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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/19/20  (383)
Todd Stottlemyre melts down at kike reporter & says the N word repeatedly (link    02/20/20  (5)
So Bloomberg wasted $400 million to look like a fool on national TV?    02/20/20  (19)
Edge browser is hilariously fast    02/20/20  (5)
god damn buttfag is such a hilariously over the top psychopath    02/20/20  (12)
Absolutely devastating picture of Mayor Bloomberg next to Alpha Chad    02/20/20  (5)
What?!? You didn't see The Dead South live in concert? Then watch this!    02/20/20  (3)
Bort marriedmos, what did you get your spouse for your 10 year anniversary?    02/20/20  (21)
Hey Disco Fries, are you doing your walks?    02/20/20  (2)
“Yikes, I’m too adorkable” Johnsmeyer said as the truckers removed his clo    02/20/20  (4)
protip: buy PLUG    02/20/20  (106)
"SaaS doesn't mean Suction as a Service, Mr. Peterman"    02/20/20  (4)
What matters in life in your opinion?    02/20/20  (38)
My Bloomberg Mac keeps redirecting from XO to MikeBloomberg.com    02/20/20  (6)
Bloomberg Terminal? Oh, it sure looks that way!    02/20/20  (1)
Mercenary real estate developers should be dumped into mass graves    02/20/20  (15)
Mayor Michael Boolberry    02/20/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer here, just want to explain something that is getting twisted    02/20/20  (83)
Tim Salmon chopped up & killed by dam turbine    02/20/20  (4)
chicken tp    02/20/20  (1)
so xo berniemos are NYC rich kids larping as socialists?    02/20/20  (44)
everyone lives in bubble(s) of superstition(s) where magical rewards and punishm    02/20/20  (3)
Biz idea: University of Harvard    02/20/20  (32)
His brother Norm Chomsky wasnt much for book learnin but can fix anything    02/20/20  (4)
does anyone here think the inquisitorial system of law is superior?    02/20/20  (1)
Bloomberg: "Hillary, still want to be my VP, right?" Hillary: "...yikes..."    02/20/20  (5)
bloomberg frantically reviewing 150,000 macbook return policies    02/20/20  (9)
***DEM DEBATE 2/19 WATCH THREAD***    02/20/20  (900)
Rocky was a dick for calling Adrian out after winning the title    02/20/20  (12)
DEBATE POLL: WHO WON????    02/20/20  (76)
Bloomberg: “I now choose to live as a gay man.”    02/20/20  (2)
LDS bros, polygamy is now legal in Utah    02/20/20  (7)
Romney watching Bloomberg in debate: "Haha wow, holy shit"    02/20/20  (5)
do we really want rach to re-open registration    02/20/20  (125)
lol how many Thai ladyboys has jinx #metoo'd by now?    02/20/20  (1)
Marion Berry finally set up by that great bitch in the sky    02/20/20  (4)
Rate this broke college student    02/20/20  (112)
GGTP here, taking ?s on my triumphant return to Providence.    02/20/20  (5)
It’s 2020 and day 1 of your freshman year. What do you study?    02/20/20  (1)
"hehe i'm johnsmeyer hehe a guy with a deerhead is going for my girl hehe"    02/20/20  (8)
To "Goldfinger" theme: Ruuuuuu-PINDER, he's the man who gets the needful done    02/20/20  (59)
mindblowing how best band of all time hails from 3rd world penal colony    02/20/20  (1)
Asked husband for open relationship, now he only bangs trannies (Reddit)    02/20/20  (132)
Oxygen as a Service (OAAS)    02/20/20  (2)
My lib sister actually knows Pete Buttigieg IRL.    02/20/20  (27)
Armo my friend how are you on this fine Thursday    02/20/20  (2)
how do u get monsters to loan u money?    02/20/20  (3)
Challenge unlocked: you poasted gay shit.    02/20/20  (10)
Candyflipped before eating with Mitt Romney (2012)    02/20/20  (3)
Does majoring in a language basically guarantee fluency or near fluency?    02/20/20  (12)
Health as a Service (HaaS)    02/20/20  (1)
Community as a Service (CaaS)    02/20/20  (1)
Health as a Sevice (HaaS)    02/20/20  (1)
Rate this Thai boyfriend/girlfriend dispute (TT6)    02/20/20  (2)
Great comeback Johnsmeyer    02/20/20  (2)
biz idea: app that shows you what you would look like with a bowlcut.    02/20/20  (4)
Didn't watch the debate. Is this clip representative?    02/20/20  (14)
How soon after pregnancy test comes back negative is it ok to ghost a chick?    02/20/20  (18)
goosebumpsify your moniker    02/20/20  (2)
What if the bad poasters all just retired?    02/20/20  (6)
ly Raisman Shakes it on Kitchen Island After Half a Glass of Wine    02/20/20  (2)
I'm ready to ghost this faggot fucking world    02/20/20  (4)
My 180 pitbullbro ripped a yellow labrafaggot to shreds tonight, was 180    02/20/20  (15)
Benzo gagging down prison chow while I feast on homemade (Publix clone) coleslaw    02/20/20  (25)
How often do law fags have to make an argument that they do not agree with?    02/20/20  (14)
just told opposing counsel “up your nose with a rubber hose” over email. alp    02/20/20  (1)
Well I’m Pete Booty yes I’m the real Booty all the other slim booties are ju    02/20/20  (5)
Why do women get horny when pregnant? What's the evolutionary reason for this?    02/20/20  (30)
wifi bluetooth 5G constantly pulsating thru ur soft tissue organs    02/20/20  (2)
Pay for bumble worth it?    02/20/20  (12)
Man dies after weighted blanket stops CPAP airflow (link)    02/20/20  (16)
Would you convict Weinstein if you were on the jury?    02/20/20  (77)
Watched Dem debate. We're in good hands folks    02/20/20  (1)
Watched Dem debate. First time in my life I am actually PROUD of ARE country    02/20/20  (1)
180 Khat documentary. Is only country to go to to chew Khat all day Ethiopia?    02/20/20  (6)
What were Tommy T’s erudite thoughts on dem debate OHWAIT NO PWND    02/20/20  (13)
Please rate this text exchange with Bumble 6.5    02/20/20  (157)
Lol at retarded dems eating their own. Bloomberg is 180++    02/20/20  (34)
Love all the lies and fraud here people pretending to be fake or a person thryrt    02/20/20  (1)
MrPoopyPants here: Registration works w./ .edu so what's the big deal? Why not    02/20/20  (28)
Fuck yeah bros Rupinder is here, toss him a beer    02/20/20  (34)
Bloomberg should have learned from TRUMP and doubled down on stop and frisk    02/20/20  (10)
Has autocorrect gotten a lot worse for anyone else?    02/20/20  (13)
boy oh boy do they not like when you get out of the matrix    02/20/20  (6)
JFC at this quote from Bloomberg's daughter    02/20/20  (17)
Trump is cribbing lines from sorkin's the American president (the film)    02/20/20  (1)
Does Taking Progesterone Fuck Up Women?    02/20/20  (9)
Watching Noam Chomsky documentary, this guy seems right on everything, critique?    02/20/20  (10)
Is dupa the most underrated poster?    02/20/20  (21)
NYUUG - Did you get the HPV shots yet?    02/20/20  (11)
Condom effectiveness against STD types    02/20/20  (13)
Congrats to Patrick Kane the haxballer for his gold medal    02/20/20  (19)
Jihadi John. Baghdad Bob. Seriously lol, just lol@ these names    02/20/20  (29)
Can we talk about society's ban on moderate, reasonable violence against women?    02/20/20  (1)
Does anyone here with a $200k+ income support Bernie?    02/20/20  (110)
ok I'm ready to die    02/20/20  (1)
showed this pic of benzo to the barber last time i went for a haircut    02/20/20  (1)
TRUMP weighs in on Dem debate    02/20/20  (1)
The old days where XOXO posters could fill up an entire HAZBALL room are behind    02/20/20  (1)
Pete Buttigieg calls Boy Scout bankruptcy “very sad”    02/20/20  (2)
Bought a Kuhl pullover from clearance rack at REI. Smelled like BO and cologne    02/20/20  (12)
Bump this thread when Barr resigns    02/20/20  (1)
Misty copeland as u pay $400 for ballet tickets: "perfection is so boring"    02/20/20  (1)
Bloomberg campaign has its own Baghdad Bob on Twitter    02/20/20  (3)
Poll: Who is your favorite character on CHEER?    02/20/20  (8)
wtf i "get" caffeine now    02/20/20  (19)
Elizabeth Warren is now good.    02/20/20  (2)
Mystery Man (Heat OST)    02/20/20  (2)
holy shit someone sent me some bitcoin    02/20/20  (25)
Life protip: Bake your pubes into dinner for app dates    02/20/20  (2)
Why do young white men, civilized to avoid violence become adapted to combat    02/20/20  (6)
poop and pee    02/20/20  (34)
Hadn't smoked weed in like 6 weeks    02/20/20  (1)
Can't believe that HBO John Adams series was from 2008. Holy shit I'm old    02/20/20  (3)
If the national average IQ was 20 points higher in this shit country Yang would    02/20/20  (5)
Queen Elizabeth: "Sussex Royal? Lol no."    02/20/20  (35)
NYC college apologizes for "clearly racist" fashion show (180 pics)    02/20/20  (10)
google censoring results for coronavirus, nothing to see here    02/20/20  (1)
What if Noam Chomsky heard Like a G6?    02/20/20  (134)
Ithaca, NY is by far the nicest city I've ever been to    02/20/20  (19)
To the Man at the Restaurant Who Begged Me to Stop Eating    02/20/20  (155)
Bboooomberg    02/20/20  (1)
holy shit someone sent me some bowlcut    02/20/20  (2)
Any other bros rocked to their core Re FATCEPs divorce?    02/20/20  (24)
Holy shit the final Fury-Wilder press conference today was INSANE!    02/20/20  (1)
Is Blood Meridian the best novel of the past 30 years?    02/20/20  (10)
a chill sort of combination of nationalism and socialism    02/20/20  (1)
Most of these democrats strike me as really SELFISH    02/20/20  (4)
extremely bowlcut guy    02/20/20  (4)
$400m in ad spend and laid a turd on national TV. Earl's bloomberg dun here    02/20/20  (3)
Bloomberg collapsing faster than building 7    02/20/20  (7)
South Korea is about to disappear a bunch of its citizens over coronavirus    02/20/20  (4)
Rate the following posters    02/20/20  (13)
No Trump tweets during debate ?    02/20/20  (2)
Can the DNC steal it from Bernie if he wins most delegates?    02/20/20  (6)
Trump is a Jew Shill. Bloomberg is the natural xo candidate.    02/20/20  (4)
just watched psychological military thriller on netflix "Mine" (2017). was good    02/20/20  (1)
doobs happily sighing as the last neo-nazi HVAC bro exited from his boistinker    02/20/20  (5)
Ultimate Butt Goy Ted Cruz getting called an anti-Semite by Jews, ADL, lmao    02/20/20  (4)
*acknowledges kant* *bows* *faces west* *tips hat to queen*    02/20/20  (1)
drugs are degenerate poison    02/20/20  (4)
So they just write women’s sexuality as if they are homosexual bottoms?    02/20/20  (1)
button 1:acknowledge kant | button 2:embrace nihilism | *wipes sweat from brow*    02/20/20  (17)
Cryptards: Describe breadth and depth of your current crypto investments    02/20/20  (58)
holy shit someone sent me some bowlcut    02/20/20  (1)
XO mesothelioma firm    02/20/20  (1)
Michael Bloomberg is the only rational choice to bring us back on track    02/20/20  (22)
Crypto and Bloomberg both at their lowest point for the rest of time. Only up!!    02/20/20  (2)

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