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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/20/19  (339)
Study: 39% of psychopathic patients had a consensual sexual relationship with    10/22/19  (15)
Astros v Nats seems unwatchable    10/22/19  (32)
say "Tired" out loud...two syllables or one    10/22/19  (14)
2019 World Series game 1: ASTROS vs. NATIONALS.    10/22/19  (59)
Juan Soto is a dumb nig    10/22/19  (6)
Feminist bridge in Florida collapses and kills 6 people    10/22/19  (25)
absolutely fucking insane that we dont kill ppl with late stage alzheimers    10/22/19  (20)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    10/22/19  (33)
Summon DBG: rate the snacks provided at my wife's goy friend's party.    10/22/19  (9)
is it EVER okay to ask out someone via text    10/22/19  (31)
So what exactly is the jews plan for the mormons?    10/22/19  (6)
whok, ITT I rate you as a track off Lest We Forget (pf)    10/22/19  (2)
Wait there are actually "Nationals" fans & it isn't some weird transient thing?    10/22/19  (36)
wait Mitt Romney is a senator from Utah?? Thought he was from Mass or Cali?    10/22/19  (12)
How many people have UMia football players killed since program started?    10/22/19  (2)
is BIGLAW losing its prestige?    10/22/19  (16)
China state tv doesn't air NBA opening night games    10/22/19  (2)
I ain't no ways tired    10/22/19  (4)
Donald Trump's Daddy was arrest at KKK rally?    10/22/19  (2)
Libs trying to cause a stir before the World Series    10/22/19  (28)
Some glitch: jj redick is not only still in NBA at 35 but coming off best season    10/22/19  (2)
Why has XO soured so much on Austin?    10/22/19  (44)
Your poasting career examined by newspapers in major American cities (link)    10/22/19  (3)
I went to an Expos home game and it was depressing    10/22/19  (3)
California is worth avoiding at all costs if you want to stay sane    10/22/19  (10)
lol at my loser uncle bill - lol just lol    10/22/19  (6)
Baseball is dead    10/22/19  (5)
Quebec Nordiques Hockey    10/22/19  (2)
REMINDER: Literally no GM would now take Mike TTTrouttt over Bryce Harper    10/22/19  (19)
REMINDER: Bryce > Trout    10/22/19  (103)
BREAKING: Bryce Harper to the Phillies    10/22/19  (86)
Astros junior exec goes on pro-women beating tirade after WS clinch    10/22/19  (56)
Any doubt that Bryce Harper will surpass Trout this year?    10/22/19  (35)
Bryce Harper: .219/.370/.432, with 1.7K/BB and 0.3 bWAR. $330M for 13 years    10/22/19  (12)
So Trump just freed 10,000 ISIS fighters in Syria?    10/22/19  (1)
what's happening to Warren? (part 2)    10/22/19  (3)
Joker 'augmented reality' app for iPhone lets you 'kill' & humiliate ur enemies    10/22/19  (3)
Montreal Expos Baseball    10/22/19  (1)
AOC says hit her in her DM    10/22/19  (4)
Nationals should have kept the color scheme of the Expos    10/22/19  (12)
dis nigga altoove is only 5'4"?    10/22/19  (1)
Tennessee commissioner to white men: "Wake up. We got a queer running for POTUS"    10/22/19  (24)
"Handprint" : a new Kickstarter campaign    10/22/19  (1)
XOCHECK! (video pans over fetid apartment)    10/22/19  (3)
only 7 senators are a "NO" on removal (link)    10/22/19  (2)
As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash [NYT]    10/22/19  (44)
Attn James Joyce this NYC shrew has a "poop stool" in her bathroom (video)    10/22/19  (33)
what were considered "pimp colors" in your middle school    10/22/19  (1)
Most "instagram influencers" I've met have received massive PI payouts    10/22/19  (11)
lol @ this IRL N-threading at UConn    10/22/19  (52)
"U guys like to shit in ur drinking water? What if I give u $400mm?" (Bill Gates    10/22/19  (15)
🚨 Provigil (the official xo drug) class action 🚨    10/22/19  (6)
Lmfao wait NBA opened season today?? Jfc    10/22/19  (7)
$2.4B Scooter rental company Lime will lose $300M on $400M of revenue this year    10/22/19  (57)
LJL at ** 50-year old ** GREEN DAY singer angrily stomping around stage    10/22/19  (26)
Wife got a flu shot 2 weeks ago, she can't lift her arm anymore    10/22/19  (35)
Tranny sues over Muslim lady refusing to wax her balls on religious grounds    10/22/19  (11)
Army just contracted w/ Blink 182's Tom DeLong to study alien technology    10/22/19  (9)
letting you all in on a secret, Armodafinil + Weed is unfuckingfair ywia    10/22/19  (10)
my parents once tried to set me up with this girl from india    10/22/19  (27)
Rate this fireplace (MND and TMF)    10/22/19  (76)
If you don't win today, you won't win tomorrow.    10/22/19  (1)
Trying to convince my wife to move to the Jersey shore. Cr?    10/22/19  (4)
Remember when WLMAS used to post around the clock?    10/22/19  (1)
Couldn't believe what I saw. This dude had a ball and jumped really high    10/22/19  (4)
Ernst & Young made female execs attend a seminar on their dumb pancake brains    10/22/19  (8)
bros pregnant black wife is in labor! she's already called the dr some bad words    10/22/19  (1)
Henry Aaron admits he's broke as fuck, a loser, non-professional, no 401k (link)    10/22/19  (31)
masturbation is actually much better than sex    10/22/19  (1)
is phineasgage still around    10/22/19  (1)
diarrhea literally exploding out of yr asshole    10/22/19  (6)
I finally finished my $45k tinyhouse on wheels this weekend! Taking Qs and abuse    10/22/19  (5)
scheduled to go out to LA friday to fuck stripper, do coke. taking Q    10/22/19  (16)
impossible to overstate how bad women are at anything spatial    10/22/19  (52)
Thank you xoxo for validating my self-loathing mental illness    10/22/19  (10)
Never thought this wld happen to me, but I met this chick on SA and fell for her    10/22/19  (22)
I have to say the new Star Wars trailer looks way better than the Last Jedi    10/22/19  (81)
just submitted fictitious tax documents for a (((loan)))    10/22/19  (5)
Oh man this guy is crazy good at bouncing a ball while running    10/22/19  (5)
Unelected bureaucrat with ginned up credentials says duly elected POTUS is unfit    10/22/19  (16)
Gotta move fast to get a moniker this good    10/22/19  (94)
really enjoying Consuelas 3rd and final act as GOY SUPERSTAR tp    10/22/19  (19)
Joe Biden: "Daryl Morey is an idiot"    10/22/19  (2)
US paper of record reports that US must enrich foreigners at own expense (link)    10/22/19  (2)
soupy chunky cum    10/22/19  (1)
Credited small bag to on vacation to a city?    10/22/19  (35)
Der Golem (1920) is actually a pretty good film    10/22/19  (2)
Hillary machine slowly and steadily destroying all competitors    10/22/19  (36)
do the "beastie boys" have any cultural relevance now    10/22/19  (14)
A certain kind of "chill" White Nationalism and Anti-Semetism...    10/22/19  (2)
CharlesXII here, taking specific suggestions for stuff to see in JAPAN    10/22/19  (109)
1st female spacewalk ends in space fungus contamination. Entire ISS at risk    10/22/19  (12)
Teleportation as a device in sci-fi really strains credibility    10/22/19  (1)
How to establish asking a girl for drinks is a "date" and not friendly?    10/22/19  (15)
pathetic things you do during the workday    10/22/19  (41)
Man with Alzheimer's forgets he has Alzheimer's, remembers everything    10/22/19  (13)
I'm a woman of color and of SIZE and no-one respects me    10/22/19  (1)
Why is cocaine use so rampant among dorky faggot lawyers at the office?    10/22/19  (1)
16 millennials have $100,000 saved    10/22/19  (3)
NYTimes: How to Propose an Open Relationship    10/22/19  (11)
Guy cutting my hair today got a physics BA/MA from university of Chicago    10/22/19  (52)
The new Watchmen show on HBO is canon    10/22/19  (1)
Doodikoff on CNN explaining difference b/w 'bama bangs and aspie bowlcut    10/22/19  (47)
Lol wtf watchmen is about black heroes hunting white supremacists    10/22/19  (100)
is olivia munn supposed to be attractive or something    10/22/19  (21)
colt rolling out of bed at 3am to Google "are bama bangs the same thing as bowlc    10/22/19  (2)
spotted successful shitlawyers wife online looking for something casual    10/22/19  (12)
Just came down off coke. A thought occurred to me    10/22/19  (18)
22 year old guy here. feels like life is over.    10/22/19  (47)
fuck i have to root for the astros.    10/22/19  (1)
an im comin in here fighting all these thangs: ageism, SIZE    10/22/19  (1)
Dave Ramsey counsels a BIGLAW LITIGATOR    10/22/19  (1)
Will this Book help me get RICH    10/22/19  (1)
Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, ‘Is There Anybody Else?’ [NYT]    10/22/19  (40)
1/6 millennials have $100,000 saved    10/22/19  (68)
anyone i knew who was into The West Wing was a total weenie    10/22/19  (12)
I’m trying to get out of wars. We may have to get in wars, too. OK?    10/22/19  (1)
wife of 6 yrs told me she's trans and identifies as a gay man    10/22/19  (4)
"Our next Fox guest is a lawyer known online as AssFaggot." "thanks Tucker    10/22/19  (10)
PSA 4 LIBS:Chances of Trump killed by a meteorite > Chances of Trump impeached.    10/22/19  (5)
Mitt Romney had secret burner twitter, "Pierre Delecto"    10/22/19  (62)
About to hit a girl with dat "please respond"    10/22/19  (73)
what in the goddam CPAP is going on in here?    10/22/19  (1)
Scientists have successfully taught rats to drive cars (link)    10/22/19  (15)
NYT and NBC: getting nervous about Durham probe    10/22/19  (22)
Question on "West Wing" season 7    10/22/19  (1)
'was it the cpap? honestly just forgot i had it on. usually dont wear it to bars    10/22/19  (12)
'listen babe, stop fighting me on this: i'm gay.'    10/22/19  (1)
why did joker movie use that gary glitter song? was it just to piss off libs?    10/22/19  (1)
im gay    10/22/19  (2)
'does somebody have their cpap on? pls mute' (of counsel on conf call)    10/22/19  (21)
Not sure why Star Wars isn't connecting w/ larger audience--pic of creative team    10/22/19  (34)
who the fuck is this Lily Singh acting like we've never seen an Indian bitch bef    10/22/19  (1)
Astros in 4    10/22/19  (1)
Chinamen spearheading campaign against Affirmative Action in WA state    10/22/19  (1)
FuckinGravens    10/22/19  (10)
CharlesXII, Krampus, any NON-nyuug: Recommendations for Seoul visit?    10/22/19  (1)
Exit bag hack: hook up CPAP to tailpipe of running car    10/22/19  (6)
'Oh... The garage is that way.' (jim_kelly's wife to a timid jr associate)    10/22/19  (1)
Andrea Anaconda transitioning back to male (link)    10/22/19  (2)
3 of my married dad friends are coming over to play smash bros tonight    10/22/19  (15)
it's a-me, giuseppe.    10/22/19  (79)
Hey, *sits on chair backwards* it looks like you have an ad blocker installed,    10/22/19  (56)
unlikable alcoholic emotionally unavailable misogynist tp    10/22/19  (37)
Hey! We noticed that you left some items in your cart    10/22/19  (1)
lol @ this fat marathon-cheater shrew    10/22/19  (73)

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