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MiG is a schizophrenic. Explains it all.    09/28/20  (1)
Brad Parscale is going to get INTERESTINGER and INTERESTINGER...    09/28/20  (1)
Republicans blaming biden for Iraq is hilarious.    09/28/20  (16)
Brett Pascal? Never heard of him before    09/28/20  (2)
Reminder: libs honestly believe that Facebook caused them to lose in 2016    09/28/20  (1)
Biden's debate prep team has a guy from BALCO on it.    09/28/20  (1)
Taking suggestions for a CAR to take to the TRACK    09/28/20  (27)
Just downloaded Crusader Kings 3 bros is this gonna be any good    09/28/20  (47)
LOL, Biden's Primary Care Physician was on José Canseco's medical team 1988-199    09/28/20  (1)
Truckers lining up for the beady-eyed feller obsessed with the computer money    09/28/20  (32)
Remember Roosh V? He's a construction worker now    09/28/20  (22)
wasting ur life poasting on xoxo is completely indefensible    09/28/20  (20)
It would be pretty funny if Biden won and served two terms    09/28/20  (1)
You & ur college GF listening to Death Cab on blanket in quad on a Mon afternoon    09/28/20  (4)
So libs lost 1 election -> went insane for 4 years? LMAO when Trump wins again    09/28/20  (4)
How dumb does a 15 yo have to be to believe coronavirus came from corona beer?    09/28/20  (10)
xoxo 2025 - "insert penis into gloryhole to continue reading"    09/28/20  (4)
Biden isn't actually bad at debates    09/28/20  (45)
Screaming “WHERE’S THE REST OF YOUR LEGS!?!?” To a short dude    09/28/20  (6)
Maverick's hubris killed Goose. He never fully confronted this.    09/28/20  (187)
Calling the bottom and buying the dip: What being a gay redneck's all about    09/28/20  (1)
Henry I'm dying for an update on my imminent ip ban and outting    09/28/20  (7)
Post ITT if anyone in your family has been accused of securities fraud    09/28/20  (3)
💀🦠 Fall weather arrives this week 🦠💀    09/28/20  (5)
Hungry Hungry Hippos except it’s Henry Aaron in a sea of black cocks    09/28/20  (10)
Where can I go to read assurances that Trump is going to lose?    09/28/20  (2)
Children of single fathers probably turn out amazing (relatively speaking)    09/28/20  (28)
The straight men doing gay for pay on OnlyFans and JustForFans    09/28/20  (1)
Anyone wanna play connect the dots on Henry Aaron's face?    09/28/20  (2)
Gordon Lightfoot ft. Joseph Biden Jr. - Sundown.mp3    09/28/20  (1)
the Rock is riding with Biden    09/28/20  (1)
"He's a great guy, I didn't really know him, but Wish him Well!"    09/28/20  (1)
RSF has a 20mm+ trust fund but still spends his days obsessed w/ benzo lol    09/28/20  (33)
"It's a bear straddle" explained benzo, pocketing $20 and mounting burly trucker    09/28/20  (15)
just found out schizophrenia runs in my family    09/28/20  (12)
Nothing trump has tried on biden has stuck yet    09/28/20  (20)
House 1 or House 2:    09/28/20  (4)
Burisma Investigation to be Released within 24 Hours — FINDS BIDEN FAMILY GUIL    09/28/20  (14)
Is Brunello Cucinelli actually prestigious?    09/28/20  (6)
Just took a shit in house, realizing I’ve made a huge mistake    09/28/20  (2)
Girl told me her roommate was a virgin but sucked gloryhole coc    09/28/20  (22)
"Unberievable mentar illress" said Henry Aaron while popping his face cysts    09/28/20  (4)
So Trump's tax info proves he's a Russian agent, right?    09/28/20  (2)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart'    09/28/20  (56)
Why didn't I play college ball then go into military then ivy MBA into NYC fund?    09/28/20  (3)
"Oh shit, the sicko is back. I just can't" (Peterman seeing Henry Aaron pull up)    09/28/20  (7)
Leveraging 2 job offers against each other    09/28/20  (30)
Peterman teaching Oliver D how to do a Sprite Enema in a CNN bathroom stall    09/28/20  (10)
If you aren't working 3-4 WFH jobs right now you're insane    09/28/20  (3)
20yo solid 6 fake blond with raspy voice and slutty vibe    09/28/20  (18)
jafar strategically untucking shirt so u can see giant Hermes belt buckle    09/28/20  (24)
"Spank Me with your Allen & EDMONDS, you scholarly biglaw STUD!"    09/28/20  (1)
I have more muscles and hair than you—you can fuck off.    09/28/20  (3)
protip: ask dudes with H Hermes belts if they are Hilfiger    09/28/20  (11)
cr to wear an hermes belt if ur first name starts with H?    09/28/20  (4)
How old does this girl look to you? - sfw    09/28/20  (2)
random tinder slut admired my hermes tie when i tied her up & fucked her    09/28/20  (6)
Whimsical | Hermes | Ties    09/28/20  (4)
In Switzerland, things may function better than even Japan.    09/28/20  (22)
"I'm gonna lower your Taxes just like I Lowered mine!"    09/28/20  (1)
Not a tax expert, is it normal to pay no taxes while flying in private jets?    09/28/20  (19)
When Trump said "That makes me smart" he was appealing to the American Dream    09/28/20  (2)
Broke Trump sending Tiffany and Melania to the ECG offices to make $$    09/28/20  (1)
Trump paid a porn star $129,250 more than the US GOVT in 14 years.    09/28/20  (15)
just found my old philosophy of religion essays    09/28/20  (10)
RATE this ass    09/28/20  (4)
super mario sunshine but you're spraying a hose of apple cider vinegar at warts    09/28/20  (3)
It is National Drink Beer Day, ywia    09/28/20  (1)
90s wigger tp what are some of ur favorite bands    09/28/20  (1)
Don Lemon: "Mr. Biden, your actions in Ukraine have bee--" Joe: "You even black?    09/28/20  (5)
Nixon rarely used the Oval Office    09/28/20  (6)
Dechert email to associates denying fall bonus    09/28/20  (50)
You can basically fuck and steal whoever you want as long as you have in$urance    09/28/20  (1)
forced handjobs and body betrayal ejaculations    09/28/20  (10)
XO stock tip: ARKW    09/28/20  (3)
Rudolph breaking into the Capitol to fuck RBG's corpse    09/28/20  (1)
White cop cums in kids happy meal    09/28/20  (4)
prince describes k hole experience    09/28/20  (1)
Trumpmo accusations are confessions. “Cuck! Drug addict! Cheater!”    09/28/20  (3)
Nude cops beat, tase and pepper spray protestors (vid)    09/28/20  (1)
breaking: rbg checked into hospital for “treatable” maggots & decomposition    09/28/20  (5)
"US" media diverting to Trump taxes, while Biden family literally on China payro    09/28/20  (5)
OPEN NOTICE TO RACH AND XO REGARDING USER 'Queensbridge Dwayne'    09/28/20  (9)
jafar (retarded)    09/28/20  (1)
What to do with cash right now?    09/28/20  (1)
Rudolph is 5'5? ljl    09/28/20  (3)
rate this guys life    09/28/20  (16)
Luis the nappy headed people of Shamash vex me so    09/28/20  (3)
RATE these Portland protesters.    09/28/20  (1)
ABC: His taxes Animal Planet: His taxes Fox News: Hearty fall soup recipes    09/28/20  (2)
Why is Rudolph always mad af and rage posting?    09/28/20  (10)
Message from Joe Biden: "I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern."    09/28/20  (1)
80 y old w criminal charges & over-encumbered assets: "just do loan refi, bro!"    09/28/20  (1)
"Biden is way up" seems like complete flame @ odds w reality    09/28/20  (34)
desperately need an nyu tax llm masterman to weigh in on tax trump scandal    09/28/20  (1)
are there any other white people who post here    09/28/20  (1)
is Trump gonna win bros    09/28/20  (20)
Need to remember to never look at where my law school classmates ended up    09/28/20  (14)
This is why Trump is losing    09/28/20  (1)
The piece on Trump's taxes that hasn't been stressed is potential BANK FRAUD    09/28/20  (2)
OPEN NOTICE TO RACH AND XO REGARDING USER 'Queensbridge Wilbur'    09/28/20  (1)
Ending Gayness by Delbert Pleasance, OBE    09/28/20  (2)
FBI says no evidence Antifa is a terrorist organization    09/28/20  (1)
ITT list Top 3 Trump administration/Congress enablers you want to see in JAIL    09/28/20  (5)
What is the credited beard oil?    09/28/20  (10)
Spooky Halloween 🎃 games: Wiscy@Neb, LSU@Auburn, OU@Tech, MSU@Bama, tOSU@Penn    09/28/20  (7)
Tom Brady “thriving” in new “system”    09/28/20  (32)
who is this ricky    09/28/20  (2)
cookies, peaches and cigarettes    09/28/20  (3)
typographical errors    09/28/20  (1)
Think this guy gets more pussy than rich biglawyers?    09/28/20  (6)
hilarious watching libs jizz over trump's tax returns while everyone else shrugs    09/28/20  (15)
Was voting Biden til I learned what a tax wizard Trump is    09/28/20  (2)
Best outcome: Trump wins GOP takes house and senate    09/28/20  (1)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    09/28/20  (289)
best outcome: Biden wins with GOP senate    09/28/20  (4)
"it's okay trump pays no taxes" -a cuckold HTH    09/28/20  (1)
nigger wee wee & doo doo tp    09/28/20  (1)
Most Hilarious XO revelation in history: Henry Aaron/Voodoo Child being asian    09/28/20  (11)
"I had Assurances!" screamed Jared & Ivanka, as Trump refuses to abdicate    09/28/20  (1)
How's that Durham Investigation going? How many convictions?    09/28/20  (2)
it's obvious prince has been smoking a shitload of crystal meth    09/28/20  (33)
HVAC Contractor Monthly endorses Biden    09/28/20  (2)
"Honey you keep saying in N word in your sleep" "I'm not sleeping dear"    09/28/20  (6)
IPOB appreciation thread    09/28/20  (5)
so MDH is like a swamp Gollum but he got a 178 and bangs teen puss on the reg?    09/28/20  (1)
Politics is smoke screen. The MOST important issue today is Chicks With Dicks    09/28/20  (2)
Just took the Chiefs +4. FREE MONEY. MORTAL KOMBAT LOCK.    09/28/20  (3)
Rate this XOXO Daily Mail Model (link)    09/28/20  (2)
National Geographic formally endorses Joe Biden    09/28/20  (2)
Highlights magazine formally endorses Biden/Harris    09/28/20  (2)
mail in ballots could result in an electoral college tie    09/28/20  (2)
Ever take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand?    09/28/20  (188)
DMT, TuTu and Internet Posting: A Survey of Church Leadership Development    09/28/20  (1)
**Trump waving in new conservative SCOTUS justices like a third base coach**    09/28/20  (34)
Wife's boyfriend wants to take my kids to work with her (EPAH)    09/28/20  (8)
Mental Illness as Profanized Religiosity: A Textual Analysis of Methhead Prayers    09/28/20  (1)
Trumpcucks- Update on Obamagate? Trump said big reveal pending    09/28/20  (16)
LSD is a crutch for the non-psychotic    09/28/20  (3)
My dad is educated but went down a talk show rabbit hole    09/28/20  (4)
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening looks 180000000000    09/28/20  (79)
Trump deserves to lose for refusing to contain covid imho    09/28/20  (1)
No one thinks it's strange that greedy (((Saturn))) has so many moons?    09/28/20  (4)
Trump's Taxes Show He's a National Security Threat    09/28/20  (1)
Vaccine to end this will be released the day after Biden is sworn into office    09/28/20  (2)
Why I Put My Children on Ayahuasca to Resist the Jewish War on Consciousness    09/28/20  (8)
Cooley and NYLS Korean & Indian law grads signing in to call you "low IQ"    09/28/20  (1)
Biden should choose a jacked black dude as his running mate    09/28/20  (10)
schizophrenia associated with high psychological efficiency    09/28/20  (1)

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