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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Man put in solitary 5 months ago for playing classical music escapes via sewer.    12/01/20  (2)
Members of this racist message board got rich betting on Nigerian e-commerce(WSJ    12/01/20  (1)
there's a big caravan of middle class lawyers going to Alaska-- i'm packing bags    12/01/20  (1)
Blue horsecock loves anacot steel    12/01/20  (1)
The Kraken was really the friends we made along the way    12/01/20  (19)
wilbur just delivered cookies to my door without a shirt on    12/01/20  (9)
Dirte. Plz repost pic of hot 40yr old chick. Give me a reason to live, man.    12/01/20  (9)
JMIA back to all time highs!    12/01/20  (1)
Describe the biggest In-House fuck ups uve ever witnessed    12/01/20  (33)
Anybody wanna ditch after gym class to go smoke shatter at my moms apartment?    12/01/20  (2)
standin in line 2 see the food truck thai n theres a shirt on, tyrwhitt blue    12/01/20  (32)
how many generations back do you look to claim mixed race?    12/01/20  (7)
Ya standin in line Believin the lies Bowing down to the mask Ya got a bullet in    12/01/20  (1)
Lmao JMIA fuck my ass    12/01/20  (47)
Are Nat Sherman's a good stocking stuffer for virgin smokers?    12/01/20  (1)
“Blinken is an Atlanticist not a globalist” Lmao    12/01/20  (28)
Biden wasn’t discovered on floor for 47 minutes (nyp)    12/01/20  (3)
Spaceporn somersaulting like Willy Wonka before opening up playroom    12/01/20  (7)
Is Godiva chocolate liqueur prole?    12/01/20  (1)
"Luis, Luis, Luis, Luuuu-iiiisss" (Jolene)    12/01/20  (17)
Investermos: SPY or VOO?    12/01/20  (7)
Amazon's gender recognition software identifies Michelle Obama as male (Twitter)    12/01/20  (12)
little fucker's going to have a dark winter    12/01/20  (14)
reluctant sports expert (rarely wrong) taking Qs    12/01/20  (5)
computer mcdonalds tp about to run train on 2020 MPM    12/01/20  (7)
The only thing the space program has given us is velcro and Moonraker    12/01/20  (1)
Bill Bellichick really showing that Tom Brady is a fraud with his 180 system    12/01/20  (17)
List of XO NOWAGs    12/01/20  (20)
what's a good exercise digital watch under $25 casio?    12/01/20  (3)
Broncos vs Saints game is how football should be played    12/01/20  (1)
🚨 LUIS HAS A CHANCRE 🚨    12/01/20  (6)
Voodoo Child: Nonstop MAGA Rants / Nurse Henry: Anus blownout by Eggplants    12/01/20  (31)
Sidney Powell and Rudy G show why BIGLAW has a bias against hiring conservatives    12/01/20  (29)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    12/01/20  (189)
"Libs are DESTROYED!" shrieks Henry Aaron as he is dropped onto the Space Needle    12/01/20  (2)
Scale 1-10 how serious of a drinker am I?    12/01/20  (52)
Why does my college call me all the time asking for donations?    12/01/20  (1)
Man tries balancing on top of Seattle space needle, falls, dies    12/01/20  (3)
Microsoft Flight Simulator getting VR support (link)    12/01/20  (4)
I got a screener interview for in house job    12/01/20  (7)
Like immigrants, a vote is a vote, whether legal or not    12/01/20  (2)
do any other Scientists poast here    12/01/20  (7)
Hypo: Science finds conversion to make you gay/straight.    12/01/20  (13)
90s: idyllic suburban everyday magic; 20s: anxiety nightmare disgrace burlesque    12/01/20  (22)
Colorado Buffs are 3-0    12/01/20  (3)
Biden’s Dog yelling “BA FANGUL” before running off with Biden holding leas    12/01/20  (3)
good NCAAB tonite #8 MSU vs #6 Duke, #20 Kentucky vs #7 Kansas    12/01/20  (7)
Pac12 & Big10 were too late-- no playoff$ for latecomers    12/01/20  (12)
Having 15 million NW feels really good    12/01/20  (9)
Bart Ehrman is extremely thought provoking    12/01/20  (23)
How to make friends with group of people who all went to same HS?    12/01/20  (12)
Gotta say, I disagree very strongly w spaceporn buttfucking his wife’s son    12/01/20  (1)
Took another HUGE HIT ON JMIA HOLD OR SEL?    12/01/20  (1)
moniker scrambling has revolutionized blank bumping ur own threads    12/01/20  (7)
Prince is a 180000 poster    12/01/20  (3)
If you eat more than 2 times a day and you're not a pro athlete, you're retarded    12/01/20  (36)
Expansion. All ways, in all ways.    12/01/20  (22)
Of the 40,000 who joined the Navy last year, 20,000 wanted to join SEALs.    12/01/20  (108)
lysol is sweet (BOOM)    12/01/20  (4)
Are leather cell phone belt holsters still at thing in the office and at Costco?    12/01/20  (6)
Nascent genre: Nostalgic pre-COVID films/TV    12/01/20  (1)
There is no such thing as FAR-left    12/01/20  (5)
Google letting us know there are other holidays in December    12/01/20  (11)
"I'll bruteforce the gluten free shitmeme one more time. It'll work this time,"    12/01/20  (6)
Rating poasters as the names of non-existent men's magazines    12/01/20  (62)
LOL. That retarded Dr. Atlas just was forced to resign. Fucking TRUMPMOs. Ruined    12/01/20  (25)
The moniker-scrambling on old posts is 180^180    12/01/20  (1)
Is Trump the first POTUS to lose the popular vote twice?    12/01/20  (18)
Biden burlesque    12/01/20  (1)
Would you still have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt after seeing this pic?    12/01/20  (54)
Kamala breaking Biden's foot like in "Misery"    12/01/20  (7)
lmfao @ this hot new trend on the bort re pubes, envelopes, placement therein &c    12/01/20  (1)
Does everyone just pretend that Terminator Genisys was never made    12/01/20  (26)
Nature: Researchers report achieving critical Darmstadtium pubic hair envelope.    12/01/20  (1)
Pick one to live in: 1920s Paris/France, 1950s America, 1980s Japan    12/01/20  (54)
Juilliard grad talks Strauss' allusions to pubic hair & envelope in counterpoint    12/01/20  (1)
Last Christmas isn’t a Xmas song you dumb fucking proles    12/01/20  (2)
Quick Note On Demographics    12/01/20  (3)
LMFAO Jennifer Lawrence released TikTok of her putting pubic hair in envelope    12/01/20  (1)
Discussion with mother re: COVID vaccine. "If Fauci says ok, then it's good"    12/01/20  (49)
zoologists uncover evidence of primitive pubic hair envelope behavior in marmots    12/01/20  (1)
weirdest experience I had @ Davis Polk was "pubic hair envelope" initiation    12/01/20  (1)
Should have been a sign when libs held "Iowa Caucus" that collapsed w/ no result    12/01/20  (11)
HOT Tinder top 3 interests of 2020: 1) envelopes; 2) pubic hair; 3) ibidem    12/01/20  (1)
We're torturing people mentally and for what    12/01/20  (5)
ITT I list games available for PC with better graphics that Demon”s Souls PS5    12/01/20  (8)
Oh, ur a woman who enjoys food, haha, we bond over that    12/01/20  (1)
Zborowski & Modigliani combining their pubic hair in envelope for "bold artistic    12/01/20  (1)
All xo meme stocks down today?    12/01/20  (2)
I want only the best. Can you source some reserve pubic hair for this envelope?    12/01/20  (1)
sourcing all your holiday gifts from grasps of your own pubic hair in envelopes    12/01/20  (1)
this Covid hysteria is completely insane    12/01/20  (6)
Booby Christmas: Day 1    12/01/20  (1)
black subordinate sent me a grasp of pubes in a sealed envelope -- turned me on    12/01/20  (1)
The Atlanticist in the Ambulance    12/01/20  (1)
Schopenhauer called the post-orgasm moment of clarity 'devil's laughter'    12/01/20  (5)
Charles- I will hire you at my firm (no joke). Respond here    12/01/20  (1)
we are the few that won't say nothing right we are the footsteps fading into the    12/01/20  (1)
A senile corpse who broke his foot playing w a puppy are you fucking kidding me    12/01/20  (4)
WHOA THE DOG LOOK OUT    12/01/20  (7)
Pandemic Over By Summer? All Depends on Georgia Senate Races (NYT)    12/01/20  (5)
Trump: The wall was a metaphor for the friends we'll meet along the way    12/01/20  (32)
Kamala giving Biden 5 St Bernard puppies for Christmad    12/01/20  (7)
We should reward and encourage gluttony, give them first vaccines    12/01/20  (2)
Is Trump still being a bitch about the election a month later? What a loser.    12/01/20  (4)
big butt + skinny thighs is the most prestigious body type    12/01/20  (9)
do i need to buy a tactical Garmin GPS watch    12/01/20  (1)
Joe Biden SHITTING HIS PANTS watching "101 Dalmatians"    12/01/20  (5)
Carry a briefcase with jeans or buy a "hip bag" like this?    12/01/20  (1)
Bidens Dog (a poem)    12/01/20  (13)
CNN: we just realized that China lied about the virus    12/01/20  (9)
Off to pay my rent like a good little faggot    12/01/20  (1)
9 out of 10 COVID deaths linked to Vitamin D deficiency    12/01/20  (33)
Help the middle class! *Drives more of them into poverty*    12/01/20  (3)
so libs voted for a bunch of swamp faggots, Middle East wars and open borders?    12/01/20  (9)
so it's "libs" who won't let people live their lives?    12/01/20  (2)
"TAX BILLIONAIRES!" *raises taxes on the middle class*    12/01/20  (1)
still irate about what these totalitarian faggots are doing to kids    12/01/20  (1)
33 million Americans worth $1.3M or more. What's your excuse faggot?    12/01/20  (98)
*you spin mouse cursor in circles to show your displeasure w/PC's performance*    12/01/20  (7)
my celebrity crush is elizabeth bruenig    12/01/20  (11)
Should I be annoyed that a client psycho called me on Thanksgiving?    12/01/20  (3)
Biden's already a disaster    12/01/20  (11)
Paul McCartney voice: "Simply squanching this wonderful child of mine    12/01/20  (3)
Today’s gold pickups for slightly above melt    12/01/20  (18)
SNL cold open. Operating Room. Child gets his penis removed. "LIVE FROM NEW YORK    12/01/20  (2)
im really sensitive and have a lot of feelings so i became a lawyer (luis)    12/01/20  (2)
Do They Know It's Dark Winter?    12/01/20  (1)
Adam Duritz warning America of a "Long December"    12/01/20  (9)
Head of NEC is literally a poli sci shithead who went to Middlebury    12/01/20  (2)
NBC NEWS Finally Admits Voting Fraud Probably Widespread    12/01/20  (1)
BTC has JPM's market cap. Why not Tesla or Alibaba size mkt cap soon?    12/01/20  (4)
Enjoy your LONG DARK WINTER, goyim! (NYT)    12/01/20  (16)
adoption agent: “are u a pedophile?” spaceporn: “no” (fingers crossed be    12/01/20  (7)
another thing about Ring: automatically gives police permission to access video    12/01/20  (35)
strange how we don't care about phenotype on this board    12/01/20  (3)
Johnsmeyer is now poasting as “bidens dog”    12/01/20  (10)
Anyone else think public health/genotypes/phenotypes are being manipulated    12/01/20  (2)
Shitlibs why are you so confident mRNA vaccine will have no long-term effects?    12/01/20  (12)
Alexa just told wife my face was recognized by Ring at her friend's house last n    12/01/20  (1)
Time to get out of TSLA?    12/01/20  (6)
unconscious bias thread    12/01/20  (3)
urban meyer should ask $15mil/yr from utttexas    12/01/20  (1)
180 dude goes around starting pillow fights    12/01/20  (4)
early 30s bro here: can't get enough vaccinations recently    12/01/20  (5)
Forum was built for Johnsmeyer and COWGOD to showcase.    12/01/20  (2)
Smithsonian replacing D-Day Exhibit with Sarah Fuller Wing    12/01/20  (2)
XO democrats: do you still believe that RUSSIA hacked voting machines in 2016?    12/01/20  (30)
I know why the caged boy sings    12/01/20  (6)
NASDAQ To Require One Woman And One Minority Or LGBTQ On Company Boards    12/01/20  (3)

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