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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
xo has completely moved on, charles has been forgotten. everyone is expendable    08/12/20  (5)
Scalia's Bush v. Gore ruling - how do originalists wrap their head around that?    08/12/20  (3)
Doing callbacks in LS was 180    08/12/20  (36)
in other countries the poors literally live in the sewers    08/12/20  (22)
All home builders in Flathead Valley Montana booked solidly through 2022 (link)    08/12/20  (3)
lol @ Upset "GRIDS" Jew trying to tell people NYC is prestigious    08/12/20  (4)
clown-haired pedo retard    08/12/20  (12)
Can anything American be prestigious?    08/12/20  (2)
Spent ~4K at skrip club last night    08/12/20  (12)
He's successful!    08/12/20  (2)
Tinder is dumb in the era of Instagram    08/12/20  (3)
Remember the C12 controversy    08/12/20  (7)
So Covid was a landlord conspiracy to buy up cheap big city RE?    08/12/20  (4)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    08/12/20  (36)
Dear Abby: Teen’s poolside attire - or lack thereof - makes grandparents uncom    08/12/20  (10)
Nebraska $hould tell big 10 fraud$ to fuck them$elve$ let them kick em out    08/12/20  (3)
Subject: your MRI results. Body: lmao sack up, fag    08/12/20  (1)
Reminder: Libs think the 5 y/o kid in NC deserved to get shot    08/12/20  (12)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/12/20  (35)
The jewish messiah isn't supposed to be divine like Jesus?    08/12/20  (18)
lol every time i remember biden chose kamala    08/12/20  (15)
wife agreed to wear masks during sex. told her the science supported it    08/12/20  (2)
Kinda sad what's happened to Grateful Dead merchandise    08/12/20  (9)
Wife of Madoff's biggest co-fraudster, Jeff Picower, now runs $4bb foundation    08/12/20  (3)
p easy for rising law review 2Ls to sex female interviewers at hotel OCIs    08/12/20  (1)
How credited is the Boise "downtown" area?    08/12/20  (17)
luis any tips for making friends in Late 30s?    08/12/20  (10)
if youre cool&good looking its impossible to do well at oci    08/12/20  (1)
I regret not going all in on LINK and I regret JMIA.    08/12/20  (5)
Jewish lawyer's nose shrinks down to normal size after move to Idaho panhandle    08/12/20  (2)
Do I throw all money right now into Tesla or Apple?    08/12/20  (1)
Video of Anne Hathaway shitting her guts out on Mount Kilimanjaro trip (link)    08/12/20  (6)
Reddit lawyer moved from Portland to Bozeman, MT, and his T levels rose by 53%    08/12/20  (3)
Small Idaho town had legalized prostitution & brothels until 1973    08/12/20  (10)
Kamala was returning clothes at Ross when she got the news (politico)    08/12/20  (5)
Kamala wants to give Americans $2k per month during pandemic    08/12/20  (6)
still listening to the lumineers huh luis    08/12/20  (2)
NO WAY any college football is played right?    08/12/20  (9)
People can’t leave NYC fast enough (link)    08/12/20  (50)
stay in california fag    08/12/20  (12)
China, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and AIPAC all support Biden-Kamala    08/12/20  (1)
Will TESLA reach $7,000 per SHARE?    08/12/20  (4)
Couple next door wants to “share” our partners. He’s kinda hot? Good idea?    08/12/20  (5)
Xo might appreciate this    08/12/20  (1)
Nate Silver releases election model    08/12/20  (79)
Board libs?    08/12/20  (1)
stay in your biome, nigger    08/12/20  (2)
MFHmo here w/ a warning for ARE Country    08/12/20  (7)
Thoughts on Paul, Weiss since Barshay arrived    08/12/20  (22)
Protip: go up to boomers with masks and call them faggot commies    08/12/20  (2)
Alan Derschowitz nudes leaked    08/12/20  (6)
Luis looks more like a Nigger than "kamala"    08/12/20  (2)
"Where the fuck is my crypto?" Bonzi Buddy: "idk maybe call cops?"    08/12/20  (3)
Last tether was just cut: kid school online-only. Now need to study map, move    08/12/20  (2)
weird to ask wife to wear axe body spray during sex?    08/12/20  (3)
Kanye West missed WI filing deadline by 14 seconds    08/12/20  (106)
Donny, shut the fuck up about your stupid internet coin (chainlink).    08/12/20  (9)
****S&P 500 ALL TIME HIGH WATCH 8/11/20*****    08/12/20  (13)
Is Northern England CR?    08/12/20  (36)
Trump dodged a bullet. Harris isn't helping in any rustbelt states.    08/12/20  (56)
RINOs blocking subpoenas for Comey, Brennan (link)    08/12/20  (2)
Now that XO owns 10% of $VERB, what sort of activism is in play?    08/12/20  (11)
Whores in this house there’s some whores in this house there’s some whores i    08/12/20  (2)
coinbase giving away free crypto if you watch stupid videos    08/12/20  (9)
Are watches investment pieces?    08/12/20  (21)
The NYT is a whole new level of smug today    08/12/20  (31)
America: where we use high caste Indian DAs to masquerade as woke blacks    08/12/20  (18)
NYC will never recover in our lifetime thanks to WFH    08/12/20  (6)
"deep dicking" forcememe on its way---heads up!    08/12/20  (1)
BASED South Side Blacks KICK OUT BLM protesters, white Antifa dorks (link)    08/12/20  (27)
Chainlink $16 watch    08/12/20  (10)
guys I will be back in a little bit I need coffee but I am gonna run things soon    08/12/20  (2)
The unfunny Trump mime lady on TikTok is getting a Netflix special 🥴    08/12/20  (4)
Life won't be normal again until 2022    08/12/20  (3)
So XOXO's main stock tip is a biz that uses INTERNET to sell to jet black Congo    08/12/20  (18)
how can I start balling out of control the cslg way    08/12/20  (1)
GA clothing store charges a $20 fee to all white customers (link)    08/12/20  (2)
dont fancy a chinky    08/12/20  (8)
OSU. PSU. Wisc. Mich. || then it's harder to rank    08/12/20  (3)
Doodikoff in the fight of his life against a zerg rush of roaches    08/12/20  (4)
is striking out at oci CR    08/12/20  (3)
CR approach is apply to ANOTHER grad program during 1L    08/12/20  (1)
BPL: Brunch, Protest, Loot    08/12/20  (1)
Can't believe a taco at taco bell went up 200% since I was a kid    08/12/20  (23)
Birth control body on the left; crazy lutada eyes on the right.    08/12/20  (8)
ARE Reptile: Do you intentionally try to give off the Spyros (Billions) vibe?    08/12/20  (1)
Nebraska can kindly leave the Big Ten    08/12/20  (5)
Peaceful Antifa libs shoot down military helicopter in Virginia (link)    08/12/20  (5)
DTP taking questions here (8/11/2020)    08/12/20  (15)
Nebraska fans are insanely arrogant on Twitter    08/12/20  (4)
Has Tucker covered the 5 yo kid who was murdered in cold blood?    08/12/20  (4)
Urban Meyer’s nude boyfriend walks in during Zoom interview (link)    08/12/20  (10)
*Sign done in crayon "PETERMAN BUTTHOLE PUPPET SHOW 3pm" posted at Flying J*    08/12/20  (1)
“White culture” in the northeast seems foreign to me outside of New England    08/12/20  (15)
Most prestigious cattle breed?    08/12/20  (9)
I can’t believe they’re gonna play The Masters without fans    08/12/20  (12)
Can XO racists agree that chauvin is guilty of manslaughter    08/12/20  (22)
white or bust    08/12/20  (1)
Aliens have 0.0004% chance of visiting earth during humanity.    08/12/20  (3)
Jared Kushner trying to convince Kanye to drop out of race (link)    08/12/20  (6)
burritos    08/12/20  (6)
🚼 What do you think of this doll? 🚼    08/12/20  (3)
Thinking of moving to Cornwall, UK. Maybe Penzance.    08/12/20  (7)
Help Me Choose: Which color to wrap my Range Rover    08/12/20  (46)
Independence Day "they're like locusts" scene but w a Boise real estate agent    08/12/20  (1)
The Cannon Hinton shooting was self-defense    08/12/20  (2)
JMIA shares plummeting like a basketball dunked by Director Andre Iguodala    08/12/20  (1)
THIS. So THIS. Can you make this shareable? THANK YOU FOR THIS    08/12/20  (1)
Would you need to be insane to join the state police right now?    08/12/20  (17)
*Your boss fading back into photo as JUMIA stock plunges off a cliff*    08/12/20  (1)
Ooh lock me down daddy! I'm scared of the virus!    08/12/20  (10)
Chainlink $15 watch    08/12/20  (11)
*Throws longwang’s yarmulke like it’s a frisbee*    08/12/20  (6)
Why have Republicans become so soft?    08/12/20  (44)
USA Today: getting a COVID vaccine should be mandatory    08/12/20  (1)
Feels bad to have sold several thousand LINK last summer    08/12/20  (4)
Will a young conservative rise up and speak truth to power?    08/12/20  (37)
Which insurance companies are behind the false allegations attacking Spaceporn?    08/12/20  (1)
NYC is fucked    08/12/20  (96)
Rate famous jewess enjoying a phallic object bigger & thicker than her forearm    08/12/20  (8)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/12/20  (42)
1980 unknown ABBA song discovered- "Sweden Needs More Arabs" - link    08/12/20  (2)
*XO autists raging about blacks, leave home & get bullied by geese*    08/12/20  (2)
Henry Aaron put down the candy and let the little boy go    08/12/20  (16)
Well, Trump and Pence doing all those PSAs about wearing masks SAVED LIVES.    08/12/20  (3)
me and luis 69ing with masks on (masks have hole cut in them for dicksucking    08/12/20  (3)
Happy Wednesday Autists!    08/12/20  (3)
"We fired Henry Aaron for continuing to lick the bedpans" -ER admin    08/12/20  (6)
Faggot Henry Aaron caught posting as his "tough bottom" alt VoodooChild    08/12/20  (22)
I’ll beat that fuckin mask off your face, and I’ll fuck a retard    08/12/20  (20)
RATE Shaun King's tweets on Kamala today vs. 2 years ago (link)    08/12/20  (19)
Outted on Twitter and taking it in the shitter, the Henry Aaron/Voodoo Story    08/12/20  (52)
wow look at that poor gay idiot    08/12/20  (1)
*Henry Aaron, drooling, enlarged eyeballs, rage posting for 44th straight hour*    08/12/20  (22)
Henry Aaron's Asian Mom: "Why u nurse? Why u no doctor? U odd!"    08/12/20  (7)
I hope BLM murders my son someday    08/12/20  (1)
Covid deaths yesterday: • France: 0 • UK: 0 • Canada: 4 • US 1450 - link    08/12/20  (7)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/12/20  (124)
Henry, take the Eggplant out of your Ass & Log-in as Voodoo Child    08/12/20  (11)
*EGGPLANT ALARM! Gay Turdskin Nurse Henry and his alts are here to rage poast!    08/12/20  (1)
Is Pittsburgh the nicest city in the US?    08/12/20  (6)
Run the word "horrible" through a Google English-to-Finnish translate    08/12/20  (6)
Trump on Hannity and he is killing it    08/12/20  (46)
Some 180 engineering fails    08/12/20  (1)
The Progressive Order of Niggers, The Floyds, were a theocratic autocrac    08/12/20  (1)
I choose now to poast as a gay pumo    08/12/20  (1)
the Medical professionals assure us this is unprecedented    08/12/20  (1)
Nigger shooting your 5 year old son in the face as Jews clap in the background    08/12/20  (8)

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