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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Net worth went from $400K to over $2M in a year thanks to $TSLA    11/28/20  (96)
ITT: List big political figures from 10-20 years ago who have kind of vanished    11/28/20  (29)
Worst fight ever with my wife. I'm now staying at my parents.    11/28/20  (2)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find plausible    11/28/20  (40)
Is there even gonna be a Trump Presidential Library?    11/28/20  (2)
Irish chicks - by far and away the ugliest in Europe    11/28/20  (109)
I barely even remember that Trump guy    11/28/20  (4)
where is a good place to buy 500 acres in america    11/28/20  (5)
Do you think Trump will take any personal responsibility for fucking this up?    11/28/20  (22)
*discreetly removes MAGA hat, sneaks away from Trump rally*    11/28/20  (10)
Cheapest full frame interchangeable lens camera to buy used?    11/28/20  (15)
Trump on his back with his ankles behind his ears, Biden sweating and pumping    11/28/20  (5)
First day as a professional delivery driver, on shift taking Q's    11/28/20  (5)
Why do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving on 9/11?    11/28/20  (5)
I literally walk around and have divine visions    11/28/20  (1)
Same people who fell for "the Wall" also fell for the Kraken. how odd    11/28/20  (2)
Sidney Powell confirms the US military seized scytl servers in Germany    11/28/20  (33)
I was promised a got damn KRACKEN!    11/28/20  (15)
Mexico will pay! We'll pay! Actually lets just take ur money and forget the wall    11/28/20  (4)
I’ve seen the eschaton    11/28/20  (1)
Why Is My Uncle So Mad About Student Debt Forgiveness? (NYT)    11/28/20  (29)
Trumpmos what is it you think libs misunderstand about your world view?    11/28/20  (20)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    11/27/20  (85)
society really shits on 30+ year-old single / childless men    11/27/20  (60)
Has anyone tried the Eight Sleep Mattress or Mattress cover?    11/27/20  (1)
Trump campaign spends $3MILLION on WI recount to widen Biden's lead by 132 votes    11/27/20  (2)
Still have HOPE Trumpmos?    11/27/20  (2)
richard nixon saying the n word    11/27/20  (1)
ITT: truly weird cultural quirks of the mid-2000s    11/27/20  (156)
hey guys    11/27/20  (4)
Latest from “WebMD” experts: WEAR THE FUCKING MASK AT HOME TOO    11/27/20  (5)
Jodorowskys zozo nice moniker man    11/27/20  (10)
alejandro jodorowsky explaining how hard he laughed when he heard 'Dupa'    11/27/20  (10)
Oregon in the fight of their lives right now. Not looking good for FLW.    11/27/20  (5)
JFK had a press pool but we only got the Zapruder film why    11/27/20  (2)
Just sold the AR-15 I panic bought    11/27/20  (139)
Danny jacobs looking straight trash vs Gabe Rosado    11/27/20  (2)
NEED GIFT IDEA FOR WIFE    11/27/20  (12)
Bob Dylan hasn’t been married since 1992. Does he fuck?    11/27/20  (4)
"beach house" was never questioned or looked in to. just accepted. like noth    11/27/20  (1)
"beach friends" was never questioned or looked in to. just accepted. like nothin    11/27/20  (5)
Hegemon rate my gun collection and recommend next purchase    11/27/20  (3)
Johns Hopkins analysis: COVID has had no effect on overall US death rates    11/27/20  (278)
CIA rigs elections for fun, but “held back” against mortal enemy Trump?    11/27/20  (7)
governmeTTT workers LOVE the lockdown$    11/27/20  (1)
Any billionaires ever get assassinated by a complete stranger?    11/27/20  (15)
How do you pronounce TSINAH?    11/27/20  (41)
God told me Alex Jones is wrong about his paranoid schizophrenia    11/27/20  (14)
rach is erasing history by randomizing monikers    11/27/20  (9)
Jeff Goldblum plays a street punk in Death Wish    11/27/20  (5)
Latest from WebMD: COVID airborne, 6ft distancing NOT NEARLY ENOUGH    11/27/20  (3)
they used massive fraud to install a pro-war, open borders, fake President    11/27/20  (9)
“WebMD.com” DESTROYS white male manbabies who don’t want to wear masks    11/27/20  (18)
Elizabeth Hurley and her sister in bikinis    11/27/20  (5)
Just shit my pants    11/27/20  (2)
Zizek is prole    11/27/20  (4)
   11/27/20  (1)
Black Friday thread    11/27/20  (1)
Trump was up 10+ in WI MI & PA at 2am, then DNC hit the panic failsafe?    11/27/20  (7)
who actually reads these ridiculous NYT, WaPo articles    11/27/20  (19)
Is $15,000 yearly property taxes too much on a $700k house?    11/27/20  (59)
What happened in Pennsylvania today    11/27/20  (1)
Hawaii now has Death Pods where u can watch a Hollywood movie and die, not flame    11/27/20  (58)
What will be some of the dumbest threads by (XO 2021?    11/27/20  (1)
it's unreal how insane, shitty and alien the modern world is to 99.9% of history    11/27/20  (7)
Bikini model exposes all the guys who send her nasty messages!    11/27/20  (10)
law thread    11/27/20  (4)
ITT: Name ur price range, ur current guns/gear, I give buy list 4 civil war    11/27/20  (218)
Happiness in Slavery    11/27/20  (1)
LOL @ the press now being typical state run media    11/27/20  (53)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    11/27/20  (93)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    11/27/20  (110)
How hard does market crash when Democrats sweep Georgia?    11/27/20  (1)
What should replace alcohol in my life    11/27/20  (37)
I think there are only a couple possibilities here    11/27/20  (1)
Looked at getting a new adult baseball glove from Dicks. Why are they all $300?    11/27/20  (31)
Rating poasters as things drunk CharlesXII is doing at his alcohol party    11/27/20  (161)
Bbooom we're all just prisoner$ of Time?    11/27/20  (4)
Media forcememing people celebrating in the streets after taking the vaccine    11/27/20  (1)
last legit rock single produced with a great hook/chorus?    11/27/20  (39)
ITT list drink orders that cast doubt on masculinity    11/27/20  (61)
Sad NirvanaYoda isn’t here to celebrate the ND run this season :(    11/27/20  (15)
Michael Doodikoff, WTF happened to Georgia?    11/27/20  (14)
Hegel absolutely destroyed Christianity    11/27/20  (47)
kind of creepy that starbucks stock is basically flat from a year ago    11/27/20  (22)
Would you fuck this girl with cerebral palsy?    11/27/20  (13)
A bucket of boiling assmucus    11/27/20  (1)
Statistically, we’ve probably had a ChoMo on xo, you telling me SP *isn’t* t    11/27/20  (2)
Add together top 10 airlines. How much more should TSLA be worth than that sum?    11/27/20  (2)
real time footage of a man almost dying of covid19    11/27/20  (4)
Spaceporn bonding with son: “You have to push the ruler in. Like this.”    11/27/20  (2)
Christmastime is really triggering for libs. Really fucks up their neuroses    11/27/20  (11)
Massive explosion at CERN    11/27/20  (2)
*peterman slides down Flying J grease exhaust vent in slutty Santa suit. “HO H    11/27/20  (7)
Dallas ousts sassy WOC police commish for being mean to protestors in June    11/27/20  (4)
2nd cuz: “I give great dome ;)” Shrew gf: “Stay the fuck home!”    11/27/20  (9)
This cunt is the perfect example of histrionic braindead women    11/27/20  (3)
Somebody used my IP address to post racist gay shit online    11/27/20  (11)
*spends all day poasting about how Henry Aaron spends all day poasting*    11/27/20  (2)
Neil Young voice: DOWN BY THE RIVERRR... I RAPED MY SPANIELLL...    11/27/20  (3)
In alternate universe we had combustible engines before writing    11/27/20  (1)
Northwestern Indiana B1G championship game    11/27/20  (1)
Ann Coulter comments on Jewish over representation    11/27/20  (2)
Just watched simpsons episode where they go to nyc homer drinks.crab juice    11/27/20  (3)
Autistic guy confronts mayor of Thousand Oaks after counting number of trees (vi    11/27/20  (39)
In alternate universe Neanderthals outbred us    11/27/20  (1)
In alternate universe Thailand is a world power    11/27/20  (1)
In alternate universe moon is totally habitable    11/27/20  (1)
twitter libs trying to cancel white Christmas tree lights, all lights must be co    11/27/20  (2)
The fall of JK Rowling signals The Shift happened when? 2012?    11/27/20  (1)
Can xoxo master men crowdsource ideas to make me richer than CSLG?    11/27/20  (12)
How to meet young 24 under girls out in NYC with bbs and everything closed at 10    11/27/20  (5)
Ducks have a strong aversion to Beavers    11/27/20  (1)
the moonlight is just a reflection from the sun    11/27/20  (6)
New lib environmental panic: plummeting o2 atmospheric o2 levels    11/27/20  (2)
"libs" got a fake POTUS willing to do whatever "intelligence agencies" want?    11/27/20  (1)
Why are Trumpmos offended by demands for evidence to overturn an election?    11/27/20  (28)
Can someone explain the song where the guy yells SAIL    11/27/20  (61)
sick churning in gut since SV autists & "US" media fixed the election    11/27/20  (7)
Littler sued for massive IP theft from non-profit HR consultancy    11/27/20  (60)
Heard "Radioactive" by imagine dragons for the first time    11/27/20  (166)
Would u date a Russian girl?    11/27/20  (10)
I bet I could easily win in a fight solo vs. all of BTS    11/27/20  (6)
Did Henry Aaron and DrakeMallard spend all of yesterday rageposting    11/27/20  (12)
M'nigga *tips snapback*    11/27/20  (2)
TEXAS FAGGOTS (clap clap clapclapclap) TEXAS FAGGOTS (clap clap    11/27/20  (156)
Has Henry Aaron spent all day spamming the board and outting people?    11/27/20  (1)
The Taboo That Could Break America, Part I    11/27/20  (4)
bloodacre who you got, Jake Paul or Nate Robinson?    11/27/20  (24)
RELEASE THE KRAKEN! *Trumpmo opens packet of sea monkeys*    11/27/20  (1)
i wants sports nuked back to the level of 1910 college football    11/27/20  (34)
Fuck why didn't they teach us about dunkleosteus in school?    11/27/20  (2)
Pitt over Clemson & UNC over "#2" Notre Dame?    11/27/20  (6)
Very stereotypical Boomer parents asked me all about Charles, were up in arms    11/27/20  (1)
List your go-to liquor/cocktail ITT    11/27/20  (27)
Becoming more and more convinced, the Charles outing was a CIA operation    11/27/20  (5)
thportth!    11/27/20  (1)
Poverty, Despair, Ruin...and yet all they can talk about is HEIGHT    11/27/20  (1)
Here's best link on CDC Excess Deaths 300k    11/27/20  (3)
Havent read puzzled articles about murder rates lately. Minn/Chi/Philly on track    11/27/20  (5)
LOL@ fags who think it's worth one penny to pay for >1080p content    11/27/20  (1)
What should I watch on netflix right now    11/27/20  (4)
real talk i doubt biden even knew about all the fraud    11/27/20  (3)
If you go back far enough your ancestors were fish and bacteria and shit    11/27/20  (2)
   11/27/20  (1)
Best way to watch tomorrow’s fight? ACEstream? Webstream? Other?    11/27/20  (6)
Black rifle BOIS, help me select my NVG ITT    11/27/20  (2)
Rounders but it's about DrakeMallard and Peterman sucking off truckers    11/27/20  (6)
it is fucking absurd that we let Asians come to this country    11/27/20  (1)
gay    11/27/20  (1)

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