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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
how much does a mid-level in-house attorney make in flyover?    02/22/19  (1)
I've decided to BUY a 40 foot CATAMARAN and SAIL around the world    02/22/19  (16)
i'm female. 32. it sucks.    02/22/19  (14)
EXEUNT how much money do you need to retire in flyover    02/22/19  (4)
So many cheap guns on the internet    02/22/19  (38)
Tulsi brutalizes Meghan McCain    02/22/19  (10)
verbose quora indians spitroasting u while posting obtuse longreads on success    02/22/19  (22)
(((Bob Kraft))) Charged With Soliciting WHORES    02/22/19  (54)
Federal student loan debt in "serious delinquency" hits record high: $166B    02/22/19  (1)
if u dont take 5x hour long baths each week u will die early from stress    02/22/19  (1)
Rating poasters as guys who would rape you in prison.    02/22/19  (47)
Klobuchar: "You just cost me 6000 votes. What are u going to do about it ASSHOLE    02/22/19  (3)
deep state sees trumpmo kraft -> uses NSA to spy on him -> raid whorehouse -> ch    02/22/19  (1)
vomit inducing how many gc automatons are ready 2 replace u for pennies on the $    02/22/19  (2)
Why is the East Coast full of nasty, rude people?    02/22/19  (18)
in the 80s, just saying word 'gay' was enough to make room of ppl burst out LOL    02/22/19  (1)
only TERRORISTS are white law abiding straight male Christians who don't cower    02/22/19  (1)
Plane crashed after sun caused pilot sneezing fit: Black Box    02/22/19  (1)
Real Q: How do you find a job that requires a very minimal amount of work    02/22/19  (16)
if ur not living in constant fear 24/7 ur not doing it right    02/22/19  (3)
Pfizer executive Sally Susman to host 2020 presidential fundraiser for Gillibran    02/22/19  (1)
so libs are ok if terrorists breed and send their kids to US?    02/22/19  (3)
I was queen of my middle school because I "developed" early    02/22/19  (9)
'It's because he's GAYYYY, ok...?'    02/22/19  (1)
LOL @ the official Trump/Pence website's 404 error page    02/22/19  (11)
Woman SET ON FIRE during Texas convenience store robbery (video):    02/22/19  (24)
TCtp, did you know you can marry a Jewess and convert?    02/22/19  (13)
no amount of money is worth this spiritual degradation    02/22/19  (14)
Ever met someone who prefers a female boss?    02/22/19  (31)
Epson WorkForce ES-200 Portable Document Scanner cr?    02/22/19  (1)
Sad! Autistic dude strikes out on WaPo Datelab with Jewess 4    02/22/19  (2)
holy fucking shit it all sucks beyond comprehension    02/22/19  (12)
i need to emergently marry into a rich family    02/22/19  (5)
i have a huge long fat cock and hate being alive    02/22/19  (7)
At the end of that Kanye is a cuck and Ray J has a huge fat dick    02/22/19  (9)
lord shine your goddamned fucking light on me    02/22/19  (4)
Spaceporn: "How can you guys like Nazis? They would have gassed people like me!"    02/22/19  (1)
Help: ADHD + Biglaw    02/22/19  (96)
Jews love being in cramped areas with weird smells and tons of ethnics.    02/22/19  (85)
Libs protesting Mardi Gras krewe's traditional blackface ride (story has a twist    02/22/19  (2)
Twitter thread about retarded kids (link)    02/22/19  (2)
So 7 million Jews couldn’t team up and fight back? More than Japanese troops    02/22/19  (37)
Thanks to pinterest I'm never getting a vaccine again!    02/22/19  (2)
Reminder: Liking big, oafish mom-tits (or fakes) is the PINNACLE of PROLEDOM    02/22/19  (40)
If you don't like puppydoods, you're an asshole. HTH 🐶    02/22/19  (12)
TMF is 180    02/22/19  (9)
tmf what do u think of the new bmw 8 series?    02/22/19  (2)
Journalist describes Portland townhall as 2019 woke version of the witch trials    02/22/19  (24)
How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff [NYT]    02/22/19  (55)
TMF    02/22/19  (2)
Sister Sister twins drink each other’s breast milk    02/22/19  (6)
Had an Abusive Boss in a Biglaw Firm? We Would Like to Hear From You [NYT]    02/22/19  (1)
ye shan't be saved    02/22/19  (2)
dirte -- i need to buy some new gloves    02/22/19  (10)
Successful Indian tech bro marries a white doctor: NYT Wedding    02/22/19  (79)
CNN literally arguing to let isis girl back into country right now    02/22/19  (19)
libs have gone Apocalypse Now insane-- face paint& unhinged crazy    02/22/19  (7)
De begin to use gadgets like ba-nah-nuhs    02/22/19  (5)
Jim and Pam were a beautiful middle finger to global capitalism    02/22/19  (16)
DON'T TURN AROUND! DER KLOBUCHAR'S IN TOWN *dodges binder*    02/22/19  (9)
Despite Putin's Swagger, Russia Struggles to Modernize Its Navy    02/22/19  (56)
battlecry: give your opponent 2 bananas    02/22/19  (1)
pls help me decide: if i want Chicago biglaw, possible coming from Univ of Illin    02/22/19  (3)
"Now THIS is the credited response" thought the lawyer escaping down the stairwe    02/22/19  (13)
I'll be in Yale one night in March. Recs for restaurants, things to do?    02/22/19  (25)
I'm looking for a guy named "Reed"    02/22/19  (12)
Every 30something person I know watches Pewdiepie videos now    02/22/19  (11)
6 superbowl rings 1 prostitution ring    02/22/19  (4)
Who’s the person blasting Ignition (Remix) at 26th & Cal right now?    02/22/19  (2)
scared faggot pussy    02/22/19  (1)
jfc look how freakish angelina jolie's kids look    02/22/19  (15)
Hot mom = gay child    02/22/19  (7)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/22/19  (91)
True Detective 2/22 megathread    02/22/19  (7)
BTK serial killer wants Trump impeached not flame lmao    02/22/19  (8)
Pussy has no real value.    02/22/19  (46)
what the actual hell    02/22/19  (2)
You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra. They got hair on them.    02/22/19  (5)
i don't care how many times its been on the radio, stairway    02/22/19  (3)
"he's as gay as the day is long..."    02/22/19  (3)
Bob Kraft isn’t the biggest name caught up in the sting    02/22/19  (57)
got a tip on a guaranteed 10x coin going to Binance next week...    02/22/19  (3)
I'm going vegetarian brothers    02/22/19  (2)
🚨 2/22 reminder for lawman8 to spit out the black pill 🚨    02/22/19  (13)
"Mr. Smollett, since you had a noose around your neck, we decided to give you    02/22/19  (1)
Part of my blackpilling is realizing that there are indeed a large amount of    02/22/19  (7)
Proof that AOC is a Russian asset    02/22/19  (3)
"Why do you deserve a raise?" "BECAUSE I HAD A NOOSE AROUND MY NECK!    02/22/19  (1)
most "art" is counterrevolutionary    02/22/19  (21)
Once you hit $2M in savings you have FU money    02/22/19  (44)
Chik Fil A to do away with plastic straws (link)    02/22/19  (3)
Upset Jew is like Ibogaine for my xo addicition    02/22/19  (2)
life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signify    02/22/19  (11)
Russia settles on 19,000 ton design for new nuclear powered cruiser class    02/22/19  (20)
what happened to ghostface billah    02/22/19  (6)
Joseph Goebbels Diaries read by Kenneth Branagh (BBC doc)    02/22/19  (3)
now is a good time to slowly enter BTC    02/22/19  (15)
Confirmed: Modern music is awful; Millennials prefer the songs of yesteryear.    02/22/19  (19)
boomer said the future is all about 'Desktop Publishing'    02/22/19  (1)
xo poasters: you are not alone    02/22/19  (11)
yo Man U got any drugs    02/22/19  (1)
i want to die    02/22/19  (2)
"This is an XO Ape, scientific name Autisticus Viagaran Biggotus Baldae"    02/22/19  (20)
:D's mom backing car out. "now THIS is the credited response!"    02/22/19  (13)
In a FIGHT between PrestigeFaggot and Watchmen: WHO WINS?    02/22/19  (2)
watchmen never came back?    02/22/19  (2)
MPA photoshopping wealthy patron into pics of fat GF    02/22/19  (3)
Poast ITT if you want to see Consuela raped to death by clowns    02/22/19  (4)
*peterman naming individual public lice after cryptocurrencies*    02/22/19  (2)
"Now this is the credited response!" said the biglawyer, squeezing the trigger    02/22/19  (11)
80s/90s kids: grew up with time honored cartoons and shows. Kids today: Blippi    02/22/19  (60)
dislocated my shoulder just for fun    02/22/19  (1)
you know who to play with    02/22/19  (1)
bunch of us are doing mushrooms in redwood doods apartment tonight    02/22/19  (9)
mt hood meadows any good for skiiing snowboarding?    02/22/19  (9)
Hush spaceporn junior don't you cry / Halford's gonna give you a fat creampie    02/22/19  (5)
elon musk & justin roiland on pewdiepie's meme review    02/22/19  (2)
"no it's just a research boner" (halford looking at super deranged gay porn)    02/22/19  (121)
*doobs standing behind Halford blinking "TORTURE" in Morse Code to cops at door    02/22/19  (22)
The Sexualization of Lotlizard Peterman by the Piglord Robert Halford    02/22/19  (9)
"Ugh men are such pigs!" Halford: *sips latte* "You have no idea."    02/22/19  (113)
I like to fuck fat, stupid cunts in their ugly faces.    02/22/19  (3)
Feel like a father talking to his teenager when engaging friends from HS    02/22/19  (6)
i'll be going to at least one NWern and one Wisconsin football game next season    02/22/19  (12)
insaen how much better Ukrainian women are than american women 10-fold at least    02/22/19  (4)
Klobuchar fashioning a shot glass out of empty Tic Tac canisters in purse    02/22/19  (2)
ITT: How many people in your IRL would ever get XO?    02/22/19  (6)
About 2 do the unthinkable: leaving chill job for a more pressing corporate gig    02/22/19  (24)
Finally got around to beating Mario Odyssey. Mushroom Kingdom is 180    02/22/19  (1)
"Yes I'm here to speak to my son's teacher, Mr. Halford?" "Who?"    02/22/19  (111)
Gen Y Phenotype differences    02/22/19  (1)
The name "Ram Dass" is a homophones of "rammed ass"    02/22/19  (13)
Wait so Krafts girlfriend had a baby that isn't his in 2017? Dating 6 years. WTF    02/22/19  (4)
Nebraska football. Nebrasin. Nebronsin. Nebsconsin. Wisconsin. Wisconsin footbal    02/22/19  (1)
Bay Area libs trying to destroy Nebraska football    02/22/19  (29)
now is a good time to slowly enter JJC    02/22/19  (1)
This new poster "GOY" is incredible    02/22/19  (5)
"Ms Dooberstein, your son already left school. His uncle, Lord PiddleSnout, came    02/22/19  (7)
Turns out that Scientologists were 100% correct about psychiatry    02/22/19  (7)
At some income range would you take a CHILL/SAFE job and never leave?    02/22/19  (2)
Julia Goerges is literally the hottest tennis player in the world    02/22/19  (47)
reddit dude predicted kraft thing yesterday (link)    02/22/19  (6)
DOJ sources: Mueller’s report isn’t being filed next week    02/22/19  (4)
Holy shit: "abusive supervision" wiki article has multiple deletions by "aklobuc    02/22/19  (1)
GOY: SoW *is* pretty fun    02/22/19  (3)
Ljl at Klobuchar nytimes hit piece    02/22/19  (1)
Heard back from oilfield roustabout job apps    02/22/19  (14)
niggermania.net    02/22/19  (2)
Kraft Heinz stock down 28% today    02/22/19  (7)
primaries are gonna be fun    02/22/19  (2)

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