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Finally heard a cogent defense of Elon's behavior tonight    12/04/22  (8)
Is $1.14m enough to leave BIGLAW?    12/04/22  (3)
Been 2 weeks since a Russian missile attack, giving Ukraine time to    12/04/22  (3)
Politics goes nowhere and after ‘20 you’re a fool to “follow” it    12/04/22  (6)
What’s your biggest addiction at the moment?    12/04/22  (88)
I officially did my deeds as a male. I’m done and I pass the torch on to u all    12/04/22  (10)
These Wendy’s commercials make working at Wendy’s look like    12/04/22  (5)
boner police rate this manic pixie chick mcdonald's employee    12/04/22  (24)
Summon: varicocele dood (tags: low T beta males, infertility, ED)    12/04/22  (2)
Concerta has been out of stock at my pharmacy for three weeks    12/04/22  (1)
Lost Chapter of Protocols of Elders: “Make them spell it with more Ys”    12/04/22  (4)
“I need to prescribe you some “shut the fuck up pills”    12/04/22  (4)
Do you still play with Legos    12/04/22  (1)
Soccer fags, why is goals scored a tiebreaker after goal differential?    12/04/22  (16)
5'9 190 lbs    12/04/22  (22)
Islam is similar to Judaism just universal as opposed to tribal    12/04/22  (14)
should i get an ipad    12/04/22  (7)
The internet has made life worse    12/04/22  (14)
I want to hit Jen Psaki in the head over and over and over until death    12/04/22  (9)
have literally never used "Twitter" or "tweeted" ever in my entire life    12/04/22  (4)
waiting 3 hours for a jersey mikes sub via sysco slop delivery app tp    12/04/22  (2)
Iranian government bends the knee, abolishes morality police - link    12/04/22  (9)
Rate my blood work and high as fuck T (CSLG)    12/04/22  (35)
What kind of video editing software was used to create this video?    12/04/22  (2)
any update on Kim K's legal studies?    12/04/22  (1)
In college admissions, 'test-optional' is the new normal    12/04/22  (24)
I am extremely unnerved by the pace of recent AI developments    12/04/22  (33)
My V10 firm just ordered 40 HIMARS wtf    12/04/22  (5)
Greg Johnson's cogent take on Ye/Fuentez    12/04/22  (6)
LUIS ripping all clothes off at word of Iran removing morality police    12/04/22  (1)
Jetlagged as fuck    12/04/22  (5)
Would've been a good year for the BCS.    12/04/22  (2)
Anyone practicing with Advent of Code exercises?    12/04/22  (9)
the most Sisphyean of all possible tasks    12/04/22  (1)
longish read on skin-suitting of archaeology    12/04/22  (1)
TDNW tp soyfacing at his new HIMARS funko pop    12/04/22  (6)
RATE MY TINDER DATE ITT    12/04/22  (17)
What happened to NSAM/Omar/Ukraine is winning tp?    12/04/22  (8)
Some people follow soccer, some prefer war in the Ukraine    12/04/22  (3)
really should be georgia michigan clemson osu for cfp    12/04/22  (1)
How to get good at cross examination    12/04/22  (95)
Wife started a bath and started cooking, and the bedroom flooded.    12/04/22  (25)
men like this will never doubt that they’ve had an impact in this world (link)    12/04/22  (3)
Russians going full Nazi in Donbass. Hanging civilians (link)    12/04/22  (8)
Russian helicopter falls out of the sky like a stone (video)    12/04/22  (1)
Xbox memories that we’d all sooner forget    12/04/22  (7)
I’m poasting my heart out right now and you won’t even blank bump me    12/04/22  (1)
Unveiling my new hip hop moniker duo: Lil Poasta (feat Blank Bumpa)    12/04/22  (2)
the las vegas raiders tp rebooting as the new vegas raiders tp post-ICBM launch    12/04/22  (3)
Catholics, are the stories about the St gellen to true or conspiracy flame?    12/04/22  (1)
Madonna having last vaginoplasty at 85 in effort to “stay relevant” w/ hospi    12/04/22  (1)
Vaginal lubrication alone does not mean that the woman has had an orgasm tp    12/04/22  (2)
Luis approving shipment of BIMARS systems to Ukraine    12/04/22  (2)
Joe Biden is proof that being President of the United States is NOT prestigious    12/04/22  (3)
TDNW ordering a HIMARS battery: “Fire into my ass, okay?”    12/04/22  (2)
Jaden Smith to star in Steven Spielberg's upcoming Audie Murphy biopic    12/04/22  (4)
Reminder to TDNW tp: The Russian grunt is the greatest killing machine on earth.    12/04/22  (6)
TDNW tp still yapping on about Ukraine as last ship leaves for Alpha Centaur    12/04/22  (3)
SBF’s defense: “ Dollars are fungible with each other.”    12/04/22  (3)
TDNW tp, HIMARS are just rockets driven by a truck. Explain how it turns you on.    12/04/22  (2)
My Life With The Thrill Luis Kult    12/04/22  (1)
The Hold Luis, 30 Seconds to Luis, She Wants Luis    12/04/22  (1)
Semicolon tattoo = stay away because crazy?    12/04/22  (2)
NYT is now 90% girlboss mediocrities writing daily columns abt castrating Trump    12/04/22  (7)
Will libs ever stop freaking the fuck out over Twitter? Or will this last foreve    12/04/22  (3)
Why does travel make you so constipated?    12/04/22  (3)
🎺Feliz Navidad 🎉    12/04/22  (5)
So libs regularly go berserk over 'Emmett Till' every few months like a ritual?    12/04/22  (49)
dr. jafar, which medications should i take?    12/04/22  (7)
any reason we *shouldn't* go full nat'l-socialist fascist state    12/04/22  (2)
Banged an attractive young woman last week, felt globalhomo guilt    12/04/22  (4)
Bill Ackman: “SBF didn’t commit crime. Gross negligence at worst. No jail ti    12/04/22  (5)
Official Poll: Should Julia date BOM?    12/04/22  (1)
*Dr walks into labor room* “Who the FUCK is Dr.Nole?”    12/04/22  (1)
Bee Gees cover band with TMF, boor, and ARE_Reptile as the Gibb brothers    12/04/22  (6)
have you ever been propositioned by a dude    12/04/22  (22)
Good morning brothers! I love you all!    12/04/22  (7)
Good article about Michael Jackson and Ye (Kanye)    12/04/22  (1)
America's system of parasitic lawyers is why we can't have nice infrastructure    12/04/22  (8)
Israelis joining the Russian army to kill Hahols    12/04/22  (1)
Hypo: $3m/yr but you must faithfully remain in a marriage with a trans woman    12/04/22  (50)
Just copped a HELOC taking questions    12/04/22  (6)
vegetables tp passive-aggressively vacuuming my room to force me to go to church    12/04/22  (4)
LinkedIn "#Opentowork" icon tattooed around the ring of luis's asshole    12/04/22  (14)
Mpm is coming up. With whom should I start a retarded feud? (Lex)    12/04/22  (5)
OFFICIAL POLL: What are the BEST and WORST popular Christmas songs?    12/04/22  (97)
good morning    12/04/22  (3)
i poast racisms on my internet computer    12/04/22  (4)
Michael Burry: “I am not short.”    12/04/22  (1)
Dr. Nole do you recommend the Flu Shot for 2022's Thanksgiving Superflu?    12/04/22  (4)
Rate me as an infectious tropical disease (Zoot Sims)    12/04/22  (6)
2002 Chevrolet Venture: Warner Brothers Edition    12/04/22  (2)
Good morning just woke up and ready to take questions (Nole)    12/04/22  (15)
Didn't read Taibi thread, but did he give EXAMPLES of what libs suppressed?    12/04/22  (108)
jafar how do you reconcile your support for nick fuentes w/ having a jewish wife    12/04/22  (15)
If OSU backs into the playoff after that home blowout I’m done with CFB    12/04/22  (160)
BooR the poaster is a genius (Zoot Sims)    12/04/22  (7)
Evanescence was an underrated band    12/04/22  (3)
every morning i have a nice chat with the mentally ill lawyers    12/04/22  (6)
Russian convict: “Prigozhin is a fucking faggot. He sucked me off”    12/04/22  (21)
Amazing that it’s long enough to make Happy Gilmore jokes that people never he    12/04/22  (1)
Rate this 32 foot sailboat for 63k USD    12/04/22  (40)
Tall boy Voo Doos tp    12/04/22  (6)
Democratic McDonald's Peace Theory dies for good when flag of the BURGER KING ri    12/04/22  (1)
"oh wow thats more than hitler" "it's not a competition, but if it were hed win"    12/04/22  (1)
Benzo, bloodacre agreed to play the bass in your Vines revival cover band (link)    12/04/22  (1)
rate this paag    12/04/22  (1)
the free market put microplastics in your semen    12/04/22  (16)
Cowgog why not troll this forum next    12/04/22  (7)
I posted this to twitter and I was inundated with a bunch of homosexuals, furrie    12/04/22  (3)
Waking up at 3am to find tiny winking Garfield head on tip of Morgellon's fiber    12/04/22  (3)
Catgirl was an old moniker from the beginning(Boom)    12/04/22  (15)
NYT article on chess cheating against Magnus    12/04/22  (2)
Boom waking up in Henderson estate every am, smashing priceless chandelier w bat    12/04/22  (3)
Wife's time machine idea: upload 4k copies of movies on torrent sites    12/04/22  (31)
I wish CHINA was as militaristic threatening and aggressive as BIRDSHITS pretend    12/04/22  (2)
whok's favorite position is ankles tied behind the head. jinx thinks it's extrem    12/04/22  (1)
Lawyer catches on fire during closing    12/04/22  (6)
Lawyer whose pants spontaneously combusted in arson trial may face contempt    12/04/22  (4)
if we had a litigation cage match on xo, who would win?    12/04/22  (1)
Gatormo: lawyers are huge losers and faggots    12/04/22  (2)
I used to think lawyers were smart & cool    12/04/22  (7)
Trump is making lawyers great again    12/04/22  (2)
it's weird how many lawyers have birds.    12/04/22  (3)
anyone else here LJL at lawyers?    12/04/22  (4)
off to sell my car at a substantial loss, wish me luck brothers    12/04/22  (19)
Visited a trans girl commune apartment tonight    12/04/22  (1)
On The Block In Harlem | Good Night America (Jan 23rd, 1975)    12/04/22  (1)
Koko the gorilla had a 95 IQ    12/04/22  (30)
Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution    12/04/22  (1)
ITT you list things that are still manufactured in America    12/04/22  (22)
CR AR-15 Length / Gas System for Suppressed AND Un-Suppressed (5.56) ?    12/04/22  (61)
difficult to find GDP videos nowdays    12/04/22  (2)
"No babe, that's nigger dog. You're thinking of nude nigger tp"    12/04/22  (18)
I want to import Russian wife    12/04/22  (22)
60+ years of service and asks one black lady where she came from = fired    12/04/22  (10)
boor tp you ever consider getting into the hot sauce business?    12/04/22  (3)
Herschel Walker Quietly Asking Around For D.C. Abortion Clinic Recommendations    12/04/22  (1)
yes SIRrr yes SIRrr yes SIRrr yes SIRrr yes SIRRR yes SIRRRRRRRR    12/04/22  (19)
lex tp, i'm gonna kick her ass for breaking your God-given childhood heart    12/04/22  (4)
Birdshit Sailing Instructor got hit by the BOOM of the boat today    12/04/22  (2)
brothers, i'm sorry i broke my holy fast of sobriety since thanksgiving (rb tp)    12/04/22  (7)
"Gee Jay Aww, you a rive in Boston? You rike a Havad numba won?" - All of XO    12/04/22  (10)
Who's your favorite poaster at the moment?    12/04/22  (42)
Whok, you here tonight, brother?    12/04/22  (3)
Hey whok, why are you such a pretentious little bitch, man    12/04/22  (17)
Owner of a Ricky Heart (research boner)    12/04/22  (1)
petition for TT to write a complete history of the USA (plus audiobook)    12/04/22  (30)
late 19th-century Britain was the most eugenic & credited society ever to exist    12/04/22  (1)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she doesn't know that.    12/04/22  (28)

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