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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Belarussian troops join Russian troops on Ukraine border    11/29/21  (3)
VC Trillionaire keeps basement of 5K women he chops up, sews back together    11/29/21  (2)
Japan, Morocco, Kikeland all closed borders so far, FURK diss World niggas 🌎    11/29/21  (4)
Xo is just like the glass bead game    11/29/21  (2)
Going to get forced into Pfizer today. Novavax/Covaxin will never be approved    11/29/21  (96)
Important cr book on (((globalism)))    11/29/21  (1)
what kind of fag has time to sit around “reading” “books”    11/29/21  (1)
Just started Gulag Archipelago    11/29/21  (7)
VC Billionaire kept spreadsheet of 5K women he fucked, bought a Montana city    11/29/21  (74)
rating poasters as horrible life choices    11/29/21  (60)
archaeologists discover megalopolis from 40,000 bc in northern finland (link)    11/29/21  (7)
Underdiscussed on XO: Trump letting Ivanka become Jewish is a father's failing    11/29/21  (4)
Lamar Jackson: A Bad QB    11/29/21  (19)
I was born a poor Golden Retriever child in the hills of Mississippi    11/29/21  (19)
Teenagers laughing and fist bumping tp    11/29/21  (1)
why don't Greenland and Iceland switch names?    11/29/21  (6)
Lib governors calling state of emergencies over variant that causes headache    11/29/21  (2)
Is this Australian Jew cosmetic surgeon the doctor equivalent of CSLG?    11/29/21  (4)
Thai man dies by flurry of bullets while going to get 2nd Covid shot    11/29/21  (3)
globohomo forgot to turn off youtube comments for new santa propaganda film    11/29/21  (34)
what's your passive weekly income from farming/staking crypto?    11/29/21  (30)
can't make a tomlette without breaking some gregs    11/29/21  (2)
I hereby invoke the chant of the bulls: Exit ALL exposed positions!    11/29/21  (1)
How do I re-learn proper running form?    11/29/21  (15)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    11/29/21  (202)
old emilio smiling at you as you prepare to take him out old yeller style    11/29/21  (3)
more than 450 threads about me in the past month (TSINAH)    11/29/21  (8)
Golden Retriever solemnly shakes your hand as Emilio makes u pancakes    11/29/21  (18)
Would you have sex with this woman?    11/29/21  (13)
Waiting for Emilio to get off the toilet, while petting his Golden Retriever    11/29/21  (11)
Replace one word in a famous movie title with "TSINAH has Covid"    11/29/21  (60)
globo homo. ooh ooh ooh globo homo    11/29/21  (1)
Any good guides out there on disciplining women?    11/29/21  (17)
The Arte of Content Creation by Emilio    11/29/21  (23)
So "to be fair," what're u doin on NYE? Wait, nevermin    11/29/21  (1)
*Golden Retrievers running around in New England snow during Holidays*    11/29/21  (2)
ur shrew gf fuming about that slut 2nd cousin of yours    11/29/21  (113)
I've owned iPhone 1, 3GS, 4s, 6plus, 8, X, 11 pro, 12 pro max, and 13 pro    11/29/21  (3)
thanks it's my own recipe where i just substitute everything with cum (dupa)    11/29/21  (1)
exeunt's cat inheriting more $$$ than your family (7 gens back) ever produced    11/29/21  (15)
emilio leading you through an underground matrix rave for unvaccinated    11/29/21  (14)
ITT: We list famous movie titles that adequately sum up TSINAH's life    11/29/21  (143)
Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are    11/29/21  (8)
this anime game where you battle/trade golden retrievers is addictive (lin    11/29/21  (9)
Old model of reality vs Current model of reality    11/29/21  (6)
burger king cashier pulling out scissor, cutting TSINAH’s discover card in 1/2    11/29/21  (1)
formal education in the West is a measure of Zionist privity    11/29/21  (4)
No Severe COVID Cases Among Vaccinated Patients Infected With Omicron    11/29/21  (1)
discover card employees laughing at you for being too prole for visa    11/29/21  (1)
May 29th, 1453    11/29/21  (3)
Yael Eckstein & the Int'l Fellowship of Christians and Jews need your help!!    11/29/21  (4)
more than 450 pounds on me in the past month (TSINAH)    11/29/21  (1)
Making ice cream and taking q's (TSINAH)    11/29/21  (60)
tipping discover card's collections team to turn up the heat a lil bit tp    11/29/21  (2)
$Liq currently at $1. Holy fuck Liqmos just lol    11/29/21  (12)
TSINAH is a lifestyle blogger from South Africa, NOT FLAME    11/29/21  (3)
whok, I heard from jinx that you're fair game for all kinds of deviant shit    11/29/21  (11)
Bill Clinton absolutely trashing women while retaining feminist credit    11/29/21  (10)
They cast Faye Valentine as a fat latina Tinder 4    11/29/21  (16)
cruelest thing youve ever seen happen in school?    11/29/21  (70)
Average house in Boise: $920,000    11/29/21  (43)
How do I relearn proper buck breaking form?    11/29/21  (1)
Who has the most severe Morgellon's on xoxo?    11/29/21  (4)
Lol at all the fake media and fraud money scams    11/29/21  (5)
kitchen chair squeaking as kirbymo ~~(> ' ' )> inhales another slice    11/29/21  (3)
brown biomass accumulating at southern border like backed up septic tank    11/29/21  (2)
Do I looks stupid or cool or stupidly cool leading the black man to victory    11/29/21  (4)
spastic autistic xo poster lurching down sidewalk "relearning how to run"    11/29/21  (1)
N64 bros do you remember getting the Banjo-Kazooie preview on VHS in the mail?    11/29/21  (26)
Some day libs will build COVIDWORLD so they can relive their best moments    11/29/21  (3)
Say this shit to me face Boom you fucking pussy    11/29/21  (15)
In the 90's, most popular TV shows taught abstinence before marriage.    11/29/21  (9)
Why isn’t the late Roman Empire studied? It’s fascinating    11/29/21  (19)
Sir, businesses are recovering and hope is coming back. "Release a new variant"    11/29/21  (11)
if macroplastics were causing us to become infertile we'd do something about it    11/29/21  (2)
rate this '80s Thanksgiving image    11/29/21  (10)
Judge in Ghislane Maxwell trial bars all spectators and press from courtroom    11/29/21  (98)
why won't orgeron coach lsu's bowl game    11/29/21  (7)
Fauci: "They're really criticizing science because I represent science"    11/29/21  (4)
seeing lib normies worship pharma companies is very disturbing    11/29/21  (5)
kirbymo and luis u can buy a house. i believe in u.    11/29/21  (2)
It's not Garfield Time    11/29/21  (13)
Coming home in the 90s and checking the answering machine, tp    11/29/21  (63)
so jafar and emilio both showed up and "jafar" tried to claim he's not "emilio"?    11/29/21  (8)
taxes are so gay. lmao.    11/29/21  (12)
School choices/integration will drive suburbs back to GOP    11/29/21  (6)
I cry once a month that Huey Long was assassinated.    11/29/21  (1)
I'm going to have many dreams about my XO brothers, Japan, and golden retrievers    11/29/21  (10)
Goodnight, XO. I’m very thankful for this strange oasis on the journey home!    11/29/21  (22)
Describe life on 200k HHI in NYC for a early 30s couple    11/29/21  (59)
Big Millionaires Study: 80% of millionaires are self made    11/29/21  (38)
historically, have most people been complete faggots or is it just recently    11/29/21  (1)
won't SOL/AVAX always have an advantage over L2 rollups bc of bridge fees?    11/29/21  (8)
libs keep saying things like crime/inflation/crt are made up by the right    11/29/21  (6)
exeunt's loser son spending another xmas behind bars    11/29/21  (6)
How many of you even know about Jake Sullivan (NSAM 57)    11/29/21  (69)
Let's face it. AVAX is garbage.    11/29/21  (1)
Giving away $100K. What charity/cause is worthy of it?    11/29/21  (18)
401Ks/IRAs, regular or Roth, are the biggest fucking joke in the world    11/29/21  (67)
It's always been about eternal life (NSAM 57)    11/29/21  (55)
Dominoes is delicious fuck you haters    11/29/21  (38)
Rating posters as asmr videos of Asian girls eating mochi (Emilio)    11/29/21  (29)
I hope cuttingtable buys me an emotional support luis for Christmas this year    11/29/21  (3)
Lionel Tiger was designed in a 90s lab for nostalgia: Lionel Trains + Hobbes    11/29/21  (3)
I have a friend who got the vaxxx and lives with the regret daily.    11/29/21  (2)
with 1 quality loss, Notre Dame deserves playoff spot over Cincinnati    11/29/21  (7)
my bf claims he can feel IUD during sex, wants it taken out    11/29/21  (8)
Talk me out of this wingsuit wedding idea (CSLG)    11/29/21  (2)
emilio doing 1-man experimental off-broadway play in front of 50 golden retriev    11/29/21  (4)
SOL INVICTUS    11/29/21  (61)
boom is a based retard. $cammers fear his power    11/29/21  (1)
Recommend a beanie or another winter hat for under $700    11/29/21  (19)
exeunt's bug eyed daughter slurping cock on camera for $$$$    11/29/21  (3)
Reminder: Omicron is an anagram for moronic    11/29/21  (4)
VAXXX mandate failed, but Omicron will get er done    11/29/21  (24)
What will happen when the hoodrats realize they can do this to people's houses?    11/29/21  (118)
WSJ: Omicron targets sedentary men in their 30s and 40s.    11/29/21  (2)
i’ve made so much money because of covid-19    11/29/21  (1)
Abortion is disgusting.    11/29/21  (11)
Thinking about getting into electronics as a hobby    11/29/21  (14)
Post mental images of what you think xo posters look like itt    11/29/21  (171)
OMG Becky he always knows to check “Early Life” on Wikipedia for anyone he d    11/29/21  (3)
Boomer debt was so onerous millennials just invented their own currency (crypto)    11/29/21  (1)
fat communist mexicans    11/29/21  (1)
Cowboy Bebop Netflix Live Action (CSLG)    11/29/21  (18)
"Rage Against The Machine" = Gen X queers prancing around collecting goy ca$h    11/29/21  (7)
Christianity is such a BULLSHIT religion    11/29/21  (57)
Ding any woman that won't let you use lube ?    11/29/21  (4)
Anyone ever eat a ton of sugar and get sick to your stomach?    11/29/21  (5)
it's already an 8 team playoff w/ conf championship games    11/29/21  (1)
Me: aggressively shorting Tesla because logic. U: ask about retarded coins    11/29/21  (133)
rate this Filipina girl (pic)    11/29/21  (3)
What if we just say no to all social media. End the revolution that is happening    11/29/21  (6)
ITT give me QUALITY items you are glad you purchased    11/29/21  (232)
"the glowing screen is making them suici..." GC: "give them 2 screens    11/29/21  (128)
ITT: a video of the next user to join autoadmit    11/29/21  (1)
Science (born Anthony Stephen Fauci)    11/29/21  (3)
Ljl if we get Buttigieg as Pres and Gen X gets skipped    11/29/21  (4)
2nd cousin: Omicron? Please hush. Shrew gf: Oh my Crohn? I forgot to flush.    11/29/21  (4)
Stay up or you're a weak pussy    11/29/21  (1)
Any xo fitness studs follow this Knees Over Toes guy?    11/29/21  (17)
America is like ancient Rome in very weird ways    11/29/21  (149)
This skate this Russian girl just did is the best I've ever seen- video    11/29/21  (3)
Rate these YouTube comments (link)    11/29/21  (27)
CNN’s Brian Stelter: We should ban memes for disinformation    11/29/21  (4)
New variant showing case fatality rate of 26%    11/29/21  (9)
Studies show low income Republicans refuse to get vaccinated.    11/29/21  (5)
if you are going to get the clotshot don't post about it here    11/29/21  (1)
jewry is truly parasitic    11/29/21  (1)

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