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Reminder: Taylor Lorez has the smelliest pussy in the world.    11/27/22  (1)
"Uncle LaShaun wants you to be home when he comes over tonight." -- epah    11/27/22  (1)
How many restaurant owners took PPP and retired early?    11/27/22  (10)
Do they still teach Julius Caesar in high schools or has this been replaced    11/27/22  (4)
The Economist: British Bangladeshis are out performing Birdshits at school πŸ˜‚    11/27/22  (14)
Yelling “Karlstack” in a crowded theater    11/27/22  (7)
The evolution of Karlstack    11/27/22  (10)
Are above-ground pools prole? They seem convenient    11/27/22  (1)
cowgod, you took it too far. It's really sad.    11/27/22  (53)
video of tbf looking at a solana chart    11/27/22  (9)
Need a new hobby. All I do is read and lift.    11/27/22  (19)
Elon must fully embrace Qanon if he supports free speech. Thats the litmus test    11/27/22  (9)
There were 5 early-mid 20s girls at Thanksgiving    11/27/22  (14)
Morocco is about to upset Belgium    11/27/22  (6)
Taylor Lorenz: “US is killing off millions of people by not locking down”    11/27/22  (1)
ITT: Brands that have declined precipitously over the last ten years    11/27/22  (210)
"karlstack-"(crowd laughs)"i havnt told the joke yet" "yes u did"    11/27/22  (5)
22 year old Stanford Soccer Kyootie drops dead due to fraudvax    11/27/22  (63)
can't believe they're phasing out cash before we got our Bigfaced Tubman $20s    11/27/22  (3)
Karlstack Engineering Expertise    11/27/22  (1)
I love South Asian Men    11/27/22  (3)
scraping ice off of my windshield every morning drives me nuts    11/27/22  (4)
Karlstack Console History    11/27/22  (1)
Ricky flaming about Chick-fil-A breakfast is our black Sox scandal    11/27/22  (47)
ITT: I provide guns, gear, prepping recs (Hegemon)    11/27/22  (5)
Oswald wasn't even on the 6th floor.    11/27/22  (4)
surrealist short film in which Hillary is a slab of beef, 'I'm meat now...'    11/27/22  (9)
Uh oh dumb fuck soyim might wanna read this BAP fedpoast like rn    11/27/22  (1)
“Happy Advent! I hope I don’t have to wait four weeks to hear from you haha    11/27/22  (1)
It occurs to me I have a classic nuclear family    11/27/22  (24)
🚨The Game 11-0 Michigan @ 11-0 tOSU Official Thread 🚨    11/27/22  (79)
Do soccer players ever randomly switch sides in the middle of a match?    11/27/22  (3)
watching No Country for Old Men rn    11/27/22  (44)
Take note of all the poasters falling for the Ye scam rn, TBF/Consuela lvl rtrds    11/27/22  (3)
Hegemon, they should strip ngannou if he doesn’t fight bones and put Gane    11/27/22  (1)
killdozer guy deserves a statue    11/27/22  (6)
World Cup fans refusing to speak to Israeli TV networks    11/27/22  (3)
We need to start erecting monumental granite obelisks again    11/27/22  (3)
The bottom like 20% of THAIS are historically STUPID    11/27/22  (19)
"The client doesn't give a fuck about your Thanksgiving dinner."    11/27/22  (4)
Is Kevin de Bruyne the most attractive man who's ever lived?    11/27/22  (1)
🚨🚨🚨 BENZO VIOLATED PROBATION 🚨🚨🚨    11/27/22  (95)
If you have stepchildren you’ve messed up bigly    11/27/22  (49)
Elon should hire rach to draft Twitter’s content moderation policy    11/27/22  (2)
My first rifle was a .243 that Papa gave Daddy and Daddy gave to me    11/27/22  (8)
I miss GJR.    11/27/22  (33)
Republicans are muted in criticism of Trump dinner with Fuentes    11/27/22  (3)
Is Benzo the single dumbest person ever to post on XO?    11/27/22  (68)
Putin 'fearing for his life' after mass retreat causes goons to sharpen knives    11/27/22  (2)
good morning    11/27/22  (6)
Happy Advent Sunday!    11/27/22  (1)
Held a World Cup themed swingers event. Juicy details ITT (CSLG)    11/27/22  (36)
Why did anyone give a fuck about the popular vote? Oh wait only libs do    11/27/22  (1)
Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord.    11/27/22  (1)
Anyone seen Amon Amarth live? Should I go?    11/27/22  (8)
you should’ve never let a kike like me in here, big mistake    11/27/22  (4)
Reminder: kids bullying weirdos is 100% normal and healthy    11/27/22  (32)
NYT: Here's why Fuentes is an Aryan/Germanic name    11/27/22  (3)
Ann Coulter on why soccer is shit.    11/27/22  (103)
Gorgeous Gaurav, Raunchy Rishi, Handsome Hardik, Vivacious Vivek    11/27/22  (2)
jj redick had a contract with his gf to get an abortion. alpha?    11/27/22  (20)
you need at least 10,000 lux    11/27/22  (1)
You are OLD. Carol Kane was 35 in Scrooged    11/27/22  (1)
shame that Fuentes/Kanye are partnering with (((Milo)))    11/27/22  (1)
General Patton was murdered by the Jews for being anti-communist    11/27/22  (12)
Make Hillary Beef Again    11/27/22  (4)
Ending it all this holiday season    11/27/22  (2)
Twitter thread videos of world cup fans when they find out reporter is Israeli    11/27/22  (3)
This new Wednesday Adams show on Netflix is obnoxious    11/27/22  (5)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    11/27/22  (12)
The real deal about male/female homosexuality & bisexuality    11/27/22  (89)
vaginas are fucking disgusting    11/27/22  (7)
Predict lib reactions if Tone Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina” was released today    11/27/22  (22)
Rate this chad tweet by Tampax tampons    11/27/22  (3)
Soft teeth lead to hard men. Hard men lead to soft times. Soft times lead to sof    11/27/22  (5)
Using a Markov chain to model femboy transition probabilities    11/27/22  (3)
I decided to go to Kres tonight (TSINAH)    11/27/22  (29)
Prole co-workers angry about weak economy (evan39)    11/27/22  (39)
*checks emilio's outdoor bowl* *sighs* *opens a new bag of kibble*    11/27/22  (10)
Lib friend camping out for "Friday of Color"    11/27/22  (14)
Ye lost his entire fortune so America could have a shot at restoring freedom    11/27/22  (5)
Gorgeous INDIANS have taken Phuket, advancing on Antarctica    11/27/22  (12)
LMFAO Jermall Charlo pretends he wants to fight Bivol at 168    11/27/22  (2)
In a sane world, monuments would be built in Brian Jacques's honor    11/27/22  (50)
ITT: golden retrievers provide a safe space for Stargate discussion    11/27/22  (7)
Luka has 14 games this year with 30 points and triple double. Rest of NBA: 1    11/27/22  (6)
And then God created things that live in Australia.    11/27/22  (2)
The CIA had at least 20 "Lee Harvey Oswalds" just in case.    11/27/22  (15)
Gay pathogen theory makes a lot more implicit sense than other explanations of T    11/27/22  (2)
portland maine is 170+    11/27/22  (37)
Fuck my ass, Estrada Chocolatito III is next weekend.    11/27/22  (1)
Emilio    11/27/22  (3)
There’s no way cons can be all into guns and death then care about fetuses    11/27/22  (19)
I'm heavily armed with many rifles and explosives and body armor    11/27/22  (2)
What’s the Definitive Civil War 2.0 Rifle and Handgun Starter Combo    11/27/22  (167)
Emilio: "Look to my poasting on the first thread of the fifth day, at dawn look    11/27/22  (34)
Return of Emilio.    11/27/22  (17)
poasters corralling around Emilio the Grey's fireworks wagon    11/27/22  (4)
need Emilio here to rank the following movies    11/27/22  (4)
Me patiently explaining to a group of zoomers who Emilio is and why he matters    11/27/22  (20)
Putin's hand turns purple as he's seen shaking and clutching chair    11/27/22  (3)
love is groovy man    11/27/22  (2)
why aren't cases judged by justice master computer    11/27/22  (5)
has anyone tried kratom on a regular basis? what's it like    11/27/22  (6)
Please give me online dating tips    11/27/22  (18)
Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell    11/27/22  (1)
the glow, pt. 2    11/27/22  (1)
How Luka Doncic and a cuckold fantasy saved my marriage (Slate)    11/27/22  (1)
How Luka Modric and a cuckold fantasy saved my marriage (Slate)    11/27/22  (1)
Reading FML messages from the Way Back Machine    11/27/22  (1)
You shouldn't just expect pussy to not smell bad    11/27/22  (15)
Karl should do 'deep-dives' on historical bort drama cases like Cdunker/Mann02    11/27/22  (2)
costanza getting a beauner while a dude gave him a massage=biggest 90s problem    11/27/22  (3)
Woke up a few hours ago after sleeping 3 hours, cannot fall back asleep FML    11/27/22  (2)
Cambridge University Dean: "Jesus was transgender."    11/27/22  (14)
Is it true if you buy like 5 AR rifles at once the "feds" get notified and come    11/27/22  (3)
Political commentary is worthless    11/27/22  (2)
probably consumed a solid pint of seed oils since wednesday    11/27/22  (1)
Absolutely BASED cartoon from SNL    11/27/22  (9)
I can’t, the feds    11/27/22  (1)
I kind of hate ordering from fast food places close to their closing time    11/27/22  (1)
Mick Jagger wrote song about being a computer, wife having affairs w/ computers    11/27/22  (1)
why not just damages determined by giant "Price is Right" wheel?    11/27/22  (1)
Seems like MMA made pro wrestling obsolete    11/27/22  (12)
why not just make the district court random to prevent venue shopping?    11/27/22  (10)
Most important gear: Rifle. Comms. NVGs. Body Armor. Trauma kit.    11/27/22  (5)
so Trump disavowed Fuentes/Kanye 3 more times today just for good measure    11/27/22  (9)
what's NSAM's latest conspiracy    11/27/22  (1)
Bald and Bankrupt in Japan - link    11/27/22  (15)
Reminder: Keep your rifle by your side    11/27/22  (36)
Apple cup is the single greatest football game every year    11/27/22  (2)
Is it worth buying crates of rifles to arm a militia when internal conflict come    11/27/22  (8)
a never-ending supply of Lee Harvey Oswalds    11/27/22  (1)
Duston you faggot    11/27/22  (17)
just gonna risk breaking my neck to retrieve some gay book    11/27/22  (1)
100% guarantee your COCK will get hard seeing this Gorgeous Indian Man πŸ˜˜πŸ’•    11/27/22  (6)
Whok, rumors circulating your dad grows pubes on his head.    11/27/22  (2)
1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. ???    11/27/22  (63)
Cardi B Lays An Explosive Diarrhea πŸš½πŸ’© While On IG Live! (Vid)    11/27/22  (46)
Do you consider Cricket, Bowling, or Golf real sports?    11/27/22  (1)
Rate this house for sale in Baltimore    11/27/22  (20)
Am I a weirdo for fantasising about almost all men?    11/27/22  (4)
50 WHITE SHEEP ... AWWWWWWW YEAH!    11/27/22  (1)
Wholesome Disney movie starring gay biracial preteens    11/27/22  (2)
waking up in a hotel in maumee, OH on my way to Mich/OSU    11/27/22  (76)
Replace one word from a movie or book title with the word “Fartpigs”    11/27/22  (25)
i fucking hate millennial women so fucking much    11/27/22  (37)
Official Jose Chon Zepeda vs Regis Rougarou Prograis fight thread    11/27/22  (25)
AT&T Lily ad on a golf course. Her hips and ass are 6 feet wide.    11/27/22  (5)
are prophet cowgod >>>>>>>>
>>> cum eating ripoff artist cuckstack
   11/27/22  (6)

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