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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she doesn't know that.    12/04/22  (26)
ITT you list things that are still manufactured in America    12/04/22  (20)
brothers, i'm sorry i broke my holy fast of sobriety since thanksgiving (rb tp)    12/04/22  (2)
had a gay filipino roommate once who would eat fried chicken w/ ketchup 24/7    12/04/22  (1)
A Filipino man asking 'Sirrrrr?' after Tommy T washes ashore from his shipwreck    12/04/22  (4)
Didn't read Taibi thread, but did he give EXAMPLES of what libs suppressed?    12/04/22  (102)
Rate this 32 foot sailboat for 63k USD    12/04/22  (39)
Who's your favorite poaster at the moment?    12/04/22  (40)
have no idea what SAAS is, but heard Ricky is 180 at it    12/04/22  (13)
I want to import Russian wife    12/04/22  (2)
South Carolina >> Tennessee >>> Florida >> NC - the only cr Southern States    12/04/22  (1)
LinkedIn "#Opentowork" icon tattooed around the ring of luis's asshole    12/04/22  (10)
How to get good at cross examination    12/04/22  (94)
Rick-E do you dance much these days    12/04/22  (3)
5'9 190 lbs    12/04/22  (21)
Hey evan39 what the hell is going on?    12/04/22  (8)
What’s your biggest addiction at the moment?    12/04/22  (84)
Nude Nishitani chasing lex tp around Kamurocho Tel-Tel Boys Club    12/04/22  (9)
OFFICIAL POLL: What are the BEST and WORST popular Christmas songs?    12/04/22  (95)
CR replacement for melatonin?    12/04/22  (20)
RATE MY TINDER DATE ITT    12/04/22  (12)
"No babe, that's nigger dog. You're thinking of nude nigger tp"    12/04/22  (17)
lots of questions about my "nude nigger" tattoo already answered by the tattoo    12/04/22  (2)
anythign worthwhle btwn Nashville and Murray, Kentucky?    12/04/22  (4)
Arkansas explained in two photos    12/04/22  (6)
have you ever been propositioned by a dude    12/04/22  (21)
It is Trump who is the loser and a whiney bitch if he had the election stolen    12/04/22  (1)
Is Laguna Niguel a nice place to live?    12/04/22  (10)
So our mpm choices are a bald pauper, a turdskin tranny, and a clown    12/04/22  (4)
Spaceporn somersaulting like Willy Wonka before opening up playroom    12/04/22  (35)
So libs regularly go berserk over 'Emmett Till' every few months like a ritual?    12/04/22  (36)
Universities face demographic doom (link)    12/04/22  (3)
HYPO: Would you take a kick from Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson for $100k?    12/04/22  (5)
Ride! Ride now! For ruin! And a nigger in every commercial!    12/04/22  (4)
Hey whok, why are you such a pretentious little bitch, man    12/04/22  (16)
ALL - I PRESENT TO YOU XO2022! you did it!    12/04/22  (2)
Hypo: $3m/yr but you must faithfully remain in a marriage with a trans woman    12/04/22  (49)
lmao tosu is going to blow out michigan in the semifinals    12/04/22  (4)
Just had the worst night of my fuckin life    12/04/22  (76)
Wife's time machine idea: upload 4k copies of movies on torrent sites    12/04/22  (27)
A Legislative Onslaught Against Freedom (Karlstack)    12/04/22  (8)
So rather than make new movies Netflix is dubbing Trolls in Norway shit?    12/04/22  (3)
GIRL BOSS does not approve your latest thread, see me in my office    12/04/22  (1)
Why is it that men want sex more, but women react much more to singers, etc?    12/04/22  (2)
Whok, you here tonight, brother?    12/04/22  (2)
Meet up 4 sex?    12/04/22  (9)
Man goes crazy at a fast food chain, guess race (vid)    12/04/22  (1)
I've been both a Buddhist and a Catholic. Which one should I stick with?    12/04/22  (30)
straight people    12/04/22  (1)
ITT: I enumerate posters who are real people    12/04/22  (65)
RATE the moniker distribution in this thread    12/04/22  (2)
So spaceporn is a bald clown eunuch child molester from Stephen king horror book    12/04/22  (8)
Carbozo and compound interest    12/04/22  (2)
Joe Biden is proof that being President of the United States is NOT prestigious    12/04/22  (1)
RATE this steak I'm cooking tomorrow (TSINAH)    12/04/22  (17)
TED CRUZ GAY    12/04/22  (4)
RATE this e-mail from a client    12/04/22  (10)
Will libs ever stop freaking the fuck out over Twitter? Or will this last foreve    12/04/22  (2)
LMAO at unhinged EPAH when confronted with evidence of blatant 1A violations    12/04/22  (86)
whose idea was it to do this to this country    12/04/22  (5)
kyle rittenhouse lives 20 miles away from kenosha. crossed state lines!!!    12/04/22  (15)
Cowshit, what’s your favourite “Bonk” game?    12/04/22  (8)
NEED ADVICE: how to best handle unreasonable aging parents?    12/04/22  (6)
trump's claim of stolen 2020 election changed to "mostly true" after twitter dum    12/04/22  (2)
Kihote is a RoboGexual    12/04/22  (1)
Meet up 4 Gex?    12/04/22  (4)
Benzo beat a pregnant woman, and EPAH and Spaceporn are pedophiles    12/04/22  (4)
listen up bitch bois, I'm your new GIRL BOSS    12/04/22  (3)
can't believe what the country was like in the 80s compared to now    12/04/22  (7)
wait TT6 is impersonating NPB?    12/04/22  (1)
Not a huge fan of Bon Chon chicken    12/04/22  (33)
Study: men that contracted HPV through cunnilingus cured by performing Fellatio    12/04/22  (2)
Michigan is an 8-4 team in the SEC    12/04/22  (2)
My wife paid a Buryat to carve up a Hahol for my birthday    12/04/22  (3)
Official Estrada Chocolatito III fight thread.    12/04/22  (41)
The internet has made life worse    12/04/22  (7)
Rate these women's bodies    12/04/22  (53)
Thinking about using OpenAI to do my poasting for me    12/04/22  (1)
luis here, going to chilis to celebrate my shitlaw victory    12/04/22  (74)
AVAX surpasses SOL    12/04/22  (1)
State of XO: Pedophile Brown Tranny Freak feels comfortable poasting here    12/04/22  (10)
I am extremely unnerved by the pace of recent AI developments    12/04/22  (31)
there are thousands of Azn pussies aching for your whyte cawk tonight    12/04/22  (1)
Poast ITT if you have and always will be faithful to your wife.    12/04/22  (13)
do you know people IRL that are legitimately good stock investors?    12/04/22  (1)
Sick of it all    12/04/22  (2)
Nigger it all    12/04/22  (1)
LIVE: TBF arguing HEATEDLY with what he believes is a 'retarded child'    12/04/22  (3)
Done with it all    12/04/22  (2)
libs demanding you worship Google AI or be unpersoned    12/04/22  (1)
The year is 2200: Earth's population is 500 million    12/04/22  (1)
greedo shot first    12/04/22  (7)
I am pretty sure "Voodoo Child" is just a TSINAH alt at this point    12/04/22  (4)
I'm basically a slave to Christ. Being born again is weird brothers.    12/03/22  (2)
could see libs worshipping evil computer that runs everything and enslaves them    12/03/22  (5)
Nick Fuentes hits it out of the park    12/03/22  (21)
"oh fuck benzo's paying attention now" *scampers off like a bitch* (tsinah)    12/03/22  (16)
Benzo is the biggest piece of shit in board history    12/03/22  (73)
gen z males contemplating the pros and cons of sucking a wife's penis    12/03/22  (7)
XO Argentina?    12/03/22  (1)
The destruction of England is the saddest development of the last 100 years    12/03/22  (6)
This playoff has solved NOTHING multiple teams in playoff not playing in own    12/03/22  (7)
evan39 evrything has turned to trash! Why have we allowed this?    12/03/22  (1)
Spaceporn: not a partner, balls don't work, believes in dinosaurs    12/03/22  (23)
It's time for Benzo to go to prison-- he kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach    12/03/22  (17)
CSLG, why are you condoning benzo's boorish behaviour?    12/03/22  (2)
I've given up on 3D women, only 2D women have my heart now (Lord High)    12/03/22  (1)
2002 Chevrolet Venture: Warner Brothers Edition    12/03/22  (1)
Who does SBF have dirt on?? This is getting Out Of Hand    12/03/22  (3)
The B-21 is probably technologically freaky.    12/03/22  (7)
I just had a dream where all my teeth fell out    12/03/22  (13)
Drunks accusing each other of needing AA: xo2022    12/03/22  (1)
Other than sour, why mouth agape?    12/03/22  (4)
8.5% annual inflation. everything 20% to 200% more expensive than a year ago    12/03/22  (7)
Opinion of CSLG has changed markedly since benzo thing    12/03/22  (76)
PSA: You’ll never love your vocation as much as Stitches loves his.    12/03/22  (11)
cue gay voice "kavanaugh: you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the    12/03/22  (7)
I'm on the blockchain    12/03/22  (1)
any blockchain expert mastermen on here? not just ppl into cryptocurrency    12/03/22  (3)
google AI exec: "we're creating god"    12/03/22  (7)
Sam Hyde signs contract to box SBF on pay per view 4-20-23    12/03/22  (1)
I would like to physically beat TMF to death    12/03/22  (12)
ITT list places completely BTFO and ruined by social media and remote work    12/03/22  (51)
thoughts on the dynamic between women and transgenders    12/03/22  (1)
MSM seems to be giving Bankman a pass. He was only 30! just a kid! didn't know    12/03/22  (13)
sam bankman-fried has a gay gay gay voice    12/03/22  (3)
Hilarious that people here think SBF will actually be “charged” with “crim    12/03/22  (8)
What's the next Austin, TX?    12/03/22  (65)
I assume the new Christmas Story movie is garbage?    12/03/22  (2)
Trump: Constitution Bad!    12/03/22  (3)
You should be moving away from computer and focusing on shit like bow hunting    12/03/22  (3)
Lex tp we're starting it in a bit    12/03/22  (15)
Xoxo Hermannson better KTFO this MountainSandNigger    12/03/22  (1)
what do we do, Ricky? how do we fight back    12/03/22  (4)
american psycho chainsaw scene but its tsinah dropping a meat slicer on landlord    12/03/22  (59)
I'm about to make some 180 creme brulee    12/03/22  (7)
Xo is like 3-4 people with a negative net worth calling each other poor    12/03/22  (3)
New Metro Boomin album is incredible    12/03/22  (1)
Jews have college fraud 😳 ball fucked up just the way they want it    12/03/22  (3)
RATE this doctor    12/03/22  (2)
"i smoked a fuckton of crack" "bet his laptop makes him look like a crackhead"    12/03/22  (9)
"jews! amirite?" *runs out of money and shakes down another small biz* (tsinah)    12/03/22  (1)
Pretty sure the shit Bama team is in and the fix is in    12/03/22  (1)
lot of dark energy here    12/03/22  (7)
World is all trash makes 0 sense    12/03/22  (2)
Catgirl was an old moniker from the beginning(Boom)    12/03/22  (14)
Why was Urban Meyer a successful college football coach?    12/03/22  (6)

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