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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
what would you consider actual sexual addition?    03/30/23  (3)
🚨 🚨 🚨 OFFICIAL Trump Felony Indictment Thread (link)    03/30/23  (81)
It’s a 34-count indictment    03/30/23  (31)
It's crazy when you realize over a million people actually live in Maine    03/30/23  (14)
Pelosi issues statement: TRUMP IS GUILTY AND MUST PROVE INNOCENCE    03/30/23  (1)
34 counts and he’s keeping his name    03/30/23  (2)
nullo spammer on verge of being sued, is spazzing out about Hunter Biden    03/30/23  (1)
Turkey vetoes Finland's NATO bid, Ukrainetards BTFO (link)    03/30/23  (8)
It's a 34-centimeter clitoris    03/30/23  (2)
Guys it's happening turning into a troon    03/30/23  (23)
Trumpmos: We must be tough on crime, except for Trump, he's above the law    03/30/23  (1)
finally got a book contract. was excited for 5 minutes and now full of dread.    03/30/23  (23)
seems like Trumpmos hate DeSantis more than Dems suddenly    03/30/23  (1)
Explain to me who actually buys and eats cookies like these?    03/30/23  (1)
the law is only used by jews to enforce against whites    03/30/23  (2)
Trump should refuse to leave Florida to fuck desantis    03/30/23  (3)
i thought Trump was gonna win OK?    03/30/23  (14)
Rach whispering, “Let them fight” as Nullo spammer and Trump crime spammer    03/30/23  (2)
Asian Girl explains dating apps    03/30/23  (47)
WTf happened? I thought Trump was crushing?    03/30/23  (6)
Can someone ELI5 why the US blow up the Nordstream pipeline?    03/30/23  (3)
Thought Trump was dead 2 weeks ago. He's not    03/30/23  (12)
So utahskilawguru got pwned by Gwyneth Paltrow?    03/30/23  (1)
Zurich midlife crisis update    03/30/23  (80)
"Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term?" only up 1% today    03/30/23  (18)
did nullo spammer think defamation and stalking laws didn't apply to him?    03/30/23  (2)
I sat next to this kid in college, he was so awkward, ugly and shy, I pitied him    03/30/23  (1)
President Trump’s staggering record of charged crimes    03/30/23  (8)
“A republic, if you can keep it:” Arrested Development narrator: “They cou    03/30/23  (1)
“Great British Baking Show - Junior” is full of pedo shit    03/30/23  (1)
xo cons, i get before it just a big joke over a porn star, but is 34 counts! how    03/30/23  (2)
xo Gerrit Cole had a 180 day. While Corey Kluber=bald fraud    03/30/23  (1)
What are some easy to make meals you eat at least once a week?    03/30/23  (12)
6 acre horse ranch tp    03/30/23  (1)
will cons fall for the J6 2.0 trap?    03/30/23  (11)
watch out fellas the jewish numbers are going down big time    03/30/23  (12)
DrakeMallard (retard) on 3/29: "YOU'LL GET HIM ONE DAY LIBS"    03/30/23  (24)
Jim Jordan is 180 - he singlehandedly saved Trump from arrest    03/30/23  (18)
IT'S MUELLER TIME!    03/30/23  (12)
New Predictit Market: Will Donald Trump pardon Hillary Clinton?    03/30/23  (3)
Jesus, 34 counts of Logan Act violations!    03/30/23  (2)
So again, libs destroy democracy, doing exactly what they accused GOP of doing?    03/30/23  (3)
PSA: Kyle Rittenhouse's feats were 100x more impressive than these guys tactical    03/30/23  (69)
Trump’s sphincter collapsing upon learning it’s a 34-count indictment    03/30/23  (2)
LAWMOS: what happens if DeSantis doesn't extradite? Can Feds step in?    03/30/23  (4)
Sure it’s a political prosecution but no sympathy for Trump after Jan 6th    03/30/23  (2)
Biden 2024: He Hasn't Been Arrested    03/30/23  (1)
But what I do have are, heh, a very particular set of skills    03/30/23  (6)
MLB crew roll through (2023)    03/30/23  (24)
🚨Las Vegas Shooter's motive has been REVEALED by FBI🚨    03/30/23  (67)
Name some one hit wonder bands from the 90s    03/30/23  (105)
Why are MLB players who hit left handed but throw right handed seem cr    03/30/23  (17)
Gay guy says he's had sex with 7,000-9,000 guys (link)    03/30/23  (39)
Anyone try the new Microsoft Teams yet?    03/30/23  (3)
Demolition Man police getting notification of a MOCK/DEFAME/THREATEN    03/30/23  (11)
Is her cock larger than yours? (pic)    03/30/23  (12)
Tranny porn star weighs in on Trump indictment    03/30/23  (1)
most of xo is in our 40s, spectre of death is starting to manifest in distance    03/30/23  (22)
This a great day for America    03/30/23  (6)
3 Reasons Trump Arrest Makes Libs Look Fucking Insane    03/30/23  (2)
hey nullo spammer, going pumo won't help you evade the lawsuit, hth    03/30/23  (1)
Bragg announces seizure of Trump’s personal assets; Trump Org’s assets    03/30/23  (1)
Where will you go if America Collapses?    03/30/23  (41)
2+ hour sex sessions with wife. Full on dick in pussy for the entire time.    03/30/23  (156)
Pauline Porsche reminds me of the Indian midget Aaron in Eastbound and Down    03/30/23  (3)
Rate this anti-vaxx explanation for events in Israel    03/30/23  (2)
ITT Prateek Bhopale tuxedo pic    03/30/23  (21)
*1930s radio voice* “today in the jewish numbers, ...”    03/30/23  (41)
If I have this right-the victim of Trump's crime, as alleged, is...Donald Trump?    03/30/23  (7)
🚨 Trump indicted as 2nd shooter in Las Vegas massacre 🚨    03/30/23  (1)
You are legitimately insane if you don't have a G19, AR15, and Level III+ plates    03/30/23  (108)
Spent my SECOND night on XO Sailboat    03/30/23  (88)
Guys, tell it to me straight - what are Lex's chances? Is he gonna live?    03/30/23  (8)
DOW futs up 18 points on the Trump news.    03/30/23  (2)
The Sanctuary State of Florida    03/30/23  (1)
I know it feels like your QOL has gone down, but the Jewish numbers are way up    03/30/23  (8)
a lot of poasters are out of pocket    03/30/23  (4)
I'm not afraid to die for what i believe in - nothing    03/30/23  (1)
will greta thunberg do anal?    03/30/23  (56)
Best place to meet horny and discrete Asian MILFs?    03/30/23  (13)
34 counts? What do you mean 80 counts? Six MILLION counts??!    03/30/23  (2)
What happens if Ron DeSantis refuses to extradite Trump to New York?    03/30/23  (8)
Should I prepare for civil conflict?    03/30/23  (1)
i would never fly a trash F-35 lightning. either F-22 Raptor or F-14 Tomcat    03/30/23  (25)
"un no lindsey that's not what gag order means. put your dentures back in."    03/30/23  (1)
Box slutting it up with simp crew at Lex’s funeral    03/30/23  (16)
Is there ever a reason to go to Utah State over Utah?    03/30/23  (7)
Influencers dont have to pay for things in cash    03/30/23  (5)
fucking theses stupid spics up in pickup ball tp    03/30/23  (5)
firing off hella small claims suits from across the planet tp    03/30/23  (1)
CAR QUERY FOR DRUNKARD    03/30/23  (5)
pussy hair is communism    03/30/23  (1)
DeSantis announces that Florida will refuse to extradite Trump    03/30/23  (20)
Brussels Sprout tp = worst poster on the board today?    03/30/23  (160)
NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW! Bragg stated, from a Sanctuary City    03/30/23  (5)
Electric cars suck balls universally    03/30/23  (1)
do Biglaw or Jag doods get hawter women than fighter pilots?    03/30/23  (1)
The “lock her up” crowd getting MAF about “political prosecutions”    03/30/23  (28)
Bragg refuses to indict Trump after he shoots someone on 5th Avenue    03/30/23  (1)
🚨🚨 MKULTRA 🚨🚨    03/30/23  (4)
Best national divorce map    03/30/23  (77)
Anyone here ever fuck a prostitute?    03/30/23  (116)
imagine realizing the entire world you know it is a lie in your mid to late 30s    03/30/23  (32)
TBF noting that Manhattan didn’t indict Donald Trump.us    03/30/23  (5)
ITT we recount famous two word xo phrases. I’ll start with the most famous:    03/30/23  (71)
National divorce idea - Create Pacifica by splitting off lib California    03/30/23  (3)
TBF is Trump indictment enough for redneck uprising or do you still need more?    03/30/23  (3)
long hair is communism    03/30/23  (1)
ATF agent explaining that the fire started in Mar a Lago    03/30/23  (2)
Rod Blagojevich: Orange Man is getting FUCKED!    03/30/23  (5)
What does a national divorce map even look like?    03/30/23  (16)
Mood is pretty high here despite Trump indictment    03/30/23  (1)
Wife wants a Tesla. I'm trying to tell her she could instead get 3 Toyotas    03/30/23  (20)
pinochet was also tried for "tax fraud" in a show trial in 2005.    03/30/23  (1)
What will XO Trumpmos do after Trump loses?    03/30/23  (3)
a redneck uprising inclusive enough to include tbf (aka subrahmanyan chandrasekh    03/30/23  (1)
XO is 1800000000 today, love it    03/30/23  (4)
Two impeachments, an insurrection, and an indictment…what’s next? Murder?    03/30/23  (4)
America is like a nice home where owners get forced to basement and crowded out    03/30/23  (1)
you know who else they sent to prison? nelson mandela.    03/30/23  (13)
Canadian figure skater Keegan Messing accused of sexual assault    03/30/23  (9)
After TRUMP secures presidency Jews will constantly push for impeachment or assa    03/30/23  (8)
Trumpmos maybe if you keep threatening violence Trump won’t be indicted    03/30/23  (3)
Civil war is coming once Trump is indicted. Hope you guys are prepared    03/30/23  (12)
Libs across the internet taking a victory lap thinking Trump will be indicted    03/30/23  (2)
Chadly put together husband married to Ms. Porky    03/30/23  (1)
EPAH - see link example of nullo spammer defaming you for your records    03/30/23  (5)
Benzo is flaming about Trump getting indicted. He knows it won't happen    03/30/23  (3)
Melania will never have sex with Trump again after this    03/30/23  (5)
trump invokes obscure 1630 nieuw nederland law to demand trial by ordeal (link)    03/30/23  (2)
All Florida criminals can now just go to NY now that extraditions are off    03/30/23  (1)
Can we all just get along and watch this chaturbate whore together    03/30/23  (14)
BREAKING: DeSantis says he will *not* extradite Trump to NY if asked (link)    03/30/23  (5)
Bought crotchless panties on Amazon. Will ask my wife to call me gibberish tp.    03/30/23  (1)
the archive.ph extension is great for getting around paywalls    03/30/23  (1)
this world is a complete and utter nightmare    03/30/23  (92)
it's about time someone held this bald faggot accountable    03/30/23  (1)
unprotected vaginal intercourse with a horse-faced pornstar tp    03/30/23  (6)
Do you think it’s spelled out somewhere how many times Trumps wife has to init    03/30/23  (1)
Industries which thrive solely through an excessive supply of labor    03/30/23  (12)
‘trump is too dangerous!’ *puts him in charge of aryan brotherhood*    03/30/23  (8)
RT: "I will destroy you" :: Trump: "Lock her up."    03/30/23  (8)
Have you ever, for a second, been "intimidated" by a shrew    03/30/23  (7)
2025: FBI Director Derek Chauvin leading Citizen Bragg to Nevada gulag    03/30/23  (3)

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