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Deutsche Bank Research: Tax home workers 'to help those who cannot'    11/23/20  (4)
Worse father: spaceporn or EPAH?    11/23/20  (12)
Wonder why fat chicks always dress like shit? They have no options    11/23/20  (6)
Rodney Dangerfield's Back to School is 180    11/23/20  (20)
Never see substantial dicks out of the corner of my eye at urinals    11/23/20  (10)
Spaceporn why didn’t sumi take your last name    11/23/20  (76)
libs go ape shit if anyone questions any part of virus narrative it's so weird    11/23/20  (7)
Explanation of Sidney Powell situation that she retweeted    11/23/20  (9)
Any legit good BF deals this year? Or is it all shit again?    11/23/20  (1)
WFH will soon be taxed into the ground + mandatory 257 webcams    11/23/20  (3)
cowgod has Doodikoff answered for Mario Sunshine yet    11/23/20  (12)
What’s a good budget to furnish a 5000-6000 sq ft house?    11/23/20  (100)
holy shit JMIA    11/23/20  (2)
AOC is MAF about KYLE    11/23/20  (53)
Rate this deepfake of Sean Connery as Roger Moore    11/23/20  (1)
Trump Playing 2895734985D interspatial chess    11/23/20  (1)
Biden voter here. Already starting to get tired of all this winning.    11/23/20  (3)
Lin Wood: Don’t support GOP candidates in GA runoff elections    11/23/20  (4)
70% of my IRL friends who own house had parents pay    11/23/20  (110)
What if GOP has a candidate who’s capable of actually winning? Wouldn’t they    11/23/20  (8)
Just heard short fat chick describe herself as “petite”    11/23/20  (16)
Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked    11/23/20  (6)
The day I realized academic pedigree was flame (college story)    11/23/20  (33)
Trump is setting up a congressional challenge to the electoral vote    11/23/20  (21)
Fiancée is still not over ex who died in a car accident in 2015    11/23/20  (9)
Sign of the times (xo2020) - To be fair (giant retard) is back posting    11/23/20  (38)
Squanchin' Out (Christopher's Song)    11/23/20  (17)
kinda fucked up how umc types all mail their kids of to random states for colleg    11/23/20  (39)
cowgod 11/23 megathread (anniversary of JFK assassination and Zelda OOT release)    11/23/20  (4)
The Kenosha K-K-K-Killlerrrrrrrrrrr    11/23/20  (1)
I feel like i could write a great work of literature at this point in life    11/23/20  (151)
Zizek’s Christian atheism is interesting    11/23/20  (4)
I know these Indian siblings in late 30s (brother & sister); neither is married    11/23/20  (2)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    11/23/20  (179)
JJCs most pathetic fake story    11/23/20  (121)
Libs hate u: Los Angeles to ban outdoor dining starting day before Thanksgiving    11/23/20  (8)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    11/23/20  (10)
Biden will always be know as the fraud election moron    11/23/20  (11)
Mossad operation in NYC had 7000 Jews at secret wedding    11/23/20  (1)
Published a book of short stories, taking questions    11/23/20  (15)
Spaceporn’s “Poetry” is somehow creepier than child rape    11/23/20  (17)
what deals are you fags copping for Black friday    11/23/20  (19)
Reminder: Trump messed with USPS to try to stop legally cast votes from counting    11/23/20  (15)
XOXO is worst place to come for stock tips    11/23/20  (59)
Has anyone here read The Shadows of Power by James Perloff?    11/23/20  (9)
SP reciting “poetr” to SP jr: “there once was a dad from Nantucket, who ha    11/23/20  (2)
I'm back bitches (Rape101)    11/23/20  (20)
Your wife is an "adrenaline junkie" and you can't stop her desire for fun    11/23/20  (3)
There's a suspicious # of traditional Boy Scout Marine Infantry gun owners here    11/23/20  (1)
Kyle sent BLM/Antifa shitheads to HELL and he is FREE!!!    11/23/20  (1)
If dems just planned to steal the election then whyd they spend millions on ads?    11/23/20  (10)
spaceporn is a "poet" yet never ONCE wrote a successful IFNB parody thread    11/23/20  (5)
Do all Indian women become psychotic and insufferable with age?    11/23/20  (11)
#ITrustSidney    11/23/20  (4)
reminder: spaceporn has said multiple times Alan Ginsberg is his favorite poet    11/23/20  (27)
Smokeshow takes on BLM mob in Omaha    11/23/20  (46)
Not even libs think this election was won fairly    11/23/20  (4)
You literally can't understate how ignominious it is to major in liberal arts    11/23/20  (2)
so libs voted for a bunch of swamp faggots, Middle East wars and open borders?    11/23/20  (4)
alpha dudes w mild gynecomastia like vince vaughn    11/23/20  (4)
Your hometown gf & her husband back from vacation to city where u live now    11/23/20  (13)
ITT rate this knife    11/23/20  (26)
Reese Witherspoon's 21 yr old smokeshow daughter    11/23/20  (1)
ITT we remember consumer brands that were big deals but now forgotten    11/23/20  (137)
what are hobbies that make you lose respect for a person when they mention them?    11/23/20  (279)
Is it possible to "hold" a masculine/alpha "frame" with mild gynecomastia?    11/23/20  (9)
Just named dropped CSLG to a telemarketer and they hung up in a panic    11/23/20  (1)
you might say they stole the election in broad daylight but it was actually 2am    11/23/20  (9)
Fiancee taking ex-boyfriend's name    11/23/20  (8)
New Jersey Woman Dies of Covid After Dr. Mistakenly Prescribes Reggaeton    11/23/20  (1)
Trumpmos, say it out loud: "Joe Biden is MY President."    11/23/20  (2)
will never believe that Biden legitimately won the election    11/23/20  (8)
"Antifa vs. Proud Boys" is just "Cowboys and Indians" for adult losers    11/23/20  (1)
Blackberry Q4 on amazon cyber monday deals for 399    11/23/20  (1)
"Automatic for the People" mysteriously found in new-in-box PS5 drive.    11/23/20  (1)
What’s the best evidence of fraud that we have right now?    11/23/20  (111)
"The Position of Fuck You" (180 video on financial independence)    11/23/20  (15)
Your high school girlfriend hops into your car with new Green Day cd and a blunt    11/23/20  (2)
Sidney Powell vowels to fight on, Twitter suspends her #KRAKENONSTEROIDS    11/23/20  (5)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)    11/23/20  (22)
Not anti vaccine but mRNA is basically new territory    11/23/20  (57)
One thing Trump did really successfully during this whole loss (from a trumpmo    11/23/20  (23)
"Singles" soundtrack CD on your car seat this morning    11/23/20  (6)
"Siamese Dream" CD resting precariously on your 13th floor window ledge    11/23/20  (6)
"Dirt" (Alice in Chains) CD stuck under your windshield wiper this morning    11/23/20  (6)
"Achtung Baby" CD balanced on your doorknob. Solitary teen girl stares then runs    11/23/20  (5)
"It's a Shame About Ray" CD stuck inside your medicine cabinet    11/23/20  (4)
"Dookie" CD slides under your door, no one around    11/23/20  (5)
ETH at 600, libs in disrepair    11/23/20  (2)
"Grave Dancers Union" CD falls to floor as you flip over your pillow, 3AM    11/23/20  (6)
"Superunknown" CD on your bedroom carpet, solitary Post-It: "Please listen"    11/23/20  (4)
"August and Everything After" CD resting mysteriously on your office keyboard    11/23/20  (10)
"Southern Harmony and Musical Companion" CD lying on the sidewalk before u    11/23/20  (6)
There's no way you could watch what happened Wednesday and say it's legit    11/23/20  (18)
Ivanka once blamed a fart on her classmates as a teen (link)    11/23/20  (39)
SCOTUSBlog says no chance SCOTUS hears any of these Trump cases    11/23/20  (16)
So glad Biden won fraud election, can unite us with open borders + lockdowns    11/23/20  (4)
was playing poker w my bros, when I told them we needed to stop playing    11/23/20  (7)
so many goyim shows about drug runners / drug trafficking & sex crimes    11/23/20  (7)
SCOTUS requests briefing on PA election case - link    11/23/20  (1)
There's a real loser clique aspect to rabid libs    11/23/20  (7)
Some of my favorite people are loser clique    11/23/20  (2)
Spaceporn, you were basically ripping off Billy Collins in that collection, cr?    11/23/20  (1)
2024: Over/Under when the last statue of a white person is removed?    11/23/20  (1)
Update on racist Wisconsin boulder?    11/23/20  (4)
Nurses: Starts december 7th on NBC    11/23/20  (8)
Someone murdered my family in de Blasio's NYC. Turning to a life of vigilantism    11/23/20  (1)
I think arrow of hours sounds cool    11/23/20  (8)
China ruined a whole year and gets a pass from "our" media?    11/23/20  (6)
Oil industry bros congregate ITT    11/23/20  (42)
Hegel absolutely destroyed Christianity    11/23/20  (35)
So, there are like 10 different vaccines now. FYI    11/23/20  (2)
Certificate of Authenticity unable to certify Frank Gore autographs    11/23/20  (2)
just burst out laughing at the fact that ive had breasts for decades    11/23/20  (12)
PUMP IT daDDiBOi    11/23/20  (1)
Trump says Sidney Powell isn’t representing him    11/23/20  (9)
Trump DISAVOWS his attorney, Sidney Powell    11/23/20  (21)
rudy guiliani is inspirational as fuck. just balls out shameless 2020    11/23/20  (1)
Reminder: NPR hosts all have T-levels well below the normal range    11/23/20  (12)
doodikoff where are you camping out this thursday? best buy?    11/23/20  (5)
just deleted all porn subs without getting a boner. jews your time is numbered    11/23/20  (3)
Prince Charming ETH making moves on King BTC's ATH    11/23/20  (9)
whatever happened to that boomer teacher who just went on the lam w/ his student    11/23/20  (1)
In 3-5 yrs, this shitcountry will look no different than had Trump never existed    11/23/20  (2)
How did Dems manage to fake a virus that actually kills people?    11/23/20  (9)
On preparing for law school (sptp)    11/23/20  (2)
Gov can’t keep dead ppl from voting but will keep wuflu vaccine database    11/23/20  (1)
Todd Driskill shot doobs only once?    11/23/20  (1)
Saw a bunch of old Japanese wwii airplanes this weekend    11/23/20  (6)
ITT poast your SAT or ACT score    11/23/20  (29)
Trump accept congratulatory call from Sauron - link    11/23/20  (3)
Are we going to enter another ITE period where law jobs are competitive as fuck    11/23/20  (19)
This is just embarrassing now for everyone involved    11/23/20  (3)
Spaceporn on nyuug    11/23/20  (1)
The Vela Incident    11/23/20  (4)
Primitive tribes can be funny as hell    11/23/20  (7)
The Federal Arbitration Act is ridiculous. How is this constitutional?    11/23/20  (42)
XRP will be $1.00+ by Feb 1, 2019 or I will RETIRE    11/23/20  (12)
Any chance XRP/Ripple will take off?    11/23/20  (9)
Had an interest talk with a current 19 year old about what girls want in guys    11/23/20  (103)
How quickly should one sell vested RSU shares?    11/23/20  (29)
the only way we have a smooth transition is if Biden concedes    11/23/20  (1)
ITT: We track the progress of the "Big Cases" Trump promised on Nov. 15    11/23/20  (28)
Unpopular opinion: Elizabeth Holmes is far and away the most talented female CEO    11/23/20  (28)
How much money did you put into Baseball & Sports Cards? How much is collection    11/23/20  (12)
we need a smooth transition for the vaccine. smoothest transition is no transiti    11/23/20  (1)
Three Recently Deceased COVID Patients Reanimated After mRNA Vaccine Injection    11/23/20  (1)

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