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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
California loot crews now invading private residences    12/02/21  (158)
socks should be BANNED 4 teen girls    12/02/21  (3)
watching that Disney Beatles movie, wtf, I could have done this    12/02/21  (5)
Quitting law to open little caesar's franchise.    12/02/21  (4)
Rate my Hinge opener    12/02/21  (9)
I don't think people appreciate how horrible women are these days.    12/02/21  (8)
Poasting from rehab, Taking Qs    12/02/21  (54)
somebody please explain the retards who still just don't get it    12/02/21  (9)
Good friend of mine inherited millions, acts a lot like RSF    12/02/21  (16)
Any side effects after the COVID Booster shot?    12/02/21  (15)
Paris Archbishop: Yes, I was fucking a woman. But in the ass, not her pussy:    12/02/21  (5)
Long Doobsian Flying J RedWang Hehe-ing    12/02/21  (1)
quoth the raven: "Seinfeld, four."    12/02/21  (3)
Most gen z guys i meet hate women & just wanna live alone in the woods    12/02/21  (2)
Proposal: Get Feminists to Stop Tranny BS with Sports and Bathroom Rape    12/02/21  (13)
Alice Walker refuses to allow Color Purple HEBREW translation    12/02/21  (8)
November 30, 2021- A Day that will Live in XOXO Infamy    12/02/21  (3)
anyone else eagerly awaiting the next movie in the Independence Day franchise?    12/02/21  (3)
Itt: we list cases of the biggest loser frauds making it    12/02/21  (6)
Is the Color Purple by Alice Walker a decent read?    12/02/21  (1)
I’ve never met a decent lawyer from Tulane    12/02/21  (3)
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring OBAMA PHONE    12/02/21  (1)
ITT things you can’t say without sounding faggot.    12/02/21  (47)
Where do I learn techniques to become a master persuader?    12/02/21  (2)
Sniper with 429 kills    12/02/21  (1)
Rate this Michael Burry tweet re: Rittenhero    12/02/21  (12)
Life is an emotional Ponzi scheme    12/02/21  (183)
"My liege the jews don't want Barabbas anymore"*Pontius Pilate spits out drink*    12/02/21  (11)
FraudVirus has killed almost 1% of Peru    12/02/21  (3)
"no it's just a research boner" (halford looking at super deranged gay porn)    12/02/21  (147)
What stage of alcoholism are you at where you only get hungover, but not drunk?    12/02/21  (6)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    12/02/21  (71)
I got DA HEPATITIS ...wtf    12/02/21  (5)
so now Alec Baldwin is saying he didn’t pull the trigger?    12/02/21  (21)
last japanese rpg that made you cry?    12/02/21  (38)
I found a pair of attractive azngirl sisters. Shocking, I know.    12/02/21  (1)
James Gandolfini went on booze and coke binges all during The Sopranos    12/02/21  (22)
Rate this Jewess’ jawline.    12/02/21  (6)
gonna be like john wick rampaging thru legal issue-spotting today    12/02/21  (7)
Offender Name: [redacted] Custody Status: In Custody    12/02/21  (1)
Swiped younger sister right on Tinder as a joke. She matched &    12/02/21  (773)
quoth the raven: "Norwood four."    12/02/21  (56)
don't think people appreciate how stupid america is these days.    12/02/21  (1)
Will exeunt be prosecuted when this house of cards collapses?    12/02/21  (4)
Twitter picked Gorgeous Kind Parag over Arrogant Asshole Persian Luis Chad    12/02/21  (6)
Is this CSLG’s father? Timeline matches up.    12/02/21  (7)
The power of the dog is the best movie of 2021    12/02/21  (2)
normie women are absolutely vile    12/02/21  (2)
Is ARK permanently done for?    12/02/21  (5)
*** BENZO 11/30 11am ET HEARING TO BE LIVE STREAMED - Link ITT ***    12/02/21  (459)
Bitcoin takes a huge dump on every Sol pump lol    12/02/21  (24)
globohomo forgot to turn off youtube comments for new santa propaganda film    12/02/21  (66)
i've made plenty of enemies on xo, but thankfully all powerless ones    12/02/21  (7)
why are libs so invested in the right to kill babies    12/02/21  (57)
First Saudi coronavirus case confirmed - it's been real, brehs (Sickly)    12/02/21  (160)
Paris to turn renovated Notre Dame into a Woke, Politically Correct Disneyland    12/02/21  (55)
South Africa + US now show if NIGGAS have too much political power they go 🦍    12/02/21  (6)
SDNY issues indictment for Tether co-conspirator David "exeunt" Chang, 32, of    12/02/21  (3)
cuttingtable? more like concealedcarryingtable, amiright?    12/02/21  (1)
Demographic bar graph charts for US cities in 1910/1960/1980/2020:    12/02/21  (4)
Van of sexual fun and horror driving around your hood pulling people in    12/02/21  (70)
Craigslist: JENKEM PiG    12/02/21  (66)
Xmas Pig 2    12/02/21  (128)
asshole dog viciously mocks disabled owner (video)    12/02/21  (5)
Fantom    12/02/21  (20)
So what's stopping the Tether scam from going on forever?    12/02/21  (14)
Got 2 mcchickens 2 cheeseburgers and large orange 🍊 at Mds today 7 bucks    12/02/21  (10)
Kentucky Bleached Chicken    12/02/21  (1)
Quoth the Gravens: "FOREVER POOR"    12/02/21  (42)
Finally some uplifting news: 3 Aussie Teens arrested after escaping covid gulag    12/02/21  (3)
black people 'wash' chicken with bleach before eating it    12/02/21  (38)
QUOTH THE GRAVENS: Never Poor    12/02/21  (1)
cryptomos, don't you find it strange major exchanges go offline every -10% move?    12/02/21  (25)
I can't, my Sgt. Pepper's    12/02/21  (1)
is 'intelligence' just a form of psychopathy?    12/02/21  (1)
Serious Q re: school shootings. We are utterly desensitized to them.    12/02/21  (54)
Not ashamed to say that SOL is a great coin and I'm very proud of it.    12/02/21  (13)
NOWAG Doctor: Omicron will likely ‘dominate and overwhelm’ the world in 3-6    12/02/21  (1)
it's fucking insane how easy my life would be without a wife and kids    12/02/21  (4)
you bleach my chicken, boy    12/02/21  (2)
Getting my booster shot today    12/02/21  (90)
Looks like “winter vagina” is another vaccine side effect (link)    12/02/21  (13)
I really did not need to learn about “winter vagina”    12/02/21  (2)
emilio is the only indigo child to escape from the government facility    12/02/21  (1)
Lmao @ this tweet shitting on SOL    12/02/21  (43)
i still cant tell if trump is deepstate or just actually retarded zionist boomer    12/02/21  (1)
Black Federal Reserve forced to bail out high yield jail bond market    12/02/21  (1)
lmao people actually bought ARKK (managed by 66y.o. birdshit insane woman)    12/02/21  (1)
nobody on youtube (ex propagandists) will mention "covid"    12/02/21  (1)
lmao at people leaving house w/out CCW    12/02/21  (11)
chinks glaring at TT as he devours a durian in subway car    12/02/21  (5)
Guess how NYC's new POTUS spent his vacation in Africa:    12/02/21  (2)
Best way to buy Solana USDC with minimal fees / slippage?    12/02/21  (12)
Alex Jones Has Been Shockingly Accurate With His COVID Predictions and Analysis    12/02/21  (2)
Boomers selling inner-ring houses to Chinks while kids live in exurban hovels    12/02/21  (4)
your undiapered face, in a public space, a public menace, national disgrace    12/02/21  (3)
stolen landcruiser acknowledgement    12/02/21  (1)
Can't believe how many of you are religious. Some faggot in the sky? Seriously?    12/02/21  (119)
casual acceptance of looting/robbery is strong evidence of near-term collapse    12/02/21  (3)
I start every conference call with a Stolen Election Acknowledgement    12/02/21  (29)
elves: the toyim know    12/02/21  (1)
With Kamala Harris looking unelectable, Dems are considering the 'nuclear option    12/02/21  (136)
I told someone that 'stolen land' is an incoherent concept, and he got mad    12/02/21  (10)
The implications of an *everything* bubble are terrifying    12/02/21  (7)
seems like a lot of satanists in the mormon church, explains a lot    12/02/21  (7)
Tidus “cuttingtable” X-2    12/02/21  (8)
Single 18-25, 28-33. Odds I get married?    12/02/21  (10)
"please emiliochan, study abroad another semester" she begged as airport shuttle    12/02/21  (1)
*about to die in nier: automata credits* [EMILIO has sacrificed his save file]    12/02/21  (5)
Are there any BIGLAW partners that aren't psychopaths?    12/02/21  (24)
Movie Titles if the movie were written by Evan39    12/02/21  (38)
i hope i can play elden ring before we get sent to FEMA gulag    12/02/21  (1)
Fun fact: German men always pee sitting down.    12/02/21  (45)
LuiS:Automata    12/02/21  (4)
Chris Cuomo comprehensive statement on "indefinite" suspension from CNN (link)    12/02/21  (2)
NYT: SEC to Open 50k sqft ESPN Zone-style "SEC EndZone Grill" @ Hartsfield-Jacks    12/02/21  (4)
imagine showing up to "court" in anything but full clown makeup    12/02/21  (1)
Pfizer buries drug that lowers risk of alheizmers by 70%    12/02/21  (30)
Libs: “Don’t pack SCOTUS, ignore it. Judicial Review is Unconstitutional”    12/02/21  (20)
Did the crypto market seem kooky today or was it just me?    12/02/21  (2)
If Ross Ulbricht had taken the plea deal he’d probably be out next year.    12/02/21  (4)
San Francisco    12/02/21  (3)
post-Kantian crypto anhedonia    12/02/21  (1)
Can devs do something?    12/02/21  (2)
Hard to pinpoint year Lucifer was loosed within last 500 years.    12/02/21  (1)
an unattended militarized inauguration w/ country on lockdown: peak democracy    12/02/21  (4)
you motherfuckers are all retarded, I'm out    12/02/21  (2)
Anyone here ever interviewed at an MBB or FAANG?    12/02/21  (29)
Secular Jews tend to believe flyover whites are Nazis.    12/02/21  (83)
GOP: gay guys w/ fake southern accents, leader married to Chink gangster    12/02/21  (5)
life is pretty retarded lmao    12/02/21  (6)
Why do Trumpmos always ignore school shootings?    12/02/21  (15)
If you make your hours every year as a biglaw associate, will they keep you    12/02/21  (1)
My “100% Colombian coffee” grind is from Honduras. Sue?    12/02/21  (2)
so police murdered an unarmed woman and that was the new Pearl Harbor?    12/02/21  (4)
think hard and describe a happy death for yourself    12/02/21  (2)
Mississippi woman gets life for 2oz of pot during traffic stop    12/02/21  (140)
if your wife has a large purse, watch her closely, she's shoplifting on sly    12/02/21  (2)
Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are    12/02/21  (13)
google: would you like to see a list of black cardiologists in your area?    12/02/21  (5)
The government will give you a free phone service tablet 180 know anyone?    12/02/21  (2)
had no idea scott stapp did the NieR:Automata soundtrack    12/02/21  (3)
Can someone logically explain why Vaxxers hate Anti-Vaxxers?    12/02/21  (197)
People complaining about poasters leaving. We need a more diverse board    12/02/21  (2)
I appreciate feminine beauty, but I do not lust for it. Am I gay?    12/02/21  (8)
Faucene Creed    12/02/21  (9)
ITT:list people you would love get looted and burned lose everything?    12/02/21  (18)
Vatican CEO: we are not bound by Sacred Tradition.    12/02/21  (3)

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