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USC Nigs Create IG To Share @Black_At_USC Stories (Link)    07/02/20  (62)
West Point --> Ranger --> Med School --> Flight surgeon --> Congress    07/02/20  (14)
favorite recent purchase    07/02/20  (3)
been living every day for the past 20 years like that smack my bitch up video    07/02/20  (7)
having such a powerful orgasm that u kick a whole thru the wall    07/02/20  (1)
finally quit social media. way too toxic.    07/02/20  (7)
WaPo: Drug overdoses jumped 18% in March; 29 % in April; and 42% in May    07/02/20  (25)
St Louis couple stand guard outside their home as BLM invades their neighborhood    07/02/20  (193)
YLS->COA clerk->solo shitlaw->disbarment    07/02/20  (47)
So Will Smith is a cuck who allows other men to fuck Jada    07/02/20  (10)
Xo should pool $ to buy this town in Georgia    07/02/20  (2)
Anyone here own a Semi-Auto Shotgun?    07/02/20  (36)
Hate Inc.: How, and Why, the Media Makes Us Hate One Another    07/02/20  (33)
Would you bang Yuja Wang?    07/02/20  (22)
Watching the “flat earth” documentary. Haha ..... wwowww    07/02/20  (3)
Female NYT tech journalist has a TOTAL MELTDOWN after VCs refuse to engage    07/02/20  (8)
Has Michael Levitt been silenced by GC?    07/02/20  (1)
feelings tp    07/02/20  (2)
dirte called me a "denzel wannabee motherfucker"    07/02/20  (2)
when biden locks trump up will trump's ass be traded for kool's or newports?    07/02/20  (1)
kind of exciting to be in the middle of something collapsing (america)    07/02/20  (2)
should i buy jackie o's childhood apartment?    07/02/20  (13)
How prole is this inflatable water slide?    07/02/20  (3)
How do Jewish men make peace that Jewish women settle for them and cuck them?    07/02/20  (1)
Two naked chicks just got out the river in front of me    07/02/20  (31)
Denmark newspaper calls New York Times fake news (link)    07/02/20  (1)
They say a $25 bottle of wine is as good as any other. Then I had $1000 bottle.    07/02/20  (40)
Arizona had a 28.3% positive test rate for COVID death in last 24 hours    07/02/20  (44)
Any reason for white incels to continue living?    07/02/20  (4)
Your future wife fantasizing abt pulling autist Chad out of his rich inner world    07/02/20  (1)
State U: Holding values of BLM is "non-negotiable condition of enrollment“    07/02/20  (40)
Ghost Pokemon were probably overpowered in the first draft of pokemon    07/02/20  (3)
eye in pyramid on back of $1 bill occult evil symbol?    07/02/20  (4)
Craft beer, Tottenham Hotspur, thick glasses, I'm with her    07/02/20  (7)
ur a alligator, but I wanted a caiman haha    07/02/20  (1)
Chandler buying expensive MFH house while benzo buys a valley mcmansion    07/02/20  (1)
ITT: We speculate who created Donald Trump    07/02/20  (397)
Rapetiles: do you admit you lost fair and square?    07/02/20  (2)
The most prestigious qliphoth discussion board in the world.    07/02/20  (1)
need to have more representation of trans, non-white philosophers of physics    07/02/20  (2)
SF rents fall 12% y/y. (CNBC)    07/02/20  (20)
held a seance and contacted Andrew Jackson    07/02/20  (4)
Rate buzzcut Buttigieg on live TV today    07/02/20  (6)
Ricky describe your experiences with the occult    07/02/20  (13)
just leaving office, billed $3900 today as a solo    07/02/20  (5)
Have courts ever sided with Trump on anything?    07/02/20  (6)
(((Rothenberg))) Going After XO Isner For Calling Him A "Coronabro" #tennis    07/02/20  (3)
anyone consciously living?    07/02/20  (10)
We will be working from home for the rest of our lives    07/02/20  (1)
i understand and wish to computer    07/02/20  (15)
the lengthy luis screed entitled 'on boyfriends'    07/02/20  (2)
should i buy this watch    07/02/20  (1)
im cousin greg    07/02/20  (4)
CA governor announces more lockdowns (link)    07/02/20  (34)
Sorry, Bibi: Iran is bad, but it is no Amalek, Haman or even Naz    07/02/20  (12)
Amalek did zero wrong    07/02/20  (2)
Why the need to Destroy Amalek?    07/02/20  (3)
so covid crushed US economy, made Trump reelection unlikely, killed HK protests    07/02/20  (8)
"A reading from the Book of Pokemon."    07/02/20  (9)
Pokemon, but instead you catch and train Niggers    07/02/20  (4)
All those Shrek memes, but instead of “Shrek”, Ideology    07/02/20  (1)
Moving to Lubbock for work. How prole is it? Any good neighborhoods?    07/02/20  (21)
Life from and through Ideology    07/02/20  (1)
lol theyre gonna try and retake CHAZ in Seattle    07/02/20  (7)
Anyone pay 2x retail for a firearm in California right now?    07/02/20  (3)
cold hard OBJECTIVE 10/10 woman ITT    07/02/20  (10)
What is inland Brazil like?    07/02/20  (2)
CHAZ/CHOP Jeep Shooting Victims were Good Kids, Dindu Nuffin (xo Daily Mail)    07/02/20  (1)
On The Matter Of Trying To Be Less Of A Faggot (But The Opposite Happens) by Sen    07/02/20  (6)
Poaster goes “Back to the Future” and kills his way up own family tree    07/02/20  (2)
what happened to kawasaki syndrome?    07/02/20  (7)
The truly smart are Bolzmanns already    07/02/20  (4)
Prediction - Harvard nutball will get Deloitte job back added concerted blm pres    07/02/20  (11)
Shitcons obsessed again China bc they can’t be mad at nigger sand kikes    07/02/20  (3)
anyone going camping    07/02/20  (31)
Stalin what should I do now should my girl act?    07/02/20  (1)
Can't make sense of anything anymore    07/02/20  (3)
The American Dream is now the American Nightmare    07/02/20  (6)
Does the father of the kid who got killt by CHAZ have a case against the city    07/02/20  (4)
My girl wants me to drive to middle of nowhere Nebraska this weekend.with kid    07/02/20  (1)
never forget, ur trapped in the stupidest possible reality    07/02/20  (7)
we live in the stupidest possible reality imaginable    07/02/20  (10)
Can nyuug please stop spamming the board EVERY FUCKING DAY?    07/02/20  (19)
Lol Bbooom sure STFU once he started getting pussy    07/02/20  (6)
My girl got a call has been avoiding me bailed out of bed    07/02/20  (2)
How to get at a hard ass bitch hard?    07/02/20  (2)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!    07/02/20  (41)
nyuug - thoughts about ur first world country (with 1,766 coronavirus cases)?    07/02/20  (99)
Now South Korea is cracking - 245 new cases today    07/02/20  (16)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    07/02/20  (61)
6700 cases in South Korea, why such a cesspool ?    07/02/20  (54)
Welp South Korea is completely fucked. Coronavirus cases more than DOUBLE to 433    07/02/20  (28)
Did Huffington Post get redpilled?    07/02/20  (2)
I'm fucking this bitch up getting my stuff now bailing...really want to hit her    07/02/20  (1)
whok, the day you're outed as a fraud, cheat, poor and so on, will you retire in    07/02/20  (2)
ITT: We make a wager on the date and time NYUUG is diagnosed with Covid-19    07/02/20  (10)
Should I buy a gun    07/02/20  (71)
SVP's caving to BLM/wokeness has been especially disappointing    07/02/20  (3)
Anyone know online gun shops with Walther PPKs (380) in stock?    07/02/20  (8)
*****ON RECORD: July 1, 2020****** Who WINS Presidency?    07/02/20  (159)
Rate this 180 house in Santa Clarita    07/02/20  (22)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE guide to hot asian girls (for clueless whitey)(v3)    07/02/20  (26)
i can see you masturbating    07/02/20  (1)
May or may not fuck a new 21 year old black american girl. Taking ?s ITT    07/02/20  (1)
uhh did jordan peterson's dotter make him brain dead 2 launch her "career"?    07/02/20  (6)
more annoyed with dumb fuck doing sign language than with sharpton's bullshit    07/02/20  (2)
one reason US sucks so much is "at will" employment    07/02/20  (21)
Min. net worth before buying supercar?    07/02/20  (95)
Rate this $75k USD oceanfront house in the safest province in Brazil    07/02/20  (5)
ending it all tonight    07/02/20  (2)
Just had Taco Bell. Guess what I’m doing now    07/02/20  (3)
Celebrate Independence Day by giving up your independence    07/02/20  (1)
Wife made me buy a house in the ghetto.    07/02/20  (16)
what net worth is reasonable to considering buying a porsche?    07/02/20  (14)
Built a "Menstruation Hut" in my backyard for my wife to live in during her peri    07/02/20  (20)
Sad Aspiring Gunmos from Anti-Gun States Get ITT    07/02/20  (18)
Reminder: Porsche == Ferrari >> McLaren >> Lamborghini >> Audi    07/02/20  (22)
:D I need you to tell me who will win the following states in 2020 election    07/02/20  (3)
"he died doing what he loved...killing himself"    07/02/20  (103)
Do libs think theres anything wrong with black culture?    07/02/20  (3)
NIGGER    07/02/20  (8)
Ron Johnson and James Lankford - pathetic cucks who need to go    07/02/20  (2)
standing athwart history, typing nigger    07/02/20  (7)
they’ve finally swept Epstein under the rug    07/02/20  (9)
hold this lifetime L    07/02/20  (1)
Trump campaign lighting 10s of millions on fire with TV ads in NYC and DC    07/02/20  (5)
Met a Lyft driver who once drove someone from Charlotte NC to Chicago    07/02/20  (6)
Super online Trumpmo outed making comments against blacks, gays, Jews, Asians, r    07/02/20  (5)
I drank a coors light tallboy at 6:45 AM today    07/02/20  (63)
Most lulzy piece of xoxo trivia is that Nutella gave Tucker Max a BJ in college    07/02/20  (20)
What’s the market like for videos of a 40yo Jew jerking off?    07/02/20  (3)
Rate this tweet by big black Terry Crews    07/02/20  (35)
Fucked my slutty sister-in-law once 3 months ago, got herpes    07/02/20  (232)
best program to learn language?    07/02/20  (6)
Why would you even want to report to work if you were NYPD? (Link)    07/02/20  (4)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    07/02/20  (113)
my mom sucked and fucked so many dicks    07/02/20  (1)
You get girls so you feel something    07/02/20  (6)
waves of diarrhea crashing on the shores of AutoAdmit island    07/02/20  (4)
LSD tp    07/02/20  (16)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    07/02/20  (158)
Bitch wife is mad because I don't want to pay for my inlaws vacation    07/02/20  (39)
thinking about camping again    07/02/20  (8)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    07/02/20  (168)
*Jesse Waters’ voice* “The CHOPsters...”    07/01/20  (2)
Gunmos- do you store your guns loaded?    07/01/20  (55)
Arizona today had its HIGHEST death day.    07/01/20  (11)
Did Reddit hire a black in place of the guy who resigned?    07/01/20  (2)
rat face in KOGAN plaza wearing zbt letters    07/01/20  (4)
I don’t want to bother visiting my nieces and nephews bc I bet they’re all p    07/01/20  (1)

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