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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/28/20  (385)
mr. gatsby, i understand you're an oxford man?    02/29/20  (1)
found the perfect dad bod to jerk off to    02/29/20  (10)
In love with a balding paramedic    02/29/20  (23)
Finally watching breaking bad. Is it cr to ffd thru any scene with the kid, wife    02/29/20  (30)
sometimes i have anxiety inducing weed flashbacks lmao    02/29/20  (5)
Settled minimal policy case today for 10K over limits (CSLG)    02/29/20  (2)
Was lieutenant dan ever proven to be an RSF sock puppet?    02/29/20  (17)
Henry Aaron, proving he's completely useless to board, hasn't commented on virus    02/29/20  (5)
OK boys, time for third round of the boards favorite game "prole or not prole"    02/29/20  (280)
What if you were still capable of connecting with another human being?    02/29/20  (2)
The current season of Survivor is great so far brothers    02/29/20  (6)
Mistake in newpaper obituary uses "creampied" instead of cremated (link)    02/29/20  (29)
CSLG what do I do? My life is easy but I'm all alone now    02/29/20  (2)
I'll be there for Jews, when the rain starts to pour    02/29/20  (2)
What are the best small resort towns in north america    02/29/20  (5)
friend got a 2.75% 30 year fixed mortgage with wells /relationship pricing    02/29/20  (23)
Just settled a case for 700K (CSLG)    02/29/20  (36)
What are the most prestigious playing cards?    02/29/20  (3)
Gay Azn pozzed Douglas with the Wuhan flu    02/29/20  (2)
im a barely literate wigger    02/29/20  (4)
What bank is doing the best mortgages for big law private client relations?    02/29/20  (1)
uj have you noticed that therapy (bar) is 90% azn?    02/29/20  (1)
Covid19 was a layup for Trump but he fucked up    02/29/20  (9)
South Korean official in charge of ‘coronavirus outbreak’ commits suicide    02/29/20  (7)
Trumpmos do you agree with Trump that the coronavirus is a "hoax"?    02/29/20  (5)
On election night, you may feel a slight sting. That's libs fucking with you.    02/29/20  (14)
All Chinatown supermarkets are now sold out of rice b/c coronavirus prepping    02/29/20  (9)
Favorite snack as of late?    02/29/20  (7)
Crazy how RSF retired then Upset Jew immediately appeared as a megapoaster    02/29/20  (14)
no line, kids place fast food order at kiosk rather than with person    02/29/20  (2)
In NEW JERSEY, USA; taking Qs for 15 minutes (or so)    02/29/20  (37)
Is it prole to eat vegan?    02/29/20  (2)
Russia shoots down 6 Turkish UCAVs over Tripoli. Kills 7 Turk drone operators.    02/29/20  (1)
TMF/MND miscarriage watch    02/29/20  (12)
You gon vote for Tom Steyer, ha (juvenile)    02/29/20  (13)
if i were in tommy's position being outted 24/7, i would do the same damn thing    02/29/20  (47)
Obama: Kills Bin Laden Trump: Peace deal with Taliban    02/29/20  (1)
Reminder: EARL has called for open OUTTING of poasters he doesnt like    02/29/20  (43)
And I thought jinx would be gentle during sex (whokebe)    02/29/20  (1)
China has changed definition of “infection” SIX TIMES since January    02/29/20  (7)
in Denver, wtf is there to do in this shit hold?    02/29/20  (17)
Fat gay retard here. Should I be worried about coronavirus?    02/29/20  (7)
Poast how much you've LOST in CORONA market decline    02/29/20  (81)
Dec 2, 2019, Wuhan BioWeapons lab: "Oh, I folget runch!...ret's just eat bat"    02/29/20  (32)
Diamond Princess Passenger: "I have Coronavirus, and it's not that bad." (link)    02/29/20  (4)
Day 27 no drink    02/29/20  (2)
gakked out tsinah highlighting McDonald's monopoly fine print (17 different colo    02/29/20  (11)
will trumpmo rallies become breeding ground for coronavirus? probably    02/29/20  (1)
evan39 lol at amerikkka proles using tax refunds to buy stock market dip    02/29/20  (3)
Bucks 107 thunder 69    02/29/20  (3)
Has crypto become the 'safe' alternative to risky stocks and metals? (DTP)    02/29/20  (1)
The Atlantic: End of Roman Empire wasn't that bad, neither will be America's end    02/29/20  (29)
Ham Radio for technician license? SHTF    02/29/20  (13)
luis, you going to the PERSIAN SNOW FEST this weekend?    02/29/20  (7)
my crip queer Korean life makes me believe that our earthly bodyminds is but a f    02/29/20  (2)
Third trimester pregnant...still thinner than 99% of Americans    02/29/20  (20)
went for a walk to the convenience store, still alive    02/29/20  (1)
UCSC Dismisses 54 Graduate Students on COLA Strike for Failure to Turn In Fall Q    02/28/20  (20)
How does two men being married affect you > bake the cake > library drag queens    02/28/20  (21)
Have you SOLD equities this week or are you HODLING?    02/28/20  (53)
Fuck - "accidentally" bought the Drilldo attachment (earl)    02/28/20  (73)
When was the last the nyuug poasted?    02/28/20  (1)
Embryos may be getting deployed soon (MND)    02/28/20  (62)
tommy if you had listened to me, you wouldn't need to beg people to mod shit    02/28/20  (1)
180 game theory analysis of the Elevator scene in Drive (link)    02/28/20  (9)
Give me a redhead in porno to mastrubate to right now.    02/28/20  (3)
Best Vegas hotel for guys trip    02/28/20  (83)
Charles are you familiar with the Kings & Generals YouTube channel    02/28/20  (4)
rach just emailed me the new xo rule: if earl doesnt like u, we out u    02/28/20  (3)
I HATE NIGGERS    02/28/20  (19)
You're crazy if youre paying off any debt for the next year    02/28/20  (6)
Luis tp: "I hate niggers, kill them all!"    02/28/20  (14)
As Coronavirus kills millions, I bet we hear a lot less SJW bullshit    02/28/20  (11)
goyard so hard man I'm Hugo's boss    02/28/20  (1)
Brought my Tinder date to a strip club.    02/28/20  (17)
Trump needs to halt all air traffic into US right now    02/28/20  (26)
She had dumps like a truck. truck, truck    02/28/20  (2)
Wait to get mortgage until fed cuts rate$ march 18 right?    02/28/20  (1)
lmao. gay.    02/28/20  (2)
fucking hate people that fake being "chill" when they should have opinions on so    02/28/20  (16)
7 year old tries to give money to homeless woman, gets mauled by her labrador    02/28/20  (4)
Need a spare moniker for a great future xo poster    02/28/20  (4)
Nigerians crucify a cat.    02/28/20  (49)
trader joe's in brooklyn was completely cleaned out of all non-perishables today    02/28/20  (11)
Any Diablo fans pick up Wolcen for PC? Seems pretty sick    02/28/20  (2)
Anyone else mock boomers who drive luxury cars?    02/28/20  (16)
Nobody gives a shit about virus in Midwest. Stores full of everything.    02/28/20  (8)
market predictions for tomorrow    02/28/20  (32)
Criminal blacks showed us the way yet again. Walk into store, take food, leave    02/28/20  (1)
do headshops still sell screens?    02/28/20  (3)
Warren: Many underprivileged Americans living in "porn deserts"    02/28/20  (15)
Do ghetto blacks just demand refunds for everything?    02/28/20  (1)
Brandy is a CR hard liquor, doesnt get enough respect    02/28/20  (2)
luis uve been married for a few years. why no kids?    02/28/20  (17)
Trump: Border security is also health security    02/28/20  (5)
Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Wuhan Bat Soup    02/28/20  (13)
Compound interest is like magic! he chirped as the nuclear bomb melted his skin    02/28/20  (159)
The pride of Russian air defense destroyed by cheap USA drones    02/28/20  (9)
** 2 new cases in Washington State **    02/28/20  (1)
nice screen    02/28/20  (3)
"Oh dis bad dis veddy bad!" cried TT when he | SAW | THAT | PN | MONIKER | COMIN    02/28/20  (137)
If there is a prolonged quarantine will people start killing their dogs for food    02/28/20  (5)
TT what wa$ your highe$t fake cum$kkkin net worth?    02/28/20  (4)
kinda worried we're all going to die from this bat flu    02/28/20  (5)
nice    02/28/20  (4)
Trump 2020 slogan: "How's your 401k, faggot?"    02/28/20  (6)
“Everyone happy with your 401K?” 😉    02/28/20  (4)
Vancouverites refer to it as "Kelownavirus," why?    02/28/20  (1)
covid-19 is already in third world states like Nigeria, spreading like wildifire    02/28/20  (3)
ur boomer boss still specifying that his email address is all one word    02/28/20  (1)
CHALLENGE: Link to one Henry Aaron post with multiple blank bumps    02/28/20  (8)
Russian special forces in Idlib (ARE Reptile)    02/28/20  (5)
All we know about Tommy is that even uvt found him creepy as fuck.    02/28/20  (12)
Tommy in hospital w/ snakebite as his net worth crashes and millions cheer Trump    02/28/20  (2)
Serious Q: why don't republicans get a black guy or Hispanic to run as Independe    02/28/20  (1)
Never forget Tommy Low T permanently cucked with a WHITE SLAVE NAME    02/28/20  (16)
Why is Chris Matthews still employed? And Chuck Todd?    02/28/20  (11)
Voodoo Child auditioning new "bad boy" alts after Henry Aaron embarrassment    02/28/20  (42)
Clueless boomer Thomas Friedman ALL IN for Mike Bloomberg    02/28/20  (22)
Lincoln Chafee running for POTUS as Libertarian    02/28/20  (5)
Video of AZN girl getting brutally robbed in Chesa's SF:    02/28/20  (11)
Russkies just shot down a Turkish attack helo    02/28/20  (1)
any of you nerds have an NYC handgun permit?    02/28/20  (36)
Shitpits are seriously fucking ugly. What kind of freak thinks they're cute?    02/28/20  (5)
has spaceporn's podcast been linked here yet?    02/28/20  (2)
If you pour cola into a saucepan and reduce it on medium high heat    02/28/20  (2)
Anyone else not even care if they get the coronavirus    02/28/20  (12)
Putin funds procurement of 72 S-350 battalion sets    02/28/20  (1)
PSA corona death rate is 0.2% if ur under 50, 15% if ur 80. Stop panicking    02/28/20  (81)
So diehard Trumpmos are going to die because they don't take this serious? 180.    02/28/20  (2)
Anyone seen Netflix's "Love Is Blind"?    02/28/20  (50)
Trump says the coronavirus is the Democrats’ ‘new hoax’ (link)    02/28/20  (8)
My megahot cousin is marrying a chinless bald faggot Jew dork    02/28/20  (5)
Rate this Dem. house member - pic    02/28/20  (7)
Amazon just banned non-essential urination for all 798,000 employees    02/28/20  (3)
Alpha as fuck doctor concedes Corona infection to give CPR to elderly infected m    02/28/20  (2)
i have a NEED to BREED    02/28/20  (4)
what will be the % return of the S&P 500 over the next 30 years?    02/28/20  (1)
Lmao my buddy just got ripped a new one by a single mom lol at dating    02/28/20  (66)
how can i maximize my losses for israel    02/28/20  (1)
Pete Buttigieg is impressive    02/28/20  (16)
Zerohedge, Roosh, Roissy, xo, JDU all coming back into vogue atm    02/28/20  (5)
"Hookups" are a mutual masturbation exercise    02/28/20  (2)
Would you date her?    02/28/20  (12)

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