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Alpha Alvin Bragg to "Squeaky Jim" Jordan: "How about you eat my ass?" (link)    03/21/23  (1)
Board Olds, how embarrassed were you to rent porn videos?    03/21/23  (17)
Rate this Adam Schiff tweet about Trump’s new legal representation    03/21/23  (14)
LA County: No tenant evictions through March 2024 to "solve homelessness"    03/21/23  (1)
Does anyone else "smooth" their brains out?    03/21/23  (4)
Hypo: Chess against Magnus Carlsen but your pieces are invisible    03/21/23  (7)
CSLG: 30 year old man's dream life RSF: living 30 year old woman's dream life    03/21/23  (12)
Does anyone else "smooth" their hours out?    03/21/23  (6)
Conclusive Proof that USA is more tech advanced than China!    03/21/23  (3)
Massive 7.7 Earthquake just DESTROYED TTT Pakistan, Jai Hind!!    03/21/23  (1)
For a while, Judas Jones was the undisputed top poster on xo    03/21/23  (25)
Rate this email a college girl sent me    03/21/23  (94)
Trump has lost Alex Jones    03/21/23  (1)
How will we ever have kids on $150,000 per year!!! (Millennials)    03/21/23  (9)
can't babe, emergency curation came up    03/21/23  (2)
Bucky the pussy beater    03/21/23  (2)
I’m still holding my Trump NFT trading cards and you should too (TBF)    03/21/23  (1)
Why do many Indian CEOs all of the sudden? Where were they 10-20 yrs ago?    03/21/23  (3)
just went to a new doctor who refused to prescribe me adderall    03/21/23  (16)
Fuck "housekeeping"! Would like to snap everyone of these bitches fingers    03/21/23  (2)
TSINAH please get a job. You are wasting your life.    03/21/23  (81)
We threw it all away for fucking nothing    03/21/23  (7)
Yellen: Small bank deposits are now backstopped    03/21/23  (2)
quick someone curate this    03/21/23  (1)
Have you ever dated, met or banged a chick off plentyoffish?    03/21/23  (25)
Bam you're 40 but now have no obligations..young 40 what do you do?    03/21/23  (36)
"blormf, orange blormf" the clown in tan spray introduced himself to his cellmat    03/21/23  (3)
Trump’s rape trial starts next month    03/21/23  (15)
Plenty of Felons/Plenty of Fatties    03/21/23  (1)
Firing up “Barry Lyndon” for the first time due to xo rec    03/21/23  (25)
Remember when Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize LMAO    03/21/23  (2)
My wife ordered a $300 Le Creuset dutch oven    03/21/23  (61)
First Republic bank up 42% today    03/21/23  (1)
your autistic asian gf taking cowgod threads at face value    03/21/23  (2)
rsf is a huge jew who lies about not being a huge jew    03/21/23  (150)
🚨🚨 EPAH vs RT verdict is in 🚨🚨    03/21/23  (142)
I was just banned from Nextdoor.    03/21/23  (55)
We had stagflation in the 1980s and came out of it. Why is this time different?    03/21/23  (24)
HOLY SHIT IT HAPPENED, pic of Trump in cuffs being escorted to police van (cnn)    03/21/23  (18)
Stochastic feminization    03/21/23  (3)
kobe's death was 15 years ago how did we get so old?    03/21/23  (4)
Group of Black children beat up White toddler    03/21/23  (49)
180 DOLOMITES DAY 1 SKI pics (RSF)    03/21/23  (11)
Chief Keef changes name to Chief Kyiv    03/21/23  (1)
Give libs credit: "illegal immigrant" to "migrant" was a brilliant shift    03/21/23  (5)
where are we on trump's plan to lock hillary up?    03/21/23  (4)
This black preacher is more of a race realist than poasters    03/21/23  (11)
Want to see an orc get its head blown clean the fuck off?    03/21/23  (4)
US Intel admits Kiev regime is DONE HERE    03/21/23  (75)
How can people continue to wake up and push their mindless fraud?    03/21/23  (1)
Being on vacation is awesome. I wish I had RSF's life.    03/21/23  (70)
"Dangerous Donald"    03/21/23  (1)
Made what I thought was a funny joke today with coworkers, none of them laughed    03/21/23  (32)
"so what do you do for a living?" *thinks for a second, lies* "daytrader" (rsf)    03/21/23  (4)
"Philadelphia" (1993 film) was a massive pivot point    03/21/23  (9)
Claim: Carlson would openly jerk off to photos of Pelosi    03/21/23  (3)
spaceporn in tears, shoving spaghetti up his son's ass    03/21/23  (13)
37-year-old poaster sick of waiting for blank bumps, bumps his own thread (link)    03/21/23  (20)
How bad is it to get laid off after 7/8 months?    03/21/23  (25)
he has the heart of a lion, and the loins of a litigator    03/21/23  (1)
REMINDER: Nearly 50% of Americans APPROVE of JOE BIDEN'S PRESIDENCY    03/21/23  (4)
After 8 years, a horrific insurrection, and thousand deads...the walls are final    03/21/23  (1)
north korea unveils top-secret competitive brood war team to challenge FlaSh:    03/21/23  (5)
SEC reveals that Mr. Potter illegally withheld $90B deposit from SVB he “found    03/21/23  (3)
Have tasted many vodkas and Tito’s is the worst straight up to drink    03/21/23  (3)
GOP always seems caught off guard by these deceitful DNC tactics    03/21/23  (3)
SEVEN Cops to be CHARGED with MURDER for sitting on precious NIGGA to DET    03/21/23  (12)
Heard that Fauci may have #MeToo skeletons    03/21/23  (3)
Maxwell (the physicist) was the son of a LITIGATOR    03/21/23  (1)
(((Libs))): Go on record -- how many years will Donald Trump serve in prison?    03/21/23  (12)
Is David Chalmers a quack    03/21/23  (1)
Trump’s plane just took off from Palm Beach to Newark    03/21/23  (5)
Commenting on grrrl power accomplishment poasts on LinkedIn with "nice boobs"    03/21/23  (1)
RFJ Jr.: Sirhan Sirhan didn't kill my father and should be released    03/21/23  (5)
Xo: spaceporn guilty, Sandusky innocent    03/21/23  (3)
Cryptic Trump statement: “Nullo spammer, stand by”    03/21/23  (20)
Do any of u bros have “incidents” when u lift heavy? (embarrassing story)    03/21/23  (16)
Lehman Bros was founded in Montgomery, AL    03/21/23  (4)
4 days left of vacation. Hiw should I maximize this time?    03/21/23  (27)
2022 Murders - Chennai: 97, NYC: 433    03/21/23  (3)
Just called BofA, agent in India was crying saying 'diss veddy veddy bad'    03/21/23  (1)
Why did Trump pay off Stormy? I don’t see any benefit for him    03/21/23  (1)
Clarence trying to convince SVB CEO not to jump off Santa Clara bridge    03/21/23  (1)
A Tale of Two Cliques    03/21/23  (3)
Georgia probably getting upset by UT Martin Skyhawks week 1    03/21/23  (1)
Chase just sent me an Congrats your preapproved email for a fucking Maserati    03/21/23  (1)
Hard to see how all sad news stories aren't immediately outweighed    03/21/23  (1)
Who is the hottest actor on Stranger Things? Billy or Nancy?    03/21/23  (5)
T/F: XO is flame that its historically normal for women to raise kids themselves    03/21/23  (22)
"My bank was there for me, I'll be there for them," bellowed the powergoy    03/21/23  (18)
66 more murders in Baltimore in 2021 than in all of Italy same year    03/21/23  (5)
Putin has essentially forced Russia into a WGWAG relationship with China    03/21/23  (11)
The Penis Tree: Story of a tree of penises u suck until they cum in ur mouth.    03/21/23  (3)
Lessons from an attempt at starting a business on my own    03/21/23  (32)
Just went to the bank, all the tellers were crying and hysterical    03/21/23  (3)
EKU Colonels (FCS) plays 2 D1 teams back2back this fall they dont give a fuck    03/21/23  (1)
Putin Xi Oscar the Grouch blowjob lips cum Mickey Mouse hairy plants red skin er    03/21/23  (2)
US Bank about to collapse    03/21/23  (12)
Sim Glitch: Sandusky was innocent    03/21/23  (49)
Why is Quebec so SHITTY in the parts immediately adjacent to New England?    03/21/23  (35)
What ever happened to Amanda Bynes?    03/21/23  (15)
WWYD if a GJR type was obsessed with you?    03/21/23  (28)
do you any of you guys "spank" your wife?    03/21/23  (56)
Trump announces he will write a memoir, “My Struggle” while in NY prison    03/21/23  (2)
🚨🚨 New George Floyd Situation just happened near Richmond, VA 🚨🚨    03/21/23  (2)
51 NatSec experts say that CCP funds in Hunter’s account “Russian Disinfo”    03/21/23  (9)
Rate these videos/photos of my latest restaurant party! (CSLG)    03/21/23  (63)
so basically, Meta/Facebook now has the net worth of a 99 cent store franchise    03/21/23  (3)
Swarajya Rakshak Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Balidan Sthal    03/21/23  (3)
Bitch bois: remeber, last time Trump said "PROTEST" u got jailed, he did nothing    03/21/23  (2)
Rate Fauci's Chinese mistress    03/21/23  (6)
Trump said he would be arrested today? What happened?    03/21/23  (7)
Rewatched Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Ljl Europe campaign was Disney WWII    03/21/23  (58)
trust the Science, bigots    03/21/23  (2)
Two-time national champion boxer dies suddenly aged 19    03/21/23  (1)
"oh no! not credit Suisse!" the trucker guffawed as he jizzed in peterman's ear    03/21/23  (1)
Three time Olympian rower dies of heart attack at 35 (link)    03/21/23  (4)
TikTok star dies suddenly at 30 after suffering from migraines for months    03/21/23  (7)
Another day another Russian armored column liquidated.    03/21/23  (4)
Today is the last day you can withdraw money from your bank    03/21/23  (1)
Wife thought a paralegal was just a lawyer in a wheelchair    03/21/23  (29)
I wouldn't fuck with him. He's a litigator--some even say a complex one...    03/21/23  (7)
What is so dumb about this Ackman tweet    03/21/23  (6)
LOL, trannies and supporters BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF proud boys (link)    03/21/23  (1)
I spent $18k on ballet and baseball last year for 4 kids. Mostly for the ballet.    03/21/23  (161)
ROFL! Dentist accused of poisoning wife did stupid internet searches    03/21/23  (36)
as a white male ur better off dead than working in formal office setting    03/21/23  (3)
do you any of you guys "spank" your kids?    03/21/23  (104)
I don't get the point of 'vacation'    03/21/23  (4)
I don’t want to fucking work    03/21/23  (6)
visions of grubhub dancing in 30yo bumble date's head as you tell her your salar    03/21/23  (2)
πŸ’šπŸ’ π“ƒβ“˜α΅Δ£β’Ίπ« πŸ‘Ήβ™ž    03/21/23  (3)
Jordan's rookie year closer to 1st year of NBA than today    03/21/23  (4)
USA vs Japan WBC final will be most watched baseball game of all time    03/21/23  (7)
Cravath law teen spills whitefish salad all over her briefs    03/21/23  (8)
"Nope" was an incredible cinematic achievement or my taste is sps    03/21/23  (3)
🚨warning🚨 simp crew! do NOT click on this thread    03/21/23  (2)
Civ4 notification: Hello sir! Rodrigo Duterte has built a Jollibee in Manila    03/21/23  (6)
My new BOAT TOILET has cleared HELLOSIR customs!    03/21/23  (13)
what happened to dr. thunder    03/21/23  (15)
high point of civilization was when "headstrong" by Trapt was on the radio    03/21/23  (43)
our military drones should be tiny F-14 Tomcats w windows even tho unnecessary    03/21/23  (9)
Amanda Bynes gakked in BPD, roaming the streets of LA naked    03/21/23  (58)
9 Best New Items at Target in 2023    03/21/23  (3)
Running list of things Jews despise:    03/21/23  (10)
lol, look at this "Swiss" banker    03/21/23  (2)
Libs are FURIOUS that TSINAH is frittering away his inheritance    03/21/23  (11)
did i dream we wore paper masks for 2yrs while Fauci made a movie about himself    03/21/23  (5)

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