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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/20/19  (312)
Fat Trumpmo copped a beej from WH staffer on roof of GSA building    08/22/19  (1)
What's the difference between Upset Jew and a banana?    08/22/19  (40)
TMF: Drag Queens are degenerate. TMF: Fucking 14 year olds is normal.    08/22/19  (48)
Attended 50th College Reunion - Taking Questions    08/22/19  (100)
2.5 years out of office, Obama suddenly has enough $ to buy $15mm house    08/22/19  (17)
40 Is young you’re all stupid as fuck    08/22/19  (6)
partner just emailed me "if u try any snowpiercer shit ur fired    08/22/19  (3)
I say DIE BIRDSHITS, but you doing it YOURSELVES so THANK, we all good    08/22/19  (2)
I have a question related to black people's hair. Any black friends here?    08/22/19  (1)
Famous XOX Truffles In SF Attacked By Homless Bum    08/22/19  (3)
British friend imported his Jaguar here to US. has to do drive thru in reverse    08/22/19  (55)
Rating POASTERS as things BOBBY BIRDSHIT blows away with GUN    08/22/19  (29)
how should I prepare for this AMAZON programming interview?    08/22/19  (12)
My kid's 5th grade teacher sits and kids sit during Pledge of Allegiance    08/22/19  (54)
Apple credit card seems really stupid    08/22/19  (26)
Intermittent fasting is 180. Under 200 lbs this morning (dr thunder)    08/22/19  (40)
Snakes are purely evil organisms    08/22/19  (23)
the "Obama should get his" libs are the worst people    08/22/19  (1)
should i learn to code    08/22/19  (16)
IF you look great no one can prove age easy to get new documents    08/22/19  (1)
BETABOSS didn't say shit about me reeking of bourbon or snus can on my desk    08/22/19  (7)
Zil is an easy 2x from here probably maybe    08/22/19  (2)
Anything under 45 for a guy is a boy real women don’t want Manlets    08/22/19  (1)
Upset Jew here with your lead pipe lock upsets for Week 1!    08/22/19  (1)
Rev Wright seeing Obama's Matha Vineyard home "haha holy shit death to america    08/22/19  (1)
kikes and niggers    08/22/19  (1)
Can 50 percent of XO poasters run a 5k in under 30 min?    08/22/19  (6)
can someone explain transcendental meditation to me    08/22/19  (13)
been exposed through work lately to a lot of HOT YOUNG PROLE GIRLS    08/22/19  (1)
Lol at calling 40 old when people are in school until 20s to 30s and all of life    08/22/19  (3)
Apple Card. What’s in your ass?    08/22/19  (1)
I think I'm falling in love with UpsetJew    08/22/19  (3)
Head over heels. I’ve felt it before.    08/22/19  (1)
julia offered me money to spray one of my loads on her face    08/22/19  (4)
BAM! Youre born in 1945. It's 1963 and time to go to college, pick major.    08/22/19  (9)
Almost nothing people do in “Vegas” is even in Vegas Ljl    08/22/19  (2)
Brutal subway fight between whites while blacks play peacemaker    08/22/19  (1)
Video of lawman8 finding Upset Jew in subthread with another poaster    08/22/19  (3)
Remember the Vegas shooting didn’t even happen in Vegas strip isn’t Vegas    08/22/19  (2)
The indisputable evidence of men's plummeting T levels shld be a top 3 issue    08/22/19  (73)
“Vega$” feels small and is a literal dump    08/22/19  (9)
Are you a butt buster or an anal explorer?    08/22/19  (69)
was inherent vice worth watching    08/22/19  (18)
You do realize if a creditor refuses payment the bill is void    08/22/19  (1)
heard dupa raped phishphorum haters with his sick bass skills    08/22/19  (3)
Upset jew you’re either my friend or I’m running you Off    08/22/19  (3)
Upset jew let’s be friends there’s enough negative here    08/22/19  (1)
Jews are the best I’d resurrect them all love them love love I    08/22/19  (3)
shorting amazon stock    08/22/19  (3)
Super Mario RPG for SNES was my favorite video game of all time.    08/22/19  (13)
Excited for another day using Upset Jew's diary platform    08/22/19  (6)
"i'm in the grocer business," evan39 chuckled in his seattle Amazon HQ office    08/22/19  (116)
my boyfriends nickname is dreidel because he's a spinner but also a top (upset j    08/22/19  (5)
Upset Jew get out of here! Who the hell is this fool? I own this place    08/22/19  (4)
You aren’t telling me shit! I’ll destroy you upset jew attacking me    08/22/19  (1)
It would be so 180 if somebody shot Upset Jew and killed him.    08/22/19  (1)
It's true. Bowlcuts. Milk allergies. Pillow girlfriends. All of it.    08/22/19  (73)
21 getting fucked up at bar 2 getting diapered in 2000 shit gets deep    08/22/19  (3)
Chronological “age” is a lie the Gregorian calendar is a lie    08/22/19  (2)
ITT: List underrated Sega Genesis games that no one ever talks about    08/22/19  (106)
Do races have different skull sizes?    08/22/19  (18)
Almost everyone is old according to xo Ljl    08/22/19  (2)
The fucking Jews got you to buy into it all? You’re suckers    08/22/19  (3)
Anyone under 50 to 70 is old! No money to do anything except fake    08/22/19  (1)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    08/22/19  (115)
"But she's 14! It's normal!" cried TMF as handcuffs tightened    08/22/19  (1)
me going back in time desperately trying to teach GOY tp's ancestors how to fish    08/22/19  (3)
"Damn that guys ripped! Well at least I know more about Catherine the Great."    08/22/19  (3)
Theeeeeee hills are alive, with the sound of NIGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
   08/22/19  (15)
predict your balls-out fastest sprint speed right now    08/22/19  (26)
People need their small minds and small brains bashed in    08/22/19  (1)
tulsi gabbard and tctp comparing acne scars like the guys in jaws    08/22/19  (7)
What is your OutRun high score    08/22/19  (1)
Finally pulled the trigger and measured my own skull. Blackpilled.    08/22/19  (22)
You can marry someone with parental consent born in 2004    08/22/19  (2)
What are the relevant SCOTUS rulings about threats?    08/22/19  (13)
Actually everyone under 50 is old 50 over young because no money millennial reta    08/22/19  (1)
all of the girls i bang have short dyed hair and theyre all fat and depressed    08/22/19  (6)
This place is so negative and so full of shit    08/22/19  (5)
Thinking about dying hair to get gray wings on the side like Paulie Walnuts. CR?    08/22/19  (6)
So did any "supporters" of drag queen story time tell us how it benefits kids?    08/22/19  (67)
Rate this BIGHORN SHEEP.    08/22/19  (1)
How do some attorneys routinely work late into the evening and weekends?    08/22/19  (42)
Real men gain value... know guys that made big bucks after 50 had great lives    08/22/19  (2)
25 was 6 in 2000 I current time is a lie shit gets deep    08/22/19  (1)
life is beyond comprehension horrible    08/22/19  (16)
40 isn’t shit dumb fucks    08/22/19  (1)
MAN UP! The new xo motto! MAN UP!    08/22/19  (2)
"Let's Roll"    08/22/19  (2)
In Hamburg do a lot of places sell hamburgers like it's historical thing?    08/22/19  (2)
I only like women whose kinsey scale number exceeds their attractiveness rating    08/22/19  (9)
99% of air marshals today are trust fund kids, none are on any flights    08/22/19  (8)
40 is a young millennial still haven’t made real money    08/22/19  (1)
Why has the concept of "generations" been forcememed so hard this decade?    08/22/19  (9)
im a short beta male and i demand my fair share    08/22/19  (5)
They should remake Twins with Chris Pine and Charlie from Its Always Sunny    08/22/19  (2)
Any other Liberal Arts Bad Boys on rn    08/22/19  (14)
40 is young as fuck anymore that was 21 in 2000 think about that dumbasses    08/22/19  (1)
ATP Aug 19-25 Thread - Winston-Salem | USO Quallies #tennis    08/22/19  (34)
USDT is 68% of Bitcoin trading volume lmaooooo    08/22/19  (2)
šŸŽµšŸŽµšŸŽµA gathering of niggers appeared above my bedšŸŽµšŸŽµšŸŽµ    08/22/19  (2)
If you aren’t some drug addict loser 40 is super young it’s not even middle    08/22/19  (1)
Any Pink Triangle / Cherry Marine types poast here?    08/22/19  (2)
Militarized amerikkkan police šŸš” and $i$$y men hmmm    08/22/19  (3)
XO'ers who drink non-fluoridated water: do you notice any difference?    08/22/19  (10)
Reminder: there is a woman out there somewhere who will love you for you    08/22/19  (74)
How many dick$ up the ass to maek it in amerikkka?    08/22/19  (5)
Literally young people in 20 30s 40s talking about funerals    08/22/19  (4)
Video of Chilmata apologizing to Phish message board    08/22/19  (1)
assfaggot you should be friends with the huge autistic guy on the bus    08/22/19  (2)
Rate this SF shooting downtown in broad daylight two days ago (link)    08/22/19  (1)
need to fuck a mouth tp    08/22/19  (1)
I'm gonna buy a SAILBOAT and SAIL around the WORLD    08/22/19  (13)
Baby Boomers are Leaving Behind a Trail of Luxury Ranches    08/22/19  (3)
Rate this ALPHA Indian Harvard professor GYNECOLOGIST    08/22/19  (1)
Babylon Bee writes Op-Ed in WSJ re: Snopes' "War on Satire" (link)    08/22/19  (27)
What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas    08/22/19  (1)
thousands of dollars of sushi...COMPED    08/22/19  (41)
A Harvard MBA Assails the Party Culture    08/22/19  (17)
Coins hilarious I’ve been to funerals since babby no weddings you’re nuts    08/22/19  (1)
some old cunt called me "scooter" at lunch today now I have to see HR    08/22/19  (1)
you can legally date, fuck, marry 16 year old girls in most states    08/22/19  (13)
35 yo talking about funerals when it will be 50+ years    08/22/19  (1)
gonna start insisting that people call me "Scooter" at work    08/22/19  (3)
Rob Schneider accurately describes comedy in 2018 (link)    08/22/19  (90)
been on coin collector youtube--its 100% alpha chads    08/22/19  (9)
saw 2 bald guys at lunch, asked them if they were hobbs & shaw    08/22/19  (7)
Trumpmos: which Dem primary campaign is the best strategic investment?    08/22/19  (38)
XO Poaster forced to defend posting history in lengthy deposition    08/22/19  (3)
Tim Cook's Apple: Apple Titaniun Card can be damaged by leather wallets, jeans    08/22/19  (19)
XO is so wrong about life that’s what makes it funny    08/22/19  (1)
The Deep State forces Overstock CEO to resign (link)    08/22/19  (5)
"This is Rach, our XO admin" *gloating jew makes steepling hands*    08/22/19  (1)
"Let's feed them baby food, call it a smoothy. Blender will be $200" (bored xec)    08/22/19  (1)
New CBO budget estimates for next decade: TRILLION-DOLLAR DEFICITS EVERY YEAR    08/22/19  (13)
Fat GF teaches Social Studies. Didn’t know about Voter ID laws    08/22/19  (6)
Now 35 years old. pretty much only funerals from here on out?    08/22/19  (14)
Liz Warren wants to be like a "real life Hermoine Granger"    08/22/19  (1)
Just beat Dragon Warrior 2, my detailed thoughts ITT    08/22/19  (6)
I can't think of anything more prestigious than beating up random minorities in    08/22/19  (4)
TT ever hung out in vega$? What do you think of it?    08/22/19  (5)
Cop kills fat guy napping in his car by dosing him with Narcan (link w/ video)    08/22/19  (4)
We have plans to let in Mexicans, Hondurans... pretty much whatever we want    08/22/19  (13)
GOY tps manifesto states that he'll turn your mall's Black Friday into a red one    08/22/19  (3)
Pretty much wherever we want    08/22/19  (37)
"...it sure is powerful! Hello, who just joined?"    08/22/19  (3)
tedcruztps rent is comped.    08/22/19  (3)
thousands of teenage nazi boifriends in diapers - COMPED    08/22/19  (4)
Thousands of dollars in cheese - comped!    08/22/19  (2)
millions of dollars if Bitcoin, COMPED    08/22/19  (7)

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