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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
Judge OVERTURNS Gibson’s Bakery vs Oberlin verdict for $25 million in damages    07/19/19  (5)
shrew brags about "blowing up her marriage" to "become her own trophy wife"    07/19/19  (115)
Looking at a 1.1M mortgage, my life is about to be over    07/19/19  (52)
Israel Considering Denying Mullah "Ilhan" Omar Entry    07/19/19  (1)
Met hot young Chad...and he's gay (evan39)    07/19/19  (50)
Why conservatives should support abortion    07/19/19  (6)
ITT: perfect example of white male aging (from age 22 to 29)    07/19/19  (18)
why jews should support another holocaust    07/19/19  (1)
Large reductions (up to 75%) in metastasis in patients on aspirin.    07/19/19  (6)
Excuse me sir is this roast nigger w Duke’s mayo halal?    07/19/19  (1)
Is PF changs Prole?    07/19/19  (6)
Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Get    07/19/19  (36)
Urban eloi libs aren't having any kids and ppl are catching on (link)    07/19/19  (10)
XO GASPING @ 1M mortgages--do any of you live near large cities? It's standard    07/19/19  (24)
Whole foods is basically a white male exclusion zone these days    07/19/19  (1)
Report: American men are ASHAMED of their body hair (link)    07/19/19  (27)
Rate this 25yo white single mom    07/19/19  (14)
Thieving raccoon 🦝 got his ass trapped and shot    07/19/19  (1)
It's not specifically vagina that men like...it's a woman's overall feminity.    07/19/19  (21)
Future tenant hired me for slip&fall v building; buyer to reduce 100K more (CSLG    07/19/19  (2)
Nice lady writes EPIC SCREED decrying soulless anomie & lack of community in USA    07/19/19  (112)
how long do you have to study coding for to get a job as a developer    07/19/19  (15)
Gunbros: would you buy an EAA Windicator revolver?    07/19/19  (2)
So never trust fags who pretend to have life figured out?    07/19/19  (24)
CSLG changed his alt moniker to Henry Aarons    07/19/19  (13)
*Ilhan Omar raising Somali immig quota 500%* Lawman: "But she's woke on JQ"    07/19/19  (95)
Have we done a FaceApp old person filter selfie thread yet?    07/19/19  (1)
'Lolita Express' was actual name/FAA call sign of jet, was painted on fuselage    07/19/19  (4)
🚨HOPE HICKS I-CLOUD LEAKS🚨    07/19/19  (5)
In the past 12 months I have travelled to Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville    07/19/19  (8)
Sinema never not 180    07/19/19  (10)
Sup bros! i am tearing up the lobby shitter in this Costa Rica resort.180 place.    07/19/19  (38)
🇬🇧 OFFICIAL 2019 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD #golf 🇬🇧    07/19/19  (76)
Why don't millennials desperate for community reinvigorate fraternal orders?    07/19/19  (86)
I owe Pumonymous an update    07/19/19  (5)
Just had to jump start car of a soyboy lib    07/19/19  (13)
The most influential policy advisors in the Trump presidency are    07/19/19  (1)
I would make an excellent shabbos goy    07/19/19  (14)
Does this girl have a nice body?    07/19/19  (51)
In honor of Apollo 11 anniversary let us condemn NASA’s lack of Muslim inclusi    07/19/19  (1)
Work "Lunch" is such a goy trap.    07/19/19  (7)
On train from Prague to Berlin (last leg of 4 city Eurotrip)    07/19/19  (13)
rate this double dyno by free soloist Dan Osman at the crux of Lover's Leap    07/19/19  (2)
whats the most white trash thing youve done    07/19/19  (34)
What is the best STEAKHOUSE in DALLAS?    07/19/19  (45)
I protestin Eric Garner today...not workin hard.    07/19/19  (1)
What year did XO actually die?    07/19/19  (2)
Why won’t upset Jew, notoriously promiscuous homo, meat up with any posters?    07/19/19  (23)
say what you will bros the Subaru Forester is cr    07/19/19  (25)
what did you get for lunch    07/19/19  (7)
Epstein: egg-shaped penis; Trump: mushroom-shaped penis; Clinton: crooked penis    07/19/19  (13)
Fox News is going ALL IN on the Omar brother marriage story! 180!    07/19/19  (53)
I came in Evan39's butt and he's still not over it    07/19/19  (7)
what should you take out debt for    07/19/19  (4)
So is trump actually playing 4D chess with the Omar stuff + his disavowal?    07/19/19  (2)
Friend from HBS wrote article about social life    07/19/19  (18)
Most influential poaster in bort history?    07/19/19  (26)
resolved: Upset Jew is completely incapable of honest debate. he simply    07/19/19  (3)
Ilhan Omar chewing qat as she discusses tweets    07/19/19  (21)
What kind of car do you drive?    07/19/19  (65)
Asian Miss Michigan is stripped of her title because she's a Trump supporter (li    07/19/19  (60)
Whoa sweetgreen is crrrrr    07/19/19  (7)
Started chewing qat in March. Billables up 15% and wife says it's the best dick    07/19/19  (2)
Ian Samuel - what happened to him? What's he up to now? What did he do?    07/19/19  (1)
my buddy at Twitter HQ says everyone thrashes around whenever Trump tweets    07/19/19  (5)
I'm thinking of getting a sleeve tattoo.    07/19/19  (4)
two soi boys, a balding tranny w literal balloons in shirt and a stripper    07/19/19  (4)
Stop calling them "cukes"! You're omitting the best part! (bloodacre)    07/19/19  (1)
The hitman who will kill you has already been paid    07/19/19  (10)
how many poasters followed anonymouslawyer blog back in the day?    07/19/19  (7)
BIRDSHITS should send thmeslves back to BIRDSHITstan fukkers    07/19/19  (2)
New TOP GUN trailer out    07/19/19  (114)
"Luis, Luis, Luis, Luuuu-iiiisss" (Jolene)    07/19/19  (7)
AOC (lock for fed chairman)    07/19/19  (1)
CNN: Trump election led to more preemies to Latinas, sign of maternal stress    07/19/19  (14)
Remember back when AOC was an economist?    07/19/19  (4)
Dershowitz: "David Boies is the Harvey Weinstein of the legal profession."    07/19/19  (9)
Elderly Romanian woman crossing herself after hearing you're going to Breezewood    07/19/19  (2)
French language bros, recommend Some cr media/listening/easier reading    07/19/19  (14)
"Zher, we have a problem. We can't scrub this 'xoxohth' from the internet."    07/19/19  (1)
America has an "unwelcomingness" to it    07/19/19  (35)
Reigning Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden arrested for rape (link)    07/19/19  (5)
Luis I found something for you    07/19/19  (2)
Race this female weightlifting champion    07/19/19  (3)
Hard to believe no other forums use XO format when it’s far superior    07/19/19  (15)
Luis my friend    07/19/19  (3)
What do you do if your wife is too thin    07/19/19  (12)
Bloomberg financial news feels more prestigious than CNBC    07/19/19  (4)
bloodacre dupa have you heard the latest phish show from WI?    07/19/19  (6)
Indo-European Bear Cults    07/19/19  (3)
Rate how I see xo on my computer    07/19/19  (15)
Women are always looking to upgrade to a more high status male    07/19/19  (26)
'egg-shaped penis' to the tune of 'jukebox hero'    07/19/19  (4)
Boom "women" will ruin everything    07/19/19  (4)
Niggery niggery nigger NIGGERY NIGGERY (sung 2 Liberty Mutual theme)    07/19/19  (21)
New remake of "Cats" features CGI cat-people    07/19/19  (12)
bald lawyers    07/19/19  (1)
Why/how did modern men become such soy boys?    07/19/19  (101)
I offended the Azn HR girl today    07/19/19  (6)
Michelle Obama is the worlds most admired woman (poll)    07/19/19  (21)
"And here now to criticize Trump's moral character, a porn star and a lawyer."    07/19/19  (1)
Avenatti to drop thermonuclear bomb on xoKavanaugh at 4:30 EDT    07/19/19  (104)
The only 2020 Dem I worry about is Sanders    07/19/19  (16)
Women are basically super low-T gay guys but with vaginas?    07/19/19  (6)
"But the best gift from the British" Uncle Pradeep told Tommy, "was English lang    07/19/19  (21)
Warren going after chill HBS PE brehs now (WSJ)    07/19/19  (1)
Wtf was god thinking when he made NIGGERS    07/19/19  (15)
Tucker pretty much nails the Dem field    07/19/19  (10)
REMINDER: Russians are subhuman orks made of pure shit.    07/19/19  (13)
Notorious white supremacist Lindsay Shepherd threatens Muslims & press -link    07/19/19  (4)
Fatceps here: over/under on my non-black conquest during miami swim week    07/19/19  (26)
meet the asian start-up phenom running for prez on the slogan "gamers rise up"    07/19/19  (2)
The tell that upset Jew is actually gay irl is his constant feminine hysteria    07/19/19  (34)
Is cowgod tp British?    07/19/19  (2)
Pretty amazing how Trump cut taxes AND eliminated the deficit!    07/19/19  (3)
WINWOOD | CLAPTON | BAKER | GRECH | greatest supergroup    07/19/19  (3)
What’s Trump’s idea behind disavowing send her back chant? Lost his playbook    07/19/19  (17)
Remember when Drumpfags were freaking out abt S. Africa "land redistribution"?    07/19/19  (11)
Trump took heat from Melania and Ivanka over racist chants at rally    07/19/19  (9)
Trumpmos: enjoy Friday night alone w/your rage while I'll be having sex    07/19/19  (63)
XO=the 1%    07/19/19  (6)
Which poaster runs the @JamesCageWhite twitter account?    07/19/19  (1)
CO State University: words "America" & "Americans" are offensive (link)    07/19/19  (3)
Jake Tapper twitter thread: Trump's 4D MAGA chess worked on Dems    07/19/19  (8)
Dupa, where do you like a guy to cum on you    07/19/19  (1)
Rook!    07/19/19  (1)
Rate this idea for the great American novel of the 21st Century    07/19/19  (12)
Able bodied SPICS love parking in handicapped spots    07/19/19  (1)
Shirtless Russian psycho fatally punches other Russian in kebab; leaves w chair    07/19/19  (1)
Does JJC even poast here anymore? I see so many accusations of being JJC but    07/19/19  (38)
Son you don't own that plane, the taxpayers do    07/19/19  (1)
cowgod megathread    07/19/19  (1)
Obeezy: "Oh sure Microsoft can disable Windows & Office for all conservatives"    07/19/19  (73)
*Trans zhe person of color planting Pride flag on Martian surface*    07/19/19  (1)
lifehack: place your order w/ an Australian accent at fast food drive-thrus    07/19/19  (3)
So ummm uhh what the fuck?    07/19/19  (2)
Earl Weaver went off on a caller asking about tomatoes    07/19/19  (4)
Can someone link me to that quote about the guy who confronts Jewish chicanery?    07/19/19  (1)
*cue Tetris theme as Jew cocks of various sizes and lengths enter Trump's ass*    07/19/19  (38)
Bikemos - is it possible to get an intro bike for less than $500?    07/19/19  (6)
Guy Fieri dumping trash can full of nachos into your table    07/19/19  (9)
to start solo practice u just need to buy used Rutter Guide    07/19/19  (4)
I'm falling in love with a 31-year old. I'm only 29.    07/19/19  (70)
LAWYERIST: how many of you fags listen to this podcast or use the site?    07/19/19  (12)
"Mr President ..." "hang on i'm bumping some tweets"    07/19/19  (1)
Hi! I'm acp! (high voice) ... Hi. I'm. the. grogan. (deep ass voice)    07/19/19  (2)
Rode my mountain bike through a spider web, guess what happened next?    07/19/19  (18)
What kind of used truck should I buy?    07/19/19  (4)

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