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Pretty cool god knew birth control would turn women into pigs, said "no!"    04/21/18  (61)
antiabortmos, youve had a LONG time to come up w better arguments    04/21/18  (32)
Trump wasn't invited to Barbara Bush funeral    04/21/18  (30)
It's a little strange that xo still exists and even thrives    04/21/18  (29)
Least painful ways to kill self? Google keeps redirecting me to prevention lines    04/21/18  (26)
Guns Rise To Record High as Top Problem (Gallup poll)    04/21/18  (22)
Do you think Bin Laden really had a "proper" burial at sea?    04/21/18  (20)
Hitler liked to have his niece piss on him and he had a malformed dick    04/21/18  (18)
if ur dream house isn't in cleveland idk what to tell u    04/21/18  (17)
does everyone elae get Urinal Backsplash every time you piss in a urinal?    04/21/18  (16)
How delicious is Coke? The drink    04/21/18  (15)
When a shrew says she works for an "NGO", what is this code for?    04/21/18  (14)
so blacks werent allowed to participate in the GI bill? Something to think abou    04/21/18  (14)
Electrical engineers: how do you make a touchscreen?    04/21/18  (13)
What does it mean to look 'Southern'?    04/21/18  (11)
I'm moving back to midwest w/in 1 mile of where I grew up    04/21/18  (11)
WLMAS, JJC, and Obeezy    04/21/18  (11)
ITT: A window into Africa.    04/21/18  (10)
if you had alimony or huge debt why not just teach engrish in Asia.    04/21/18  (10)
trump tweetstorm early saturday morning    04/21/18  (10)
Rate this video of MELANIA looking sexy    04/21/18  (9)
What does it mean to look 'Midwestern'?    04/21/18  (9)
POLL: wlmas stays, or arkan comes back?    04/21/18  (9)
Today could be a very mentally ill posting day for me (DTP)    04/21/18  (9)
Korean woman in USA more likely to marry HANDSOME than Korean. Explain, nyuug    04/21/18  (8)
Rate this law teen from University of Texas (pic)    04/21/18  (8)
books on finance/Wall Street    04/21/18  (8)
Retard Trump: "Cohen won't 'flip' on me," implying there's something to flip abt    04/21/18  (8)
hahaha! you guys know Hitler literally blew his brains out like a fucking loser    04/21/18  (8)
What is your SHOE size?    04/21/18  (7)
Shitlibs don't call cops on homeless man waving knife, he kills man    04/21/18  (7)
are reptile, why do you troll for the USSR? putin as the new czar, restoring the    04/21/18  (7)
When did degree collecting start becoming a thing?    04/21/18  (7)
Wlmas is like Jesus, He gave up His life for the good of the board    04/21/18  (7)
even nigs & spics don't read "Chicano/afam lit" lol    04/21/18  (6)
Ms Frizzle got a lot hotter in new magic school bus episodes    04/21/18  (6)
Rate this picture of Halford letting doobs out of the Hellroom (nsfw)    04/21/18  (6)
Man sitting with 5 y.o. daughter in lap at restaurant stabbed to death by Jamal    04/21/18  (6)
Poop is forming inside of you. (A reminder)    04/21/18  (6)
IAMA gay shitlib redneck who got two girls' #s at the gun range yest., AMA    04/21/18  (6)
Jordan Peterson on Bill Maher (video)    04/21/18  (6)
Spaceporn uses exclamation points more than any other poster    04/21/18  (5)
Rate this black model    04/21/18  (5)
Know anyone who quit jerb and hiked entire PCT/AT?    04/21/18  (5)
WLMAS stop shitting up the board with your politithreading    04/21/18  (5)
Look, I love you guys, but sometimes you're really fucking dumb.    04/21/18  (5)
Eating a very LARGE romaine lettuce salad for breakfast    04/21/18  (5)
wow, this spaceporn fella is seriously troubled    04/21/18  (5)
alcoholic fatherless nigger tp    04/21/18  (4)
How delicious is cum? The drink    04/21/18  (4)