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DOGE or SOL or DASH all ~ 32, which will get to 100 1st?    04/21/21  (9)
4/20/2021: Police shoot 15 year old black girl who called 911 for help    04/21/21  (84)
rachel jeantel starts exploratory committee for miami DA race (link)    04/21/21  (2)
Dartmouth's president weighs in on Chauvin verdict    04/21/21  (3)
He was guilty of unintentional *and* intentional murder?    04/21/21  (3)
*black 'girl' built like refrigerator perry goes to stab your normal daughter*    04/21/21  (1)
His Excellency Mustapha Kunt of Turkey (link)    04/21/21  (3)
Ted Nugent tests positive for coronavirus after calling pandemic a ‘scam’    04/21/21  (5)
Do Blacks seriously believe their lack of success is bc of racism?    04/21/21  (27)
RATE the University of Kentucky women's volleyball team    04/21/21  (92)
henry still hasn't told tutsi refugees hiding in his ass that the genocide is o    04/21/21  (14)
*henry aaron bouncing on floyd's cock for a full 2 minutes after floyd dies*    04/21/21  (5)
Diet fake foods made out of zucchini and grapes    04/21/21  (25)
Wait! For MN manslaughter the knee needs to be just a "contributing factor"?    04/21/21  (62)
Fun site that does a great job of removing clothes from pics: deepsukebe.io    04/21/21  (95)
Lol at trumptards, american support for police cratering, support for BLM rising    04/21/21  (8)
*rsf dumping small bag of m&m's into bigger bag during brother's eulogy*    04/21/21  (2)
it must kill azns that beaners are more white-adjacent than they are    04/21/21  (5)
Hey white boys, black Kang's can kill yo whole family, cops ain't do shit    04/21/21  (12)
So BTC will be the new world currency while millions have .01 BTC?    04/21/21  (7)
watching that retarded pig get led away in handcuffs was 180    04/21/21  (4)
Rate Gorsuch SCOTUS Clerk Daenerys Arya Williams-Steinberg    04/21/21  (5)
Minneapolis cops lined up to turn in badges like Notre Dame/Rudy    04/21/21  (24)
"It's 4-20 bro! Let's blaze!"- Who did this shit in UG?    04/21/21  (20)
The Midwestern Pony-Loving Assassin that Dripped Blood    04/21/21  (9)
Nietzsche watching 50 'journalists' interview fat black woman outside Popeye's    04/21/21  (7)
*you are now manually thinking about black people 24 hours a day every year*    04/21/21  (2)
BLM telling whites to "get the fuck out of New York"    04/21/21  (52)
"If I Squanched Him"    04/21/21  (15)
docuseries about xo's favorite soros backed DA just dropped    04/21/21  (1)
Genghis Khan's descendants apologize for legacy of Mongolian Supremacy (link)    04/21/21  (6)
"We, the jury, find the defendant aaaahhhhhhhhhh"    04/21/21  (1)
we can squanch if we want to, we can pound my son's behind    04/21/21  (9)
rate the New York Times' new intern class (pic)    04/21/21  (28)
"this is library" guy just got a 800k/yr job at google    04/21/21  (16)
I feel BLM is a worse terrorist organization than anything we have experienced    04/21/21  (31)
Today's cultural revolution is sponsored by Doordash    04/21/21  (8)
Xo is going to achieve peak posting levels during the Spaceporn Trial    04/21/21  (7)
Ivanka's kids look quite swarthy    04/21/21  (8)
Happy Wednesday Autists!    04/21/21  (31)
People lie with their tongues but tell the truth with their feet.    04/21/21  (7)
"Progress" replaced the male head of household/community with Daddy Gov't. Ljl.    04/21/21  (5)
evan: u better kiss ur 80 iq black felon underlings asses or u goin 2 jail    04/21/21  (2)
cuttingtable    04/21/21  (1)
i love minecraft so fucking much    04/21/21  (11)
The Beginning (Rudyard Kipling)    04/21/21  (8)
what's the next parabolic gains investment ?    04/21/21  (1)
Imagine going to a non-white country to lecture on, e.g., Arabian privilege    04/21/21  (7)
Lol the law and order SVU episode on rn is about a kid getting SNATCHED UP    04/21/21  (4)
Nightly prayer: dear lord, I wish I were dead    04/21/21  (1)
Biden is giving a live statements bout this trial ? Lmao wtf    04/21/21  (6)
ITT: Commodity prices over the past 12 months    04/21/21  (20)
Harry Belafonte hasn't released a new album in 24 years    04/21/21  (1)
Wasn't there supposed to be a big Apple announcement today?    04/21/21  (7)
black people and their problems are incredibly interesting    04/21/21  (3)
I’m self-deporting back to Norway    04/21/21  (20)
say what you will, Chauvin was a tasteful dresser    04/21/21  (1)
Reminder: BLM isn't about police but getting whites to accept black criminality.    04/21/21  (253)
Pat Tillman died to protect BLM/antifa's rights to terrorize white people    04/21/21  (7)
Why is search not working    04/21/21  (7)
P0astradamus    04/21/21  (8)
even Fox news is really cucked tonight    04/21/21  (14)
I’m going to make it    04/21/21  (1)
Queen Elizabeth to marry black dude to prove she's not racist    04/21/21  (6)
RATE this iconic moment captured by the media on BLM plaza (link)    04/21/21  (18)
It's too bad St. George Floyd can only die once for our sins    04/21/21  (3)
Crazy how all lib progressive "thought" since 1945 starts from "White Man Bad"    04/21/21  (2)
"Maybe the world doesn't revolve around black people." *monocles shatter*    04/21/21  (3)
I really need a break down of the Chauvin verdict from Askav    04/21/21  (1)
People from fierce ethnostates performing crocodile tears about White Supremacy    04/21/21  (8)
There's nothing you can do about libs. Just live your life the best you can    04/21/21  (21)
All these hall monitor kike "journalists" need to be SNATCHED UP & gassed    04/21/21  (7)
What’s the US prestige equivalent for McGill, U Toronto?    04/21/21  (12)
Jews should be forced to tongue-bathe 'wounded warriors'' severed limb stumps    04/21/21  (1)
max iq to not realize earth is an artificially constructed wharf for 5D aliens t    04/21/21  (5)
Stalin tp never came back from shitting on OldHLSdude    04/21/21  (1)
Whites noticing non-white dysfunction: HATE; Non-whites demonizing whites: LOVE.    04/21/21  (6)
Judas was the first bishop to take a government grant    04/21/21  (3)
Big Brother AI helpfully "suggesting" that you cancel your 27th AOC poast of the    04/21/21  (3)
The breathtaking power of performative liberalism    04/21/21  (3)
There is no such thing as darkness; only a failure to see.    04/21/21  (4)
What’s life like in the puget sound islands?    04/21/21  (23)
Rate Rachel Nichols    04/21/21  (7)
alternate timeline: Derek Chauvin arresting your grandma for no-mask at church    04/21/21  (3)
Associated Press pays tribute to St. George Floyd with tweet    04/21/21  (3)
i am thoroughly demoralized    04/21/21  (4)
RIP European Super League. April 18-April 20, 2021.    04/21/21  (9)
BLM MN: “I’m not saying we need to kill all white folks, but they need to hu    04/21/21  (23)
You better becum a lib or enjoy life in JAIL    04/21/21  (13)
th-tha-that's *NATIVISM*!    04/21/21  (3)
All sports championshionships from 2019-2022 should have a fucking asterisk    04/21/21  (1)
TRUMP WAS RIGHT. Winning is tiring. We keep defeating Trumpmos with such ease.    04/21/21  (2)
100% chance CIA is monitoring xo right now    04/21/21  (17)
Maxine Waters: 'Listen up Boppers... tonight, we gon' rumble.'    04/21/21  (4)
Biden supports making DC 51st state    04/21/21  (32)
Very little depressionthreading these days    04/21/21  (18)
NEJM: 2 ppl DIED after receiving pfizer vaccine    04/21/21  (5)
crazy that there are zero people on planet earth who respect spaceporn    04/21/21  (18)
evan39 we better avoid it all    04/21/21  (15)
6,000 years from now blacks still singing 'We Shall Overcome', utterly helpless    04/21/21  (5)
Your request to exit the Kabbalistic Hyperreality has been denied.    04/21/21  (5)
amazing video!    04/21/21  (1)
Who is the hottie in yellow?    04/21/21  (5)
Secular libs do have an “Original Sin” concept: being born white    04/21/21  (5)
I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances    04/21/21  (1)
dirte - how to start over in life and be someone you love and understand?    04/21/21  (15)
Holy shit; 'CRT' literature is mind-bogglingly stupid:    04/21/21  (6)
explain people who are VEHEMENTLY 'blackpilled'    04/21/21  (2)
BLM protestors: violence got us what we wanted    04/21/21  (2)
NYT: Why depictions of "Good Cops" on Paw Patrol is problematic    04/21/21  (67)
lol @ psychopathic human garbage ex-prosecutor "Kamala" doing "BLM" stuff now    04/21/21  (2)
police love to refer to drugs as 'narcotics'    04/21/21  (1)
For the rest of your life you will be force-injected with an unknown substance    04/21/21  (7)
"US" media w/ foreign passports constantly pitting Americans against eachother    04/21/21  (25)
so Bush family is like "We're transmexicans now, so you have to be too" ?    04/21/21  (4)
I will now buy a PlayStation 5    04/21/21  (2)
Devastating Survey for Birdshit anti-Chinamos    04/21/21  (40)
Not flame, Jews are right. it's just jealousy.    04/21/21  (124)
next up: UBI, reparations, hyperinflation    04/21/21  (6)
take your MEDs = Meaty Erect Dicks    04/21/21  (1)
the lying press    04/21/21  (1)
What is Chauvin doing right now?    04/21/21  (7)
DeSantis '24    04/21/21  (1)
DrakeMallard, is your "animeboi" alt supposed to be your higher IQ moniker?    04/21/21  (1)
why are turds like PP and TT such die hard shitlibs    04/21/21  (13)
Anyone else surprised at the lack of reaction by Chauvin?    04/21/21  (1)
getting caught posting as "DrakeMallard" broke animeboi's brain    04/21/21  (6)
DrakeMallard currently rage posting under "animeboi" alt    04/21/21  (2)
I am genuinely concerned that "DrakeMallard" aka "animeboi" could get crazy    04/21/21  (1)
Biden: “MAGA has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!”    04/21/21  (14)
Reminder: Killing unarmed Trumpmo chick = Good, armed blacked chick = bad    04/21/21  (9)
“Just wait for the pendulum to swing back the r other way” (boomer)    04/21/21  (1)
borders: Trump will win Minnesota TSINAH: Chauvin will be acquitted in Minnesota    04/21/21  (2)
"Police abuse is bad!!!" argues pathetic loser Proud Boy out on bond (link)    04/21/21  (1)
Biden admin set to federally mandate CRT in public education (link)    04/21/21  (69)
"daddy why don't they have any money of their own"    04/21/21  (2)
ralph cifaretto    04/21/21  (3)
Are libs basically trying to stir up some type of Bolshevik Revolution?    04/21/21  (14)
Hit 'em with COVID, hit 'em with BLM, hit 'em with Vaccines, hit 'em with Aliens    04/21/21  (1)
How can anyone maek it in Jail?    04/21/21  (1)
Non libs prepare for JAIL    04/21/21  (1)
"our family don't want a disability (short man), so go away!"    04/21/21  (9)
lol "elites" pitting blacks against middle class whites to $ave their a$$es    04/21/21  (11)
Told GF Pentagon confirmed UFO videos, she ignored and went back to Instagram    04/21/21  (9)
anyone hear of the artist Oliver Tree? this dude is sick    04/21/21  (2)
Trumptards, the way ur losing at this rate DC will be a state in months    04/21/21  (1)
Reminder: Trumptards genuinely think Chauvin will be acquitted    04/21/21  (17)

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