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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
xo's new filter by custom date range is really useful    04/02/20  (1)
*jason mraz making jim halpert face at camera while signing tsinahs tits*    04/02/20  (13)
*tsinah rigging tactical poppers to his CPAP so he can parTy even in his sleep*    04/02/20  (12)
something fitting about a fraudvirus killing off a fraudeconomy    04/02/20  (14)
rsf: "im smart!" * takes 5 years to graduate high school*    04/02/20  (34)
Went to hospital wearing mask/gloves. Saw 80+ year olds with no mask/gloves.    04/02/20  (13)
Kushner Takes Charge Of Coronavirus Response    04/02/20  (10)
CSLG why is milk/cheese not allowed on your Slow Carb diet    04/02/20  (6)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    04/02/20  (88)
Holy crap, Louisiana +2700 new cases in one day - link    04/02/20  (5)
2nd Great Depression is here, folks: check out this line at food bank    04/02/20  (28)
DNC Convention delayed until August. Bernie still has a chance! (Link)    04/02/20  (1)
CSLG, what are your thoughts about COVID and ensuing economic collapse?    04/02/20  (23)
Peterman died the way he lived - his head in a toilet w a butthole full of jizz    04/02/20  (131)
need a Protocols of the Elders of Zozo board to plot against dumb goyum    04/02/20  (9)
whok, rate me as a degrading "medical act" you have performed on someone    04/02/20  (2)
"He penetrated me, officer" cried whokebe to the cop    04/02/20  (8)
LOL, Venezuelan warship rams German cruise ship, sinks - link    04/02/20  (2)
"I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD" tsinah barked at the worried kinkos manager    04/02/20  (101)
control for lib-run metro areas & USA is basically SKorea in handling corona    04/02/20  (1)
Imagine we had a COVID 19 pandemic in a pre-internet age where we couldn't WFH    04/02/20  (18)
kill yourself benzo    04/02/20  (30)
name one bad thing abt covid era    04/02/20  (6)
anyone worried about their job getting destroyed?    04/02/20  (2)
US = 25% of world cases, 10% of world deaths. MAGATS!    04/02/20  (2)
We’ve lost 46 jobs for every confirmed Coronavirus case in this country    04/02/20  (35)
*tsinahs asshold suing build a bear for violating its "stuffing station" TM*    04/02/20  (7)
Why did Trump administration wait until April to recommend cloth masks?    04/02/20  (4)
**Breaking: Antibody test approved by FDA**    04/02/20  (10)
Poll: Do you have any face masks?    04/02/20  (23)
Good tweetthread about Chinks annihilating the USA    04/02/20  (1)
DBG, love you bubbele, but why are Ortho Jews so fucking monstrous?    04/02/20  (18)
Drink every time benzo says toupee, tsinah says parole, and rsf says pauper    04/02/20  (9)
So COVID is going to destroy leeching startups like Airbnb? Where do i get more    04/02/20  (13)
I just point at things in public and say "Short that!"    04/02/20  (1)
DIRTE, how are you man? Please update me.    04/02/20  (81)
tds has ruined millions of americans mental health    04/02/20  (3)
benzo this shit is hilarious    04/02/20  (1)
All the psychiatrists I've met have seemed crazy/mentally ill    04/02/20  (24)
TEKA$HI 6IX 9INE RELAEA$ED    04/02/20  (12)
180 action shot of RSF's dad in the NY Post    04/02/20  (43)
hope benzo and tsinah live another 60+ years    04/02/20  (1)
f(x) = e^x    04/02/20  (18)
GC takes you fishing on lake: "so i've been meaning to talk to u abt your adbloc    04/02/20  (13)
ITT we pray for dirte's treatment to work and for him to make a full recovery    04/02/20  (2)
"my debit card's not rejected. YOU'RE rejected" *opens fire on atm machine*    04/02/20  (4)
Slapping my tranny GF on the ass like I own it FUCK LIBS AND FUCK 'CONSENT'    04/02/20  (32)
Amazing to watch elites casually destroy society    04/02/20  (1)
Let a female coworker do something w my name on it at work today. So fucked    04/02/20  (1)
I know leukemias bad dirte but at least it isn't cancer (whok)    04/02/20  (10)
Why won’t mods delete posts outing benzo? Super fucked up    04/02/20  (2)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/02/20  (193)
what kind of "man" doesn't forcefully dick down his wife when she gets out of li    04/02/20  (1)
Benzo trying to buy 4/3 siphoned u-haul gas calls on robinhood    04/02/20  (39)
POST ITT if you currently have a job and will have a job in the future.    04/02/20  (16)
I don't give a fuck if masks work or if they don't    04/02/20  (1)
"hmm doing drug worked out for my brother" *scarfaces coke, log into rsf acct*    04/02/20  (14)
Nutella got fired and Dirte has cancer? WTF is going on here??    04/02/20  (7)
lol all of the poasters are turning on each other    04/02/20  (6)
some teen babysitters are offering certain "nursing" to the dads (Daily Mail    04/02/20  (1)
Also stop the outing, it's just childish    04/02/20  (19)
jim_kelly hows the fam    04/02/20  (1)
Worked for HHS for 5 years on pandemic response. Currently embedded with WA resp    04/02/20  (128)
My niche practice area is never coming back after this shit...    04/02/20  (15)
chandler wtf don't delete my fuck marry kill thread    04/02/20  (11)
Tulsi: Trump is lying about masks being ineffective    04/02/20  (3)
Trumpmos: You are all JewCuck traitors to a Shabbos Goy    04/02/20  (3)
I prefer the COVID Era to the GC Era    04/02/20  (124)
Benzo's most recent mugshot ITT    04/02/20  (3)
bowlcut, is autoadmit the "credited" place for incisive & witty takes on things?    04/02/20  (5)
Dems: Force me to stay home and take all of my money for ur new Honduran boyfrie    04/02/20  (3)
Amazon’s sales numbers will be off the charts    04/02/20  (3)
Baseball stadium “FraudCam” zooming in on your bald spot    04/02/20  (43)
THE song of the Covid-19 outbreak    04/02/20  (3)
Thunder Collins quarantine update    04/02/20  (70)
I choose to live as a Furloughed American    04/02/20  (2)
USA will hit 1 million coronavirus cases by April 15, on way to herd immunity!    04/02/20  (9)
GGTP holding monkey's paw: "I wish I had an in-house job."    04/02/20  (13)
One dogs looking one way and the other one is looking the other way    04/02/20  (3)
You guys mind flattening this curve 6 more months? Really appreciate it, thx    04/02/20  (2)
Alabama Governor: "Apparently antibiotics don't work on this bug..."    04/02/20  (5)
do we have any good information on mdh that could lead to a "solved case"?    04/02/20  (3)
reminder: mdh is a faggot striver try-hard jew dork    04/02/20  (15)
Can't go anywhere online without retarded Covid19 talk    04/02/20  (1)
Abject morons wandering around without masks    04/02/20  (3)
If your bored you can go to an online AA meeting and listen to boozehounds    04/02/20  (13)
Benzo made his dad steal money from the world bank to buy him a pony    04/02/20  (4)
Let’s bring back face masks and bandanas    04/02/20  (5)
Brooklyn Landlord Avi Goldheim waives rent for 100s of his tenants    04/02/20  (66)
hey ggtp i know this sucks but remember bernie won't be president    04/02/20  (4)
Retiring from xo immediately. Farewell all.Chandler trying to out me to his boss    04/02/20  (4)
The fraud viru$ number$ are a complete $ham and lie    04/02/20  (6)
"you were decapitated by speedboat? sick get in car were going to shrinks(mdh)    04/02/20  (11)
*mouths to self* "Author: Ape Nigger"    04/02/20  (3)
dupa is allowing tsinah to be outted, but mods any post with benzos info    04/02/20  (15)
Mexico i$ getting almo$t no ca$e$ lol    04/02/20  (3)
I've agreed to represent benzo in a lawsuit against the owner of XO (chilmata)    04/02/20  (1)
Would you rather live in San Diego or Salt Lake City and why    04/02/20  (26)
Benzo did your dad share the stolen property with you like a potluck pauper gath    04/02/20  (2)
Proof rsf took 5 yrs to graduate hs?    04/02/20  (1)
(((guy))) on street corner selling surgical mask for $5 each    04/02/20  (10)
Thi$ i$ a weak LIMP wri$ted $society to admit defeat to $ome "viru$" ljl    04/02/20  (1)
Alabama Governor: "lol COVID? What a stupid name, who named it that?"    04/02/20  (1)
you too 5 years to graduate high school? sick get in the car were fucking tranni    04/02/20  (3)
imagine the parties after quarantine is over    04/02/20  (2)
Alabama Governor: "Did you know people can spread the virus to other people?    04/02/20  (1)
Why out Benzo? We all know who he is and *still* prefer him to TSINAH    04/02/20  (27)
The world doesn’t feel real anymore    04/02/20  (7)
Alabama Governor: "Apparently this virus is contagious, never knew that."    04/02/20  (1)
Who are the goat Hungarians? Liszt and?    04/02/20  (50)
georgia statewide shelter in place order released    04/02/20  (5)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss the virusssss, here 4 boomersssss" *every1 cheer    04/02/20  (5)
is Tiger Show really worth watching    04/02/20  (33)
why are we shutting the country down again    04/02/20  (1)
We might put up a 2K ball in a few days    04/02/20  (1)
if ur whole crew ain't rolling with gotenna mesh beacons ur literally insane    04/02/20  (1)
it sure is difficult adhering to the one law of the land    04/02/20  (5)
Doing my part -- hand sewing masks for medical works    04/02/20  (5)
bingdu the poster. xin guan bingdu. first day    04/02/20  (4)
Assfaggot seems like our time here is done    04/02/20  (28)
If even one more boomer survives, it’s worth any number of unemployed. Cr?    04/02/20  (7)
40M unemployed by April. 4000 boomers dead. We're on the right track folks (CDC    04/02/20  (3)
Who's HOTTER: Peter North or benzo    04/02/20  (1)
Good morning! 3 million unemployed and counting because 4000 90 yos died    04/02/20  (6)
lol what did Benzo do now? why is that quotemo going on a rampage?    04/02/20  (2)
whok, what shift do you work at Coles?    04/02/20  (1)
Any way to get some money back for Amazon Prime issues?    04/02/20  (2)
New GF farted so loud she woke herself up    04/02/20  (13)
why are we doing this again?    04/02/20  (3)
🚨 4/2/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/02/20  (15)
Benzo King: “Home of The Pauper”    04/02/20  (43)
benzoworld Arnold “GET TO ZEE PAUPER!”    04/02/20  (17)
NY Post front page: Benzo's hideous meth face + headline "COOKIE MONSTER"    04/02/20  (102)
Realtalk: how quickly can i become a nurse/PA? need a backup plan    04/02/20  (1)
You are living through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stop complaining. Enjoy.    04/02/20  (8)
Infectious disease specialistL Hydroxychloroquine is a GAME CHANGER    04/02/20  (32)
third of the posts here are by benzo alts    04/02/20  (2)
This "voluntary furlough" thing is catching on    04/02/20  (6)
Nothing worse than patagonia fleece dad bod normies making references to Pornhub    04/02/20  (1)
AZNs, will you disavow the virus?    04/02/20  (7)
Anyone like this self-important bloviating douche David Chang on Netflix?    04/02/20  (2)
Benzo’s PO doing the cuckoo sign as he tells TSINAH he takes complaint VERY se    04/02/20  (2)
I RIKE-A EAT BAT, I RIKE-A EAT PANGORIN...    04/02/20  (10)
i rike a insidious thleat. i rike a rong incubation peliod. i rike a mass fumiga    04/02/20  (2)
i rike a colonvilus    04/02/20  (4)
i rike a virus-laden aerosol plume emanating from a SARS patient with diarrhea    04/02/20  (3)
benzo, I swear to fucking god    04/02/20  (151)
Bitcoin is going to change the world    04/02/20  (42)
watch this black guy with covid-19 fight a doctor LIVE right now    04/02/20  (59)
Trump says scarves could be better than N95s because they are “thicker”    04/02/20  (1)

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