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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/15/20  (382)
crazy to spend $400 on a pair of jeans?    02/18/20  (30)
Really hilarious watching Dems fuck up 2020 this badly    02/18/20  (25)
Anyone watch the Taylor Swift doc on Netflix? Holy shit she became insufferable    02/18/20  (9)
Why are people so averse to a wealth tax?    02/18/20  (111)
Dems: Too much money in politics!! Also Dems: Gimme dat Daddy Bloomberg money!    02/18/20  (18)
Legit torn between my two asscheeks (whok)    02/18/20  (4)
Explain these heads of state to me (pic)    02/18/20  (14)
POLL: When did Donald Trump last have bareback sex with Melania Trump?    02/18/20  (44)
Is there an equivalent in the legal profession of the Harlem Globetrotters?    02/18/20  (6)
AOC Declares Twitter War On Daddy Bloomberg    02/18/20  (25)
NASCAR driver Ryan newman killed on final lap of daytona 500 in firey crash    02/18/20  (22)
Millennials killed the Fed, too.    02/18/20  (3)
Boy Scouts (1910-2018)    02/18/20  (167)
RATE these kittens wearing hats    02/18/20  (3)
Marissa Mayer: "I'm gonna have to Wizard-of-Oz-themed-party the shit out of this    02/18/20  (6)
Ever catch someone forging a "sent" email to you?    02/18/20  (1)
The girl who loved Brett Gardner    02/18/20  (3)
Used “smells like duck sauce in here” IRL to great effect    02/18/20  (3)
A biglaw lawyer steeling himself with Wilson Philips's "Hold On" before work    02/18/20  (6)
Voodoo Child might drop his Henry Aaron alt after he went full on pedo on it    02/18/20  (12)
Lollercausting HARD@ you dumb fucks getting mad at TT. You deserve everything th    02/18/20  (64)
1000 extremely impartial totally fair minded fed judges call emergency mtg over    02/18/20  (4)
Henry Aaron explains to therapist that alts are completely different than voices    02/18/20  (1)
My wife went out and did drugs all wknd while I visited parents w/our kids    02/18/20  (9)
Upset Jew are there homosexual acts that are beyond the pale even for you?    02/18/20  (13)
I sort of regret joining Scientology    02/18/20  (22)
3.9, 1500 SAT Asian gets rejected from all UC schools except 2    02/18/20  (16)
jamal ginsburg    02/18/20  (11)
Trumpism is just Nigger and Kike Nationalism    02/18/20  (2)
In hindsight my timeshares have proved to be nothing but a financial burden    02/18/20  (2)
Here's the music Sumerian bros were chilling to after a long day of building civ    02/18/20  (7)
poop and pee    02/18/20  (33)
Holy crap, I didn't realize how huge Super Tuesday is - link    02/18/20  (6)
im an uppity power bottom and that's why im voting for trump (upset jew)    02/18/20  (9)
i'm really attracted to 30+ travel shrews who like wine and have MASTERS degrees    02/18/20  (107)
another 180 day poasting with NO TOMMY TURDSKIN in sight    02/18/20  (4)
Ann Coulter, others finally calling out (((Stephen Miller))) for the fraud he is    02/18/20  (28)
ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING EIGHHHHWWAAA (lisped whokebe)    02/18/20  (2)
How do you break up with a girlfriend you live with?    02/18/20  (39)
an extrovert with a fade and a half beard asking if you've seen new marvel movie    02/18/20  (21)
hey, who cares?    02/18/20  (2)
Can we talk about the fact that SATAN is now poasting here? Do we have any stand    02/18/20  (14)
i'm obsessed with sheryl crow    02/18/20  (1)
this place used to be hoppin. where did eveyone go? reddit?    02/18/20  (17)
Station Alpha    02/18/20  (4)
A fox outside my house is really upset about something    02/18/20  (14)
getting into girly catfights with ts amanda    02/18/20  (2)
If I was a Sumerian king, I would have 100 new women brought to    02/18/20  (2)
I miss fucking fake tittied bimbo whores    02/18/20  (3)
This board is officially dead.    02/18/20  (13)
not flame just found a saved j shad snap memo about tax restructuring from 2017    02/18/20  (32)
kat timpf, nude in your basement, chainsmoking camels, drinking coors    02/18/20  (47)
I bought a coffee stout beer with 9% alcohol    02/18/20  (37)
Bloomberg DESTROYS Trump in devastating President's Day ad    02/18/20  (36)
Alternate America where Carter Malaise speech resonated and got us back on track    02/18/20  (14)
im straight    02/18/20  (3)
Anus Intrusions—A Balding Attorney Dream!    02/18/20  (1)
Scraps of Rach or A Poaster's Wandering in the Rain-Drenched Darkness in Search    02/18/20  (2)
EPAH how much did you make last year    02/18/20  (10)
Rate Ann Coulter's body in these pics    02/18/20  (12)
Bloomberg: "The wall is meshugga. Real answer is to round up everyone in S Bronx    02/18/20  (1)
Why do white people spoile daughters more?    02/18/20  (10)
What are your current favorite PRESTIGIOUS brands?    02/18/20  (12)
xo mpm trophy to be renamed johnsmeyer trophy in honor of his passing    02/18/20  (2)
30s+: how many wrinkles do you have on your face?    02/18/20  (5)
Don’t bother with women doctors- they think their “status” makes them bett    02/18/20  (12)
Rate 18 year old xoxo Ann Coulter    02/17/20  (40)
Rate the current prestige of the UCs    02/17/20  (7)
"Sexualize him! Sexualize him!" crowd roars as Peterman stands before Pontius Pi    02/17/20  (161)
ITT: ballers NAME YOUR TOP 3 baller ass BRANDS    02/17/20  (81)
Seems like societies where people stop wanting families are set up wrong    02/17/20  (21)
So xo Stephen Baldwin raised a Bieber catcher...    02/17/20  (2)
Sapporo is actually a really tasty beer    02/17/20  (1)
unsaid truth below surface Trayvon = bitchass nigger who got got    02/17/20  (184)
Most PRESTIGIOUS adult diapers, in no particular order, ranked by ABSORPTION and    02/17/20  (2)
alone in diner laughing my ass off reading Jinx/Whok threads    02/17/20  (8)
America FUCK YEAH    02/17/20  (4)
Bachelor mos - Madison has really grown on me. Virtuous wife material    02/17/20  (9)
HS classmate’s wife and daughter killed dead    02/17/20  (80)
This youtube video is a goldmine for "Open Bob show vagene" comments    02/17/20  (16)
wounded GC throws off blanket, aims rifle at Trump; Comey blasts it with .357    02/17/20  (47)
Rate this TV reporter with YUGE TITS    02/17/20  (3)
A memento from the year America ended:    02/17/20  (3)
NRA: "Come and take it!" Virginia Dems: "Uh, Ok." *passes law taking it*    02/17/20  (9)
Kinda absurd that MPM trophy isnt just handed to Turd Sandwich every year    02/17/20  (7)
johnsmeyer is gone    02/17/20  (12)
An orientation of the tetragonal disphenoid honeycomb can be obtained by startin    02/17/20  (3)
Straight up to all my BALLERS and SHOTCALLERS--your top 3 BALLETS nao! *bling bl    02/17/20  (2)
Trump: Virus will go away in April, due to "the heat."    02/17/20  (34)
Well my wife is hiring a cute college coed as babysitter. Not sure how to feel a    02/17/20  (16)
Dec 2, 2019, Wuhan BioWeapons lab: "Oh, I folget runch!...ret's just eat bat"    02/17/20  (19)
Japan raises sales tax to 10%, economy shrinks 6.3%    02/17/20  (2)
Turd sandwich is like AC/DC with the longtime consistency of output.    02/17/20  (7)
Think I may have found a new GF    02/17/20  (7)
"I'll get right on it." *poasts for 4 hours* "Status update?" "Uh,    02/17/20  (41)
ur secretary insisting u take $10 to gamble for her at vegas work conference    02/17/20  (4)
There is a -less than zero- chance Bloomberg selects HRC as running mate    02/17/20  (3)
future economy is 100% youtube vloggers talking about retro game systems    02/17/20  (10)
Stripper gf just broke up with me, taking questions    02/17/20  (135)
Rate this black guy/white girl couple enjoying life    02/17/20  (2)
lawyers are beyond worthless tra$h    02/17/20  (2)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    02/17/20  (42)
/*/*/* NYT WGWAG ALERT /*/*/*/*/*/* NYT WGWAG ALERT /*/*/*    02/17/20  (5)
bump this thread everytime you piss in a sink or bottle    02/17/20  (35)
dha_tux does your Subaru have Eyesight    02/17/20  (6)
Dha tux, brand new poster, just registered, currently posting around the clock    02/17/20  (9)
Luis i'm fuming again    02/17/20  (5)
Peterman pointing to strawberry frosted donut. "Yeah, it looks like that."    02/17/20  (5)
It's time to discuss school prestige.    02/17/20  (82)
Survivors of the coronavirus begin to speak.....    02/17/20  (1)
CharlesXII, need some political halp    02/17/20  (17)
White women in their 30s wearing clown makeup and botox    02/17/20  (1)
"I went to Harvard." "Oh!" "Business school." "Oh..."    02/17/20  (8)
Would you rather get one time payment of $5 million or never poa on xo again    02/17/20  (1)
Do moms love sons more? Do dads love daughters more?    02/17/20  (23)
"they sexualized me," said DrakeMallard in monotone being wheeled into Bellevue    02/17/20  (24)
Any good movies on Amazon or nEtflix?    02/17/20  (1)
TT and DrakeMallard in Cumin &?Velveeta-scented standing 69    02/17/20  (2)
“But you work in cumpliance” explained DamnDaddy as he assraped ARE Reptile    02/17/20  (2)
Would you rather get one time payment of $5 million or be accepted at HBS?    02/17/20  (54)
UCLA's admissions rate is now 12% lmao    02/17/20  (18)
I want to knock up a prole girl with twins and name them Levon and Ebenezer    02/17/20  (2)
Ann Coulter in bikini with sword, riding the giant bird from Heavy Metal    02/17/20  (4)
NYU undergrad - only accepted 16% of applicants, lmao    02/17/20  (84)
Twenty XO posters competing in Slam Poetry contest to sexualize DrakeMallard    02/17/20  (10)
Child of Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter = Kwisatz Haderach?    02/17/20  (3)
Just bought a passable PC w/graphics card. Which VR headset should I cop?    02/17/20  (54)
longwangpoontang's tireless mocking of beloved yet flawed megapoasters    02/17/20  (5)
why did God break luis's back and also make him lose all of his money?    02/17/20  (11)
Nevada dems hired Buttigieg organizer as Voter Protection Director    02/17/20  (1)
Is it wrong that I want to ass fuck Ann Coulter?    02/17/20  (4)
great 4m rant by Ann Coulter on demographic destiny, 'Israel', Trump's idiocy    02/17/20  (16)
how bad would it be to lose a twin? seems like the worst possible loss    02/17/20  (1)
Jinx putting 15 baht lipstick on his fuck hole, claiming he is "in heat"    02/17/20  (1)
CSLG, how often do you fuck your wife in the ass?    02/17/20  (16)
TRUMP shows, if you are a fat guy, wear a blue suit    02/17/20  (1)
Guys, is this still the millennium of aftermath?    02/17/20  (1)
When did Ann Coulter become a race realist?    02/17/20  (12)
In 1985 the richest American was worth 2.8 billion    02/17/20  (77)
Tommy Turdskin is the greatest poster on XO 2006-present    02/17/20  (11)
Why is TT banned and how do we get him back?    02/17/20  (7)
Woman marries XO poaster, finds hundreds of Piss Jugs before divorcing him    02/17/20  (8)
has Lou Dobbs always been a closed border nationalist?    02/17/20  (28)
reading brainwashed Trump-boomers attacks on Ann Coulter for being a 'lib' is...    02/17/20  (5)
Tucker and Ann Coulter 'crossing the streams' like in Ghostbusters    02/17/20  (2)
Oscar the Grouch carving "Embrace Nihilism" into his chest with a yellow feather    02/17/20  (3)
Voodoo Child gets a positive AIDS test "Absolutely devastating for board libs"    02/17/20  (6)
Daddy, can u have all the most important people in government come to my puppet    02/17/20  (4)
This is devastating for libs, smirked Voodoo Child as he pulled his dick out of    02/17/20  (13)

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