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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
NYT: Dem insiders overwhelmingly determined to screw Sanders out of nomination    02/27/20  (27)
3 Instagram travel shrews critical after photoshoot in Hubei hospital    02/27/20  (5)
snow nigger | ice beaner | forest gook    02/27/20  (3)
If you support Medicare for All, you're a moron and a loser    02/27/20  (22)
Looks like everyone missed their buying opportunity***    02/27/20  (4)
WHO expert: Mortality rate is likely as high as feared    02/27/20  (6)
Holy fucking SHIT @ the mood this coronavirus, stock market etc has caused    02/27/20  (38)
Wife's friends keep "joking" about her black ex before me with same first name    02/27/20  (12)
CNN: Wanna know what’s worse that coronavirus? Racism.    02/27/20  (11)
Any of you guys still eating Chinese food on the reg?    02/27/20  (14)
xo investing geniuses: what to BUY now that market has completely BOTTOMED OUT?    02/27/20  (1)
how will coronavirus affect the gay community?    02/27/20  (21)
"Pope" Francis contracts coronovirus    02/27/20  (27)
Huge line formed behind me as I rang up hundreds of rice & beans    02/27/20  (1)
might be a good time to sell your stocks    02/27/20  (43)
CDC never not fucking up    02/27/20  (26)
Number of Earth's moons DOUBLE under President Trump - libs?    02/27/20  (37)
Peterman telling trucker "I'm a savvy investment in a bear market"    02/27/20  (5)
everyone at work is cooking beans on coleman butane stoves    02/27/20  (4)
WLMAS was such a stupid nigger.    02/27/20  (1)
Me, Judas Jones, and Ironside r like the washed up stars on '03 Lakers    02/27/20  (9)
"Dammit, get rid of those darn ice-cold Coronas already..will ya?!!"    02/27/20  (6)
what exactly is the demographic that pays for a dominatrix    02/27/20  (22)
New York has more than 1000 coronavirus cases now    02/27/20  (1)
Oil is at $46    02/27/20  (3)
Coronavirus: Man receives $3,500 medical bill for test after returning to US fro    02/27/20  (42)
"Yeah, no. You suck at this." (Upset Jew moments b4 getting shot in2 mass grave    02/27/20  (3)
fat girls in yoga pants & colorful running shoes    02/27/20  (13)
***Trump + CDC Coronavirus Presser Thread***    02/27/20  (82)
Trump: "I did this virus to hit China. And it's brutal. It's brutal folks."    02/27/20  (1)
computers should have big flashing lights, whirring noises like Star Trek    02/27/20  (1)
Stock fraud market ia wayyyyy worse and more retarded than a regular casino    02/27/20  (1)
CDC urges UTexas to cancel all sports events. "for Coronovirus?" "no    02/27/20  (23)
Global pandemic and Bernie is proposing open borders + free healthcare for all?    02/27/20  (11)
America is fraud flavor of the day LIMP wristed quick weak reaction bs    02/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus is our generation’s Pet Rock    02/27/20  (1)
Holy FUCK the market is going to get raped today    02/27/20  (37)
Coronavirus is a joke, stock market crash is Jewish coordination to end Trump    02/27/20  (7)
Service partner going on about poor attention to detail during your eulogy    02/27/20  (9)
Our Great Stock Market and Our Great Moons WILL NEVAR FALL!!    02/27/20  (1)
Great job calming the markets, Trump.    02/27/20  (9)
Convince me that I should be afraid of Coronavirus    02/27/20  (8)
🚨🚨 DJIA officially enters correction!!! 🚨🚨    02/27/20  (8)
Nov ads: Trump: "coronavirus no big deal" next to chart showing millions dead    02/27/20  (2)
Crypto is dead again, thanks coronavirus    02/27/20  (9)
I remember life before the virus. Before the shock troops. Before it all began.    02/27/20  (11)
NYT: Call Coronavirus what it is: the Trumpvirus    02/27/20  (7)
DOW PLUNGES 10K POINTS    02/27/20  (2)
If only Trump had built his wall this pandemic would have never hit us    02/27/20  (1)
Describe the trading floors at banks today    02/27/20  (13)
Remember when debate audiences booed Trump? God he was amazing in 16    02/27/20  (6)
loling at Trump trung to make Pence the fall guy for this. It wont work.    02/27/20  (1)
Fed can fix crisis by lowering rates, good thing Trump didn't push them earlier.    02/27/20  (1)
This is the POZworld libs want    02/27/20  (1)
underrated meme: X did Y by age Z; you: use purell at your desk    02/27/20  (7)
Reddit removed tons of The_donald mods & is seeking new shitmods    02/27/20  (1)
AP: CDC reports Trumpvirus has already mutated    02/27/20  (1)
DJIA was at 26,000 exactly one year ago. will we dip below?    02/27/20  (1)
ADL demanded Cameron call it ice, not iceberg, in Titanic    02/27/20  (34)
"Hey kid- catch" *xi jinping underhand tosses you wuhan fried bat*    02/27/20  (2)
Henry Aaron: "LOL at 401k havers!"    02/27/20  (4)
Saw a guy on the 4 train this morning in this outfit:    02/27/20  (1)
*markets tank due to apocalyptic pandemic* *Krugman laughs jewishly*    02/27/20  (1)
CoRoNaPiGs mount up!    02/27/20  (2)
Stock market is going parabolic    02/27/20  (2)
Purell at your desk used to be an insult    02/27/20  (4)
Wow, this Jewish man has been fair and honest in his dealings with me!    02/27/20  (2)
Iranian ATC: “Flight 752, welcome to our airspace, my friend.”    02/27/20  (21)
Costco is sold out of bottled water    02/27/20  (3)
You guys better take some cash out before there's a run on the banks. its coming    02/27/20  (3)
Ford's sticker creep on F-150s has been remarkable. Nearing $60k    02/27/20  (131)
Obama: I'm responsible for Trump's booming economy. You're welcome (link)    02/27/20  (28)
Weird how Japanese have cleanliness standards and coronavirus spread is low    02/27/20  (20)
Me: aggressively shorting Tesla because logic. U: ask about retarded coins    02/27/20  (110)
SPCE stock with the classic “Rocket ship on launch pad” technical chart patt    02/27/20  (1)
do any of you guys watch anime? then check out Made In Abyss    02/27/20  (10)
Black swan fucking your ass mercilessly.    02/27/20  (1)
*looks at stock market* *throws top hat in garbage* *votes for Sanders*    02/27/20  (2)
gonna ask boss for more work cuz XO is unreadable today    02/27/20  (3)
Expert: stock market will go down to 18,000    02/27/20  (2)
Is warm weather really going to stop coronavirus?    02/27/20  (4)
Whoa! Bernie goes on CNN and comes out HARD against immigration & guest workers    02/27/20  (5)
Trumpmos this is why you dont fuck around with electing a potus    02/27/20  (1)
Just saw a Chinese of counsel wearing a single Allen Edmond as a face mask    02/27/20  (1)
Surgical masks on Amazon already on backorder    02/27/20  (8)
They’ll be fully nude, but wearing MAGA Masks    02/27/20  (2)
US should have dropped MOABs all over Wuhan 6 weeks ago    02/27/20  (1)
swarthy non-english speaking foreign guy sneezing in your face on sidewalk    02/27/20  (1)
History books will lol @ how we all died of virus cuz we elected gameshow potus    02/27/20  (1)
Which phones have the best MIDI synthesizer?    02/27/20  (1)
Explain to be my liberals shouldn't be charged with treason + executed?    02/27/20  (1)
Trump clutching monkey paw: "I wish something would destroy China and Iran"    02/27/20  (7)
“Wuhan” means “Raccoon City” in Mandarin    02/27/20  (30)
Bernie: "if we had medicare for all then coronavirus wouldn't spread!"    02/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus will destroy Trump    02/27/20  (3)
Skadden CORONA BUNKER metal doors slam shut with u trapped outside like Titanic    02/27/20  (5)
Anyone here work 100% remotely? How much better is it than officemo life?    02/27/20  (44)
If we go below 20k I’m learning React.js    02/27/20  (1)
Yes I want the pope to die, and I hope he burns in hell    02/27/20  (1)
Reese from Terminator holed up in motel: 'we called them 'super spreaders'...'    02/27/20  (1)
Peterman taping N95 mask over his ass, per CDC recommendation    02/27/20  (2)
“Welcome to the end of the business cycle, Mr. Khassoghi”    02/27/20  (2)
Did 40 pull ups in azn hr cunts doorway    02/27/20  (9)
You’ll start seeing people wearing plague masks in public in two weeks    02/27/20  (7)
IT'S BEEN REAL    02/27/20  (1)
*Petermans climbs into rig in Bunny Ears* "Happy Easter...wanna find the egg?"    02/27/20  (1)
corona hack: wear diaper over face for greater protection    02/27/20  (2)
Dem Primary has been like dealing with passive aggressive girlfriend    02/27/20  (1)
BIG LAW BROS - hope you didn't invest your December/Jan bonuses :(    02/27/20  (2)
has anyone here ever actually given money to a "politician"    02/27/20  (1)
ran thru office screaming 'WE'VE GOT A SPREADER! HE'S A SPREADER! GET OUT!'    02/27/20  (1)
Boomers lasting legacies: reality tv, coronavirus, generational theft    02/27/20  (1)
Masks don't protect you from the virus. Only prevents you infecting others.    02/27/20  (2)
Just a ditty 'bout the smokestacks in Wuhan    02/27/20  (5)
Buy Proshares SH?    02/27/20  (1)
You'll start seeing people wearing surgical masks in public within two weeks    02/27/20  (2)
Sick that Dems want millions to die of coronavirus to defeat Trump    02/27/20  (6)
The Lord striking down Pope Francis with coronavirus: "Dude, you caused this."    02/27/20  (1)
DrakeMallard's asshole is a primordial soup for dangerous new diseases    02/27/20  (1)
Link to me the best basic coronavirus survival gear    02/27/20  (1)
wife seems excited at idea of inheriting a lot of money because of coronavirus    02/27/20  (6)
OU students demand on-campus Popeye’s after prof uses n-word    02/27/20  (10)
Republicans, literally rooting for ISIS, Ebola, unemployment    02/27/20  (45)
does anyone go on two week vacations anymore    02/27/20  (37)
Why aren't Trumpmos rooting for Coronavirus like they were Ebola?    02/27/20  (7)
Are you stocking up on alcohol for the inevitable quarantine    02/27/20  (2)
To jerk playing "Freak Nasty - when I dip you dip we dip.mp3" outside Wall St.    02/27/20  (1)
*****/!| POTUS OF IRAN HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR WUFLU /!***    02/27/20  (4)
NOT FLAME - Corona (the beer) sales down 60%    02/27/20  (2)
Top poasters: cowgod, dtp, Upset Jew, TT, DBG, doobs, Obeezy    02/27/20  (4)
How is it possible people can catch Corona virus twice?    02/27/20  (8)
MXP - JFK: 4 direct flights    02/27/20  (9)
Science proves factually TMF is a friggin jerk (link)    02/27/20  (1)
So China caused global outbreak and they lied every step of the way?    02/27/20  (4)
why does xo allow siren emojis in thread titles but most other emojis no?    02/27/20  (1)
national guard has orders to shoot 'super spreaders' on sight (USA Today)    02/27/20  (4)
Why is Don Kihote currently posting under "Green Jolly Rancher" alt?    02/27/20  (28)
Which poaster is MOST/LEAST likely to survive coronavirus pandemic?    02/27/20  (4)
Julia warned us    02/27/20  (1)
I’m considering a *massive* options bet on Alibaba. Convince me otherwise    02/27/20  (180)
Is it normal in BIGLAW for partners to throw and break stuff when mad?    02/27/20  (24)
holy fuck, why didn't rambling idiot speak from POTUS boost stock market?    02/27/20  (10)
Its kind of fantastic to just login and see my 401k balance up 30% for the year    02/27/20  (6)
Libs POZZING America w coronavirus to tank market before election    02/27/20  (5)
Rate ABC Reporter Brianna Ruffalo    02/27/20  (6)
lmao    02/27/20  (1)
Minsky moment countdown.    02/27/20  (1)

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