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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
Is KAMALA HARRIS a NIGGER?    08/12/20  (1)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/12/20  (91)
White guys with Azn chicks was just a passing fad. Don't see it much anymore    08/12/20  (8)
Apartment changed it’s gym hours from 24/7 to 10am-5pm. Wtf?    08/12/20  (4)
Sending my kid to CATHOLIC SCHOOL this year ☩☩    08/12/20  (4)
Imagine some guys writing a tune about "California Girls" in 2020    08/12/20  (2)
ChainLink megathread    08/12/20  (1)
xo Jason Whitlock: Twitter Mob Continues to Destroy American Values, Free Speech    08/12/20  (6)
Civil War Q:How was the South "traitors" if their citizens voted for secession?    08/12/20  (101)
Rate this UFO scholar professor who worked with Feynmann    08/12/20  (5)
The VR game "Boneworks" allows you to do xoxo's Scorpion Punch holding bricks    08/12/20  (6)
is it a wet ass pussy or a wet, ass pussy?    08/12/20  (10)
Olivia Munn outs Aaron Rodgers    08/12/20  (4)
You ever watch a Film and then forget that you watched it    08/12/20  (11)
Possible to Cram for Bar Exam? Two weeks enough?    08/12/20  (38)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/12/20  (39)
chilmata do they have rubios in north carolina    08/12/20  (1)
Is zerohedge right wing drivel?    08/12/20  (2)
How many 7 figure solos do you know?    08/12/20  (4)
120 IQ midwits = big guys at bars who could "beat up" anthony joshua in a fight    08/12/20  (2)
AutoAdmit started out 180 this morning; now it is 131    08/12/20  (11)
Sweden's coronavirus strategy has been too successful, they must change course.    08/12/20  (53)
Can XO racists agree that chauvin is guilty of manslaughter    08/12/20  (56)
Lexus IS 200 vs. Honda Accord    08/12/20  (1)
Summer of 2020 is almost over. Fuck China for making it a terrible one    08/12/20  (4)
tls Boston Brahmins. xo California Brahmins.    08/12/20  (1)
Was Academia BETTER When There was Less Meritocracy?    08/12/20  (13)
how do I destroy this fucking fly that snuck in through the window    08/12/20  (1)
I find Kamala Harris much much more attractive than Sarah Palin    08/12/20  (25)
Remember the "early COVID" era    08/12/20  (15)
Hare hare Krishna hare hare    08/12/20  (6)
*Throws longwang’s yarmulke like it’s a frisbee*    08/12/20  (15)
Rate this hot jewish bride    08/12/20  (1)
So whokebe is really xo-dead?    08/12/20  (5)
“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” - J.P. Morgan, 1912    08/12/20  (8)
wow just wow, r/supplychain guys    08/12/20  (1)
Gay Mormon man who married a straight WOMAN in order to achieve 'exaltation' ins    08/12/20  (42)
Life won't be normal again until 2022    08/12/20  (11)
the only prestigious/acceptable cold cuts are    08/12/20  (29)
"mike and jess we'll be taking you to lunch. i think you'll like the restaurant"    08/12/20  (9)
"US" "media" is truly evil and sick    08/12/20  (2)
Nigger shooting your 5 year old son in the face as Jews clap in the background    08/12/20  (9)
How to get fired and still get Unemployment Insurance?    08/12/20  (12)
When I was a teen (over a decade ago), one of my friends showed me some porn    08/12/20  (37)
Austin or Denver for an escaping CA fag?    08/12/20  (83)
Nebraska considering move back to Big 12 (ESPN)    08/12/20  (5)
I learned today that chemo causes other cancer to occur...wtf    08/12/20  (8)
FUCK    08/12/20  (1)
Poll: have you ever had chicken tenders?    08/12/20  (22)
"the world is my oyster" thought the faggot 2L being wined and dined by Dechert    08/12/20  (2)
Lock in your predictions: who will Kamala choose for VP?    08/12/20  (7)
DESCRIBE the type of people who enjoy living in Arizona    08/12/20  (57)
I have information that will lead to the arrest of Mike Fart    08/12/20  (2)
Best store for beefy cholos to purchase tank tops, cargo shorts, shoes?    08/12/20  (2)
physically straining to make her hand touch your penis tp    08/12/20  (1)
Microsoft Surface Duo - thoughts?    08/12/20  (3)
Thoughts on this Russian military watch?    08/12/20  (8)
Rate rob schneider's maid    08/12/20  (3)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/12/20  (59)
Pro-Stalin Slav impregnates Jordan Peterson’s daughter    08/12/20  (16)
Who is most xo?: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, or Madison?    08/12/20  (22)
Trump taps 2019 Thomas clerk for federal bench. You? Poast.    08/12/20  (12)
Mikhaila Peterson selling 'Virtual Dad' zoom sessions w jordan peterson deepfake    08/12/20  (1)
Will a young conservative rise up and speak truth to power?    08/12/20  (39)
jordan peterson's daughter impregnated by stalinist chad...    08/12/20  (48)
Scalia's Bush v. Gore ruling - how do originalists wrap their head around that?    08/12/20  (30)
ur 6 year old daughter knows all of the words to Wet Ass Pussy    08/12/20  (9)
Heard a rumor that pizzagate is heating up    08/12/20  (5)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/12/20  (41)
Calling it now: if Biden wins, Newsom will nominate Garcetti to Senate seat    08/12/20  (14)
CAR RENTAL EXPERTS is there an issue with renting from different brands?    08/12/20  (1)
I just turned on the AC so I can wear my new KYGO sweatshirt    08/12/20  (2)
If kids can't go back to school, why not broadcast their education over TV?    08/12/20  (1)
Hypo: you get $250 everytime you watch mighty ducks 2    08/12/20  (53)
Is Zack Greinke a future hall of famer?    08/12/20  (20)
Doing callbacks in LS was 180    08/12/20  (64)
Seattle Public Schools = pro segregation!    08/12/20  (42)
There's something godawful about those grocery store rotisserie chickens    08/12/20  (30)
Hypo: Gov’t pays you $400 per covid19 swan test you take    08/12/20  (4)
Kampala Harris is the future, to Mike Pence may well be history    08/12/20  (21)
"So that's why I re-branded as Mike Fart." *Interviewer's mouth falls open*    08/12/20  (5)
Hays, Kansas a credited small town to move to?    08/12/20  (15)
why didnt rubio call him 'fat donald' instead of 'big donald'    08/12/20  (7)
I would run over "dha tux" in my limousine    08/12/20  (11)
There's nothing more homosexual than trying to "analyze" Sup Ct decisions    08/12/20  (4)
OMG Beckly he looks like alfred hitchcock but he's a poor 29 yr old attorney!    08/12/20  (8)
China, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and AIPAC all support Biden-Kamala    08/12/20  (2)
Tinder is dumb in the era of Instagram    08/12/20  (22)
If ur not following James Lovers-Brunch on Twitter ur missing some primo scholar    08/12/20  (7)
Serious Q: why aren't govts and billionaires using drones to PLANT TREES    08/12/20  (5)
Charli Damelio BLOWS OUT a pussy    08/12/20  (12)
P2P, Poaster to Poaster. This is harder without search :/    08/12/20  (2)
LOL the Durham investigation! 🤣    08/12/20  (2)
180 how modern female fitness approach is to be toned and skinny w/ a firm ass    08/12/20  (8)
Is anybody else here a sexual Tyrannosaurus?    08/12/20  (1)
*The National Debt Clock spitting up cum after Benzo sends in his taxes*    08/12/20  (3)
Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge    08/12/20  (5)
Lol, NFL to play Black National Anthem before every game    08/12/20  (2)
Inexpensive drug for dogs cures man of late stage cancer    08/12/20  (18)
Richard, from England, made an appearance at my son’s quinceanera    08/12/20  (5)
So someone tried to SHOOT DOWN an Air Force chopper near DC?    08/12/20  (1)
Come ITT to DHARMA BATTLE    08/12/20  (13)
why did the big ten hire an inarticulate, dumb, "diverse" commish?    08/12/20  (1)
NYC is fucked    08/12/20  (97)
McDonald's new fresh beef QPC is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatorie    08/12/20  (1)
The real losers right now are people that bought into urban revival    08/12/20  (37)
Nebraska can kindly leave the Big Ten    08/12/20  (19)
Chemotherapy added only 2% to the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients.    08/12/20  (85)
Nate Silver releases election model    08/12/20  (96)
Look at this ipad hack to tap negative 20% and get a discount on the price    08/12/20  (2)
Why do some corporate websites look CLEANER than others?    08/12/20  (33)
Rob Schneider is a huge UFC fan & is talking to Dana White now on Instagram live    08/12/20  (1)
Facebook challenge: post this about Kamala Harris . . .    08/12/20  (1)
fewer, haha    08/12/20  (1)
Media executive Sumner Redstone (1916 - 2020):    08/12/20  (6)
Weird being in other countries where ppl don't steer every convo towrds politics    08/12/20  (1)
Need something to watch. Best TV shows other than BB and BCS?    08/12/20  (5)
_____N___I___G___G___E___R___!    08/12/20  (7)
Rate this religious Christian blonde woman gym rat with fake tits    08/12/20  (3)
Rate this Zach Greinke Superfan (twitter)    08/12/20  (7)
Twitter lunatic MD brags about running fast outdoors w/ mask on    08/12/20  (3)
LIBERALISM is the intellectual embodiment of ESTROGEN    08/12/20  (1)
Liberalism is simply the result of the extreme FEMINIZATION of SOCIETY    08/12/20  (1)
Young women are literally obsessed over male height    08/12/20  (2)
Kamala, 4/3/19: "I believe Joe Biden's rape accusers"    08/12/20  (1)
luis being a weird faggot on double date    08/12/20  (4)
is woah vicky more prestigious than bhad bhabie?    08/12/20  (1)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    08/12/20  (39)
Wife told me to "stop playing your Mike Fart game" while she's talking to me    08/12/20  (3)
Right on schedule here comes the unfunny McSweeneys piece on Kamala    08/12/20  (1)
there are like 10 people POAing on xo right now it's sad    08/12/20  (2)
[B][l][a][c][k] LIVES [M][a][t][t][e][r]    08/12/20  (1)
Harris blaming Trump for Shitlib Shutdowns rn    08/12/20  (2)
Just got a 100k job offer in BIGHOMELESSNESS    08/12/20  (1)
LA Times: Garcetti adviser increased homeless and robbed tax payers    08/12/20  (5)
jacoby shaddix chilling underneath one of doodikoff's silverware trays    08/12/20  (2)
finishing up a 12 hour day. wife: "can you pick up XYZ. thanks"    08/12/20  (3)
Chain Migration is greatest stab in the back of any country in World History    08/12/20  (1)
Poastradmus why did you sign personal guaranties for a closely held company    08/12/20  (6)
Mike Fart I just ate way too much spaghetti    08/12/20  (9)
Trump on Hannity and he is killing it    08/12/20  (48)
kamala seems to be running the script "be_feminine.exe"    08/12/20  (1)
so a lib watched Veep and Dark Knight back-to-back and thought "sweet?"    08/12/20  (2)
is it safe to fly right now?    08/12/20  (22)
Why is she calling Biden “Joe”?    08/12/20  (1)
Tulsi is fucking hot    08/12/20  (4)
POWER | CORRUPTION | LIES    08/12/20  (1)
Antifa burns down US over the summer. Biden: “Remember Charlottesville 3 yrs a    08/12/20  (2)
"Vice President Harris, the President has had a stroke." Kamala: "Oh nooo..."    08/12/20  (4)

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