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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/15/19  (310)
Come ITT and rate my knife collection.    08/17/19  (27)
The rise and fall of General Electric mirrors that of the USA    08/17/19  (31)
I have no friends, prospects or kids; but I can whatever the fuck I want 24/7.    08/17/19  (10)
Bluetooth is such a fucking shitty technology    08/17/19  (6)
Trump bends the knee before the Ottoman Sultan    08/17/19  (7)
Not flame: my local Burger King switched from CNN to Fox    08/17/19  (20)
Nature: Finns, Estonians and Hungarians are of azn ancestry    08/17/19  (13)
Load up Sex.com its horny time. Boner city. Love women haha    08/17/19  (7)
"US" dem party leadership never took accountability for fucking 2016 up?    08/17/19  (2)
Slutty Hot Young Shaved Head Antifa Teen Sucks Your Cock POV    08/17/19  (11)
The Lonely Burden of Today's TEEN Girls (WSJ)    08/17/19  (5)
NPR tiny bump concert series    08/17/19  (1)
Should I text my crazy ex?    08/17/19  (1)
exeunt: why don't you work with cslg to start xo financial advisers?    08/17/19  (1)
How do people not get terrified when they smoke weed    08/17/19  (16)
LOL Russia's nuclear powered nuke missile blew up killing scientists    08/17/19  (8)
Anyone play Fire Emblem?    08/17/19  (11)
Why does WINE taste like tobacco    08/17/19  (3)
Trump's new 2nd Circuit COA nominee has published a ton of SCHOLARSHIP    08/17/19  (3)
any1 here raid a stashhouse to get location of meth cook 2 solve occult homicide    08/17/19  (3)
luis, I'm going hiking with a Muslim chick    08/17/19  (3)
180 how ALL the gen-Z posters are trans (whittier, cain, uspo, GOY)    08/17/19  (15)
Guess the Wikipedia (easy)    08/17/19  (6)
Tom Steyer's dad was a SullCrom partner    08/17/19  (6)
40 acres and a snowmobile    08/17/19  (8)
Bloodacre incentivizing his kids to form a Sabaton cover band    08/17/19  (1)
Look at this Immigration Map: U.S. Whites FLOCKING to Greenland    08/17/19  (12)
2050: Buzz Aldrin III first Greenlandic astronaut to walk on Mars    08/17/19  (2)
Why does Fargo ND need TWO holocaust museums?    08/17/19  (2)
w g w a g    08/17/19  (1)
No results for Greenland Holocaust Museum hmm    08/17/19  (3)
Leif Ericson reached Greenland BEFORE he became Christian    08/17/19  (2)
In Japan now, most women are very average    08/17/19  (34)
charles is a CONFIRMED sexhaver now    08/17/19  (13)
Former JP Morgan exec spends $70,000 on surgery to become literal Dragon Lady    08/17/19  (23)
It is our limitations that define us    08/17/19  (15)
March 2017: Deported Trumpmo in Greenland running from Rabies infected Moose    08/17/19  (9)
Does Swimming Worsen on Improve Eczema    08/17/19  (6)
Guess the Wikipedia (hard)    08/17/19  (7)
exeunt: why is CNBC so popular?    08/17/19  (27)
grandpa told me about naked bodybuilders from the 1930's    08/17/19  (99)
I'm playing Nintendo fucking deal with it babe    08/17/19  (1)
Do you like LA or NYC better    08/17/19  (31)
Temple on Epstein’s island is a Holocaust museum (link)    08/17/19  (9)
Most under-rated pizza topping?    08/17/19  (11)
amicus brief w/ single question presented, no other content: "What's his name?"    08/17/19  (6)
Told my therapist that I don't think it's depression, it's recession.    08/17/19  (1)
Julian Assange gets prison rape (BBC)    08/17/19  (2)
Arghhh Joe Biden 😡 white man 👨 arghhh 😤    08/17/19  (6)
*Zuckerberg beating off to pics of ur HS gf that she sent to Chad while dating u    08/17/19  (23)
$626,000.00 win at Ca$ino good?    08/17/19  (5)
Google's search engine is getting shittier and shittier    08/17/19  (21)
Reminder: SJW shit is just a fringe that doesn't affect anyone irl    08/17/19  (44)
John Nash the mathematician was a poaster (proofs ITT)    08/17/19  (25)
Best way to get exposure to gold, silver, etc?    08/17/19  (9)
(DailyMail)Seventeen-year-old strumpet rushed to ER after inserting hydro flask    08/17/19  (2)
ATP Aug 12-18 Thread - CINCY MASTERS #tennis    08/17/19  (74)
What credential do you need to teach at an elite high school?    08/17/19  (13)
Why don't wardens do something abour prison rape    08/17/19  (3)
Julian Assange dies in UK prison hospital (BBC)    08/17/19  (4)
"Soulmate" vs. "Whomever a Woman happens to be dating when she's late-20s"    08/17/19  (8)
Exchanging emails with French woman I met in England - is this a "relationship"?    08/17/19  (68)
Xo Steve Hsu freaking NPR libs out about eugenics    08/17/19  (13)
john nash's childhood friend accidentally killedself making a pipe bomb at home    08/17/19  (3)
Fifteen year old girl hooking for Hydro Flask    08/17/19  (3)
If you're single, just start using the royal "we" when talking about thingdoing    08/17/19  (7)
Niece wants matcha tea kit for bday, help me what kind brand what?    08/17/19  (15)
CSLG: Are you still offering your SL course?    08/17/19  (3)
TT $hould bird$hit amerikkkan police be di$armed?    08/17/19  (1)
All my married friends stay up until 3am on weekends 2 play video games    08/17/19  (8)
In 48 hours, the city of Portland will be reduced to rubble    08/17/19  (139)
nfl redzone but it's a whip-around of portland street cams    08/17/19  (1)
My wife just snarked: I’m sorry your life is broken and we give you no joy”    08/17/19  (1)
Sorry libs, I'm going to the range tomorrow and there's nothin you can do    08/17/19  (2)
bort juden - what happened 80 yrs ago will happen again    08/17/19  (3)
I can't believe a human snatched 485 pounds    08/17/19  (2)
Women are so evil that men unconsciously behave more immorally in their presence    08/17/19  (9)
Just bought the Galaxy Watch, taking questions    08/17/19  (20)
Trevor Noah's show is pure shit    08/17/19  (4)
Portland "Communists" being careful not to damage parked Range Rover while teari    08/17/19  (1)
What do Trump and trannies in the military have in common?    08/17/19  (1)
digital po' boy    08/17/19  (1)
"dont fall in love with him. he's a digital nomad"    08/17/19  (19)
Measure for measure, Jews have contributed more to human advancement than any ot    08/17/19  (80)
Real American here looking to buy a .30-30 lever-action this fall    08/17/19  (14)
Does Muscadine wine have the worst life on xoxo?    08/17/19  (30)
Chinese infantry being given 8 foot long electric forks to quell HK riots    08/17/19  (9)
Anyone else get a spaceporn subpoena yesterday?    08/17/19  (3)
Movies released in 1984: Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Karate Kid    08/17/19  (3)
Loan Survivor, starring Ulysses S. Johnsmeyer    08/17/19  (9)
Epstein slept on the floor, quit bathing, emptied all the vending machines    08/17/19  (31)
Lenscrafter douche told me the frames I wanted are for women. Sue his ass?    08/17/19  (4)
Sometimes indian dudes just fall out of trees (vid)    08/17/19  (6)
Here's the music Sumerian bros were chilling to after a long day of building civ    08/17/19  (5)
Stephen King’s The Cloud    08/17/19  (10)
"final solution" 2.0: force all 10M jews to breed w/ subsaharan africans    08/17/19  (5)
Women are so stupid    08/17/19  (42)
weed is for fags    08/17/19  (1)
weed is gay as shit    08/17/19  (6)
Gonna watch a comedy tonight... any good new ones?    08/17/19  (12)
"But Mrs. Spaceporn, Mr. Spaceporn picked up Junior at 2!" Mrs. SP: "NOOOOOOOOOO    08/17/19  (2)
"Keep this secret-No one likes a necrophiliac" jokes Old HLS Dude as I enter him    08/17/19  (1)
Better city: DC or London?    08/17/19  (6)
how do people take dating seriously past 25    08/17/19  (27)
HS cheerleaders are always going door-to-door causing sexual mischief    08/17/19  (1)
"oh yeah, bacon for breakfast" moaned Spaceporn as he pounded his spaniel's ass    08/17/19  (23)
"Welcome to the wonderful world of HIV" Spaceporn whispered in Bacon's ear after    08/17/19  (4)
“Bacon, c’mere boy! * dog yelps in pain*. Hi, who just joined?”    08/17/19  (20)
I could win on Jeopardy for like 400 days in a row if I knew art and boomer shit    08/17/19  (3)
How did Tony find out Big Pussy was... (SPOILERS)    08/17/19  (10)
"Upset Jew" tp is an extremely degenerate individual    08/17/19  (7)
I'm going to launch a Law King cognac soon    08/17/19  (8)
Nebraska 37 point favs game 1! Put your money where your mouth is?    08/17/19  (1)
Senator Marco Yu-Gi-Oh!    08/17/19  (24)
Jew$ and other$ have button$    08/17/19  (4)
was Alien: Covenant the last Alien movie?    08/17/19  (3)
the GOMAD nomad    08/17/19  (2)
TT watch Sacred Games on netflix u streetshitter    08/17/19  (1)
A Thousand Foot Wicker Man filled with antifa and blacks    08/17/19  (2)
I'm noticing a lot less Boomer nostalgia than expected over Peter Fonda's death    08/17/19  (9)
Is "Wikifeet" a scam?    08/17/19  (9)
Bros: Have you ever had sex with a legit obese woman, or at least a fat woman?    08/17/19  (15)
Rate this rap song written for XO    08/17/19  (2)
Tangled up in Jews    08/17/19  (2)
Bill Mayer eviscerates xo posters (video)    08/17/19  (1)
"RUBIO" : Anagram for "UR BOI"    08/17/19  (103)
Dispelling the Myth that Asian Vaginas are Tighter <article>    08/17/19  (87)
*Rubio on deathbed*: "let's dispel with the notion that Barack Obama doesn't    08/17/19  (12)
UNSPOKEN TRUTH: A1 sauce is pretty good    08/17/19  (4)
Been putting A1 Steak Sauce on everything, it's 180 and ppl think I'm alpha    08/17/19  (6)
nouveau prole tell: hating on filet mignon    08/17/19  (99)
Rubio: "We must dispel this notion...hold on..." *farts foam* "OK.We must dispel    08/17/19  (12)
Let's dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing    08/17/19  (21)
Now let's dispel this notion that you won't be driving out today in a new Toyota    08/17/19  (50)
why is A1 steak sauce frowned upon    08/17/19  (12)
my life is steak, boomers are the a1 sauce    08/17/19  (7)
Let's dispel with the notion that Nigel didn't know what he was doing    08/17/19  (5)
Apparently Greenland belongs to the Dutch, but only 12 doods or    08/17/19  (7)
Rubio: "But I dispel from there!" TRUMP: "Not right now you don't."    08/17/19  (13)
Is it normal to feel very "focused" after eating a ton of red meat?    08/17/19  (6)
Lets dispel w the fiction that im not a sui generis genius w imperial roman phen    08/17/19  (3)
CharlesXII - any dating tips? I'm similar to you and going on a date tomorrow    08/17/19  (121)
"Hamburgers" are for twinks, real men eat STEAKBURGERS    08/17/19  (1)
REMINDER: A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. The chance to begin a    08/17/19  (5)
What evolutionary purpose do Jews serve?    08/17/19  (14)
who's gonna stick their penis in a smelly slime pit tonight?    08/17/19  (2)
"Antifa" and "Proud Boys" drinking together at bar like Hulk Hogan and Andre the    08/17/19  (8)
We should buy Greenland    08/17/19  (3)

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