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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
thank ya, baby    08/12/20  (6)
Should I get a Mac mini or an iMac as a WFH device?    08/12/20  (39)
Kamala look so happy up dere today, her and Joe it so sweet 😻    08/12/20  (7)
Kamala Harris loading all white males on Mumbai commuter trains    08/12/20  (2)
Mmmm, Joe,we gonna be good friends    08/12/20  (1)
is there anything gayer than this Earth?    08/12/20  (2)
is it a wet ass pussy or a wet, ass pussy?    08/12/20  (14)
1 day in: KamalaSexy already out of fucking control    08/12/20  (4)
Pencil dick pumo, would you be willing to share more about yourself?    08/12/20  (1)
Everyone is a loser and should shut the fuck up    08/12/20  (1)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/12/20  (125)
Fuck Kevin Warren. Fuck the Big Ten.    08/12/20  (4)
Do remember any "Old Doods" in High School? Like 19 or 20?    08/12/20  (3)
CNN: Biden will eventually "step aside" for Kamala Harris    08/12/20  (12)
LOL the Durham investigation! 🤣    08/12/20  (5)
your future wifes feet tilting in as she takes a cartoon miralax shit    08/12/20  (2)
Can’t wait for death    08/12/20  (1)
why do i watch all these red sox games    08/12/20  (6)
How prole is it to not like seafood?    08/12/20  (17)
ChainLink megathread    08/12/20  (19)
Most polarizing food: Black licorice, candy corn, Hawaiian pizza?    08/12/20  (45)
Austin or Denver for an escaping CA fag?    08/12/20  (84)
Portfolio margin question    08/12/20  (3)
Did anyone give Tucker pronunciation tips on his own show tonight?    08/12/20  (2)
Navy SEAL antifa member arrested in Portland    08/12/20  (14)
xo Jason Whitlock: Twitter Mob Continues to Destroy American Values, Free Speech    08/12/20  (13)
What's the best bread for a head cheese sandwich?    08/12/20  (1)
chainlink $17 watch    08/12/20  (2)
2024: Harris-Buttigieg ticket wins 420 electoral votes over Cotton-Rubio    08/12/20  (31)
the only prestigious/acceptable cold cuts are    08/12/20  (30)
Poaster Girlfriend    08/12/20  (5)
So let me get this straight- Harris is Indian/black married to white jewish guy    08/12/20  (2)
Do remember any "Old Doobs" in High School?    08/12/20  (1)
BASED South Side Blacks KICK OUT BLM protesters, white Antifa dorks (link)    08/12/20  (28)
Scalia's Bush v. Gore ruling - how do originalists wrap their head around that?    08/12/20  (31)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/12/20  (42)
sometimes i read an unfunny post that mike fart bumps and then ill laugh    08/12/20  (3)
How many 7 figure solos do you know?    08/12/20  (7)
Lol Catholics kicking folks out of the church for not praying for the Pope    08/12/20  (1)
Olivia Munn outs Aaron Rodgers    08/12/20  (39)
"Yeah, 1488 white power buddy," u sniffle as u close Jason Whitlock's eyelids    08/12/20  (1)
who actually supports this insanity again    08/12/20  (4)
“White culture” in the northeast seems foreign to me outside of New England    08/12/20  (24)
Calling it now: if Biden wins, Newsom will nominate Garcetti to Senate seat    08/12/20  (18)
are there any prestigious law jobs    08/12/20  (1)
I haven't slept in four days and no sign of slowing down    08/12/20  (1)
If you think metro regions are crowded now, just wait til Dems throw open gates    08/12/20  (2)
underappreciated aspect of the 90s - people were more 'serene' and level headed    08/12/20  (2)
Board Trumpmos: "We don't actually care about free speech, just safe space to ni    08/12/20  (1)
"Wow ur one of those rare 4 month COVID cases! Haha no worries. Feel better!    08/12/20  (2)
Any good Black Crowes tunes outside of first 2 albums?    08/12/20  (1)
I learned today that chemo causes other cancer to occur...wtf    08/12/20  (11)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/12/20  (63)
Today was the DEADLIEST Coronavirus day in US since May 27th.    08/12/20  (24)
Is zerohedge right wing drivel?    08/12/20  (11)
beef milkshake catatonia    08/12/20  (2)
FUCK    08/12/20  (2)
CNN: “Biden made the best pick for if and when he decides to step aside”    08/12/20  (26)
NYT FACT CHECK: No, Portland Antifa DID NOT burn a STACK of BIBLES! 4 PINOCCHIOS    08/12/20  (25)
"the world is my oyster" thought the faggot 2L being wined and dined by Dechert    08/12/20  (5)
Richard Spencer requests to use PACER in his lawsuit.    08/12/20  (53)
Was Academia BETTER When There was Less Meritocracy?    08/12/20  (22)
anyone here that does coding/self taught coding okay w me emailing them?    08/12/20  (19)
Have any of you ever created a game in unity engine?    08/12/20  (2)
Lexus IS 200 vs. Honda Accord    08/12/20  (5)
Come ITT to DHARMA BATTLE    08/12/20  (14)
Rate this UFO scholar professor who worked with Feynmann    08/12/20  (6)
mig can we get ur take on jordan peterson turning out to be crazy w slut dotter    08/12/20  (1)
sorry sir but that coincidence has been fact checked    08/12/20  (2)
Mike Fart do u ever eat fruit    08/12/20  (17)
Doing callbacks in LS was 180    08/12/20  (66)
Haven't seen anyone use the word grundle recently    08/12/20  (2)
Wet Ass Pussy exposes the FRAGILITY of white masculinity    08/12/20  (1)
Do you ever intimidate small business owners with "I'm a lawyer!" line?    08/12/20  (1)
Sending my kid to CATHOLIC SCHOOL this year ☩☩    08/12/20  (9)
In 10 years you will be put on trial, your Google search history used as evidenc    08/12/20  (4)
Tinder is dumb in the era of Instagram    08/12/20  (23)
ur 6 year old daughter knows all of the words to Wet Ass Pussy    08/12/20  (11)
Summer of 2020 is almost over. Fuck China for making it a terrible one    08/12/20  (5)
LIBERALISM is the intellectual embodiment of ESTROGEN    08/12/20  (2)
jordan peterson's daughter impregnated by stalinist chad...    08/12/20  (49)
oh, you’re a lib? yeah? well, guess what.    08/12/20  (5)
IT'S FUCKING HOT OUTSIDE!    08/12/20  (1)
White guys with Azn chicks was just a passing fad. Don't see it much anymore    08/12/20  (12)
I find Kamala Harris much much more attractive than Sarah Palin    08/12/20  (26)
Imagine some guys writing a tune about "California Girls" in 2020    08/12/20  (4)
Is KAMALA HARRIS a NIGGER?    08/12/20  (3)
Seattle Public Schools = pro segregation!    08/12/20  (43)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/12/20  (92)
Netflix/prime rec?    08/12/20  (2)
Apartment changed it’s gym hours from 24/7 to 10am-5pm. Wtf?    08/12/20  (4)
Civil War Q:How was the South "traitors" if their citizens voted for secession?    08/12/20  (101)
The VR game "Boneworks" allows you to do xoxo's Scorpion Punch holding bricks    08/12/20  (6)
You ever watch a Film and then forget that you watched it    08/12/20  (11)
Possible to Cram for Bar Exam? Two weeks enough?    08/12/20  (38)
chilmata do they have rubios in north carolina    08/12/20  (1)
120 IQ midwits = big guys at bars who could "beat up" anthony joshua in a fight    08/12/20  (2)
AutoAdmit started out 180 this morning; now it is 131    08/12/20  (11)
Sweden's coronavirus strategy has been too successful, they must change course.    08/12/20  (53)
Can XO racists agree that chauvin is guilty of manslaughter    08/12/20  (56)
tls Boston Brahmins. xo California Brahmins.    08/12/20  (1)
how do I destroy this fucking fly that snuck in through the window    08/12/20  (1)
Remember the "early COVID" era    08/12/20  (15)
Hare hare Krishna hare hare    08/12/20  (6)
*Throws longwang’s yarmulke like it’s a frisbee*    08/12/20  (15)
Rate this hot jewish bride    08/12/20  (1)
So whokebe is really xo-dead?    08/12/20  (5)
“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” - J.P. Morgan, 1912    08/12/20  (8)
wow just wow, r/supplychain guys    08/12/20  (1)
Gay Mormon man who married a straight WOMAN in order to achieve 'exaltation' ins    08/12/20  (42)
Life won't be normal again until 2022    08/12/20  (11)
"mike and jess we'll be taking you to lunch. i think you'll like the restaurant"    08/12/20  (9)
"US" "media" is truly evil and sick    08/12/20  (2)
Nigger shooting your 5 year old son in the face as Jews clap in the background    08/12/20  (9)
How to get fired and still get Unemployment Insurance?    08/12/20  (12)
When I was a teen (over a decade ago), one of my friends showed me some porn    08/12/20  (37)
Nebraska considering move back to Big 12 (ESPN)    08/12/20  (5)
Poll: have you ever had chicken tenders?    08/12/20  (22)
Lock in your predictions: who will Kamala choose for VP?    08/12/20  (7)
DESCRIBE the type of people who enjoy living in Arizona    08/12/20  (57)
I have information that will lead to the arrest of Mike Fart    08/12/20  (2)
Best store for beefy cholos to purchase tank tops, cargo shorts, shoes?    08/12/20  (2)
physically straining to make her hand touch your penis tp    08/12/20  (1)
Microsoft Surface Duo - thoughts?    08/12/20  (3)
Thoughts on this Russian military watch?    08/12/20  (8)
Rate rob schneider's maid    08/12/20  (3)
Pro-Stalin Slav impregnates Jordan Peterson’s daughter    08/12/20  (16)
Who is most xo?: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, or Madison?    08/12/20  (22)
Trump taps 2019 Thomas clerk for federal bench. You? Poast.    08/12/20  (12)
Mikhaila Peterson selling 'Virtual Dad' zoom sessions w jordan peterson deepfake    08/12/20  (1)
Will a young conservative rise up and speak truth to power?    08/12/20  (39)
Heard a rumor that pizzagate is heating up    08/12/20  (5)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/12/20  (41)
CAR RENTAL EXPERTS is there an issue with renting from different brands?    08/12/20  (1)
I just turned on the AC so I can wear my new KYGO sweatshirt    08/12/20  (2)
If kids can't go back to school, why not broadcast their education over TV?    08/12/20  (1)
Hypo: you get $250 everytime you watch mighty ducks 2    08/12/20  (53)
Is Zack Greinke a future hall of famer?    08/12/20  (20)
There's something godawful about those grocery store rotisserie chickens    08/12/20  (30)
Hypo: Gov’t pays you $400 per covid19 swan test you take    08/12/20  (4)
Kampala Harris is the future, to Mike Pence may well be history    08/12/20  (21)
"So that's why I re-branded as Mike Fart." *Interviewer's mouth falls open*    08/12/20  (5)
Hays, Kansas a credited small town to move to?    08/12/20  (15)
why didnt rubio call him 'fat donald' instead of 'big donald'    08/12/20  (7)
I would run over "dha tux" in my limousine    08/12/20  (11)
There's nothing more homosexual than trying to "analyze" Sup Ct decisions    08/12/20  (4)
OMG Beckly he looks like alfred hitchcock but he's a poor 29 yr old attorney!    08/12/20  (8)
China, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and AIPAC all support Biden-Kamala    08/12/20  (2)
If ur not following James Lovers-Brunch on Twitter ur missing some primo scholar    08/12/20  (7)

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