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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
poasting volume down 80%    11/20/17  (14)
whats your best all-around college (academics, fun, sports, location)    11/20/17  (29)
hypo: you can have ANY record in sports.    11/20/17  (90)
no worries haha    11/20/17  (5)
RATE My Mom's Unhinged Email To PDDJ Re What To Call Her #Sickly    11/20/17  (74)
How much do substitute teachers make?    11/20/17  (7)
jcm taking and giving questions for the next hour while bored at work    11/20/17  (67)
if "human resources" doesn't make you shudder, you are a human resource    11/20/17  (1)
Just encountered a true alpha Chad, was in awe    11/20/17  (11)
"sorry babe, not tonight, need to argue about Harvard-Stanford cross admit yield    11/20/17  (1)
Why is TMF always wrong about stuff?    11/20/17  (52)
*GC twirling pen* "What if we sold them bumper stickers of our talking points?"    11/20/17  (1)
Woman: "No worries haha" --> your career is OVER    11/20/17  (4)
Reminder that UC Berkeley's average SAT is literally lower than TUFTS    11/20/17  (1)
2.5x as many votes cast in Alabama GOP primary than Dem primary    11/20/17  (5)
"You gotta pay for that!" cried Peterman as he got pushed out of the truck cab    11/20/17  (54)
Conseula/Cernovich promises to out a Dem senator accused of sex harrassment (lin    11/20/17  (1)
RATE this cutie in a loose knit sweater    11/20/17  (1)
Lol I've become soft. I tried taking a cold bath first thing in the morning.    11/20/17  (1)
reminder: twins is the perfect height AND smarter than you    11/20/17  (58)
What is twins schtick?    11/20/17  (3)
serious Q: why are people getting hysterical over mortgage deduction?    11/20/17  (74)
Wife is flipping out on me right now because I walked the dog with her belt    11/20/17  (23)
Moore was 'banned' from mall, but like Joseph K., is still allowed free passage    11/20/17  (2)
Ayn Rand-loving libertarian TMF: "wahhh want my tax handout back wahhhh"    11/20/17  (1)
I'm 19th fastest this year going up the willy bridge, fight me    11/20/17  (2)
Podesta email: No "ponies" at the pizza shop today, but a "colt" if you're inter    11/20/17  (22)
If a job applicant showed up with an iPhone with a cracked screen    11/20/17  (5)
Glenn Thrush accused of thoughtcrime.    11/20/17  (2)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    11/20/17  (69)
rate my body    11/20/17  (7)
Sally Hemings comes out against Thomas Jefferson for alleged assualt sources say    11/20/17  (2)
started twitter campaign to permit Roy Moore in Gadsden Mall: #LiftTheBan    11/20/17  (1)
Is sous vide cooking credited or flame? Thinking about getting one today    11/20/17  (38)
rate my body    11/20/17  (59)
lmao at these weird couple xoers defending Al Franken and Glenn Thrush    11/20/17  (26)
Instead of paying to board your pets - just kill it and get a new one for cheape    11/20/17  (4)
is there a professor from lawschool that you really enjoyed?    11/20/17  (1)
I accidentally bought the "gay" fleshlight... FUCK MY LIFE    11/20/17  (87)
Me: "it's windy." 4 y/o: "NO IT'S NOT IT'S PARTLY CLOUDY"    11/20/17  (1)
Me: "it's windy." 4 y/o: "NO IT'S NOT IT'S PARTLY CLOUDY"    11/20/17  (1)
Legit jelly of construction workers    11/20/17  (7)
Idris Elba, what are your thoughts on Colion Noir?    11/20/17  (6)
LMFAO vet school cost of attendance is $280k. starting salary for vets = 30-100k    11/20/17  (16)
Will Trump having a real chance make it harder for Trumpmos if Hillary wins?    11/20/17  (5)
Rate Lance Armstrong's twin 16 year old daughters (pic)    11/20/17  (3)
bros I am leaving work at 5:15, hieing to whole foods to cop STEW ingredients    11/20/17  (3)
got approached about job back in australia, should i leave new york? (fratty)    11/20/17  (4)
v5 firms now introducing brunch for new female partners    11/20/17  (6)
journalists in Reservoir Dogs sex assault accusation standoff    11/20/17  (4)
moore, clinton, trump, weiner holding franken like firefighters in 'Backdraft'    11/20/17  (1)
TREATY OF BREEZEWOOD - XO lot lizards divide territory    11/20/17  (86)
grading is the worst    11/20/17  (1)
The Terror of the Urbana: Packs of young blacks on bikes, many of them pink    11/20/17  (1)
Skin in the Game (but no hair)- A Social History of the Breezewood Flying J    11/20/17  (11)
What's the endgame of all this insanity    11/20/17  (14)
Ambulances are peak GC.    11/20/17  (31)
sexual harassment > sexual her ass meant > have sex in her ass, man!    11/20/17  (4)
Is inflating your current comp during a job interview a good idea?    11/20/17  (18)
For a long time I thought "breakfast" was a widely used term for making partner    11/20/17  (9)
casual golfer. really good w/irons & putting. suck at driving    11/20/17  (1)
How Did The Jews Rename A Car Sale To An "Event"?    11/20/17  (1)
Where is that disturbing thread of the trans creature nursing a child?    11/20/17  (1)
2020 dem presidential candidate platform: all men are rapists    11/20/17  (8)
CA lawyers: can a cop legally enter your home if he suspects you committed a cri    11/20/17  (2)
GF has family staying with us. I'm going to pretend to go to work on Friday.    11/20/17  (18)
how do i get into the oil & energy sector?    11/20/17  (5)
Brietbart deploying Whattabout Team Six to Minneapolis    11/20/17  (5)
'physical therapy' is some kind of joke    11/20/17  (27)
Thousands of Men, A Rig, Anal Canal - PETERMAN    11/20/17  (11)
Calishitlawguru getting STYLED ON by Firma Dominguez and Cellino & Barnes    11/20/17  (29)
sexbot climbing into self-driving truck as peterman collects food stamps    11/20/17  (17)
LA Times praises Charles Manson. Women can forgive Chad of ANYTHING.    11/20/17  (1)
Second Franken accuser comes forward    11/20/17  (5)
Baker Mayfield suspended for final game    11/20/17  (11)
GERMANS: Let's have a cat lady rule us, what could possibly go wrong?    11/20/17  (2)
How to deal with incredibly insecure, egotistical men?    11/20/17  (20)
PUd Austria as England. About to cuck the French tonight. YNY.    11/20/17  (1)
DOJ to announce major antitrust matter today (link)    11/20/17  (4)
gonna spank peterman until he loses feeling in his ass permanently    11/20/17  (2)
World's First Physical CryptoExchange created in Breezewood Flying J lot    11/20/17  (6)
PBS Frontline S36 E06 The Boys of Breezewood    11/20/17  (5)
Favorite Grimes song?    11/20/17  (28)
Vox: NYT reporter made out with chicks in Arlington dive bar, Sexual harrasment!    11/20/17  (57)
"Is he harassing you?" the white knight texted @ 11pm    11/20/17  (19)
In re Breezewood Antitrust Litigation (M.D. Pa. 2017)    11/20/17  (21)
"OMG, physical therapy changed my life" "How?" "I don't know... it just DID    11/20/17  (1)
grimes-mos: check out sunflower bean    11/20/17  (4)
now follow as we ride motherfuck the rest 2 of the best from the west side    11/20/17  (2)
RATE Tara Reid looking slim and sexy (xo DailyMail)    11/20/17  (33)
cot damn peterman is into some sick shit    11/20/17  (12)
Will ETH ever reach 5000+?    11/20/17  (3)
Marquettes pretty good for a bunch of white guys    11/20/17  (1)
Who else used BTC to buy shitttcoins?    11/20/17  (12)
Is streeteasy flame? Lots of affordable apts listed there    11/20/17  (1)
Patrick Chung: A UVA Tale (part 1)    11/20/17  (114)
Turkey ice cream? Really? We tried the Salt & Straw Thanksgiving menu    11/20/17  (4)
ITT we discuss our fun thanksgiving plans    11/20/17  (64)
told hiring manager during interview that I am a 'Road Scholar'    11/20/17  (1)
rate this chill, fratty Nazi bro with his jew captive (SFW)    11/20/17  (187)
Only things I care about are alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.    11/20/17  (3)
Where is a good place to go in south Vietnam    11/20/17  (7)
Joker Buries Elsa and Peppa Pig at Flying J while Doobs and Peterman in Humbler    11/20/17  (9)
Libs now forced to praise corporate consolidation.    11/20/17  (1)
"Bless us for the meal we are about to receive" (Peterman kneeling @ FlyingJ)    11/20/17  (1)
ROFL @ academic "prestige" 33% of Rhodes Scholars are black; 45% of HLS is URM    11/20/17  (19)
business idea: nig nog! black colored egg nog    11/20/17  (43)
Should I buy BTC now    11/20/17  (8)
*puts out cigarette into peterman's anus hole*    11/20/17  (2)
hormonally/chemically, women inhabity a completely different reality from men    11/20/17  (2)
Whole foods already has nignog out    11/20/17  (1)
grimes library gay tuna sex wink oven diaper notary 2nd chipwich farting so lmao    11/20/17  (24)
Can A Shitlaw Attorney "Fire" Client Before Suit Is Filed?    11/20/17  (9)
Rate this Hitler scene from the new Wolfenstein game    11/20/17  (5)
Wow guys I'm so alpha.    11/20/17  (1)
im afraid Dems are setting Trump up for impeachment re: sex assault & Russia    11/20/17  (7)
Crazy Fox News bitch caught driving 119 mph in upstate new york    11/20/17  (13)
I wonder if misguided janitor is okay    11/20/17  (1)
Trump sending Liangelo Ball back to China after his father refused to bend knee.    11/20/17  (1)
"There's a lot to unpack here" (doc peering into Peterman's shitpipe)    11/20/17  (9)
Just had phone interview with a gaming company in LA    11/20/17  (17)
32 yo Katy Perry caught sexual assaulting 18yo musician on camera (vid)    11/20/17  (6)
listened to blurred lines 4 times today. ty xoxo!    11/20/17  (1)
Fucking LOL at the progression of this bachelor lifestyle blog    11/20/17  (29)
Strongcock, promise to NEVER STOP TYRONE THREADING, pls    11/20/17  (6)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/20/17  (31)
posting is like an athletic contest, and posters should be called "jocks"    11/20/17  (6)
Predictit: XO Roy Moore 57% Shitlib Doug Jones 44% - Suck my ASS libs    11/20/17  (7)
Why is crypto BOOMING    11/20/17  (1)
10:00 AM... My asshole: filthy.    11/20/17  (6)
Rate this 21 year old that approached me this weekend despite having a boyfriend    11/20/17  (20)
confused cum rag with assrag again... now ass is cummy    11/20/17  (4)
Wild turkeys thriving in the Bay Area suburbs, pooping everywhere and scratching    11/20/17  (2)
i get callbacks for sales jobs but not for 'admin assistant' jobs. gender discri    11/20/17  (2)
180 that alzabo is a top poster, but never talks, only blank bumps    11/20/17  (23)
Let my bird doods pop my zit - CR?    11/20/17  (3)
stopped by mall today, Roy Moore was in my thoughts and prayers    11/20/17  (1)
lib 'sex misconduct' crusade backfired. ended up outing 90% of men as rapists    11/20/17  (4)
rate my parent's homemade smoked meat    11/20/17  (4)
Is "Hey Jealousy" the best rock song of the 90s?    11/20/17  (44)
rainforest dood    11/20/17  (2)
Luis is a barrel chested centaur leading me through an emerald forest    11/20/17  (4)
Tough 2016 POTUS election trivia    11/20/17  (4)
New Rhodes Scholars named (you wont believe number 1)    11/20/17  (76)
Mandy: "Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight" TMF: "Explain"    11/20/17  (2)
Best major city for dating as a single balding paunchy risk averse lawyer    11/20/17  (1)
Best major city for dating as a single Asian lawyer, average height?    11/20/17  (10)
I really do think I attract the mental illness out of people    11/20/17  (1)

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