible trash garbage    07/21/19  (1)
Libs: "Moon landing only possible because of Nazis. Shouldn't be celebrated."    07/21/19  (2)
Zman: whites shouldn’t have to apologize for policies that promote white inter    07/21/19  (8)
Pictures of great cities built by black Africans    07/21/19  (7)
[TS Amanda] Outfit Album #2    07/21/19  (20)
why are libs going insane this morning    07/21/19  (1)
GLOBALLY whats more prestigious? The Masters or The Open Championship?    07/21/19  (1)
Rate my top 5 cases in my pipeline (CSLG)    07/21/19  (40)
🇬🇧 OFFICIAL 2019 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD #golf 🇬🇧    07/21/19  (78)
"Wow, A Special Low Interest Rate Just For Me!," The POWERGOY Exclaimed    07/21/19  (7)
WTF - movie coming out about Indo-British dude who becomes Bruce Springsteen fan    07/21/19  (1)
FlyerTalk Guy Poasts PIC Of Baldmo Putting Feet On Table In Elite Lounge (PIC)    07/21/19  (1)
No one respects the US under Trump    07/21/19  (7)
Remember when Somalis hijacked that ship and Obama sent snipers to take them out    07/21/19  (4)
BIRDSHITS should send thmeslves back to BIRDSHITstan fukkers    07/21/19  (6)
Milwaukee is probably the best city in America    07/21/19  (38)
crazy that civilization was more advanced from 1,500-400 BC than 0 to 700 AD    07/21/19  (26)
Alpha MARATHI beats the FUCK out of BIRDSHIT in NYC in retaliation or TRUMP!    07/21/19  (3)
DESCRIBE the kind of parental support people you know get    07/21/19  (1)
How Pornhub Enables Doxing and Harassment (Vice)    07/21/19  (38)
What would happen if I went to Times Square with a giant "NIGGER" sign?    07/21/19  (8)
Watch this video and tell me black ppl aren't awesome    07/21/19  (3)
Would you guys fuck this vampy BBW? I sure would.    07/21/19  (44)
Fellow MUSCLENUTS been having lots of women demanding to "suck my cock"    07/21/19  (3)
As a Spanish speaker, 'whok' is pronounced 'hawk' not 'hook'    07/21/19  (2)
Sadly INDIANS are just really TANNED BIRDSHITS    07/21/19  (10)
cr to approach irl convos like posting?    07/21/19  (10)
Media Just Can’t Stop Presenting Horrifying Stories as ‘Uplifting’ Perseve    07/21/19  (5)
peterman's "meal prep" posts were some of the saddest shit i've ever seen    07/21/19  (110)
Wtf The Simpsons series finale was 6 months ago, did they announce this at all?    07/21/19  (5)
Excellent customer service is not sufficient. WORLD CLASS or nothing    07/21/19  (13)
"Not guilty by reason of mental defect," explained jinx to the judge    07/21/19  (5)
2nd cuz: fuck me! Shrew gf: fuck you!    07/21/19  (7)
Incels is your mom ever disappointed you couldnt find a female to wife/impregnat    07/21/19  (4)
Reports coming in of death of dictator of Turkmenistan    07/21/19  (8)
who is this weird faggot “ ~~(>' ' )> “    07/21/19  (1)
Why does it seem like "classrooms" in New York public schools are all minoroties    07/21/19  (8)
Do people really think most biglaw attorneys end up in 300k in house    07/21/19  (4)
I will never experience sex with a White woman    07/21/19  (17)
After Russia comes in 6th at math Olympiad calls rise for executing professors    07/21/19  (21)
"But if we buy it now they'll knock off $2000!" roared the powergoy    07/21/19  (1)
These new "modern" looking homes being built everywhere are ugly as all hell    07/21/19  (45)
Is high end trust and estates work still a good practice area?    07/21/19  (31)
Straight of Hormuz    07/21/19  (4)
ITT: We poast AI portraits of ourselves (pic)    07/21/19  (72)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    07/21/19  (109)
eavn39 if you have ball$ you can live a lavi$h life off ca$ino$    07/21/19  (5)
Breaking: Benzo blocking exit from Strait of Homoz with his Boistinker    07/21/19  (1)
Bald lawyer watching gifs of teens while drinking, not thinking impure thoughts.    07/21/19  (5)
yeah I’m a radical feminist too haha    07/21/19  (2)
Are native Americans and Africans just like Europeans if you go back far enough?    07/21/19  (17)
Trumpmos, plz react to this tweet    07/21/19  (29)
"I bought ten ice creams, so this one is FREE!" cried the POWERGOY    07/21/19  (1)
Good Goy TRUMP To Israeli HOLOCAUST MUSEUM For 75th Anni of Auschwitz Liberation    07/21/19  (4)
Owning a boat seems pretty cr    07/21/19  (45)
The Who: Tommy only knows what Asia is / He doesn’t know what sex w/o paying i    07/21/19  (12)
DNC is paying to relocate families from CA to AZ/TX before 2020?    07/21/19  (5)
what are u listening to right now?    07/21/19  (17)
A future balkanized former United States based on Power 5 athletic conferences    07/21/19  (2)
I ate 100 mg of THC gummies at a Korean spa tonight. Felt pretty good    07/21/19  (14)
When life gives you AIDS, make lawman8s    07/21/19  (43)
2nd cousin riding the Sybian as family cheers her on    07/21/19  (30)
Soyboy board libs: How disappointed in you is your dad?    07/21/19  (2)
Taxes and health insurance eat up nearly 50% of my pay    07/21/19  (8)
Wish an industry existed to insulate women from consequences of their actions?    07/21/19  (5)
2nd cuz: “Yes! Yes! Oh God! Oh God!” Shrew gf: “Yes! Another tweet by the    07/21/19  (1)
*writes out long poast* *hits cancel*    07/21/19  (3)
How Autoasmit enables Harrassment and Doxxing (nyt)    07/21/19  (2)
Pic of first primate in outer space receiving a hero's welcome    07/21/19  (4)
Stop saying you "feel badly," you fucking imbeciles.    07/21/19  (25)
(((Utah)))    07/21/19  (3)
bright side: havent once heard of a non-white time traveller    07/21/19  (2)
Introducing Truxcedo.ly - bespoke, on-demand formal wear for your pickup truck    07/21/19  (1)
GA state rep claims man told her go back; Man says “no, I called you a lazy PO    07/21/19  (4)
Blink 180 - chandlers song    07/21/19  (13)
Does the NYC metro area have a cohesive identity?    07/21/19  (12)
DiBlasio's NYC: Elderly white man nearly swept into path of metro train by flood    07/21/19  (3)
Poker libs is this value or a bluff    07/21/19  (36)
I'm too depressed, to go on, you'll be sorry when I'm gone    07/21/19  (2)
Interesting, chill, cheerful and funny... Lost her v-card two months ago...    07/21/19  (3)
my buddy at Twitter HQ says everyone thrashes around whenever Trump tweets    07/21/19  (8)
38 year old has been from Sweden is best player in major league soccer    07/21/19  (1)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    07/21/19  (44)
Lawman8, what’s your ethnic background?    07/21/19  (19)
BESIDES BARS/CLUBS: What is open past midnight?    07/21/19  (20)
Good Goyim LAMAR ODOM Visits Grave Of Famous Ultraorthodox RABBI (PIC)    07/21/19  (2)
Really hard saving money with 150k salary and 290k mortgage    07/21/19  (39)
New Gillette ad shows abortion Dr. shaving vagina before sucking baby out    07/21/19  (7)
Spoke with WMTP recently, his net worth is over $20M now    07/21/19  (3)
Better to be an artist than anything    07/21/19  (7)
Can someone explain this? TTT PI firm with TTT grads has elite summer associates    07/21/19  (9)
peaceful co-existence with asians/indians will not be possible    07/21/19  (7)
Cornell Law Student VLOGGING her life as a law student and SUMMER ASSOCIATE    07/21/19  (47)
Rate this quicksand sexual fetishist message board for greedy quicksand PIGS    07/21/19  (11)
*Johnny Rebel - Nigger Hatin' Me plays as Assfaggot graduates law school*    07/21/19  (15)
Glenn Loury and Amy Wax shitting on Libs ROUND 3    07/21/19  (6)
Ellis Island: Talib? Woman: Tlaib. Ellis island: Tuh-leave.    07/21/19  (1)
he looks like an actual fucking clown    07/21/19  (2)
Lol that TT mentions in every thread that he has “chill drinking brehs”    07/21/19  (31)
Wake up christcucks it’s time for church    07/21/19  (1)
WWII lost here for Germany?    07/21/19  (5)
Investor bros, can someone explain to me ‘Super Blackfoot Roth’?’    07/21/19  (1)
Rate my top 5 cocks in my shitpipe (benzo)    07/21/19  (5)
I grew up working in a diner. It was 180    07/21/19  (2)
2nd cousin: You came in five seconds ;) Shrew gf: Ooh, I'll have seconds!    07/21/19  (8)

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