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Associate listed preferred pronouns on the door. Youll never guess what they are    10/19/21  (5)
i was meant to be idle rich, this is all a big mistake    10/19/21  (89)
OYT Final Car Thread!! I need halp    10/19/21  (16)
Tiktoks are just creative ways to show off your body with plausible deniability?    10/19/21  (1)
your future wife crying after realizing she was duped by 'pig roast' chad    10/19/21  (18)
BUSINESS IDEA: "I hate fags" t-shirts    10/19/21  (1)
Come ITT and I will give you a genuine compliment    10/19/21  (123)
Instagram “Reels” with vapid, dumb women are really disturbing    10/19/21  (1)
I am emotionally ready to be wealthy.    10/19/21  (4)
Panic at Oberlin: cismen allowed to install radiators at tranny dorm    10/19/21  (3)
Wanting to fuck young sluts but settling for dinner date with 35 y/o shrew    10/19/21  (11)
China is in negative growth (shrinking). That's why they will start a war.    10/19/21  (7)
Does “conversion therapy’’ work for the LGBT?    10/19/21  (2)
Hacking cough all over Europe, Middle East, now Florida. Media: silent    10/19/21  (1)
Swiped left on 5 different Asian girls in a row named “grace”    10/19/21  (2)
We have 4000 weeks to live. That’s it.    10/19/21  (1)
You pussies give "notice"? I just blow people off block and disappear    10/19/21  (7)
If you really said what you wanted here your door would get kicked in    10/19/21  (4)
Evan39 lol at it all joo frauds bankrupted everyone created this shit    10/19/21  (1)
The homeless should fuck you up! You created it you deserve it fags    10/19/21  (7)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/19/21  (110)
ITT a picture worth killing for    10/19/21  (2)
Wake up fuckers and get to your desk sick joo cawk it's all rigged    10/19/21  (1)
Into to Nuke Physics at MIT: can anyone here understand it? (link)    10/19/21  (46)
Washington State Fires Football Coach for Refusing to Get Vaccinated    10/19/21  (3)
Free Florida isn't so free, TT is right. Govt harassment for dog license    10/19/21  (21)
Never learned to whistle loud with fingers, what a fag I am    10/19/21  (1)
Explain why preferred pronouns matter.    10/19/21  (10)
Modern life is such a horror show    10/19/21  (2)
Washington State football fires entire coaching staff for refusing vaccine (link    10/19/21  (5)
know any bros who overtly regret getting SUCKERED into UMC life?    10/19/21  (7)
My preferred pronouns are “retarded” and “gay”    10/19/21  (6)
your tinder date beginning the night by asking you for your preferred pronouns.    10/19/21  (11)
My preferred pronouns are അവൻ / അവനെ    10/19/21  (3)
I should have worked for a startup    10/19/21  (1)
Just spotted in wild: email signature with "preferred pronouns"    10/19/21  (9)
Buddy in Army confirmed they are requiring you to fuck a man in the ass at MEPS    10/19/21  (1)
Space lawyers are real. A history of FOBS in space in light of Chinese advances.    10/19/21  (1)
im making rice tonight, basmati rice    10/19/21  (14)
If you covered Jerry Rice in an nfl game, could you hold him under 50 yards?    10/19/21  (62)
Socks recs    10/19/21  (1)
(((NYT))): The economy is almost doing too well    10/19/21  (13)
For 6 years straight CBS aired comedy about the Holocaust most Americans loved    10/19/21  (14)
Section II of legal memo: preferred pronouns    10/19/21  (2)
Blacks on LinkedIn getting 5000 likes for modest achievement    10/19/21  (9)
Army officer friend confirmed anti white wargaming    10/19/21  (49)
Millennial: "Uh what're Pikachu's preferred pronouns    10/19/21  (5)
Whole Foods will now ask your preferred pronoun before scanning items    10/19/21  (4)
BUSINESS IDEA: "Preferred Pronoun" t-shirts    10/19/21  (2)
what the hell is a "preferred pronoun"?    10/19/21  (7)
Here’s the top ten most preferred pronouns in America (no 5 will surprise you)    10/19/21  (1)
i just won    10/19/21  (6)
Applying for jobs, where do i put my preferred pronouns on resume?    10/19/21  (4)
Partner reamed me out for assuming thon's preferred pronouns    10/19/21  (3)
A $2.1 Billion Pandemic Lifeline for Undocumented Workers Runs Out    10/19/21  (3)
Drunkard, what are your preferred pronouns?    10/19/21  (1)
Climate change is the real “high class problem”    10/19/21  (3)
New York City Schools See Few Covid Cases, but Testing Questions Linger    10/19/21  (2)
Rate this classically trained pianist's version of Lets go Brandon    10/19/21  (5)
not a cis but why are transpersons gluing dildos to slides at local playgrounds?    10/19/21  (2)
let's go brandon #FJB    10/19/21  (1)
Is $1,000k a good net worth for a Loser    10/19/21  (3)
It's 1996. You're playing Super Mario RPG. Faint smell of dinner cooking.    10/19/21  (37)
Rate Greta Thunberg singing Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" (link)    10/19/21  (7)
Why is homelessness so much worse in the US compared to “peer” countries?    10/19/21  (69)
Have we given up on a unifying theory of physics? Did QT basically just win?    10/19/21  (18)
It's all rigged you fucking Jews    10/19/21  (3)
cowgod    10/19/21  (2)
F it all    10/19/21  (1)
Drunkard, rate me as one of your childhood memories.    10/19/21  (1)
Oberlin let cisgender men fix radiators in Women/Trans housing    10/19/21  (37)
What's the least Jewish video game    10/19/21  (10)
brother in law rules home with iron fist, sister cant even talk to family member    10/19/21  (5)
So where are all the “Great Resignation” people going? Most are low skill jo    10/19/21  (5)
Society needs to flush this turd "benzo" down the toilet once & for all    10/19/21  (1)
Benzo: Update us- How is life on the run?    10/19/21  (2)
Vaccinated hiker got lost because his compass just “kept spinning” (link)    10/19/21  (23)
Should I start exercising and losing weight? 6’1 229 lbs    10/19/21  (23)
Not a lib, but why are conservatives defending genocidal maniac Christopher Colu    10/19/21  (19)
Model sells virginity for £2MILLION - and footballer was third highest bidder    10/19/21  (7)
evan39: when the supply chain runs outta food, will u be unemployed?    10/19/21  (2)
evan39 and XO I wa$ at the crazy Jew bank today and guess what happened?    10/19/21  (22)
I see no reason why SOL can't go to $10k by eoy.    10/19/21  (10)
What if Freemasons are behind all this crap?    10/19/21  (6)
Filecoin has a $200M hard cap with minimum 6 months vesting period. LJL.    10/19/21  (17)
Bbooooooooooooooom how often do you bottom for niggers these days?    10/19/21  (2)
Want to put baby in woman where to look?    10/19/21  (20)
Is investing in Real Estate the only CR if you get cancelled/one wrong move    10/19/21  (8)
Wacky Ben Cassidy and Little Ben Sasse Kiss-ing    10/19/21  (1)
“I hope you’re all ready for some gay shit today” (episcopal priest sermon    10/19/21  (35)
“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell” - Ed Abbey    10/19/21  (7)
hello fellow golden retrievers    10/19/21  (18)
argued with TBF about tether: 0.6    10/19/21  (4)
if/when China has a massive crisis, they will start a war. hth    10/19/21  (12)
Is Freemasonry Satanic?    10/19/21  (17)
an alien world consisting solely of Asian valley girls & golden retrievers    10/19/21  (15)
Rate this image of a Chinese and Indian soldier    10/19/21  (11)
Scandal in Hungary after anime girl posters pop up w/gypsy crime statistics    10/19/21  (25)
That feeling when you want to shit in jinx's mouth but there's already shit ther    10/19/21  (1)
Outing is 180 and people on XO should be outed regularly    10/19/21  (21)
Work is making us put our preferred pronounce in our email tag, help me pick    10/19/21  (5)
In a country with zero blacks rn. It's fucking paradise    10/19/21  (3)
Mike Shanahan has aged 100 years in the last 10 years    10/19/21  (1)
You: "Brave New World, 1984, or Camp of the Saints?" Clown World: "Why choose?    10/19/21  (14)
I can't, my brands    10/19/21  (1)
DODO Swap    10/19/21  (4)
BTCP up 1300% this year - more than BTC    10/19/21  (3)
Camp of the Saints meets Haibane Renmei meets Night on the Galactic Railroad    10/19/21  (4)
Artistically blurted out “she’s going to get so fat” when boss showed pic    10/19/21  (1)
van life morrison    10/19/21  (5)
it seems like food stores are now sourcing from wherever they can get stuff    10/19/21  (1)
the unbearable whiteness of gandalf the white    10/19/21  (9)
Libs will be satisfied and happy soon enough after we capitulate on everything    10/19/21  (2)
Tucker's toupee was off the heezay today    10/19/21  (1)
gay, no malarkey, blm, civil libertarian, feminist, globalist, Jew, he/him    10/19/21  (2)
Favorite film Song of the South favorite show Hogan's Heroes    10/19/21  (3)
Mel Gibson has raised $171M for 3hr adaptation of 'Camp of the Saints' (Variety)    10/19/21  (36)
reading wikipedia summary of Camp of the Saints is chilling    10/19/21  (38)
"Camp of the Saints? Oh it's...it was a Catholic summer camp, haha."    10/19/21  (4)
Hogan's Heroes but it's heterosexual white males in SJW prison camps    10/19/21  (26)
lmao at "van life" we get it you're homeless    10/19/21  (5)
A mouse, a BEAVER, a golden retriever playing hide and seek on Tom Sawyer island    10/19/21  (3)
Just saw a gorgeous Palestinian man with eyes like Paul Walker    10/19/21  (2)
Walt Disney’s Song of the South: terrifying for libs, no foothold for power    10/19/21  (1)
Does :D still poast?    10/19/21  (1)
College students all for "Diversity Quotas," except for sports    10/19/21  (6)
This guy on Twitter named Matt Walsh is pretty much my spirit animal    10/19/21  (5)
TBF and Rudolf Hess pacing around the Eagle's Nest    10/19/21  (3)
Rate this video of Victorian police harassing citizen over Facebook posts    10/19/21  (1)
Bob Crane so far ahead of his time    10/19/21  (2)
Is “My Name” on Netflix worth watching?    10/19/21  (1)
they destroyed Nixon for basically nothing    10/19/21  (7)
Tiffany Hsu, Cindy Zhang, Angela Nguyen, Lauren Ying, Annabel Kwon, Helen Chang    10/19/21  (65)
collapse of chinese real estate (most of their GDP & wealth) will be biblical    10/19/21  (26)
what did timothy mcveigh think there was to gain by blowing up a building?    10/19/21  (8)
rickey, r those bitches still harassing u?    10/19/21  (2)
"life" is just continuous information rape and you can never leave    10/19/21  (1)
an Asian Grace/how sweet the sound/that saved a wretch like me    10/19/21  (25)
USA now BEGGING India to join 'Mideast Quad' w/UAE & Kikeland #USAworshipsIndia    10/19/21  (5)
Russia expels NATO Embassy from Moscow bc “it’s faggot” (link)    10/19/21  (2)
Rate this Yale distance runner who loves taking vids in thong bikinis    10/19/21  (120)
1517: Protestantism. 1717: Freemasonry. 1917: Atheistic Communism.    10/19/21  (18)
we can no longer say we've never had D.O.T. Secretary who hasn't gerbil'd    10/19/21  (2)
World behind USA’s back: “Just pretend they’re a military power”    10/19/21  (7)
Consuela's Daddy/Ayahuasca/GodPill lmfao    10/19/21  (3)
Interesting Catholic document on Freemasonry    10/19/21  (1)
Oldest age where no one in cohort has seen “Gilligans Island”?    10/19/21  (4)
What was the culture of 2011-15?    10/19/21  (7)
do eurolibs defend gypsy scammer criminals like dindu's in USA?    10/19/21  (4)
Oh Malk! Why you no hab big locket ship rike Eron Muks hab ? He go harvard?    10/19/21  (51)

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