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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
So Drudge is just totally a lib now. Citing to Dem leaning articles on SCOTUS    09/20/20  (3)
CSLG what church do you go to?    09/20/20  (4)
Why do you care about Supreme Court picks?    09/20/20  (8)
cowgod needs to poast less frequently    09/20/20  (10)
GINSBURG IS DEAD    09/20/20  (199)
Under appreciated possibility: President Nancy Pelosi    09/20/20  (8)
Biglawyers are "system" wagecucks    09/20/20  (8)
Going to schedule visit with urologist this week, I'm really scared bros    09/20/20  (4)
Biden warns GOP Senators: “Don’t go there.”    09/20/20  (15)
Kagan reportedly “very intrigued by” Coney Barrett, invited her to WNBA watc    09/20/20  (10)
TikTok dating guru gives tips on how to bag athletes, rich guys in NYC    09/20/20  (7)
none of these pussy NFL teams have even tried a 3-point conversion    09/20/20  (3)
Starting to think libs have a unique definition of "constitutional crisis"    09/20/20  (26)
"At least we got two pro-life Justices out of it," said the guy who doesn't fuck    09/20/20  (38)
Tom Hardy let another man suck his dick    09/20/20  (2)
Amy Barrett leaving 'napkin note' in adopted kid's lunchbox, it reads: 'Nigger.'    09/20/20  (36)
mac os x is a game changer    09/20/20  (1)
Guy i know things Roe V Wade at stake. How can i evidence that isnt true?    09/20/20  (9)
if you’re not buying generic brand food you’re literally insane    09/20/20  (12)
My boyfriend has been distant since my ex sent him our old sex tapes & dick pic    09/20/20  (4)
If you’re a young conservative judge are your fingers crossed Trump doesn’t    09/20/20  (27)
Link to *any* Dem Senators from 2016 who spoke out against voting on Garland?    09/20/20  (4)
Dumb here, why is it bad for the GOP to nominate/vote for new SCOTUS right now?    09/20/20  (9)
Amy Barrett to daughter: "You look a little ashy today..."    09/20/20  (2)
Amy Barrett gripping electricity ball w/ both hands, hair standing on end    09/20/20  (2)
The Supreme Court is only 25% Jewish rn. Yes, really.    09/20/20  (12)
white girl who bid $500k on Biggie Smalls 'crown' pays tearful tribute to RBG    09/20/20  (2)
Biden: “Remember, Republicans already packed the Court by denying Garland a vo    09/20/20  (7)
got paid last week but continue to file unemployment? caught?    09/20/20  (1)
ptbarnum: are u worried about your life insurance policies given interest rates?    09/20/20  (3)
really amazing how umc child raising culminates in mailing them off to some rand    09/20/20  (4)
ITT I rate you as a fast food chain    09/20/20  (94)
i'm gay    09/20/20  (1)
We should all "out" ourselves with fake made up personas    09/20/20  (1)
The state that hates Jews the most has the most jews. Odd case.    09/20/20  (4)
sanford clark - it's nothing to me.mp3    09/20/20  (1)
3 DEAD after dining out (link) STAY THE FUVK HOME PEOPLE!!!    09/20/20  (7)
*Booming Daniel Day Lewis voice* “I’m an anal man, ladies and gentlemen.”    09/20/20  (48)
Henry Aaron tells tinder date "I like dogs!" while showing him pic of BBQ'd dog    09/20/20  (1)
I’m crying at this James Woods tweet    09/20/20  (11)
Remember “flatten the curve”? Did libs just stop pretending that was a thing    09/20/20  (14)
THE FOOTBALL TEAM is still in 1st place team in the NFC East    09/20/20  (1)
"I'm a gonna get you faggot" -Henry Aaron staring at DC Pandacam with chopsticks    09/20/20  (8)
"SMELLS LIKE DUCK SAUCE" *Henry Aaron sprinkling duck sauce on Panda at zoo"    09/20/20  (1)
"Biden bad, he no represent traditionar American Varues" -Henry Aaron    09/20/20  (1)
this is a banana republic. i would make plans to leave for the Yukon    09/20/20  (2)
Should we buy De-fi Scam coins now?    09/20/20  (1)
Down the 1619 Project’s Memory Hole    09/20/20  (6)
Panda Express briefcase with the logo facing out    09/20/20  (3)
So MDH just flails his arms, calls all his enemies gook and turdskin?    09/20/20  (23)
that look u get from a shrew when u say Panda Express is ur favorite restaurant    09/20/20  (2)
MDH saying "well hello" in Mrs. Doubtfire voice as he re-starts Cuties again    09/20/20  (14)
Rudolph, with 4 wins in a row! Letting 49ers win ride on WAS +8    09/20/20  (4)
GF going apeshit on maracas right now    09/20/20  (6)
Murkowski and Collins confirm defection. All up to Mittens now?    09/20/20  (43)
"I'd take pleasure in guttin' you......boy"    09/20/20  (4)
CSLG could literally sell barn shit and make the same amount he's so good at sa    09/20/20  (2)
Mental Illness Affirmation Pills    09/20/20  (2)
"Peter North's alts are calling me a pedo!" screamed MDH in his padded cell    09/20/20  (11)
Jews will be out of office this monday and next monday    09/20/20  (5)
Max Keeble’s Big Move    09/20/20  (1)
So Jews woke up from their fake New Year today to RBG’s death? Lol 180    09/20/20  (23)
has johnsmeyer said much about his personal life    09/20/20  (12)
GOP Precedent, if u control POTUS + Senate u do whatever you want    09/20/20  (2)
Henry Aaron, when your neighbors invite you over do they hide their dog?    09/20/20  (1)
Tom Hardy reportedly cast as next James Bond    09/20/20  (27)
*Henry Aaron plays boombox* "I Rike Pencil Dicks and I cannot Rie, u Otha chinks    09/20/20  (3)
Hikers hastily putting on mask like it’s a WWI trench being gassed    09/20/20  (5)
your first date with ur high school crush at Panda Express    09/20/20  (1)
Just put $5k on 49ers -6.5 against the Jets. You have been warned. On a 3 game    09/20/20  (21)
Being a minor league baseball player seems 180    09/20/20  (17)
In VC, taking Questions    09/20/20  (155)
House full of screaming kids. I made them go outside and shoot hoops w    09/20/20  (4)
I need a tasty and healthy drink to drink all day water is boring    09/20/20  (24)
Just downloaded Crusader Kings 3 bros is this gonna be any good    09/20/20  (5)
Marshall University professor tells class she wishes all Trumpmos die before ele    09/20/20  (9)
Women really seem to need clit stim to cum, not just dick    09/20/20  (7)
What’s the verdict on CRUSADER KINGS III?    09/20/20  (10)
Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son    09/20/20  (64)
there will always be losers    09/20/20  (2)
You @ Dr office front desk: "Dr. Aaron just finished my colonoscopy. I pay here?    09/20/20  (1)
Rate this painting I'm about to buy    09/20/20  (29)
Panda Express but it's just Henry Aaron eating a panda    09/20/20  (3)
Man, Person, Camera, TV, Dignity, Kindness, and Respect for others    09/20/20  (9)
"Smells like duck sauce!" - Henry Aaron opening his drawer of duck sauce    09/20/20  (4)
Sorry reptiles, we're building RBG back bigger and better than before 👩‍⚖    09/20/20  (1)
Henry Aaron logged on as Voodoo Child: "SMERRS RIKE DUCK SAUCE, HAR HAR"    09/20/20  (4)
Henry Aaron playing Voodoo Child in mahjong    09/20/20  (2)
should i try panda express?    09/20/20  (9)
"And that's how I outlasted Sonic Youth," said MDH to his imaginary grandkids    09/20/20  (14)
Jeff Flake urges Republicans not to hold vote    09/20/20  (19)
Re-reading the original Lol-Suit Notice thread now with random monikers    09/20/20  (4)
Henry Aaron outed by "Ravadam Pensildik"    09/20/20  (1)
Why are ppl outing Henry Aaron? MODS!!    09/20/20  (7)
I rike a baseball hen lee allen, i rike a arpha trump, i rike a voodoo child    09/20/20  (2)
going to lick up bull's creampie load from wife today (CSLG)    09/20/20  (87)
Remember when Henry Aaron retired for 2 hours after he was outed?    09/20/20  (1)
steelers look good    09/20/20  (1)
Pretty sure the Henry Aaron “outting” is all a delusion by insane PDP    09/20/20  (7)
Henry Aaron not killing himself is a testament to the human spirit    09/20/20  (18)
Henry Aaron giving board lecture on Dignity, Kindness, and Respect for others    09/20/20  (30)
Is it true that Henry Aaron uses pencil dicks to clean out his pock marks?    09/20/20  (8)
this is what school will be like for your kids (your kid @ the end)    09/20/20  (1)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    09/20/20  (109)
ppl who are crying over a judge they never met dying are losers    09/20/20  (6)
Pencil Dick pumo is spazzing out again    09/20/20  (6)
Millions of unaborted babies showing up in pictures from the future    09/20/20  (20)
Pencil!    09/20/20  (3)
check out these pics of my 35yo neighbor trying to kickflip in my cul de sac    09/20/20  (1)
waking up in a Panda Express tp    09/20/20  (4)
panda express meme is here to stay, buckle up    09/20/20  (2)
DTP disappeared. Did he die?    09/20/20  (3)
"I love bacon for breakfast" said Spaceporn as he pulled out and nutted on the    09/20/20  (7)
Oliver Darcy on Tel Aviv beach in a speedo serving cocktail to Ted Turner    09/20/20  (11)
Get in here to do SEXUAL PRIVACY HYPO thought experiment    09/20/20  (37)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    09/20/20  (180)
Coolest biblical art?    09/20/20  (1)
Millions of reparations checks vanishing from niggers' mailboxes from the future    09/20/20  (2)
Anyone else get emails from several clients per day on the weekend?    09/20/20  (7)
Henry Aaron is an ugly asian man with pock marks allover his face????    09/20/20  (30)
ITT: I tell you how McConnell can get Trump's nominee through    09/20/20  (6)
A NYC subway train gets derailed by a homeless dude    09/20/20  (8)
Henry, take the Eggplant out of your Ass & Log-in as Voodoo Child    09/20/20  (24)
MSNBC and CNN are now just Dems coming on to make campaign pitches    09/20/20  (21)
"These are all alts!" yelled the unpopular moron as multiple ppl made fun of him    09/20/20  (7)
where is the woodward tape where trump calls troops losers?    09/20/20  (1)
Lots of ordinary people get fed up, making one wrong move, then ruin their lives    09/20/20  (6)
Glenn Greenwald: US must invade Iran NOW    09/20/20  (4)
So this rich guy, RSF, spends the best yrs of his life arguing with fags online?    09/20/20  (38)
Other than to log on as Voodoo Child, has Henry Aaron logged out this month?    09/20/20  (1)
Definitive proof that Henry Aaron / Voodoo Child is a low IQ asian freak    09/20/20  (1)
Still LOL'ing that Henry Aaron is asian    09/20/20  (1)
Definitive proof ITT that Henry Aaron = Voodoo Child    09/20/20  (1)
Henry Aaron's cryptic Tinder profile: "Naught. nurse, TS, PNP, Poz Undetectable"    09/20/20  (5)
What were RBG's top 3 accomplishments?    09/20/20  (15)
I love having my ass eaten by a woman    09/20/20  (9)
Do you ever have a thread you want to make but feel like you should "whisper" it    09/20/20  (1)
Finalists: black adopting cultist vs no record woman many dems voted for    09/20/20  (3)
evan39 tell us about the Starbucks reserve shops    09/20/20  (38)
in jr high, gf never “officially” dumped me. do i still have rights here?    09/20/20  (13)
Among all the crypto, only BTC can be called on "investment"    09/20/20  (6)
5pm on Friday, ahhhh, no more worrying until 8pm on Sunday    09/20/20  (3)
How is Alaska so cucky?    09/20/20  (4)
Fallujah falls to al-Qaeda, Obama goes golfing    09/20/20  (16)
Surprised my wife with a golden retriever puppy for Christmas    09/20/20  (3)
So observant Jews have NO IDEA about RBG?    09/20/20  (4)
Obama GOLFED this weekend while Iraqis are dying in droves    09/20/20  (9)

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