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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/20/18  (201)
Shitlibs: List things Trump has done that you actually like    11/21/18  (4)
Israeli Air Force unveils rent seeking missile    11/21/18  (6)
Career shrew pens screed on how she's happier to be childless & alone on Thanksg    11/21/18  (32)
Tucker just said "prancing scholars"    11/21/18  (50)
Shitlib AirBNB Bends The Knee To BDS, Won't Allow Listings In Israel's Territory    11/21/18  (33)
Entire twitter account dedicated to going back to when America was white    11/21/18  (40)
monday: curtain opens; spaceporn, kenny, chandler, etc take bows, hug    11/21/18  (3)
Zelda Ocarina of Time came out 20 years ago today    11/21/18  (1)
CJ John Robert to Trump: "Tell Me How My Ass Tastes"    11/21/18  (1)
Entire family convening for Thanksgiving, first time in 10+ years I'll be there.    11/21/18  (1)
UCF seems like a terrifying weird place to go to college    11/21/18  (11)
WTF kind of sociopath schedules a meeting for 4pm Wednesday before Thanksgiving?    11/21/18  (6)
ITT: I lol at console FPS players.    11/21/18  (60)
I was on Fox & Friends today    11/21/18  (10)
Why I will be wearing my plug to my racist family's Thanksgiving dinner (Vox)    11/21/18  (13)
INDIA's economy DOUBLES in size every 10-12 years    11/21/18  (41)
HS Football team that throws Hail Marys every down finishes season 13-0    11/21/18  (21)
US proposal for defining gender has no basis in science    11/21/18  (1)
Kenny told me a certain lawyer in Virginia will be served with a defamation comp    11/21/18  (53)
Gun to your head, name 1 way Obama improved the country    11/21/18  (68)
what are the CR solo practice areas?    11/21/18  (10)
Went to hit "none" on ipad tip machine & it changed to 30%    11/21/18  (1)
2018 MPM finalists: spaceporn and kenny    11/21/18  (5)
I’ve literally not tipped anyone for month$=tought$?    11/21/18  (6)
Im gay    11/21/18  (4)
Dumbass American tries to visit North Sentinel Island; is killed:    11/21/18  (84)
I love everyone but thi$ $hit $y$tem can burn    11/21/18  (2)
Niggers and spics who can't pass the bar exam are your greatest strength 💪    11/21/18  (1)
Judge in Mississippi accuses legislature of gaslighting him    11/21/18  (2)
Guys who say all black women are ugly: rate Rihanna in this video    11/21/18  (109)
Disappearance of fem posters shows that brunt of household duties lies w women    11/21/18  (93)
Jaws is probably the greatest movie ever made    11/21/18  (19)
spaceporn making a late push for MPM 2018    11/21/18  (7)
The Best Threads of Classic XO    11/21/18  (25)
evan39 it$ fun to bankrupt fraud creditor$ i$nt it?    11/21/18  (4)
Westlaw alerts for twink manpussy    11/21/18  (7)
Running list of shit-stirring evil posters    11/21/18  (28)
If you saw me what race would you think I am?    11/21/18  (104)
The American tipping culture is overwhelming    11/21/18  (19)
Ljl @ the Trump “economy”    11/21/18  (2)
Zero good movies this year    11/21/18  (40)
Hypo: you get to be a starting NFL running back for one game    11/21/18  (100)
ETH trickling back into the 120s    11/21/18  (4)
Did y'all know America is named after an eye-talian named Amerigo Vespucci?    11/21/18  (1)
Had a Hispanic ex-GF and her grandfather molested her as if it were normal    11/21/18  (7)
Rewatched Close Encounters after poster compared favorably to Jaws, Ljl.    11/21/18  (1)
"no worries" *ideates* (luis)    11/21/18  (2)
Can someone bump the libs MAF about college football twitter thread    11/21/18  (1)
How many sexual partners is the honest average for a girl now?    11/21/18  (56)
Rate John Cho from harold and kumar's wife (pic)    11/21/18  (12)
Brown skin is fucking gross    11/21/18  (1)
how did earl become a 0.0001% asian chad? is he half asian    11/21/18  (1)
I just lifehacked my way to an upgraded PS4 for $35 plus tax    11/21/18  (14)
killer app: crypto coin that adjusts value based on hodler's privilege    11/21/18  (1)
Kenny saved the board btw...    11/21/18  (5)
I think I accidentally put on dirty boxers because my crotch smells like shit    11/21/18  (1)
askavs prole scots-irish relatives expressing GENUINE gratitude on thursday    11/21/18  (13)
Betting the farm on “Dragoncoin” but not options on 3x leveraged FANG/Oil ET    11/21/18  (32)
sick freak doobs engaging in "Turkey Play", basting in his own juices    11/21/18  (2)
"KITE HIT STEEL PLANE MUST".....wtf was up with that?    11/21/18  (2)
libs hate crypto because it's not BIG GOVERNMENT MONEY    11/21/18  (2)
holy shit, got a copy of kenny's defamation complaint. it's in all caps    11/21/18  (1)
Rating some posters as California/sierra alpine lakes ITT    11/21/18  (24)
FYI: It's not Agent Jenkins. It's Special Agent Paul J. Vitchock out of Tampa    11/21/18  (1)
Two strikes prevented a truly difficult Hall of Fame vote #Baseball #DBG    11/21/18  (35)
XO Steve Sailer: The Ultimate Anti-Globalists: The North Sentinelese    11/21/18  (1)
What is the (((CDC))) trying to pull with this lettuce stunt?    11/21/18  (1)
Wife's parents staying with us and I didn't drink or do any coke last night.    11/21/18  (1)
Internet content creation: The new burden faced by men in modern society (NYT)    11/21/18  (4)
papaya is such an underrated fruit    11/21/18  (10)
"Turkey is moist today...hit me up" texts Peterman to 55 saved contacts    11/21/18  (13)
China BENDS THE KNEE    11/21/18  (39)
anyone have a good recipe for mancakes?    11/21/18  (1)
Mom Doing Salmon & Dairy Thanksgiving For Ortho Slut. PDDJ & I Doing It Solo.    11/21/18  (11)
Nazi 1: "We wiped out the whole Polish intelligentsia?" Nazi 2: "was like 5 ppl"    11/21/18  (1)
FBI now watching "Proud Boys"    11/21/18  (4)
FBI Supervisory Special Agent Paul J. Vitchock, you can suck my yuge COCK    11/21/18  (8)
If you saw me what race would you think I am?    11/21/18  (1)
TRUMP WINS!!! NK AGREES TO GIVE UP NUKES!!!    11/21/18  (18)
If I ever become rich, the only luxury I will waste money on is    11/21/18  (49)
Wow so tons of xo posters got mad at SUPER edgy 9th grade dead baby jokes    11/21/18  (2)
famous songs with actually brilliant lyrics    11/21/18  (106)
"that was the first day of the moniker freeze of 2018" you tell bewildered grand    11/21/18  (1)
How retarded/entitled is Ivanka to be just emailin' away on a non-govt account?    11/21/18  (19)
Mattis to sign orders to send at least 800 troops to the US/Mexico border    11/21/18  (129)
Sad that Anime intro songs are better than most American pop hits    11/21/18  (2)
Do Jewish folks celebrate Thanksgiving?    11/21/18  (56)
Fuck the SP drama. WHEN CAN WE FUCKING CHANGE MONIKERS!!!    11/21/18  (1)
This place was much better when we were all younger and more attractive.    11/21/18  (7)
TRUMP BENDS THE FUCKING KNEE TO ACOSTA, completely restores WH pass.    11/21/18  (14)
Your mom on the phone: "dad is really sad that u couldn't come to thanksgiving    11/21/18  (8)
you're lucky to have family to celebrate with, haha    11/21/18  (4)
Wtf my dentist just gave me 10% off for paying with Dentacoin    11/21/18  (3)
Thanksgivingify your monikers!!!!!    11/21/18  (4)
What are the must-have Thanksgiving dishes? What the should-have dishes?    11/21/18  (98)
Shitlib Melvin humiliated by Chad in Ohio election (NYT)    11/21/18  (84)
Blow off work tomorrow and go to Magic Mountain?    11/21/18  (32)
Best Vanguard ETF to buy right now    11/21/18  (1)
The movie SPEED but you can’t stop sucking boner police’s clitdick    11/21/18  (3)
"I can Uber back to the airport," u say. Mom winces bc Dad washed car in anticip    11/21/18  (3)
“the bottom thin”    11/21/18  (1)
spaceporn claims he is not a mod and knows nothing about pro-SP shitmodding    11/21/18  (5)
Why Your Farts Sometimes Roll Up Into Your Labia, According To Science    11/21/18  (10)
Dad: U probably have plans to meet up w/ HS friends, hit the bars, chase tail    11/21/18  (3)
Uncle Thoni: Dr Federer Will Never Win Another Slam, Can't Win 7x Bo5 #tennis    11/21/18  (9)
I’m going to simplify this for all of you: NIGGERS are SHIT    11/21/18  (1)
upset jew how disappointed are you by your chinaman's little asian pecker?    11/21/18  (7)
"totally understand, but if you have any 'leftover' time hit me up haha"    11/21/18  (4)
"Close Enough!", noted TMF as he strapped on his Rolex Yachtmaster II    11/21/18  (1)
Yuri Milner and Sergei Gorkov spitroast Jared Kushner in 666 Fifth Ave penthouse    11/21/18  (5)
2nd cuz: speaking of "stuffing" lol shrew gf: reading huffpo    11/21/18  (3)
2nd cuz: I really like white meat ;) Shrew gf: Picking fungus off her feet    11/21/18  (1)
they're disappearing a woman's threads    11/21/18  (2)
18 year-old white CHAD at work (evan39)    11/21/18  (3)
You're old: that guy from LFO died from cancer 8 years ago.    11/21/18  (2)
Disappearance of male posters shows that brunt of actual work lies w men    11/21/18  (1)
LJL @ Obama talking shit about Trump's mom    11/21/18  (1)
Dearest BIRDSHITS: Good Morning! Now BURN in HELL juice deprived losers    11/21/18  (24)
I remember when I would visit parents and see random hs classmates @ bars    11/21/18  (1)
Wed before T'giving was when returning Ivy undergrads DOMINATED hometown bars    11/21/18  (2)
cslg and Lenkov waving from Star of David float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Para    11/21/18  (3)
So libs went 0/2 on the blue wave and Mueller indictments?    11/21/18  (14)
WTF, at the Dr to get malaria pills and Alan Dershowitz is here    11/21/18  (23)
Greatest Gen family members tightening necktie for Thanksgiving meal. You:    11/21/18  (2)
I noticed Dominican men painting their nails why??    11/21/18  (1)
BAM! $33,000 to be reincarnated as Taylor Swift’s panties    11/21/18  (3)
fempoasters, why do u poast on a bort composed of racist, sexist manchildren?    11/21/18  (3)
👌    11/21/18  (1)
Giuliani said Mueller would file “report” in September. Then Nov. When repor    11/21/18  (40)
Real Talk: Most Trumptards on this bort are Urban Manlet Tucker Carlson types    11/21/18  (1)
insane how egg farmers brute forced eggs into breakfast    11/21/18  (29)
Somewhere there are Huma nudes.    11/21/18  (26)
Mr Jinx dejectedly leaving the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville FL    11/21/18  (3)
Wikipedia pop-up just threatened to out my weird searches unless I donate    11/21/18  (3)
RATE these natty tits    11/21/18  (121)
Ben Garrison 11/21/2018 Turkey is served.    11/21/18  (6)
When will Trumps “AG” make an official statement or something?    11/21/18  (5)
Not an Article II expert but normal for POTUS to have no control of exec branch    11/21/18  (7)
Does anyone have a list of TOMMY TURDSKIN MONIKERS?    11/21/18  (164)
Tommy how big has your JUICEGUT gotten in Asia?    11/21/18  (3)
Tucker telling his extended family to just enter through his door's HUGE hole    11/21/18  (1)
Got my limit of gray squirrel. Will be a delicious thanksgiving stew    11/21/18  (7)
Upset Jew tp -- can someone please throw this fag in an oven?    11/21/18  (3)
Life-long lib here. All Jews and niggers should be burned in ovens    11/21/18  (1)
I refuse to watch any "Aquaman" without Vincent Chase    11/21/18  (6)
"Helmetless" HS football team in Idaho leads nation in concussions, touchdowns    11/21/18  (4)

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