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Spaceporn somersaulting like Willy Wonka before opening up playroom    12/02/20  (10)
Guy orders a "McVeigh" at Oklahoma City McDonald's (video)    12/02/20  (8)
Prole Tell: Thinking that most trannies get penis/vagina surgery.    12/02/20  (6)
I don’t have friends and I am lonely    12/02/20  (26)
Carjackings up 537% in Minneapolis relative to 2019:    12/02/20  (73)
Ellen Page should have changed name to Allen Page    12/02/20  (4)
If you eat more than 2 times a day and you're not a pro athlete, you're retarded    12/02/20  (56)
Rate this NYC shrew (pics)    12/02/20  (26)
Trump's extended multi-week meltdown has been glorious    12/02/20  (1)
Rich 45yo lawyer throws it all away for threesomes with underage SA girls    12/02/20  (43)
Anyone here use a whole food supplement powder? Looking for recs.    12/02/20  (2)
Female SJW and YA author starts Twitter storm over her take on classic books    12/02/20  (21)
Uh oh. Thai kids are becoming fat and short again...    12/02/20  (1)
John Wall out of DC for Russell Westbrick    12/02/20  (4)
Trumpmo scum: u realize theres < 0.001% chance NY doesn't prosecute Trump right?    12/02/20  (8)
Family friend of mine died in a murder suicide the day after Thanksgiving    12/02/20  (1)
James O'Keefe says Project Veritas has recorded CNN conf calls for 2 months    12/02/20  (43)
Elliot Page reportedly taking deep voice lessons from Elizabeth Holmes    12/02/20  (2)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/02/20  (118)
USPS truck driver: 'In total saw 24 gaylords' full of fraud mail in ballots    12/02/20  (3)
GunMos ITT    12/02/20  (19)
Wonder how the last guy to ever fuck Ellen Page’s intact pussy feels now    12/02/20  (31)
Photos of Ellen Page's transformation    12/02/20  (16)
Cheapest place to get penis pills    12/02/20  (3)
Not watching the game. How is RGIII so terrible and why is he still in the NFL?    12/02/20  (15)
Blacks are allowed to have their own safe spaces. Why can’t whites?    12/02/20  (3)
Dashboard camera    12/02/20  (2)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find plausible    12/02/20  (170)
POLL: How many hours are you on track to bill this year?    12/02/20  (68)
How to get rid of erectile dysfunction without pills?    12/02/20  (11)
John Wall >>> Westbrook    12/02/20  (24)
i need to fuck strange pussy so badly rn    12/02/20  (7)
Ted Danson is back guys. Its gonna be ok    12/02/20  (2)
Let me get this straight. Ellen Page, with a vagina, is going to act like a man    12/02/20  (18)
McCain was one of the most worthless, low IQ pieces of human garbage in history    12/02/20  (32)
Rick I get angry when I think about what's going on    12/02/20  (3)
12217 Gayson Rapin’ Blvd, HenryAaron, VA    12/02/20  (25)
what do people do in Poland    12/02/20  (4)
So cons bought AR-15s and libs still revolted and seized power anyway?    12/02/20  (19)
Neighbor A's dog killed neighbor B's dog in A's yard. B is mad. Is A liable?    12/02/20  (29)
LOL @ how naive Biden is    12/02/20  (64)
John Wall has a player option for $46.8 million in 2022    12/02/20  (16)
THREW out all of my nicotine products today. Approx. 3 days till i go buy more.    12/02/20  (3)
👬 male friendship thread 👬    12/02/20  (31)
What is going on with VERB and why did I buy 2000 shares?    12/02/20  (3)
john kerry sheepishly putting ketchup on his wagyu hamburger    12/02/20  (2)
Your sexy ex-gf saying "Ricky taught me"    12/02/20  (3)
Are Jewish women on drugs?    12/02/20  (7)
As soon as Biden takes office I'm going to retire again. Just want to dump on    12/02/20  (46)
The ConstruKction of Light    12/02/20  (1)
Im truly pathetic -- Im watching old eps of Dallas on Prime    12/02/20  (5)
Normal for people to hate you after saving them and giving them their home back?    12/02/20  (4)
never wished ill on anyone other than Gwen Stefani    12/02/20  (2)
how to ethically and cheaply identify class plaintiffs?    12/02/20  (4)
Do you shave your nuts?    12/02/20  (8)
TSAmanda: Thoughts in VAGINOPLASTY? My tranny gf desperately wants one    12/02/20  (1)
concept of “counter-elites” needs more discussion on xo    12/02/20  (5)
Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance    12/02/20  (55)
3K Covid deaths today; 100K currently hospitalized    12/02/20  (25)
why do jews get so mad at mayonnaise of all things    12/02/20  (4)
i'm gay    12/02/20  (1)
i'm tired    12/02/20  (1)
ITT predict when WeWork collapses completely    12/02/20  (9)
Why do libs have a "deaf translator" at every event?    12/02/20  (22)
Rear ended by car driven by turdskin surgeon. No damage. How best to fleece.    12/02/20  (3)
Jogger in Massachusetts town giving out random Diversity naps    12/02/20  (28)
Can someone explain recent phenomenon of governors have sign interpreters    12/02/20  (41)
Anyone else emotionally & spiritually exhausted?    12/02/20  (9)
Found AssFaggot's MySpace, check out his old profile pic    12/02/20  (3)
I am going to hunt down and kill whoever outed Charles    12/02/20  (1)
Michael Flynn says Trump should declare martial law and order military to    12/02/20  (13)
i would never have sex with another man for money    12/02/20  (21)
Geico ad: when you’re a squanchy clown you molest kids; it’s whatcha do    12/02/20  (4)
would be kinda funny if GA senate runoffs were a split decision    12/02/20  (1)
twitter libs enraged at xo Lee Fang    12/02/20  (1)
Wife is extremely open about not shaving her armpits and I like it    12/02/20  (9)
whatever happened to WeWork?    12/02/20  (5)
kelly clarkson could be mistaken for a double-wide    12/02/20  (1)
Minneapolis Man Regrets Calling The Cops On Two Teens Who Mugged Him At Gun Poin    12/02/20  (1)
put on your mask! think of the senate!    12/02/20  (4)
Part of the Spaceporn saga not discussed enough    12/02/20  (11)
Sarah Fuller to appear on Joe Rogan w David Hogg    12/02/20  (2)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/02/20  (158)
Hitman level where boosters hire you to kill female kicker    12/02/20  (2)
good set, but tell your trombonist to put on his mask    12/02/20  (1)
If rach confirms it wasn't Rudolph or that he doesn't think it was Rudolph    12/02/20  (10)
lockdowns, riots, fraud election the whole thing is sickening    12/02/20  (1)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    12/02/20  (132)
nightly screens thread    12/02/20  (2)
so those guys that created chaz/chop wont be getting charged in any way?    12/02/20  (3)
went to actual riot today, saw Proud Boys    12/02/20  (5)
Hey cowgod, is Sublime the quintessential scumbag band?    12/02/20  (14)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    12/02/20  (91)
Filed massive class action against TSA (CSLG)    12/02/20  (85)
White women are the best argument against “white supremacy”    12/02/20  (1)
**** Trump is coming for xo ****    12/02/20  (1)
🚨 Jewish Hero Doc + MultiCultural Med Team Save Evil Neo Nazi From Covid 🚨    12/02/20  (4)
I bought 90% of life savings into NGD, NWBO, and TSLA. Taking ?s    12/02/20  (5)
What is the best general business workflow/task management software available?    12/02/20  (2)
love jobs & working    12/02/20  (3)
I'm an Atlanticist btw    12/02/20  (8)
“No, no,” spaceporn assured the waiter, he WILL finish that playroom hotdog    12/02/20  (9)
xo, permit me to aware you of the settled science of transgenderism    12/02/20  (10)
Did you guys know one of Nixon's dotters married Eisenhower's grandson?    12/02/20  (3)
Going to spend 1 year “working from home” in Asia. Advise me where.    12/02/20  (146)
Is vacationing overseas as an adult a prole tell?    12/02/20  (62)
Difference is Im a McCain Republican with honor and balls of steel and youre a    12/02/20  (3)
Seeking angel investor for Autoadmit.com disruption company    12/02/20  (4)
Rate Sen. Sinema at swearing-in today - pic    12/02/20  (19)
What is rach doing to prevent xoxohth from being "disrupted"?    12/02/20  (2)
twitter can be kind of addictive    12/02/20  (4)
Dupa/bloodacre's wife is divorcing him for spending $16k on pocket knives    12/02/20  (9)
Taylor Swift rerecording her music and selling it is so fucking awesome I can't    12/02/20  (16)
Wtf why did Roberts sign these decisions "honk honk" ... What does that mean??    12/02/20  (4)
Trump luring Biden into fake gingerbread White House, opening trap door    12/02/20  (1)
Love & Basketball is the best movie of the last ~25 years    12/02/20  (4)
whats the verdict on Xenoblade Chronicles 2?    12/02/20  (1)
Is daughter Mikhaila "Weekend at Berniesing" Jordan Peterson? (Vice)    12/02/20  (5)
Having sperm analysis done tomorrow, want to masturbate SO BADLY but can't    12/02/20  (23)
before and after balding    12/02/20  (1)
shout out to everyone who bought “equities” instead of guns and land    12/02/20  (10)
What percentage of workers enjoy their jobs? 20%?    12/02/20  (18)
COVID-19 has led to a huge surge in SMOKING    12/02/20  (5)
this ongoing Covid hysteria is insane. Saw the news on a tv @ a store    12/02/20  (3)
have u heard of WizardChan? They ban any non-virgin.    12/02/20  (1)
If a tranny gets pregnant can it keep demanding male accomodations legally?    12/02/20  (1)
i think i have AIDS    12/02/20  (30)
Ape Escape: Zimmerman Edition    12/02/20  (6)
shouted 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU DUMB BITCH?' at woman in office    12/02/20  (3)
All women are superheroes, and some are men    12/02/20  (1)
they/them tp    12/02/20  (1)
everquest bros get ITT    12/02/20  (24)
God dammit I’m about to pull trigger on apple air M1 for $899    12/02/20  (22)
Spaceporn to SPjr “ You think this is abuse, you cocksucker?”    12/02/20  (16)
Is Tel Aviv worth checking out? Heard it’s fun as shit    12/02/20  (12)
“sup i’m a man” (woman)    12/02/20  (4)
laying in bed thinking about Ricky    12/02/20  (11)
if you like your medical gulag, you can keep it    12/02/20  (1)
What is your greatest accomplishment?    12/02/20  (14)
james joyce jr, getting covid, losing his sense of smell... forever    12/02/20  (3)
cowgod 12/2 megathread    12/02/20  (18)
ricky carefully placing Diwali candles on menorah    12/02/20  (15)
So what was the "kraken" after all?    12/02/20  (7)
Scale 1-10 how serious of a drinker am I?    12/02/20  (65)
it's the ultimate blessing to be a vessel for the Most High    12/02/20  (1)
ITT: ask an owner of an Xbox Series X anything (literally anything)    12/02/20  (12)
What is your most autistic accomplishment?    12/02/20  (2)
is it safe to give babies liver?    12/02/20  (15)
when I was in high school I worked at a traveling corndog/cheese curd stand    12/02/20  (5)
i enjoy men    12/02/20  (5)

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