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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
LIFE HACK: you can go to the park and throw white bread to the ducks and shitlib    10/16/19  (17)
Current professions of former biglawyers I know:    10/16/19  (1)
Update: humans done here, robots now running at super fast speeds    10/16/19  (2)
ARE Reptile done here    10/16/19  (7)
Fat shitlib shrew telling you not to throw bread to the ducks bc it's unhealthy    10/16/19  (2)
Exit options for biglaw litigators.    10/16/19  (9)
TRUMP 2020: peace and prosperity; DEMS 2020: ban guns, raise taxes, endless war    10/16/19  (9)
Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard officially done here after last night    10/16/19  (39)
I think we can all agree the #1 issue facing USA=ongoing mil presence in syria    10/16/19  (13)
Bristol Palin looking very sexy #Jim_Kelly    10/16/19  (33)
What does this mean? Saw it near Carver today    10/16/19  (6)
"Garrison Keillor Accepts His Sacrifice"    10/16/19  (3)
"Do you support regime change war?" *Tulsi drops night gown to reveal strap-on*    10/16/19  (1)
lmao what the f is Mexico going to do with these African illegals    10/16/19  (10)
PepsiCo announces global supply chain upgrades, "built on the Zilliqa blockcha    10/16/19  (9)
CHANDLER TRIAL DAY 2 - OCT 15 (CSLG)    10/16/19  (3)
Transgender activist kills herself after being mentioned in Chapelle show    10/16/19  (11)
ETH sets new record    10/16/19  (1)
Zilliqa    10/16/19  (1)
cold psychopathy of Goofy Liz still running for POTUS after getting caught    10/16/19  (3)
Boomer at the gym wore “I can’t believe I’m still protesting this shit”    10/16/19  (9)
Greta: "How dare you!" as u nut in wrong hole    10/16/19  (4)
Zaftig brunette secretary asking you to have a saucy wank    10/16/19  (3)
O’Melveny and Myers successfully halts El Paso border wall funding    10/16/19  (16)
Libs have gone full 100% neocon jfc it’s hilarious    10/16/19  (109)
BYU over Boise State?    10/16/19  (1)
McKayla Maroney wishing you a happy Columbus Day    10/16/19  (24)
JJC pulling out of doodikoff's ass to take a huge hit of his cpap    10/16/19  (9)
fact: we are now in an infinite 2007-2017 time warp loop    10/16/19  (8)
Rank these by importance in terms of your happiness    10/16/19  (14)
Cryptocurrency    10/16/19  (8)
Things that DESTROY wealth over time: dogs, new cars, pools    10/16/19  (89)
friend deciding between chill 850k 10-4 job and striver 9-5 980k job    10/16/19  (7)
"No, men! Don't go your own way!" the cute, fertile, tattooless 21-yo exclaimed.    10/16/19  (2)
Pic on ur wall of Luis holding his back the same way old Italians have the Pope    10/16/19  (8)
***Official NYT crossword thread***    10/16/19  (97)
Buttgag way up in predictit odds; now tied for 3rd with Crazy Bernie    10/16/19  (3)
Sanders announces AOC will be VP when he gets the nomination    10/16/19  (2)
Dems: we will ban your guns and send cops to your house to confiscate them (link    10/16/19  (8)
when someone you knew ten years ago gets 100 likes on fb and you want to say are    10/16/19  (1)
RATE this reaction of Ronald Reagan to a ballon pop, 2 months after he was SHOT    10/16/19  (48)
LeBron pressured Adam Silver to PUNISH Rockets GM over HK tweet    10/16/19  (25)
BREAKING: Longshot GOP candidate JOE WALSH hauls in $13 Million in 3rd Quarter    10/16/19  (1)
Freedom of speech doesn't necessarily mean freedom from the Chinese consequences    10/16/19  (38)
Wanting forever IS like wanting to die, but stems in part from death fears    10/16/19  (1)
2 kinds of xo poasters-- either u've been to Harrisonburg VA or not    10/16/19  (5)
me & howie tp carrying broken back luis around bases after WS walk off    10/16/19  (2)
Peace through strength. And gay porn    10/16/19  (4)
From LSAT to CPAP: The Decline and Fall of AutoAdmit (2003-2020)    10/16/19  (30)
howie tp ootp on steam is like grand strategy for baseball    10/16/19  (1)
"At first we teased Max about it, but now all the boys play" - Adam Eaton on EU4    10/16/19  (2)
EBT was a 180 meme    10/16/19  (1)
I need CSLG help, racis ass asian doctor call me beast, tell me eat carrots    10/16/19  (1)
"This is what democracy looks like!" shrieked the purple haired cunt.    10/16/19  (91)
Tulsi: "I'm not a Russian ASSet" *rips open top* *twerks*    10/16/19  (3)
In retrospect Trump should not have gone so hard after Biden    10/16/19  (11)
Google "straight couples" with quotes and do image search. Pls report findings    10/16/19  (22)
Election 2020: Trump Will Have An Easy Win, Moody's Analytics Claims    10/16/19  (1)
Becker: Hard To Say Dr Federer Is The GOAT #tennis    10/16/19  (3)
Attenborough: "And now we see the Trumpmos emerging after the long winter"    10/16/19  (5)
I actually like dem Russians cause dey payed Martin and Malcom    10/16/19  (1)
Uncle Thoni: Lance Desperately Needs A WTF Title #tennis    10/16/19  (18)
How DARE Turkey invade part of that middle eastern country we're occupying    10/16/19  (7)
cowgod is jeb bush a NerdLoser ?    10/16/19  (1)
RATE Michelle Wie & Genie Bouchard Grinding At Wie's Wedding (VID) #tennis #golf    10/16/19  (27)
Friend of mine: $330k chill job or $400k ibanking job?    10/16/19  (30)
Libs attacking former Planned Parenthood CEO for saying abortion should be rare    10/16/19  (12)
White dork couple payin Idris to be a Bull, he can finally afford my ring 💍    10/16/19  (1)
played soccer 2 days in a row. can barely fucking walk.    10/16/19  (19)
Buttplugs with xo firm logo just came in. Send me your address (CSLG)    10/16/19  (3)
why are nigger rich jews always tiny little men?    10/16/19  (2)
🚨 E: Jazz Jennings loses her virginity on next episode 🚨    10/16/19  (1)
I DEMAND 200K/year to do homework assignments! (biglawyer)    10/16/19  (10)
Stayed with 11 late 30s/early 40s dudes this weekend. 3 had CPAP machines    10/16/19  (70)
Russian pizza chain obliterates Dominos and Papa Johns in Europe and Asia    10/16/19  (6)
Predict the outcome of China hk protests and US speech    10/16/19  (2)
Blown out puss, wide open lips, permanently exposed hole    10/16/19  (180)
I've got Seoul, but I'm not a Soldier (nyuug)    10/16/19  (109)
~~~~~Zuckerberg OUT as CEO at Facebook~~~~~    10/16/19  (1)
DC Defenders draft JMU WR with #1 pick    10/16/19  (2)
~~~RUDY SUICIDE WATCH~~~    10/16/19  (3)
the Messiah's VP going down for corruption will end the DNC & they know it    10/16/19  (2)
(to "Don't Stop Believing") Just a Chaebong Hyung / A coward piece of human dung    10/16/19  (111)
Seeking Canadian citizenship in case of US civil war    10/16/19  (20)
How would you persuade a widow to sue her husbands emplyer?    10/16/19  (2)
[GOOD] [MORNING] [FAGGOTS]    10/16/19  (1)
bort jews really mad at their house nigger LeBron    10/16/19  (1)
What percent over market would kike sell LeBron as a field buck in 1820?    10/16/19  (3)
rate this anti tulsi tweet and the first response    10/16/19  (5)
NYU Law bookstore selling CPAP mask with school name on it    10/16/19  (1)
I'm 6'8, 260 with 40 inch vert accordingly here are my political thoughts    10/16/19  (6)
CPAP manufacturers hit with class action for failure to cure lawyer depression    10/16/19  (1)
nude CPAP teens    10/16/19  (3)
Disco Elysium: a bald alcoholic detective game set in communist country    10/16/19  (10)
Living in a world where one is subject to Lebrons "thoughts" is simply unfair    10/16/19  (3)
Best part of Sicario: Benicio Del Toro standing extremely close to people    10/16/19  (11)
It's like a church, but filled with 5'4 nasally voiced pedophiles    10/16/19  (1)
Earl: squats 400 at 40; you: CPAP machine at 30    10/16/19  (11)
POWERGOY with 10 different credit monitoring programs from settlements    10/16/19  (3)
When O say "Kam-ala, " you say "mmm mmmm mmhmm" and clap three time    10/16/19  (6)
"oh Michael I love social media," JJC cooed as he posted their nudes to Reddit    10/16/19  (1)
"no mom we love him. he's bald and he used an xo meme to repulse his date"    10/16/19  (3)
Reminder: a dick in yo ass makes anxiety and stress MELT AWAY    10/16/19  (3)
Sad Dad, Mean Dad.    10/16/19  (1)
Autist Dad, Schizoid Dad.    10/16/19  (1)
Sorry Idris, I gonna cheat on ya wit HOWIE KENDRICK mmmmhmm    10/16/19  (7)
whok, how do I compare to mr. jinx?    10/16/19  (2)
Wife wants to use a sperm donor friend to avoid my short genes. FML    10/16/19  (2)
rate this text convo between me and our 20yo 115lb Asian intern    10/16/19  (24)
Until moment they turned on ovens, jews inside were trying to swindle, negotiate    10/16/19  (5)
hypo: 1 million tax free. but I can suck your cock any time I want to completion    10/16/19  (2)
CPAPTP    10/16/19  (1)
CRCPAP    10/16/19  (1)
Dyslexic DBG showing up to APCP class    10/16/19  (1)
All society is a CPAP (Cohen Profits, Always Profits) machine    10/16/19  (1)
RSF to open fast casual restaurant, "Elena's", in NY and DC    10/16/19  (8)
benzo, do you like it when Trumpmo chads fuck your ass?    10/16/19  (5)
Your chubby loving wife, enthusiastically giving daily blowjobs    10/16/19  (17)
recreational CPAP use    10/16/19  (3)
"I was raped!" said whokebe while beaming with pride    10/16/19  (9)
how saucy a tool! how tantalizing the text! what wit and vim and vigor in this    10/16/19  (5)
just ordered The Management of Savagery, :D    10/16/19  (1)
". . . and now, to throw out our ceremonial first pitch, ASSFAGGOT"    10/16/19  (1)
***OFFICIAL 10/15 Ohio 2020 Democratic Debate Thread***    10/16/19  (455)
The Padres just hired a 30 year old Europa Univeralis player as their GM    10/16/19  (2)
*rolls out of bed, refreshed & hopeful**fires up xoxo and descends into mental i    10/16/19  (72)
"Got my dick grabbed by TSA." "At the airport?" "No, TS Amanda"    10/16/19  (19)
sorry libs im listening to stryper and am clean shaven and heterosexual    10/16/19  (1)
50 AD more advanced than 1492: why didn't the Romans ever reach America?    10/16/19  (17)
"Im virtuous!" Cried the obnoxious misanthropic alcoholic adulterer    10/16/19  (18)
*takes hit of CPAP* "That's the stuff" (starcraft marine voice)    10/16/19  (2)
TSBC    10/16/19  (1)
George20 angrily returning a TV on the Radio CD    10/16/19  (1)
TS Eliot    10/16/19  (21)
TS Good As It Gets    10/16/19  (1)
TS Paint    10/16/19  (1)
“UFOs” are regularly-scheduled mind control distractions    10/16/19  (6)
The Love Song of Peter J. Poofcock by TS Eliot    10/16/19  (1)
The Wasteland by TS Eliot    10/16/19  (2)
Edgar Allan Poe--"TS Found in a Bottle"    10/16/19  (1)
Godzilla TS Megalon    10/16/19  (1)
The Chronicles of Narnia by TS Lewis    10/16/19  (2)
Jinxian forces advance on Pattaya and take no prisoners    10/16/19  (4)
zeke morris do u want to meet up w/ me jane hoya &hojrakso (impt business 2 disc    10/16/19  (15)
Alternate reality where every US govt building has a photo of nude luis    10/16/19  (2)
"Nice HR Giger sculpture." "Uh, that's Halford in bed with his CPAP."    10/16/19  (7)
the united kingdom of the whites and the jews    10/16/19  (3)

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