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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
How would u feel if ur daughter wanted to marry a big buck nigger w/ prospect of    02/21/20  (5)
Soul food restaurant criticized over "Buck Nigger Plate" special    02/21/20  (7)
I was the big buck nigger who stomped on fucklaw's glasses    02/21/20  (4)
Big buck nigger drops dead    02/21/20  (3)
ITT the worst financial decision you ever made    02/21/20  (181)
a big buck nigger ejaculates in your wife over and over    02/21/20  (4)
point of UMC life = pay $1M+ for home to avoid sending kids to school w/ blacks?    02/21/20  (2)
Watching all these buck niggers on TV is giving me a cuckold fetish    02/21/20  (2)
Would pay good $ for porn of Dylan Roof' s sister getting railed by buck niggers    02/21/20  (11)
Puerto Rican has a specific word for a big buck nigger    02/21/20  (4)
Anyone trying to suck off a well hung big buck nigger's dick????    02/21/20  (3)
Goofy white kid 1-punch kills buck nigger    02/21/20  (41)
ARE country is being sexually penetrated by big buck niggers    02/21/20  (2)
A big Buck Nigger knocks on RSF's door at night whispering "d e a d b r o t h e    02/21/20  (5)
Rumors out of North Korea is that it's completely fucked with coronavirus worse    02/21/20  (9)
if i was a woman i would exclusively have sex with big buck niggers    02/21/20  (2)
What percent of poasters would have sex w/ big buck niggers if they were women?    02/21/20  (4)
Why do we need private health insurance companies?    02/21/20  (182)
Obama "presidency" = America having a one-night stand with a big buck nigger    02/21/20  (2)
Imagine looking your son in the eye and saying "Yes, I'm a male nurse"    02/21/20  (1)
dirte, did you fuck the HAWT HAIRDRESSER?    02/21/20  (38)
RATE this big buck nigger's DEFENSE ATTORNEY (pic)    02/21/20  (18)
rate the license plate on this porsche    02/21/20  (2)
mark corrigan as hes getting railed by big buck niggers: “im rommel. im napole    02/21/20  (2)
Seahawks draft King Kong-looking buck nigger who can’t turn left    02/21/20  (2)
Upset Jew loves to get buttfucked by hideous hulking big buck niggers    02/21/20  (58)
jcm dates super skinny blacks but wants rape by big buck niggers    02/21/20  (7)
“This guy was a big buck nigger. My daughter. Hi, who just joined?”    02/21/20  (13)
Let a fully grown BUCK NIGGER violently unload his semen in my puckered asshole.    02/21/20  (8)
seriously wtf happened in the past ~20 years    02/21/20  (5)
TubaFrog here, about to fuck the old blonde again.    02/21/20  (3)
bowlcut not just a moniker anymore    02/21/20  (1)
Van Morrision - Philosopher's Stone    02/21/20  (1)
97 iq, 36k salary, walk w/ a cane at 34    02/21/20  (12)
lol, the same Rethuglicans who pushed war in Iraq now bashing it    02/21/20  (2)
This should be your view right now    02/21/20  (2)
has a white person died from coronavirus yet?    02/21/20  (1)
Russian man gets high, saws one of his legs off well above the knee.    02/21/20  (1)
it must take superhuman resolve to marry a +25 white woman and start a family    02/21/20  (2)
farting so hard your bowlcut blows forward    02/21/20  (4)
Russia torpedoes cruise ship with coronavirus infected passengers    02/21/20  (1)
Apple releasing a gay-themed iPhone    02/21/20  (3)
Trump is unable to get under Bernie's skin    02/21/20  (16)
Reminder: #BernieKnew    02/21/20  (2)
Best way to do a "life reset" post 30?    02/21/20  (5)
Chilmata, what is Johnny Fairplay like on the island?    02/21/20  (1)
Video description of how hardcore drinking can cause PERMANENT PARALYSIS:    02/21/20  (11)
Chilmatas performance on the 3rd immunity challenge was embarrassing    02/21/20  (9)
Episode where chilmata was voted off is insane    02/21/20  (4)
Scientific American: NASA's killer astroid detection team is devoid of diversity    02/21/20  (1)
James Brown Eye - Lifting in a Naked Gym    02/21/20  (7)
You can always be thinner, look better.    02/21/20  (19)
Denmark saves Jews, not Muslims    02/21/20  (3)
Anyone here have more than one DUI?    02/21/20  (5)
Wilder-Fury II is on in 3 hours!    02/21/20  (2)
Nintendo Switch. Twitter. Tinder. Politics. Instagram. Dog daddy.    02/21/20  (4)
tips to avoid being nervous for a date?    02/21/20  (32)
am i fucking high as fuck    02/21/20  (4)
Weird how you never see homeless camps on Fifth or Park Avenue.    02/21/20  (13)
XO vermeule: principled conservatives are "the very first group for the camps"    02/21/20  (13)
(Video) Larry Klayman's Deposition of Roger Stone is Seinfeld-level entertaining    02/21/20  (38)
Who do I bribe to get chilmata on survivor?    02/21/20  (1)
Worth it to "start over" in a new job for 10% more pay?    02/21/20  (9)
yeah I tried that meditation app. wasnt faggy enough. (luis)    02/21/20  (5)
Niggers make up 12% of the population    02/21/20  (15)
I'm MOONING daddy    02/21/20  (4)
What's Kumari Fulbright up to now?    02/21/20  (8)
Hey, Who Cares?    02/21/20  (1)
You're starting to look like a salt-shaker! (jinx to whok)    02/21/20  (1)
Top NYU law grad: Guilliani, JFK Jr., Demitri Martin, LA Guardia, Ed Koch?    02/21/20  (7)
"daddy what was uncle DrakeMallard like as a young man?" "Twitter, son."    02/21/20  (2)
am i insane, i think Consuela is a top 8 poaster easily    02/21/20  (7)
Doobs in monotone next to Portapotty: "This is where the magic happens heh"    02/21/20  (1)
does henry aaron forcibly power bottom the boys he molests?    02/21/20  (11)
Dream Academy - Life in a Naked Gym    02/21/20  (13)
Meghan Markle to DEFY queen, continue to use SUSSEX ROYAL in here "branding"    02/21/20  (107)
lol @ us lemmings walking through a cancer machine every time we fly    02/21/20  (1)
luis has been surprisingly quiet about Jews lately. did THEY silence him?    02/21/20  (3)
Prison double murder in California    02/21/20  (9)
conquering warrior: "sorry i killed ur husband" woman: "nbd hey how tall r u    02/21/20  (13)
Work trip to Seattle next week. Already have 117 Tinder likes....    02/21/20  (33)
New flash for TMF/Lawman who say I've "never accomplished anything"    02/21/20  (1)
My doordasher just changed from Farzad to Mohamad, wtf    02/21/20  (6)
Whats new with IFNB???    02/21/20  (1)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!    02/21/20  (9)
Markle to enroll at UCLA School of Law    02/21/20  (1)
Prestige boosting NYU tax LLM    02/21/20  (4)
Just found an old digital voice recorder I used to use in college    02/21/20  (2)
Meghan and Harry to lose HRH titles entirely    02/21/20  (1)
Watching my Denver nuggets play only 1 place out of 1st in the West    02/21/20  (4)
Chinese banks shut down due to virus (link)    02/21/20  (5)
War Machine, explain this tweet (link)    02/21/20  (3)
Bernie: was Russia actively colluding with Trump?    02/21/20  (5)
WaPo: Russia hacking 2020 election to help Bernie Sanders as well    02/21/20  (28)
Lol that the top NYU law alum and Winston Strawn alum is the Lego sculptor guy    02/21/20  (4)
Hypo: you get $15M but you're shrunk down to 5'9"    02/21/20  (11)
Why are UMC people so obsessed with retiring?    02/21/20  (25)
LMFAO Demarcus Cousins gets WAIVED by Lakers.    02/21/20  (1)
Bill Simmons: "sports are retarded"    02/21/20  (1)
So GC just gets a free day of work from you every four years?    02/21/20  (23)
Fucked a chick last night who couldn't enjoy it cause my cock was too big    02/21/20  (92)
Russia releases video of airstrikes on Turkish positions    02/21/20  (8)
'NOOOOO DON'T B MEAN 2 ______' is still a 180^180 xo meme    02/21/20  (1)
Cackling Hillary Clinton spiderwalks into 2020 brokered convention    02/21/20  (2)
Vice: We Can't Have a Feminist Future Without Abolishing the Family    02/21/20  (13)
Does Bloomberg's debate performance matter?    02/21/20  (2)
Mom who adopted 6 y.o. Ukrainian dwarf learns daughter is actually 22 & psycho    02/21/20  (50)
CA inmate who killed two conviced child molesters confesses    02/21/20  (2)
Read this poem out loud to my wife at restaurant tonight    02/21/20  (7)
Steve Martin went full grey in his early 20s    02/21/20  (1)
Can't get it up to any woman to any porn anymore let alone IRL female lol    02/21/20  (11)
I'm glad Kirk Douglas didn't live long enough to see Bloomberg's implosion    02/21/20  (1)
Bored Russian Spook: Lol, what if we randomly "interfered" for Joe Biden?    02/21/20  (3)
WaPo: Russians helping all campaigns except that polite young man Pete Buttigieg    02/21/20  (1)
Ichiro Suzuki throwing live batting practice in Mariners spring training    02/21/20  (1)
Pouring some FRESH MANGO JUICE out for our HOMIE Juice WRLD - RIP juicy    02/21/20  (2)
Dreadlock bowlcut    02/21/20  (1)
original bowlcut    02/21/20  (2)
Which death hit you hardest: Lil Peep or Lil Mike's Presidential Chances?    02/21/20  (1)
Lindsey Vonn: "he knows it [her butt] is all his"    02/21/20  (50)
You merely adopted the bowl. I was born in it, molded by it    02/21/20  (8)
Anyone going to Hong Kong 7s this year?    02/21/20  (10)
Has anyone here seen the documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight"?    02/21/20  (1)
Ajection yo honuh, dis nigga don't even KNOW 'bout Pop Smoke    02/21/20  (1)
Joe Biden releases statement re: "Smokepop"    02/21/20  (2)
Who the fuck is Pop Smoke, and why does anyone give a shit about him?    02/21/20  (12)
David Bloomenberg paying critics $500 each to endorse new body horror movie    02/21/20  (1)
Self-induced penetrating rectal perforation in childhood (link)    02/21/20  (1)
Bloomberg RELEASES NDA STATEMENT    02/21/20  (50)
Duel at the end of Scanners but Bernie & Bloomberg accusing each other of anti-    02/21/20  (1)
Bloomberg Campaign Anti-Semitically Blaming Jewish Campaign for Vandalism    02/21/20  (1)
Dems are the oblivious useful idiots being effortlessly played by Russia    02/21/20  (1)
Russia made Dems pursue unpopular impeachment    02/21/20  (4)
Wilder looked so bad against Ortiz until the knockout    02/21/20  (7)
Imagine if Crooked had won?    02/21/20  (2)
180 Aaron Mate on Tucker    02/21/20  (1)
it was so obvious but I just realized that Jordan Peele is jewish    02/21/20  (8)
*Henry Aaron cues Chilis Music* "I want my baby dick, baby dick, baby dick"    02/21/20  (36)
Henry Aaron relaxing after a long male nursing shift    02/21/20  (7)
Trevon Duval will be a better NBA player than Trae Young, Collin Sexton, or Gilg    02/21/20  (6)
Trump more popular than ever. Bernie running away in Dem race. Must be Russia!!!    02/21/20  (1)
there was almost a brawl tonite at the outback steakhouse parking lot    02/21/20  (3)
lol at the incredibly shitty undercard for Fury Wilder    02/21/20  (1)
Tomorrow night Deontay Wilder becomes a LEGEND w/ an early KO of Fury    02/21/20  (14)
Should "Consuela" have his grifter skull punted into the ocean?    02/21/20  (3)
PSA Fury's getting dropped for the full 10nl tomorrow    02/21/20  (1)
Everyone is the recipient of "welfare"    02/21/20  (1)
whok, list a few things Mr. Jinx has shoved up your ass lately    02/21/20  (15)
Should I go from market big law to national biglaw? $145K to $190k    02/21/20  (38)

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